Donna Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: March 23, 2011

Donna Records was formed in Los Angeles by Bob Keane in 1959 after the huge hit by that name by Ritchie Valens. The first two singles, issued in 1959, were "Blabbermouth"/"Penalty" by The Rookies [Donna 1313], followed by "The Birds And The Bees"/"Till The End Of Time" by Buddy Langdon [Donna 1314]. Neither charted.

Original label for 'Love You So', 1959 In 1960, Keane signed Seattle-based singer Ron Holden, whose quasi-calypso "Love You So" backed by the Thunderbirds was making some chart headway in his home city on the small Nite Owl label [Nite Owl 10]. Keane quickly reissued it on Donna 1315, pushing it nationally starting in March, 1960, the song eventually reaching #7. The flip, the rocking "My Babe," a song created almost spontaneously in the studio, has also maintained popularity over the years. Keane had Holden record an album also called Love You So [Donna DLP-2111], and experimented with recording it and releasing it in stereo. When the album sold sluggishly, and the followup, "Gee, But I'm Lonesome" [Donna 1524], only reached #106 in the summer that year, Keane stopped pressing the expensive stereo copies of the album after a short production run and used up the remaining mono copies in the stereo jackets. Holden never had another Hot 100 hit, but continued his singing career for years afterwards.

Bob Keane picked up another couple of masters in 1960 that proved successful the next year. The first, "Gift of Love" by the Van Dykes, a New York vocal group, didn't chart nationally on its original label [Spring 1113], but when Keane reissued it in late 1960 on Donna 1333, it reached #91. A better find was the Pentagons' "To Be Loved (Forever)" [Fleetwood International 100]. The Pentagons were a smooth vocal group made up of two pair of brothers out of San Bernadino, California. "To Be Loved" reached #48 in the spring of 1961 on Donna 1337, but their followup, "I Like The Way You Look" [Donna 1344] failed. Later in 1961, the group recorded for the Philadelphia-based Jamie label, and scored with "I Wonder (If Your Love Will Ever Belong To Me)" [Jamie 1291, #84], the latter a delightful neo-doo-wop recorded in stereo.

In mid-1962, Keane found a latin group called the Velveteens, and recorded two of their singers, Paul "Rene" Venezuela and Ray Quinones (as Rene & Ray) with the song "Queen of My Heart" [Donna 1360], which was backed vocally by the rest of the Velveteens. It made it to #79 nationally, reaching the top 40 in some cities such as Chicago.

That was it for chart hits for the Donna label, although not for lack of talent. Among the other artists were Brenda Holloway, The Gallahads, Bruce Johnston [later of the Beach Boys], the Rocky Fellers, and Ronnie & The Pamona Casuals. Even the Bobby Fuller Four had a single on Donna.

In 1965, Bob Keane decided to discontinue Donna Records and started a replacement label, Mustang Records. In the 1990s, Del-Fi has reissued several new CDs on the Donna label, using both a continuation of the 2100 series and a 70000 series.

The first Donna singles label (far left) was light blue with black printing, with DONNA at the top with the dark blue silhouette of a girl with a pony tail. Promotional copies (near left) were white with black lettering. "Love You So" has also shown up on colored vinyl, although whether this is an original promo or a reissue is unknown to us.
The second Donna singles label (far left) was black with silver printing, with the same logo at the top in light blue. The album label (near left) for both 2111 and 2112 was light blue with black print and a dark blue logo, resembling the first singles label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Donna DLP/DO-2100 Series:

DLP-2111/DST-2111 - "Love You So...", Ron - Ron Holden [1960] Very few stereo records were pressed, but quite a few stereo jackets were printed. Most of the stereo jackets were found with mono records inside, but the stereo version of this album does exist and was issued commercially. Here I Come (S)/Everything's Gonna Be Alright (S)/Gee But I'm Lonesome (S)/Susie Jane (S)/Let No One Tell You (S)//Love You So (E)/My Babe (E)/True Love Can Be (S)/Seeing Double (E)/Do I Have The Right (E)/Your Line Is Busy (E)

DO-2112 - Everybody Jerk - Ronnie & the Pomona Casuals [1965] Issued in monaural only. I Wanna Do The Jerk/Sloopy/The Jerk/Land Of A Thousand Dances/Do The Jerk/Slow Jerk//Everybody Jerk/Help Yourself/Ya Ya/High Heel Sneakers/Dance What You Wanna/Out Of Sight

The series numbering continues with CDs released in the 1990s:

DOCD 2113 - Shots in the Dark - Various Artists [1996] A newly-recorded tribute to Henry Mancini, featuring at least one old-time rocker, Davie Allan of Arrows fame. The last track sounds like a modern put-on of an old record. Banzai Pipeline - Boardwalkers (S)/Baby Elephant Walk - Jigsaw Seen (S)/Peter Gunn Theme - Poison Ivy (S)/Charade - Blue Hawaiians (S)/Something For Cat - Four Piece Suit (S)/Mr. Lucky - Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods (S)/The Pink Panther Theme - Oranj Symphonette (S)/ Lonesome - Friends Of Dean Martinez (S)/The Party - Wondermints (S)/Monkey Farm - Tiki Tones (S)/A Shot In The Dark - Whiskey Biscuit (S)/Touch Of Evil - Man Or Astroman? (S)/Days Of Wine And Roses - Wonderful World Of Joey (S)/Dreamsville - Br. Cleve & His Lush Orch. (S)/Push The Button Max - Del Noah & Mt. Ararat Finks (S)/Charade - Farina (S)/Mr. Yunioshi - Insect Surfers (S)/Arabesque - Huntington Cads (S)/Experiment In Terror - Davie Allan & Arrows (S)/Moon River - Nan Vernon (M, low-fi, with surface noise, and "hidden track" foreign language version after two minutes of silence, then two more minutes of silence afterwards)

