Zephyr Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: May 12, 2007

The Zephyr label was formed in Hollywood California by Geordie Hormel who was President of the label. Irv Marcus was the Vice President for Sales. The General Manager was Bud Freeman and A&R was handled by Bill Hitchcock. The output of the label was popular and jazz. The label was distributed by GNP Records.

The label was mainly a jazz label but did release one record that has a rock and roll connection, the record is 12002 produced by Jerry Leiber, one half of the legendary Leiber-Stoller production team that produced so many rock and roll hits. This album has very fine jazz musicians playing rock and roll.

The Zephyr label was gray with black print. "ZEPHYR" above the center hole in different color ovals, at the bottom is "ZEPHYR PRODUCTIONS INC. (33 1/3 in red oval) MANUFACTURED IN U.S.A.",

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Zephyr ZP 12000 Series:

ZP 12001-G - Jazz from the North Coast - Bob Davis [1956]

ZP 12002-G - Jerry Leiber Presents Scooby Doo: Good Rock & Roll for Dancing - Scooby Doo [1956] Scooby Doo was Ernie Freeman, John Anderson, Raymond Martinez, John Ewing, Plaz Johnson, Ad Alshbrod, Dave Pell, Irving Ashby and Jewel Grant. Jerry Leiber was the producer. Reissued in 1959 as Kapp KL-1127. Last Call/Ernie's Journey/Love of My Life/Mama's Boy/Moonglow/Golden Rock//Deacon's Hop/Then Comes Monday/Tombstone Blues/Shove Off/The Runaway/Don't Ever Forget Me

ZP 12003-G - Mr. Bongo Has Brass - Jack Costanzo [1956]

ZP 12004-G - It's About Time - Ruth O'Lay [1956] Coffee Time/It's Been A Long Long Time/Ev'ry Time/Time After Time/Supper Time/Better Luck Next Time//I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Bidin' My Time/Every Time We Say Goodbye/It Takes Time/As Time Goes By/It's About Time

ZP 12005-G - Easy Jazz on a Fish Beat Bass - Greig McRitchie [9/56] Jeepers Creepers/McRitchie Doodle/Sometimes I'm Happy/Runnin' Wild/Fishbeat Blues/Lonely Night/Greig's Bread/Sally's Back/Sophisticated Swing/Shuffle Off To Buffalo/Robbins Nest/Goodnight!

ZP 12006-G

ZP 12007-G

ZP 12008-K - Dixieland from the Deep North - Harry Blons & Mendota Buzzards [1957] (2-LP set)

ZP 12009-G - New Jazz from Kansas City - Arch Martin Quintet [3/57] I Never Knew/Six A.M. Blues/Eyeball/Desperation/Black And Blue//Paul's Tune/Deed I Do/Love Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere/Bird Feathers/Muddy Shoes

ZP 12010-H - Premiere: The Top Motion Picture Stars of Hollywood - Various Artists [1957] Orchestra conducted by Bob Thompson. Film and TV stars singing, including Eve Arden, Pat O'Brien, Debra Paget, Ricardo Montalban, Ida Lupino, Howard Duff, Rita Moreno, Preston Foster, Marge and Gower Champion, and Corinne Calvet.

ZP 12011

ZP 12012

ZP 12013-G - Dick and Don Maw Present the Herb Pilhofer Octet: Jazz from the North Coast, Volume 2 - Herb Pilhofer [1957]

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