King Discography, Part 6:
King Main LP Series - 900-999 (1964-1966)

by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 19, 2012

By the time the 900s were reached in late 1964, King Records was running out of steam. About the only artist selling well was James Brown. They had lost some of their country stars (Cowboy Copas, Hawkshaw Hawkins) to a March, 1963, plane crash. The remaining Delmore Brother died in 1964. Earl Bostic, a jazz/blues mainstay for the label since the beginning passed away in October, 1965. Other former R&B stars like Hank Ballard, and Little Willie John had not had hits recently.

The 900s began with an album by Earl Bostic called A New Sound, but the rest of the 900s offered precious little in the way of new hit material. Instead, there were an unusual number of unreleased numbers (28) and a flood of reissue packages (44), both of previously-released King masters, and also comedy masters by Ruth Wallis (dating back to the early 1950s) and Kermit Schafer. Fully one fourth of the albums in the 900s feature 24 reissued songs from the artist du jour. Between unissued albums and reissued albums, almost 3/4 of the 900s were something other than new offerings, which made up approximately the remaining fourth of the 100 albums. Of the hundred albums, only three charted, all by James Brown.

It was also in mid-1966 that King stopped crediting both James Brown's and Hank Ballard's backing groups. I Got You (I Feel Good) [King 946] was the first album that did not credit the Famous Flames either on the jacket or the label. 24 Hit Tunes [King 950] marked the first time the Midnighters were left off the record jacket.

King made a change in label design in the early months of 1966, roughly between 961 and 964, depending on what date the album was released. The label design (both mono and stereo) changed to a label with the logo "KING" on a straight line, with a small crown above it. Some country stereo albums appeared with a red stereo label.

The mono label (far left) for the albums in the 900s until March, 1966 (about LP 961 or so) was black with the large King letters. The blue stereo counterpart label (near left) was used also in the 900s until March, 1966.
After the switch of labels that took place about March, 1966 (around LPs 961-964), the mono label (far left) had "KING" in a straight line with a small crown above it. The blue stereo counterpart is shown at near left. The stereo label shown here is a second pressing of 909 released after March, 1966.
For some reason, both the mono (far left) and stereo (near left) versions of the I Got You album featured very large print.
King also debuted a red stereo label (far left) that it would use sparingly in the future. In Canada, King records were released on the Regency label (near left) with a King jacket and the same King album number.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

King/DeLuxe/Federal Main Series (Continued):

900 - A New Sound - Earl Bostic [1964] Blues For The Ivy League/Touchstone/Que Jay/Woodchuck/Chicken Little//Nita/Inquiry/Karen/Empathy/Wednesday's Child

901 - Favorite Traveling Salesman Stories - Kermit Schaefer [11/64]

902 - Latest and Greatest Blooperama - Kermit Schafer [11/64]

903 - The Gray Matter of Paul Gray - Paul Gray [11/64]

904 - Saucy Hit Parade - Ruth Wallis [11/64] Reissue of Wallis Original WLP 11. Johnny Had A Yo Yo/It's A Scream/Your Daddy Was A Soldier/The Fishing Song/Men In My Life/Life Of Reilly/The Dinghy Song/Senorita What's Her Name/Tonight You Sleep In The Bathtub/Down In The Indies/An Oilman From Texas/Pull Down The Shade, Marie

905 - [Unissued]

906 - Golf Par-Tee Fun!: A Collection of Hilarious Locker Room Humor! - Kermit Schafer [11/64]

907 - [Unissued]

908 - The Best of Bill Doggett - Bill Doggett [8/64] Crackers/That's Enough/Lock 'Em Up/High And Wide/Big City Drag/Snuff Box/Hey Big Boy Hey Hey/Floyd's Guitar Blues/Matches/Honky Tonk, Parts 1 & 2/Leaps and Bounds, Parts 1 & 2

909/909 Stereo - Please, Please, Please - James Brown & His Famous Flames [5/64] Reissue of King LP-610 with a new cover and number. The stereo version is rechanneled. Please Please Please (version 1)(E, 2:41)/Chonnie-On-Chon (E, 2:10)/Hold My Baby's Hand (E, 2:10)/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (E, 2:29)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night) (version 1)(E, 2:31)/ Baby Cries Over The Ocean (E, 2:20)/I Don't Know (E, 2:43)/Tell Me What I Did Wrong (E, 2:18)//Try Me (version 1) (E, 2:28)/That Dood It (E, 2:26)/Begging Begging (E, 2:50)/I Walked Alone (E, 2:39)/No No No No (E, 2:12)/That's When I Lost My Heart (E, 2:46)/Let's Make It (E, 2:22)/Love Or A Game (E, 2:14)

910 - In Memory, Volume 1 - Delmore Brothers [8/64] Life's Too Short/The Arm Of God/Red River Valley/You Can't Do Wrong/Blues Stay Away From Me/Brown's Ferry Blues//The Girl By The River/Long Journey Home/Silver Threads Among The Gold/Weary Day/Calling To That Other Shore/Give My Your Hand

911 - On the Road with Reno and Smiley: Songs Truck Drivers Love! - Reno & Smiley [8/64] Brand New Road/Little Mountain Road/I Know Your Burdens Are Greater Than Mine/Interstate 81/A Lonely Road When You're All Alone/Roadrunner/Open Road/The Last Mile/Cross Roads/Jacknife-In'/Blue Is The Way That I Feel/Sandy Road

