Festival Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 25, 2012

Festival was a subsidiary label to King Records, operating in 1962. The released six singles and one album, none of which charted.

The first single was Bobby Comstock's "Garden of Eden"/"Just a Piece of Paper" [Festival 25000]. That was follwed by a single by the Universals ["Dreaming"/"Love Bond", Festival 25001]. An early Gene Pitney single was next ["I'll Find You"/"Please Come Back", Festival 25002]. The final three singles were (in order) by the Cyclones ["Say What"/"Give Me Love"], Jimmy Ricks & the Ravens ["Daddy Rollin' Stone"/Ungowa (The African Twist)"] and Derek & Howard ["I Love You So Much"/"Wait For Me Baby"].

The only album released on the label was by vaudeville comedy act Butterbeans and Susie (Jodie Edwards and Susie Hawthorne Edwards) near the end of their career. They had been in show business since 1910 (while teenagers), and doing comedy routines together since the early 1920s. Susie died in 1963 at age 67 the year after the album came out, and Jodie (Butterbeans) died at age 72 in 1967.

The Festival album label (far left) was black with silver print. The Festival album logo was similar to the King rectangular "high fidelity" logo of the time. The singles label (near left) was lavender-blue with stars adorning the orange label name. It was unusual, but not unique, that the singles label (a full color label with graphics) and the album label (plain black with no graphics) looked so different.

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Festival FRC-7000 Main Series:

FRC-7000 - Butterbeans and Susie - Butterbeans & Susie [1962] Ballin' The Jack/Get Yourself A Monkey Man/There'll Be Some Changes Made/Construction Gang (Positively No)/I've Got The Blues For Home Sweet Home//A Married Man's A Fool/When My Man Shimmies/Deal Yourself Another Hand/Street Piano (Play That Ragtime Melody)/Until The Real Thing Comes Along

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