King Discography, Part 13:
King CD Reissues

by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: August 28, 2012

This page covers a selection of CD reissues of the King/Federal/DeLuxe material. This page is not meant to be comprehensive, but to illustrate the wide variety of King masters available on CD.

Gusto released a slew of CDs under the King label in the 1980s, but most of them were of dubious quality, some with surface noise, and mostly mono even when stereo had previously been released on vinyl. A good example of the slipshod job of mastering these early King CDs is illustrated by King 950, 24 Hit Tunes by Hank Ballard, which lists 24 songs on both the CD booklet and the label, yet there are only 12 songs on the CD!

The King box set was later and better, and the more recent (2000s) Collectables reissues remastered by Little Walter DeVenne are quite good. For the stereo collectors, Spotlight on Hank Ballard [King 740] is all stereo and of decent quality, and the Collectables Hank Ballard collection [Collectables COL- CD 2823] has 20 stereo tracks, including all the hits that were released in stereo. Of course, the definitive Hank Ballard collection is the Bear Family 5-CD set.

The James Brown King masters were sold to Polydor in 1971, so look there for James Brown Federal or King material, both in the US and outside the US. Most of the Polydor CDs are of excellent quality and offer much in the way of early King stereo if you find the right CDs (see discography below for specific songs).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Bear Family (Germany):

Bear Family BCD 16795 EK - Nothing But Good (1952-1962) - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1/27/2009] (5-CD box set) Disc 1: I Feel So Blue (M)/Are You Forgetting (M)/Get It (M)/No, It Ain't (M)/That's It (M)/Hello Miss Fine (M)/Someone Like You (M)/I Feel That-A-Way (M)/That Woman (M)/Work With Me Annie (M)/Work With Me Annie (M)/Until I Die (M)/Give It Up (M)/Work Baby (M)/Work Baby (M)/Sexy Ways (M)/Don't Say Your Last Goodbye (M)/Annie Had A Baby (M)/She's The One (M)/Annie's Aunt Fannie (M)/Stingy Little Thing (M)/Crazy Loving (Stay With Me) (M)/Tell Them (M)/Switchie Witchie Titchie (M)/Switchie Witchie Titchie (M)/Why Are We Apart (M)/Ashamed Of Myself (M)/Ring A-Ling A-Ling (M)/Whatsnoever You Do See (M)/Don't Ever Change Your Pretty Ways (M)/We'll Never Meet Again (M)/Looka Here; Disc 2: Henry's Got Flat Feet (Can't Dance No More) (M)/It's Love, Baby (24 Hours A Day) (M)/Rock And Roll Wedding (M)/That House On The Hill (M)/Partners For Life (M)/Open Up The Back Door (M)/Sweet Mama, Do Right (M)/Rock, Granny, Roll (M)/Tore Up Over You (M)/Early One Morning (M)/Let Me Hold Your Hand (M)/I'll Be Home Someday (M)/Ooh Bah Baby (M)/Baby Please (M)/Come On And Get It (M)/Ow-Wow-Oo-Wee (M)/E Basta Cosi (M)/In The Doorway Crying (M)/Let 'Em Roll (M)/What Made You Change Your Mind (M)/Let 'Em Roll (M)/Is Your Love For Real (M)/Oh So Happy (M)/Daddy's Little Baby (M)/Stay By My Side (M)/Twist (M)/I'll Pray For You (M); Disc 3: Twist (with Sax Overdub) (S)/Twist (S)/Teardrops On Your Letter (M)/I'll Pray For You (M)/Everybody Does Wrong Some Time (M)/Kansas City (M)/Cute Little Ways (S)/So Good To Be Home (M)/House With No Windows (S)/Rain Down Tears (S)/I'll Keep You Happy (M)/She's Got A Whole Lot Of Soul (S)/Sugaree (S)/Sugaree (S, alternate Take)/Young Lady (S)/Move, Move, Move (S)/I'm Crying Mercy, Mercy (S)/Leave That Fat (M)/I Said I Wouldn't Beg You (S)/Look At Little Sister (S)/I Could Love You (S)/Never Knew (S)/Coffee Grind (S)/Waiting (S)/Don't Go I Love You (S)/I Love You, I Love You So-O-O (S)/I Must Be Crazy (S)/These Young Girls (S)/Finger Poppin' Time (S)/I'm Thinking Of You (S); Disc 4: Young Lady (S)/Broadway (M)/Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (S)/I'm Sick Of You (S)/Keep On Dancing (S)/Keep On Churnin' (Till The Butter Come) (S)/Goodbye So Long (S)/When I Need You See (S)/If You'd Forgive Me (S)/When I Need You See (S)/Hoochi Coochi Coo (S)/Mona Lisa See (S)/Hoochi Coochi Coo (S)/Just One More Chance (S)/Summertime See (S)/I Like To See My Baby (S)/Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night) (S)/You Ain't Nothing But Fine (M)/Where Is The Love (S)/Deep Blue Sea (S)/I'm So Crazy About You (E)/I'm Young (M)/What Is This I See See (S)/I'm Gonna Miss You (M)/Daddy Rolling Stone (S)/The Continental Walk (M)/The Switch-A-Roo (M)/The Float (S)/I Belong To You (You're The Keeper Of My Heart) (S)/I Got A Mind To Leave You (I Got A Mind To Go Back Home) (S); Disc 5: Big Red Sunset (M)/Big Red Sunset (S)/Big Red Sunset (S, Alternate Version)/Can't You See I Need A Friend (S)/Nothing But Good (S)/Do You Remember (M)/Hello Lover, Goodbye Tears (S)/Miss Twister (S)/Up And Away (S)/Up And Away (M)/Do You Know How To Twist See (narrow S)/Do You Know How To Twist (M)/It's Twistin' Time (S)/Good Twistin' Tonight (S)/Get Ready (S)/I Want To Thank You (From The Bottom Of My Heart) (S)/Your Lovin' (S)/She's The One (S)/Dream World (S)/Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache) (S)/Autumn Breeze (S)/What's Your Name (S)/I'm Learning (S)/After School (S)/Shaky Mae (S)/Christmas Time For Everybody But Me (M)/I Love And Care For You (S)/Santa Claus Is Coming (M)/Santa Claus Is Coming (S)/Love, Oh Love (Where Can You Be) (S)/Bring Me Your Love (S)

Collectables (US):

Collectables COL-CD 2822 - The Very Best of Little Willie John - Little Willie John [10/9/2001] All Around The World/Home At Last/I'm Sticking With You Baby/Need Your Love So Bad/Fever/Letter From My Darling/Do Something For Me/Suffering With The Blues/Tell It Like It Is/Will The Sun Shine Tomorrow/You Got To Get Up Early In The Morning/Person To Person/Talk To Me, Talk To Me/You're A Sweetheart/Let Them Talk/Let Nobody Love You/Leave My Kitten Alone/A Cottage For Sale/Flamingo/Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)/Sleep/Walk Slow/(I've Got) Spring Fever/Take My Love/Big Blue Diamonds

Collectables COL-CD 2823 - The Very Best of Hank Ballard and the Midnighters - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters [10/9/2001] Twist (S)/Teardrops On Your Letter (M)/Kansas City (M)/Sugaree (S)/Rain Down Tears (S)/Cute Little Ways (S)/House With No Windows (S)/I Said I Wouldn't Beg You (S)/Look At Little Sister (S)/The Coffee Grind (S)/Finger Poppin' Time (S)/Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go (S)/Keep On Dancing (S)/The Hoochi Coochi Coo (S)/Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night) (S)/Deep Blue Sea (S)/What Is This I See (S)/The Continental Walk (M)/The Switch-A-Roo (M)/The Float (S)/Big Red Sunset (S)/Nothing But Good (S)/Do You Know How To Twist (S)/Good Twistin' Tonight (S)/The Rising Tide (M)

Collectables COL-CD 2824 - The Very Best of Freddy King, Volume 1 - Freddy King [1/22/2002] You Know That You Love Me/See See Baby/You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/Hide Away/I Love That Woman/Lonesome Whistle Blues/If You Believe (In What You Do)/It's Too Bad (Things Are Going So Tough)/I'm Tore Down/Onion Rings/Sen-Sa-Shun/Side Tracked/The Stumble/San-Ho-Zay/Wash Out/Just Pickin'/Heads Up/Christmas Tears/Let Me Be (Stay Away From Me)/Takin' Care Of Business/You Mean Mean Woman (How Can Your Love Be True)/I Hear Jingle Bells/In The Open/Out Front

Collectables COL-CD 2825 - The Very Best of Freddy King, Volume 2 - Freddy King [1/22/2002] Swooshy/High Rise/Texas Oil/She Put The Whammy On Me/I'm On My Way To Atlanta/Over Drive/Driving Sideways/Sittin' On The Boatdock/Come On/Do The President Twist/(Let Your Love) Watch Over Me/You Can't Hide/It's Easy Child/Your Love Keeps A-Working On Me/What About Love/Bossa Nova Blues/The Bossa Nova Watusi Twist/Walk Down That Aisle (Honey Chile)/Someday After A While (You'll Be Sorry)/You Walked In/You're Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree/Is My Baby Mad With Me/(The Welfare) Turns Its Back On You/It Hurts To Be In Love/Look Ma I'm Crying

