King Discography, Part 7:
King Main LP Series 1000-1099 (1966-1970)

by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 22, 2012

It was during the King 1000s that big changes took place at the company. Syd Nathan, an old man at 62 after a lifetime of cigar smoking and high pressure, died of a heart attack on March 5, 1968 in Miami. His widow, Zella, asked Hal Neely, the second-in-charge at King, to try to find a buyer for the label. Neely approached Don Pierce, who owned Starday, but Pierce was looking to sell Starday and decided not to buy King. Pierce approached Fred Gregg, owner of Lin Broadcasting, a company who owned several broadcasting operations, when he found out that Gregg was in the market to buy a record label. Gregg knew that King was also for sale, and asked Pierce if it was possible to buy both Starday and King. Pierce said he thought he could make that happen.

Pierce got back to Neely and the two arranged for a merger in preparation for a sale. In the October 26, 1968, issue of Billboard, it was announced that Hal Neely and Don Pierce would be running the combined Starday-King Records. The next week (November 2), it was announced that the sale of King Records to Starday had taken place for approximately 2.5 million dollars. A mere three weeks later (November 23), it was announced that Lin Broadcasting had purchased Starday-King. Neely and Pierce were retained to run the labels.

The regular black mono label (far left) was used for mono issues to King 1020. After January, 1968, mono was phased out in favor of stereo-only issues. The regular blue stereo label (near left) was used for all regular stereo issues until King KSD 1051, and after 1051 only for non-James Brown Productions. King was not always fastidious with their printing; this label has a typo in the album title (which should be Kames).
King KSD 1051 was the last James Brown Production released with the regular blue stereo label. Starting with KSD 1052 (far left), the James Brown Productions had their own custom label with James Brown's photo. Some reissues of earlier albums used a maroon label (near left) with the same graphics.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

King/DeLuxe/Federal Main Series (Continued):

1000 - [Unissued]

1001 - [Unissued]

1002 - Wolf at Your Door - Tommy Wolf [1966] Reissue of Fraternity 1002 (shown at left). It Will Only Hurt a Minute/It Isn't a Secret/This Little Love of Ours/You Inspire Me/Say Cheese/Season In the Sun/I Love You Real/I'm All Right/'til You Touch Me/You Can't Go Home Again/There Are Days When I Don't Think of You At All/Listen Little Girl

1003 - [Unissued]

1004 - 25 Years of R & B Hits - Various Artists [1966] Wonder When You're Coming Home - James Brown/Come In This House - Joe Tex/Come On Sugar - Donnie Elbert/Harlem Nocturne - Earl Bostic/Slow Walk - Bill Doggett/Only You - Platters/Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes/Soft - Tiny Bradshaw/Hard Luck Blues - Roy Brown/Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris/Dissatisfied - Muddy Waters//Baby I'm Doin' It - Anisteen Allen/Long Gone - Sonny Thompson/All My Love Belongs To You - Freddy King/When You Walked Through The Door - Five Royales/Crazy Loving (Stay With Me) - Hank Ballard/Trying - Todd Rhodes & Laverne Baker/You Broke The Only Heart - Five Keys/Guess Who - Ivory Joe Hunter/Moaning Blues - John Lee Hooker/Low Tide - Bullmoose Jackson/Tomorrow Night - Lonnie Johnson/Me And My Mule - Champion Jack DuPree

1005 - 24 Great Songs - Homer And Jethro [1966] Five Mintues More/Night And Day/Always/Donkey Serenade/I'll Close My Eyes/Managua Nicaragua/Margie/For Sentimental Reasons/I'm Glad I Waited For You/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/Glow Worm/Symphony/Blue Tail Fly/Rye Whiskey/Cielito Lindo/It's A Bloody War/Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home/Boll Weevil/Three Night Experience/Poor Little Liza Poor Girl/Goodbe Old Booze/Fly Birdie Fly/It Bruised Her Somewhat/I Feel That Old Age Creeping

1006 - 25 Years of Country & Western Hits By 24 Great Artists - Various Artists [1966] I Hope You're Crying Too - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Uncle Pen's Got The Coon - Grandpa Jones/I Don't Blame You - Cowboy Copas/Still Trying To Get To Little Rock - Stanley Brothers/John Henry/Twenty-Four Hours Of The Blues - Kenny Roberts/On Top Of Old Smoky - Minnie Pearl/Virginia's Heritage - Reno & Smiley/What Will I Do - Merle Travis/Hi-De-Ho Boogie On A Saturday Night - Al Dexter/Ground Hog - Homer & Jethro/New Jole Blon - Moon Mullican//Don't Get Your Dander Up - York Brothers/The Voice Of A Free America - Jimmie Osborne/The Love I Cast Away - Delmore Brothers/Ivy - Clyde Moody/Baby You Done Flubbed Your Dub With Me - Carlisle Brothers/It's Only Forever - Texas Ruby & Curly Fox/Money, Marbles And Chalk - Pop Eckler/She Just Walked In - Charlie Gore/Keep Them Cold, Icy Fingers Off Me - Fairly Holden/Dear Joan - Jack Cardwell/Seven Lonely Days - Bonnie Lou/Someone Moved The Ladder - Hank Penny

1007 - 24 All Time Great Christmas Songs - Bob Kames & Karoleers [10/66]

1008 - 25 Years of Popular Music - Various Artists

1009 - The Happy Jazz of Osie Johnson - Osie Johnson [1966] Reissue of Bethlehem BCP-66 (shown at left). Osie's Oasis/The Desert Song/Midnight Mirage/Jumpin' at the Water Hole/Cat Walk/I Don't Want to Cry Anymore/Don't Bug Me, Hug Me/Blues for the Camels/Flute to Boot/Johnson's Whacks/Osmosis