912 - I'm Tore Up - Crash Craddock [11/64] I'm Tore Up/It Hurts To Be In Love/Right Around The Corner/Talk To Me Talk To Me/What About Love/My Baby's Got Flat Feet//Betty Betty/Just A Little/When (Will I Find a Romance)/I Love You More Every Day/Teardrops On Your Letter/One Heartache Too Many

913 - Those Lazy, Lazy Days - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [11/64] Get The Show On The Road/Knock On Wood I Feel So Good/Somebody's Got To Help Me/That's Your Mistake/(Oh I Can See) The Handwriting On The Wall/You Don't Have To Cry//One Monkey Don't Stop No Show/Watch What I Tell You/I Done It/Seven Nights To Rock/Everybody Do Wrong/A Winner Never Quits

914 - Reno and Smiley Sing a Bluegrass Tribute to Cowboy Copas - Reno & Smiley [10/64] There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me/Too Many Teardrops/Tragic Romance/It's Enough To Make Anyone Cry/(I Can See That) You're Living A Lie/I Don't Blame You/Things Are Gonna Be Different/The Road Of Broken Hearts/Down In Nashville Tennessee/Forever/Sundown And Sorrow/Goodbye, Sweetheart, Goodbye/Talking Tribute To Cowboy Copas

915 - Polka Music and Golden Waltzes - Bob Kames [10/64] My Rose Garden/Skaters Waltz/The Happy Wanderer/Take Me In Your Arms/Home Coming Waltz/Vienna Dreams/Jolly Coppersmith/Two Hearts In 3/4 Time/Danube Waves/Happy Melody/Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart/You're In Love With Everyone/Liechtensteiner Polka/My Fraulein Waltz/Over The Waves/Beer Stein Schottische/Golden Years/Forever And Ever/Let Us Waltz As We Say Goodbye/Blue Danube Waltz

916 - A Week-End with the Impacs - Impacs [8/64] Your Mama Put The Hurt On Me/Zot/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/I Love You More Today/Cape Kennedy, Fla./These Young Girls//Ain't That The Way Life Is/Music For A Space Station/Finger Poppin' Time/A Million Light Years Away/Walking Down That Lonely Street/You're Gonna Need My Love Again

917 - Country Hymnal - Charlie Moore & Bill Napier [7/64] Springtime In Heaven/I'd Rather Be On The Inside Looking Out/Something Got Hold Of Me/My Home In The Sky/Old Fashioned Preacher/Jonah And The Whale/Home In The Rock/Our Fathers Had Religion/Praise God, I'm Ready To Go/The Arm Of God/God Had His Way/Gathering In The Sky

918 - Hymns of the Cross - Stanley Brothers [7/64] John Three Sixteen/I Just Dropped By/Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem/He's Passing This Way/No Burdens Pass Through/A Crown He Wore//Shouting On The Hills Of Glory/Jesus Savior Pilot Me/Building On That Rock/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be/Oh Death

919/919 Stereo - The Unbeatable 16 Hits - James Brown & the Famous Flames [10/64] Reissue of Try Me, King LP 635, with a new cover and title. The stereo version is rechanneled. There Must Be A Reason (E, 2:26)/(You Made Me Love You) I Want You So Bad (version 1)(E, 2:41)/Why Do You Do Me (version 1)(E, 2:57)/Got To Cry (E, 2:32)/Strange Things Happen (Why Does Everything Happen To Me)(version 1)(E, 2:09)/Fine Old Foxy Self (E, 2:08)/Messing With The Blues (E, 2:09)/Try Me (version 1)(E, 2:28)//It Was You (E, 2:40)/I've Got To Change (E, 2:25)/Can't Be The Same (E, 2:08)/It Hurts To Tell You (E, 2:50)/I Won't Plead No More (E, 2:27)/You're Mine You're Mine (E, 2:31)/Gonna Try (E, 2:43)/Don't Let It Happen To Me (E, 2:43)

920 - In Memory of the Delmore Brothers, Volume 2 - Delmore Brothers [10/64] Sand Mountain Blues/Frozen Girl/Mississippi Shores/Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains/Let Your Conscience By Your Guide/'Dis Train/Oh Susannah/Blues You Never Lose/Kentucky Mountain/I Swear By The Stars/Can't You Hear Him Calling/Trial Of Time

921 - Earl Bostic Plays the Great Hits Of 1964 - Earl Bostic [10/64] The Pink Panther/From Russia With Love/More/Lawrence Of Arabia/My Special Dream/The Unforgiven/Walk On The Wild Side/Maria/Dominique/Charade/Hello Dolly

922/922 stereo - City Folks Back on the Farm: 12 Variety Bluegrass Songs - Charlie Moore & Bill Napier [11/64] Guitar Pickin' Truck Driver/There's A Place Called Banjo Mountain/Talk Of The Town/Kentucky Shuck/Ballad Of Christopher Columbus/One Broken Home For Sale/Lonesome Truck Driver/Mousy, Lucy, And Bureau/Ain't That Some Pickin'/Sand Mountain Blues/Great Big Casey/My Sweet Kentucky Mountain Home

923 - Just a Real Nice American Family - Parker Family [11/64] The Dividing Line/I Want To Know More/Waiting For Daybreak/No Hiding Place/A Wayfaring Pilgrim/The Great Plan Of Salvation//Working On A Building/I Need You Jesus/Not Ours To Know/Sing And Shout For Jesus/Mother's Son/Come Along With Me To Heaven/Sinner's Warning

