King Discography, Part 8:
King Main LP Series 1100-1154 (1970-1973)

by David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: August 22, 2012

The albums in the 1100s were released first by the Starday-King company (owned by Lin Broadcasting), and then after KS 1139 were issued by the Tennessee Recording and Publishing (TRP) entity. Surprisingly, after the Lieber/Stoller headed TRP bought the Starday and King labels, they did little with them. After redesigning the label, they released only a handful of albums in almost four years before selling the masters to Moe Lytle of GML, Inc. for almost nothing. They did retain the lucrative publishing rights, however.

For both King KS 1100 and Sex Machine [King KS 1115], the albums used the orange and black James Brown Productions label shown at far left. During the press run of Sex Machine, which started about September, 1970, the album's labels changed to the black James Brown Productions label with James Brown's picture, as shown at near left. Some copies of KS 1115 have orange labels, some have black labels, and some have one of each. The orange labels are thought to be less common.
About the time of the press run for Sex Machine, the regular label also changed to the black label shown at far left. Because KS 1115 was released out of order chronologically, and all of the albums from 1101 to 1114 were released after Sex Machine, they all also have the black King label (with the James Brown Productions having the black James Brown Productions label shown above). At near left is the yellow label with the king seated that was designed after Lin Broadcasting sold the label to Tennessee Recording and Publishing. This yellow label was used from King KS 1139 to the end of this series.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

King/DeLuxe/Federal Main Series (Continued):

KS 1100 - Soul on Top - James Brown with the Louie Bellson Orchestra [5/70] (5-70, #125) Orange and black James Brown Productions label. Unipak gatefold cover. Jazz versions. That's My Desire (S, 4:08)/Your Cheating Heart (S, 2:59)/What Kind Of Fool Am I (S, 3:02)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (version 4)(S, 6:22)/The Man In The Glass (version 2)(S, 5:52)//It's Magic (S, 3:09)/September Song (S, 4:29)/For Once In My Life (S, 4:33)/Everyday I Have The Blues (S, 3:30)/I Need Your Key To Turn Me On (S, 3:44)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (version 3) (S, 2:57)

KS 1101 - Ram-Bunk-Shush - Bill Doggett [12/70] Ram-Bunk-Shush (E)/Monster Party (E)/Shindig (E)/Boo-Da-Ba (E)/Rainbow Riot, Parts 1 & 2 (E)//Hold It (E)/Backwoods (S)/Pimento (E)/Smokie (E)/The Doodle (E)

KS 1102 - [Unissued]

KS 1103 - [Unissued]

KS 1104 - Sentimental Mood - Bill Doggett [2/71] In a Sentimental Mood/This Love of Mine/There's No You/Teardrops/For All We Know/Solitude//Eventide/My Foolish Heart/We Found Love/I'll Be Around/Trav'lin' Light/Cherry

KS 1105 - Good Ole Bob: Doing This Thing - Bob Shreve [1970] Black James Brown Productions label. Side By Side/I Don't Want To Walk Without You/Breezin' Along With The Breeze/Best Things In Life Are Free/Blue Skies/Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Walkin' My Baby Back Home/I'm Sitting On Top Of The World/My Blue Heaven/I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover/That Old Gang Of Mine

KS G-3 1106 - World's Greatest Gospel Organist: His Last and Greatest Contribution - Alfred Bolden [12/70] Something Got Me/I'm So Glad/The Battle Field/City Called Heaven/He Knows/Sinner Saved By Grace/Thy Way Oh Lord/Show Me Thy Way/I Want To See The Lord/My Faith Looks Up To Thee

KS G-3 1107 - Nobody But You - Mighty Clouds Of Harmony [11/70] Devil Can't Harm A Praying Man/Stay In Church/No Where To Run/Free At Last/Dedication To Mother//Sad Moments/I'll Be Listening For My Name/Nobody But You/Never Grow Too Old/The Train Is Gone

