Challenge/4 Star Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 3, 2005

Challenge Records was formed in 1957, in Hollywood California by cowboy movie star Gene Autry, Joe Johnson, Johnny Thompson and Bernie Solomon. The A&R Director for the label was Joe Johnson, and Johnny Thompson served as General Manager. Autry's involvement with the label was short lived as he sold his interest to the remaining partners in October 1958.

The label recorded pop, country and jazz. They had there most success with an instrumental group named the Champs. Their biggest hit was "Tequila" in 1958, but they continued to chart into 1962. Although not with the group initially, Jimmy Seals replaced the original sax player Chuck Rio, and Dash Crofts replaced the original drummer Glen Alden. Of course, Seals and Crofts went on to considerable success as a duo in the 1970's. The Champs had four albums for Challenge.

Another success for Challenge was pop/country singer Jerry Wallace, who had his first hit for Challenge with "How the Time Flies" in 1958. He scored his biggest hit for the label with "Primrose Lane" in 1959. Wallace continued to record and have modest hits for Challenge until 1964, when he switched labels to Liberty, then later to MGM. Jerry Wallace had five albums issued on the Challenge label.

Perhaps the mystique of this label was in the songs that didn't make it to LPs by the artists themselves. This included a few sides by Jan & Dean (including "Heart And Soul"), a number of songs by Jerry Fuller, a couple of wild novelties by El Clod (including "Tijuana Border," a takeoff on "Wolverton Mountain"), and a number of "car songs" by Gary Usher and his groups such as the Four Speeds.

As with many companies in the 1950s, Challenge didn't quite know what to do with stereo as far as record numbers went. Their first stereo LP was Everybody's Rockin' by the Champs, which was mono number CHL-605. The stereo counterpart was numbered CHS-2500, starting a new series. CHL- 607 was the next album to also be issued in stereo, and this became CHS-2501, and CHL-608 became CHS-2502, and CHL-610 became CHS-2503. Madness ensued as the multiple catalog numbers drove everybody nuts, especially since there was no correspondence in the numbers whatever. By the time CHL-613 rolled around in 1962, it was apparent that stereo was here to stay, and Challenge began numbering the stereo issues to correspond to the mono issues, with CHL-613 becoming CHS-2513. Whew. We have listed both the mono and stereo numbers where known.

Challenge Records and Four Star Records joined forces in the 1970s and put out a slew of reissue albums with overlapping material. Four Star was an old country label started in the 1940s and headquartered in Pasadena, California. They were most famous for label president William McCall's ability to find and sign talent. Hank Locklin, Ferlin Husky, Webb Pierce, Jimmy Dean, and Patsy Cline all made their debut on Four Star. Later, these recordings found their way onto seemingly every budget labels' product, with titles like "Jimmy Dean Sings" in big letters, and underneath in small print the unknown studio artist who sings most of the album. Four Star did not issue albums in the 1950s or 1960s.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

The initial Challenge monaural label was blue with silver printing. "Challenge" in an oval above the center hole, with a crest with "GA" above the logo. The GA was for Gene Autry, the original owner of the label. The stereo label had the identical graphics but was black with silver printing. At approximately CH-618 the label changed to a blue-green with silver printing, with identical graphics. There were also white label promotional copies with identical graphics in black. Canadian pressings used a red label with the silver graphics.

600/2500 series:

CHL-600 - Christmas with Gene Autry - Gene Autry [12/57]

CHL-601 - Go Champs Go - Champs [1958] The title on the cover is "Go Champs Go", the title on the record label is "Go Champ Go". This record was pressed in very small numbers on blue vinyl. Go Champ Go/El Rancho Rock/I'll Be There/Sky High/What's Up Buttercup/Lollipop//Tequila/Train To Nowhere/Midnighter/Robot Walk/Just Walking In The Rain/Night Beat

CHL-602 - Touch of Evil - Henry Mancini Soundtrack [1958]

CHL-603 - Everybody's Buddy - Buddy Colette Quartet & Quintet [10/58] Tasty Dish/I Still Love You/Orlando/Mrs. Potts/Soft Touch/You Better Go Now/Old School/Debbie

CHL-604 - The King and I - Gerald Wiggins Trio [1958] March Of The Siamese Children/Shall We Dance/Something Wonderful/Getting To Know You/Whistle A Happy Tune/We Kiss In A Shadow/I Have Dreamed/Hello Young Lovers