Collectables COL-CD 2826 - The Very Best of Freddy King, Volume 3 - Freddy King [1/22/2002] (I'd Love To) Make Love To You/One Hundred Years/Now I've Got A Woman/Surf Monkey/If You Have It/Low Tide/Remington Ride/Monkey Donkey/Meet Me At The Station/Full Time Love/King-A- Ling/I Love You More Everyday/Teardrops On Your Letter/Some Other Day Some Other Time/She's The One/She's That Kind/Man Hole/Fish Fare/Funny Bone/Cloud Sailin'/The Sad Nite Owl/Nickel Plated/Freddy's Midnite Dream/Girl From Kookamunga/You've Got Me Licked/Double-Eyed Wammy/Use What You've Got

Collectables COL-CD 2827 - The Very Best of Billy Ward and the Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson - Billy Ward & the Dominoes [1/22/2002] Chicken Blues/No! Says My Heart/Do Something For Me/Weeping Willow Blues/Sixty Minute Man/Harbor Lights/That's What You're Doing To Me/I Am With You/These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/Have Mercy Baby/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/I'd Be Satisfied/The Bells/Pedal Pushin' Papa/Yours Forever/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Rags To Riches/Christmas In Heaven/Until The Real Thing Comes Along/Three Coins In The Fountain/I Really Don't Want To Know/Can't Do Sixty No More/Give Me You/May I Never Love Again/Over The Rainbow

Collectables COL-CD 2828 - The Very Best of the Royals and the Midnighters - Royals/Midnighters [10/9/2001] Starting From Tonight/Every Beat Of My Heart/Moonrise/Fifth Street Blues/Get It/I Feel That-A-Way/Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/Annie Had A Baby/Annie's Aunt Fannie/Ring A-Ling A-Ling/Henry's Got Flat Feet (Can't Dance No More)/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)/Rock And Roll Wedding/That House On The Hill/Open Up The Back Door/Sweet Mama Do Right/Rock, Granny Roll/Tore Up Over You/Come On And Get It/In The Doorway Crying/What Made You Change Your Mind/Let 'Em Roll/Daddy's Little Baby/Stay By My Side

Collectables COL-CD 2829 - The Very Best of King/Federal/DeLuxe, Volume 1 - Various Artists [4/16/2002] The Twist - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters/Hideaway - Freddy King/All She Wants To Do Is Rock - Wynonie Harris/Beside You - Swallows/Walking The Blues - Jack Dupree/Soft - Tiny Bradshaw/Jealous Heart - Ivory Joe Hunter/Get It - Royals/Cuttin' In - Johnny "Guitar" Watson/Mellow Blues (Parts 1 & 2) - Sonny Thompson/These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You - Billy Ward & The Dominoes/My Ding-A-Ling - Dave Bartholomew/I Need You All The Time - Platters/Grandpa Can Boogie Too - Lil Greenwood/Rock Love - Lula Reed/Jelly Roll Baker - Lonnie Johnson/Turn Me Loose - Lamplighters/Jim Wilson's Boogie - Little Willie Littlefield/How Can I Forget You - Five Keys/It Ain't The Meat - Swallows/Raggedy Blues - Pete "Guitar" Lewis/Half Awake - Percy Mayfield/Step It Up And Go - Rudy Moore/Everybody Loves A Fat Man - Pigmeat Peterson/Smooth, Slow And Easy - Drivers

Collectables COL-CD 2872 - Good Rockin' Tonight: The Very Best of Wynonie Harris - Wynonie Harris [10/21/2003] Good Rockin' Tonight/Lollipop Mama/Grandma Plays The Numbers/I Want My Fannie Brown/Feel That Old Age Coming On/Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee/All She Wants To Do Is Rock/Sittin' On It All The Time/I Like My Baby's Puddin'/Rock/ Blues/Good Morning Judge/Oh Babe/Bloodshot Eyes/Lovin' Machine/My Playful Baby's Gone/Keep On Churnin'/Bad News Baby (There'll Be No Rockin' Tonight)/Quiet Whiskey/Don't Take My Whiskey Away From Me/Shake That Thing/Christina/Drinkin' Sherry Wine/Wine Wine Sweet Wine/Fishtail Blues/Mr. Dollar

Collectables COL-CD 2873 - Ivory Tower: The Very Best of Otis Williams & His Charms - Otis Williams & His Charms [11/25/2003] Heaven Only Knows/Happy Are We/Bye Bye Baby/Please Believe In Me/My Baby Dearest Darling/Who Knows/The First Time We Met/Hearts Of Stone/Two Hearts/When We Get Together/Bazoom (I Need Your Lovin')/Ling, Ting Tong/That's Your Mistake/Ivory Tower/I'd Like To Thank You///Blues Stay Away From Me/Walkin' After Midnight/One Kind Word From You/Dynamite Darling/United/Could This Be Magic/The First Sign Of Love/Don't Wake Up The Kids/My Prayer Tonight/Silver Star

Collectables COL-CD 2874 - Walkin' the Blues: The Very Best of Champion Jack DuPree - Champion Jack DuPree [11/25/2003] Heart Breaking Woman/Watchin' My Stuff/Ain't No Meat On De Bone/The Blues Got Me Rockin'/Tongue Tied Blues/Please Tell Me Baby/Walkin' Upside Your Head/Rub A Little Boogie/Hard Feeling/Camille/Harelip Blues/Two Below Zero/Let The Doorbell Ring/Blues For Everybody/Walking The Blues/Daybreak Rock/That's My Pa/She Cooks Me Cabbage/Failing Health Blues/Stumbling Block/Mail Order Woman/Silent Partner/House Rent Party/Big Leg Emma's/Overhead/Me And My Mule/So Sorry, So Sorry/Sharp Harp

Collectables COL-CD 2875 - Dream On: The Very Best of the Five Feys featuring Rudy West - Five Keys [6/22/2004] How Can I Forget You/I Took Your Love For A Toy/Ziggus/Gonna Be Too Late/You Broke The Only Heart/Dream On/I Burned Your Letter/Dancing Senorita/Rosetta/When Pa Was Courting Ma/I've Always Been A Dreamer/Your Teeth And Your Tongue/Just To Be With You/You Were Mine/The Measure Of My Love/My Mother's Prayers/Stop Your Crying/I'll Never Stop Loving You/Valley Of Love/Now I Know I Love You/I Can't Escape From You/No Says My Heart/That's What You're Doing To Me/Bimbo/Do Something For Me/Wrapped Up In A Dream/Will You/Girl You Better Stop It

Collectables COL-CD 2876 - Honky Tonk: The Very Best of Bill Doggett - Bill Doggett [6/8/2004] High Heels/Gumbo/Quaker City/Shove Off/Squashy/Honky Tonk, Part 1/Honky Tonk, Part 2/Leaps And Bounds/Peacock Alley/Slow Walk/Big Boy/Ram-Bunk-Shush/Ding Dong/Hot Ginger/Hammer Head/Shindig/Flying Home/Hold It/Rainbow Riot/Scott's Bluff/High And Wide/Floyd's Guitar Blues/Monster Party/Zee/Yocky Dock

Collectables COL-CD 2877 - I'm the Boogie Man: The Very Best of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [6/8/2004] I'm The Boogie Man/Lovin' Guitar Man/Real, Real Gone/Stutterin' Blues/My Baby Don't Love Me/Don't You Remember Me/Slim's Stomp (Aka Stomp Boogie)/y Baby Left Me (Previously Unissued)/The Numbers/Don't Go Baby/Late Last Night/I Came To See You Baby/Who's Been Jivin' You/Black Man's Blues/I'm Gonna Kill That Woman/I Ain't Got Nobody/Thinking Blues/Poor Joe/Nightmare Blues/Heart Trouble Blues/Moaning Blues/Devil's Jump/Untitled Instrumental (Previously Unissued)

Collectables COL-CD 2878 - The Very Best of the Swallows - Swallows [4/12/2005] Will You Be Mine/Dearest/Wishing For You/Since You've Been Away/Eternally/You Left Me/It Ain't The Meat/Roll, Roll Pretty Baby/Tell Me Why/Beside You/I Only Have Eyes For You/You Walked In/Our Love Is Dying/Where Do I Go From Here?/Nobody's Lovin' Me/Please, Baby, Please/Laugh (Though You Want To Cry)/Trust Me/Pleading Blues/I'll Be Waiting/Bicycle Tillie/It Feels So Good/We Want To Rock/Itchy Twitchy Feeling/Who Knows, Do You?