924 - The Remarkable Stanley Brothers Play and Sing Bluegrass Songs for You - Stanley Brothers [11/64] Rollin' On Rubber Wheels/How Bad Do I Feel/Bully Of The Town/I See Through You/Our Darlin's Gone/Back Up And Push/I'll Just Go Away//How You've Tortured My Mind/I'm Bound To Ride/Careless Love/What About You/Your Selfish Heart/Chickie's Old Gray Mule/You're Still To Blame

925 - Personally Yours from the Cincinnatians at Christmastime - Cincinnatians Directed by Hubert Kockritz [12/64] Sanctissima/Adoramus Te Christe/Christmas Hymn/The Holly And The Ivy/O Come O Come Immanuel/Bring A Torch Jeannette Isabella/Do You Hear What I Hear/Carol Of The Bells//Ring Out Wild Bells/Lo How A Rose/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers/See That Babe In The Lowly Manger/Sleigh Ride

926 - [Unissued]

927 - Glad Songs, Sad Songs... - Hank Ballard & His Midnighters [1965] The Float/I'm Young/Big Red Sunset/The Coffee Grind/Keep On Dancing/Oo-Wow-Oo-Wee/Look At Little Sister/I'm Gonna Miss You/Sweet Mama Do Right/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Rock And Roll Wedding/Do You Know How To Twist

928 - Freddy King Gives You a Bonanza of Instrumentals - Freddy King [3/65] Manhole/Freeway 75/Low Tide/The Sad Nite Owl/Funnybone/Nickleplated//King-A-Ling/Surf Monkey/Freddy's Midnight Dream/Fish Fare/Cloud Sailin'/Remington Ride

929 - [Unissued]

930 - The Lovable Style of Bobby Freeman - Bobby Freeman [3/65] (I Do The) Shimmy, Shimmy/Somebody, Somewhere (Hear My Plea)/What Can I Do/Please, Please, Please/There's Gonna Be A Change/Be My Little Chick-A-Dee//Fever/Love Struck/Come To Me/Good, Good Lovin'/You Don't Understand Me/Please Give My Heart A Break

931 - Freddy King Sings Again - Freddy King [1965]

932/932 stereo - Reno & Smiley's Variety Show - Don Reno & Red Smiley [1965] Corina Corina/Nine Pound Hammer/Sweet Thing/Signed, Sealed And Delivered/Garden In The Sky/That Moon Is No Stopping Place For Me/Greenback Dollar/Tenpaces/Higher/Just About Then/Just Doing Rock And Roll/You've Gotta Be My Baby

933 - On and Off Stage - Hank Marr [1965] A Mellow Thing/No Rough Stuff/Foggy Night/Silver Spoon/Bridge to Shangri-La/Sabotage/Fly Me to the Moon/Lat Freight/Wild Shindig/That's All/Jim Dawg/The High and the Mighty

934 - Bob Kames - Bob Kames [1965]

935 - The Best of Joe Tex - Joe Tex [1965] Come In This House/Ain't Nobody's Business/Right Back To My Arms/Another Woman's Man/Davy You Upset My Home/My Biggest Mistake/I Had To Come Back To You/Pneumonia/I Want To Have A Talk With You/Get Way Back/Gee I Really Want You/She's Mine

936 - For All Lonesome Truck Drivers - Charlie Moore & Bill Napier [1965] Long White Line/A Truck Driver's Romance/Bluegrass Truck Driver/Truck Driver's Woman/Hot Rod Kids And Women Drivers/Long Old Road/This Truck And Me/Truck Driver's Queen/Ballad Of Big Fred/I'm Waiting For Dad To Come Home/Pinball Blues/Coming Home To You

937 - Moon Mullican Sings 24 of His Favorite Tunes - Moon Mullican [1965] Jambalays/The Lamp Of Life Is Burning Away/A Crushed Red Rose (And A Faded Blue Ribbon)/Seven Nights To Rock/What My Eyes See My Heart Believes/Short But Sweet/A Mighty Pretty Waltz/Leaving You With A Worried Mind/Grandpa Stole My Baby/Pan Handle Rag/Keep A Light In The Window For Me/Don't Ever Take My Picture Down/Moon's Tune/Heartless Lover/Well Oh Well/Good Deal Lucille/Sweeter Than The Flowers No. 2/I'm Mad With You/So Long/Where The Beautiful Flowers Grow/Jole Blon's Sister/Southern Hospitality/Love Is The Light That Leads Me Home/A Thousand And One Sleepless Nights

938/938 stereo - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown & the Famous Flames [8/65] (9-65, #26) Original cover with a red strip across the top. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 1 (E, 1:55)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 2 (E, instrumental, 2:12)/Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (S, 2:49)/Cross Firing (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 2)(S, 2:40)//And I Do Just What I Want (E, 2:23)/This Old Heart (S, 2:08)/Baby You're Right (E, 3:05)/Have Mercy Baby (S, 2:14)/You Don't Have To Go (S, 2:42)/Doin' The Limbo (S, instrumental, 2:28)

938 stereo - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown [1968] Second cover with a green strip across the top, released in stereo only. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 1 (E, 1:55)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 2 (E, instrumental, 2:12)/Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (S, 2:49)/Cross Firing (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 2)(S, 2:40)//And I Do Just What I Want (E, 2:23)/This Old Heart (S, 2:08)/Baby You're Right (E, 3:05)/Have Mercy Baby (S, 2:14)/You Don't Have To Go (S, 2:42)/Doin' The Limbo (S, instrumental, 2:28)

