Tri-Disc Album Discographies
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: December 31, 2007

The Tri-Disc label was related to the HiFi/Arvee labels owned by Richard Vaughn, although we know of no direct ownership link. The one album on Tri-Disc, by the Olympics, was produced by Fred Smith, who did A&R for Arvee, and featured songs written by Smith and Cliff Goldsmith, the other Arvee A&R man. Tri-Disc may have been a Fred Smith-Cliff Goldsmith spinoff of Arvee. In any case, the relationship between the two labels was apparently friendly, since the liner notes on the back of Tri-Disc 1001 essentially advertise the three Arvee Olympics albums! The address for Tri-Disc was 8831 Sunset Blvd., Suite 202, Los Angeles 69, California (Phone OL5-5140). According to the movable pasteover mono/stereo cover on LP 1001, it was issued in both mono and stereo, but we've never come across a stereo version (and precious few copies even in mono).

The Tri-Disc label was red with black print, with "TRI DISC" in block letters curving around the top of the label, with a record with a triangle in it directly above the center hole between the "TRI" and the "DISC."

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

1001 - Do the Bounce with The Olympics - Olympics [1963] The Bounce/Do The Slauson/Dance What You Wanna/Nitty Gritty/Dancin' Holiday/Hully Gully Mash//New Dancin' Partner/Loop De Loop Limbo/The Baker/Groovin'/Bounce Again

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