CHL-605/CHS-2500 - Everybody's Rockin' - Champs [1959] Everybody's Rockin' (S, with spoken intro)/Chariot Rock (M)/The Caterpillar (S)/Turnpike (M)/Lavenia (S)/Mau Mau Stomp (S)//Rockin' Mary (S, with spoken intro)/Subway (M)/The Toast (S)/Bandido (S)/Ali Baba (S)/Foggy River (S)

CHL-606 - Just Jerry Wallace - Jerry Wallace [1959] How The Time Flies/With This Ring/Date Night/All My Love Belongs To You/Diamond Ring/Open Sesame//Blue Jean Baby/Fool's Hall Of Fame/The Other Me/Lucky Boy/Because We Are Young/Good And Bad

CHL-607/CHS-2501 - Almost Seventeen - Diane Maxwell [1/59] Almost Seventeen/Dear Hearts And Gentle People/The Valley And The Mountain/I Know I Shouldn't (But I Do)/Tears On My Pillow/Love Charms//Dreamy/Green Eyes/I Always Will Remember/You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me/Jimmy Kiss And Run/As Time Goes By

CHL-608/CHS-2502 - Cookin' with Ray - Ray De Michel Orchestra [1959] Meet Rey/How Long Has This Been Goin' On/Continental/Brahms Lullaby/'S Wonderful/Rey's Theme/When You're Smiling/Ballad/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Deep Purple/Mellow Swing/Breeze And I/Chaser

CHL-609 - To You with Love - Yvonne Shubert [1959] Again/Yours/Speak Low/As Time Goes By/Night And Day/Medley Of 3 French Selections

CHL-610/CHS-2503 - For Bloozers Only - Ray De Michel Orchestra

CHL-611 - Sweethearts of Country Music - Jan Howard & Wynn Stewart [1961]

CHL-612 - There She Goes - Jerry Wallace [1961] There She Goes/Swingin' Down The Lane/Turn The Key/Open Sesame/You're Singing Our Love Song To Somebody Else/Blue Jean Baby//Primrose Lane/Angel On My Shoulder/Lucky Boy/Teardrop In The Rain/King Of The Mountain/Jezebel

CHL-613/CHS-2513 - Great Dance Hits - Champs [1962] Tequila Twist (S)/Limbo Rock (M)/Bristol Stomp (S)/Caterpillar Stroll (S)/Red Eye (Pony) (M)/The Twist (S)//That's All I Want From You (Cha Cha) (S)/Tijuana Two Step (Corrido) (S)/Too Much Tequila (Calypso) (M)/Hokey Pokey (M)/The Bunny Hop (S)/The Shoddy Shoddy (M)

CHL-614/CHS-2514 - Champs Play All American - Champs [1962] What A Country (S)/All American Twist (S)/I've Just Seen Her (S)/Night Life (S)/Once Upon A Time (S)//The Real Me (S)/We Speak The Same Language (S)/Physical Fitness (S)/Our Kids Twist (S)/What A Country (S)


CHL-616/CHS-2516 - Shutters and Boards - Jerry Wallace [1962] Shutters And Boards/There She Goes/Am I That Easy To Forget?/San Antonio Rose/I Can See An Angel/Blue Jean Baby//Primrose Lane/Angel On My Shoulder/You'll Never Know/That's All I Want From You/Swingin' Down The Lane/Life's A Holiday

CHL-617/CHS-2517 - Soul Surfin' - Rhythm Rockers [1963] Surfin' At Mazatlan/Rendezvous Stomp/Ramrod/Nine Toes/Moondawg/Wipeout//Breakfast At Tressels/Moovin' 'N' Groovin'/Get It On/Caravan/The Breeze And I/You Can't Sit Down

CHL-618 - The Wit of JFK - John F. Kennedy [1964] Opening Narration/Republican Leadership Meeting/Freeway Through The Park/Plant A Tree/Salinger's Trip To Europe/Carpetbagging/Advice For Nixon/Debates/Ted Kennedy/Rocky-No Race Prejudices/Nixon In California/Republican Critics/Ike Criticizes Defense Spending/Ike Calls Republican Party The Party Of Business/Hot Line Phone/Non-Political Trips/Congressman From Virginia Not Invited To Party/Presidential Papers/President From Chile And The Press/Vaughn Meader Album/Managed News//Ike-Two Term Limit For Congressmen/Nomination of R.D.R. Jr. For Office/Rocky/Managed News/Tax Cut/Congress Doing Nothing/Happy Chandler Visits The White House/Good Months-Bad Months/Federal Agency Overseas Reporting/Grass Roots Apathy/Civil Rights/Conservation Tour/Republicans Say Country Is Not Moving/Nixon As Candidate/Civil Rights/New Postmaster Selection/Republicans Say Secret Agreement With Russia/Goldwater-Right Wing Captive/Closing Narration