KS-938 - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown [1970] Third cover, showing Brown on stage with microphone. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 1 (E, 1:55)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 1), Part 2 (E, instrumental, 2:12)/Mashed Potatoes U.S.A. (S, 2:49)/Cross Firing (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Just Won't Do Right (I Stay In The Chapel Every Night)(version 2)(S, 2:40)//And I Do Just What I Want (E, 2:23)/This Old Heart (S, 2:08)/Baby You're Right (E, 3:05)/Have Mercy Baby (S, 2:14)/You Don't Have To Go (S, 2:42)/Doin' The Limbo (S, instrumental, 2:28)

939 - Swan's Silvertone Singers - Swan's Silvertone Singers [1965] Reissue of King LP-572. I Cried Holy/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/I Done Made It Up In My Mind/I'm Tired/My Time Done Come/I Want My Crown/These Bones Gwine Rise Again//Go Ahead/I Want To Rest/I'll Search Heaven/In The Upper Room/I Want To Dig A Little Deeper/Working On A Building/Down On My Knees/Standing In The Safety Zone

940 - Spiritual Songs - Galatian Singers [1965] Think of the Goodness of God/I Wish That I Had Been There/Christian's Tribulation/Love Lifted Me/I Am Thine/I'm Saved/Jesus Died/Jesus is a Rock/God's Amazing Love/I'm Sheltered in His Arms/I Want to Be More Like Jesus/The Holy Ghost Walked Right In

941 - Golden Harvest Best 24 Tunes - Jimmy Osborne [1965] Your Lies Have Broken My Heart/You're The Only Angel (That I Ever Met)/A Million People Have Died/Forever And A Day/I'm Gonna Strut My Stuff/Not Unloved Nor Unclaimed/It's Me Who Has To Suffer/Forever Far Apart/(I Just Received Word) Mom Is Dying Tonight/Love Me Or Leave Me/It's So Hard To Smile/The Door To My Heart Is Wide Open/Hills Of Roan County/I'm Scared To Go Home/My Tissue Paper Heart/He'll Come Like A Thief In The Night/No Bitter Tears/What A Prcie To Pay For Love/Blue Days And Lonely Nights/Tears Of St. Ann/A Tennessee Ocean/(I Just Placed) A Vacant Sign Upon My Heart

942 - Spirit of Memphis Quartet - Spirit Of Memphis Quartet [1965] Reissue of King LP-573. Days Pass And Gone/On The Battlefield/He Never Left Me Alone/Blessed Are The Dead/I'll Never Forget/Make Room For Jesus/Cavalry//Jesus Jesus/How Far Am I From Canaan/Automobile To Glory/If You Make A Start To Heaven/God's Got His Eyes On You/I'll Go/Every Day And Every Hour/Every Time I Feel The Spirit

943 - Fine Singing of Wonderful Sacred Country Songs - 24 Songs - Brown's Ferry Four [1965] Arm Of God/Bound For The Shore/Can't You Hear Him Calling/Eternity Without Him/Everybody Will Be Happy Over There/Hallelujah Morning/Heaven Eternal For Me/His Boundless Love/I Am A Weary Pilgrim/Jesus Hold My Hand/Keep On The Firing Line/Lord Is Watching Over Me/On The Jericho #1/Over In The Glory Land/Praise God! He Loves Everybody/Rock Of Ages Hide Thou Me/There's A Light Guiding Me/There's A Page In The Bible/Through The Pearly Gate/What Shall I Do With Jesus/When He Blessed My Soul/When The Good Lord Cares/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/You Must Be Born Again

944 - The York Brothers Sing 24 Songs - York Brothers [1966] Twirly Whirly/Tightwad/Chicken Blues/These Haunting Years/River Of Tears/Don't Leave Me With The Yum Yum Blues/Deep Within My Heart/I Get The Blues In The Springtime/Why Don't You Open The Door/Blue River/Two Sides To Every Story/Pretty Little Tattle Tale/Mister Midnight/You're My Every Dream Come True/If You Hadn't Told The First Lie/Pretty Little Thing/The Hard Way/Ever Since We Met/What Would I Do/Starlight My Love/Gravy Train/The Rocky, Bumpy, Road To Love/Road Of Sadness/I'm Coming Back Home To Stay

945 - The Four Internes - Four Internes [1966] Reissue of King LP-574. Count Your Many Blessings/In That Great Gettin' Up Morning/Living In The Glory Land/In The Great Reunion/One Of These Mornings/Newborn Again/Home Again/Going Back To Jesus/Do You Know Him/Do Unto Others//Who Will Your Captain Be/Holy Father/I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map/Stepped In The Waves/I Just Rise To Tell You/You'd Better Mind/See The Sign Of Judgment/I Go To Jesus/It's All Right Now/I'm Troubled

946/S-946 - I Got You, I Feel Good - James Brown [12/65] (1-66, #36) Original cover shows three cutout photos of James Brown's head. I Got You (I Feel Good) (version 2)(S, 2:44)/Lost Someone (version 1)(S, 3:05)/Night Train (version 1)(S, 3:35)/You've Got The Power (version 1)(E, 2:40)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Think (version 1)(E, 2:00)//Good Good Lovin' (version 1)(S, 2:15)/I Can't Help It (I Just Do Do Do) (E, 2:35)/I've Got Money (S, 2:30)/Three Hearts In A Tangle (S, 3:00)/Suds (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Dancin' Little Thing (version 2; same as version 1 except for an edit at beginning of song)(S, 2:04)

