Happy Tiger Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 23, 2009

Happy Tiger Records was initially located at 1801 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, California. They issued records under their own label, and also in conjunction with the Era label, as Happy Tiger/Era. They had an interesting catalog, although they only were in business for a few years, from 1969 to 1971 or so. They issued two albums by the post-Van Morrison version of Them, a Count Basie album, a disc by Priscilla Paris (of the Paris Sisters), and several Bill Traut-Jim Golden efforts from Chicago, including Aorta 2, a couple of Mason Proffit albums, and a wonderful collection of Dunwich/Destination recordings from the mid-1960s called Early Chicago, Volume I. By 1971, they were located at 6585 Sunset Blvd. In Hollywood.

About the same time they started issuing records on their own label, they entered into a partnership of sorts with Era Records to reissue several oldies albums, including the Hite Morgan Beach Boys recordings.

The first Happy Tiger label (far left) was yellow with black print, with tiger stripes horizontally around the edge of the label. The original logo was a smile that looked a lot like the smile the group War used for their logo. This label was used for the first three albums issued in 1969. Starting with HT-1004, the label changed to a plain yellow label with a cartoon of a tiger's head at the top (near left). At the bottom of the label was "DIST. & MFG. BY HAPPY TIGER RECORDS, LOS ANGELES, CALIF." This second label was used until the end of the series. Promo labels had a white label with black print, with the same graphics.
The label on the HTE-800 series (far left) was light red with black printing, with the left quarter of the label shaded gray. "ERA RECORDS" was written to the left of the center hole on the gray shaded section. At the bottom of the label was "DIST. & MFG. BY HAPPY TIGER RECORDS, LOS ANGELES, CALIF." The label used for the ESG "Golden Era Series" (near left) was the same.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Happy Tiger HTR/HT-1000 Series:

HTR-S-1001 - Places - Buddy Bohn [1969] Catch A Ray Of Sun/Dublin City/Tiki Vi Lea/Sun Of Cadiz/Send Me A Letter//Gypsy Rover/Buckeye Jim/Eggs And Marrow Bone/Stars Of Duna/Bularias

HT-1002 - Priscilla Loves Billy - Priscilla Paris [1969] Produced by Clacy B. Grass III and Don Peake. Just Friends/He's Funny That Way/Do Nothing 'Til You Hear From Me/There Is No Greater Love/I Love You Prrgy/Stars Fell On Alabama//Tenderly/My Man/Moonglow/Crazy He Calls Me/In My Solitude/Girls Were Made To Take Care Of Boys

HT-1003 - Live at the Palomino - Red Rhodes & the Detours [1969] Produced by Don Peake and Robert Reiter. Red Rhodes is a steel guitar player. His band, "The Detours," includes Dennis Hromek, Jerry Cole (see "Them" albums below), Glen Cass, and Norm Cass. Divorce/California Blues/Star Route/Kentucky Woman/As I Grow Into A Man//Mama's Hungry Eyes/Lincoln Park Inn/Crying/Conspiracy Of Homer Jones/By The Time I Get To Phoenix

At this point, label changes from the "tiger stripe-smile" label to the plain yellow label with the tiger head at the top.

HT-1004 - Them - Them [1969] Produced by Ray Ruff. Post-Van Morrison group. Musicians include Jerry Cole (guitar, vocals) and Alan Henderson (bass) with an unknown studio group reputed to include Ry Cooder and Jack Nietzsche. I Keep Singing/Lonely Weekends /Take A Little Time/You Got Me Good/Jo Ann/Memphis Lady//In The Midnight Hour/Nobody Cares /I Am Waiting/Just A Little

HT-1005 - Lonely Place - Dan Terry [1969] My Way/Goodbye Columbus/This Girl's in Love with You/Bath House Brass/Big Daddy//Lonely Place/Funnin'/Why Try to Change Me Now/Les Girls/Vampire Bat/Bye Bye Love

HT-1006 - The Kimberlys - Kimberlys [1970] Thinkin' Gentle Breezes Of You/Come Stay With Me/As Tears Go By/Norwegian Wood/Catch The Wind/What Now My Love//I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/Take Me With You/Ode To Billie Joe/Little Brown Shack/Elusive Butterfly/I'd Like To Belong To You

HT-1007 - Basie on the Beatles - Count Basie [1970] Yesterday/Something/Come Together/With A Little Help From My Friends/Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)/Eleanor Rigby/Here, There, and Everywhere/The Fool On The Hill/Hey Jude/Get Back

HT-1008 - Environment/Evolution/Ecology - Ecology [1970] Artists are Jerry Cole, Ray Ruff, and Val Stoecklein. Black Mark On The Sea/Wake Up The Old World/What Have They Done To The Rain/Existing In City Stone/We're All In This Together/Our Times/We Can't Get There From Here/The Whole World Has Gone Out Of Tune/No One Hears/A Time

