Pacific Jazz/Pacifica Album Discography
By Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: July 22, 2006

The Pacific Jazz label was started in Los Angeles California in 1952 by Richard Bock. The output of the label was jazz. A subsidiary named Pacifica was started in 1954, Pacifica recorded jazz, pop and spoken word. In October 1957 the name of the company was changed to World Pacific, although the name Pacific Jazz was still used for some releases. A&R for the labels was handled by Richard Bock and George Avakian.

The World Pacific labels were purchased by Liberty Records in 1964. After the Liberty purchase, the labels carried the notation "A Product of Liberty Records". In 1968, Transamerica purchased all of the Liberty labels including World Pacific. Liberty, World Pacific and the rest of the labels were folded in with the United Artists label, another label owned by Transamerica. By 1970, Transamerica and the corporate genius' running it had pretty much destroyed all of the labels including World Pacific which disappeared prior to 1971. United Artists did reissue World Pacific material in the 1970's. The material recorded by World Pacific is today owned by Capitol-EMI.

For the discographer, it is very difficult to separate the releases of Pacific Jazz, Pacifica and World Pacific, since the names were almost used interchangeably. Some of the series may have had one name originally and then used the other label on reissues. Basically I stopped using the Pacific Jazz & Pacifica name after the name change of October 1957, except for the Pacific Jazz 10000, 20000 series that was issued with a Pacific Jazz label as a subsidiary of World Pacific. I also assumed that when the label name was changed in October 1957, the earlier 12 inch issues in the Pacific Jazz 400, 500 and Pacifica 2000 series were kept in print with World Pacific labels since all three series continued with World Pacific releases, we know from entries in the Schwann catalog that this was true in some cases but it is not known if it was true in all cases.

This Pacific Jazz and related label discography was compiled using Schwann catalogs from 1952 to 1982, Phonolog from 1963, The Complete Library of American Phonograph Recordings (1958-1968) by Jerry Osborne, The American Record Label Directory and Dating Guide, 1940-1959 by Galen Gart and my record collection.

Tracks are listed in order they appear on the albums, when known and the double slash (//) is indication of the separation between sides. Titles listed without a double slash (//) are listed as printed in the Phono-Log or Schwann catalog New Entries listing, and the separation between side one and side two is unknown.

The first Pacific Jazz label was black with silver print and logo. "Pacific Jazz" on two lines above the center hole. This label was used from the start of the label to 1957 when the name of the label was changed to World Pacific. The second Pacific Jazz label was black with silver print used for monaural releases. "Pacific Jazz" on one line above the center hole. There is a silver bar across the center with the "World Pacific" logo. Stereo releases use a blue label with silver print. "Pacific Jazz" logo in silver above the center hole. There is a silver band through the center of the label with the "World Pacific" logo. On the left side is a silver vertical strip with the word "Stereo". This label was used on Pacific Jazz 1 to approximately 100. The third label was used on the 10000/20000 series, it was black, orange and yellow with a blue, white and black logo to the left of the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Pacific Jazz 10 Inch Series:

PJLP 1 - Jerry Mulligan Quartet - Jerry Mulligan Quartet [1952] Frenesi/Freeway/Soft Shoe/Aren't You Glad You're You/Bernie's Tune/Walkin' Shoes/Nights at the Turntable/Lullaby of the Leaves

PJLP 2 - Jerry Mulligan Quartet With Lee Konitz - Jerry Mulligan Quartet [5/53] I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Sextet/Lover Man/Lady Be Good//Carson City Stage/Cherry/Makin' Whoopie/Motel

PJLP 3 - Chet Baker Quartet - Chet Baker Quartet [1953] Isn't It Romantic/Maid In Mexico/Imagination/This Time The Dream's On Me//The Lamp Is Low/Russ Job/Easy To Love/Batter Up

PJLP 4 - Sweets at the Haig - Harry Edison Quartet [1953] September In the Rain/Pennies From Heaven/others

PJLP 5 - Jerry Mulligan Quartet - Jerry Mulligan Quartet [1953] I May Be Wrong/I'm Beginning To See The Light/The Nearness Of You/Tea For Two//Love Me Or Leave Me/Jeru/Darn That Dream/Swinghouse

PJLP 6 - Chet Baker Featuring Russ Freeman - Chet Baker Quartet [1953] Long Ago and Far Away/Happy Little Sunbeam/Moon Love/Bea's Flat//No Ties/Band Aid/The Thrill Is Gone/All the Things You Are

PJLP 7 - Laurindo Almeida Quartet - Laurindo Almeida Quartet [3/54] Blue Baiao/Carinoso/Nono/Hazardous/Noctambulism/Tocata

PJLP 8 - Russ Freeman Trio - Russ Freeman Trio [1953] You Stepped Out of a Dream/Laugh Cry/At Last/The Eye Opener/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Bock's Tops/Yesterday's Gardenias/ Backfield in Motion

PJLP 9 - Chet Baker Ensemble-Compositions and Arrangements by Jack Montrose - Chet Baker Ensemble [1954] Moonlight Becomes You/Ergo/Bockhanal/Headline/Goodbye/Prodefunctus/3 others

PJLP 10 - Lee Konitz And The Gerry Mulligan Quintet - Lee Konitz And The Gerry Mulligan Quintet [1954] Too Marvelous For Words/Almost Like Being In Love/These Foolish Things/I Can't Get Started/My Old Flame/Five Brothers/1 other

PJLP 11 - Chet Baker Sings - Chet Baker [5/54] There Will Never Be Another You/I Get Along Without You Very Well/The Thrill Is Gone/Look For The Silver Lining/But Not For Me/Time Afer Time/My Funny Valentine/I Fall In Love To Easily

PJLP 12 - Meet Mr. Gordon - Bob Gordon [1954] What A Difference A Day Made/Tea For Two/Love Is Here To Stay/Meet Mr. Gordon/Modus Operandi/Onion Bottom/For Sue/Two Can Play

PJLP 13 - Laurindo Almeida Quartet Volume 2 - Laurindo Almeida Quartet [1954]

PJLP 14 - Bud Shank And Three Trombones - Bud Shank [1954] Valve In Head/Cool Fool/Littlegirl/Mobile/Wailing Vessel/Babys Birthday Party/You Dont Know What Love Is/Sing Something Simple

PJLP 15 - Chet Baker Sextet - Chet Baker Sextet [1954] Tommyhawk/Little Man You've Had a Busy Day/Dot's Groovy//The Half Dozens/I'm Glad There Is You/Stella By Starlight

PJLP 16 - Bob Brookmeyer Quartet - Bob Brookmeyer Quartet [1/55] Body & Soul/Isn't It Romantic/Liberty Belle/Have You Met Miss Jones/Red Devil/Last Chance/Traditional Blues/Doe Eyes

PJLP 17 - Chico Hamilton Trio - Chico Hamilton Trio [1955] Nuttye/Buddy Boo/Street of Dreams/Uganda/Lollypop/Broadway/What Is There To Say/We'll Be Together Again

PJLP 18 - Al Haig Trio - Al Haig Trio [1955]

PJLP 19 - Clifford Brown Ensemble - Clifford Brown Ensemble [4/55]

PJLP 20 - Bud Shank And Bob Brookmeyer - Bud Shank And Bob Brookmeyer [1955] When Your Lover Has Gone/There's A Small Hotel/Out Of This World/You Are Too Beautiful/Low Life/With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair

Pacific Jazz 12 Inch Series:

400 Series:

Pacific Jazz PJM 401 - Just Friends - Bill Perkins & Art Pepper & Richie Kamuca [7/57] Just Friends /A Foggy Day/All of Me (Marks/Simons)/Diane-A-Flow/Lomehouse Blues/What Is This Thing Called Love?/Solid de Sylva/Sweet and Lovely/Zenobia