KS 1108 - Soft - Bill Doggett [1970] High Heels/Blue Largo/Soft/Floyd's Guitar Blues/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Early Dawn//Smoochie/Satin Doll/C Jam Blues/The Song is Ended/And the Angels Sing/After Hours

KS G-3 1109 - Live in New York - Galatian Singers [11/70] Hold My Hand/Reconsider Me/Christian Highway/There's a Place/God Knows What's Best/You Better Be Ready/He'll Hear You When You Call/The Last Time I Saw Mother/Nobody Knows/He Touched Me

KS 1110 - Sho' Is Funky Down Here - James Brown [3/71] (5-71, #137) Black James Brown Productions label. Sho' Is Funky Down Here (8:25)/Don't Mind (3:45)/Bob Scoward (3:15)//Just Enough Room For Storage (5:57)/You Mother You (4:29)/Can Mind (5:24)

KS G-3 1111 - Movin' Up - George Hines with the Gospel Winds [3/71] My Prayer/Walk in Jerusalem/Without Him/Working for Him/I Dream//Faith and Charity/Testify/Jesus Never Left Me/Moving Up/God's Gonna Move

KS 1112 - This Good Life - Roberta Sherwood [1/71] This Good Life/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Satisfied Mind/To Wichita Falls From L.A./I Let It Slip Away//That's Why I Woke Him Up to Say Goodbye/The Best Part of My Years/She's Got You/Rainmaker/Legend in My Time/Today I Started Loving You Again

KLP 1113 - New Black Magic - Billy Daniels [11/70] Faces/Butterfly/I'll Drown In My Tears/All My Love Belongs To You/I'll Do Anything/That Old Black Magic/I'll Always Be In Love With You/Diane/Fever/Trying

KS G-3 1114 - Lord Here I Am - Marion Gaines Singers [3/71] Lord, Here I Am/He Died on Calvary/I've Been Dedicated/Come in the Room/How Great Thou Art//Pray for Me/Jesus Will Fix It/Rock of Ages/He Lifted Me/When I Am Gone

KS 7-1115 - Sex Machine - James Brown [9/70] (9-70, #29) 2-LP set, all tracks live, mostly medleys, recorded "at home in Augusta, Georgia, with his bad self." Originally pressed with the orange and black James Brown Productions label, then changed to the black label with James Brown's photo. Some albums have the orange and black label on one disc and the black label on the other, and some have two records with black labels. Unipak gatefold cover. Disc 1: Medley (S, 16:38): Get Up I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine - Brother Rapp, Parts 1 & 2//Medley (S, 15:08): Bewildered (version 4) - I Got The Feeling (version 2) - Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (version 1); Disc 2: Medley (S, 17:00): I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin' (version 1) - Licking Stick Licking Stick (version 2) - Low Down Popcorn (instrumental) - Spinning Wheel - If I Ruled The World (version 4)//Medley (S, 17:30) There Was A Time (version 4) - It's A Man's Man's Man's World (version 5) - I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (version 2)/Please Please Please (version 7) - Mother Popcorn (version 2)

KS 1116 - Alive and Well and Living in... A Bitch of a World - Wayne Cochran & His C.C. Riders [11/70] Overture/My Machine/Riders Blues/If I Were A Carpenter/Sunday Driver//Let Me Come With You/C.C. Rider/Chopper 70

1117 - Happiness Is Piano Red - Piano Red [12/70] Underground Atlanta/The Right String But The Wrong Yo Yo/Coo Cha/Rockin' With Red/Sixty Minute Man/Sugar Bee//I Want A Bowlegged Woman/Corrine Corrina/Good Rockin' Tonight/Red's Boogie/Low Down Dog/Shake Rattle And Roll

KS 1118 - I Need Help - Bobby Byrd [12/70] Black James Brown Productions label. I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone), Part 1/I Need Help (I Can't Do It Alone), Part 2/It's I Who Loves You (Not Him Anymore)/Funky Soul Party, Part 1/I Found Out/You've Got To Change Your Mind//You Got To Have A Job (If You Don't Work You Can't Eat)/I'm Not To Blame/I'll Lose My Mind/My Concerto/Hang Ups We Don't Need (The Hungry We Got To Feed)/You Gave My Heart A Song To Sing

