Flip Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: March 21, 1999

The Flip label was formed in 1955 by Max and Lillian Feirtag, who also had a publishing company (Limax Music) which was a contraction of their first names. The address of the company was 618 South Ridgeley Drive in Los Angeles California. The label issued rhythm and blues and popular music. Flip Records survived into 1963 and apparently went out of business in that year. During that time, Flip put out over 60 singles and two albums compiled from their singles catalog.

Two acts were the mainstay of the label, the Six Teens (led by Trudy Williams), and Richard Berry (with his backing groups, the Pharaohs, the Cadets, and the Lockettes). Together these acts provided more than a third of all the singles released by the label. Although the Six Teens placed two songs on the national charts ("A Casual Look" made #25 in 1956, and "Arrow of Love" made #80 the next year), the main claim to fame for the Flip label was that it recorded the original version of "Louie Louie" by Richard Berry, which has since become a rock and roll anthem primarily through the 1963 remake by the Kingsmen. Richard Berry's version, ironically, did not chart. Other artists on the Flip label included the Bel-Aires (later Vel-Aires), whose lead singer, Donald Woods, wrote an agonizing, tearful tune, "Death of an Angel," which was also recorded by the Kingsmen ("if 'Louie' hit, why not try....?").

The Six Teen reunited in February, 1998 at a show sponsored by the DooWop Society of Southern California. The only original member not to attend was Ed Wells, due to health problems.

There were two various artists albums issued on the Flip label, and even though there is a lot of duplication between the two, both are very collectable. Both were mono-only releases. The Flip label is dark blue with silver printing. "FLIP" above the center hole in silver.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

1001 - 12 Flip Hits - Various Artists [11/59] A Casual Look - Six Teens/Arrow of Love- Six Teens/Only Jim - Six Teens/Teen Age Promise - Six Teens/My Special Guy - Six Teens/Why Do I Go to School - Six Teens//Death of An Angel - Donald Woods/This Paradise - Donald Woods/Stay With Me Always - Donald Woods/Louie Louie - Richard Berry/The Mess Around - Richard Berry/Take the Key - Richard Berry

1002 - Original Recordings By The Artists - Various Artists [1960] Louie Louie - Richard Berry/The Mess Around - Richard Berry/Have Love Will Travel - Richard Berry/Since You've Been Gone - Jennell Hawkins/Do Not Forget - Richard Berry/Uncle Sam's Man - Elgins//Death of An Angel - Donald Woods/This Paradise - Donald Woods/A Casual Look - Six Teens/Arrow of Love- Six Teens/Only Jim- Six Teens/Been Lookin' Your Way - Lena Calhoun

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