CHL-619/CHS-2519 - In the Misty Moonlight - Jerry Wallace [1964] (11-64, #96) In The Misty Moonlight/Even The Bad Times Are Good/Just Walkin' In The Rain/Move Over/You'll Never Know//There She Goes/Am I That Easy To Forget?/Angel On My Shoulder/Empty Arms Again/Auf Wiedersehen

LP-12-6-64 - Sing and Sync Along with Lloyd Thaxton/Lloyd Thaxton Presents the Knickerbockers - Knickerbockers [1964] Lloyd was the host of The Lloyd Thaxton Show, a "bandstand" type television show, with hitmakers of the day lip-synching their hits on the show. Thaxton may have been the first host to unashamedly admit to the practice of lip-synching, and he often himself lip-synched to the hits of the day, as well as having kids from the crowd do lip-synching. On this particular album, after each cut ended, the music track continued so you could sing along. Three cuts on this album were sung by Phyllis Brown.

CHL-620/CHS-2520 - Lloyd Thaxton Presents the Land of 1000 Dances Featuring Round Robin - Round Robin [1965] Round Robin was one of Thaxton's favorite artists for his own lip-synching on his show.

CHL-621/CHS-2521 - Jerk and Twine Time - Knickerbockers [1965] You Really Got Me/All Day And All Of The Night/Money/The Jolly Green Giant/Twine Time/Land Of 1000 Dances/The In Crowd/The Jerk/Jerk Town/She's Not There

The next label at approximately CHL-622 was blue (mono)/black (stereo) with silver printing, but the oval logo and the "GA" crest were dropped, "CHALLENGE" was in a straight line above the center hole.

CHL-622/CHS-2522 - Lies - Knickerbockers [1966] (2-66, #134) Lies (S)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Can't You See I'm Tryin' (S)/Please Don't Fight It (S)/Just One Girl (S)//I Believe In Her (S)/Wishful Thinking (S)/You'll Never Walk Alone (S)/Your Kind Of Lovin' (S)/Harlem Nocturne (S)

CHL-623/CHS-2523 - A Brand New Ford - Mary Ford [1966]

CHL-624/CHS-2524 - Love Affair - Golden Leaves [1967]

2000 Series: The first 2000 series was distributed by CGC Records, 1841 Broadway, New York. The record numbers had no prefixes. All were issued in stereo. The 2000 series had black labels with silver printing, with "CHALLENGE" in red above the center hole with a white crest behind it with crossed swords. The black color of the label was flat, that is, had little gloss.

2000 - For Children of All Ages - Peanut Butter Conspiracy [1969]

2001 - Golden Country Memories Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1969] Walking After Midnight - Patsy Cline/Wrong Company - Jan Howard & Wynn Stewart/If I Can't Have You - Jeannie Seely/Above And Beyond - Wynn Stewart/The One You Slip Around With - Jan Howard//Big Fool Of The Year - Justin Tubb/Tender Years - Bobby Bare/Just Before Dawn - Johnnie & Joanie Mosby/In The Misty Moonlight - Jerry Wallace/Book Of Memories - Bobby Austin

2002 - Greatest Hits - Jerry Wallace [1969] Primrose Lane (E)/There She Goes (S)/Shutters And Boards (S)/You're Driving You Out Of My Mind (E)/How The Time Flies (E)//In the Misty Moonlight (S)/Am I That Easy To Forget (S)/I Can See An Angel (S)/Even The Bad Times Are Good (S)/Helpless (E)

2003 - Here Comes Love Again - Pierre Andre & Golden Leaves [1970]

CH-SP-2000 Series:

In 1978, Four Star/Challenge started another series of LPs using the 2000 series numbers. This time, they had CH-SP- prefixes, and were clearly marked with a date. The address on the label was 37 Music Square E., Nashville. The label was essentially the same as the 1969 2000 series, except the labels were glossy black.

