Gene Norman Presents/GNP-Crescendo Album Discography, Part 5:
GNPS/GNPD 8000 Soundtrack Series (1985-2002)

By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: June 7, 2007

The 8000 series was GNP-Crescendo's soundtrack series. The soundtracks were from both films and television, and tended toward sci-fi. Catalogue numbers 8001-8005 were perhaps unissued, as we have not found them.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

GNPS/GNPD-8000 Soundtrack Series:

GNPS 8001

GNPS 8002

GNPS 8003

GNPS 8004

GNPS 8005

GNPS 8006/GNPD 8006 - Star Trek, Original Series, Volume 1: The Cage/Where No Man Has Gone Before (Television Soundtrack) - Alexander Courage [1985] CD issued 1990. Star Trek Theme (Main Title)/Doctor Bartender/Survivors/Prime Specimen/Bottled/Probed/Monster Illusion/Monster Fight/Kibitzers/Vena's Punishment/Pike's Punishment/Picnic/True Love/Vena's Dance/Torchy Girl/Under the Spell/Primitive Thoughts/Wrong Think/To Catch a T./Going Up/Max's Factor/Star Trek Theme (End Title)/Where No Man Has Gone Before (Main Title from Star Trek)/Star Date/Episode Titles/Force Field/Silvery Orbs/Crippled Ship/Speedy Reader/Hit the Button/On Delta-Vega/When Your Eyes Have Turned to Silver/Instant Paradise/End Title and Credits/Additional Credits

GNPS 8007/GNPD 8007 - Children of a Lesser God (Soundtrack) - Michael Convertino [1986] CD issued 1987. Main Title/Silence And Sound/Sarah Sleeping/Rain Pool/Underwater Love/On The Ferry/James & Sarah/Goodnight/Boomerang/Forgiveness-Winter Into Spring/Bach's Double Concerto In D Minor For Violins (2nd Movement): Largo Ma Non Tanto/Searching For Sarah/Love On The Couch/James Alone On The Pier/Joined/End Title

GNPS 8008 - The Time Machine (Soundtrack) - Russell Garcia [1987] CD issued 1989. Main Title- Credits/Lonfon 1900 (Filby's Theme)/Time Machine Model/Quick Trip Into the Future/All the Time in the World/Beautiful Forest-The Great Hall/Fear/Weena/Rescue/Reminiscing/Morlocks/End Title (Reprise)/Fight with the Morlocks/Time Traveller/Escape/Prayer-Off Again/Trapped in the Future/Love and Time Return/End Title/Bonus track: Atlantis, the Lost Continent (Overture) - Main Title-Credits-Love Theme-Night Scene-Submarine-End Title

GNPS 8009

GNPS 8010 - Star Trek: Sound Effects (Television Soundtrack) - Sound Effects [1987] CD issued 1988. Enterprise Bridge Sequence/Enterprise Doors Open into Corridor/Enterprise Doors Open into Transporter Room/Transporter Energize/Dematerialization/Materialization/Alien Planet Surface/Communicator Beeps/Dematerialization #2/Materialization-In Trouble/Transporter Background #2/Enterprise Doors Open into Bridge/Red Alert Klaxon/Warp Drive/Spock's Viewer on the Bridge/Buttons on Bridge/Main Viewing Screen/Viewing Screen Magnification/Phaser Firing Switch/Enterprise Phasers Firing (3 Blasts)/Phasers Striking Hull/Photon Torpedo (3 Blasts)/Phasers Striking Deflector Shields/Stratos Torture Ray Bombardment/Food & Drink Synthesizer/Sickbay Scanner/Sickbay Scanner #2 (Hearbeats)/Heartbeats/Spectro-Analysis Viewer/Main Viewing Screen (from Star Trek Animated Series)/Many Tribbles/Tribble Coos/Tribble Predator (Animated Series)/Tribble Violent Reaction/Atavacron/Boatswain Whistle/Alien Planet Atmosphere #2/Astrogator on Bridge/Garbled Radio Message/Romulan Ship Interior/Garbled Communicator Static/Bridge Scanner/M- 5 Computer/Lab Scanner/Garbled Radio Signal #2/Disruptor Hits on Hull/Subterranean Elevator (Long)/Subterranean Elevator (Short)/Garbled Radio Signal #3 (Animated Series)/Engineering Room Interior/Comedy Background FX/Library Computer on Bridge/Eminar 7 Battle Computer/Red Alert Klaxon (Animated Series)/Red Alert Klaxons #2/Red Alert Klaxons #3/Warp Drive Malfunctioning/Warp Drive Acceleration #2/Warp Drive Acceleration & Deceleration/Transporter Dematerialization/Transporter Materialization/Hand Held Medical Scanner/Red Alert Klaxons #4/Bridge Sequence #2/Bridge Buttons #2/Enterprise Doors/Hand Phaser/Phaser Bank/Shuttlecraft Interior

GNPS 8011/GNPD 8011 - Fatal Attraction (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [1987] Fatal Attraction/Following Dan/Madness/Where Is Ellen/Beth/Confrontation/(CD has several hidden tracks)

GNPS 8012/GNPD 8012 - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume 1: Encounter at Farpoint (Television Soundtrack) - Dennis McCarthy [1988] Star Trek: The Next Generation - Main Title/Stardate/Troi Senses/Picard's Plan-First Chase-First Chase (Part 2)/Detaching-Separation/Shaken-Court Time/USS Hood-On Manual/Star Trek: The Next Generation - End Credit/Personal Log-Admiral-Old Lovers/Caverns/Splashing-The Woods-Memories/Scanned-Big Guns-Unknown/Revealed-Reaching Out/Departure-Main Title Version #2 (Alternate M.T.)

