Doré Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, and David Edwards
Last update: December 3, 2011

Doré Records Ltd, Inc. was formed in Hollywood in 1958 by Herb Newman and Lou Bedell as a companion to their Era label. Doré was pronounced "Dorrie" by the people who worked at the label, and the name is often written without the accent, "Dore". Both Era and Doré were originally located at Sunset and Vine in Hollywood. By 1960, the formal address of Doré Records was 1481 Vine Street in Los Angeles. They later moved to 1608 Argyle in Hollywood, where they were located from the 1970s through 2000. A&R for the Doré label was by Lou Adler and Herb Alpert. Doré recorded popular, rock and roll, rhythm and blues and comedy records. In June 1959, Lew Bedell and Herb Newman split, with Newman buying Bedell's interest in Era and selling his interest in Doré Records to Bedell.

Doré Records started as most labels do, with several forgotten records. Although Doré in the 1970s was best known as a comedy label, Lew Bedell's sense of humor was evident very early on. The first single was "Buoys and Gulls"/"Rendezvous 22" by the Cruisers [Doré 500], followed by "After School Rock"/"Sentimental Baby" by the Baritones [Doré 501]. Doré 502 was "Yes, Master" by the Whips (!).

The Teddy Bears: Lieb (l), Kleinbard, Spector Doré suddenly had a #1 hit in late summer, 1958, with "To Know Him Is to Love Him" [Doré 503] by a trio called the Teddy Bears. The song was written and produced by Phil Spector, the leader of the group, which also contained Annette Kleinbard and Marshall Lieb (and used their friend Sandy Nelson as the drummer for the recording). After the one hit, and a non-charting followup, "Wonderful, Lovable You" [Dore 520], the Teddy Bears left Doré for the greener pastures of the larger Imperial label in 1959. Spector at Imperial was given the latitude to record an album for his group, which was one of the first stereo albums released by that label. Unfortunately, all stereo did for the Teddy Bears was to reveal in painful detail the lack of singing talent and polish in the group. After the Imperial album, the Teddy Bears were history. Annette Kleinbard changed her name to Carol Connors and became a songwriter of some renown, co-authoring the Rip Chords' 1964 hit "Hey Little Cobra," Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" from the film Rocky,, and the Billy Preston/Syreeta hit "With You I'm Born Again." Phil Spector, of course, went on to become one of the great producers in rock and roll history, but became a noted stereo-hater, preferring a monophonic wall of layered sound to cover any flaws rather than the clean but spare sound of the stereo Teddy Bears.

Ronnie Height in a recent photo
(Courtesy of the Rockabilly HOF) Speaking of stereo, the Doré label is a mono collector's dream. Nothing from this label in the way of early hits (or otherwise) has come out in true stereo; even the Hudson and Landry comedy records from the 1970s were rechanneled. (We have not listened to the new CDs recorded in the 1990s to determine if they're stereo.)

Doré's second chart hit was a cover of the Fleetwoods' "Come Softly to Me" by Ronnie Height [Doré 516], which reached #45 in the spring of 1959. Height had been the lead singer for the Five Checks. Height's version of "Come Softly" did surprisingly well, since it was a cover record of a #1 hit, making top ten in a number of cities, including #2 in Chicago. Oddly, Height never had another single released on Doré, but "Come Softly to Me" was actually a last minute substitution. Originally, Doré 516 was "So Young, So Wise"/"Juvenile", but when the chance to cover "Come Softly to Me" came up, "Juvenile" was discarded in favor of the new song. So even though Ronnie Height only had one single [Doré 516], he had three released songs.

Jan and Dean with Lou Adler and Herb Alpert, 1959:
From left, Dean Torrence, Lou Adler, Jan Berry, Herb Alpert In 1959, Herb Alpert recruited former classmates Jan Berry and Dean Torrence (Jan and Dean). Their first hit for the label was a song called "Baby Talk" [Doré 522]. Lou Adler (who also became their manager) and Alpert produced the record, as they did many of the early Doré singles. The arrangement was by Alpert, an unknown at the time. "Baby Talk" was a big hit, making #10 on the national charts in late summer, 1959. Jan and Dean had four more charted hits for Doré, but none of that magnitude: "There's A Girl" [Doré 531, #97, 10/59], "Clementine" [Doré 539, #65, 2/60], "We Go Together" [Doré 555, #53, 8/60], and "Gee" [Doré 576, #81, 11/60]. They also had some chart misses, with "Cindy"/"White Tennis Sneakers" [Doré 548], "Baggy Pants" [Doré 583], and "Julie" [Doré 610]. By 1961, Jan & Dean had jumped to the Challenge label, where they revived their careers with "Heart and Soul" [Challenge 9111], which reached #25, before being picked up by Liberty, where by 1962 they really hit their stride on the surfing/drag racing music genre. Doré released a Jan and Dean album (LP 101) which is very collectable; the album included a large color picture of Jan and Dean.