Pacific Jazz PJM 402 - Ritual - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers [1956] Sam's Tune/Scotch Blues/Once Upon a Groove/Comments By Blakey/Ritual/Touch‚/Wake Up

500 Series:

Pacific Jazz JWC 500 - West Coast Jazz - Various Artists [1956] Bockhanal - Chet Baker Ensemble/Soft Shoe - Gerry Mulligan Quartet/Tiny Capers - Clifford Brown Ensemble/I'll Remember April - Zoot Sims Quartet/Wailing Vessel - Bud Shank And 3 Trombones/Happy Little Sunbeam - Chet Baker Quartet/It Had To Be You - Bill Perkins And Bud Shank/Low Life - Bud Shank And Bob Brookmeyer/There Will Never Be Another You - Chet Baker Quintet With Jimmy Giuffre/Lotus Bud - Bud Shank And Shorty Rogers/Darn That Dream - Gerry Mulligan Quartet/Speak Low - Laurindo Almeida Quartet/Two Can Play - Bob Gordon And Jack Montrose/Oh/Lady Be Good - Lee Konitz Plays With The Gerry Mulligan Quartet

Pacific Jazz JWC 501 - West Coast Jazz Volume 2 - Various Artists [7/56] Bojangles of Harlem/It's Sand Man/Easy Living/Contour/Summertime/I Hear Music/Bag of Blues/4 others

Pacific Jazz JWC 502 - The Blues - Various Artists [11/56] Walkin' Carson Blues/Blues In the Night/Royal Garden Blues/Blues Going Up/Blues On the Rocks/4 others

Pacific Jazz JWC 503 - Ballads For Backgrounds - Various Artists [1956] Stairway to the Stars/Polka Dots and Moonbeams/Nature Boy/The Thrill Is Gone/Body and Soul/Out of This World/I Can't Get Started/Stella by Starlight/What Is Here to Say/My Old Flame/One Hundred Tears from Today

Pacific Jazz JWC 504 - Rodgers And Hart Gems - Various Artists [1957] Little Girl Blue/Glad to Be Unhappy/My Funny Valentine/My Romance/You Are Too Beautiful/There's a Small Hotel/Isn't It Romantic?/Bewitched/Have You Met Miss Jones?/The Lady Is a Tramp

Pacific Jazz JWC 505 - Solo Flight - Various Artists [1957] I Can't Get Started/I Can't Give You Anything But Dope/In a Sentimental Mood/Too Marvelous for Words/Angel Eyes/If I Should Lose You/I Can't Get Started/Isn't It Romantic?/It's a New World/It's Only a Paper Moon/September in the Rain

Pacific Jazz JWC 506 - Pianists Galore - Various Artists [4/57] Too Close For Comfort/Bess You Is My Woman/Sonny Speaks/Younger Than Springtime/I Hear Music/5 others

Series continues under the World Pacific Label name:

1200 Series:

PJ 1201 - California Concerts-Gerry Mulligan Quartet With Sims And Brookmeyer - Gerry Mulligan Quartet [5/55] Yardbird Suite/Red Door/I Know Don't Know How/Piano Blues/Western Reunion/Blues Going Up/Little Girl Blues

PJ 1202 - Chet Baker Sings And Plays with Bud Shank, Russ Freeman and Strings - Chet Baker [1955] Let's Get Lost/This Is Always/Someone To Watch Over Me/I Remember You/Daybreak/Just Friends/I Wish I Knew/Grey December/Long Ago & Far Away/You Don't Know What Love Is

PJ 1203 - Jazz at Ann Arbor Tiffany Club - Chet Baker [1955] Line for Lyons/Lover Man/My Funny Valentine/Maid in Mexico/Stella by Starlight/My Old Flame/Headline/Russ Job

PJ 1204 - Laurindo Almeida Quartet Featuring Bud Shank - Laurindo Almeida Quartet [1955] Blue Baio/Carinoso/Nono/Hazardous/Noctambulism/Tocata/Atabaque/Speak Low/Amor Flamenco/Baa-Too-Kee/Inquietac o/Acerate Mas/Stairway to the Stars/Terra Seca

PJ 1205 - Bud Shank Quintet - Bud Shank Quintet [1955] It Had To Be You/Sinner Kissed An Angel/Fluted Columns/Paradise/Casa de Luz/I Hear Music/Lotus Band/Left Bank/Shank's Pranks/Jasmine/Just a Few/Royal Garden Blues

PJ 1206 - Trumpet Artistry of Chet Baker - Chet Baker All The Things [1955] You Are/No Ties/Happy Little Sunbeam/Bea's Flat/Russ Job/Moon Love/Imagination/Tommy Hawk/I'm Glad There Is You/Little Man You've Had A Busy Day/Moonlight Becomes You/Goodbye

PJ 1207 - The Original Mulligan Quartet With Chet Baker - Gerry Mulligan Quartet [1955] Frenesi/Nights at the Turntable/Lullaby of the Leaves/Jeru/Cherry/Swinghouse/I May Be Wrong/Aren't You Glad You're You/I'm Beginning to See the Light/The Nearness of You/Makin' Whoopee/Tea for Two

PJ 1208 - Jack Montrose Sextet - Jack Montrose Sextet [1/56] . Listen, Hear/Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered/Some Good Fun Blues/Fools Rush In/Speakeasy/Credo/Pretty/That Old Feeling

PJ 1209 - Chico Hamilton Quintet With Buddy Collette - Chico Hamilton Quintet [1956] Mr. Jo Jones/I Know/Channel Five/Beanstalk/September Song/Siete-Cuatro/Caravan/Soft Winds/Satin Doll/Lillian/Reflections/Mr. Smith Goes to Town

PJ 1210 - Paris Concert - Gerry Mulligan [1956] Come Out/5 Brothers/Makin' Whoopee/Love Me or Leave Me/Bernie's Tune/Walkin' Shoes/Soft Shoe/Moonlight In Vermont/Motel

PJ 1211 - Cy Touff Octet And Quintet - Cy Touff [1956] Keester Parade/TNT/What Am I Here For?/Groover Wailin'/Prez-Ence/Half Past Jumping Time/A Smooth One/Primitive Cats/It's Sand, Man!

PJ 1212 - Russ Freeman With Richard Twardzik Trio - Russ Freeman [1956] Albuquerque Social Swim/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/Yellow Tango/'Round Midnight/I'll Remember April/A Crutch for the Crab/Just One of Those Things

PJ 1213 - Bud Shank With Brookmeyer And 3 Trombones - Bud Shank [1956] Wailing Vessel/Low Life/others?

PJ 1214 - Jack Montrose With Bob Gordon And Clifford Brown - Jack Montrose With Bob Gordon And Clifford Brown [1956] Tiny Capers/Gone With the Wind/Finders Keepers/Dahoud/Blueberry Hill/Bones For Jones/Bones For Zoot/Joy Spring

PJ 1215 - Bud Shank Quartet - Bud Shank Quartet [1956] Carioca/All This and Heaven Too/Jubilation/Walkin'/Nature Boy/Nocturne for Flute/Do Nothin' Till You Hear from Me/Bag of Blues

PJ 1216 - Chico Hamilton Quintet In Hi-Fi - Chico Hamilton [1956]

PJ 1217 - 2 Degrees East-3 Degrees West - Chico Hamilton [1956]

PJ 1218 - Chet Baker Quartet In Paris - Chet Baker [1956] Rondette/Mid-Forte/Sad Walk/Re-Search/Just Duo/Piece Caprice/Pomp/The Girl from Greenland/Brash

PJ 1219 - Quartet At Cal-Tech - Bud Shank [1956] When Lights Are Low/Old Devil Moon/The Nearness of You/How Long Has This Been Going On?/Tea for Two/Lullaby of Birdland/Somebody Loves Me/Moonlight in Vermont/The King

PJ 1220 - Chico Hamilton Trio - Chico Hamilton Trio [1956] Blues on the Rocks/Streeet of Drums/We'll Be Together Again/Skinned Strings/Nuttye/Porch Light/Broadway/Autumn Landscape/Uganda/Lollypop