GNPS 8013/GNPD 8013 - Platoon Leader (Soundtrack) - George S. Clinton [1988] Main Titles/Morning After/The Jungle-Village Attack/Mack is Back/No Problem-Ambush/Just Dead/Ready to Kill-Move It Out/Kick Some Butt/The Rescue/Reach for the Bean/The Wire/The Bunker/Cornfield/The Plan/Open Fire/Village Requiem/Finale

GNPS 8014/GNPD 8014 - Feds (Soundtrack) - Randy Edelman [1988] On To Washington/Ellie's Theme/Bank/You Have The Right To Remain Silent/Main Goal - Joe Louis Walker/Exam Cram/Let's Kick Butt/All Lips 'N Hips - Electric Boys/Lights Are On But Nobody's Home - Albert Collins/Good Plan/Date/Bilecki's Scam/I Met A Sailor/Special Kinda Lovin' - Roy Gaines/Ain't No Piece Of Cake/Flunking Out/On The Move/Final Assualt/Graduation

GNPS 8015/GNPD 8015 - Hellraiser II: Hellbound/Highpoint (Soundtrack) - Christopher Young [1989] Hellraiser II: Hellbound: Hellbound-Second Sight Seance/Looking Through A Woman/Something To Think About/"Skin Her Alive"/Stringing The Puppet/Hall Of Mirrors/Dead Or Living?/Leviathan/Sketch With Fire/Chemical Entertainment/Obscene Kiss/Headless Wizard/What's Your Pleasure?; Highpoint: Highpoint Main Title/Over The Edge/The Kendo Duel/Love Scene/Up The Stairs/Highfall/Love Theme (End Title)

GNPS 8016/GNPD 8016 - High Spirits (Soundtrack) - George Fenton & Graunke Symphony Orchestra [1989] High Spirits Overture/Prologue & Main Title-Castle Plunkett/Plunkett's Lament-Prayers For Freedom/Ghost Bus Tours/Ghostly Reflections/She Is Far From The Land/Bumps In The Knight/Mary Appears-Windstorm-A Night For Lovers/"I Could Love You, Sir Jack"-Shower Surprise/Knight Time At Castle Plunkett/The Wedding Night-Jack Saves Mary/Restless Spirits-The Seastorm/Madness On All Hallows Eve/Falling In Love/Lover's Dance (Finale)

GNPS 8017/GNPD 8017 - Old Gringo (Soundtrack) - Lee Holdridge [1989] Prologue (Main Title)/Ride To The Hacienda/Battle (Conflict)/Harriet's Theme/Bitter's Last Ride/Mirrors/Nightime/Bell Tower/Sigh/Battle (Resolution)/Bitter's Destiny/Finale

GNPS 8018/GNPD 8018 - Friday the 13th: The Series (Television Soundtrack) - Fred Mollin [1989] Friday the 13th - The Series: Opening Titles/The Inheritance-Tails I Live, Heads You Die/Suite From Baron's Bride/Suite From Badge Of Honor/Death Of Micki (Tails I Live)/Suite From Symphony In B Sharp/Suite From Brain Drain/Suite From Eye Of Death/Suite From What A Mother Wouldn't Do/In The Basement (The Electrocutioner)/Suite From The Playhouse/Suite From Wedding In Black/End Of A Year (Bottle Of Dreams)/Friday The 13th - The Series: Closing Credits

GNPS 8019

GNPS 8020/GNPD 8020 - The Handmaid's Tale (Soundtrack) - Ryuichi Salamoto [1989] Overture-Snow/Prison Camp/On The Bus/Old Hundredth (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)/Nocturno/Moira's Hand/Red Veil/Kate/Rape & Rage/The Kiss/Pollution In City/Moira Escapes/Rape/Shall We Gather By The River/Love In Nick's Room/Amazing Grace/My Daughter Is Alive/Car Bomb/Travesty/Kate & Moira/Hanging/Particicution/Finding The Knife/Waiting For Murder/Killing Commander/Mayday/Old Hundredth (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)

At approximately this point, vinyl issues are discontinued.

GNPD 8021 - Tales from the Dark Side: The Movie (Soundtrack) - John Harrison, Chaz Janet, Jim Manzie & Pat Regan [1990] Tales From The Darkside-The Movie: Prologue-Theme-Main Title/"Lot 249" Suite/"The Way Of All Flesh" (From "Lot 249")/"Cat From Hell" Suite/"Lover's Vow" Suite/Desperate Pain (From "Lover's Vow")/Bye, Bye, Betty/Tales From The Darkside-The Movie (Reprise)

GNPD 8022 - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Soundtrack) - James Horner [1991] Main Title/Susprise Attack/Spock/Kirk's Explosive Reply/Khan's Pets/Enterprise Clears Moorings/Battle In The Mutara Nebula/Genesis Countdown/Epilogue-End Title

GNPD 8023 - Star Trek III: The Search for Spock - James Horner [1991] Prologue And Main Titles/Klingons/Stealing The Enterprise/The Mind Meld/Bird Of Prey Decloaks/Returning To Vulcan/The Katra Ritual/End Title/The Search For Spock

GNPD 8024 - Alien Nation (Television Soundtrack) - David Kurtz, Steve Dorff & Larry Herbstritt [1990] Alien Nation-The Series: Prologue And Main Title/Generation To Generation/Return To Tencton/One Hot Heinrick/Tenctonolian Mode Groove/Astronomical Discovery/Talling A Wimp/Howdy Pod/Alien Animal Activists/A New Beginning (Contact)/In Your Life/Confrontation/The Monastery Three/George Entertains/The Ceremony /Touch Heads/Presents/George Warms Up/Resolution/Slag Pop/Spaced Out Lover/Sneak Attack/Jenny's Story/Sensuallty/Cathy's Story/The Alley/Memory Of An Old Game/George Get It/Susan: Assassin/Proud Fathers/Alien Nation-The Series: Prologue & Main Title (Reprise)

GNPD 8025 - Star Trek, Original Series, Volume 2: The Doomsday Machine/Amok Time (Television Soundtrack) - Bob Karlan/Gerard Fried [1991] Star Trek Main Title/Approach of Enterprise- The Constellation/Going Aboard/Commander Mat Decker-The Crew That Was/What Is Doomsday Machine-Planet Killer/Strange Boom-Decker Takes Over/The New Commander-Light Beams-Tractor Beam/Violent Shakes/Spock Takes Command-Decker's Foil-Sneaky Commodore/Goodbye Mr Decker/Condolences-Power Drain/Kirk Does It Again/One's Enough/Vulcan Fanfare-Prying/Mr Spock/Contrary Order/T'Pring/Marriage Council/Vulcan/The Processional/The Challenge/The Ritual- Ancient Battle-2nd Kroykah/Remorse-Marriage Council II/Resignation-Lazarus Returns-Pig's Eye/Star Trek End Title

GNPD 8026 - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume 2: The Best of Both Worlds I & II (Television Soundtrack) - Ron Jones [1991] Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title)/New Providence/Hansen's Message/Borg Engaged/First Attack/Borg Takes Picard/Death is Irrelevant/Away Team Ready/On The Borg Ship/Nodes/Captain Borg/Energy Weapon Fails/Humanity Taken/Contact Lost/Cemetary Of Dead Ships/Intervention/The Link/Sleep Command/Destruct Mode-Picard Is Back/Picard's Nightmare/Star Trek: The Next Generation (End Credit)