CH-SP-2001 - It's Your Kind of Country - Various Artists [1978]

CH-SP-2002 - Reflections from Tennessee - Various Artists [1978] You're That Much Woman To Me - George Morgan (S)/Ruby - Travis Brothers (E)/Couples Only - Wynn Stewart (M)/Tennessee Waltz - Jerry Fuller (M)/Bring It On Back To Me - Jan Howard (E)//What's He Doing In My World - Billy Armstrong (S)/Love Is All Over Me - Betty Jean Robinson (S)/From This Moment On - Bonnie Guitar (S)/Reasons A'Plenty - Marie Owens (S)/Workin' Like The Devil For The Lord - Carl Belew (M)

CH-SP-2003 - Country Mirrors - Various Artists [1978] Somewhere Around Midnite - George Morgan (S)/Uncle Tom Got Caught - Wynn Stewart (E)/Charlene - Jerry Fuller (E)/There'll Come A Time - Jan Howard (E)/Lovin' You - Betty Jean Robinson (S)//I Wanna Spend My Life With You - Bonnie Guitar (S)/Release Me - Marie Owens (S)/Book Of Memories - Bobby Austin (E)/God Is Alive - Carl Belew (S)/Lonely Street - Tommy Jones (S)

In 1977, Four Star issued a whole series of country material which had much artist overlap with the Challenge 2000 series which was issued a year later. The liner notes to most in this series were written by Joe Johnson.

4S-SP-101 - Echoes of Country - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-102 - Country Love - Various Artists [1977] Wishful Thinking - Donna Fargo/Vampira - Bobby Bare/We'll Never Love Again - Jan Howard & Wynn Stewart/Motel Mother Lover - Billy Don Burns/Release Me - Ralph Mooney//Bring It On Back - Jeanne Seely/Am I That Easy To Forget - Gene Vincent/Believing In Yourself - Justin Tubb/Hello Pretty Lady - George Morgan/Livin' Upon The Mountain - Betty Jean Robinson

4S-SP-103 - Tennessee Pride - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-104 - 10 from Tennessee - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-105 - Country Classic - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-106 - Made in Tennessee - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-107 - The Soul of Country - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-108 - Créme of Nashville - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-109 - 10 of the Tops in Country - Various Artists [1977] My New Love Is Ruby - George Morgan/This Is It - Mary Ford/Loversville - Wynn Stewart/Wishful Thinking - Betty Jean Robinson & Carl Belew/Across The Aisle - Johnny & Jonie//Green Green Grass Of Home - Travis Bros./Your Best Friend Loves You - Carl Belew/If Your Conscience Can't Stop You (How Can I?) - Jan Howard/I'm Your Love - Bonnie Guitar/Thank You Lord - Betty Jean Robinson

4S-SP-110 - Loving Country - Various Artists [1977] Hello Love - George Morgan/Our Songs - Carl Belew/I'm Sitting On Top Of The World - Mary Ford/Wishing Star - Bonnie Guitar/Falling For You - Wynn Stewart//Punish Me Tomorrow - Jan Howard/Yankee Go Home - Jan Howard & Wynn Stewart/May You Never Be Alone - Johnny & Joanie/Lady Lover - Jimmy Elledge/God And Others First Then Me - Betty Jean Robinson

4S-SP-111 - Music Row Greats - Various Artists [1977] In The Misty Moonlight - George Morgan/Stay Close To Me - Carl Belew/Another Day Another Dollar - Wynn Stewart/Anna From Louisiana - Jerry Fuller/I Wish I Could Fall In Love Again - Jan Howard//Just One More Chance - Mary Ford/Her Court Of Make Believe - Jimmy Elledge/Jambalaya - Travis Bros./He Wouldn't Take Me Home To Meet His Mother - Johnny & Joanie/My Becoming One - Betty Jean Robinson

4S-SP-112 - Country High - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-113 - Country Singers - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-114 - Heart of Country - Various Artists [1977] I Just Want You To Know - George Morgan/Don't Punish Me - Billy Don Burns/Above And Beyond - Wynn Stewart/Green Green Grass Of Home - Travis Bros./A World I Can't Live In - Jan Howard//I'm Taking Care Of Your Roses - Carl Belew/Vincent - Tommy Jones/Tennessee Waltz - Mary Ford/Baby Make The Sun Go Down - Betty Jean Robinson/If I Had Only Been A Christian - Peggy Sue