946 stereo - I Got You, I Feel Good - James Brown [1970] Reissue of King 946 with different cover showing five cutouts of Brown in action on stage. Issued in stereo only. I Got You (I Feel Good) (version 2)(S, 2:44)/Lost Someone (version 1)(S, 3:05)/Night Train (version 1)(S, 3:35)/You've Got The Power (version 1)(E, 2:40)/Love Don't Love Nobody (E, 2:02)/Think (version 1)(E, 2:00)//Good Good Lovin' (version 1)(S, 2:15)/I Can't Help It (I Just Do Do Do) (E, 2:35)/I've Got Money (S, 2:30)/Three Hearts In A Tangle (S, 3:00)/Suds (S, instrumental, 2:18)/Dancin' Little Thing (version 2; same as version 1 except for an edit at beginning of song)(S, 2:04)

947 - Memorial to Earl Bostic: 24 Tunes That Earl Loved the Most - Earl Bostic [1966] Third Man Theme/Ducky/Polanaise/Anita's Dance/In The Still Of The Night/Elegie/The Thrill Is Gone/All The Things You Are/Up There In Orbit/Bewitched/Summertime/Song Of India/Some Enchanted Evening/Hildergarde/Minky Pinky/The Way You Look Tonight/If I Loved You/Barcarolle/People Will Say We're In Love/Dark Eyes/Over The Waves/On The Street Where You Live/Let's Move Out/So In Love

948 - Swan's Silvertones - Swan's Silvertones [1966] Reissue of King LP-575. All Alone/I've Tried/What Could I Do/I Must Tell Jesus/Depending On Jesus/No Not A One/I Got A Mother Done Gone On//Use Me Lord/I'm Gonna Wait/My God's Getting Us Ready/Jesus Never Fails/Jesus Is God's Atomic Bomb/Mother's Name Lived In My Heart/Long Ago/Careless Soul

949 - Little Willie John Sings All Originals - 24 Songs - Little Willie John [1966] That Woman/Made For Me/Let Them Talk/You Hurt Me/I Like To See My Baby/Do You Love Me/The New Thing/Walk Slow/Big Blue Diamonds/Bill Bailey/Take My Love/All My Love Belongs To You/I'll Never Go Back On My Word/I'm Sorry/Don't Play With Love/Heaven All Around Me/I'm Shakin'/Every Beat Of My Heart/So Lovely/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy/It Only Hurts A Little While/Half A Love/Home At Last/Now You Know

950 - Hank Ballard Wants You to Hear These Songs! - 24 Hit Tunes - Hank Ballard [1966] The Twist/Until I Die/No It Ain't/Do You Know How To Twist/Cute Little Ways/Move Move Move/The Coffee Grind/Young Lady/Give It Up/Finger Poppin' Time/I Like To See My Baby/Baby Please//That Woman/Where Is The Love/Nothing But Good/I'm Young/Daddy Rolling Stone/Can't You See I Need A Friend/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Ooh Bah Baby/Don't Say Your Last Goodbye/I'll Be Home Someday/I Belong To You (You're The Keeper Of My Heart)/The Float

951 - The Trumpeteers/The Nightingales/The Patterson Singers - Various Artists [1966] Reissue of King LP-576. One Of These Days - Nightingales/It's A Highway To Heaven - Nightingales/My Life In His Hands - Nightingales/Something Within Me - Nightingales/Seek And Ye Shall Find - Nightingales/All Day And All Night - Patterson Singers/I'm Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday - Patterson Singers/How Much Longer Lord Shall It Be - Patterson Singers/He Answered My Prayer - Patterson Singers/Where Shall I Go - Trumpeteers/Sun Didn't Shine - Trumpeteers/Nobody's Fault But Mine - Trumpeteers/Trouble About My Soul - Trumpeteers/Who Is Your Friend - Trumpeteers/Somehow - Trumpeteers/The Last Mile - Trumpeteers/Lay Down My Heavy Burden - Trumpeteers/This Is A Mean Old World - Trumpeteers

952 - 24 Hit Tunes - Billy Ward And The Dominoes [1966] Pedal Pushing Papa/One Minute With You/I Can't Escape From You/Sixty Minute Man/Love. Love, Love/I'd Be Satisfied/Chicken Blues/Give Me You/The Bells/I'm Lonely/I Am With You/Yours Forever//Deep Sea Blues/Have Mercy Baby/No! Says My Heart/Little Black Train/I Can't Do Sixty No More/Love Me Now Or Let Me Go/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/That's What You're Doing For Me/I Ain't Gonna Cry For You/Don't Leave Me This Way/Weeping Willow Blues/Do Something For Me

953 - 24 Great Songs - Tiny Bradshaw [1966] Well Oh Well/Butterfly/Boogie Green/You Came By/T-99/Brad's Blues/Breaking Up The House/The Blues Came Pouring Down/Gravy Train/Long Time Baby/South Of The Orient/Off And On//The Train Kept A- Rollin'/Tear Drops/Heavy Juice/If You Don't Love Me Tell Me So/One Two Three Kick/Bradshaw Boogie/Two Dry Bones On The Pantry Shelf/High Ballin' Daddy/Get Back On The Shelf Baby/Walkin' The Chalk Line/Knockin' Blues/Free For All