Collectables COL-CD 2879 - In Paradise: The Very Best of Otis Williams and His Charms, Volume Two - Otis Williams & His Charms [1/25/2005] Loving Baby/What Do You Know About That?/Quiet Please/One Fine Day/Crazy Crazy Love/Whadaya Want?/Gum Drop/Tell Me Now/Do Be You/In Paradise/It's All Over/Pardon Me/I'm Waiting Just For You/Nowhere On Earth/Friends Call Me A Fool/Well Oh Well/Let Some Love In Your Heart/Red Hot Love/You'll Remain Forever/My Friends/Funny What True Love Can Do/I Knew It All The Time/And Take My Love/So Can I/Just Forget About Me

Collectables COL-CD 2880 - Well Oh Well: The Very Best of Tiny Bradshaw - Tiny Bradshaw [8/17/2004] Gravy Train/Boodie Green/Walkin' The Chalk Line/Well Oh Well/I'm Going To Have Myself A Ball/Breakin' Up The House/Walk That Mess/Snaggle Tooth Ruth/Brad's Blues/Bradshaw Boogie/Two Dry Bones On The Pantry Shelf/The Blues Came Pouring Down/Long Time Baby/I'm A High Ballin' Daddy/T-99/The Train Kept A Rollin'/Rippin' And Runnin'/Newspaper Boy Blues/Mailman's Sack/Lay It On The Line/Soft/Heavy Juice/Free For All/Ping Pong/Overflow

Collectables COL-CD 2881 - The King Sides - Ivory Joe Hunter [8/17/2004] San Francisco Blues/I Was Only Playin'/Don't Be No Fool, Fool/Come On Let Your Hair Down/All States Boogie/The Code Song/She's Gone Blues/No Money, No Luck Blues/Woo Wee Blues/Landlord Blues/Old Gal And New Gal Blues/Don't Know/I Like It/False Friend Blues/Send Me Pretty Mama/What Did You Do To Me/Stop Rockin' That Train/Siesta With Sonny/That's The Gal For Me/Changing Blues/Too Late/I Got Your Water On/I Quit My Pretty Mama/Lying Woman Blues/I Have No Reason To Complain

Collectables COL-CD 2882 - Rockin' at Midnight: The Very Best of Roy Brown - Roy Brown [8/17/2004] Good Rockin' Tonight/Lollipop Mama/Rockin' At Midnight/Fanny Brown/Mighty Mighty Man/Boogie At Midnight/Butcher Pete Part 1/Butcher Pete Part 2/Cadillac Baby/Sweet Peach/Love Don't Love Nobody/Good Man Blues/Bar Room Blues/Beautician Blues/Good Rockin' Man/Big Town/Hurry Hurry Baby/Old Age Boogie Part 1/Old Age Boogie Part 2/Grandpa Stole My Baby/Hound Dog's In Town/Bootleggin' Baby/Fannie Brown Got Married/Shake 'Em Up Baby/Good Lookin' And Foxy Too

Collectables COL-CD 2883 - The King Sides - Dave Bartholomew [8/17/2004] Stardust/She's Got Great Big Eyes/Dave's Boogie Woogie/Gumbo Blues/Bum Mae/Mr. Fool/Country Boy/High Society Blues/Girl Town Blues/In The Alley/Sweet Home Blues/Bad Habit/Twins/Golden Rule/High Flying Woman/I'll Never Be The Same/Mother Knows Best/Stormy Weather/Lawdy Lawdy Lord (Part 1)/Lawdy Lawdy Lord (Part 2)/My Ding-A-Ling/Twins (alternate take)/Golden Rule (alternate take)

Collectables COL-CD 2884 - The Very Best of King/Federal/DeLuxe, Volume 2 - Various Artists [4/13/2004] Little Willie John - Fever/Have Mercy Baby - Dominoes/Dedicated To The One I Love - "5" Royales/Long About Midnight - Roy Brown/Finger Poppin' Time - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/Sittin' On It All The Time - Wynonie Harris/Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes/My Boy Flat-Top - Boyd Bennett/Let's Call It A Day - Sonny Thompson/That's Your Mistake - Otis Williams & Charms/Walkin' The Chalk Line - Tiny Bradshaw/I Want A Bowlegged Woman - Bull Moose Jackson/Flame In My Heart - Checkers/Drill Daddy Drill - Dorothy Ellis/Gangster Of Love - Johnny "Guitar" Watson/Cherry Wine - Little Esther/Poor Little Dancing Girl - Hurricanes/Jungle Juice - Sticks McGhee/Goodbye I'm Gone - Tommy Brown/Dream On - Five Keys/Hey Bernadine - Eddie Clearwater/Big Blue Diamonds - Earl (Connelly) King/Moaning Blues - Texas Slim (John Lee Hooker)/Johnny Feels The Blues - Johnny O'Neal/Tender Darling - Valtones

Collectables COL-CD 2885 - The Very Best of the 5 Royales - "5" Royales [4/13/2004] Monkey Hips And Rice/I'm Gonna Run It Down/One Mistake/How I Wonder/I Need Your Lovin' Baby/Women About To Make Me Go Crazy/Someone Made For You/Right Around The Corner/My Wants For Love/Come On And Save Me/Just As I Am/Mine Forevermore/Thirty Second Lover/Tears Of Joy/Think/Dedicated To The One I Love/The Feeling Is Real/Tell The Truth/Don't Let It Be In Vain/Your Only Love/The Slummer The Slum/Miracle Of Love/I Know It's Hard But It's Fair/I'm With You/Don't Give No More Than You Can Take

Collectables COL-CD 2886 - The Very Best of Earl Bostic - Earl Bostic [4/13/2004] Hot Sauce Boss/Temptation/Earl Blows A Fuse/Who Snuck The Wine In The Gravy/Choppin' It Down/Seven Steps/Don't You Do It/Rockin' And Reelin'/Flamingo/Sleep/Always/Lover Come Back To Me/I Got Loaded/Moonglow/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/For You/Cherokee/Steamwhistle Jump/What! No Pearls?/Deep Purple/Cracked Ice/Exercise/No Name Jive/Woodchopper's Ball/Back Beat Boogie

Collectables COL-CD 2887 - The Complete King & Bobbin Recordings - Albert King [6/22/2004] Ooh-Ee Baby/Why Are You So Mean To Me/Need You By My Side/The Time Has Come/I Walked All Night Long/I've Made Nights By Myself/Old Blue Ribbon 2/I've Made Nights By Myself (alternate version)/Let's Have A Natural Ball/Blues At Sunrise/Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong/This Morning/Travelin' To California/Dyna Flow/I Get Evil/What Can I Do To Change Your Mind/I'll Do Anything You Say/Got To Be Some Changes Made/This Funny Feeling/Had You Told It Like It Was/Ooh-Ee Baby (LP version)/Blues At Sunrise (alternate version)/ The Time Has Come (alternate version)/Why Are You So Mean To Me (alternate version)

Collectables COL-CD 2888 - White Cliffs of Dover: The Very Best of the Checkers - Checkers [6/22/2004] Without A Song/Oh, Oh, Oh Baby/Flame In My Heart/My Prayer Tonight/Let Me Come Back/Love Wasn't There/Night's Curtain/I Wanna Know/Ghost Of My Baby/You Never Had It So Good/White Cliffs Of Dover/I Promise You/House With No Windows/Don't Stop Dan/You've Been Fooling Around/Over The Rainbow/Mama's Daughter/Can't Find My Sadie/Trying To Hold My Gal/I Wasn't Thinkin', I Was Drinkin'/Heaven Only Knows/Nine More Miles (The Faster, Faster Song)

Collectables COL-CD 2889 - The Complete King Recordings - Platters [8/17/2004] I'll Cry When You're Gone/Give Thanks/I Need You All The Time/Hey Now/Love All Night/Roses Of Picardy/Tell The World/Beer Barrel Boogie/You Made Me Cry/Humble Bumble Bee/Only You (Master)/Voo-Vee-Ah-Bee/Maggie Doesn't Work Here Anymore/Shake It Up Mambo/Take Me Back, Take Me Back/Don't Tickle/My Name Ain't Annie (with Linda Hayes)/Oochi Pachi/Please Have Mercy (with Linda Hayes)/I Just Wanna Mambo (with Linda Hayes)/You Made Me Cry (Take 2)/Only You (Original Version)/Only You (Whistling Version)

Collectables COL-CD 2890 - Big Ten-Inch Record: The Very Best of Bull Moose Jackson - Bull Moose Jackson [8/17/2004] We Ain't Got Nothin' (But The Blues)/Bull Moose Jackson Blues/The Honeydripper/Shorty's Got To Go/Bad Man Jackson, That's Me/I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well/Oo-Oo-Ee-Bob-A-Lee-Bob/Jamin' And Jumpin'/I Love You, Yes I Do/Sneaky Pete/Houston Texas Gal/Oh John/We Can Talk Some Trash/I Want A Bow-Legged Woman/Fare Thee Well, Deacon Jones, Fare Thee Well/Moosey/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again/Cherokee Boogie/Nosey Joe/Bearcat Blues/Big Ten-Inch Record/Meet Me With Your Black Dress On/I Wanna Hug Ya, Kiss Ya, Squeeze Ya/If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')