4S-SP-115 - Nashville's Best 10 - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-116 - All Around Country - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-117 - Toe Tapping Country - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-118 - Country Moods - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-119 - Down Country Roads - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-120 - Country Happiness - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-121 - Country Nostalgia - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-122 - Country Memories - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-123 - Country Flavor - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-124 - Country Chartmakers - Various Artists [1977]

4S-SP-125 - Country Lanes - Various Artists [1977]

Four Star 75-001 Series:

75-001 - On Silver Wings - Betty Jean Robinson [1975]

75-002 - From This Moment On - George Morgan [1975]

75-003 - New Comedy Album - Dave Gardner [1975]


75-005 - Red Rose from the Blue Side of Town - George Morgan [1977]


WS 1448 - Hits of the Hops! - Various Artists [1962] This was issued with the normal Warner Bros. Gold label, but used the Challenge logo as well as the WB logo on the front jacket. About half the songs (marked with an asterisk) are Challenge recordings, including the first stereo appearance of Jan & Dean's "Heart And Soul" and Jerry Fuller's "Shy Away." The remaining songs are Warner Brothers hits. Cathy's Clown - Everly Bros. (S)/*Tequila - Champs (E)/16 Reasons - Connie Stevens (S)/*Primrose Lane - Jerry Wallace (E)/Let's Think About Living - Bob Luman (S)/*Heart And Soul - Jan & Dean (S)//*There She Goes - Jerry Wallace (S)/Walk Right Back - Everly Bros (S)/*Too Much Tequila - Champs (E)/One Boy - Joanie Sommers (S)/*Shy Away - Jerry Fuller (S)/77 Sunset Strip - Don Ralke (E)

M3G 4990 - Greatest Hits - Jerry Wallace [1975] Contains five of his Challenge sides, marked below by asterisks. To Get To You (S)/*There She Goes (S)/If You Leave Me Tonight I'll Cry (S)/*Even The Bad Times Are Good (S)/Guess Who (S)//*Primrose Lane (E)/Don't Give Up On Me (S)/*In The Misty Moonlight (S)/My Wife's House (S)/*Shutters And Boards (S)

LP 5000 - The Great Lost Knickerbockers Album - Knickerbockers [1989] Pressed in blue vinyl. She Said Goodbye (S)/Like Little Children (S)/The Coming Generation (S)/Come On And Let Me (S)/I Ain't Got A Right (S)/What Does That Make You (S)/Lies (S, demo version)//The Pad And How To Use It (S)/Give A Little Bit (S)/Chapel In The Fields (S)/We Got A Good Thing Goin' (S)/Playgirl (S)/Guaranteed Satisfaction (S)/My Feet Are Off The Ground (M)

WS 1725 - Original Golden Instrumental Hits - Various Artists [1968] Although this only has two Champs songs from Challenge, it is notable because it is apparently the only place "Limbo Rock" has ever appeared in true stereo. Wheels - String-A-Longs (S, Warwick)/Out Of Limits - Marketts (S, WB)/In The Mood - Ernie Fields (E, Rendezvous)/Torquay - Fireballs (E, Warwick)/Bumble Boogie - B. Bumble & Stingers (E, Rendezvous)/Tequila - Champs (E, Challenge)//Drums-A-Go-Go - Hollywood Persuaders (E, Original Sound)/Batman Theme - Marketts (S, WB)/Bongo Rock - Preston Epps (E, Original Sound)/Let's Go (Pony) - Routers (S, WB)/Limbo Rock - Champs (S, Challenge)/Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson (E, Original Sound)


Much of the Challenge catalog, especially the Champs and the Knickerbockers, has been reissued on compact disc. The Jerry Wallace catalog has fared rather poorly on CD, with several of the songs on Curb at substantially higher speed than normal.