Lou Adler went on to form Dunhill Records which had great success with the Mamas and Papas, Steppenwolf, and others, and then moved on to form Ode Records, who had Carole King's multiplatinum albums. Herb Alpert had many hits under his own name with the Tijuana Brass, after he and Jerry Moss formed A&M Records. A&M, of course, became a record industry giant before it was bought out by PolyGram/Universal Music Group in 1989 and shut down in 1999.

Other chart singles for Doré included "Look For a Star" [Doré 554], which reached #29 in the summer of 1960, "Percolator (Twist)" [Doré 620], which reached #10 in early 1962, and Hudson & Landry's comedy singles "Ajax Liquor Store" [Doré 855, #43, 4/71] and "Ajax Airlines" [Doré 868, #68, 1/72]. "Percolator" was based on a Maxwell House coffee commercial.

And of course, even though they didn't chart, the Zanies must be mentioned, if nothing else than for longevity. The group started as an instrumental combo which included Lew Bedell. Their repertoire included a lot of good semi-instrumentals with a comedy slant, such as "The Blob" [Doré 509], or the classic "Frustration" [Doré 632], where a telephone busy signal is repeatedly dropped in during an otherwise upbeat instrumental. Since they were Bedell's group, he was still using the name in the late 1970s for his comedy routines. Doré continued to operate at a low-key level over the years, most of their later releases being novelty or comedy records. They did have some success with the soft soul group the Whispers.

Lew Bedell died in 2000, and the Doré label was subsequently (2007) sold to Ace Records in the UK. Doré released over 450 singles, from catalog number 500 to 951, but almost none of these were released on LP. A four-CD set of compilations, possibly bootlegs, were issued recently to try to fill the gap, but we can probably expect much better product from Ace Records UK once they get the tapes organized.

The original Doré label (far left) was light blue with black printing, with "Doré" in script on a black feather above the center hole. This was used for the 1000 and 100 series. Our original copy of LP-101 has a slight brownish fade at the very top of the label on both sides. The late 1960s/early 1970s Doré label (near left) used on LP-320 to LP-325 was a similar design to the original light blue label, but used silver print on dark green or dark red. The last known vinyl release, LP-344, had a black label with this design with silver print.
Around 1971, starting with LP-326, the label was redesigned (far left), and this multicolor label was used throughout the rest of the 1970s and early 1980s. The label was black with silver printing. To the left of the center hole was "DORÉ" in yellow; above the center hole is a multi-color feather. In 1981, Doré started a collector's series of LPs which were issued on colored vinyl, but the pressing plant messed up the vinyl order and the albums proved mediocre sellers, so the series proved short- lived. These collectors series LPs used the original light blue Doré label design of the late 1950s (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Doré LP-1000 Jazz Series:

LP-1000 - Stockholm Rhapsody - Lon Weldon [1959] Stockholm Rhapsody/You Can't Be In Love With A Dream/Happy Song/It Happened In A Dream/Lucky Day/Tallulah/You're The Kind Of Girl/Our Love Was Meant To Be/Medley From Miss Vanity

LP-1001 - Hampton Hawes Jazz Trio - Hampton Hawes Trio [1959] Silver label with black print, same design as blue label. Look Of Love/Evening Train/Muffin Man//High In The Sky/Carmel/Spanish Girl

Doré LP-100 Pop Series:

LP-101 - Jan and Dean - Jan & Dean [3/60] Originals of this album contained an 11" by 11" photo of Jan and Dean. Clementine/Judy/My Heart Sings/Rosie Lane/Oh Julie/Baby Talk//You're On My Mind/There's A Girl/Jeannette/Cindy/Don't Fly Away/White Tennis Sneakers