GNPD 8027 - Honk: The Original Soundtrack from "Five Summer Stories" (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1991] Artists include Steve Wood, Richard Stekol, Tris Imboden, Don Whaley, and others. Creation - Steve Wood/Blue Of Your Backdrop - Richard Stekol/Brad And David's Theme - Richard Stekol/High In The Middle - Cast/Hum Drums - Tris Imboden/Bear's Country - Don Whaley/Made My Statement (Love You Baby) - Steve Wood/Don't Let Your Goodbye Stand - Richard Stekol/Lopez - Steve Wood/Blue Of Your Backdrop Instrumental - Richard Stekol/Tunnel Of Love - Richard Stekol/Pipeline Sequence - Cast

GNPD 8028 - Music from the Films of Steven Seagal: "Made to Kill," "Above the Law," & "Out for Justice" (Soundtrack) - David Michael Frank [1992] Main Title/Seven Year Storm/Just Passing By/Workout/Meditation And Training/New Beginning/Escape From Ojai/Nico In Japan/Chicago Heat/Nico's Lament/South Side/Armageddon II/Joy Ride/Nico's Theme Part One/House Call/Searching For Richie/Roxanne/In Loving Memory/Steven Seagal Interview

GNPD 8029 - The Best of "Mission: Impossible" - Then and Now (Television Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin & John Davis [1992] Mission: Impossible - Main Title/Suite From The Contender/Suite From Submarine/Suite From The Killer/Suite From Takeover/Suite From Underground/Mission: Impossible - End Credit/Mission: Impossible '88 - Main Title/Suite From The Plague/Suite From The Bayou/Suite From The Cattle King/Suite From Deadly Harvest/Suite From Church Bells In Bogota/Mission: Impossible '88 - End Credit/An Interview With Peter Graves/Mission: Impossible Live From Israel

GNPD 8030 - Star Trek, Original Series, Volume 3: Shore Leave/The Naked Time (Television Soundtrack) - Gerard Fried/Alexander Courage [1992] Star Trek Main Title; Shore Leave: New Planet-Rabbit-School Chum/Old English/Ruth/Knight-Joust/A Clue-Finnigan's Return- Leg Trick-Dirty Trick-Tiger's Thoughts-2nd Samurai/Caretaker-Lazarus/2nd Ruth; The Naked Time: Trailer/Brass Monkeys/Joe Beserk/Sulu Finks Out/D'artagnan-Banana Farm/Out of Control-Lurch Time- Punchy Kid/Party Time/Medicine Girl/Hot Sun-Off The Cloud/Captain's Wig/The Big Go/Time Reverse- Future Risk; Star Trek End Credit

GNPD 8031 - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume 3: Yesterday's Enterprise/Unification/Hollow Pursuits - Dennis McCarthy [1992] Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title); Yesterday's Enterprise: Duality-Enterprise C/Averted-Richard-Guinan/First Kiss-Not To Be-Empty Death-Reporting For Duty/Klingons-Skin Of Teeth; Unification I & II: In Case You Forgot/Sarek/Sarek Drifts Away/Another Captain-Food Fight/Victims of Holography/Sacrificed-Mind Meld; Hollow Pursuits: Barclay Mitty/Tissue Samples-Sad Sack-Staff Confab-Hololaust/Lady Gates-Swordplay/Madame Troi- Blissful-Out of Control-Warp Nine/Warposity/Plan 9; Star Trek: The Next Generation (End Credit)

GNPD 8032 - The Outer Limits - Dominic Frontiere [1992] Control Voice Introduction/The Outer Limits: Main Title/Andros #1: Andro Appears-Teaser/Main Title and Capper/Sine Wave Pattern/Andros #3: Moments, Men & Places-Andros #2: Andros Meets Reardon-Andros & Noelle- Andro Hypnotic-Andro #10/Dementia #7/Andro #8: Andro Meets Cabot Sr./Dementia #2: "I Don't Want to Kill You, But I Will"-Andro Breaks Mirror-Son Of 89: "Andro Disrupts Wedding"-Andro & Noelle Running- Andro Telz-Andro #11: "A Dark And Empty Road"-"A Better World"/The Outer Limits Signature Loop/Dragon #1: "The Slumbering Giant"-Dragon #11: "Malleable Flesh"-Dragon #12: "Transformation"/The Wild Brahmas/Dragon #4: "Assassination" /Washington D.C./The Needle-Dragon #7: "Bogus Selby"/Main Title-Galaxies/Spaceship Crash & Capture-March In-March Out-Zap Willie/Interrogation Loops-Mother's Loop-Nazi: "Krug Confession"-Betty Loop-The Colonel-Prepare The Chamber #1/Ebonite Wand/Prepare The Chamber #2-Jong Returns-Kill Jong-Told The Truth-Bare Hands-A Citation-Willie: "They Took His Heart Out"/Let's Go/The Outer Limits End Title/The Outer Limits Tone; Probing the Galaxies/Communication - Galaxy Being/Computer Beeps/Rampage/Ambience (With Music Climax From "The Galaxy Being")/Ichthyosaurus Mercurious (From "Tourist Attraction")/Ichthyosaurus Mercurious Thaws-Escapes (From "Tourist Attraction")/Time Portal Crossing (From "The Man Who Was Never Born")/Spacechip Entering Atmosphere (From "Nightmare")/Time Warp Barrier (Return) (From "The Man Who Was Never Born")/Computer Lab Ambience (From "The Human Factor")/Mind Link-Transfer (From "The Human Factor")/Cyclotron Blows Up (From "Production And Decay Of Strange Particles")/uclear Furnace Reactor (From "Production And Decay Of Strange Particles")/Atomic Explosion and Time Reversal Implosion (From "Production And Decay Of Strange Particles")/Control Voice Sign-off

GNPD 8033 - Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth - Randy Miller & Mosfilm State Orchestra & Choir [1992] Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth/Back To Hell/Cenobites' Death Danse/Pinhead's Proteges- The Devil's Mass/Come To Daddy/Gothic Rebirth/Emergency Room/Mind Invasion/The Pillar/Elliot's Story/Shall We Begin

GNPD 8034 - Star Trek-Deep Space Nine: The Emisary - Dennis McCarthy [1993] Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Main Title)/Wolf 359/The Enterprise Departs-A New Home/Trashed and Thrashed/Bajor-Saying Goodbye/Cucumbers in Space/New Personality/Into the Wormhole/Time Stood Still/Seaching for Relatives/Painful Memories/Passage Terminated/Back to the Saratoga-What Shields?/Reconciliation/The Sisko Kid/A New Beginning/Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Single Version)/Passage Terminated (Single Version)

GNPD 8035 - Outland/Capricorn One - Jerry Goldsmith [1993] Outland: The Mine/Early Arrival/The Message/The Air Lock/Hot Water/The Hunted/Spiders/The Rec Room/The Hostage/Final Message; Capricorn One: Main Title/Bedtime Story/Docking/No Water/The Message/Breakout/Kay's Theme/The Station/The Snake/The Long Climb/The Letter/The Celebration