1010 - James Brown Sings Christmas Songs: Soul Brother No. 1 - A New Bag for Christmas - James Brown & His Famous Flames [11/66] Original 1966 issue had mistletoe leaves surrounded by a wreath on the cover. It was issued in mono only. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year, Parts 1 & 2 (6:30)/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Parts 1 & 2 (5:15)/Merry Christmas, I Love You (2:30)/Signs Of Christmas (4:38)/The Christmas Song, Version 2 (2:45)//Merry Christmas Baby (3:54)/The Christmas Song, Version 1 (2:40)/Please Come Home For Christmas (3:20)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 1 (3:00)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 2 (4:45)/Christmas In Heaven (2:54)

1010/1010 stereo - James Brown and His Famous Flames Sing Christmas Songs - James Brown & His Famous Flames [11/67] The 1967 cover had a red bow on the wreath with multicolor leaves within the wreath. It was issued in both mono and stereo. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 6:30)/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 5:15)/Merry Christmas, I Love You (S, 2:30)/Signs Of Christmas (S, 4:38)/The Christmas Song, Version 2 (S, 2:45)//Merry Christmas Baby (S, 3:54)/The Christmas Song, Version 1 (S, 2:40)/Please Come Home For Christmas (S, 3:20)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 1 (S, 3:00)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 2 (S, 4:45)/Christmas In Heaven (S, 2:54)

1010 stereo - James Brown and His Famous Flames Sing Christmas Songs - James Brown & His Famous Flames [11/68] The 1968 issue had a picture of James Brown with a soul patch within the wreath, and was issued in stereo only. Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 6:30)/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 5:15)/Merry Christmas, I Love You (S, 2:30)/Signs Of Christmas (S, 4:38)/The Christmas Song, Version 2 (S, 2:45)//Merry Christmas Baby (S, 3:54)/The Christmas Song, Version 1 (S, 2:40)/Please Come Home For Christmas (S, 3:20)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 1 (S, 3:00)/This Is My Lonely Christmas, Part 2 (S, 4:45)/Christmas In Heaven (S, 2:54)

1011 - Hank Marr Plays 24 Great Songs - Hank Marr, His Organ & Combo [1966] The Push/Jim Dawg/Sabotage/Easy Talk/Foggy Night/Wild Shindig/Up And Down/Marsanova/Hank's Idea/Late Freight/Silver Spoon/Sweet Nancy/Tonk Game/Let's Cut One/Freedom March/Heavy Travelin'/Midnight Moon/A Mellow Thing/No Rough Stuff/The Watusi Roll/One Step Around/The Greasy Spoon/I* Remember New York/Bridge To Shangri-La

1012 - [Unissued]

1013 - The Best Loved Sacred Songs of the Carter Family - Stanley Brothers [1966] Who Will Sing For Me/Jesus Saviour Pilot Me/Shoutin' On The Hills Of Glory/How Can We Thank Him For What He Has Done/That Home Far Away/Over In The Glory Land/Jacob's Vision/My Lord's Going To Set Me Free/Camping In Canaan Land/My Sinful Past/Where We'll Never Grow Old/The End Of The Road

1014 - Charlie Moore and Bill Napier: Spectacular Instrumentals - Charlie Moore & Bill Napier [1967] Crundy Hoedown/Pickin' Willie/Steppin' High/Buffalo Pickin'/Lonesome Guitar/Stump House Mountain/Big Daddy's Blues/Bill's Breakdown/Brushy Creek/Movin' Along/Cincinnati Breakdown/Dixie Boogie

1015 - [Unissued]

1016 - James Brown Sings Raw Soul - James Brown [3/67] (4-67, #88) Original cover shows a drawing of Brown in upper left with multicolor bands. Bring It Up (version 1)(S, 2:45)/Don't Be A Drop Out (S, 3:28)/Till Then (E, 2:40)/Tell Me That You Love Me (E, "live, "1:42)/Yours And Mine (S, instrumental, 2:43)/Money Won't Change You, Part 1 (E, 2:45)//Money Won't Change You, Part 2 (E, 2:19)/Only You (E, 2:47)/Let Yourself Go (version 1)(E, 2:45)/The Nearness Of You (E, 3:07)/Nobody Knows (S, 3:20)/Stone Fox (version 1) (S, instrumental, 2:35)

1016 - James Brown Sings Raw Soul - James Brown [1970] Reissue with different cover with a line sketch of Brown reclining (a sketch from the photo on King 1100, Soul on Top). This reissue was released with both blue and maroon labels. Bring It Up (version 1)(S, 2:45)/Don't Be A Drop Out (S, 3:28)/Till Then (E, 2:40)/Tell Me That You Love Me (E, "live, "1:42)/Yours And Mine (S, instrumental, 2:43)/Money Won't Change You, Part 1 (E, 2:45)//Money Won't Change You, Part 2 (E, 2:19)/Only You (E, 2:47)/Let Yourself Go (version 1)(E, 2:45)/The Nearness Of You (E, 3:07)/Nobody Knows (S, 3:20)/Stone Fox (version 1) (S, instrumental, 2:35)

KLP-1017 - Gospel and Sacred Songs - Moore & Napier [1967] Don't Wait Too Long/Take A Message To Mother/That Beautiful Home/The Stranger In The Tavern/I Believe In The Old Time Way/Will The Circle Be Unbroken//He Leads Me On/Won't You Come In/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Wayfaring Pilgrim/Sing And Shout/Oh Lord I'm Glad