LP-102 - As I Look into Your Faces (Which, Believe Me, Need Looking Into) - Pat Buttram [1961] Toastmaster At Steve Allen Dinner/Celebration Honoring ASCAP Members//Toastmaster At Dinner Honoring Casey Stengel/Alan Mowbray Testimonial/At A Dinner Honoring Frank McHugh

Doré LP-320 Comedy Series:

LP-320 - Oh Mighty Game of Golf!! - Lew Bedell [1967]

LP-321 - The Zanies - Zanies [12/67]

LP-322 -

LP-323 -

LP-324 - Hanging in There - Hudson & Landry [1971] Bob Hudson and Ron Landry. Ajax Liquor Store (E)/Lock Ness Monster (E)/Hippie And The Redneck (E)/Pierre's Restaurant (E)/The Doctors (E)/Kearsarge (E)//Top Forty D.J's (E)/Impossible Dreams (E)/Porno Flicks (E)/Friar Shuck (E)/Five Points

LP-325 - Heavy! - Victor Buono [1971] Originally issued with red label. Reissues have the black multicolor feather label. I'm Fat/A Word To The Wide/Someday When I'm Skinny/Bless Me Doctor/We're The Most/Fat Man's Prayer/Skinny Poems For Fat Lovers/Lard Lib/You Don't Have To Be Fat To Hate Rome/I Am/New Gig

At this point, label changes to the black label with multicolor feather.

LP-326 - Losing Their Heads - Hudson & Landry [1971] Obscene Phone Bust (E)/Ajax Airlines (E)/The Prospectors (S)/Sir Basil (E)/Ajax Travel Bureau (E)//Frederickism (E)/Astro Nut (E)/Bruiser LaRue (E)/Friar Shuck (E)

LP-327 - Try It, You'll Like It - Pat Harrison & Robin Tyler [1971] Feminist humor, recorded live at the Artists Recording Studio, Hollywood. Harrison & Tyler, Right On!/The "Swingers" Party With Madge And Marge/Power Of Attorney/Slender In The Grass/The Sensuous Geriatric/Rhonda Radical/Trans Women's Liberation Airlines/For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

LP-328 - The Integration of Lodi - Gene Farmer [1972] The Integration Of Lodi/The Goldfish Song/Gus' Daughter/Apathy Club/Bull Fight//Father Was A Mother To Me/Community Song/Tweety Bird/Indian Maiden/Cowboys Of Laredo

LP-329 - Right-Off! - Hudson & Landry [1973] Soul Bowl/Rising And Falling Of Adolph Hitler/Murph Almighty/The Hippo/The Heads/Frontier Christmas/Charlie Chin/Bruiser LaRue Meets Count Dracula/Ajax Pet Store/Ajax Mortuary

LP-330 - Calypso Gene on the Scene - Gene Farmer [1972] The Ballad Of George McGovern/(others)

LP-331 - The Weird Kingdom of Hudson and Landry - Hudson & Landry [1973] Weird Kingdom/The Heaven Game/Conelius Vanderbilt/Little Miss Lonely/Montague for Govenor/The Maltese Humming Bird/Forever Adams/Nobody's Business/Ajax Finance Company

LP-332 - The Dirty Old Man - Jim Backus [1975] That's Rich/The Happy Cooker/The Dirty Old Man/Me And My Shadow/The TV Man/Kelsey's Nuts And Bolts/Agony And Pain/Frigid

LP-333 - The Best of Hudson and Landry - Hudson & Landry [1975] Ajax Liquor Store/The Soul Bowl/The Prospectors/Ajax Mortuary/Montague For Governor//Bruiser LaRue/Cornelius Vanderbilt/The Hippie And The Redneck/Ajax Airlines/Frontier Christmas

LP-334 - The Hollyweird Squares - Hudson & Pickett [1976] Bob Hudson (of Hudson & Landry) and Bobby (Boris) Pickett (of "Monster Mash" fame). Hollyweird Squares/The Hudson & Pickett Goodtime News/The Apprentice Vampire/Ruby Red Rhinestone Records/Sky High Market, Part 1/Big "Bad" John/The Legacy of How-Hard Huges/Pass The Jack Daniels/The Whirled Series/Sky High Market, Part 2

LP-335 - Randy Rivera Live - Randy Rivera [1976] Sally Ann/Buellton/My First 84 Affairs/Highland Park I Love You/Momma/High School/Hell Of A Summer/Prom Night Blues/The Horny Song/La's Got Nothing To Say/Those College Days