PJ 1221 - Bill Perkins Octet On Stage - Bill Perkins Octet [1956] Song of the Islands/One Hundred Years from Today/Zing! Zang!/Let Me See/For Dancers Only/Just a Child/As They Reveled/When You're Smiling

PJ 1222 - Chet Baker Sings - Chet Baker [1956] My Funny Valentine/That Old Feeling/Like Someone In Love/My Buddy/It's Always You/Someone To Watch Over Me/But Not For Me/Look For the Silver Lining/I Get Along without You/I Fall In Love Too Easily/Thrill Is Gone/There Will Never Be Another You

PJ 1223 - Hoagy Sings Carmichael - Hoagy Carmichael [2/57] Georgia on My Mind/Winter Moon/New Orleans/Memphis in June/Skylark/Two Sleepy People/Baltimore Oriole/Rockin' Chair/Ballad in Blue/Lazy River

PJ 1224 - Chet Baker And Crew - Chet Baker [1956] To Mickey's Memory/Slightly Above Moderate/Revelation/Something For Liza/Medium Rock/2 others

PJ 1225 - Chico Hamilton Quintet - Chico Hamilton Quintet [1957] Chanel #5/Beanstalk/September Song/Soft Winds/I Know/Satin Doll/Caravan/Mr. Jo Jones/Lillian/2 others

PJ 1226 - Flute And Oboe - Bud Shank And Bob Cooper [1957] They Didn't Believe Me/In the Blue of Evening/I Can't Get Started/Gypsy In My Soul/Tequita Time/5 others

PJ 1227 - Jazz Guitar - Jim Hall [1957] Tangerine/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Thanks For the Memory/Stomping At the Savoy/Stella By Starlight/9:20 Special/Deep In a Dream/Look For the Silver Lining/7 Come 11

PJ 1228 - Jerry Mulligan At Storyville - Jerry Mulligan [1958] Bweebida Bobbida/The Birth of the Blues/Baubles, Bangles and Beads/Rustic Hop/Open Country/Storyville Story/That Old Feeling/Bike up the Strand-Utter Chaos/Blues at the Roots/Ide's Side/I Can't Get Started/Frenesi/Flash/Honeysuckle Rose/Limelight-Utter Chaos

PJ 1229 - Big Band - Chet Baker [1957] Tenderly/A Foggy Day/Darn That Dream/Mythe/Chet /Not Too Slow/Phil's Blues/Dinah/V-Line/Worrying the Life Out of Me

PJ 1230 - Bud Shank Quartet - Bud Shank Quartet [1957] A Night in Tunisia /Tertia/All of You/Theme/Jive at Five/Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise/Polka Dots and Moonbeams/Pavanne

PJ 1231 - Zen: The Music Of Fred Katz - Chico Hamilton [9/57] Lord Randall Suite/Suite For Horn/Loma/Classsical Katz/Pluck It/Granada/Katzup/Montuna

Series continues under the World Pacific Label name.

10000/20000 Jazz Series: Pacific Jazz as a subsidiary label name.

PJ/PJS 1 - Lenny McBrowne And The Four Souls - Lenny McBrowne [1960] Soul Sisters/Invitation/Dearly Beloved/Lazinka's Tune/Ceride/I Married An Angel/McBrowne's Galaxy

PJ/PJS 2 - Les McCann Plays The Truth - Les McCann [1960] Vacushna/Fish This Week But Next Sunday Chitlings/The Truth/This Can't Be Love/How High The Moon/For Carl Perkins/I'll Remember April/A Littler 3/4 For God & Co.

PJ 3 - Jazz Immortal - Clifford Brown [1960] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1214. Tiny Capers/Gone With the Wind/Finders Keepers/Dahoud/Blueberry Hill/Bones For Jones/Bones For Zoot/Joy Spring

PJ/PJS 4 - Bud Shank Plays Tenor - Bud Shank [1960] Thou Swell/Tenderly/Over the Rainbow/Long Ago & Far Away/I Never Knew/All the Things You Are/Body & Soul/Blue Lou

PJ/PJS 5 - Montgomeryland - Wes Montgomery & Harold Land [1960]Monk's Shop/Summertime/Falling In Love With Love/Renie/Far Wes/Leila/Old Folks/Wes' Tune

PJ/PJS 6 - It's About Time - Teddy Edwards And Les McCann [1960] Our Love Is Here To Stay/Frankly Speaking/Fools Rush In/Undecided/Blues Conjumations/Willow Weep For Me/Lover Come Back To Me

PJ/PJS 7 - Les McCann, Ltd. Plays The Shout - Les McCann [1960] But Not For Me/Foggy Day/TheShout/C Jam Blues/Jubilation/Night In Tunisia

PJ 8 - The Genius Of Gerry Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan [1960] Bernie's Tune/5 Brothers/Get Happy/Darn That Dream/Gold Rush/She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No/Lady's In Love With You/Blue At the Roots/Blues For Tiny/Polka-Dots & Moonbeams/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me

PJ/PJS 9 - The Blues Message - Curtis Amy And Paul Bryant [1960] Searchin'/Goin' Down Catch Me a Woman/The Blues Message/Come Rain or Come Shine/This Is the Blues

PJ 10 - Good Friday Blues - Jim Hall & Modest Jazz Trio [1960] Good Friday Blues/willow Weep For Me/I Remember You/Bill Not Phil/When I Have You/I Was Doin' All Right

PJ/PJS 11 - The Inventive Harry Edison - Harry Edison [1960] Just You Just Me/Pennies From Heaven/These Foolish Things/'s Wonderful/Tea For Two/September In The Rain/Indiana

PJ/PJS 12 - Burnin' - Paul Bryant [1961] Still Searchin'/Love Nest/Blues At the Summit/Churchin'/They Can't Take That Away From Me/Masquerade Is Over/Burnin'

PJ 13 - This Is The Blues, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1961] Oat Meal - McCann & Hutcherson/Tellin' Em About It - McCann/This Is the Blues - Amy & Bryant/One More Hamhock Please - McCann & Amy/Red Shirt - Edwards 7/Blowin' the Blues - Land-Davis 6

PJ 14 - Sunset Eyes - Teddy Edwards [1961] Tempo De Blues/Vintage 57/Up In Teddy's New Flat/Sunset Eyes/I Hear a Rhapsody/Teddy's Tune/Takin' Off

PJ 15 - Ritual - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers [1961] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 402. Sam's Tune/Scotch Blues/Once Upon a Groove/Comments By Blakey/Ritual/Touch‚/Wake Up

PJ/PJS 16 - Les McCann In San Francisco - Les McCann [1961] Oh, Them Golden Gaters/Red Sails In the Sunset/Jeepers Creepers/Gone On & Get That Church/Big Jim/We'll See Yaw'll After While/Ya Heah

PJ 17 - Wes, Buddy And Monk Montgomery - Montgomery Brothers [1961] Sound Carrier/Bock To Bock/Hymn For Carl/Baubles, Bangles & Beads/Montgomeryland Funk/Stompin' At the Savoy

PJ 18 - Picture Of Health - Chet Baker And Art Pepper [1961] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1234. Picture of Health/For Miles & Miles/Minor Yours/C.T.A./Resonant Emotions/For Minors Only/Tynan Time

PJ/PJS 19 - Groovin' Blue - Curtis Amy And Frank Butler [1961] Gone Into It/Annsome/Bobblin'/Groovin' Blue/Beautiful You/Very Frank

PJ 20 - Zoot Sims Choice - Zoot Sims With Gerry Mulligan & Bob Brookmeyer [1961] Flamingo/I'll Remember April/You're Driving Me Crazy/Choice Blues/Red Door/There Will Never Be Another You