1018 - James Brown Live at the Garden - James Brown [5/67] (6-67, #41) All tracks recorded live Introduction (E, 0:38)/Medley (E, 5:38): Out Of Sight (version 3)[1:36] - Bring It Up (version 2A)[4:02]/Try Me (version 5)(E, 2:19)/Let Yourself Go (version 2)(E, 3:44)/Hip Bag '67 (E, 5:22)/Prisoner Of Love (version 2) (E, 4:50)//It May Be The Last Time [Maybe The Last Time](version 3)(E, 4:34)/Interlude (E, 0:17)/I Got You (I Feel Good)(version 3)(E, 2:23)/Ain't That A Groove (version 2), Part 1 (E, 5:32)/Medley (E, 5:07): Ain't That A Groove (version 2), Part 2 [1:08] - Please Please Please (version 4)[2:44] - Bring It Up (reprise) (version 2B)[1:15]

1019 - Jim Mover and the Moving Acapulco Brass - Jim Mover & Acapulco Brass [1967] Think I'm Losin My Mind-Acapulco Chop Suey/Loves Come Back to Me/I Wanna Love You Tonight/There's Sadness in Your Eyes/I Hope You Love Me/The Girl in My Life//I'm Searchin' for Words/You Had No Reason/My Kind of Girl/Let's Make Believe/Milki-Milo/Swing Baby

1020 - Cold Sweat - James Brown [9/67] (9-67, #35) Cold Sweat (version 1), Parts 1 & 2 (S, 7:18)/Fever (S, 3:04)/Kansas City (version 1)(S, 3:22)/Stagger Lee (S, 2:43)/Good Rockin' Tonight (E, 2:24)//Mona Lisa (E, 1:52)/I Wanna Be Around (version 1)(E, 2:18)/Nature Boy (E, 2:35)/Come Rain Or Come Shine (E, 2:45)/I Loves You Porgy (E, 2:28)/Back Stabbin' (S, instrumental, 2:41)

Note: At the start of 1968, King discontinued the mono/stereo dual issues in favor of stereo only.

1021 - 1968: Brand New Vocal Country and Western Songs - Moore & Napier [1968] There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me/Girl Of The Night/Shenandoah Waltz/That Wasn't In The Deal/Howlin' Moon Dog/You Make A Fool Of Me/Tragic Romance/John Henry/Walkin' On The Mountain/Slick Possum/Pretty Polly/Darby's Ram

1022 - James Brown Live at the Apollo, Volume 2 - James Brown [8/68] (9-68, #32) Issued in stereo only. 2 LP set recorded live 6-25-67. This is a "live" LP where the audience noise is subdued rather than overpoweringly loud. Reissued as James Brown Live At The Apollo, Vol. II, Part 1 [Rhino RNLP-217] and Part 2 [Rhino RNLP-218] in 1985. Reissued in 1987 on both CD [Polydor 823 001-2] and a 2-LP set [Polydor 823 001-1]. Timings given on the 1987 reissue jacket are not all correct, nor do the CD tracks start at the correct place in the song in several instances. The 1987 reissue is true stereo, as is the original album. Disc 1: Intro (S, 0:31)/Think (version 3; duet with Vicki Anderson)(S, 2:54)/I Wanna Be Around (version 2)(S, 3:13)/ Thanks (S, 1:05)/That's Life (version 1)(S, 4:07)/Kansas City (version 2)(S, 3:52)//It's A Man's Man's Man's World (version 2)(S, 7:10)/Lost Someone (version 4)(S, 10:17)/Please Please Please (version 5)(S, 2:41); Disc 2: It May Be The Last Time [Maybe The Last Time (version 4)](S, 3:06)/I Got You (I Feel Good) (version 4)(S, 0:29)/ Prisoner Of Love (version 3)(S, 7:31)/Out Of Sight (version 4)(S, 0:25)/Try Me (version 6)(S, 2:54)/Bring It Up (version 3)(S, 4:38)//Let Yourself Go (version 3)(S, 1:58)/There Was A Time (version 1)(S, 5:15)/I Feel Alright [The Little Old Groovemaker Me, Parts 1 & 2](S, 6:36)/Cold Sweat (version 2)(S, 4:39)

1023 - All Time Hit Sacred and Gospel Songs - Various Artists [1968]

KS-1024 - James Brown Presents His Show of Tomorrow - James Brown and others [3/68] Issued in stereo only. The only selections that are 'live' are James Brown's "Please, Please, Please" and "That's Life". The rest are his productions, but they all were studio recordings, done possibly 1967 or so. That's Life (version 2) - James Brown/Please Please Please (version 6) - James Brown/Tears Of Joy - Vicki Anderson/If You Don't Give Me What I Want - Vicki Anderson/If You Love Me - Marva Whitney/What Kind Of Man - Marva Whitney//Which Way Should I Turn - Hank Ballard/Funky Soul Train - Hank Ballard/ Funky Soul #1, Part 1 - Bobby Byrd/Funky Soul #1, Part 2 - Bobby Byrd/I'll Work It Out - James Crawford/Stone Fox - James Crawford

1025 - Sounds from the Marr-Ket Place - Hank Marr [12/68] The Marr-Ket Place/Soup Spoon/Smothered Soul/I Remember Acapulco/Greens A-Go-Go/Down In The Bottom/My Dream Just Passed/Home Fries/Come And Get It/Get On Down

1026 - Rhythm and Blues: 18 All Time King Hits - Various Artists [1968] Please, Please, Please - James Brown & The Famous Flames (E)/Finger Poppin' Time - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (E)/Shout Bamalama - Otis Redding (E)/Hide Away - Freddy King (E)/Dedicated To The One I Love - Five Royales (E)/Long Gone - Sonny Thompson (E)/Sixty Minute Man - Billy Ward & The Dominoes (E)/Guess Who - Ivory Joe Hunter (E)/I Love You, Yes I Do - Bullmoose Jackson (E)/Another Woman's Man - Joe Tex (E)/Work With Me Annie - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters (E)/Fever - Little Willie John (E)/Only You (And You Alone) - Platters (E)/Honky Tonk, Part 2 - Bill Doggett (E)/Flamingo - Earl Bostic (E)/Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris (E)/Tomorrow Night - Lonnie Johnson (E)/Hearts Of Stone - Otis Williams & The Charms (E)