HT-1009 - Wanted - Mason Proffit [1970] Voice of Change/A Rectangle Picture/You Finally Found Your Love/Sweet Lady Love/Stewball/Two Hangmen/Buffalo/Walk on Down the Road/It's All Right/Till the Sun's Gone/Johnny's Tune

HT-1010 - Aorta 2 - Aorta [1970] Willie Jean/Little Bonnie/Blythe Spirit/Beg For His Forgiveness/Egypt//His Faith In Man/Devil, Maggot & Son/Sandcastles/Pickin' Blues/Fallin' Behind

HT-1011 - Hal Rugg Steels the Hits of Loretta Lynn - Hal Rugg [1971] Reissued as Steel Guitar Record Club #9. Don't Come Home A-Drinkin' (With Lovin' On Your Mind)/Fist City/To Make A Man (Feel Like A Man)/I Know How/Your Squaw Is On The Warpath/Success/Happy Birthday/Wings Upon Your Horns/You Ain't Woman Enough/Blue Kentucky Girl/Woman Of The World (Leave My World Alone)/Wine, Women And Song

HT-1012 - Them In Reality - Them [1971] Gloria/Baby Please Don't Go/Laugh/Let My Song Through//California Man/Lessons Of The Ska/Mayn/Back To The Country/Can You Believe


HT-1014 - New Horizon - Kimberlys [1971] The Family/Morning Dew/Leavin' California/Don't It Make You Wanta Go Home/And I Loved Her//Let It Be/Sal's Got A Sugar Lip/Hello And Happy Birthday/More To Life Than This/After All

HT-1015 - Stealin' in the Name of the Lord - Paul Kelly [1971] 509/Hot Runnin' Soul/Funny/A Helping Hand/Soul Flow/Try To Love Somebody//Poor But Proud/Comin' Comin' Comin'/The Day After Forever/Travelin' Man/What's Happening To Me And You/Stealing In The Name Of The Lord

HT-1016 - A Tribute to Simon & Garfunkel - Anita Kerr Singers [1971] Intro/Music/A Hazy Shade Of Winter/The Sounds Of Silence/Interlude/Mrs Robinson/El Condor Pasa/Faking It//Intro/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Somewhere They Can't Find Me/Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall/Interlude/We Got A Groovy Thing Goin'/April Come She Will/Scarborough Fair

HT-1017 - Early Chicago, Volume I - Various Artists [1971] A Dunwich Production. I Got My Mojo Working - Shadows Of Knight (S, rec. December 13, 1966)/Drown In My Broken Dreams - Mauds (S, rec. April 24, 1968) [with members of Chicago]/Quit Your Lowdown Ways - George Edwards & Friends (S, rec. November 27, 1965) [with Steve Miller, guitar]/What Now My Love - American Breed (S, rec. July 28, 1967)/Last Time Around - Del-Vetts (S, rec. May 7, 1966) [Dunwich 125]/You're Gonna Lose That Girl - Cryan' Shames (S, rec. August 9, 1966)//Magical Wings - Flock (S, rec. February 27, 1968)/Man With Money - Saturday's Children (S, rec. Aug 16, 1966)/I've Got To Have You - Trolls (S, rec. February 26, 1968)/Any Way That You Want Me - H.P. Lovecraft (S, rec. February 26, 1967)/Ain't Too Proud To Beg - Little Boy Blues (S, rec. April 11, 1967)/I Didn't Want To Have To Do It - Rovin' Kind (S, rec. February 5, 1967) [Dunwich 154]

HT-1018 - Buffalo Nickel Jug Band - Buffalo Nickel Jug Band [1971] Alabamy Bound/Honolulu Moon/Whistle Up Your Troubles/Cocaine Habit/Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night/Good 'Ol Days/Roadhouse/Separation Blues/Tain't What You Do/It's Been Said/Toodle-Loo

HT-1019 - Movin' Toward Happiness - Mason Proffit [1971] Michael Dodge/Hard Luck Woman/Children/Hokey Joe Pony/Flying Arrow/Old Joe Clark/Let Me Know Where You're Goin'/Melinda/Good Friend of Mary's/He Loves Them/Everybody Was Wrong


ES-800 - Dorsey Burnette's Greatest Hits - Dorsey Burnette [1969] Hey Little One/Hard Rock Mine/Lazy Bones/The Ghost Of Billy Maldo/Hard Working Man/Suddenly There's A Valley//Tall Oak Tree/Wayward Wind/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Noah's Ark/Red Roses/Big Rock Candy Mountain

HTE-801 - California Guitar - Phil Baugh [1969]