PJ/PJS 21 - New Groove - Bud Shank [1961] New Groove/The Awakening/White Lightnin'/Sultry Serenade/Well You Needn't/Liddledabllduya

PJ 22 - Rejoice - Red Mitchell And Frank Butler [1961] Jim's Blues/Oh, You Crazy Moon/Rejoice/Black Eyed Peas/You'd Be So Nice To come Home To/Night In Tunisia

PJ/PJS 23 - Groove Richard Holmes And Les McCann - Groove Richard Holmes And Les McCann [1961] Them That's Got/That Healin' Feelin'/Seven Come Eleven/Deep Purple/Good Groove

PJ/PJS 24 - Wild! - Larry "Wild" Wrice [1961] Husky/Church Seat/Sandra's Dream/Wild Wrice/Travelin'/Swingin' & Things/Santifism/Angler Rock/Nocturne/Unholy Four

PJ/PJS 25 - Pretty Lady - Les McCann [1961] Django/Dorene Don't Cry/Pretty Lady/Stella By Starlight/On Green Dolphin Street/I'll Take Romance/Little Girl Blue

PJ/PJS 26 - Meetin' Here - Curtis Amy And Paul Bryant [1961] Meetin' Here/Early In the Morning/If I Were a Bell/One More Hamhock Please/Angel Eyes/Just Friends

PJ/PJS 27 - Freedom Sound - Jazz Crusaders [1961] The Geek/M.J.S. Funk/That's It/Freedom Sound/Theme From "Exodus"/Coon

PJ/PJS 28 - America's #1 Arranger - Gil Evans Orchestra [1961] Theme/Chant of the Weed/Django/Straight No Chaser/Joy Spring/Ballad of the Sad Young Men/Davenport Blues

PJ/PJS 29 - The Remarkable Carmell Jones - Carmell Jones with Harold Land [1961] I'm Gonna Go Fishing/Come Rain or Come Shine/Night Tide/Sad March/Stellisa/Full Moon & Empty Arms

PJ/PJS 30 - This Is The Blues, Volume 2 - Les McCann, Richard Holmes, Curtis Amy, Bryant, Shank, Webster, Jones, Edwards, & Butler [1961] That Healin' Feelin'/Groovin' Blue/Tempo de Blues/New Groove/Early In the Morning/Big Jim

PJ/PJS 31 - Les McCann Sings - Les McCann [1961] Wonder Why/It's Way Past Suppertime/Deed I Do/Since I Fell For You/But Not For Me/I Cried For You/Sweet Georgia Brown/Please Send Me Someone To Love/Next Spring/Love Letters/On the Street Where You Live/Bye, Bye Blackbird

PJ/PJS 32 - Groovin' With Jug - Richard Holmes And Gene Ammons [1961] Good Vibrations/Willow Weep For Me/Juggin' Around/Groovin' With Jug/Morris the Minor/Hey You, What's That

PJ 33 - Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers & Elmo Hope Quintet - - Art Blakey with the Jazz Messengers & Elmo Hope Quintet [1962] Lilt - Art Blakey/Exhibit A - Art Blakely/So Nice - Elmo Hope Quintet/St. Elmo's Fire - Elmo Hope Quintet/Vaun Ex - Elmo Hope Quintet

PJ/PJS 34 - You Better Believe It - Gerald Wilson & Richard Holmes [1961] Blues For Yna Yna/Jeri/Moody Blue/Yvette/Straight Up & Down/The Wailer/You Better Believe It

PJ/PJS 35 - Barefoot Adventure (Soundtrack) - Bud Shank [1961] Barefoot Adventure/Shoeless Beach Meeting/Jungle Cruise/How High the Makaha/Well, Pon My Soul/Al Moana/Bruce Is Loose/Dance of the Sea Monsters

PJ/PJS 36 - Love Lifted Me - Ron Jefferson [1962] Love Lifted Me/For Carl Perkins/Little One/Ivy League Blues/Flamingo/George's Dilemma

PJ 37 - The Last Set - Richard Twardzik [1962] Crutch For the Crab/Yellow Tango/Bess, You Is My Woman Now/Just One of Those Things/Albuquerque Social Swim/'Round Midnight/I'll Remember April/Girl From Greenland

PJ 38 - Konitz Meets Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan & Lee Konitz [1962] All the Things Your Are/I'll Remember April/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Broadway/These Foolish Things/Lady Be Good/Too Marvelous For Words/Lover Man/Sextet/Almost Like Being In Love

PJ 39 - Spectacular - Chico Hamilton Quintet [1962] Nice Day/My Funny Valentine/Blue Sands/The Sage/Morning After/I Want To Be Happy/Spectacular/Free form/Walking Carson Blues/Buddy Boo

PJ/PJS 40 - Cannonball Adderley & Gil Evans - Cannonball Adderley With the Gil Evans Orchestra [1962] Bird Feathers/'Round About Midnight/Lester Leaps In/St. Louis Blues/Manteca/Willow Tree/King Porter Stomp/Struttin' with Some Barbecue

PJ/PJS 41 - Inta Somethin' - Kenny Dorham, Jackie McLean, Art Taylor & Others [1962] It Could Happen To You/Let's face the Music and Dance/No Two People/Lover Man/San Francisco Beat

PJ42 - Keester Parade - Cy Touff, Richie Kamuca & Others [1962] Keester Parade/Prez- Ence/Primitive Cats/Groover Wailin'/TNT/What Am I Here For/A Smooth One/It's Sand Man

PJ/PJS 43 - Lookin' Ahead - Jazz Crusaders [1962] Song of India/Big Hunk of Funk/Tonight/407 Neyland/Till All Ends/Tortoise & the Hare/In a Dream/Sinnin' Sam/Young Rabbits

PJ 44 - Grand Encounter 2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West - Bill Perkins & John Lewis [1962] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1217. Skylark/Almost Like Being In Love/Love Me or Leave Me/I Can't Get Started/Easy Living

PJ/PJS 45 - Les McCann In New York - Les McCann [1962] Chip Monck/Fayth/You're/Twist Cha Cha/Little For God & Company/Maxie's Changes

PJ/PJS 46 - Way Down - Curtis Amy And Victor Feldman [1962] 24 Hour Blues/Lisa/Soulful Bee, a Soulful Rose/All My Life/Bells & Horns

PJ/PJS 47 - Reunion With Chet Baker - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1962] Reissue of World Pacific 1241. Reunion/My Heart Belongs To Daddy/When Your Lover Has Gone/Stardust/Jersey Bounce/Surrey With the Fringe On Top/Travelin' Light/Ornithology

PJ/PJS 48 - Sounds Of Synanon - Arnold Ross & Joe Pass [1962] C.E.D./Aaron's Song/Stay Loose/Last call For Coffee/Hang Tough/Self-Image

PJ/PJS 49 - Brass Bag - Carmell Jones & Tricky Lofton [1963] Brass Bag/Celery Stalks At Midnight/Bluer Than That/Canadian Sunset/Moten Swing/Angel Eyes/Ow!/Mood Indigo

PJ 50 - California Concerts - Gerry Mulligan [1962] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1201. Yardbird Suite/Red Door/I Know Don't Know How/Piano Blues/Western Reunion/Blues Going Up/Little Girl Blues

PJ/PJS 51 - Somethin' Special - Richard Holmes And Les McCann [1962] Somethin' Special/Black Groove/Me & Groove/Comin' Through the Apple/I Thought I Knew You/Carma

PJ/PJS 52 - First Time Out - Clare Fischer [1962] Nigerian Walk/Toddler/Stranger/After- fact/Free Too Long/iece for Scotty/I Love You/Blues For Home

PJ/PJS 53 - Carmell Jones, Business Meetin' - Carmell Jones [1962] Business Meetin'/That's Good/Stella By Starlight/Suearl/Hip Trolley/Toddler/Beautiful Love/Cherokee