LP-336 - I Met a Man I Didn't Like - John Barbour [1978?] Rex Reed and Me/The Abominable Snow Man/My $28,000.00 Chevy/Kal Worthless' Used Candidates/English Not Spoken Here/Tom Snyder & the Jerry Lewis Telethon//The Champagne Flight/Redd Foxx, Sammy Davis & Bob Hope/Charlie Bronson & Karate/Dead Dogs & the Six O'Clock News/The Worse It Is, The Better It's Planned/Look Ma, No Bra/Bad News, Billy Carter & Rona

LP-337 - The Zanies - Zanies [1979] Sally Ann/Those College Days/Los Angeles, Los Angeles/Madelina Hadalena, Part 1/The Psychiatrist, Part 1/My First 84 Affairs/I Don't Wanta Get Involved/News, Weather And Sports/Madelina Hadalena, Part 2/The Panacea/The Psychiatrist, Part 2

LP-338 - Shhh - Whispers [1980] The Dip/Needle In A Haystack/Story Book Of Love/Dr. Love/As I Sit Here //You Got A Man On Your Hands/Never Again/You Can't Fight What's Right/I Was Born When You Kissed Me/It Only Hurts For A Little While

LP-339 - The Zanies - Zanies [1980]

LP-340 -

LP-341 -

LP-342 -

LP-343 -

LP-344 - The Best of Hudson & Landry, Volume II - Hudson & Landry [1981?] Black label with silver print. The Heaven Game/Frederickism/Friar Schuck/Murph Almighty/Kearsarge/Obscene Phone Bust/Bruiser LaRue Meets Dracula/The Private Astro Nut/Positive Proof Adolph Was Insane

Series continues with compact discs:

CD 357 - Best of Hudson and Landry - Hudson & Landry [2/96] Mostly transferred from vinyl, with lots of surface noise. I Couldn't Live Like That (The Prospectors) (E)/Ajax Liquor Store (M)/Montague For Governor (M)/Frederickism (E)/Ajax Mortuary (M)/Bruiser LaRue, Footballer (E)/Bruiser Meets Dracula (E)/Ajax Airlines (E)/Cornelius Vanderbilt (E)/The Heaven Game (M)/Sir Basil (M)/Obscene Phone Bust (M)/Ajax Travel Bureau (M)/Frontier Christmas (M)

CD 358 - Reach for the Son - Bob Chance [5/96] Have You Ever Read The Bible?/Reach For The Son/What If He Came Back Then?/Song For God/Day That Jesus Christ Returns/Life I Used To Know/Can't Hurt Me Anymore/He/Plan For The Man/Prayer/Keep On Prayin' To The Lord/Waiting/Sonshine For My Heart

CD 359 - Look Ma, I'm Dancin' - Bob Chance [12/96] It's Broken/Look Ma I'm Dancin'/In The City/Everybody's Movin' Tonight/Brown Skinned Girl/Van Man/Tribute To Dick Clark/Angel Eyes/We're Not Alone/It's Broken [Extended Dance Mix]

CD 360 - Dore Records Comedy Classics - Various Artists [1/97] Fat Man's Prayer - Victor Buono/Loch Ness Monster - Hudson & Landry/Howard Worm Interview, Part 1 - Joey Reynolds/Dirty Old Man - Jim Backus/Dear Madelyn - Lew Bedell/Bless Me Doctor - Victor Buono/Howard Worm Interview, Part 2 - Joey Reynolds/Weird Kingdom - Hudson & Landry/Cat's Dead - Lew Bedell/Two Top 40 Djs - Hudson & Landry/Howard Worm Interview, Part 3 - Joey Reynolds

CD 361 - Mel's Hole - Lew Bedell [8/97] Mel's Hole/My Friend Scottie/Los Angeles, Los Angeles/I Don't Wanna Get Involved/Sam The Herring/Those College Days/Dear Madelyn/The Pratical Joker/Backbone/Darlin' Come Back

CD 362 - The Bulge - Various Artists [2/98] The Bulge - Jenny B/Where or When - Superbs/Bobby Joe, Baby Brother and Me - Superbs/Everybody's Movin' - Debonaires/Long Live Rap - Superbs/A Million Miles To Paradise - Ronnie Cook/The Big Hurt - Superbs/When They Ask About You - Jades/Disco's Back - Kenard & the Jades/Little Orphan Boy - Ronnie Cook