SC 11002 - The Fabulous Knickerbockers - Knickerbockers [1988] Lies (S)/One Track Mind (M)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Jerk Town (S)/Money (S)/Please Don't Love Him (M)/Just One Girl (S)/I Must Be Doing Something Right (M)/Chuck Berry Medley (M)/Can't You See I'm Tryin' (S)/High On Love (M, countoff)/Stick With Me (M)/Sweet Green Fields (M)/Love Is A Bird (M)/Rumors Gossip Words Untrue (M)/I Love (M)/Come And Get It (M)/As A Matter Of Fact (S, drum stick countoff)/They Ran For Their Lives (M)/My Feet Are Off The Ground (S)

SC 11012 - The Great Lost Knickerbockers Album - Knickerbockers [1992] Very nice package, including first-time stereo for "One Track Mind." She Said Goodbye (S)/Give A Little Bit (S)/Like Little Children (S)/Playgirl [first version] (S)/We Got A Good Thing Goin' (S)/One Track Mind (S)/Chapel In The Fields (S)/The Coming Generation (S)/Guaranteed Satisfaction (S)/The Pad And How To Use It (S, with countoff)/She's Gotten To Me (S)/I Ain't Got A Right (S)/Can You Help Me (M)/All I Need Is You (M)/You're Bad (S)/Is That What You Want (S)/Playgirl [2nd version] (S)/What Does That Make You (M)/My Feet Are Off The Ground (M)

SC 6010 - Jerk and Twine Time - Knickerbockers[1993] All tracks mono. You Really Got Me/All Day And All Of The Night/Money/The Jolly Green Giant/Twine Time/Land Of 1000 Dances/The In Crowd/The Jerk/Jerk Town/She's Not There/Downtown/Limbo Rock/In The Misty Moonlight/Beau & John Charles Talk About The Knickerbockers [re: Jerk and Twine Time album]

SC 6011 - Lies - Knickerbockers [1993] Lies (S)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Can't You See I'm Tryin' (S)/Please Don't Fight It (S)/Just One Girl (S)/I Believe In Her (S)/Wishful Thinking (S)/You'll Never Walk Alone (S)/Your Kind Of Lovin' (S)/Harlem Nocturne (S)/It's Not Unusual (M)/Turn To Me (M)/Just Out Of Reach (M)/Beau & John Charles Talk About The Knickerbockers [re: Lies album] (M)

SC 11040 - Hits, Rarities, Unissued Cuts and More - Knickerbockers (2-CD set) [1997] Nice interview with group members as part of the liner notes. Disc 1: Lies (S, ends cold as song breaks down)/Just One Girl (S)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Come On And Let Me (S)/One Track Mind (S)/I Must Be Doing Something Right (S)/Can't You See I'm Tryin' (S)/Please Don't Fight It (S)/She Said Goodbye (S)/Give A Little Big (S)/We Got A Good Thing Goin' (S)/Is That What You Want (S)/The Pad And How To Use It (S)/Playgirl (S)/Like Little Children (S)/Bite Bite Barracuda (M)/Lies (M, alternate instrumental track, with studio talk)/Harlem Nocturne (S, alternate version); Disc 2: Stick With Me (S)/High On Love (S)/Rumors Gossip Words Untrue (S)/Love Is A Bird (S)/She's Gotten To Me (S)/I Love (S)/Chapel In The Fields (S)/Can You Help Me (S)/Please Don't Love Him (S)/You're Bad (S)/Guaranteed Satisfaction (S)/Sweet Green Fields (S)/What Does That Make You (S)/As A Matter Of Fact (S)/My Feet Are Off The Ground (S)/They Ran For Their Lives (S)/Come And Get It (S, demo)/High On Love (M, alternate backing track, with studio talk)

SC 11048 - The Great Lost Great Scots Album!!! - Great Scotts [1997] This is a collection of the group's three singles (Triumph TR-66, TR-67, Challenge 59339), along with 10 unissued tracks, all recorded in 1966. On The Road Again (S)/I Ain't No Miracle Worker (Version 1) (S)/Someone That I Can't See (S)/Don't You Believe Them (S)/Ball & Chain (S)/Show Me The Way (S)/The Light Hurts My Eyes (S)/I Can Do It Better (S)/Honey And Wine (S)/Lord I'm So Lonely (S)/Blue Monday (S)/What Am I To Do (S)/Run Run For Your Life (S)/Help Myself (S)/I Ain't No Miracle Worker (Version 2) (S)/You Know What You Can Do (S)

CDCH 227 - Tequila - Champs[1992] Tequila (M)/Train To Nowhere (M)/Sombrero (M)/Sky High (M)/Experiment In Terror (M)/La Cucaracha (M)/The Shoddy Shoddy [Bunny Hop] (M)/Jumping Bean (M)/Too Much Tequila (M)/Turnpike (M)/The Caterpillar (S)/Beatnik (M)/El Rancho Rock (M)/Midnighter (M)/Chariot Rock (M)/Bandido (S)/Limbo Rock (M)/Subway (M)/Red Eye (M)/Gone Train (M)/Caramba (M)