PJ/PJS 54 - Bumble Bee Slim Back In Town - Bumble Bee Slim [1962] Also issued on yellow wax. Direct South/Wake Up In the Mornin'/Driftin' Blues/Puppy Love/New B & O Blues //Midnight Special/In the Evening/Meet Me In the Bottom/We Baby Blues/I'm the One

PJ/PJS 55 - Essence - Don Ellis [1962] Johnny Come Lately/Slow Space/Ostinato/Donkey/Form/Angel Eyes/Irony/Lover

PJ/PJS 56 - On Time - Les McCann [1962] On Time/Yours Is My Heart Alone/This For Doug/Fondue/Bernie's tune/Maedchen/It Could Happen To You/You're Driving Me Crazy/So What

PJ/PJS 57 - Jazz Crusaders At The Lighthouse - Jazz Crusaders [1962] Congolese Sermon/Cathy's Dilemma/Blues For Ramona/Weather beat/Scandalizing/Appointment In Ghana

PJ/PJS 58 - Bossa Nova Jazz Samba - Bud Shank & Clare Fischer [1962] Samba de Borboleta/Illusao/Pensativa/Joao/Misty/Que Mais/Wistful Samba/Samba Guapo

PJ/PJS 59 - After Hours - Richard Holmes [1962] Hallelujah, I Love Her So/Groove's Bag/Sweatin'/Groove Bird/Minor Surgery/Do It My Way/Jennie

PJ 60 - The Artistry Of Pepper - Art Pepper [1962] What Is This Thing Called Love/Foggy Day/Diana Flow/Zenobia Popo/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Old Croix/Bunny/CTA

PJ/PJS 61 - Moment Of Truth - Gerald Wilson [1963] Viva Tirado/Patterns/Teri/Nancy Jo/Milestones/Latimo/Josefina/Emerge

PJ/PJS 62 - Tippin' On Thru - Curtis Amy [1963] Funk In the Evening/For Ayres Only/In Your Own Sweet Way/Summertime/Set Call

PJ/PJS 63 - Les McCann Plays The Shampoo At The Village Gate - Les McCann [1963] The Shampoo/Too Close for Comfort/You I Thought I Knew/Woody N You/Someone Stole My Chitlins/Out of This World/Filet of Soul/Smile Stacey

PJ/PJS 64 - Brasamba Bossa Nova - Bud Shank, Clare Fischer, Joe Pass & Others [1963] Otem a Note/Autumn Leaves/Sambinha/Gostoso/If I Should Lose You/O' Barquinho/Sereidade/Elizette/Samba De Orfew

PJ/PJS 65 - Outa Sight - Earl Anderza And Jack Wilson [1963] You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/All the Things Your Are/Blues Baroque/Freeway/What's New/Benign

PJ/PJS 66 - Out Front - Clifford Scott And Les McCann [1963] Samba de Bamba/Over & Over/As Rosie & Ellen Dance/Cross Talk/Why Don't You Do Right?/Just Tomorrow

PJ/PJS 67 - Surging Ahead - Clare Fischer [1963] Billie's Bounce/Way Down East/Satin Doll/This Can't Be Love/Strayhorn/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Davenport Blues/Without a Song

PJ/PJS 68 - Tough Talk - Jazz Crusaders [1963] Deacon Brown/Turkish Black/Brahms Lullaby/Boopie/No Name Samba/Lazy Canary/Lazy Canary/Lonely Horn/Brother Bernard

PJ/PJS 69 - The Gospel Truth - Les McCann [1963] Isn't It Wonderful/Oh the Joy/Let Us Break Bread Together/Didn't It Rain/Send It On Down/Get That Soul/Preacher/Were You There/Bye & Bye

PJ/PJS 70 - Katanga - Curtis Amy, Dupree Bolton, Wilson, Crawford, Gaskin & Sides [1963] Lonely Woman/Native Land/Amyable/You Don't Know/Shade of Brown

PJ/PJS 71 - My Mother's Eyes - Sonny Stitt with Charles Kynard [1963] Summer Special/Stitt In Time/Blue Skies/S.O.P. Blues/Don't Go To Strangers/Red Top

PJ/PJS 72 - Where It's At - Charles Kynard [1963] I'll Fly Away/Amazing Grace/Motherless Child/Smooth Sailing/Lord Will Make A Way/I Want To be Ready/I Wonder/Blue Green & Beans/Sports Lament

PJ/PJS 73 - Catch Me! - Joe Pass with Clair Fischer [1963] Falling In Love With Love/Summertime/Mood Indigo/Just Friends/Walkin' Up/But Beautiful/No Cover No Minimum/You Stepped Out of a Dream

PJ/PJS 74 - Little Bird Suite - Dick Groove Orchestra [1963] Nighthawk/Bird of Paradalso/Mosca Espanola/Little Bird/Canto de Oriole/Doodad/Circlet

PJ/PJS 75 - Timeless - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1963] Walkin' Shoes/Love Me Or Leave Me/Soft Shoe/My Funny Valentine/Carson City Stage/Freeway/Love Nest/Long ago & Far Away/Thrill Is Gone/Half Dozens/Tabu/Zing Went the Strings To My Heart

PJ/PJS 76 - Heat Wave - Jazz Crusaders [1963] On Broadway/Greenback Dollar/Close Shave/Free Sample/Mr. Sandman/Sassy/L-Shaped Room Theme/Some Samba/Stix March/Purple Onion

PJ/PJS 77 - Extension - Clare Fischer [1963] Ornithardy/Quiet Dawn/Bittersweet/Igor/Soloette/Passacaglia/Canto Africano

PJ/PJS 78 - Soul Hits - Les McCann [1964] Back At the Chicken Shack/Sack O' Woe/Groove Yard/Sermonette/Sonnymoon For Two/Bag's Groove/Shiny Silk Stockings/Sister Sadie/Li'l Darling/Work Song

PJ/PJS 79 - Jazz Guitar - Jim Hall [1964] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1227. Tangerine/Things Ain't What They Used To Be/Thanks For the Memory/Stomping At the Savoy/Stella By Starlight/9:20 Special/Deep In a Dream/Look For the Silver Lining/7 Come 11

PJ/PJS 80 - Portraits - Gerald Wilson [1964] So What/Caprichos/Paco/Ravi/Aram/'Round Midnight/Eric

PJ/PJS 81 - Jazz Waltz - Les McCann [1964] Spanish Castles/Blues For Yna Yna/Damascus/For God & Country/Bluesette/Big City/This Here/Jitterbug Waltz

PJ/PJS 82 - People - Roy Haynes [1964] Invitation/The Party's Over/What Kind of Fool/Softly/Wives & Lovers/Alone Together/Jamaica Farewell/Shanty In Old Shanty Town/Mr. Lucky

PJ/PJS 83 - Stretchin' Out - Jazz Crusaders [1964] Long John/Robbin's Nest/You Are Only Sometimes Rain/Out Back/Bachafillen/I'll Remember Tomorrow/Polka Dots/Sweetwater

PJ/PJS 84 - McCanna - Les McCann [1964] St. James Infirmary/It Had Better Be Tonight/Que Rico/Zulu/Basuto Baby/Falling In Love With Love/Narobi Nights/Shaam-Pu II

PJ/PJS 85 - For Django - Joe Pass [1964] Django/Rosetta/DeBussy/Nauages/Night & Day/Fleur D'ennui/Insensiblement/Cavalerie/Django's Castle/Limehouse

PJ/PJS 86 - Alexander The Great - Monty Alexander [1965] John Brown's Body/Jitterbug Waltz/Comin' Home/If I Were a Bell/Grabber/Autumn Leaves/I've Never Been In Love/Blues For Jilly

PJ/PJS 87 - The Thing - Jazz Crusaders [1965] Sunset In Mountains/While the City Sleeps/White Cobra/New Time Shuffle/Para Mi Espoza/Soul Kosher