Collectables COL-CD 2891 - The Very Best of Charles Brown - Charles Brown [8/17/2004] Please Come Home For Christmas/Baby Oh Baby/Angel Baby/I Wanna Go Home/My Little Baby/This Fool Has Learned/Butterfly/It's Christmas Time/Christmas In Heaven/Christmas Blues/Without A Friend/If You Play With Cats/I'm Just A Drifter/I Don't Want Your Ramblin' Letters/If You Don't Believe I'm Crying/Lucky Dreamer/I Wanna Be Close/Too Fine For Crying/Come Home/Blow Out The Candles/Regardless/Plan/Hang On A Little Longer/Black Night/Merry Christmas Baby

Collectables COL-CD 2892 - Messin' Around with the Blues: The Very Best of Memphis Slim - Memphis Slim [11/9/2004] Cheatin' Around/A Letter Home/Now I Got The Blues/Grinder Man Blues/Don't Ration Love/Slim's Boogie/Little Mary/Mistake In Life/Darling I Miss You So/Lend Me Your Love/Life's Like That/Nobody Loves Me/Motherless Child/Pacemaker Boogie/Messin' Around/Midnight Jump/Harlem Bound/Kilroy Was Here/Rocking The House/Blue And Lonesome/Country Girl/Angel Child/Believe I'll Settle Down/Frisco Bay/Help Me Some/Throw This Poor Dog A Bone/Timsy's Whimsy

Collectables COL-CD 2893 - Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red: The Very Best of Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - Eddie "Cleanhead Vinson [11/9/2004] Ashes On My Pillow/I'm Gonna Wind Your Clock/Wineola/Somebody Done Stole My Cherry Red/Eddie's Bounce/I'm Weak But I'm Willing/Sittin' On It All The Time/Featherbed Mama/No Good Woman Blues/Bald Headed Blues/I Trusted You Baby/Peas And Rice/Big Mouth Gal/My Big Brass Bed Is Gone/Queen Bee Blues/If You Don't Think I'm Sinking/Jump And Grunt/Rainy Mornin' Blues/Home Boy/The People On My Party Line/Time After Time/Lonesome Train/Person To Person/I Need You Tonight/Good Bread Alley/Person To Person (outtake)/Sittin' On It All The Time (outtake)

Collectables COL-CD 2894 - Gangster of Love: The Very Best of Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Johnny "Guitar" Watson [11/9/2004] No I Can't/Motor Head Baby/Highway 60/Sad Fool/I Got Eyes/What's Goin' On/Walkin' To My Baby/Thinking/Space Guitar/Half Pint-Of-Whiskey/Gettin' Drunk/You Can't Take It With You/Embraceable You/Posin'/Cuttin' In/The Nearness Of You/Broke And Lonely/What You Do To Me/I Just Wants Me Some Love/Sweet Lovin' Mama/Cold Cold Heart/I Say I Love You/You Better Love Me/That's The Chance You've Got To Take/In The Evenin'/Those Lonely Lonely Nights/Gangster Of Love

Collectables COL-CD 2895 - Miss Miss Mistreater - The Very Best of Jimmy Witherspoon [11/9/2004] Foolish Prayer/Lucille/Blues In Trouble/Two Little Girls/One Fine Gal/Don't Tell Me Now/Corn Whiskey/The Day Is Dawning/Jay's Blues - Part 1/Jay's Blues - Part 2/Miss Miss Mistreater/Back Home/The Last Mile/It/Back Door Blues/Fast Women, Slow Gin/24 Sad Hours/Just For You/Sad Life/Move Me Baby/I'm Not So Young/Highway To Happiness/I Done Told You/Oh Boy

Collectables COL-CD 2896 - The Best of Little Esther - Little Esther [7/26/2005] Lookin' For A Man (To Satisfy My Soul)/Heart To Heart/The Deacon Moves In/I'm A Bad, Bad Girl/Cryin' And Singin' The Blues/Tell Him That I Need Him So/Ring-A-Ding-Doo/I'll Be There/The Crying Blues/Better Beware/Somebody New/Bring My Lovin' Back To Me/Aged And Mellow/I Paid My Dues/Ramblin' Blues/Hollerin' And Screamin'/Saturday Night Daddy/Mainliner/You Took My Love Too Fast/Last Laugh Blues/Flesh Blood And Bones/Turn The Lamps Down Low/Cherry Wine/Love Oh Love/Hound Dog

Collectables COL-CD 2897 - The Very Best of Lonnie Johnson - Lonnie Johnson [7/26/2005] I Am So Glad/What A Woman/Tomorrow Night/Friendless Blues/I Want My Baby/What A Real Woman/Fallin' Rain Blues/Feeling Low Down/Drunk Again/Jelly Roll Baker/Working Man's Blues/Chicago Blues/Feel So Lonesome/Tell Me Little Woman/Backwater Blues/Careless Love/She's So Sweet/Trouble Ain't Nothin' But The Blues/Little Rockin' Chair/Nothin' Clickin' Chicken/Nothing But Trouble/Me And My Crazy Self/Seven Long Days/Just Another Day/You Can't Buy Love

Collectables COL-CD 2898 - The Very Best of Lucky Millinder - Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra [7/26/2005] Who Said Shorty Wasn't Coming Back/Mr. Trumpet Man/Let It Roll Again/My Little Baby/The Jumpin' Jack/Clap Your Hands/Please Open Your Heart/Silent George/Chew Tobacco Rag/Georgia Rose/I'm Waiting Just For You/Bongo Boogie/The Right Kind Of Lovin'/No One Else Could Be/It's Been A Long Long Time/The Grape Vine/Please Be Careful/Loaded With Love/When I Gave You My Love/Lord Knows I Tried/I'm Here Love/It's A Sad Sad Feeling/Ow!/Goody Good Love

Collectables COL-CD 7008 - The Best of King/Federal/DeLuxe Doo Wop, Volume 1 - Various Artists [7/27/99] At My Door - Chanters/It Ain't the Meat - Swallows/The Hoochi Coochi Coo - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters/The White Cliffs of Dover - Checkers/Have Mercy Baby - Dominoes/Voo-Vee- Ah-Bee - Platters/Two Hearts - Otis Williams & the Charms/She's Mine - Guytones/Row Your Boat - Chanters/Hear My Plea - Donnie Elbert/Ling-Ting-Tong - Otis Williams & the Charms/Annie's Aunt Fannie - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters/Pistol Packin' Mama - Hurricanes/Chicken Blues - Dominoes/Don't Stop Dan - Checkers/Leave My Kitten Alone - Little Willie John/No No No - Chanters/Weeping Willow Blues - Dominoes/Lovin' Machine - Wynonie Harris/Believe It or Not - Donnie Elbert

Collectables COL-CD 7009 - The Best of King/Federal/DeLuxe Doo Wop, Volume 2 - Various Artists [7/27/99] Can't Do Sixty No More - Dominoes/Think - Five Royals/Come On Sugar - Donnie Elbert/Five Little Kisses - Chanters/Maggie Doesn't Work Here Anymore - Platters/Let Me Come Back - Checkers/The Coffee Grind - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/Lonely Rain - Mascots/The Train Kept A' Rollin' - Tiny Bradshaw/Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes/It Hurts To Be In Love - Annie Laurie & The Students/Gum Drop - Otis Williams & The Charms/Ooh Bop Sha Boo - Guy Tones/My My Darling - Chanters/Peek-A-Boo - Guy Tones/Henry's Got Flat Feet - Hank Ballard & The Midnighters/The Deacon Moves In - Dominoes/Big Ten Inch Record - Bull Moose Jackson/Beer Barrel Boogie - Platters/Stars In The Sky - Chanters

DeLuxe (US):

Deluxe CD-1034 - Little Willie John - Little Willie John [1986] All tracks mono. Also issued as Deluxe DCD-7837. All Around The World/Talk To Men Talk To Me/Let Them Talk/A Cottage For Sale/Heartbreeak (It's Hurting Me)/Sleep/Walk Slow/Need Your Love So Bad/Fever/Leave My Kitten Alone/The Very First Thought Of You (The Very Thought Of You)/You're A Sweetheart/I've Got Spring Fever/Now You Know/Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)

Federal (US):

Federal 503-2 - Best of the Best - Little Willie John [10/21/2003] All tracks mono. Fever/All Around The World/Need Your Love So Bad/Talk To Me, Talk To Me/Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)/Sleep/Home At Last/Letter From My Darling/Let Them Talk/Tell It Like It Is

Federal 531-2 - Best of the Best - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [2003] Finger Poppin' Time/Work With Me Annie/Annie Had A Baby/Teardrops On Your Letter/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)/Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go/Sexy Ways/Hoochi Coochi Coo/The Twist/Annie's Aunt Fannie