GNPD 8036 - Quantum Leap (Television Soundtrack) - Mike Post/Velton Ray Bunch/Scott Bakula [1993] Prologue/Quantum Leap Main Title/Somewhere in the Night/Suite from The Leap Home/Imagine/Sam's Prayer/Blue Moon of Kentucky/Baby Let's Play House/Shoot Out/Medley from Man of La Mancha/Bite Me/Alphabet Rap/Suite from Lee Harvey Oswald/Fate's Wide Wheel/Scott Bakula Interview/Prologue-Main Title Reprieves

GNPD 8037 - Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome - Maurice Jarre [1994] Reissue of the 1985 album of the same name [Capitol SWAV-12429]. We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) - Tina Turner/One Of The Living - Tina Turner/Bartertown - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/The Children - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Coming Home - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)

GNPD 8038 - Victor/Victoria - Henry Mancini [1994] Main Title: "Crazy World"/You And Me - Julie Andrews/Robert Preston/Gay Paree - Robert Preston/Alone In Paris/King's Can Can/Le Jazz Hot - Julie Andrews/The Shady Dame From Seville - Julie Andrews/The Big Lift/Cat & Mouse/Crazy World - Julie Andrews/Chicago, Illinois - Lesley Ann Warren/Elegant/You And Me/Le Matelot Club/The Shady Dame From Seville - Robert Preston/Finale

GNPD 8039

GNPD 8040 - Star Trek: Generations (Soundtrack) - Dennis McCarthy [1995] Star Trek: Generations (Overture)/Main Title/The Enterprise B-Kirk Saves the Day/Deck 15/Time is Running Out/Prisoner Exchange/Outgunned/Out of Control-The Crash/Coming To Rest/The Nexus-A Christmas Ring/Jumping the Ravine/Two Captains/The Final Fight/Kirk's Death/To Live Forever/Star Trek: Generations (Sound Effects)

GNPD 8041 - Star Trek: Voyager (Soundtrack) - Jerry Goldsmith/Jay Chattaway [1995] Star Trek: Voyager (Main Title)/Prologue/70 Thousand Light Years from Home/Beamed to the Farm/Lifesigns in the Barn/Paris Takes the Helm/Star Trek: Voyager (Main Title, short version)/Escape from the Ocampa Underground/Not Enough Time/Battle for the Array/Set Course for Home/Star Trek: Voyager (End Credit)/The Caretaker's Hoedown

GNPD 8042 - Ladyhawke - Andrew Powell [1996] Main Title/Phillipe's Escape/The Search For Phillippe/Tavern Fight (Phillippe)/Tavern Fight (Navarre)/Pitou's Woods/Phillippe Describes Isabeau/Bishop's Procession/Wedding Music/Navarre's Ambush/Imperius Removes Arrow/Chase-Fall- Transformation/Cezar's Woods/She Was Sad At First/Navarre Returns To Aquila/Turrett Chase-The Fall (Film Version)Wolf Trapped In Ice/Navarre And Isabeau's Dual Transformation/Navarre And Marquet Duel/Marquet's Death/Bishop's Death/Final Reunion-End Title/Ladyhawke Theme (Single Version)

GNPD 8043 - Forever Knight (Soundtrack) - Fred Mollin [1996] Forever Knight Theme/The Hunger - Vocal: Lori Yates/"What A Wonderful Thing Humanity Is..." - Nigel Bennett/Dark Knight - France 1228/Cherry Blossoms - Ambush/Suite From Queen Of Harps/Suite From The Hunted/Nick's Piano Theme - Geraint Wyn Davies/Suite From Forward Into The Past/Black Rose - Vocal: Lori Yates/Suite From Amateur Night/"If You Love Something..." - Nigel Bennett/Suite From Be My Valentine/Father Figure: Nick's Lullaby To Lisa/Suite From Dark Knight/"You Would Do Well To Avoid Me..." - Nigel Bennett/Touching The Night - Vocal: Lori Yates/Avenging Angel - Time Stands Still/Curiouser And Curiouser - Nick And Janette/Suite From Undue Process/Suite From A More Penitent Hell/Baby, Baby: CN Tower Finale/"Only One Thing Is Truly Permanent..." - Nigel Bennett/Dark Side Of The Glass - Vocal: Lori Yates

GNPD 8044 - Lost In Space, Volume 1: The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 1 (Television Soundtrack) - John Williams [1997] Lost in Space Main Title/Smith's Evening-Judo Chop- On The Pad-Countdown/Escape Velocity-Robot Control-Meteor Storm-Defrosting/The Weightless Waltz/The Monster Rebels-A Walk In Space-Finale/Suiting Up-Stranglehold-The Landing-Search For John/Tractor Play On-Electric Sagebrush-Will Is Threatened/The Earthquake/Chariot Titles-Fahrenheit A Go Go-The Chariot Continues-Sunstorm/Morning After-The Inland Sea-Land Ho-Strange Visitor/Lost in Space End Title

GNPD 8045 - Lost In Space, Volume 2: The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 2 (Television Soundtrack) - John Williams [1997] Lost in Space Main Title - Season 3/Million Miles-Dust Ball-Episode Titles/Pushy Fellow/Flying "A" Statin-Floating Lady-The Big Whew-Irwin Van Belt/Opening Scene-J-5-Take-Off-F-12-Colonel Fogey-Penny And J-5-A Zaybo For Smith-Turkey Dinner-Act-Out on J-5/J-5 Listens to Penny-J-5 to the Rescue-Last Scene/A Plant Planet/Episode Titles-Howling Hyacinths- The Vegetable-Sprouting Smith-Vic's Smithy-Judy's Goat-The Dry Boys-Caught by a Carrot/Lost in Space End Title - Season 3

GNPD 8046 - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 3 (Television Soundtrack) - Paul Sawtell, Jerry Goldsmith [1997] Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (Main Title)/Murderous Pursuit/Ocean Floor Search-Squid Fight/Solid Ice/Lost-Job Well Done/End Title (The Seaview Theme)/Jonah and the Whale (Main Title)/A Whale of a Whale-Thar She Blows-A Whale of a Time-The Second Dive/A Meal Fit for a Whale-Crash Dice-Sub Narcotics/Collision Course I- Collision Course II-Diving Party-Going Down/Home Free Part I-Home Free Part II/Jonah and the Whale (End Credit)