CD 363 - The Perfect Love Song - Various Artists [4/98] The Perfect Love Song - Lew Bedell/Friar Shuck - Hudson & Landry/Kearsarge - Hudson & Landry/The Soul Bowl - Hudson & Landry/The Private Astronaut - Hudson & Landry/Percolator - Billy Joe & Checkmates/Ve Found You Adolph - Hudson & Landry/Supply Your Own Words - Lew Bedell/The Hippie & The Redneck - Hudson & Landry/Supply Your Own Words - Lew Bedell

CD 364 - Laff a Little, Cry a Little - Bob Chance [7/98] Remember Me/I Dig Ugly/Raindrops, Memories And Tears/She Played The Classical Piano/Don't Make Me Go/Tennessee/Sleepwalk/The Traveler/Her License Plates Said Lovely/Cell #9/Talkin' 'Bout Love/Born To Sing

CD 365 - Bad Bad Biker - Lew Bedell [9/98] Big Bad Biker/Sir Lancelot And Lady Guenever/It's Lovely/My Father Was A Mother To Me/Cat's Dead/Circumcis

CD 366 - The Last Name Is The Game - Various Artists [5/99] The Last Name Is The Game - Lew Bedell/Dear Madeline III - The Old Codger & Lew Bedell/I Didn't Have The Sense To Go - Bob Chance/Pierre's Resturant - Hudson & Landry/I Love Life, Men and Candy - Mandy & French Interpreter/Blame It On El Nino - Gary Kephart/The Chocolate Freak - Hudson & Landry/The Last Name Is The Game Part II - Lew Bedell/Ajax Pet Store - Hudson & Landry/The Two Doctors - Hudson & Landry

CD 367 - Extra, Extra... Humor Discovered in the Bible - Lew Bedell [3/2000] Methusala/Babylon/Adam & Eve/Salome/Moses/Samson & Delilah/Daniel in the Lions Den/Lot's Wife/Noah/Begot

Doré LP-400 "Collectors Delight" Series:

LP-401 - Collectors Delight, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1981] Issued in clear vinyl. All tracks mono. Baggy Pants - Jan & Dean/Such A Good Night For Dreaming - Jan & Dean/Julie - Jan & Dean/The Blob - Zanies/I Don't Wanna Get Involved - Zanies/Boogie Woogie Feeling - Tony Casanova/Rumble At Newport Beach - Mike Gordon & Agates/Wonderful Loveable You - Teddy Bears//Look For A Star - Deane Hawley/Like A Fool - Deane Hawley/Rainbow - Deane Hawley/Gone With The Wind Is My Love - Rita & Tiaras/Come Softly To Me - Ronnie Height/Percolator (Twist) - Billy Joe & Checkmates/Summertime In Venice - Billy Joe & Checkmates/I Bought My Little Brother A Chemistry Set - L.J. Bugerbee

LP-402 - Collectors Delight, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1981] Issued on colored vinyl. All tracks mono. I Was Born When You Kissed Me - Whispers/The Dip - Whispers/As I Sit Here - Whispers/Doctor Love - Whispers/Temptation Walk - Entertainers IV/Hey Lady - Entertainers IV/Garden Of Eden - Entertainers IV/When They Ask About You - Jades//Baby Baby All The Time - Superbs/Goddess Of Love - Superbs/My Heart Isn't In It - Superbs/Little Orphan Boy - Superbs/Your Eyes - Superbs/I'm Giving You Notice Baby - Fidels/Every Once In A While - Debonaires/Mama Don't Care - Debonaires


5035-2 - Jan & Dean - Jan & Dean [1996] Reissue of Doré LP-101 with bonus tracks. All tracks mono. Clementine (LP version)/Judy/My Heart Sings/Rosie Lane/Oh Julie/Baby Talk/You're On My Mind/There's A Girl/Jeannette Get Your Hair Done/Cindy/Don't Fly Away/White Tennis Sneakers; Bonus Tracks: We Go Together/Gee/It's Such A Good Night For Dreaming/Baggy Pants/Judy's An Angel/Clementine (45 version, clipped at start)