CDCHD 451 - Go Champs Go/Everybody's Rockin' - Champs [1993] Go Champs Go (M)/El Rancho Rock (M)/I'll Be There (M)/Sky High (M)/What's Up Buttercup (M)/Lollipop (M)/Tequila (M)/Train To Nowhere (M)/Midnighter (M)/Robot Walk (M)/Just Walking In The Rain (M)/Night Beat (M)/Everybody's Rockin' (S)/Chariot Rock (S)/The Caterpillar (S)/Turnpike (S)/Lavinia (S)/Mau Mau Stomp (S)/Rockin' Mary (S)/Subway (S)/The Toast (S)/Bandido (S)/Ali Baba (S)/Foggy River (S)

COL-CD-0530 - Tequila - Champs[1993] Tequila (M)/La Cucaracha (M)/Too Much Tequila (M)/Beatnik (M)/El Rancho Rock (M)/Chariot Rock (M)/Limbo Rock (M)/Night Train (M)/Raunchy (S)/Honky Tonk (S)/Last Night (S)/Alley Cat (M)/Hokey Pokey (E)/Go Champs Go (M)/Tequila Twist (S)/Bristol Stomp (S)/The Twist (S)/Bunny Hop (S)

COL-CD-0531 - Lies - Knickerbockers [1993] Lies (S)/One Track Mind (M)/Jerk Town (S)/Money (S)/Just One Girl (S)/Chuck Berry Medley (M)/High On Love (M, with countoff)/Stick With Me (M)/She Said Goodbye (S)/Like Little Children (S)/Playgirl (S)/You're Bad (S)/Playgirl (S, alt. version)/You Really Got Me (M)/All Day And All Night (M)/Jolly Green Giant (M)/Twine Time (M)/Land Of 1000 Dances (M)/She's Not There (M)

D2-77262 - Greatest Hits - Jerry Wallace [1990] [BSN Reader comment: "Watch out for this one. Most of the songs run faster. Much faster. It's disgusting." - Alan Carner] Primrose Lane/How The Time Flies/In The Misty Moonlight/Shutters And Boards/To Get To You/There She Goes/Blue Jean Baby/Little Coco Palm/Don't Give Up On Me/If You Need Me/Tonight I'll Cry

50018 - Tequila: The Best of the Champs - Champs[1997] Tequila (M)/Train To Nowhere ()/El Rancho Rock (M)/Chariot Rock (M)/Too Much Tequila (M)/South Of The Border (M)/Frankie And Johnny (S)/Midnighter (M)/Fandango (S)/Limbo Rock (M)/Streamliner (M)/Tijuana Two Step (S)/Sky High (M)/Stiletto (S)/Mau Mau (M)/That Did It (S)/Jumping Bean (M)/Tequila Twist (S)

OW34488 - The Challenge Album Collection - Champs (2 CD set) [1997] Reissue of the four albums on Challenge, along with four bonus tracks. Disc 1: Go Champs Go (M)/El Rancho Rock (M)/I'll Be There (M)/Sky High (M)/What's Up Buttercup (M)/Lollipop (M)/Tequila (M)/Train To Nowhere (M)/Midnighter (M)/Robot Walk (M)/Just Walking In The Rain (M)/Night Beat (M)/Everybody's Rockin' (S, with LP intro)/Chariot Rock (M)/The Caterpillar (S)/Turnpike (M)/Lavinia (S)/Mau Mau Stomp (S)/Rockin' Mary (S, with LP intro)/Subway (M)/The Toast (S)/Bandido (S)/Ali Baba (S)/Foggy River (S); Disc 2: Tequila Twist (S)/Limbo Rock (M)/Bristol Stomp (S)/Red-Eyed Pony (M)/The Twist (S)/That's All I Want From You (S)/Tijuana Two-Step (S)/Too Much Tequila (M)/Hokey Pokey (M)/The Bunny Hop (S)/The Shoddy Shoddy (M)/What A Country (S)/All American Twist (S)/I've Just Seen Her (S)/Night Life (S)/Once Upon A Time (S)/The Real Me (S)/We Speak The Same Language (S)/Physical Fitness (S)/Our Kids Twist (S)/Limbo Dance (S)/Night Train (M)/Honky Tonk (S)/Peter Gunn (S)

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