Federal KCD-5012 - All His Hits - Freddy King [1995] Reissue of King LP-5012X, titled Freddy King. Although the disc says "stereo," none of the songs are stereo. You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling (M)/Have You Ever Loved A Woman (M)/Hide Away (M)/Lonesome Whistle Blues (M)/San-Ho-Zay (M, dropout at 0:18)/See See Baby (M)/I'm Tore Down (M)/Heads Up (M)/Christmas Tears (E, surface noise)/Side Tracked (M)/What About Love (M)/Look Ma I'm Crying (M)/(The Welfare) Turns Its Back On You (M)/Onion Rings (M)/Hi Rise (M)/Some Other Day Some Other Time (M)/Full Time Love (M)

King (US):

King KCD-541 - Greatest Jukebox Hits - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1988] All tracks mono. Work With Me Annie/Moonrise/Sexy Ways/Get It/Switchie Witchie Titchie/It's Love Baby/Annie Had A Baby/She's The One/Annie's Aunt Fannie/Crazy Loving (Stay With Me)/Henry's Got Flat Feet/Tore Up Over You

King KCD-581 - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1987] All tracks mono. Open Up The Back Door/In The Doorway Crying/Oh So Happy/Let 'Em Roll/E Bosta Cosi/Stay By My Side/Daddy's Little Baby/Partners For Life/Is Your Love For Real/What Made You Change Your Mind/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Early One Morning

King KCD-603 - Mister Little Willie John - Little Willie John [1988] Although the disc says "stereo," all tracks are mono, except for a buzz on one channel on a few songs - maybe that's what they meant by stereo. You're A Sweetheart/Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/Look What You've Done To Me/Home At Last/Are You Ever Coming Back/Don't Leave Me Dear/All My Love Belongs To You/Spasms/Will The Sun Shine Tomorrow (dropout)/You Got To Get Up Early In The Morning/A Little Bit Of Loving/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me

King KCD-618 - Singin' & Swingin' - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters [3/14/94] All tracks mono. Teardrops on Your Letter/Ring a-Ling a-Ling/Let Me Hold Your Hand/Don't Say Your Last Goodbye/Whatsonever You Do See/Stingy Little Thing/Ashamed of Myself/Twist/That House on the Hill/Sweet Mama, Do Right/Ooh Ooh Baby/Tell Them/Rock and Roll Wedding/I'll Be Home Someday

King KCD-674 - The One and Only Hank Ballard and His Midnighters - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1987] All tracks mono. Sugaree/Rain Down Tears/Cute Little Ways/House With No Windows/Everybody Does Wrong Some Time/So Good To Be Home/Kansas City/I'll Keep You Happy/I'm Crying Mercy, Mercy/She's Got A Whole Lot of Soul/I'll Pray For You (seems to cut in as if it's not the beginning of the song)/Move Move Move

King KCD-700 - Mr. Rhythm & Blues - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1988] All tracks mono. Look At Little Sister/Waiting/Never Knew/Don't Go I Love You/Young Lady/Give It Up/Finger Poppin' Time/The Coffee Grind/I Said I Wouldn't Beg You/I Could Love You/Why Are We Apart/I Love You I Love You So-o-o

King KCD-739 - Sure Things - Little Willie John [1990] All tracks mono, with some dropouts and a tape clunk at the start of most tracks. Sleep/A Cottage For Sale/There's A Difference/I'm Sorry/My Love Is/I Like To See My Baby/Walk Slow/The Very Thought Of You/Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)/Loving Care/You Hurt Me/I'm Shakin'

King KCD-740 - Spotlight on Hank Ballard - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1987] Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go (S)/Mona Lisa (S)/When I Need You (S)/Goodbye So Long (S)/I Must Be Crazy (S)/Just One More Chance (S)/The Hoochi Coochi Coo (S)/If You'd Forgive Me (S)/Summertime (S)/I'm Sick Of You (S)/I'm Thinking Of You (S)/These Young Girls (S)

King KCD-759 - Dance Along, Sing Along - Hank Ballard and the Midnighters [4/3/98] Keep On Dancing (S)/The Switch-A-Roo (M)/I Belong To You (M)/The Continental Walk (M)/Big Red Sunset (M)/I'm Young (M)/Nothing But Good (M)/The Float (S)/What Is This I See (S)/Daddy Rolling Stone (S)/Can't You See I Need A Friend (M)/I'm Gonna Miss You (M)

King KCD-773 - Let's Hide Away and Dance Away with Freddy King - Freddy King [1988] All tracks mono. Hide Away/Butterscotch/Sen-Sa-Shun/Side Tracked/The Stumble/Wash Out/San-Ho-Zay (dropouts)/Just Pickin'/Heads Up/In The Open/Out Front/Swooshy

King KCD-777 - Boy-Girl-Boy - Freddy King/Lula Reed/Sonny Thompson All tracks mono. Do The President Twist - Lulu Reed & Freddy King/I Got A Notion - Lula Reed/Know What You're Doing - Lula Reed & Freddy King/You Can't Hide - Lula Reed/Puddentane - Lula Reed//(Let Your Love) Watch Over Me - Lula Reed & Freddy King/I'm A Woman (But I Don't Talk Too Much) - Lula Reed/Waste No More Tears - Lula Reed & Freddy King/It's Easy Child - Lula Reed/I Know - Lula Reed/Why Don't You Come On Home - Lula Reed

King KCD-950 - 24 Hit Tunes - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1987] The title of the CD is "24 Hit Tunes," the insert lists 24 tracks, the label of the CD lists 24 tracks, but there are only 12 tracks on this CD!! To add insult, there is an annoying tone that shows up from time to time. All tracks mono. The Twist/Until I Die/No It Ain't/Do You Know How To Twist/Cute Little Ways/Move Move Move/The Coffee Grind/Young Lady (not bad sound quality on this one)/Give It Up/Finger Poppin' Time/I Like To See My Baby/Baby Please

King/Federal KCD-5003 - All 20 of Their Chart Hits (1953-1962) - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1995] Reissue of vinyl LP King-5003X. Also reissued on CD as King 127-2. Although the disc says "stereo," all of the tracks are mono. Get It/Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/Annie Had A Baby/Annie's Aunt Fannie/Henry's Got Flat Feet/It's Love Baby/Teardrops On Your Letter/Kansas City/Finger Poppin' Time (45 edit)/The Twist/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/The Hoochi Coochi Coo/ Let's Go Again/ The Continental Walk/The Switch-A-Roo/The Float/ Nothing But Good/Keep On Dancing/Do You Know How To Twist

King KCD-5004 - All 15 of His Chart Hits 1953-1962 - Little Willie John [1996] All Around The World/Need Your Love So Bad/Fever/Talk To Me, Talk To Me/You're A Sweetheart/Leave My Kitten Alone/Let Them Talk/Cottage For Sale/Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)/Sleep/Walk Slow/The Very Thought Of You/(I've Got) Spring Fever/Now You Know/Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)

King/Federal KCD-5005 - 14 Hits, Volume One - Billy Ward & the Dominoes [1995] All tracks mono. Sixty-Minute Man/I Am With You/That's What You're Doing To Me/Have Mercy Baby/I'd Be Satisfied/The Bells/Pedal Pushin' Papa/These Foolish Things/Can't Do Sixty No More/ Rags To Riches/Ringing In A Brand New Year/Over The Rainbow/O Holy Night/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

King/Federal KCD-5006 - 18 Hits, Volume Two - Dominoes featuring Clyde McPhatter [1995] All tracks mono. No Says My Heart/Do Something For Me/Harbor Lights/That's What You're Doing To Me/I Can't Escape From You/Don't Leave Me This Way/Deep Sea Blues/ When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano (surface noise)/ Yours Forever / Chicken Blues/ Weeping Willow Blues/Heart To Heart/The Deacon Moves In/Love Love Love/Pedal Pushin' Papa/No Room (clunk like a record crack at 0:01)/I Ain't Gonna Cry For You/I'm Lonely

King/Federal KCD-5007 - 14 Hits, Volume Three - Dominoes featuring Jackie Wilson [1995[ Reissue of King LP-5007X. Although the disc says "stereo," all of the songs are mono except one, which is only stereo as far as the hiss goes. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Until The Real Thing Comes Along/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town/ Above Jacob's Ladder/Love Me Now Or Let Me Go (two-channel hiss and noise)/One Moment With You (clunks)/Bobby Sox Baby/St. Louis Blues/Tenderly/Little Lie/Three Coins In The Fountain/Little Things Mean A Lot/Give Me You/Christmas In Heaven

King/Federal KCD-5008 - 21 Hits, Volume Four - Billy Ward & His Dominoes [1995] Reissue of King LP-5008X. Although the disc says "stereo," none of the songs are stereo. I Need Somebody In My Arms/ Take Me To The Altar/Deed I Do/Where Now Little Heart/My Baby's 3-D/Tootsie Roll/Handwriting On The Wall/One Moment With You/Little Black Train/If I Never Get To Heaven/Cave Man/How Long/Don't Thank Me/Lonesome Road/I Really Don't Want To Know /Learning The Blues/May I Never Love Again/Lay It On The Line/That's How You Know When You're Getting Old/I'm Walking Behind You/This Love Of Mine