KS 1119 - Have a Heart - Heart [2/71] This is the second of three albums by this group, which is not the same group as their Canadian namesakes (fronted by the Wilson sisters). This group included Carl Silva (drums, vocals, harmonica), Bob Barron (bass), Danny Burnett (guitar), and Arnold Bodmer (keyboards). The group had a debut album on the Starday-King subsidiary Look Records in 1969 [Heart, Look 11000], and a later album (5/72) on the Motown subsidiary Natural Resources [NR-102L, also called Heart]. By the time the group had signed with Motown, they were down to just a duo (Barron and Silva). Classical Popsicle/Long Time Waitin'/Won't You Come Along/New Orleans/Believe//Just Us Chickens/Just Try/Have A Heart/One Love, Two Love/Cromwell's Dream

KS 1120 - Children of the Mist - David Anderson [1/71] Children Of The Mist/Another Way/Fourteen Days Ago/When I Go/So Much Lovin'/If You Believe/I Miss Your Love/For A Few Dollars/If/Free From Blame/Step In My Direction

KS G-3 1121 - Rev. Abraham Swanson and the Bibleway Church Choir - Rev. Abraham Swanson & Bibleway Church Choir [1971] Reissue of King LP 736. Jesus/Sinner's Prayer/Nothing Between/I Wonder//Reverend Abraham Introduction/Pray For Me/Let The Church Roll On/What Do You Say About Jesus/Hymn Of The Church/Sermon

KS 1122 - Swampwater - Swampwater [1/71] Louisiana Woman/Workin' on a Tugboat/Desperations Back Again/It's Your Game Mary Jane/River People/Man From New Orleans//Take a City Bride/Kathleen/Nashville Lady/Looi Out Your Window/Big Bayou

KS 1123 - Establishment - Establishment [1971] Why Is She All I See?/In My Heart I Am A Free Man/Talk To Me Talk To Me/MacArthur Park/Stop Fightin' Start Lovin'//Samantha/House Of Jack/Round And Round/Can You Stay?/Holly Holy

KS 1124 - Hey America! - James Brown [12/70] Black James Brown Productions label. Hey America (S, 3:49)/A Lonely Little Boy Around One Little Christmas Toy (S, 3:59)/Go Power At Christmas Time (S, 3:00)/Christmas Is Love (S, 6:00)//Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay (S, 4:22)/My Rapp (S, 6:00)/I'm Your Christmas Friend, Don't Be Hungry (S, 3:03)/Merry Christmas My Baby And Very Very Happy New Year (S, 3:55)

KS 1125 - Forevermore - Tokyo Happy Coats [1971] Forevermore/Take A Little Chance/Here is Happiness/Watch Out for Me/My Way//I Don't Believe/Uptight/He Don't Love Me Anymore/Hold Me Close/Tea-A-Wanna Whistle

KS 1126 - These are the J.B.'s - J.B.'s [Unissued]

KS 1127 - Super Bad - James Brown [1/71] (1-71, #61) Black James Brown Productions label. All tracks live. Super Bad, Parts 1, 2 & 3 (S, 9:55)/Let It Be Me (S, 3:20)/Sometime (S, 3:25)//A Man Has To Go Back To The Crossroads (S, 3:01)/Giving Out Of Juice (S, 10:39)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix (S, 3:00)

KS G3 1128 - Count Your Many Blessings - Four Internes [1971] Count Your Many Blessings/You'd Better Mind/Newborn Again/Holy Father/See The Sign Of Judgement/Do You Know Him/I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map/In That Great Reunion/Going Back To Jesus/One Of These Mornings/Who Will Your Captain Be/I'm Troubled

KS G-3 1129 - Jesus Knows - Patterson Singers [1971] Jesus Knows/Plenty Good Room/(I Want To Be Ready) When Jesus Comes/Lord Have Mercy/I Need Jesus, I'm On My Way/Try Jesus, I'm Gonna Reach My Heavenly Home Someday/God Of Our Fathers/How Much Longer/God Shall It Be/Oh What A Time We'll Have Up There/Jesus Is Mine

