Monogram Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 27, 1998

The Monogram label was distributed by Era Records. Producer for Monogram was Jim Lee. The Monogram label was blue with black printing. "monogram" in script white above the center hole. To the right of the name was a black circle with "MR" in it. Although the original album was issued in mono only, it has been reissued in stereo on compact disc.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

MLP-100 - Let's Dance and Have Some Kinda' Fun!!! - Chris Montez [1963] Let's Dance/I Ran/You're The One/(Let's Do) The Limbo/Rock'n Blues/Chiquitita Mia//Some Kinda' Fun/Say You'll Marry Me/All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me)/I Feel Like Dancing/No No No/Tell Me (It's Not Over)


DZS-056 - Let's Dance! All-Time Greatest Hits - Chris Montez [1991] Wow. Flawless sound and first-time stereo for "Let's Dance" and "Call Me," among others. Greetings From Chris (M)/Let's Dance (S, with countoff)/No No No (S)/Some Kinda Fun (S)/All You Had To Do (Was Tell Me) (M)/Chiquitita Mia (S)/I Ran (S)/Rock 'N Blues (S)/You're The One [with Kathy Young] (S)/My Baby Loves To Dance (S)/Puppy Love (S)/Call Me (S)/The More I See You (S)/There Will Never Be Another You (S)/Time After Time (S)/The Very Thought Of You (S)/Little White Lies (S)/Just Friends (S)/Day By Day (S)/Love Is Here To Stay (S)/Because Of You (S)

REP 4152-WZ - Let's Dance and Have Some Kinda Fun!!! - Chris Montez [1992] Very clean. Billed as the Monogram LP with bonus tracks, this is essentially a reissue of the US DCC-label package Let's Dance [DCC Compact Classics DZS-056], minus a few tracks. Greetings From Chris (M)/Let's Dance (S, with countoff)/I Ran (S)/You're The One (S)/Let's Do The Limbo (S)/Rocking Blues (S)/Chaquita Mia (S)/Some Kinda Fun (S)/Say You'll Marry Me (S)/All You Had To Do Was Tell Me (M)/I Feel Like Dancing (S)/No No No (S)/Tell Me It's Not Over (S)/In An English Town (S)/Monkey Fever (S)/My Love (M)/My Baby Loves To Dance (S)/Puppy Love (S)/You're The One [Chris & Kathy (Young)] (S)/The More I See You (S)/Ay No Digas (S)

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