GNPD 8047 - The Time Tunnel: The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 4 (Television Soundtrack) - John Williams, George Dunning [1997] The Time Tunnel - Main Title/To The Tunnel-Tony Enters Machine-Tony's First Trip-Titanic Trot-The Titanic/Tony's Tall Tales-Althea's Attack- Doug's Arrival-Hose Nose-Telegraph-Approaching The Berg/The Iceberg Comet-Time Transfer-The Jungle/In The Battle-Lost Trail-Anne Worried-Michael's Dog-No Sign-Omens-Corporal Shot-The Trunk/Doug Duels-Tony Returns-Doug Chased-Tony Again-Pal Fight-More Pal Fight-What's Happened- Stand Back/The Time Tunnel - End Title

GNPD 8048 - Land of the Giants: The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 5 (Television Soundtrack) - John Williams, Alexander Courage [1997] Land Of The Giants (Main Title, Season 1)/Suite From The Crash: Off Course-The Landing-Dense Fog/Giant Eyes-Hidden Gun-The Big Cat-Bug Box/Fitzhugh's Gun-Hiding Place/Giants Probing-The Rescue/Water Drain-More Garbage/Land Of The Giants (End Title, Season 1)/Land Of The Gioants (Main Title, Season 2)/Space Storm-Through The Thing-Crash Landing-Giant Ford/The Sniveling Sneak/Land Of The Giants (End Title, Season 2)

GNPD 8049 - The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen (Special Bonus Disc) - Various Artists [1996] 82 tracks of interviews, sound effects, etc. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - (Main Title With Voice Over & FX)/Richard Basehart Interview - (1966)/David Hedison Interview - (1966)/David Hedison Interview - (1995)/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Long End Credit (Seaview Theme)/Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea - Jerry Goldsmith Arr. Nelson Riddle/Lost In Space - (Main Title - Season One)/Jonathon Harris Interview - The Character Of Dr. Smith/Jonathon Harris Interview - The Alliteratives/Lost In Space - (Main Title - Season Two)/Billy Mumy Interview - (Includes "Greensleeves")/Marta Kristen Interview/Sloop John B (From "Castles In Space")/Angela Cartwright Interview/Mark Goddard Interview/Studs In Space I - (Radio Spot)/Space-A-Delic (From "The Promised Planet")/Studs In Space II - (Radio Spot)/Lost In Space - Alt. End Credit/The Time Tunnel (w. Tic Toc FX)/Robert Colbert Interview/James Darren Interview/Lee Meriwether Interview/The Time Tunnel (End Credit)/Land Of The Giants (Main Title Season One)/Gary Conway Interview/Deanna Lund Interview/Land Of The Giants (Main Title Season Two)/Don Marshall Interview/Don Matheson Interview/Land Of The Giants -(Alternate Main Title)/Warning, Warning/My Sensors Indicate An Intruder Is Present/Danger, Danger/That Does No Compute/Danger, Danger, Will Robinson/My Power Cells Are Extremely Low/It Is Dr. Smith Who Is A Bubble-Headed Booby/Dr. Smith Is Incapable Of Telling The Truth/Sorry I Was Just Cleaning My Tapes/You And I Are Friends, Will Robinson/I Am Lost In Space/Jupiter II Interior: Freezing Tubes Close, Glow Inducewd, Hatch Closes, Lift Off/Robots Activated/Jupiter II In Flight/Jupiter II Lands, Legs Extend/Alpha Control Interior/Jupiter II Crash- Lands/Laser Pistol/Jet Pack Lift-Off/Cyclops Roars, Shot By Laser, Falls/Debbie The Bloop/Monster Spores/Laser Drill/Electronic Pop #1 (3)/Electronic Pop #2 (3)/Electronic Pop #3 (3)/Electronic Pop #4/Electronic Pop #5/Alarm Beep/Alien Viewing Screen/Oscillator #1/The Keeper\'s Staff #1/The Keeper\'s Staff #2/Oscillator #2/Forcefield Projector/Jupiter II Astrogator/Meteor Pass-By (2)/Oscillator #3/Siren #1/Siren #2/Alien Computer/Spooky Winds/Time Tunnel Viewscreen Activates/Seaview Exterior/Flying Sub Pass-By/Seaview Bridge Interior/Seaview Computer Click/Sheila Mathews Interview/Greensleeves \'96/Sloop John B-'96/Land Of The Giants - (Main Title Season Two)

GNPD 8050 - Visions and Values: The Skirball Musical Experience - Gerald Fried [199?] Visions And Values Main Theme And Survival Fugue/To Breathe Free/Life Cycles/Struggle And Opportunity/Liberty Wall/Turning Points/And We Were Children

GNPD 8051 - Fantastic Television - Various Artists [199?] The X-Files Space Station Mix - Neil Norman/SeaQuest - John Debney/Tekwar: The Series - Fred Mollin/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dennis McCarthy/Quantum Leap - Original Recording/Star Trek: Voyager - Joel Goldsmith/Suite from "V" - Dennis McCarthy/War of the Worlds: Survivial - Fred Mollin/The Outer Limits - Neil Norman/The Green Hornet - Buddy Merrill/Beyond Reality - Fred Mollin/UFO - Neil Norman/Space: 1999 Year II - Neil Norman/Lonely Man Theme from The Incredible Hulk - Joe Harnell/The High Chapparal - Billy Strange/The Young Riders - John Debney/Gunsmoke - Billy Strange/Bonanza - Billy Strange/Paladin - Billy Strange/Hawkeye - Joel Goldsmith/Ballad of Jed Clampett - Don Parmley/The Untouchables - Joel Goldsmith/I Spy - Billy Strange/Get Smart - Billy Strange/The Rockford Files - Billy Strange/Forever Knight - Fred Mollin/The Munsters - Billy Strange/The Man from U.N.C.L.E. - Challengers

GNPD 8052 - Star Trek: First Contact - Jerry Goldsmith [199?] Main Title-Locutus/Red Alert/Temporal Wake/Welcome Aboard/Fully Functional/Retreat/Evacuate/39.1 Degrees Celsius/The Dish/First Contact/End Credits/Magic Carpet Ride - Steppenwolf/Ooby Dooby - Roy Orbison

GNPD 8053 - The Best of Star Trek: 30th Anniversary Special - Various Artists [199?] Artists are Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith, and Dennis McCarthy. Star Trek: Original Series (Main Title)/Suite from "The Trouble with Tribbles"/Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title)/Suite from "Heart of Glory"/Orchestral Suite from "The Inner Light"/Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Main Title (Season IV)/Suite from "The Visitor"/Star Trek: Voyager: Main Title (Extended Version)/Suite from "Heroes and Demons"

