Glory EP Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 1, 2012

Glory Records started out in Miami, Florida, in 1952 as a spiritual/gospel label. It was owned by Henry Stone (so-called "Father of Miami Music" and later owner of the massive TK empire in the 1970s) and Andy Razaf. Among their artists were the Seniorteers, New Lane, the Ford Gospel Stars, the Spiritual Harmonizers, the Southern Gospel Stars, the Miami Soul Stirrers, the Rising Sun Gospel Singers, the Sons of Calvary, the Keys of Heaven, the Gospel Twins, and Reverend A. Johnson.

They sold out to King Records in August, 1953. The artist roster was shifted to King's DeLuxe subsidiary, where singles were issued by the Spiritual Harmonizers, the Gospel Twins, the Sons of Calvary, and Rev. A. Johnson. While in Miami, Glory issued only singles, most or all on 78 rpm. In addition to acquiring the talent roster, Syd Nathan used the Glory nameplate to issue three country/sacred EPs in 1953 using King's longtime country artists.

This Glory label is not to be confused with the more famous Glory label established later in New York City (which had hits by the Tarriers and Vince Martin).

The Glory label was black with silver print, with the label name in caps at the top of the label devoid of graphic design. At far left is the pre-King singles label. At near left is the King-issued EP label. The EPs were apparently issued in a paper sleeve rather than a cardboard cover.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Glory SS-1000 Sacred 7-Inch EP Series:

SS-1000 - Bailes Brothers/Swanee River Boys [1953] An Empty Mansion - Bailes Brothers/Somebody's Praying For You - Bailes Brothers/Do You Believe - Swanee River Boys//Something Got Hold Of Me - Bailes Brothers/Down The Valley Of The Shadow - Bailes Brothers/Gloryland Boogie - Swanee River Boys

SS-1001 - Brown's Ferry Four/Delmore Brothers/Cowboy Copas/Grandpa Jones [1953] I'll Meet You In The Morning - Brown's Ferry Four/On The Jericho Road - Brown's Ferry Four/The Wrath Of God - Delmore Brothers//Purple Rose - Cowboy Copas/From The Manger To The Cross - Cowboy Copas/Dark As A Dungeon - Grandpa Jones

SS-1002 - Clyde Moody and the Brown's Ferry Four/Mac Odell/Jimmie Osborne/Reno and Smiley/Trace Family [1953] The Arm Of God - Jimmie Osborne/I Feel Like Traveling On - Clyde Moody/I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map - Reno & Smiley/(others)

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