King KCD 6026 - In the Alley - Dave Bartholomew [2000] Straight reissue of 1991 Charly CD of same name. All tracks mono. Basin Street Breakdown/The Golden Rule/Bad Habit/In The Alley/Twins (alternate take)/Lawdy Lawdy Lord, Part 1/Lawdy Lawdy Lord, Part 2/Country Boy/Pyramid/Messy Bessy/I'll Never Be The Same/Mr. Fool/Stormy Weather/Nickel Wine/Sweet Home Blues/The Golden Rule/Twins/Mother Knows Best/ High Flying Women/My Ding-A-Ling

King KBSCD-7002 - The King R&B Box Set - Various Artists [1995] 4-CD box set. All tracks are mono. Disc 1: I Know Who Threw The Whiskey In The Well - Bull Moose Jackson/Bye Bye Baby Blues - Ravens/I Love You Yes I Do - Bull Moose Jackson & Buffalo Bearcats/Tomorrow Night - Lonnie Johnson/I Want A Bow Legged Woman - Bull Moose Jackson & Buffalo Bearcats/Good Rockin' Tonight - Wynonie Harris/'Long About Midnight - Roy Brown/Blues For The Red Boy - Todd Rhodes/Pleasing You (As Long As I Live) - Lonnie Johnson/Rockin' At Midnight - Roy Brown/Pot Likker - Todd Rhodes/Guess Who - Ivory Joe Hunter/All She Wants To Do Is Rock - Wynonie Harris/Page Boy Shuffle - Joe Thomas/Ashes On My Pillow - Eddie Vinson/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me - Bull Moose Jackson/Jealous Heart - Ivory Joe Hunter/Sittin' On It All The Time - Wynonie Harris/Well Oh Well - Tiny Bradshaw/Hard Luck Blues - Roy Brown/Good Morning Judge - Wynonie Harris/Disgusted - Mabel Scott/Sixty Minute Man - Dominoes/Flamingo - Earl Bostic/I'm Waiting Just For You - Lucky Millender/Bloodshot Eyes - Wynonie Harris; Disc 2: Mellow Blues, Part 1 - Sonny Thompson/Lovin' Machine - Wynonie Harris [with Todd Rhodes Orch.]/The Train Kept A'Rollin' - Tiny Bradshaw/It Ain't The Meat - Swallows/Rockin' With Fes - Roy Byrd [Professor Longhair]/Beside You - Swallows/I'll Drown In My Tears - Sonny Thompson/My Ding-A-Ling - Dave Bartholomew/Have Mercy Baby - Dominoes/Grandpaw Can Boogie Too - Lil Greenwood & Four Jacks/Moon Rise - Royals/Trying - Todd Rhodes/K.C. Loving - Little Willie Littlefield/Big Ten Inch Record - Bull Moose Jackson (with studio talk)/Baby I'm Doing It - Annisteen Allen/Jungle King - Hot Lips Page/Cherry Wine - Little Esther/Nervous Man Nervous - Big Jay McNeely/Rags To Riches - Billy Ward & Dominoes/Space Guitar - Young John Watson [Johnny "Guitar" Watson]/Work With Me Annie - Midnighters/Only You (And You Alone) - Platters (Federal version)/Sexy Ways - Midnighters/Hearts Of Stone - Charms/Rock Love - Lula Reed/Walking The Blues - Jack Dupree & Mr. Bear; Disc 3: Don't Take It So Hard - Earl King/All Around The World - Little Willie John/Ivory Tower - Otis Williams & Charms/I'm Tore Up - Billy Gayles/Fever - Little Willie John/Honky Tonk, Parts 1 & 2 - Bill Doggett/It Hurts To Be In Love - Annie Laurie/Ram-Bunk-Shush - Bill Doggett/Think - 5 Royales/Miss You So - Tiny Topsy/Dedicated To The One I Love - 5 Royales/Talk To Me Talk To Me - Little Willie John/No No No - Chanters/The Twist - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/What Makes You So Tough - Teddy Humphries/Finger Poppin' Time - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/Come On Rock Little Girl - Smokey Smothers/Sleep - Little Willie John/Hide Away - Freddy King/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/I'm Tore Down - Freddy King/It Won't Be This Way (Always) - King Pins/San-Ho-Zay - Freddy King/Gangster Of Love - Johnny "Guitar" Watson/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 1 - James Brown & Famous Flames; Disc 4: Me And My Crazy Self - Lonnie Johnson/That's What You're Doin' To Me - Billy Ward & Dominoes/No Troubles Bubbles - Earl Bostic (with track announcement)/Wild Stage Of Life - Lula Reed [with Sonny Thompson]/Fever - Little Willie John (with string overdub)/Dr. Lover - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/Get That Hump In Your Back - Hank Ballard & Midnighters/Sales Meeting Address - Syd Nathan & Eli Oberstein (rec. Sept. 22, 1951)/European Trip - Syd Nathan (rec. Oct. 1952)/A&R Meeting Address - Syd Nathan (rec. Dec. 11, 1954)

King Special Products (US):

King Special Products KSCD-498 - Greatest Hits - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [1994] All tracks mono. Work With Me Annie/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/Sexy Ways/ The Hoochie Coochie Coo/Annie Had A Baby/Finger Poppin' Time/Annie's Aunt Fannie/The Twist

K-tel (UK):

K-Tel (UK) NCD 3376 - The Best of James Brown - James Brown [1987] Get Up, I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine (S; 4:15 LP version faded early)/Make It Funky, Pt. 1 (M, 45 version)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (M)/Get On The Good Foot (S, LP version)/Gonna Have A Funky Good Time (S; live)/Cold Sweat (S, alternate take)/Honky Tonk, Pt. 1 (S, 45 version)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (M; noisy)/Gravity (S, 5:59)/Living In America (S, LP version)/Get Up Offa That Thing (S)/Body Heat, Pt. 1 (S, 45 version)/Hey America! (M)/Please, Please, Please (M)/Hot Pants, Pt. 1 (S, 45 version)/Think (M, 1960 version)/I Got You (M, King 45 version)/Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud (S, 45 version)

Polydor (Germany):

Polydor (Germany) 825 714-2 - The CD of JB - James Brown (& His Famous Flames) [1985] A very interesting early CD compilation because it has the previously unreleased true stereo version of "Prisoner of Love," which is fairly spectacular. Doing It To Death [J.B.'s] (M)/Super Bad (M)/Soul Power (M)/Think [1973 Polydor single version] (S)/It's A Man's World [early version rec. 1964] (M)/ Try Me (I Need You) (M)/Bewildered (M)/Out Of Sight (E)/ I Got You [Smash version] (S)/Prisoner Of Love (S)/I Got The Feelin' (M)/Maybe The Last Time (S)/Licking Stick - Licking Stick (S)/Mother Popcorn (S)/ Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (M)/Sex Machine (S)/The Payback (S)/Please Please Please (M)

Polydor (Germany) 817 304-2 - Roots of a Revolution - James Brown (& His Famous Flames) [1989] 2 CD set. Generally superb sound quality, obviously from master tapes. Disc 1: I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On (M)/No No No No (M)/Hold My Baby's Hand (M)/Chonnie-On-Chon (M)/Just Won't Do Right (M, studio talk)/Let's Make It (M)/Fine Old Foxy Self (M)/Why Does Everything Happen To Me (M)/Begging Begging (M)/That Dood It (M)/There Must Be A Reason (M)/I Want You So Bad (M)/Don't Let It Happen To Me (S)/Bewildered (S)/Doodle Bug (S)/This Old Heart (S)/I'll Never Never Let You Go (M)/You've Got The Power (M, with Bea Ford)/Baby You're Right (M)/I Don't Mind (M); Disc 2: Come Over Here (M)/And I Do Just What I Want (M)/Just You And Me Darling (M)/So Long (M)/Tell Me What You're Gonna Do (M)/Hold It (M)/Dancin' Little Thing (S)/You Don't Have To Go (S)/Lost Someone (S, studio)/Shout And Shimmy (S)/I Found You (M, dubbed from 45; vocal by Yvonne Fair)/I Don't Care (S)/I've Got Money (S)/Mashed Potatoes USA (S)/Signed Sealed And Delivered (S)/Prisoner Of Love (S)/I Cried (M, dubbed from 45, vocal by Tammy Montgomery)Oh Baby Don't You Weep, Parts 1 & 2 (S, without edits or crowd noise overdub)/(Do The) Mashed Potatoes (M, Nat Kendrick)/Maybe The Last Time (S)

Polydor (Japan):

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1847 - Please Please Please - James Brown & the Famous Flames [1990] All tracks mono. Please Please Please/Chonnie-On-Chon/Hold My Baby's Hand/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On/Just Won't Do Right/Baby Cries Over The Ocean/I Don't Know/Tell Me What I Did Wrong/Try Me/That Dood It/Begging Begging/I Walked Alone/No No No No/That's When I Lost My Heart/Let's Make It/Love Or A Game