GNPD 8054 - Real Hollywood Sound Effects - Alan Howarth [199?] Planetary Exploration/Into The 8th Dimension/Energy Studies-Lab Experiment/Space Battle/Paranormal Voices/Spacegate Vortex/Blue Light Constant/Time Warp Acceleration/Hand Blaster/Shields Activated/Energy Barrier/Battle Stations/Alert Klaxon/Alarm/Alarm/Ship's Scanners/Medical Scanner/Medical Scanner/Laser Scalpel/Bio-Scan/Electromagnet Signature/Retinal Scanners/Orbital Beacon/Teleportation/Enemy Ship Maneuvers/Alien Teleport #A/Alien Teleport #B/Alien Teleport #C/Alien Ship Clocks/Alien Ship Decloaks/Telemetry/Alien Creatures/Alien Parasite/Torch Flame/Liquid Vortex/Storm On Ceta Beta VII/Starship Engine Elements/Engine Room Maneuvers/Starship Fly- Bys/Space Station Bridge Ambience/Windstorm On Remote Outpost/Shuttle Crash-Lands/Space Ambience/SETI Message/Warp Speed Pass-Bys/Hand Held Scanner/Telemtery Displays/Starship Bridge Ambience-Warp Out/Sailing Ship Creaks/Supernatural Cherubs/Monster Roars/Interdimensional Vortex/Windy Apparition/Possessed House Implosion

GNPD 8055 - Best of Godzilla: 1954-1974 - Akira Ifukube [199?] Suite From Godzilla/Godzilla Raids Again - Main Title/Suite From King Kong Vs Godzilla/ Mothra - Mothra's Song/Suite From Mothra Vs Godzilla/Ghidorah The Three-Headed Monster Main Title-Monsters Appear In Yokohama/Invasion Of The Astro-Monster Monster Fx-Monster Battle March/Suite From Son Of Godzilla/Suite From Destroy All Monsters/Suite From All Monsters Attack/Godzilla Vs Hedorah Godzilla's Fight/Suite From Godzilla Vs Gigan/Suite From Godzilla Vs Megalon/Suite From Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla/Suite From Terror Of Mechagodzilla/Theme From Godzilla

GNPD 8056 - Best of Godzilla: 1984-1995 - Akira Ifukube [1995] Godzilla's Theme From Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah/Suite From The Return Of Godzilla/Suite From Godzilla Vs. Biollante/Suite From Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah/Suite From Godzilla Vs Mothra/Mothra's Song From Godzilla Vs Mothra/Suite From Godzilla Vs Mechagodzilla II/Suite From Godzilla Vs Spacegodzilla/Suite From Godzilla Vs Destroyah/Monster Zero March

GNPD 8057 - Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume 4 - Jay Chattaway [199?] Star Trek: The Next Generation (Main Title; Narration: Patrick Stewart); Suite from Tin Manbr: Not Nice-Right-Scared/Closing-Tin Man Contact-Romulans/Meet/No Choice-Tam; The Inner Light: Theme from The Inner Light; Sub Rosa: Hooked On Ronin; A Fistful of Datas: A Fistful of Datas; Dark Page: Painful Revelation; Suite from Descent, Parts 1&2: They're Back!/Hook, Line and Sinker/Crusher to the Rescue; Birthright, Part 1: Data in Dreamland; Star Trek: The Next Generation (End Title)

GNPD 8058 - Forever Knight, Volume 2 - Fred Mollin [1999] Forever Knight (Main Title: long version)/The Night Calls My Name - Vocal: Lori Yates/Humanity - Nigel Bennett/Suite From Black Buddha/Suite From Blackwing/You Are One Strange Guy - John Kapelos/Suite From The Human Factor/Heart Of Darkness - Vocal: Lori Yates/Suite From Faithful Followers/Suite from Let No Man Tear Asunder/Knight In Question: ER Tension/Destiny's Edge - Vocal: Lori Yates/Suite From Stranger Than Fiction/Hoe Does He Do It - John Kapelos/Love You To Death - Charlie & Lucy (Nick Files)/Suite From The Fever/Ashes to Ashes - More Lacroix & Divia/Hasta La Bye Bye - Geraint Wyn Davies & John Kapelos/Suite From Games Vampires Play/The Hunter (Nick Flashback #1)/One Law - Nigel Bennett/Break The Silence - Vocal: Molly Johnson/Now I Have Faith - Geraint Wyn Davies/Suite From Last Knight

GNPD 8059 - Star Trek: Insurrection (Soundtrack) - Jerry Goldsmith [1999] Ba'Hu Village/In Custody/Children's Story/Not Functioning/New Sight/The Drone's Attack/The Riker Maneuver/The Same Race/No Threat/The Healing Process/End Credits

GNPD 8060 - Seven Days (Television Soundtrack) - Scott Gilman [1999] Main Title (with Dialogue)/Teaser/Robbery Goes Bad/Who Is Clary?/Parker Meets Clary/Back Step/Clary Dies/Clary's Funeral/Frank's Gone/Frank Tries To Go Back/Suit Up/Let's Do It Again/The Wedding/Trailer/Never Never Land/Sobering Thought/Chase/This Is Elise/The Big Fight/I Need A Valium/Saving Axelrod/Time Loop From Hell/One More Time/Mouth Shut/Walt Landis-Alien Vengeance/Checkmate-Olga Looks For Clues-Back Step-Fruit Basket-Mentnor Peeps/You Owe Me This-Citizen X-On The Move/Mutant Babies/Wide Open-My Daughter-New Start/End Title

GNPD 8061 - The Best of Star Trek, Volume 2 - Various Artists [2000] Theme from Star Trek Season 1/Suite from The Corbomite Maneuver/Suite from Balance of Terror/Suite from What Are Little Girls Made Of/In Chapel (from Balance of Terror 6)/Theme from Star Trek (Lounge Mix)/Theme from Star Trek Deep Space Nine Season 4/Dry Run (Suite from Way of the Warrior)/Medieval Harp Source (Suite from Way of the Warrior)/"Yo!" (Suite from Way of the Warrior)/Worf II (Suite from Way of the Warrior)/"Fever" (from His Way performed by Nana Visitor)/Theme from Star Trek Voyager/Begin Chapter 18 (Suite from Bride of Chaotica)/Presenting... Arachnia (Suite from Bride of Chaotica)/Confinement Rings - Segue To Torres (Suite from Bride of Chaotica)/Chaotica is Defeated - Distortions (Suite from Bride of Chaotica)/Chaotica's Last Words - The End? (Suite from Bride of Chaotica)/Theme from Star Trek the Next Generation/ Here Comes the Judge II - To the Rescue (Suite from All Good Things)/Primalosity (Suite from All Good Things)/Courage (Suite from All Good Things)/Saved Again (Suite from All Good Things)/I Have A Gun (Suite from All Good Things)