954 - 15 Soulful Songs Everybody Loves - Spirit Of Memphis Quartet Reissue of King LP-577. The World Prayer/Sign Of The Judgment/That Awful Day/Tell Heaven I'm Coming/Ease My Troubled Mind/He Never Let Go Of My Hand/The Ten Commandments/Atomic Telephone//Lord Jesus/Toll The Bell Easy/Jesus Brought Me/There's No Sorrow/Working Till The Day Is Done/God's Amazing Grace/Just To Behold His Face

955 - All Hit Tunes - Five Royals [1966] Notwithstanding the group's name on the cover, the group is the "5" Royales. Think/Tears Of Joy/I'd Better Make A Move/Don't Be Ashamed/Dedicated To The One I Love/Say It/Messin' Up/Do The Cha Cha Cherry/Double Or Nothing/Don't Let It Be In Vain/The Feeling Is Real/Tell The Truth//The Real Thing/Your Only Love/The Slummer The Slum/I Know It's Hard But It's Fair/Miracle Of Love/Tell Me You Care/Wonder Where Your Love Has Gone/It Hurts Inside/I'm With You/Don't Give No More Than You Can Take/(Something Moves Me) Within My Heart

956 - Roy Brown Sings 24 Hit Songs - Roy Brown [1966] Cadillac Baby/Hard Luck Blues/Sweet Peach/Love Don't Love Nobody/Train Time Blues/Bar Room Blues/Long About Sundown/Beautician Blues/The Blues Got Me Again/Double Crossin' Woman/Wrong Woman Blues/Good Rockin' Man//I've Got The Last Laugh Now/Big Town/Brown Angel/Lonesome Lover/Travelin' Man/Letter From Home/trouble At Midnight/Ain't It A Shame/Ain't No Rockin' No More/Queen Of Diamonds/Worried Life Blues/Ain't Got No Blues Today

957 - 15 Songs You'll Remember Forever - Swan's Silvertones [1966] Reissue of King LP 578. I Got A Witness/Live So God Can Use You/My Lord Done What He Said/Backslider's Plea/Mother's Cry/He's My All/All Aboard//All Night, All Day/Toll The Bell/Jesus Met The Woman At The Well/Over Yonder/Grant It Lord/I Believe/Everyday Seems Like Sunday/Father Alone

958 - Lonnie Johnson Sings 24 Twelve Bar Blues - Lonnie Johnson [1966] You Can't Buy Love/It Was All In Vain/Just Another Day/Chicago Blues/Love That Gal/Lonesome Road/My Baby's Gone/I'm Guilty/Little Rockin' Chair/Can't Sleep Anymore/Troubles Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/You Only Want Me When You're Lonely/Not Until You Came My Way/Blues Stay Away From Me/Blue Ghost Has Got Me/Nothing But Trouble/Take Me I'm Yours/Why Should I Cry/Feeling Low Down/Backwater Blues/She's So Sweet/Be Sweet To Me/Don't Be No Fool/Lazy Woman

959 - Bonanza of 24 Songs - Bill Doggett [1966] Finishing The Unfinished/The Kid From Franklin Street/Night Train, Part 2/Bone Tones/After Hours/Adios Muchachos/Pied Piper Of Islip/Bill Dogs It/Candleglow/In The Wee Hours/Autumn Dreams/Bubbin's Rock/Hand In Hand/We Found Love/Earl's Dog/The Rail/Snuff Box/Slidin'/Smoochie/Teardrops/Misty Moon/Cling To Me/Soft Touch/Andontino

960 - Mr. Johnson: 24 Great Songs - Bubber Johnson [1966] Atlanta/I Know My Baby/Tell Me Who/Come Home/I Do (Love You)/Welcome Home/As Long As I Live/Finger Tips/Dedicated To The One I Love/Muddy Water/So Much Tonight/One Good Reason/Too Many Hearts/The Search/Butterfly/Little Girl, Don't Cry/A Wonderful Thing Happens/My One Desire/I Lost Track Of Everything/Keep A Light In The Window For Me/My Lonely Heart/There'll Be No One/Have A Little Faith In Me/Drop Me A Line

961/S-961 - Mighty Instrumentals - James Brown & the Famous Flames [1966] The songs are all instrumentals, except for "Night Train," which has the city calls. The stereo cover blanks out the word "Mighty" and replaces it with "Stereo," although the title on the label is still Mighty Instrumentals. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 2 (E, 1:45)/(Can You) Feel It (S, 2:55)/Hold It (E, 1:53)/Sticky (S, 2:40)/The Scratch (E, 1:43)/James Brown House Party (S, 2:15)//Night Train (S, 2:21)/Every Beat Of My Heart (E, 2:56)/Cross Firing (S, 2:18)/Suds (S, 2:18)/Doin' The Limbo (S, 2:28)/Choo-Choo [Locomotion] (S, 2:54)

962 - 24 Songs By the Great Trini Lopez - Trini Lopez [1966] Yes You Do/Love Me Tonight/The Search Goes On/Jeanie Marie/Don't Treat Me That Way/Since I Don't Have You/Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/Nobody Listens Nobody Cares/I'm Grateful/It Hurts To Be In Love/Won't You Be My (Queen For A Day)/Here Comes Sally//Rock On/The Club For Broken Heart/Don't Go/Chain Of Love/My Runaway Heart/Sweet Thing/Nobody Loves Me/I'm Just A Poor Little Schemer/Then You Know (You've Been In Love)/One Heart, One Love, One Life/It Seems/You Broke The Only Heart That Ever Loved You