KS 1130 - Hard Luck Blues - Roy Brown [1971] Stereo information not available, but this album is undoubtedly rechanneled. Hard Luck Blues/Good Rockin' Man/Ain't It a Shame/Love Don't Love Nobody/I've Got the Last Laugh Now/Trouble at Midnight//Boogie at Midnight/Travelin' Man/Ain't Got No Blues Today/Wrong Woman Blues/Queen of Diamonds/Worried Life Blues

KS G-3 1131 - Days Passed and Gone - Spirit of Memphis Quartet [1971] Days Passed And Gone/Automobile To Glory/He Never Left Me Alone/Jesus Brought Me/The Ten Commandments/On The Battlefield/Toll The Bell Easy/God's Got His Eyes On You/That Awful Day/Every Time I Feel The Spirit/Just To Behold His Face/God's Amazing Grace

KS G-3 1132 - I Cried Holy - Swan's Silvertones [1971] I Cried Holy/Working on a Building/These Bones Gwine Rise Again/I Must Tell Jesus/All Alone/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Amen/He'll Understand and Say Well Done/Rock-a-Ma Soul/Were You There

KS 1133 - Risky Blues - Various Artists [1971] 10 Inch Record - Bullmoose Jackson (E)/It Ain't the Meat - Swallows (E)/Annie Had A Baby - Midnighters (E)/I Wasn't That Good - Wynonie Harris (E)/Don't Stop Dan - Checkers (E)/Loving Machine - Wynonie Harris (E)/Silent George - Lucky Millinder (E)//60 Minute Man - Dominoes (E)/Walkin' Blues - J. Powell & Fluffy Hunter (E)/Keep On Churnin' - Wynonie Harris (E)/Bowlegged Woman - Bullmoose Jackson (E)/Rocket 69 - Todd Rhodes (E)/Mountain Oysters - E. Davis (E)

KS 1134 - Unforgettable - Arthur Prysock [1971] Funny World/Unforgettable/Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head/Talk To Me, Talk To Me/My Home is No Home Without You/Can't Take My Eyes Off You//It Ain't No Big Thing/Let Them Talk/That's All/I Wonder Why/Funny (Not Much)/Cry

KS 1135 - Matinee Idol - Redd Foxx [1971] The Saint Bernard Dog/The Handicapped/Throw Up In A Cab/Chinese Food/The Florist And The Vase/If You Want To Go To Heaven (Die)/Hell Is An Ugly Broad/I Love Lepers/Your Hands Will Heal Up/Black Belt/Dirty Words/800 Million Chinese/Rise On Easter/Hee-Haw Show/You Ain't In Yet/Hole In The Mattress/In The Pen/Las Vegas/Little Boy Spelling/Two Veterans/Friend From Texas/Two Guys Hunting/Big Head/Cannibals

KS-1136 - Hank and Lewie Wickham with Johnny Dagucon - Hank And Lewie Wickham With Johnny Dagucon [1971] Liberated Woman/But You Know I Love You/Both Sides Now/Tu Solo Tu/It's Over/Mr. Bojangles//Blow The Ashes Away/Fire & Rain/Yesterday, When I Was Young/A Day In The Life Of A Fool/Message To Pretty/Angel Fire

Note: Lin Broadcasting sold James Brown's contract to Polydor for $600,000 in July, 1971, as part of a package that included all his back masters and publishing for his songs. Reported total package price was $1.3 million.