GNPD 8062 - Lost In Space, Volume 3:The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Volume 7 - Hans J. Slater, Herman Stein, Richard LaSalle and John Williams [1999] Rescued From Space-The Comet Cometh (Music From The Episode "The Derelict")/Lost in Space Main Title - Season One/Derelict Title-Don Rescues John and Maureen/The Road Performs/Writing In The Log-Family/The Treatment- Swallowed/Flashing Lights-Frontal Robotomy/Filmy Spider Web-Crystalline Power Source/Smart Kid- Bubble Monster/Lift Off/New Planet-Continued Next Week/Wonderland Discovery/Hairstyle Book- Penny's Friend-Diamonds-Penny-Diamond Play Off/Penny's Cave-To The Cave-Gathering Wild Flowers-Moving Rocks/Mother & Daughter-Penny's Problem/Storm Coming Up-A New Galaxy/Lost in Space End Credits/Lost in Space Unused 2nd Season Main Title

GNPD 8063

GNPD 8064 - The Fourth Floor - Brian Tyler [1999] Main Titles/Jane/Window Watching/Attack The Locksmith/The Inside Of My Mind/Portcullis, Part 1/Portcullis, Part 2/The 1st Window/Eyehole/Alice's Dundgeon/Thought Process/Blood On Hands/Jane and Collins/Belle/Movers/The Park/The Buzzer/Collin's Theme/Artist In The Window/Climatic Battle/End Titles

GNPD 8065 - Godzilla 2000 - Takayuki Hattori [1999] Godzilla Roars-Godzilla's Theme: 2000 Millenium/Godzilla 2000: Millenium - Main Title/The Giant Tail/Face To Face With Terror/Inches From Disaster/Godzilla Appears In Nemuro/Deep At Sea/Sixty Million Year Slumber/The Object From Outer Space - Bizarre Happening #1/The Self-Defense Force Swings Into Action/Launching The Full Metal Missile/The Object From Outer Space - Flight/Godzilla Sound Effects/Godzilla Comes Ashore/The Encounter With The Mysterious Object/Eerie Silence/The Wonder Of G Revealed/The Object From Outer Space - Bizarre Happening #2/UFO Effect/Giant UFO Approaching/Off To Shinkuku/Earth Invasion/Before The Explosion/Millenium/Thinking Of My Dad /21:10/The Millenium Kingdom/Miraculous Survival/Extraterrestrial Life: The Birth/Tensions On The Rise-The Metamorphosis/Astonishing Resurrection/G's Decision/Orga: Irony Of Fate/End Title: Godzilla - Dreaded God/Godzilla And The Orga Sound Effects/Godzilla's Theme

GNPD 8066 - Bless the Child - Christopher Young [2000] Introitus (Entrance)/Kyrie Eleison (Lord Have Mercy Upon Us)/Dies Irae (Day Of Wrath)/Agnus Dei (Lamb Of God)/Lux Aeterna (Eternal Light)

GNPD 8067 - Highlander: Endgame - Stephen Graziano & Nick Glennie Smith [2000] Bonny Portmore/Opening Titles/Motorcycle Gang Fight/Driving To Loft-Getting Duncan-Ride To The Grave/Say Goodbye To Kate-Last Supper Slash/Heather Cuts Her Hair/There Can Be Only One! (Killing Kell)/Prelude-The Song Of The Pooka/The Legend Of The Immortals/Connor And Duncan Fight Together/Duncan Visits The Loft/The Hidden Room/Attack At The Loft/Killing An Old Friend/In Memory Of Connor

GNPD 8068 - Farscape: Music from Seasons One and Two (Television Soundtrack) - Sub Vision/Guy Gross [2001] Theme From Farscape/Premiere - Wormhole!/Back And Back And Back to The Future - Time Trouble/Suite From Thank God It's Friday Again/PK Tech Girl - Goodbye/That Old Black Magic - Maldis/DNA Mad Scientist - Namtar's Magic/Rhapsody In Blue - Delvian Dreams/Jeremiah Crichton - Trouble In Paradise/Family Ties - Parting Comrades/Suite From The Way We Weren't/Suite From Home On The Remains/Look At The Princess Part III: The Maltese Chrichton - Crichton's Daughter/Suite From My Three Chrichtons/Suite From Beware Of The Dog/Look At The Princess Part III: I Do I Think - Crichton's Wedding/Theme From Farscape - Reprise

GNPD 8069 - Lexx: The Series - Marty Simon [2001] Opening Theme - Season 3/790 Quote (from "Brizon")/Prince To Lexx (from "Fire and Water")/All He Wants Is Sex (from "Stan's Trial" )/Angel Song (from "Nook")/A Walk in the Desert (from "Battle")/Seduction (from "Love Grows")/Wild/Wild Lexx/Galley (from "Love Grows")/Opening Theme: Season 2-Version 1/Holograms (from "Loveliner")/The Search (from "Girltown")/ Xev's Dream (from "The Web/The Net")/Garden/Lexx Hungry (from "Fire and Water")/Into The Garden (from "Garden")/Lyekka/Potato Hoe (from "Lyekka")/Gondola Ride (from "May")/Mantrid Medley (from "Mantrid")/Prince Theme (Season Three Reprise)/Medieval Dance (from "Nook")/Girl Awakes/Norb Launch (from "791/Norb")/The Xev Show (from "Lafftrack")/Demented Chase (from "Lafftrack")/Yo-A-O/I'm Leaving (from "Terminal")/Zev Dies (from "Terminal")/Final Scene/and Opening Theme Season 2 Version 2

GNPD 8070 - Robocop: Prime Directives (Soundtrack) - Norman Orenstein [2001] Prime Directives Overture/Delta City Defender/Bone Machine/Death of a Hero/Remember/Young Murphy/Pursuit/Old Detroit/Clash of the Titans/Innocence/Smith and Wesson/S.A.I.N.T. Goes Wrong/Legion/ Finale

GNPD 8071 - Frank Herbert's Dune (Soundtrack) - Graeme Revell [2001] Part One: Main Theme/Navigator Advises/Pain Box/Worm Sign-Escape the Worm/Dreamscape/Up the Ladder- Battle; Part Two: Desert Trek/Outrun Worm/Travel with Fremen/Reclaim Janis' Water-Worm Riding/Fremen Village/Underground Lake Vision/Paul & Chani/Chani & Paul's Love/Worm Bark/Seduction, Part 1/Seduction, Part 2/Jessica Changes Water/Desert Love; Part Three: Paul's Vision/Conquering the Worm/Paul Drinks/Paul Reigns/The Killing of the Innocent/Baron Harkonnen Dies/Jihad Begins-Last Fight/Paul Chooses - Finale

