Abel Album Discography
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: March 25, 2009

Abel Records was a New York-based record label that issued about 14 singles and one album. They were probably associated in some way with Laurie Records, since their album contained Dion masters from Laurie. Their singles included the usual obscure artists typical of small labels. These included the Consuls, Larry Dana, Tony Carmen & the Spitfires, the Elites, Joe Boatner, the Five Delights, Bill Osborne, Mike Born, the Classics, Bob Thomas, the Lord Chatterly's, Tennie Leonard, Joey & the Continentals, and the Glen Stuart Chorus.

After Dion left the Laurie label in late 1962, he had a number of huge hits for his new label, Columbia. These included "Ruby Baby" (1/63, #2), "This Little Girl" (4/63, #21), "Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw" (7/63, #31), "Donna The Prima Donna" (9/63, #6), and "Drip Drop" (11/63, #6). Although Laurie didn't own the masters to the Columbia singles, Abel Records (whoever they really were; we suspect Laurie Records by another name) designed a way to benefit from a "Greatest Hits" album anyway, by having "The Glen Stuart Chorus" do the Columbia singles and packaging them along with the Laurie-owned older hits in a budget-priced compilation.

Who were the Glen Stuart Chorus, you ask? Apparently, Glen Stuart was an arranger and conductor used by Laurie for other records (he is listed on Cathy Carr Laurie records, for example) who hired studio singers and musicians specifically for the job of imitating Dion's Columbia hits. How good were their knock-offs? About as good as the usual knock-off versions heard on budget labels, that is, not very good unless you aren't listening too closely, in which case they might be considered "passable." Although the musicians sound competent, the singers are straining and the recordings aren't mixed well. Were they a known backup group like the Del Satins or the Belmonts? Almost certainly not. Unless the Del Satins were being tortured in the studio at the time, the Del Satins were much too smooth for these renditions. Abel even released "Ruby Baby"/"Drip Drop" by the Glen Stuart Chorus on a single as Abel 235, probably going immediately to the 39-cent bin in the local grocery stores.

The Abel label was gold with black print, with just printing and no graphics. The label name, printed in block letters at the top of the label, was the only identifying information on the label other than the matrix number. There is no indication of ownership on the label, or on the jacket for that matter. Why do we think it was associated with Laurie, then? Because of the Laurie masters contained on the album, the link with Glen Stuart, and the professional pressing done at the same place Laurie got their albums pressed. (And just to be facetious, the gold label blanks could have been some left over label blanks from the old gold Laurie label.) But mainly, the Laurie masters.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

ABLP-8001 - Dion and Introducing The Glen Stuart Chorus - Dion/Glen Stuart Chorus [1964] Issued in mono only. Drip Drop - Glen Stuart Chorus/The Majestic - Dion/Be Careful Of Stones That You Throw - Glen Stuart Chorus/King Without A Queen - Dion/This Little Girl - Glen Stuart Chorus/Heaven Help Me - Dion//The Wanderer - Dion/Little Girl - Dion/Donna The Prima Donna - Glen Stuart Chorus/Runaway Girl - Dion/Ruby Baby - Glen Stuart Chorus/After The Dance - Dion

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