1027 - Country and Western: 18 All Time King Hits - Various Artists [1968] Slow Poke - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Signed, Sealed And Delivered - Cowboy Copas/It's Raining Here This Morning - Grandpa Jones/I'll Sail My Ship Alone - Moon Mullican/Seven Lonely Days - Bonnie Lou/Blues Stay Away From Me - Delmore Brothers/Death Of Little Kathy Fiscus - Jimmy Osborne/Rainbow At Midnight - Carlisle Brothers/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me? - Wayne Raney/Lonesome 77203 - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Tennessee Waltz - Cowboy Copas/Mountain Dew - Grandpa Jones/How Far To Little Rock - Stanley Brothers/I'm The Talk Of The Town - Reno & Smiley/Sweeter Than The Flowers - Moon Mullican/Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday - Clyde Moody/Death Of Hank Williams - Jack Cardwell/Money, Marbles And Chalk - Pop Eckler

1028 - Brand New Country Songs - Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys [1968] Share Cropper's Son/Hemlock & Primroses/That Beautiful Woman/Poor Rambler/Lonesome/Lost Train/Row Hoe/Wonderful World Outside/Sweet Sally Brown/Love Please Stay/I'm Better Off Now That You're Gone/You Could Never Be True

1029 - A Variety of New Sacred Gospel Songs - Don Reno And Bill Harrell [1968] All The Way To Reno/You Give Me Your Love, I'll Give You Mine/Where Is Jones/Mr. Bottle/Sassy Fiddle/Just A Phone Call Will Do/Big Time/Welcome Home/Twelve String Time/The Path That Leads Me Home/Reno And Shuffler Hornpipe/I Told

1030 - Can't Stand Myself When You Touch Me - James Brown [3/68] (3-68, #17) I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)(version 1), Part 1(S, 3:30)/There Was A Time [live](version 2) (S, 3:32)/Get It Together, Part 1 (S, 3:42)/Baby Baby Baby Baby (S, 4:18)/Time After Time (version 1) (S, 2:55)/The Soul Of J.B. (S, instrumental, 2:59)//I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)(version 1), Part 2 (S, 4:20)/Get It Together, Part 2 (S, 4:39)/Why Did You Take Your Love Away From Me (E, 2:58)/Need Your Love So Bad (S, 3:19)/You've Got To Change Your Mind (S, 3:44)/Funky Soul #1 (S, instrumental, 2:05)

1031 - I Got the Feelin' - James Brown [5/68] (5-68, #135) I Got The Feelin' (version 1)(S, 2:35)/Maybe I'll Understand (version 1), Part 1 (S, 3:16)/You've Got The Power (version 3)(S, 3:00)/Maybe Good Maybe Bad, Part 1 (S, instrumental, 2:52)/Shhhhhhh (For A Little While) (S, 2:31)/ Just Plain Funk (S, instrumental, 3:05)//If I Ruled The World (version 1)(S, 3:23)/Maybe I'll Understand (version 1), Part 2 (S, 3:14)/Stone Fox (version 2; vocal track added to the instrumental version)(S, 3:00)/It Won't Be Me (S, 3:35)/Maybe Good Maybe Bad, Part 2 (S, instrumental, 2:53)/Here I Go (S, instrumental, 2:25)/Message From James Brown (S, 0:26)

1032 - Over the Sunset Hill - Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys [1968] Over The Sunset Hill/Going Up Home To Live In Greener Pastures/What Kind Of Man/I Want A Clear Record/Prepare Me O Lord/I Wanna Go Home/A Little Soldier For Jesus/Jesse James Prayed/Snow Covered Mound/I'll Be With Dad And Mother/Thou Long Expected Jesus/Be Ready To Go

1033 - All the Way to Reno - Don Reno & Bill Harrell [1968] All The Way To Reno/You Give Me Your Love, I'll Give You Mine/Where Is Jones/Mr. Bottle/Sassy Fiddle/Just A Phone Call Will Do/Big Time/Welcome Home/Twelve String Time/The Path That Leads Me Home/Reno And Shuffler Hornpipe/I Told

1034 - James Brown Plays Nothing But Soul - James Brown [8/68] (8-68, #150) All tracks are instrumentals. Soul With Different Notes (S)/Go On Now (S)/Gettin' A Little Hipper (S)//Fat Soul (S)/Little Fellow (S)/Buddy-E (S)

1035 - [Unissued]

1036 - The New Sound of Bob Kames - Bob Kames [1968] Gentle On My Mind/Kansas City/Release Me/Red Roses For A Blue Lady/Tiny Bubbles/King Of The Road/It's A Small World/San Francisco/Winchester Cathedral/Slippin' Around/It's Been A Long Long Time/Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy

1037 - Keep on Praying - Galatian Singers [1968] Keep On Praying/It Is No Secret/I've Got A Long Way To Go/There Is No Failure In God/I've Got Faith/I Feel Good//Steal Away/The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow/Jericho/That's How Close/Even Me/A New Way Of Life

Note: At this point, the King Record Company, which had been purchased three weeks earlier by Starday Records, was sold along with Starday to Lin Broadcasting of Nashville. Nothing much changed with the label's style at this point, since Hal Neely, who had been running King, also ran the label after the sale.