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1848 - Think! - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1990] Think (M)/Good Good Lovin' (M)/Wonder when You're Coming Home (S)/I'll Go Crazy (S)/This Old Heart (S)/I Know It's True (S)/Bewildered (M)/I'll Never Never Let You Go (M)/You've Got The Power (M)/If You Want Me (M)/Baby You're Right (M)/So Long (M)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1849 - Prisoner of Love - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1990] Prisoner Of Love (version 1)(2:27)/Waiting In Vain (2:43)/Again (2:34)/Lost Someone (version 3; original with strings overdubbed)(3:05)/Bewildered (version 3; original with strings overdubbed) (2:23)/So Long (version 2; similar to version 1 but features piano, strings, and vocal backup whereas version 1 features saxes) (2:46)//Signed Sealed And Delivered (version 1) (2:45)/Try Me (version 3; original with strings overdubbed)(2:28)/(Can You) Feel It (Part 1) (2:55)/How Long Darling (2:57)/The Thing In "G" (6:08)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1852 - James Brown Sings Raw Soul - James Brown [1990] Bring It Up (S, 45 version)/Don't Be A Drop Out (S, 45 version)/Till Then (E)/Tell Me That You Love Me (E; muffled sound from vinyl, live)/Yours And Mine (S)/Money Won't Change You, Pt. 1 (E; 45 edit)/Money Won't Change You, Pt. 2 (E)/Only You (E)/Let Yourself Go (E; 45 edit)/The Nearness Of You (E)/Nobody Knows (S)/Stone Fox (S)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1853 - I Can't Stand Myself - James Brown [1990] I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me), Part 1 (S)/There Was A Time (S)/Get It Together, Part 1 (S)/Baby Baby Baby Baby (S)/Time After Time (S)/The Soul Of JB (S)/I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me), Part 2 (S)/Get It Together, Part 2 (S)/Why Did You Take Your Love Away From Me (E)/Need Your Love So Bad (S)/You've Got To Change Your Mind (S)/Funky Soul #1 (S)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1854 - I Got the Feelin' - James Brown [1990] I Got The Feelin' (version 1)(S, 2:35)/Maybe I'll Understand (version 1), Part 1 (S, 3:16)/You've Got The Power (version 3)(S, 3:00)/Maybe Good Maybe Bad, Part 1 (S, instrumental, 2:52)/Shhhhhhh (For A Little While) (S, 2:31)/ Just Plain Funk (S, instrumental, 3:05)//If I Ruled The World (version 1)(S, 3:23)/Maybe I'll Understand (version 1), Part 2 (S, 3:14)/Stone Fox (version 2; vocal track added to the instrumental version)(S, 3:00)/It Won't Be Me (S, 3:35)/Maybe Good Maybe Bad, Part 2 (S, instrumental, 2:53)/Here I Go (S, instrumental, 2:25)/Message From James Brown (S, 0:26)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1855 - Say it Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud - James Brown [1990] Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/I Guess I'll Have To Cry Cry Cry (S)/Goodbye My Love, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Shades Of Brown (S)/Licking Stick (S)/I Love You (S)/Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye (S)/Let Them Talk (S)/Maybe I'll Understand (S)/I'll Lose My Mind (S)

Polydor (Japan) POCP-1856 - It's a New Day: Let a Man Come In - James Brown [1990] It's A New Day, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/World, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Georgia On My Mind (S)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (S, jazz band version)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (S)/If I Ruled The World (S)/The Man In The Glass, Part 1 (S)/I'm Not Demanding, Part 1 (S)

Polydor (US):

Polydor (US) 823 001-2 - "Live" at the Apollo, Volume II - James Brown [1987] This is the reissue of the 2-LP set King KS-7-1022, James Brown Live at the Apollo, Vol. 2, on one CD. Songs marked with an asterisk (*) are short transitional pieces and not complete versions. [Intro] (S)/Think (duet with Vicki Anderson) (S)/I Wanna Be Around (S)/[Thanks] (S)/That's Life (S)/Kansas City (S)/Medley: It's A Man's Man's Man's World-Lost Someone (S)/Please Please Please (S)/It May Be The Last Time (S)/I Got You (I Feel Good)* (S)/Prisoner Of Love (S)/Out Of Sight* (S)/Try Me (S)/Bring It Up (S)/Let Yourself Go (S)/There Was A Time (S)/I Feel Alright [Little Old Groovemaker Me, Parts 1 & 2] (S)/Cold Sweat (S)

Polydor (US) 831 700-2 - The CD of JB II: Cold Sweat & Other Soul Classics - James Brown (& His Famous Flames) [1987] Good Good Lovin' (S)/I'll Go Crazy [Federal 12369 version] (S)/Think [Federal 12370 version] (M)/Night Train(S)/Cold Sweat [7:26] (S)/I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me) (S)/Say It Loud - I'm Black And I'm Proud (S)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (S)/I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open The Door, I'll Get It Myself) [7:01] (S)/I'm A Greedy Man [6:29] (S)/Make It Funky [7:21] (S)/Get On The Good Foot [5:17] (S)/Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1 [4:33] (S)/Get Up Offa That Thing (S)

Polydor (US) 843 479-2 - Live at the Apollo, October 24, 1962 - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1990] Also issued as a gold disc on Mobile Fidelity UDCD-583. Introduction by Fats Gonder-Opening Fanfare (S)/I'll Go Crazy (S, 1966 45 version, more or less)/Try Me (S)/Instrumental Bridge (S)/Think (S)/Instrumental Bridge (S)/I Don't Mind (S)/Instrumental Bridge (S)/Lost Someone (S, unedited 10:43 version; also edited for 1966 single)/Medley: Please, Please, Please-You've Got The Power-I Found Someone-Why Do You Do Me Like You Do-I Want You So Bad-I Love You, Yes I Do- Strange Things Happen-Bewildered-Please Please Please (S)/Night Train-Closing (S, ends cold like stereo LP and mono reissue vinyl; original mono vinyl has this fading out)

Polydor (US) 849 108-2 - Startime - James Brown (& His Famous Flames) [1991] 4 CD box set. A serious compilation containing many unreleased unedited versions of things we've heard chopped up all these years. Booklet gives lots of recording information and for the first time some of the songs that have only turned up in mono start to make some sense. Brown recorded at a lot of studios, not just King in Cincinnati. Disc 1: Please Please Please (M)/Why Do You Do Me (M)/Try Me (M)/Tell Me What I Did Wrong (M)/Bewildered (M)/Good Good Lovin (S)/I'll Go Crazy (S)/I Know It's True (S)/Do The Mashed Potatoes, Part 1 [Nat Kendrick & The Swans] (M)/Think (M)/Baby You're Right (M, alternate take)/Lost Someone (S)/Night Train (M)/I've Got Money (M)/I Don't Mind (S, live)/Prisoner Of Love (S)/Devil's Den [The Poets] (M)/Out Of The Blue (S, alternate take)/Out Of Sight (M)/Grits (S)/Maybe The Last Time (S)/It's A Man's World (S, Smash version)/I Got You (S, Smash version)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Parts 1, 2 & 3 (M, slower, less reverb than 45, but very clean; with studio talk); Disc 2: Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 1 (M)/I Got You (I Feel Good) (M, King version)/Ain't That A Groove (S, unedited 3:31)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (M, King version)/Money Won't Change You (M, complete version 6:01)/Don't Be A Dropout (S, unedited version 4:31)/Bring It Up (Hipster's Ave.) (S, unedited version 3:48)/Let Yourself Go (S, with countoff, unedited version 3:53)/Cold Sweat (S, complete version 7:30)/Get It Together (M, complete version 8:57)/I Can't Stand Myself, Part 1 (S, 3:29 at original speed, 45 was slowed down)/I Got The Feeling (S)/Lickin' Stick Lickin' Stick (S, 4:52. Liner notes say this was King's first stereo single, which we of course know is in error; they released several in 1959; it was, however, their first stereo only commercial single.)/Say It Loud, I'm Black And I'm Proud, Part 1 (S)/There Was A Time (S, live, previously unreleased version)/Give It Up Or Turn It A-Loose (S)/I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothin' (Open The Door, I'll Get It Myself) (S, 5:59); Disc 3: Mother Popcorn (S, 6:18)/Funky Drummer (S, 7:00)/Get Up (I Feel Like Being A Sex Machine) (S, 5:15, not much separation)/Super Bad, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/Talkin' Loud And Saying Nothin' (S, 8:59 extended version)/Get Up, Get Into It, And Get Involved (S, 7:03 first-time stereo mix)/Soul Power, Parts 1 & 2 (S, unedited stereo mix)/Brother Rapp-Ain't It Funky Now (S, live, 7:44)/Hot Pants, Part 1 (M)/I'm A Greedy Man, Part 1 (S)/Make It Funky, Part 1 (M)/It's A New Day (S, live)/I've Got Ants In My Pants, Part 1 (S)/King Heroin (S); Disc 4: There It Is, Part 1 (M)/Public Enemy #1, Part 1 (S)/Get On The Good Foot (M)/I Got A Bag Of My Own (S)/Doing It To Death [Fred Wesley & J.B.'s](M)/The Payback (S, 7:28)/Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1 (S)/Stoned To The Bone, Part 1 (M)/My Thang (S, undubbed mix without percussion overdubs)/Funky President (People It's Bad) (S)/Hot (I Need To Be Loved Loved Loved) (S, 5:03)/Get Up Offa That Thing (S, newly edited 6:14 mix)/Body Heat, Part 1 (S)/It's Too Funky In Here (S, 5:39; different mix from 45)/Rapp Payback (Where Iz Moses) (S)/Unity, Part 1 (S)