The series continues with CDs released on the Del-Fi label:

DFCD 2114 - Delfonic Sounds Today! - Various Artists [4/20/99] I Fought The Law - Brian Jonestown Massacre/Hippy Hippy Shake - Liquor Giants/Yo Yo's Pad - Man or Astroman?/The Slauson Shuffle - Tiki Tones/My Lovin' Baby - Single Bullet Theory/Hitch Hiker - Neil Mooney/Come On, Let's Go - Russel Scott & His Red Hots/Things Will Work Out Fine - Cloud Eleven/Full Moon (Tropical Blend) - Wondermints/An Afternoon Affair - Mello Cads/Bullwinkle P. II - Elliot Easton's Tiki Gods/Luci Baines - The Jigsaw Seen/The World's Greatest Sinner - Dekes Of Hazzard/The Magic Touch - The Negro Problem/All In The Run Of A Day - Baby Lemonade/Our Favorite Martian - Davie Allan & The Arrows/When I Did The Mashed Potatoes With You - Wiskey Biscuit/A New Shade Of Blue - Nan Vernon/Surf Rider - Los Straitjackets/Donna - Elliot Kendall

DFCD 2115 - International Pop Overthrow - Various Artists [11/2/98] Magic Of The Moment - Evelyn Forever/It's A Breakdown - Tearaways/Midtempo Trap - Chewy Marble/That Someone - Matt Bruno/You're The One - Stagefright (Michael Carpenter)/Rainbow Station - Jiffipop/Sonny & Cher - Double Naught Spies/Remarkable Similarity - Jennys/Against The Grain - Nerk Twins/Sunday School - Brown Eyed Susans/If You Could See Me Now - John Faye Power Trip/Jenny Cam - Kerosene Hero/Anastasia - The Mind Reels/Denny's Girl - The Sun Sawed In 1/2/Together Again - John Moremen/Thought It Out - John McMullan/She's Gone - Blue Cartoon/Checkout Girl - Stickman/Begging for Rain - George Usher/Finding Out - Single Bullet Theory

DFCD 2116 - International Pop Overthrow, Vo. 2 - Various Artists [10/26/99] (2-CD set) Disc 1: She's Not The Enemy - Jason Falkner/Where Do I Go When You Dream? - Outrageous Cherry/Up, Up and Away - Big Hello/Strange Bird - Grip Weeds/December Song - Helium Angel/Forever And A Day - Single Bullet Theory/The Only Reason - Idea/Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built For Two) - Evelyn Forever/Nothing New - Happy Regrets/Everybody's World - Elliot Kendall/Red Lines - John McMullan/Gaspar's Back - Retros/Moving On - Michael Carpenter/Almost Breaking Down - Rocket Transfer Warehouse/Speechless - Jellybricks/Pin-Up Girl - Matt Bruno/Where Is Love? - Jeremy/Queen of Speed - Joy Poppers/Tiny Star - Webstirs/Scenes From the Mall - Cosmic Avenger/Strawberry Afternoon - Double Naught Spies; Disc 2: Law of Attraction - Cosmo Topper/Heard Enough - Danny Wilde/Melody Comes - Spinning Jennies/Pete Ham - Crash Into June/Big Man in Town - Liquor Giants/Eyes On The Prize - Nerk Twins/Angelyne - Tearaways/Take Control - Cloud Eleven/Wrecking Ball - 360 Loose/Midwestern Jinx - Spill/Mine Called Somebody Else - KC Bowman/Zen Gazzara - IGMO/Reasons Why - Chewy Marble/I Want You Anyway - Blue Cartoon/On The Beach Tonight - It's My Party!/Las Vegas - Ben's Diapers/Truly Julie - Dan Markell/Walking In My Dreams - Barry Holdship/Dismembered - Dipsomaniacs/Look In The Face Of Love - The Bobbies/Bye, Bye Radio - Twenty Cent Crush

DFCD-2117 - Surf Monsters!: Past, Present & Future Surf Classics - Various Artists [6/1/99] Flotation Devices For Frequencies Yet To Be Detected - Man Or Astro-Man?/Planet Of The Apehangers - Bomboras/Harem Nocturne - Satan's Pilgrims/Bombora - Original Surfaris/Beach Blanket Blackout - Huevos Rancheros/Church Key - Dave Myers & Surftones /Bullwinkle, Pt. 2 - Centurions/Albatross Joe - Cocktail Preachers/Exotic - Sentinals/Northern Spy - Barbacoa/The Island Of Lost Soul - Tiki Tones/Moment Of Truth - Dave Myers & The Surftones/Devil's Martini - Dynotones/The Apes Of Wrath - Space Cossacks/Wipe Out - Impacts/Dr. Yes - Sub-Mersians/Misirlou - Lively Ones/Big Surf - Sentinals/Surf Session At Sunset - Powerjive/Surf Rider - Lively Ones

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