Mandala Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 25, 2012

Mandala was a pop label distributed by Starday/King Records. "Mandala" means "circle" in sanskrit.

The label was founded in early 1972 by Louis Lafredo, Robert John Gallo, and Vinnie Traina, who had operated previously as a production team. They were based at Soundview Studios in Kings Park, Long Island, NY. The group signed several artists who had previous successes, including the Vibrations, Ben E. King, the Chiffons, Ersel Hickey, and Aesop's Fables.

They announced in March, 1972, that they had secured rights to produce future product by King Biscuit Boy and had signed a three-year distribution deal with Capitol of Canada for distribution there. They announced in March that their initial product would be an album written by Gallo and performed by a studio group called "New Place to Love." This apparently became the Painted Poetry album by Robert John Gallo.

They announced signing a U.S. distribution agreement with Starday-King in late April, 1972. At that announcement, reported in the April 29, 1972, issue of Billboard, they noted that albums by Robert John Gallo, Ben E. King, and the Vibrations would be released in May and June, 1972, with albums by the Chiffons, Aesop's Fables, and Don Larusso "in progress."

In 1973, the label signed Sonny Bottari (of Aesop's Fables) and Ronnie Prophet. The label apparently lasted to the late summer of 1973 before running out of capital. They managed to release a total of nine singles, three albums, and a promotional interview disc, plus two other Canada-only albums. The albums noted as being "in progress," by the Chiffons and Don Larusso never materialized, either in album or singles form, nor did anything result from the signing of Ersel Hickey. The Aesop's Fables album was only released in Canada. Of the nine U.S. singles, one was by Robert John Gallo, three were by Ben E. King, two by the Vibrations, two by Ronnie Prophet, and one by Sonny Bottari.

Mandala never had a chart hit.

The Mandala album label (far left) was gold with white music scroll around the perimeter of the label, with "Mandala" in black above the center hole. Singles had similar labels, albeit with different colors. Early singles had a yellow color (near right).
Later singles had a more gold or tan color (far left). Promotional copies (near left) had white labels with black print, although by the time 2517 came out, the commercial labels may have just been white, also.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Mandala MLP-3000 Series (Distributed by Starday-King):

Note: Catalog numbers 3001 to 3004 were not used.

MLP 3005 - Painted Poetry - Robert John Gallo [6/72] Wake Up/Love Is Like A Circle/Here In My Room/Time To Feel The Pain/It's The World/Lend Me A Dollar/Simple Song/Carry On Carol/I Don't Usually/Tear Down The Circus/I Lost My Way/Painted Poetry

MLP 3006 - Taking a New Step - Vibrations [9/72] Man Overboard/The Man/Silver Dollar/Whiskey Man/Holder, Green and Jones//Wind Up Toy/Ain't No Greens in Harlem/Run For Your Lives/Take a Step/Midnight Rider/Kazoo

MLP 3007 - The Beginning of It All - Ben E. King [9/72] Take Me To The Pilot/I Guess It's Goodbye/Travelin' Woman/Love Is/Into The Mystic/White Moon/Love Is Gonna Get You/The Beginning Of It All/Only You Know And I Know/All Of Your Tomorrows/She Does It Right

MLP 3008 - Audio Biography - Ben E. King [9/72] (Promo only.) Interview by Richard Robinson of Pop Wire Service.

Mandala (Canada) 14000 Series (Distributed by Capitol of Canada):

ST 14001 - Pickin' Up the Pieces - Aesop's Fables [1972] Ain't That Particular/Sit Yourself Down/Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave/California/Look At Me Look At You//I Can't Quit Her/Pickin' Up The Pieces/Girl I've Got News For You/I Don't Know/Only You Know And I Know

SKAO 14002 - Compositions - Robert John Gallo [1972] Gatefold cover. Sweet Elephant/Tequila/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me/The Butterfly/The Sea//Umbrella Song/Open The Lid/I'm Down Again/Summer Skies/Never Look Back

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