PJ/PJS 88 - Gerald Wilson On Stage - Gerald Wilson [1965] Los Moros De Espana/Who Can I Turn To/Ricardo/Musette/In The Limelight/Lighthouse Blues/El Viti/Lately/Perdido

PJ/PJS 89 - Bud Shank And His Brazilian Friends - Bud Shank with Donato [1965] Sausalito/Minha Saudade/Samba Do Aviao/It Was Night/Silk Stop/Caminho De casa/Bonfa/Once I Loved/Sambou/Tristesa Em Mim

PJ/PJS 90 - Sambou, Sambou - Joao Donato [1965] Muito A Vontade/Tim Dom Dom/Pra Que Chorar/Vamos Nessa/Minha Saudade/Naquela Base/Olhou Pra Mim/Tema Teimoso/So Se For Agora/Caminho De casa

PJ/PJS 91 - McCann & Wilson - Les McCann And Gerald Wilson [1965] Could Be Strangler/Restin' In Jail/Bailor the Wailer/Majeah/Lot of Living/Kathleen's Theme/Gus

Stereo Has A 2 Replacing The Initial 1

PJ 10092 - Chile Con Soul - Jazz Crusaders [1965] Aqua Dulce/Soul Bourgeoisie/Qntem a Note/Tough Talk/Tacos/Latin Bit/Breeze & I/Dullzura

PJ/PJS 93 - Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra - Gil Fuller & Dizzy Gillespie [1965] Man From Monterey/Angel City/Love Theme From The Sandpiper/Groovin' High/Be's That Way/Big Sur/Moontide/Things Are Here

PJ 10094 - Spunky - Monty Alexander [1965] Naturally/Jamaican Shake/Heartstrings Taggie Tune/Rattlesnake/Whisper Not/I'm An Old Cowhand/Little Children of Peru/Spirit of Foo Foo

PJ 10095 - Now, Jazz Ramwong - Albert Mangelsdorf [1966] Blue Fanfare/Ballad For Jessica Rose/Es Sungen Drei Engel/Club Trois/Blues Du Domicile/3 Jazz Moods on Pather Panchali Theme/Set Em Up

PJ 10096 - Manteca! - Clare Fischer [1966] Toro/Morning/Afro Blue/Favela/Marguerite/Dulzura/Sway/Negrita

PJ 10097 - Spanish Onions - Les McCann [1966] Soulo/Lavande/Get Them Grits/I Am In Love/Arabella/Maxie's Farewell

PJ 10098 - Live at the Lighthouse 1966 - Jazz Crusaders [1966] Aleluia/Blues Up Tight/You Don't Know/Miss It/Scratch/Doin' That Thing/Milestones

PJ 10099 - Feelin' Kinda Blues - Gerald Wilson [1966] When I'm Feeling Kinda Blue/Freddy Freeloader/Do Anything You Wanna/Yesterday/Watermelon Man/Yeh Yeh/One On The House/I Got You/I Concentrate On You/Well Son Shuffle

PJ/PJS 100 - On Mike/Anthology-A Decade of Pacific Jazz - Various Artists [1963] Two record set. Band Aid - Chet Baker/Blue Baiao - Almeida/Shanks Pranks - Shank & Rogers/Nice Day - Hamilton/Tiny Capers - Brown/Vakushna - McCann/Goin' Down Catch a Woman - Ames & Bryant/Blues March - Jones & Land/Morris the Minor - Holmes & Ammons/Comin' Thru the Apple - Holmes & McCann/That Healin' Feelin' - Holmes & McCann/2 Degrees East - Lewis & Perkins/Albuquerque Social Swim - Twardzik/Bock To Bock - Montgomery Brothers/Sextet - Gerry Mulligan/Carson City State - Gerry Mulligan/St. Louis Blues - Evans & Adderley/Sam's Tune - Jazz Messengers/Blues For Yna Yna - Wilson/Little For G - McCann & Turrentine/Freedom Sound - Jazz Crusaders/Business Meetin' - Jones/Afterfact - Fischer/Tippin' On Thru - Curtis Amy

PJ 10101 - Night Flight - Gil Fuller With Moody and Monterey Jazz Festival Orchestra [1966] Tin Tin Deo/I'm In the Mood For Love/Our Man Flint/Seesaw/Batucada Surgiu/17 Mile Drive/Patch of Blue/Latin Lady/Blues For a Debutante/Sweets For My Sweet/Wild Chestnuts

PJ 10102 - Paris Concert - Gerry Mulligan [1966] Reissue of Pacific Jazz 1210. Come Out/5 Brothers/Makin' Whoopee/Love Me or Leave Me/Bernie's Tune/Walkin' Shoes/Soft Shoe/Moonlight In Vermont/Motel

PJ 10103 - Zimbo Trio - Zimbo Trio [1966] Garota de Ipanema/Zimbo Samba/Menina Flor/Balanco Zona Sul/Rei Triste/Reza/Sou Sem Paz/Consolacao/Diz Que Fui Por Ai/Vivo Sohnando/Garota De Charme/So Por Amor

PJ 10104 - Easy Groove - Wes Montgomery [1966]

PJ 10105 - Tell It Like It Tis - Richard Holmes [1966] Hittin' the Jug/Blow the Man Down/Denice/Later/This Here/Secret Love/It Might As Well be Spring/Licks a Plenty

PJ 10106 - Talk That Talk - Jazz Crusaders [1966] Walkin' My Cat/Studewood/I Can't Believe You Love Me/There Is a Time/Hey Girl/Uptight/Arrastao/Mohair Sam/Walk On/1, 2, 3/Shadow Do/Turkish

PJ 10107 - Bag Of Gold - Les McCann [1966] Shampoo/Spanish Onions/Shout/Gone On/Fish This Week/Kathleen's Theme/Truth/We'll See Yaw'll

PJ 10108 - Jazz Milestone Series - Chico Hamilton [1966] Topsy/Sietecuatro/In a Sentimental Mood/Soft Winds/Caravan/I Know/Satin Doll/I'm Beginning To See/Taking A Chance/Take the A Train/Sleep

PJ 10109 - Jazz Milestone Series - Richard "Groove" Holmes [1966] Secret Love/Sweatin' That Healin' Feelin'/After Hours/Hallelujah/I Love Her So/Good Vibrations/Deep Purple/Comin' Thru the Apple

PJ 10110 - Bud Shank And The Sax Section - Bud Shank [1966] Summer Samba/On a Clear Day/Sidewinders/Summertime/And I Love Her/Grass Is Greener/Work Song/Reza/Take 5/Here's That Rainy Day/Time For Love/Senor Blues

PJ 10111 - Golden Sword - Gerald Wilson [1966] Man of La Mancha/Breeze & I/Carlos/Chanson Du Feu Follet/Mi Corazon/Blues Latinese/Feather/Mentira/Serpent

PJ 10112 - Don Ellis At Monterey - Don Ellis [1967] Concerto For Trumpet/New Nine/33 222 1 222/Passacaglia And Fugue

PJ 10113 - Swingin' New Big Band - Buddy Rich [1966] Readymix/Basically Blues/Critic's Choice/My Man's Gone/Uptight/Sister Sadie/More Soul/West Side Story Medley: Overture, Cool, Something's Coming, Somewhere

PJ 10114 - Brazilian Sound - Zimbo Trio with Restrained Excitement [1967] Kao, Xango/Bocoxe/It Could Only Happen With You/Slum/Tomorrow/Veloso's Samba/Just To Hurt My Heart/Jequibau/To Live Happily/Goodbye Sadness/Water To Drink

PJ 10115 - Festival Jazz - Jazz Crusaders [1967] From Pacific Jazz Festival: Trance Dance, Summer Madness From Newport Jazz Festival: Young Rabbits, Freedom Sound

PJ 10116 - Jazz Corps - Tommy Peltier And Roland Kirk [1967] Harplyness/Serenity/Peru-T/Another Plumb/Chalan Pago/Blessing/Meanwhile