1038 - Thinking About Little Willie John and a Few Nice Things - James Brown [12/68] Talk To Me Talk To Me (S)/Suffering With The Blues (S)/Cottage For Sale (S)/Bill Bailey (S)/Home At Last (S)/Heartbreak (It's Hurting Me) (S)//What Kind Of Man (S)/A Note Or Two, Part 1 (S)/I'll Lose My Mind (S)/Fat Eddie (S)/You Gave My Heart A Song To Sing (S)/A Note Or Two, Part 2 (S)

1039 - Merry Christmas - Bob Kames [11/68] Silent Night (S)/Oh Come All Ye Faithful (S)/The First Noel (S)/Joy To The World (S)/Oh! Holy Night (S)/Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem (S)/Hark The Herald Angels Sing (S)/O Sanctissima (S)//White Christmas (S)/Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (S)/Please Come Home For Christmas (S)/Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (S)/Silver Bells (S)/Let's Light The Christmas Tree (S)/Jingle Bells (S)/Christmas Island (S)

1040 - A Soulful Christmas - James Brown [11/68] Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto (S)/Santa Claus Santa Claus (S)/Believers Shall Enjoy (Nonbelievers Shall Suffer) (S, instrumental)/Soulful Christmas (S)/Tit For Tat Ain't No Taking Back (S)/Christmas Is Coming (S)//Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud, Part 1 (S)/Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud, Part 2 (S)/In The Middle (S)/Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas (S)/You Know It (S)/Santa Claus Gave Me A Brand New Start (S)

1041 - Take Your Shot - Bill Doggett [1969] Harlem Nocturne/September Song/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Dream/Where Or When/Temptation/Flamingo/Polonaise/Smoke Rings/Velvet Sunset/Embraceable You/East Of The Sun

1042 - Living Legend of Country Music - Grandpa Jones [5/69] Old Rattler/Eight More Miles To Louisville/Eastbound Freight Train/It's Raining Here This Morning/Uncle Eph's Got The Coon/Melinda/Mountain Dew/Time Time Time/Bald Headed End Of The Broom/Fifteen Cents Is All I've Got/What'll I Do With The Baby-O/Steppin' Out Kind

1043 - Lonesome 7-7203 - Hawkshaw Hawkins [5/69] All Tracks Rechanneled. Sunny Side Of The Mountain/I Wasted A Nickel/Rattlesnakin' Daddy/Slow Poke/Unwanted/Pickin' Sweethearts/Waitin' In The Shadows/Lonesome 7-7203/Silver Threads And Golden Needles/Teardrops On Your Letter/Girl Without A Name

1044 - I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still) - Reno & Smiley [5/69] I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)/Love Please Come Home/Emotions/Barefoot Nellie/I Could Cry/Trail Of Sorrow/I'm The Talk Of The Town/Tally Ho/It's Grand To Have Someone To Love/Never Get To Hold You In My Arms Anymore/Please Remember That I Love You/I Wouldn't Change You If I Could

1045 - Sentimental Journey - Bob Kames [1969] Seems Like Old Times/I'm In The Mood For Love/Ol' Man River/These Foolish Things/Penthouse Serenade/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Sentimental Journey/Fraidy Cat/Don't Take Your Love From Me/That's My Desire/But Definitely/Five Minutes More

Note: Numbering prefix changes about here from nothing to the Starday KLP/KSD- prefix. Some albums use the prefix "5" for a single LP and "7" for a double LP, as in "5-1047."

KLP 1046 - How Far to Little Rock? - Stanley Brothers [5/69] How Far To Little Rock/Stone Walls And Steel Bars/Sweeter Than The Flowers/Let Me Love You One More Time/I Don't Want Your Rambling Letters/Little Benny/Wild Side Of Life/Next Sunday Darling Is My Birthday/How Mountain Girls Can Love/Prayer Of A Truck Driver's Son/The Drunken Driver/Old Love Letters

5-1047 - Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud - James Brown [4/69] (4-69, #53) Label number is KS-1047. Unipak gatefold cover. Say It Loud: I'm Black and I'm Proud, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/I Guess I'll Have to Cry Cry Cry (S)/Good-Bye My Love, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Shades of Brown (S)//Licking Stick (S)/I Love You (S)/Then You Can Tell Me Goodye (S)/Let Them Talk (S)/Maybe I'll Understand (S)/I'll Lose My Mind (S)

KSD 1048 - Harlem Nocturne - Earl Bostic [9/69] Harlem Nocturne/September Song/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Dream/Where Or When/Temptation/Flamingo/Polonaise/Smoke Rings/Velvet Sunset/Embraceable You/East Of The Sun

KLP 1049 - Tragic Romance - Cowboy Copas [9/69] Tragic Romance/Signed Sealed And Delivered/South Pacific Shore/Dreaming/Don't Shake Hands With The Devil/Alabam/Filipino Baby/Louisian/Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon/Great Speckled Bird/Talk To The Man Upstairs/Sunny Tennessee

KLP 1050 - Radar Blues - Various Artists [8/69] Starday's influence is quite clear with this album cover. Radar Blues - Coleman Wilson/8 More Miles To Louisville - Grandpa Jones/Trucker's Rag - Moon Mullican/Truck Driver's Queen - Moore & Napier/Interstate 81 - Reno & Smiley/Guitar Pickin' Truck Driver - Moore & Napier/Rollin' On Rubber Wheels - Stanley Brothers/Truck Drivin' Man - Hylo Brown/The Gear Jammer And The Hobo - Johnny Bond & Red Sovine/Wreck On The Highway - Cowboy Copas/Sunny Side Of The Mountain - Hawkshaw Hawkins/Truck Stop Cutie - Willis Brothers

KSD 5-1051 - Gettin' Down to It - Mr. James Brown [5/69] (5-69, #99) Original pressings have the blue King label. Unipak gatefold cover. Sunny (S, 3:19)/That's Life (version 3)(S, 4:27)/Strangers In The Night (S, 3:22)/Willow Weep For Me (S, 4:42)/Cold Sweat (version 3)(S, 5:02)/There Was A Time (version 3)(S, 2:58)//Chicago (S, 2:52)/(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (version 1)(S, 7:20)/Time After Time (version 2)(S, 2:40)/All The Way (S, 3:41)/It Had To Be You (S, 2:43)/Uncle (S, 2:34)

Note: Starting at this point, James Brown Productions have a new orange and black custom label. Other albums still have the same blue label.