963 - A Collection of Original Sacred Songs - Stanley Brothers [1966] Blues Stay Away From Me/Midnight Special/I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On/Girl By The River/Field Hand Man/Born To Be Blue/Someday You'll Pay/Everybody Loves Her/I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry/Trail Of Time/Who's Gonna Be Lonesome For Me/Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/Kentucky Mountain/Hillbilly Boogie/Midnight Train/Weary Day/Blues You Never Lose/Sweet Sweet Thing/Please Be My Sunshine/Pan American Boogie/There's Sumpin' About Love/Rounder's Blues/Now I'm Free

964 - 24 Vocals and Instrumentals - Freddy King [1966] Meet Me At The Station/Manhole/Sittin' On The Boatdock/Texas Oil/She's The Kind/High Rise/Some Other Day-Some Other Time/Ring-A-Ling/Surf Monkey/She Put The Whammy On Me (Part 1)/She Put The Whammy On Me (Part 2)/Nickel Plated//Sen-Sha-Shun/It's Easy Child/Just Pickin'/Now I've Got A Woman/The Sad Nite Owl/I'm On My Way To Atlanta/Freeway 75/If You Have It/Cloud Sailin'/I Love You More Every Day/Freddy's Midnight Dream/Monkey Donkey

965 - 24 Country & Western Sacred Songs - Various Artists [1966]

966 - Good Country Singing and Picking - Suratt And Smith [1966] Mountaineers Always Free (Montani Semper Libert)/5 And 5 Ride/Counting The Days/Chicken Reel/Darlin' Oh Darlin'/Sittin'/I'm Never To Marry/Sippin' Cider/Boil Them Cabbage Down/Second Hand Heart/Millions Couldn't Buy Your Love From Me/Lost Indian/Old Joe Clark/Liza Jane/The Waltz You Saved For Me/I Might Have Saved A Broken Heart/Just One Little Kiss/Do You Mean The Words You Say/Never Grow Old/The Cabin/My Shoes Must Have Followed You/Smitty's Blues/Barbara Allen/Buddy's Stomp

967/967 stereo - 24 Great Country Songs That Will Live Forever - Grandpa Jones [1966] The stereo version is rechanneled. On Be My Rainbow/I'l Never Lose The Loneliness For You/Our Worlds Are Not The Same/I've Been All Around This World/Ridin' On That Train/Heart Stealin' Mama/You'll Make My Shack A Mansion/You Done Me Mean And Dirty/The Feudin' Boogie/I'm Tying The Leaves So They Won't Come Down/Time, Time, Time, Time/Fast Moving Night Train/Chicken Don't Roost Too High/My Little Nagging Wife/Take It On Out The Door/You've Come Back To Me/My Old Red River Home/Going Down Town/The Bald Headed End Of A Broom/How Many Biscuits Can You Eat/I Often Wonder Why You Changed Your Mind/Happy Little Home In Arkansas/Daisy Dean/Darby's Ram

968 To 980 - [Unreleased]

981 - Hank Ballard Sings 24 Great Songs - Hank Ballard [1966] What Is This I See/So Good To Be Home/I Got A Mind To Leave You/I Could Love You/I'm Crying Mercy, Mercy/Waiting/That's It/I Love You, I Love You So/Stingy Little Thing/Don't Change Your Pretty Ways/She's Got A Whole Lot Of Soul/Work Baby/Do You Remember/Come On And Get It/We'll Never Meet Again/I'm So Crazy About You/Tell Them/Don't Go, I Love You/I Feel That-A-Way/Everybody Does Wrong Sometime/I'll Pray For You/Never Knew/Hello Miss Fine/I Said I Wouldn't Beg You

982 - Country Music Goes to Viet Nam - Charlie Moore And Bill Napier [1966] God Please Protect America/Is This A Useless War/Banjo Bugle/A Soldier's Prayer/Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday/A Soldier's Grave/I'll Be Home/Filipino Baby/Have I Come Home To Die/Five String Special/Down Where The River Bends/When The Roses Bloom Again

983 - 24 Great Country Songs - Delmore Brothers [1966] Blues Stay Away From Me/Midnight Special/I Let The Freight Train Carry Me On/Girl By The River/Field Hand Man/Born To Be Blue/Someday You'll Pay/Everybody Loves Her/I'm Sorry I Caused You To Cry/Trail Of Time/Who's Gonna Be Lonesome For Me/Goin' Back To The Blue Ridge Mountains/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/Kentucky Mountain/Hillbilly Boogie/Midnight Train/Weary Day/Blues You Never Lose/Sweet Sweet Thing/Please Be My Sunshine/Pan American Boogie/There's Sumpin' About Love/Rounder's Blues/Now I'm Free

984/984 stereo - Copas & Hawkshaw: 24 Great Songs - Cowboy Copas & Hawkshaw Hawkins [1966] Stereo version is rechanneled. Because Of You/Walking The Floor Over You/If I Ever Get Rich Mom/Night Plane To Memphis/The Hope Of A Broken Heart/Little White Washed Chimney/The Man Upstairs/If You Will Let Me Be Your Love/I Love You A Thousand Ways/Don't Let Them Change Your Mind/If I Bring Home The Bacon/Never Mind The Tears/The Last Letter/It's A Lonely World (When You're All Alone)/Forever/There'll Never Be A Sweeter Girl Than You/Some Fine Morning/If You But Care/Empty Arms And A Heart Full Of Sorrow/Lock Me In Your Heart/Double Trouble/You Go Your Way I'll Go Mine/Below The Mason-Dixon Line/Silver Threads And Golden Needles