PJ 10117 - Big Swing Face - Buddy Rich [1967] Norwegian Wood/Big Swing Face/Monitor Theme/Wack Wack/Love For Sale/Mexicali Nose/Willowcrest/The Beat Goes On/Bugle Call Rag

PJ 10118 - Live And Swinging - Gerald Wilson [1967] Paper Man/I Should Care/I've Got It Bad/It's Where It's At/Blues For a Scorpio/Li'l Darlin'/Misty/Viva Tirado

PJ 10119 - Structurally Sound - Booker Ervin [1967] Berkshire Blues/Dancing In the Dark/Stolen Moments/Franess/Boo's Blues/You're My Everything/Deep Night/Take the A Train

PJ 10120 - From The Top Of The Barrel - Les McCann [1967] Taking A Chance On Love/On Green Dolphin Street/Set Call/Three Slaves/But Beautiful / It Could Happen To You/Love Letters/Frankie & Johnnie

PJ 10121 - Victor Feldman Plays Everything In Sight - Victor Feldman [1967] You & Me/Sure As You're Born/Sunset/Do the Jake/Geronimo/This Door/Have a Heart/In the Mood/By Myself/Sunshine Superman

PJ 10122 - Spirit Feel - Roger Kellaway [1967] Chalan Pago/Serenity/Le Blessing/Meanwhile/Another Plum/Peru-T/Harplyness

PJ 10123 - Live In 3 2/3 Time - Don Ellis [1967] Orientation/Angel Eyes/Freedom Jazz Dance/Barnum's Revenge/Upstart/Thetis

PJ 10124 - Un Huh! - Jazz Crusaders [1967] Blue Monday/Night Theme/Uh-Huh/Air Waves/Watts Happening

PJ 10125 - Done It Again - Johnny Lytle [1967] People/Sunny/Sleepy Dozer/Zote/Jungle Child/If Ever I Should Leave You/That's the Way I Feel/Nearness of You/Happy Preacher

From approximately this point all releases were in stereo only.

PJS 20126 - The New One! - Buddy Rich [1967] Away We Go/Machine/The Rotten Kid/New Blues/Something For Willie/Standing Up In A Hammock/I Can't Get Started/Chicago/Luv/Group Shot/Diabolus

PJS 20127 - Booker n' Brass - Booker Ervin [1968] Kansas City/East Dallas Special/L.A. After Dark/In San Francisco/St. Louis Blues

PJS 20128 - The Venezuela Joropo - Victor Feldman [1968] Caracas Nights/El Gavilan/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Pavane/Pasion/Summer Island/Por El Camino Real/Obsession Waltz/Frenesi

PJS 20129 - Swingin' At the Gate - Johnny Lytle [1968] Minor Soul/Gonna Get That Boat/A Little Bit of Cherish/Mongo/Blues Time/Just a Feelin' Good/When I Fall in Love/Jugee Boogie

PJS 20130 - Kismet - Wes Montgomery [1968]

PJS 20131 - Jazz Crusaders At Lighthouse '68 - Jazz Crusaders [1968] Ooga-Boo-Ga- Boo/Eleanor Rigby/Native Dancer/Never Had It So Good/Emperor/Impressions

PJS 20132 - Everywhere - Gerald Wilson [1968] Do I Love You/Little Bit Of Soul/Out Of This World/Pretty Polly/Everywhere/M. Capetillo/Mini Waltz/Del Olivar

PJS 20133 - Mercy, Mercy - Buddy Rich [1968] Preach & Teach/Channel I Suite/Big Mama cass/Goodbye Yesterday/Acid Truth/Alfie/Ode To Billy Joe

PJS 20134 - More Than Meets the Ear - Jean Luc Ponty & George Gruntz [1968] With a Little Help/3 + 2 = 1/California/Gimme Little Sign/Pata Pata/Pebble Beach Walk/Pacific Drove/Fort Ord Canon

PJS 20135 - California Soul - Gerald Wilson [1968] California Soul/Light My Fire/Channel Island/Lullaby From Rosemary's Baby/Sunshine Of Your Love/Russian River/Yesterlove/Down Here On The Ground/El Presidente

PJS 20136 - Powerhouse - Jazz Crusaders [1968] Promises, Promises/Love & Peace/Hey Jude/Sting Ray/Fancy Dance/Love Is Blue/Cookie Man/Upstairs/Fire Water

PJS 20137 - A Portrait of Wes Montgomery - Wes Montgomery [1968] Good Get Together/Fingerpickin'/Lelia/Bock To Bock/Far Wes/Old Folks/Montgomeryland Funk/Falling In Love With Love/Summertime

PJS 20138 - Chet Baker Plays and Sings - Chet Baker [1968] But Not For Me/Happy Little Sunbeam/Look For the Silver Lining/Tenderly/I Get Along/There's a Small Hotel/Summertime/There Will Never Be Another You/Bea's Flat/I Fall In Love/My Funny Valentine/Bye Buddy

PJS 20139 - Clifford Brown - Clifford Brown [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 3. Tiny Capers/Gone With the Wind/Finders Keepers/Dahoud/Blueberry Hill/Bones For Jones/Bones For Zoot/Joy Spring

PJS 20140 - The Genius - Gerry Mulligan [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 8. Bernie's Tune/5 Brothers/Get Happy/Darn That Dream/Gold Rush/She Didn't Say Yes, She Didn't Say No/Lady's In Love With You/Blue At the Roots/Blues For Tiny/Polka-Dots & Moonbeams/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me


PJS 20142 - Lee Konitz & Gerry Mulligan - Lee Konitz & Gerry Mulligan [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 38. All the Things Your Are/I'll Remember April/I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me/Broadway/These Foolish Things/Lady Be Good/Too Marvelous For Words/Lover Man/Sextet/Almost Like Being In Love

PJS 20143 - Chico Hamilton - Chico Hamilton [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 39. Nice Day/My Funny Valentine/Blue Sands/The Sage/Morning After/I Want To Be Happy/Spectacular/Free form/Walking Carson Blues/Buddy Boo

PJS 20144 - John Lewis & Bill Perkins - John Lewis & Bill Perkins [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 44. Skylark/Almost Like Being In Love/Love Me or Leave Me/I Can't Get Started/Easy Living

PJS 20145 - Gerry Mulligan - Gerry Mulligan [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz -50. Yardbird Suite/Red Door/I Know Don't Know How/Piano Blues/Western Reunion/Blues Going Up/Little Girl Blues

PJS 20146 - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker - Gerry Mulligan & Chet Baker [1968] Reissue Of Pacific Jazz 75. Walkin' Shoes/Love Me Or Leave Me/Soft Shoe/My Funny Valentine/Carson City Stage/Freeway/Love Nest/Long ago & Far Away/Thrill Is Gone/Half Dozens/Tabu/Zing Went the Strings To My Heart

PJS 20147 - Welcome Home - Richard Holmes [1968] Groovin' Time/Oklahoma Toad/Upward Bound/Madison Time/Odd Couple/I'm In the Mood/98.6-Lazy Day/Sunday Mornin'

20148 -

PJS 20149 - This Is The Blues Volume 1 - Various Artists [1969] Lighthouse Blues - Wilson/New Time Shuffle - Jazz Crusaders/Back At the Chicken Shack - McCann/Summer Special - Stitt/Morris the Minor - Holmes & Ammons/That's the Way - Lytle/Where Did the Blues Go - Billy Larkin & Delegates/Cross Talk - C. Scott

PJS 20150 - This Is The Blues Volume 2 - Various Artists [1969] I Feel All Right - Miles/Barefoot Rock - Miles/Long Gone - Miles/How Long Have It Been - Hopkins/Baby Please Don't Go - McGhee & Terry/Livin' With the Blues - McGhee & Terry/Puppy Love - Bumble Bee Slim/Wake Up - Bumble Bee Slim/If You steal My Chickens - Hopkins, McGhee, Terry & Big Joe Williams/How Long - Barbara Dane