GNPD 8072 - Godzilla Versus Megaguirus - Michiru Ohshima/Arika Ifukube [2001] Fateful Confrontation/Main Title/To The G Countermeasure HQ/Operation Area/The G Annihilation Strategy Commences/The Ominous Gigantic Egg/Tragedy / The Revived Ancient Insect/Kiriko And The Little Boy/Griffon Sallies Forth/G-Proximity/The Street Becomes A Lake/Godzilla Vs Griffon/Meganula - Great Plague/The Dimension Tide Maneuver/The Ferocious Lifeform/Painful Life's Work/Hyperflight Dragon - Birth/The Ultimate Battle Appearance/Godzilla Vs Megaguirus/Suicidal Counterattack/Earth's Greatest Deathmatch/Dimension's Tide Limit/Kiriko's Decision/Black Hole Cannon, Explosion/It's All Over/Ending Theme; Bonus 1: Alternative Ending Themes: The Fury Of Godzilla/The Decision Of Godzilla; Bonus 2: Godzilla Sound Effects: Godzilla (2 Roars)/Godzilla (Footsteps)/Godzilla (Heat Beam)/Megaguirus (2 Roars)/Megaguirus (Wings Humming)/Megaguirus (High Frequency Wave)

GNPD 8073 - Black Scorpion (TV and Movie Soundtrack) - David G. Russel & Kevin Kiner [2001] Black Scorpion: The Series: Fairy Tale: Main Title/Armed and Dangerous: Call Me Firearm/Photo Finish-Zodiac: Darcy's and Steve's Love Theme/Blinded By The Light: The Heist/Home Sweet Homeless: To Be A Hero/No Stone Unturned: Bad Hair Day-Darcy's Suspicion- Medusa's Escape/Fire And Brimstone: Honey I'm Home/Crime Time: Fix Their Clocks/Roses Are Red, You're Dead: Green Thumb's Theme-Venus Scorpion/Life's A Gas: A Little Kiss/An Officer And A Prankster: A Smashing Time-Tracking System/Kiss Of Death: Fall From Grace-Angel Of Death/Virtual Vice: Parameters Perfected/Virtual Vice: The Ogre-The Switch/Zodiac Attack, Part 1:Zodiac Attack/Zodiac Attack: For You/Black Scorpion At Night: End Credits; Black Scorpion: The Movie: Black Scorpion: The Movie (Main Title)-Adult Darcy/Becoming Black Scorpion/Black Scorpion Finds EZ-Mayor Attacked-Kung Fu Gang/Russo To Plant-Shootout With Goons-Chase/Making Love-Stung/Discovering The Plot-Race To Plant/Wrestler Rematch-Trapped-Russo Removes Mask/In The Tower-Final Battle-Goddard Loses, And Dies/Russo Finds Gas Mask-Russo Doesn't Remember

GNPD 8074 - The Best of Stargate SG-1 (Television Soundtrack) - David Arnold/Joel Goldsmith/Richard Band/Kevin Kiner/Dennis McCarthy [2001] Stargate: SG-1 (Main Title)/Suite From "The Enemy Within"/Suite From "Cold Lazarus"/Suite From "Emancipation"/Suite From "Torment Of Tantalus"/Suite From "Thor's Hammer"/Suite From "The Nox"/Suite From "Hathor"/Suite From "Tin Man"/Suite From "Within The Serpent's Grasp"/Stargate: SG-1 (End Credits)

GNPD 8075 - Battle Beyond the Stars/Humanoids from the Deep (Soundtrack) - James Horner [2001] Both these movies came out in 1980, but were first released on CD here. Battle Beyond The Stars: Main Title/Malmori Rear Guard/The Battle Begins/Nanelia And Shad/Cowboy And The Jackers/Nanelia's Capture/The Maze Battle/Shad's Pursuit/Cowboy's Attack/Love Theme/The Hunter/Gelt's Death/Nanelia/Heading For Sador/Destruction Of Hammerhead/Epilogue-End Title; Humanoids From The Deep: Main Title/The Buck-O/Unwelcome Visitor/Night Swim/Jerry And Peggy/Trip Upriver/The Humanoids Attack/Jerry's Death/Search For Clues/Strange Catch/The Grotto/Night Prowlers/Final Confrontation/Aftermath And New Birth/End Title

GNPD 8076 - Iron Monkey - James L. Venable [2001] Main Title-Iron Monkey On The Roof/Dead Bird-Iron Monkey Fight/Fox's Paranoia-Flying/Don't Be Greedy-Many Iron Monkeys-Wong's Fight/Wong Fights Iron Monkey/Sad Wong/Cooking Montage/Wong's Son/Shaolin Monk Fight-Ugly Virgin Fight/Iron Monkey Recognized-Miss Orchid's Flashback/Governor's Intruder/Iron Monkey's Charade-Open The Warehouse-Fei-Hong Sees/Fei-Hong's Fight-Fei-Hong Fights Again/Street Band- Evil Royal Minister/Poetic Justice-Iron Money Fights Woman-Buddha's Palm/Bleeding Iron Monkey/Plan Of Attack/Who's That Knocking-Tearful Goodbye/Miss Orchid Shows Her Stuff -Witch Vs. Kid/ Fei- Hong's Rescue/New Governor's Band-Farewell Band-Farewell

GNPD 8077 - Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda - Matthew McCauley/Alex Lifeson [2002] Season 1 Main Title (March of the High Guard)/High Guard Theme (Season 2 Main Title)/Andromeda Ascendant/Dylan Hunt/Cyber World/Earthly Emotions/Man And Machine/Beka Valentine/The Rev Bem Wayist Theme/Slipstream-Tyr Anasazi/Nietzschean Attack/Deepest Space/Dangerous Maneuvers/The Magog/Epitaph/Strange Beauty/Trance Gemini/Exotic Worlds/Sara/Mad Pursuit/Villains/Battle Stations/Rommie's Love/Rhade's Lament/Season 2 Main Title (Reprise)

GNPD 8078 - The Best of Highlander: The Series (Television Soundtrack) - Roger Bellon [2002] Bonny Portmore/Hymn to a Time/Hand in Hand/Michelin Mush/A Woody Through Time/Debra on Stream-Think of Me/Will Ye No Come Back Again/Big River/En Position-A Life Upside Down/Hans Kirshner/Heart Come Back/Kansas Toto/Show on a Road/The Unexpected/The Battle of Preston/All My Life/He's a Star-Level Playing Field/I'm Done/Jacques Berri/Canister Man/Richie Remembered/We'll Meet Again/Bonny Portmore/Highlander a Celtic Opera: For Forever/Highlander a Celtic Opera: Magic of the Old Gods/Highlander a Celtic Opera: Forever in You

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