DORÉ (Bootleg?)
DOWS-7001 - The Doré Doo-Wop Story, Volume 1 - Various Artists [200?] Ring A Ding Ding - Tides/Sentimental Baby - Baritones/Every Once In A While - Debonaires/Last Of The Real Smart Guys - Premiers/Darling It's You - Gloria Rose/An Invitation To A Party - Dimples/The Big Hurt - Superbs/Fifteen Only Fifteen - Donna Lee-Anne/Too Fat To Turn Around - Creators/Teenage Time - Jimmy Bardon/I Love You I Do - Freddie Willis/A Casual Look - Chris Darling/What Makes Little Girls Cry - Premiers/Say You're Mine - Tides/Teenage Cinderella - Rodney & Blazers/Midnight Star - Brentwoods/They Never Grow Old - Darnel Johnson & Scooters/Tell Me How - Rodney & Blazers/I Could Just Die - Donna Lee-Anne/Dear Mr. President - Tides/Evening Star - Premiers/Goddess Of Love - Superbs/Coming Down The Track - Jimmy Bardon/Snow White - Rodney & Blazers/People Don't Look No More - Entertainers IV

DOWS-7002 - The Doré Doo-Wop Story, Volume 2 - Various Artists [200?] Tragedy Of Love - Dories/Crazy Dance - Von Gayles/Mama Don't Care - Debonaires/Lovin Daddy - Chuck Myles & Styles/I Was Blind - Superbs/Chicken Spaceman - Tides/If I Had Your Love - Fascinations/Little Love Of Mine - Claudia & Crystals/To Know Him Is To Love Him - Darlings/As I Live From Day To Day - Brentwoods/Better Get Your Own One Buddy - Symbols/How The Time Flies - Johnny Cole/Gert's Skirt - Debonaires/After School Rock - Baritones/Hello There Mr. Grave Digger - Creators/It's Only - Freddie Willis/Be Mine Or Be A Fool - Chuck Myles & Styles/This Is Your Love - Claudia & Crystals/My Sister's Beau - Dimples/I Love Him So - Dories/The Twirl - Von Gayles/Jennie Lou And Suzie Mae - Johnny Cole/Everybody's Movin - Debonaires/Why - Fascinations/Last Year About This Time - Symbols/Follow Me - Tides

DOWS-7003 - The Doré Doo-Wop Story, Volume 3 - Various Artists [200?] Vicki Sue - Ebbs/Love Is Like A Mountain - Raindrop/Where Is My Angel? - Dean Hawley/Maybe - Raindrops/When They Are About You - Jades/Someday - Cam Morris/Big Red - Numbers/Please Write Me A Letter - Chris Darling/Tell Me - John & Judy/My Baby Done Me Wrong - Kid Guitar Thompson/Look For A Star - Dean Hawley/Have You Found Someone New - Emberglows/Better Get Your Own One - Superbs/Love You I Do, I Do - Gloria Rose/Hey Lady - Entertainers IV/Come Softly To Me - Ronnie Height/I'll Never Be A Fool Again - Dean Hawley/Hold Back the Dawn - Jades aka Debonaires/Boss Man - Dean Hawley/Why This Feeling - John & Judy/Sack & Chemise Gang Fight - Emberglows/So Young So Wise - Ronnie Height/My Pillow - Numbers/Story Book of Love - Superbs/Look Around - Cam Morris/Cartoons - Ebbs

DOWS-7004 - The Doré Doo-Wop Story, Volume 4 - Various Artists [200?] It Hurts So Much - Superbs/Stompin' Sh-Boom - Dories/Take A Lesson From the Teacher - Whispers/He Broke A Young Girl's Heart - Superbs/Valley High - Lang Sisters/A Million Miles To Paradise - Ronnie Cook/I Was Born When You Kissed Me - Superbs/Moon Out There - Puffs/My Pillow - Darlings/You Went Away - Sue Tornay & Four Kings/My Heart Isn't In It - Superbs/Every Once In A While - Debonaires/Gettin' Back Into Circulation - Entertainers IV/Sad Sad Day - Superbs/I Only Cry Once A Day Now - Puffs/He's An Aries Man - Starbrights/He Played 1-2-3-4 - Darlings/My Love For You - Superbs/As I Sit Here - Friday's Chile/Baby Baby All the Time - Superbs/Break-Up - Dories/Story Book of Love - Whispers/Your Eyes - Superbs/Tell Me - Sue Tornay & Four Kings/Everybody's Movin' - Debonaires/Baby's Gone Away - Superbs/Four O'Clock - Donna Lee Anne

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