PJS 20152 - Bullitt - Wilton Felder [1969] Bullitt Theme/All Along the Watch Tower/Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing/Hi-Heel Sneakers/Split/Doing My Thing/Up Here/Please Return Your Lover/With a Little Help From My Friends/It's Just a Game/Love

PJS 20153 - Workin' On A Groovy Thing - Richard Holmes [1969] Listen Here/Dreams of the Everyday Housewife/Rhythm & Groove/I Can't Stop Loving You/Isole Natale/Do You Know the Way To San Jose?/Oklahoma Toad/High Blues Pressure

PJS 20154 - Earth Dance - Bobby Bryant [1969] While My Guitar Gently Weeps/Since I Left Home/Christo Redentor/Crisis/Happiness Is a Warm Gun/Love Is Like an Old, Old Man/I Want to Testify/This Year

PJS 20155 - Planet Love - Ernie Watts Quartet [1969] Going Home/Knowing When/Black Is Beautiful/Wichita Lineman/Boo/4th Dynasty

PJS 20156 - Electric Connection - Jean-Luc Ponty [1969] Summit Soul/Hypomode Del Sol/Scarborough Fair-Canticle/Name of the Game/Loner/Waltz For Clara/Forget/81

PJS 20157 - The Windmills Of Your Mind - Bud Shank [1969] Watch What Happens/Theme D'elise/I Will Wait For You/Chanson De Solange/De Delphine A Lancien/Chanson Des Jumelles/The Windmills Of Your Mind/His Eyes, Her Eyes/One Day/Once Upon A Summertime

PJS 20158 - Buddy And Soul - Buddy Rich [1969] Soul Lady/St. Petersburg Race/Soul Kitchen/Wonderbag/Ruth/Love & Peace/Hello I Love You/Comin' Home Baby/Meaning of the Blues/Greensleeves

PJS 20159 - The Jazz Excursion Into "Hair" - Bobby Bryant [1969] Be-InI Got Life/Let the Sunshine In/Good Morning Starshine/Aquarius/Where Do I Go/Colored Spade

PJS 20160 - Eternal Equinox - Gerald Wilson [1969] Equinox/Aquarius/Pisces/Scorpio Rising/Celestial Soul/Baby, Baby Don't Cry/You, Me And Now/Bluesnee

PJS 20161 - Revolution - Wilbert Longmire [1969] Scarbourgh Fair- Canticle/Galveston/This Guy's In Love With You/Fox Theme/Movin' On/Bewitched/Somebody Loves You/Give It Up

PJS 20162 - The Coming Atlantis - Freddy Robinson [1969] Before/Six/Fool For You/Freddy's Sermon/Black Fox/Oogum Boogum Song/Rita/Monkin' Around

PJS 20163 - X-77 - Richard Holmes [1970] By the Time I Get To Phoenix/Polk Salad Annie/Going Home Blues/Heavy Groove/Quiet Nights/Fat Albert Blues/X-77 Blues/Licks a Plenty

PJS 20165 - Lighthouse 1969 - The Jazz Crusaders [1969] Get Back/Willie & Laura Mae/Ruby P'Gonia/It's Your Thing/Inside the Outside/Reflections/Svenska Flicks

PJS 20166 - More Or Les McCann - Les McCann [1969] Someone Stole My Chitlin's/Since I Fell/Django/Falling In Love/Please Send Me Someone/Lavande/It's Way Past/Nairobi Nights

PJS 20167 - Blues Happening - Klaus Doldinger Quartet [1969] Saragossa/Tempus Fugit/Face in the Night/Blues Happening

PJS 20168 - Experience - Jean-Luc Ponty With Duke Trio [1969] Foosh/Pamukkale/Contact/Cantaloupe Island/Starlight

PJS 20169 - The Best Of Buddy Rich - Buddy Rich [1969]

PJS 20170 - Let It Be - Bud Shank With Alcivar Singers [1970] Let It Be/Games People Play/Something/Long Time Ago/Both Sides Now/Love's Been Good to Me/A Famous Myth/Didn't We/The Long and Winding Road/For Once in My Life

PJS 20171 - Come Together - Richard Holmes With Ernie Watts [1970] Come Together/Boo/Hurt So Bad/Evil Ways/Can't Take My Eyes off You/Wedding Bell Blues/Beer Can Alley

PJS 20172 - Jean-Luc Ponty Plays King Kong: The Music Of Frank Zappa - Jean-Luc Ponty [1970]

PJS 20173 - New From The Big City - Les McCann [1970] Gus Gus/Big City/Tenderly/Steady Trompin'/Come Back Baby/Beaux J. Poo Boo/Kathleen's Theme/The Girl from Ipanema/Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home/Medley: But Beautiful, It Could Happen to You

PJS 20174 - The Best of the Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Gerald Wilson [1970] Blues For Yna Yna/Lighthouse Blues/Who Can I Turn To/The Feather/Milestones//Viva Tirado/Equinox/Down Here On The Ground/California Soul/Bluesnee

PJS 20175 - The Best Of The Jazz Crusaders - The Jazz Crusaders [1970]

PJS 20176 - Hot Fun Summer - Freddy Robinson [1970]

Pacific Jazz Releases under the United Artists numbering system:

PJ-LA-889-H - The Best of the Gerald Wilson Orchestra - Gerald Wilson [1978] Reissue of PJS 20174. Blues For Yna Yna/Lighthouse Blues/Who Can I Turn To/The Feather/Milestones//Viva Tirado/Equinox/Down Here On The Ground/California Soul/Bluesnee

PJ-LA-891-H - Pacific Jazz - George Duke [1978] Games People Play/Soul Watcher/Since You've Asked/Shades of Joy//Foosh/Evil Ways/The Woman Who Sends Me Home/Adonis

PJ-LA-892-H - Jazz: The 1950s, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1978]

PJ-LA-893-H - Jazz: The 1960s, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1978]

PJ-LA-894-H - Jazz: The 1950s, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1978]

PJ-LA-895-H - Jazz: The 1960s, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1978]

PJ-LA-896-H - Art Pepper Plays Shorty Rogers and Others - Art Pepper Nonet [1978] Po Po/Di Di/Powder Puff/Bunny/Diablo's Dance//Minor Yours/Ol' Croix/Tynan Time/Little Girl


KBIG-1 - KBIG Choices - Various Artists [??]

SP-196 - Pacific Jazz Sampler - Various Artists [19??]

HF 1 - Assorted Flavors Of Pacific Jazz - Various Artists [1956] Laurindo Almeida; Chet Baker; Ensemble Sextet; Chico Hamilton Quintet; Gerry Mulligan; Bill Perkins Quintet; Bud Shank & Shorty Rogers Quintet; Cy Touff Octet; Richard Twardzik Trio. (Frank Evans, narrator; KHJ).

HF Series continues under the World Pacific Label name:


Pacifica 10 Inch 800 Series:

PL 801 - Johnny Holiday Sings - Johnny Holiday [12/54]

PL 802 - Kitty White - Kitty White [1955] Glad To Be Unhappy/That's All/I'm Glad There Is You/Black Is the Color/If I Should Lose You/I See Your Face Before Me/Autumn Leaves/My Romance

12 Inch 2000 Series:

P 2001 - Quiet Evening At The Mighty Wurlitizer - Bill Thompson [1956]

P 2002 - Kitty White Sings - Kitty White [1957]

P 2003 - Bill Thompson Plays Rodgers and Hammerstein - Bill Thompson [1957]

P 2004 - Bill Thompson Plays the Baldwin "45" - Bill Thompson [1958]

Series continues under the World Pacific Label name.

12 Inch 5000 Series:

PJX-5000 - Bud Shank In Africa 58 - Bud Shank [1958]

P 5001 - Explorations - Gerald Heard [8/57] Three record set.

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