985/985 stereo - It's a Man's Man's World: Soul Brother #1 - James Brown [8/66] (9-66, #90) The Scratch (E, 1:43)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (version 1)(E, 2:48)/Bewildered (version 1)(S, 2:23)/Is It Yes Or Is It No (E, 2:58)/Ain't That A Groove (version 1), Part 1 (S, 3:39)/The Bells (S, 3:04)//Ain't That A Groove (version 1), Part 2 (S, 1:47)/Come Over Here (E, 2:41)/In The Wee Wee Hours (Of The Nite) (S, 2:48)/I Don't Mind (version 1)(E, 2:41)/Just You And Me Darling (E, 2:37)/I Love You Yes I Do (version 1)(S, 12:46)

986 - The Admiral's Daughter Sez: Here's Looking Up Your Hatch - Ruth Wallis [1966] The Admiral's Daughter/Bring The Boys To The House/Vacation Song/First Time Starter/De Gay Young Lad//Hawaiian Lei Song/Sweater Girl/Sailor Lad/Johnny Had A Yo Yo/Custer's Last Stand

987 - Davy's Little Dinghy - Ruth Wallis [1966] Davy's Got The Cutest Little Dinghy In The Navy/The Fishing Song/She's Got A Gold Mine/The American Plan/Down In The Bahamas//Stay Out Of The Pantry/Drill 'Em All/Pull Down The Shade, Marie/Vulture For Culture/Jamaica Rum

988 - Marry Go Round - Ruth Wallis [1966] Marry Go Round/He'd Rather Be A Girl/Chili Was Hot (But Wills Was Not)/By The Bells/The Army Gave My Husband Back//Johnny's Little Yo Yo/Tonight You Sleep In The Bathtub/Honeymoon Pooper/Large Size Mama/Salty Fish-Big Bamboo

989 - Red Lights - Ruth Wallis [1966] Red Lights And Bells/Senorita What's Her Name/Change Partners/Confidential Kitty/The Cowboy Song//The Dinghy Song/Hopalong Chasity/Pink And Purple Pills/Life Of Reily/Brandy Me Tea

990 - Ubangi Me - Ruth Wallis [1966] Ubangi Me-Ibangi You/Answer To A Maiden's Prayer/Play The Field/Military Wedding/4-F Papa//Queer Things/Levene Does The Rhumba/Pharo's Daughter/Education/Your Daddy Was A Soldier

991 - Oil Man from Texas - Ruth Wallis [1966] Oil Man From Texas/A Man, A Mink and A Million/Now That You Did It/Down In Montevedeo/Do It Yourself Kit//The Pistol Song/She Never Gets Got/Follies Bergere/Letter From Bermuda/If I Had Said Yes

992 - He Wants A Little....Pizza - Ruth Wallis [1966] He Wants A Little Pizza/Too Many Men In My Life/Down In The Indies/Swingin' Derriere/He Called Me Commarade//Cape Canaveral Blues/Gimme/Seventh Wife Of The Seventh Son/Bell Song/Me Darlin' Ben

993 - Bahama Mama - Ruth Wallis [1966] Bahama Mama/Long Long Time/Long Playing Daddy/My Old Soldier Always Tires/Psycho Mambo//Pop Up Song/Tonight For Sure/Always Be A Bride/Harry Come Back/Fishing Pole Song

994 - 5 String Banjo Pickin' and Singin' - Various Artists [1966] Artists include the Stanley Brothers, Grandpa Jones and Cowboy Copas.

995 - 24 Country Songs - Reno & Smiley [1966] I'm Gone, Long Gone/Always Be Kind To Your Mother/There's Another Baby Waiting For Me Down The Line/Springtime In Dear Old Dixie/Never Get To Hold You In My Arms Anymore/I Can Hear The Angels Singing/Old Home Place/It's Grand To Have Someone To Love You /I Could Cry/Your Tears Are Just Interest On The Loan/Since I've Used My Bible For A Roadmap/Money, Marbles And Chalk//Dark As A Dungeon/Freight Train Boogie/Gathering Flowers From The Hillside/East Bound Freight Train/Charlie Brooks And Nellie Adair/Lonesome Wind Blues/Mountain Rosa Lee/She Has Forgotten/Don't Let Your Sweet Love Die/Eight More Miles To Louisville/I'm Blue And Lonesome

996 - 24 Sacred Gospel Hymns from the Bible Belt - Parker Family [1966] You Can Have The Whole Wide World/Don't Wait Any Longer Dear Sinner/Build Your Treasures In Heaven/Daddy Is Sleeping Up In Heaven/Little Jimmy, The Crippled Child/My Soul Shall Be Satisfied/Jesus Died Upon The Cross/I Care Not What The World/There Must Be A Change/God Overpowered Satan/He'll Part The Waters/God Know My Heart/Please Think It Over/Our Baby's Memory/He'll Set You Free/I've Got A Lifetime/Take Up Thy Cross/Show Me The Way/New Way About Me/Oh Sinner Man/Suppertime/Sinner's Dream/Over The Line/Family Bible/(1 more)

997 - [Unissued]

998 - [Unissued]

999 - [Unissued]

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