KSD 1052 - You Can't Keep a Good Man Down - Hank Ballard [1969] This album features all new recordings, including some that he had done with the Midnighters. Produced by James Brown, this has the orange and black James Brown Productions label. How You Gonna Get Respect, Part 1 (S)/Teardrops On Your Letter (S)/You're So Sexy (S)/Funky Soul Train (S)/Slip Away (S)/Which Way Should I Turn (S)//With Your Sweet Lovin' Self (S)/Are You Lonely For Me Baby (S)/Thrill On The Hill (S)/Woman Is Man's Best Friend (S)/Unwind Yourself (S)/Come On Wit' It (S)

KSD 1053 - I Sing Soul with James Brown - Marva Whitney [Unissued] This album was scheduled for release, with the artwork complete and a few test pressings made (with the blue King label). The singing was in Marva Whitney's original pop singing style, and when a single from the album ("Your Love Was Good For Me") flopped, James Brown decided against releasing the album. He then worked with Marva towards a more funk style, as shown on the later album It's My Thing. Sunny/My Funny Valentine/People/Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Go On Now/Little Willow//Your Love Was Good For Me/The Masquerade is Over/Respect/I'll Work It Out/(others)

1054 - At Home and at Church - Brother Claude Ely [1969] Sweet Jesus/I'm Going To That City/Don't Trifle With The Lord/Don't You Want To Go/Lost And Doomed/There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/There's A Leak In This Old Building/Talk About Jesus/Farther On/Little David Play On Your Harp

KSD 1055 - The Popcorn - James Brown [8/69] (8-69, #40) Orange and black James Brown Productions label. The Popcorn (S)/Why Am I Treated So Bad (S)/In The Middle, Part 1 (S)/In The Middle, Part 2 (S)//Soul Pride, Part 1 (S)/ Soul Pride, Part 2 (S)/A New Shift (S)/Sudsy (S)/The Chicken (S)/A Chase (S)

G-3 1056 - Pattern My Life - Marvin Anderson Singers [1969] Pattern My Life/Don't Forget About Me/You Don't Know How Good God is to Me/Reach for the Moon/Lord Use Me/Be Wholly Thine/Jesus Headed Our Case/He's Got Something Good for Me/Nothing Can Change Me/Bless This House

G-3 1057 - Burden to the Lord - Skylight Singers of New York [1969] See How They Done My Lord/Jesus is My Friend/I'll Fly Away/Train/Just Hold My Hand/In the Service//Burden to the Lore/Going Back with Jesus/He Brought Joy/He'll Never Let You Down/In the Lord's Care/I Went to See Him

G-3 1058 - Thank You - Original Calvary Singers [1969] What Can't I Do Without You/Oh Sinner Man/Nothing But The Blood/I Been In The Storm Too Long/Nothing Can Change Me/Thank You/I Wanna Be Ready/Wait On The Lord/Brought Me/So Sad/View That City/Mother's Plea

KSD 1059 - Hideaway - Freddy King [1969] Hideaway/I'm Tore Down/Washout/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Low Tide/The Stumble/See See Baby/Side Tracked/I Love The Woman/Remington Ride

KSD 1060 - Travelin' to California - Albert King [1969] Traveling To California/What Can I Do To Change Your Mind/I Get Evil/Had I Told You Like It Was/This Morning I Walked All Night Long//Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong/Let's Have A Natural Ball/I've Made Nights By Myself/This Funny Feeling/Ooh-Ee Baby/Dyna Flow

KSD 1061 - Greasy Spoon - Hank Marr [1969] The Greasy Spoon (S)/I Remember New York (S)/A Mellow Thing (S)/Heavy Travelin' (S)/Foggy Night (S)/The Push (S)//Tonk Game (S)/All My Love Belongs To You (S)/Silver Spoon (S)/Easy talk (S)/Day By Day (S)/Late Freight (S)

KSD 1062 - It's My Thing - Marva Whitney [1969] Orange and black James Brown Productions label. It's My Thing Part1/It's My Thing Part 2/Things Got To Get Better/What Kind Of Man/If You Love Me/In The Middle//Unwind Yourself/You Got To Have A Job/I'll Work It Out/Get Out Of My Life/I'm Tired, I'm Tired, I'm Tired/Shades Of Brown

KSD 1063 - It's a Mother - James Brown [8/69] (9-69, #26) Orange and black James Brown Productions label. Mother Popcorn (version 1), Part 1 (S, 2:55)/Mother Popcorn (version 1), Part 2 (S, 2:33)/Mashed Potato Popcorn, Part 1 (S, 3:00)/Mashed Potato Popcorn, Part 2 (S, 3:20)/I'm Shook (S, 2:50)/Popcorn With A Feeling (S, instrumental, 2:55)//The Little Groove Maker Me, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 5:25)/Any Day Now (S, 3:30)/If I Ruled The World (version 2)(S, 2:50)/You're Still Out Of Sight [Out Of Sight (version 5)] (S, 3:05)/Top Of The Stack (S, instrumental, 2:47)