HTE-802 -

HTE-803 - Herb Newman Presents AM-FM - Herb Newman [1969] Aquarius/This Guy's In Love With You/Don't Sleep In The Subway/Promises Promises/Cuando Caliente El Sol/For Once In My Life/Turn Around Look At Me/Scarborough Fair/It Was A Very Good Year/Tara's Theme/Impossible Dream

HTE-804 - Rare Records Revisited - Various Artists [1969] The Object of My Affection - Pinky Tomlin/The Love Bug Will Bite You (If You Don't Watch Out) - Pinky Tomlin/Life Is Just A Bowl of Cherries - Rudy Vallee/Vieni Vieni - Rudy Vallee/When My Baby Smiles At Me - Ted Lewis/Me And My Shadow - Ted Lewis//Cement Mixer (Putti Putti) - Slim Gaillard/Yep Rock Heresei - Slim Galillard/Matilda - Sir Lancelot/Open The Door Richard - Jack McVea/The Music Goes Round and Around - Mike Riley

HTE-805 - Biggest Beach Hits - Beach Boys [1969] These are the Hite Morgan tapes, recorded for Candix Records before the group became famous. They are not the same versions of the hit songs on Capitol, except that "Surfin" was a chart record on Candix and the original is here. Surfin' Safari - Beach Boys/What Is A Young Girl Made Of - Beach Boys/Phantom Surfer - Tornadoes/Luau - Beach Boys/Barbie - Beach Boys//Surfin - Beach Boys/Judy - Beach Boys/Bustin' Surfboards - Tornadoes/Beach Boy Stomp - Beach Boys/Surfer Girl - Beach Boys

HTE-806 - Rock and Roll Jukebox - Various Artists [1969] Louie Louie - Richard Berry (E)/The Way You Look Tonight - Jaguars (E)/To Know Him Is To Love Him - Teddy Bears (E)/Teen Beat - Sandy Nelson (E)/Bongo Rock - Preston Epps (E)/Gee Whiz - Innocents (E)//Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette (E)/Mule Skinner Blues - Fendermen (E)/So This Is Love - Castells (E)/Surfin' Safari - Beach Boys (E, Hite Morgan version)/Let's Dance - Chris Montez (E)/Love Letters - Ketty Lester (E)

EGS Golden Era Series (Happy Tiger/Era):
Note: Volume 3 was issued on the Era label as Era ESVOL-3.

EGS-VOL-1 - Golden Era Series, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1969] Reissue of ESVOL- 1 with the red Happy Tiger label. Wayward Wind - Gogi Grant (E)/Hey Little One - Dorsey Burnette (S)/Sacred - Castells (S)/Doll House - Donnie Brooks (S)/Mr. Custer - Larry Verne (E)/Birds And The Bees - Jewel Akens (S)//To Know Him Is To Love Him - Teddy Bears (E)/Mission Bell - Donnie Brooks (E)/Suddenly There's A Valley - Gogi Grant (E)/Tall Oak Tree - Dorsey Burnette (S)/Cinco Roboles - Russell Arms (E)/So This Is Love - Castells (S)

EGS-VOL-2 - Golden Era Series, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1969] Reissue of ESVOL- 2 with the red Happy Tiger label. Let's Dance - Chris Montez (E)/Gee Whiz - Innocents (E)/Mule Skinner Blues - Fendermen (E)/Heart And Soul - Incredibles (S)/Cinnamon Cinder - Pastel Six (E)/Have Love Will Travel - Richard Berry (E)//Alley Oop - Hollywood Argyles (E)/Surfin' Bird - Trashmen (E)/Honest I Do - Innocents (E)/Happy Birthday Blues - Kathy Young (E)/Arrow Of Love - Six Teens (E)/Ain't Gonna Kiss You No More - Ribbons


Warner Bros. WS-2605 - Dirt - Paul Kelly [1972] Reissue of Happy Tiger HT-1015 with different track sequence. He Ain't Nothin But Dirt/509/Hot Runnin' Soul/Hangin' On In There/A Helping Hand/Soul Flow//Here Comes Old Jezebel/Poor But Proud/The Day After Tomorrow/Travelin' Man/What's Happened To Me And You/Stealing In The Name Of The Lord

Warner Bros. 2LS-2746 - Come and Gone - Mason Proffit [1974] Reissue of Happy Tiger HT-1009 and Happy Tiger HT-1019 as a 2-LP set. This album was reissued on CD in 2000 as One Way OW 33638. Voice of Change/A Rectangle Picture/You Finally Found Your Love/Sweet Lady Love/Stewball/Two Hangmen/Buffalo/Walk on Down the Road/It's All Right/Till the Sun's Gone/Johnny's Tune//Michael Dodge/Hard Luck Woman/Children/Hokey Joe Pony/Flying Arrow/Old Joe Clark/Let Me Know Where You're Goin'/Melinda/Good Friend of Mary's/He Loves Them/Everybody Was Wrong

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