KS-1137 - James Brown Live In Paris: Love, Power, Peace - James Brown Show [Scheduled 8/71; Cancelled] A three-record set, this was scheduled to be James Brown's final album for King Records but was cancelled when his new contract with Polydor went into effect. This album was never released, but test pressings do exist. The recording was made in March, 1971, in Paris with the JB's including Bootsy Collins, Catfish Collins, Fred Wesley and Jabo Starks. Includes vocals by Bobby Byrd and Vicki Anderson. Brother Rapp/Ain't It Funky Now/Georgia/Sunny/Signed, Sealed & Delivered, I'm Yours/I Need Help/Don't Play That Song/Yesterday/It's A New Day/Bewildered/There Was A Time/Sex Machine/Try Me/I Got The Feelin' Medley/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose/It's A Man's World/Please, Please, Please/Super Bad/Get Involved/Soul Power/Who Am I

KS-1138 - Patti Kim - Patti Kim [Unissued?]

Note: Lin Broadcasting sold Starday-King to the "Triumverate" of Fred Beinstock, Lieber/Stoller, and Hal Neely (known corporately as Tennessee Recording and Publishing, Inc.) in early October, 1971, for a reported price of either $1.4 million or $3.5 million, depending on who is reporting and what is being included. At this point, the label changes from the black label to the yellow label with the seated king.

KS 1139 - In Memory of Robert Johnson - Paul Williams & Friends [1972] Terraplane Blues version 1/Crossroads/Kind-Harted Woman Blues/If I Had Possession Over Judgement Day//Rambling Blues/When You Got A Good Friend/Come On In My Kitchen/Terraplane Blues, Version Two

KS 1140-498 - Manuel and the Music of the Movies - Manuel [10/72] Wand'rin Star/Women In Love/Midnight Cowboy/Life Goes On And On/The Lonely Ones/The Windmills Of Your Mind/Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head/A Time For Love/The Story Of Santa Vittoria/One Brief Summer/On Days Like These/Love Theme From Romeo & Juliet

KS 1141-498 - Manuel and the Music of the Mountains - Manuel [10/72] Paloma Blanca/Aria/Misirlou/Feelings/What I Did For Love/El Reliario//Fernando/Pavane/What Is Love/The Homecoming/Masquerade/Corale

KS 1142-498 - Tumbleweed - Tumbleweed [Unissued]

KS 1143 - Harrison Gospel Singers - Harrison Gospel Singers [Unissued]

KS 1144 - Gales of Joy - Gales Of Joy [Unissued]

KS 1145-498 - Jealous - Little Royal [12/72] Jealous/I'll Come Crawling/Razor Blade/Keep On Pushing You Luck/Losing Battle/Panama Red//You'll Lose A Good Thing/That's My Desire/Soul Train/Rainbow/My Love Needs Company

K-1146-498 - On Broadway - Coasters [1973] Produced by Lieber & Stoller. This has the original Pre-Monkees version of "D.W. Washburn," recorded a few months before the Monkees but released after that group's hit. D.W. Washburn (S)/On Broadway (S)/Mohair Sam (S)/The In Crowd (S)/Down At Poppa Joe's (S)/Love Potion Number 9 (S)//Mustang Sally (S)/Cool Jerk (S)/Down Home Girl (S)/Soul Pad (S)/Everybody's Woman (S)/Talkin' 'Bout A Woman (S)

Note: At this point, Tennessee Recording and Publishing was losing interest in King Records. Everything else to the end of this series is impossible to find, suggesting all of them may have been unissued or issued in very small quantities in 1973.

K-1147 - Hank Ballard [Unissued]

K-1148 - Billy Ward [Unissued]

K-1149 - Barbara Burton [Unissued?]

K-1150 - Manuel [Unissued?]

K-1151 - [Unissued]

K-1152 - [Unissued]

K-1153 - Harrison Gospel Singers [Unissued?]

K-1154 - Gales Of Joy [Unissued?]

Note: In 1975, all the Starday and King masters were unloaded to Moe Lytle of GML, Inc. (Gusto Records) in Nashville for a reported "fire sale" price of $375,000. The Triumverate (TRP) retained the publishing (Lieber & Stoller later sold their 45% for a reported $60 million). Lytle abandoned this series and started a few new series of reissues (see part 9) as part of his newly-formed Gusto Records.

Thanks to Daniel Yoder and Giancarlo Duilio.

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