KSD 1064 - Country Side of Arthur Prysock - Arthur Prysock [1969] Today I Started Loving You Again/Release Me/The Worst Of The Hurt Is Over/Frisco Line/Green Green Grass Of Home//Have A Good Time/Crying Time/He'll Have To Go/Big Blue Daimonds/You Gave Me A Mountain

KSD 1065 - Fastest Five Strings Alive - Don Reno [1969] Remington Ride/Double Banjo Blues/Interstate 81/The World Is Waiting (For The Sunrise)/Double Eagle/When You And I Were Young Maggie/Washington & Lee Swing/Tennessee Cut-Up Breakdown/Road Runner/My Old Kentucky Home/Choking The Strings/Banjo Riff

KSD 1066 - Where the Soul Trees Grow - Arthur Prysock [1969] (I Wanna Go) Where The Soul Trees Grow/I'll Drown In My Own Tears/At Last/Fever/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Don't Take Your Love From Me//Soul Soliloquy/Save Your Love For Me/I Love You Yes I Do/I'll Be Around/Twelfth Of Never/If I Were Young Again

KSD 1067 - The Lord Is My Shepherd - Arthur Prysock [1969] The Old Rugged Cross/He'll Understand And Say Well Done/Where No One Stands Alone/The 23nd Psalm/I Believe//(You've Got To Walk That) Lonesome Valley/That Lucky Old Sun/Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Precious Memories/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands

KSD 1068 - I'm Using By Bible for a Roadmap - Don Reno And Bill Harrell [1969] I'm Using My Bible For A Roadmap/My Redeemer Lives Again/My God's Highway/A Pretty Wreath For Mother's Grave/For The Bible Tells Me So/When They Crucified Jesus/I Want To Be A Christian Soldier/Anchored In Jesus/The Night I Got Saved/Oak Grove Church/Another Daddy Gone Wrong/If I Never Wake Again

KLP 1069 - Hills of Home - Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys [1969] Hills Of Home/Darling Brown Eyes/My Long Skinny Lanky Sarah Jane/Coosy/Midnight Storm/Let's Go To The Fair//Dark Hollow/Dug-Gunn Shame/The Kitten And The Cat/California/I Only Exist/Medicine Springs

KSD 1070 - Do You Believe - Gospel-Ettes [1969?] Fill My Heart To Overwhelming/My Home America/Salvation Is The Way/Great Mystery/Forgive/The Light Of The Lord/You Shall Find Me/We Need Faith/God Changed My Life

KSD 1071 - Journey to the Moon: The Flight of Apollo 11 - Bill & Bob Dunnavant [1969] The Flight Of Apollo 11, Side 1//The Flight Of Apollo 11, Side 2

KSD 1072 - Bare Facts - Redd Foxx [1970] Nightclub act recorded live at the Redd Foxx Club in Hollywood. Bare Facts, Side 1//Bare Facts, Side 2

KSD 1073 - Pass the Apple, Eve, Part 2 - Redd Foxx [1970] Nightclub act recorded live at the Redd Foxx Club in Hollywood. Pass the Apple, Eve, Side 1//Pass the Apple, Eve, Side 2

KSD 1074 - In a Nutshell - Redd Foxx [1970] Nightclub act recorded live at the Redd Foxx Club in Hollywood. In a Nutshell, Side 1//In a Nutshell, Side 2

KSD 1075 - Paris Soul Food - Hal Singer [1970] Paris Soul Food/Brother, I'm With You/Malcolm X/Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa/Saturday Night In Watts, Act One//Green Onions/Jumpin' Jack Flash/Good To Me/Son Of A Preacher Man/Kansas City/Hey Jude

G-3 1076 - Precious Lord - Harmonizing Four [1970]

G-3 1077 - This Is the Right Time - Institutional Church Of God In Christ [1970] This Is The Right Time/Wait On The Lord/There Is A Fountain/Bread Of Heaven/Oh Happy Day/He's Still Alright/The Gift Of God/Good Things Come To Those That Wait/My Heart Is Fixed/Testify

Note: Stereo prefix changes to "KS-":

KS 1078 - Honky Tonk Popcorn - Bill Doggett [1970] Honky Tonk/Twenty Five Miles/Honky Tonk Popcorn/Slippin' In/Cozy Corner/Corner Pocket//Make Your Move/After Lunch/Mad/A Doozy/Mr. Pitiful/Turnabout

KS 1079 - Live and Lowdown at the Apollo - Marva Whitney [2/70] Orange and black James Brown Productions label. Things Got To Get Better, Part 1/Things Got To Get Better, Part 2/Foolish Fool/It's My Thing/I Made A Mistake (Because It's Only You)//Respect/A Talk With James Brown/You Got To Have A Job, Part 1/You Got To Have A Job, Part 2

1080 - [Unissued]

KS 1081 - Free at Last - Little Willie John [6/70] Sleep (S)/Letter From My Darling (E)/All Around the World (E)/Need Your Love So Bad (E)/Leave My Kitten Alone (S)/Love Life and Money (E)//Fever (E)/Let Them Talk (S)/I'm Sticking With You (E)/Talk To Me Talk To Me (E)/Person To Person (E)/Suffering With The Blues (E)

KS 1082 - Messin' Around with the Blues - Memphis Slim [1970] Messin' Around With The Blues/Midnight Jump/Darling I Miss You/Now I Got The Blues/Harlem Bound/Letter Home/Mistake In Life/Don't Ration My Love/Pacemaker Boogie/Grinder Man Blues/Motherless Child/Slim's Boogie

