Indigo Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: February 3, 2017

Indigo Records was a California record label that was formed in 1960. The address of the company was 3330 Barham Boulevard, Hollywood, California. The A&R Director was Jim Lee. The Indigo label was short lived, as it went out of business in 1962, but during that time managed to issue almost 50 singles and five LPs.

By far the most prolific of the Indigo artists were the Innocents, who appeared on almost a third of the Indigo singles. The Innocents were Al Candelaria, guitarist Darron Stankey, and Jim West. They had a recognizable and unusual (slightly off-key?) sound based on three voices almost harmonizing, backed by a reverb-drenched guitar playing arpeggios and clutch chords. They had been recording as a quartet for Keen/Andex as the Echoes, but when Keen folded in 1960, one of the members quit and the remaining three renamed themselves for their car club. In looking around the Los Angeles/Hollywood area for a new label, they happened upon Gary Paxton and Kim Fowley, who had just set up shop. Paxton and Fowley liked their odd ballad "Honest I Do" and signed them, recorded them, then sold the masters to Indigo.

"Honest I Do" became a legitimate national top-30 record, and Jim Lee took the group on tour of gigs in the area. After one of their performances, a 15-year-old girl approached them with her mother in tow. The girl, Kathy Young, wanted to sing. An appointment was set up for the next week, where Kathy sang an old Rivileers number, "A Thousand Stars." The recording sounded sparse until Jim Lee revised it with Kathy doing lead vocal with the Innocents' inimitable sound in the background. The song rocketed to #3, starting a dual career for the group as both Kathy Young's backers and with their own releases. Young had two more chart records, "Happy Birthday Blues" and "Magic Is The Night" for Indigo, backed by the Innocents. After Indigo folded, Kathy teamed up with Chris Montez for a minor hit "All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me)" on the Monogram label in 1964, and eventually married a member of the Walker Brothers. After many years out of the music industry, she returned in the 1990s.

About the same time as "A Thousand Stars" was on the charts, the Innocents' second offering, "Gee Whiz" was also charting, giving the group their chance for two records on the top-30 simultaneously. (If the opening line of the record sounds vaguely familiar, it may be because the line was immortalized by Dickie Goodman in his novelty cut-in "The Touchables," where after Mugs Moron's boys were gunned down, all he could say was, "gee whiz...") The Innocents signed with Warner Bros./Reprise after Indigo went under, but although they were stars in L.A., it didn't translate into further chart hits, and they disbanded in 1964.

The only other minor chart brush for Indigo was the 1961 purchased master of "Pick Me Up On Your Way Down" by Pat Zill, which made #92 nationally. The most collectable Indigo records are the two Innocents-related albums, both with and without Kathy Young. The Kathy Young material has been bootlegged on CD. The Innocents album has been legitimately reissued on CD, along with much studio chatter, by Ace (UK). Just the studio talk on "Honest I Do" is worth the price of the CD, as one gets a sense of what it was like back in the days of Paxton and Fowley trying to record while people were opening doors and making noise, and while the singers were attempting to remain on-key through several false starts.

The Indigo album label (far left) was black with silver print, with "indigo" in purple and "records" in blue above the center hole. The first singles label (near left) had "INDIGO" in light blue letters amid pink lens shapes, making the label name difficult to read.
The promotional copies of the first label (near left) were white with black print, with the lens shapes in grey. Shortly after "A Thousand Stars" hit, Indigo changed to the second label (near left), which closely resembled the album label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

500 Series:

IND-LP-501 - Puro Mariachi - Los Camperos [1961] Available in monaural only. El Tren/Noche Y Tu/Lo Que Paso Volo/El Jabali/Viejo Copa/Mira Prieta/El Que Agarro, Agarro/El Maracumbe/Todavia Te Quiero/La Culebra/Mas Amor/El Lucero

IND-LP-502 - Just for You - Manny Lopez [1961] Available in monaural (and possibly rechanneled stereo). Me Voy Pal Pueblo/Caleta Tropical/Esta Es Mi Guajira/Clavelitos/Yo Te Sabre Hacer Feliz/Triana//Hawaiian Eye/Adventures In Paradise/Where Was I/Mr. Lucky/Theme From Hong Kong/Theme From The Apartment

IND-LP-503 - Innocently Yours - Innocents [1961] Available in monaural only. Honest I Do/Chiquita/Walking Along/Once In A While/Please Mr. Sun/Girl Of My Dreams//Gee Whiz/Hog For You/It Was A Tear/Donna/My Baby Hully Gullys/I Believe In You

IND-LP-504 - The Sound of Kathy Young - Kathy Young with the Innocents [1961] Available in monaural only. A Thousand Stars/Angel On My Shoulder/Please Love Me Forever/Lonely Blue Nights/Baby Oh Baby/Eddie My Darling//Happy Birthday Blues/Sparkle And Shine/Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Angel Baby/Someone To Love

1500 Series:

GBM-1501/GBST-1501 - All That and This Too - Bob Rogers [1962] This Too/Bluesy/Shadow Waltz/Minute Before I Go/Mood Indigo/Room With A View/Coffee Kate/Midnight Lace/Alone Together

GBM-1502/GBST-1502 - Selections from "Wildcat" - Cy Coleman [1961] Available in monaural and stereo. Hey Look Me Over/Give A Little Whistle/What Takes My Fancy/Tall Hopes/One Day We Dance/You're A Liar/You've Come Home/Corduroy Road/Danie/Andelina/Tippy Toes


CDCHD 374 - The Complete Indigo Recordings - Innocents [1992] Tapes are a little noisy at times, probably due to recording technique. Also, the lead vocalist tends to put audible clicks on tape as he is preparing to sing, so that particular idiosyncracy is not the engineer's fault. The sound is generally good. Gee Whiz (M)/Please Mr. Sun (M)/Walking Along (M)/Once In A While (M)/Pain In My Heart (M)/Chiquita (M)/Girl In My Dreams (M)/Because I Love You (M)/Sleeping Beauty (M, with countoff)/Donna (M)/Kathy (M)/My Baby Hully Gullys (M)/Honest I Do (M, with false starts)/Beware (M)/I'm A Hog For You (M)/When I Become A Man (M)/Two Young Hearts (M)/Dee Dee Di Oh (M)/I Believe In You (M)/It Was A Tear (M)/You Got Me Going (S, with studio talk and countoff)/Little Blue Star (S, with studio talk and countoff)/I Know A Valley (M)/Time Makes You Change (M)/In The Beginning (M, with studio talk)

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