Polydor (US) 314 511 326-2 - 20 All-time Greatest Hits! - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1991] I Got You (I Feel Good) (M, King 45 version)/Get Up (I Feel Like Being A) Sex Machine (M, unedited LP length)/I Got The Feelin' (M)/Mother Popcorn, Part 1 (S)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (M)/Make It Funky, Part 1 (M, 45 version)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag (M)/Think (M, 1960 version)/It's A Man's Man's Man's World (M)/Try Me (M)/Night Train (M)/Cold Sweat, Part 1 (M, 45 version)/Get On The Good Foot (M, 45 version)/Papa Don't Take No Mess, Part 1 (S)/The Payback (S, LP version)/Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud), Part 1 (S, 45 version)/Super Bad, Parts 1 & 2 (M, 45 version but fades later, so it has some Pt. 3, too; 45 faded at 4:05, this runs 4:59)/Hot Pants, Part 1 (S)/Get Up Offa That Thing (S)/Please, Please, Please (M)

Polydor (US) 314 517 846-2 - Soul Pride: The Instrumentals 1960-1969 - James Brown [1993] 2 CD set. Disc 1: Hold It (M)/The Scratch (M)/Suds (S)/Cross Firing (M)/Limbo Jimbo (S)/Joggin' Along (M)/Doin' The Limbo (M)/Choo-Choo (Locomotion) (M)/(Can You) Feel It, Part 1 (M)/Soul Food, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Evil (S)/Infatuation (S)/Headache (S)/Every Beat Of My Heart (S)/Try Me (S)/New Breed (S)/Jabo (S)/Fat Bag (S)/Sumpin' Else (S)/Devil's Den (S, live); Disc 2: The King (M)/Mashed Potatoes '66 (S)/Gettin' A Little Hipper (S)/Go On Now (S)/In The Middle, Part 1 (S)/Tighten Up (S, live)/The Popcorn (S)/Soul Pride, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Sudsy (S)/The Chicken (S)/The Chase (S)/Come On In The House (M)/Lowdown Popcorn (M)/Top Of The Stack (S)/Ain't It Funky Now, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Funky Drummer (S)

Polydor (US) 314 531 016-2 - Please Please Please - James Brown & the Famous Flames [1996] All tracks mono. Reissue of 1959 LP [King 12-610]; all tracks mono. Please Please Please/ Chonnie-On-Chon/Hold My Baby's Hand/I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On/Just Won't Do Right/Baby Cries Over The Ocean/I Don't Know/Tell Me What I Did Wrong/Try Me/That Dood It/Begging Begging/I Walked Alone/No No No No/That's When I Lost My Heart/Let's Make It/Love Or A Game

Polydor (US) 314 531 017-2 - Try Me - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1996] Reissue of the 1959 LP [King 12-635]; all tracks mono. There Must Be A Reason/I Want You So Bad/Why Do You Do Me/Got To Cry/Strange Things Happen/Fine Old Foxy Self/Messing With The Blues/Try Me/It Was You/ I've Got To Change/Can't Be The Same/It Hurts To Tell You/I Won't Plead No More/You're Mine You're Mine/Gonna Try/Don't Let It Happen To Me

Polydor (US) 314 531 165-2 - Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag 1964-1969 - James Brown [1996] 2 CD set. Disappointing for stereo collectors, but it does have the long versions of most of the songs. Disc 1: Out Of Sight (M)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/I Got You (I Feel Good) (M)/Money Won't Change You, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/Introduction-Out Of Sight-Bring It Up (live) (M)/ Let Yourself Go (S)/There Was A Time (S)/Cold Sweat, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/Get It Together, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/Goodbye My Love, Parts 1 & 2 (M)/I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me), Parts 1 & 2 (M)/I Got The Feelin' (M)/The Popcorn (S, with studio talk)/Cold Sweat (M, alternate take with false start and studio talk at end); Disc 2: Licking Stick-Licking Stick (S, live)/Say It Loud I'm Black And I'm Proud, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (M)/You Got To Have A Mother For Me (M, with countoff)/I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) (S, narrow separation)/Let A Man Come In And Do The Popcorn, Parts 1 & 2 (S, narrow separation)/It's A New Day, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/Ain't It Funky Now (M, 9:28)/Brother Rapp (S)/ Funky Drummer, Parts 1 & 2 (S)/She's The One (S)/Mother Popcorn (S, live)

Polydor (US) 314 547 719-2 - The Best of James Brown: 20th Century Masters/the Millennium Collection - James Brown [1999] All tracks mono. I Got You (I Feel Good)/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag, Part 1/Soul Power, Part 1/Night Train/It's A Man's Man's Man's World/Cold Sweat, Parts ! & 2/America Is My Home, Part 1/Prisoner Of Love/Ain't That A Groove, Part 1/Try Me/Get On The Good Foot, Part 1

Rhino (US):

Rhino R2 70194 - Santa's Got a Brand New Bag - James Brown & His Famous Flames [1988] Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto (S)/Santa Claus Santa Claus (S)/Christmas In Heaven (S)/It's Christmastime, Part 1 (S)/Go Power At Christmas Time (S)/Let's Make Christmas Mean Something This Year (S)/The Christmas Song (S, version 2)/Soulful Christmas (S)/Please Come Home For Christmas (S)/Merry Christmas Baby (S)/Merry Christmas I Love You (S)/Let's Unite The Whole World At Christmas (S)/Tit For Tat (Ain't No Talking Back) (S)/Sweet Little Baby Boy, Part 1 (S)/Santa Claus Is Definitely Here To Stay (S)/Hey America (S)

Rhino/King R2 71509 - Sixty Minute Men: The Best of Billy Ward & His Dominoes - Billy Ward & His Dominoes [1993] All tracks mono. Do Something For Me/Chicken Blues/No Says My Heart/Weeping Willow Blues/Harbor Lights/Sixty Minute Man/The Deacon Moves In [Little Esther & Dominoes]/Heart To Heart [Little Esther & Dominoes]/I Am With You/That's What You're Doing To Me/These Foolish Things Remind Me Of You/When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano/Have Mercy Baby/I'd Be Satisfied/The Bells/Pedal Pushin' Papa/You Can't Keep A Good Man Down/Rags To Riches/Can't Do Sixty No More/Star Dust

Rhino/King R2 71510 - Hide Away: The Best of Freddy King - Freddy King [11/16/93] Country Boy/That's What You Think/Have You Ever Loved A Woman/You've Got To Love Her With A Feeling/Hide Away/I Love The Woman/San-Ho-Zay/See See Baby/Sen-Sa-Shun/Lonesome Whistle Blues/The Stumble/It's Too Bad Things Are Going So Tough/In The Open/I'm Tore Down/High Rise/Someday, After Awhile (You'll Be Sorry)/Remington Ride/My Feeling For The Blues/Palace Of The King/Going Down

Rhino/King R2 71511 - Fever: The Best of Little Willie John - Little Willie John [11/16/93] All tracks mono. All Around The World/Need Your Love So Bad/Home At Last/Fever/My Nerves/Suffering With The Blues/Person To Person/Talk To Me, Talk To Me/Spasms/Let's Rock While The Rockin's Good/Leave My Kitten Alone/Let Them Talk/I'm Shakin'/Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)/Sleep/You Hurt Me/I Like To See My Baby/Take My Love (I Want To Give It All To You)/Big Blue Diamonds/My Baby's In Love With Another Guy

Rhino/King R2 71512 - Sexy Ways: The Best of Hank Ballard & the Midnighters - Hank Ballard & the Midnighters [10/26/93] All tracks mono. Get It [Royals]/Work With Me Annie/Sexy Ways/Annie Had A Baby/Annie's Aunt Fannie/Henry's Got Flat Feet (Can't Dance No More)/It's Love Baby (24 Hours A Day)/Open Up The Back Door/Tore Up Over You/Teardrops On Your Letter/The Twist/Sugaree/Never Knew/Look At Little Sister/Finger Poppin' Time/Let's Go Let's Go Let's Go/Let's Go Again (Where We Went Last Night)/The Continental Walk/The Switch-A-Roo/Nothing But Good

Thanks to Barry Margolis, Ed Bishop and ChipHP.

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