KS 1083 - Tomorrow Night - Lonnie Johnson [10/70] Tomorrow Night/Working Man's Blues/Careless Love/Jelly Roll Baker/Blues Stay Away From Me/Lonesome Road//Call Me Darling/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/Bewildered/Backwater Blues/Pleasing Yo/Nobody's Lovin' Me

KS 1084 - Blues for Everybody - Champion Jack DuPree [1970] Silent Partner/Over Head Blues/Blues For Everybody/Hare Lip Blues/Failing Health Blues/Mail Order Woman//Tongue Tied Blues/She Cooks Me Cabbage/Let The Doorbell Ring/Ain't No Meat On The Bone/Me And My Mule/That's My Pa

KS 1085 - Moanin' and Stompin' Blues - John Lee Hooker [11/70] Wandering Blues/I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/Heart Trouble Blues/Don't You Remember/Slim's Stomp/The Numbers//Nightmare Blues/Moanin' Blues/Don't Go Baby/Thinkin' Blues/Late Last Night/Devil's Jump

KS 1086 - Good Rockin' Blues - Wynonie Harris [1970] Good Rockin' Tonight (E)/I Feel That Old Age Coming On (E)/Bloodshot Eyes (E)/Rot Gut (E)/Mr. Dollar (E)/Grandma Plays The Numbers (E)//Good Morning Judge (E)/Adam Come And Get You Rib (E)/All She Wants To Do Is Rock (E)/Quiet Whiskey (E)/Lovin' Machine (E)/Tremblin' (E)

KS 1087 - Cherry Red Blues - Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson [6/70] Cherry Red/Ashes On My Pillow/Kidney Stew/Queen Bee Blues/Somebody Stole My Cherry Red/Lonesome Train//Person To Person/My Big Brass Bed Is Gone/Rainy Mornin' Blues/I Need You Tonight/Feather Bed Mama/Good Bread Alley

KS 1088 - Fly My Love - Arthur Prysock [1970] Secret Love/More Than You Know/Jean/Didn't We/I'll Get Along Somehow/How Do I Tell Her//Sunny/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye/I Want To Talk To You/Go Ahead And Fly/Yesterday/Our Day Will Come

KS 1089 - We Need Time - Kay Robinson [1970] Orange and black James Brown Productions label. This Old World/We Can't Rest/Oh Happy Day/Softly Calling/I Found The Lord/Living For Jesus//Load I'm Yours/In The Bosom Of Jesus/Tell Her Troubles To Jesus/Let The Power Fall On Me/Getting Nearer/Jesus Is HIs Name

KS 1090 - Best of the Delmore Brothers - Delmore Brothers [1970] Blues Stay Away From Me/Hillbilly Boogie/Midnight Special/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/Freight Train Boogie/Barnyard Boogie/Field Hand Man/Pan American Boogie/I'll Be There/Tennessee Choo Choo

KS 1091 - The Best Of Reno and Smiley - Reno & Smiley [4/71] I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)/Freight Train/Boogie/The Everglades/Money, Marbles And Chalk/I Wouldn't Change You If I Could//Emotions/I'm The Talk Of The Town/Eight More Miles To Louisville/Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)/Jimmy Caught The Dickens (Pushing Ernest In The Tub)

KS 1092 - Ain't it Funky - James Brown [1/70] (2-70, #43) Orange and black James Brown Productions label. Ain't It Funky, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 9:26)/Fat Wood, Parts 1 & 2 (S, instrumental, 9:15)//Cold Sweat (version 4)(S, instrumental, 5:17)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (version 2)(S, instrumental, 3:45)/Nose Job (S, instrumental, 2:30)/Use Your Mother (S, instrumental, 3:25)/After You Done It (S, instrumental, 3:28)

KS G-3 1093 - His Hands - Stars Of Virginia [1970]

KS G-3 1094 - A Soldier's Plea - Bishop J. M. Smith Evangelist Choir [5/70]

KS 1095 - It's a New Day-Let a Man Come In - James Brown [6/70] (7-70, #121) Orange and black James Brown Productions label. It's A New Day, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 5:45)/Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 7:13)/World, Parts 1 & 2 (S, 6:08)//Georgia On My Mind (S, 4:17)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (version 3)(S, 2:52)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (version 3)(S, 2:45)/If I Ruled The World (version 3)(S, 3:07)/The Man In The Glass (version 1), Part 1 (S, 2:50)/I'm Not Demanding, Part 1 (S, 2:50)

KS 1096 - Live - Tokyo Happy Coats [1970] Hava Nagila/La Bamba/This Is Life/You Are My Sunshine/Tea For Two/The Beat Goes On/Spinning Wheel-Windmill Of Your Mind/Little Green Apples/Along Came Jones/When The Saints Go Marching In

KS 1097 - The Nearness of You - Bill Doggett [7/70] The Nearness Of You/Tara's Theme/In The Blue Of Evening/Tangerine/A Sinner Kissed An Angel/Hand In Hand//Moondust/You'll Never Know/Blue Velvet/Laura/Cling To Me/Goodbye

KS 1098 - Faded Picture Blues - Paul Howard/Ralph Willis [11/70] Your Picture Done Faded - Paul Howard/Sidewalk Boogie - Paul Howard/Black Cat Trail - Paul Howard/Mother Dear Mother - Paul Howard/Gonna Hop On Down The Line - Ralph Willis/Do Right - Ralph Willis//Since I Seen Your Face - Paul Howard/I'll Never Walk In Your Door - Paul Howard/One More Time - Paul Howard/Ain't It Sad - Paul Howard/Door Bell Blues - Ralph Willis/Why'd You Do It - Ralph Willis

KS 1099 - Beau Dollar - Beau Dollar [1970] Orange and black James Brown Productions label.

Thanks to Zachary Scott.

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