Bronjo Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 27, 2009

Bronjo was a subsidiary of Seeco Records of New York. It existed from about 1958 to after 1960. The Bronjo label is yellow with black printing. "bronjo" in black above the center hole.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Bronjo BR-100 Series:




BR-104 - Songs They Censored in the Hills - Sid "Hardrock" Gunter [1960] Reissue of Seeco CE-422. Blood Shot Eyes/I'll Go Chasin' Women/She Came Runnin' Down the Mountain/Rye Whiskey, Rye Whiskey/It May Be Silly (But Ain't It Fun"/The Freckle Song/Oh! What a Beauty!//A Little Bit Ain't Gonna Help Us Much/Mountain Dew/With Only Two Hairs on His Chest/Take Away Your Rosy Lips/The Right Key But the Wrong Keyhole/Conversation With a Mule/Out Behind the Barn

BR-105 - Skitch Henderson of the Tonight Show - Skitch Henderson [196?]


BR-107 -The Folk Singer - Ed McCurdy [196?] Reissue of Dawn DLP-1127/Seeco CELP-439. Produced by Chuck Darwin. Squid Jiggin' Ground/Pretty Little Black Eyed Susy/Lukey's Boat/Ride An Old Paint/Lavender Cowboy/Riders In The Sky//Ballad Of Frank Slide/Cotton-Eyed Joe/It Takes A Worried Man To Sing A Worried Song/Western Wind/Black Is The Color/Careless Love

BR-108 - Ole! - Lola Flores [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9095. Angelitos Negros/Mora Gitana/Un Mundo Raro/Espinita/Algo De Espana/Esto Es Sevilla//Gitana Del Camino/Tu Rica Boca/Mi Ultimo Fracaso/La Faraona/Mil Besos/Magdalena


BR-110 - A Night in Puerto Rico - Various Artists [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9080. Tus Promesas De Amor/Borinquen/Lechero/Una y Mil Veces/Conoci A Tu Papa/Que Coco/Cuando Te Decidas/Mienteme Mas/Llanto En El Cielo/Preocupacion/Bombon De Elena/El Mangoneo

BR-111 - Oriza - Silvestre Méndes [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9314.



BR-114 - La Rítmica - Sonora Matancera [196?] Reissue of a Tropical LP (number unknown), since the Bronjo label album has a Tropical label cover. La Sopa En Botella/Ipso Calypso/Ay Que Rico Amor/Cruel Indiferencia/Y No Me Enganes Mas/Guaguanco #3//Conoci A Tu Papa/Hablame Claro/Ayer Y Hoy/El Novio Celoso/Consuelame/Queridos Padres

BR-115 - Piano Witchcraft - Cy Coleman, Jose Meles & Skitch Henderson [196?]



BR-118 - South of the Border - Trío Los Panchos [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9078. La Enramada/Sin Venttura/Cerezo Rosa/Una Aventura Mas/Cuesta Abajo/Pena Penita/Sombras/Mis Tinieblas/Alma Llanera/Historia de Amor/Perdon/Abandonada


BR-120 - Bravo! - Los Chavales de España [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9079. En Torremolinos/Morucha/Te Quiero/Zambra Gitana/Ole/Farruca Lerele/Luna de Espana/A Escondiadas/Morena/Carino/Triana Morena/Traicion/Mi Vida Es El Amor

BR-121 - Irving Berlin Goes Latin - Joe Cain & His Orchestra [196?] Reissue of Seeco CELP-433. A Pretty Girl Is Like A Melody/Easter Parade/Medley: They Say It's Wonderful-Be Careful It's My Heart-How Deep Is The Ocean/Blue Skies/Alexander's Ragtime Band/Cheek To Cheek/Heat Wave/Always/Marie/Medley: Say It Isn't So-Let's Face The Music And Dance/I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm









BR-130 - Latin Dance Party, Vol. 4 - Perez Prado & His Orchestra [196?] Reissue of Seeco SCLP 9083. Mambo No. 5/Las Siete y Media/Habana/Mi Cazuelita/Chambeleque/Saca La Mano/Electricidad/Siempre Contigo/Kandela/Hembra Mala/Tu No Tienes Suerte/Actopan



BR-133 - Haifa in Hi-Fi - Shoshana Damari [196?] Reissue of Seeco CELP 415. Adarim/Rahel Rahel/E-Ohim- Esh'ala/Kirya Yefeifya/Hinakh Yaffa Faayati/Emet El Shimkha/Raeh Veroah/Shnei Shoshanim/Ani Tsameh/Seyi Yona/Horoah-Haktana-Min-Haagai/Hatender Nosseah




BR-137 - 12 Most Popular Merenges - Various Artists [196?]

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