Dolton Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 23, 2005

Dolton records started life in 1959 as Dolphin Records, a small Seattle-based company founded by the late Bob Reisdorff along with Lou Lavinthal and Bonnie Guitar. Their first label contained fish symbols that were consistent with the Dolphin name. However, they soon apparently ran into a problem with another label which had the name first, hence the quick change to "Dolton," which didn't involve too much change on the label art, although the fish logo stayed around for some time afterwards. This duplication of names would probably not have been discovered for some time had not their very first single release, "Come Softly to Me" by the Fleetwoods, been a huge international hit. Because of the name change, and the ultimate need for better distribution, the first single was issued as Dolphin 1, then as Liberty 55188. Their first 45 was also issued as a stereo single in 1959, although the stereo version contained bongo overdubs.

In fact, the label was originally formed as a vehicle for "Come Softly to Me." Gretchen Christopher of the Fleetwoods wrote us the following letter:

The Fleetwoods The label was created to release "Come Softly To Me", after I brought Reisdorff the home tape recording I'd made of the three of us singing "Come Softly." It was the song I'd written at Olympia High School and then arranged in counterpoint to Gary's casual dum-dumming as we stood on a street corner in Olympia. Barbara Ellis sang harmony to my melody. It was later, in Joe Boles' studio in Seattle, that Bob Reisdorff suggested Gary add lyrics to his catchy scat back-up part to make it a shared lead with me, alternating male and female leads. Bonnie Guitar was brought in because she had some name value in the industry, having had a hit singing, "Dark Moon" on Dot Records. She is also to be commended because she encouraged Reisdorff to keep the backing simple, since the arrangement I'd devised was self-contained and complete in itself. We actually recorded "Come Softly" (and later all the songs on our Mr. Blue album) a cappella, in Seattle, and just a few instruments were overdubbed in LA, including Roy Lanham on guitar.

The Fleetwoods (l to r): Gretchen, Gary,
Barbara In the early sixties, Gary Troxel went into the navy, and Barbara and I selected Vic Dana to be Gary's replacement for personal appearances (but not Fleetwoods recordings) while Gary was away. Vic's solo contract with Dolton was his reward.

Please visit the site, for more comprehensive information (including a tribute page for Bob Reisdorff, who died in June, 2002), and feel free to contact me if I can be of further help. Thank you.

Softly, Gretchen Christopher

Dolton mined the local rock and roll talent of the Seattle and surrounding areas, signing not only the Fleetwoods (from Olympia), but also the Ventures, the Frantics, and Little Bill and the Bluenotes. All these acts, along with label principal Bonnie Guitar, registered chart singles among the label's first few singles. For a small company in the corner of the country, this was phenomenal success. As for albums, these succeeded, also, although the first eight issues were all by just two acts, the Fleetwoods and the Ventures. The Ventures proved to be something of an institution, especially for Dolton, churning out album after album well into the 1970s, most of them charting. Except for a few of the first sides recorded in 1959, most of the label's material appears to have been recorded in stereo.

Bonnie Guitar In 1960, Bonnie Guitar, who had done songwriting and production as well as making records for the label, left along with Dolton promo man Jerry Dennon to form Jerden Records, also based in Seattle. Jerden's biggest success was to come several years later, with the recording of "Louie Louie" by the Kingsmen, which eventually hit on the Wand label.

Vic Dana Meanwhile, back at Dolton, by 1961 the label was shaping up as a successful label with very few artists. In fact, the vast majority of the albums issued on the label were by just three artists: The Fleetwoods, the Ventures, and Vic Dana. Sometime in the early 1960s, the distribution deal with Liberty evolved into a sale, and Dolton became a Liberty subsidiary, moving to Los Angeles in the process. By 1967, Liberty discontinued the label, although they chose to continue the Dolton numbering system for Ventures and Vic Dana albums for a couple of years more. Eventually, Liberty was purchased by United Artists, and all the Dolton artists' albums were issued on UA.

The Ventures, 1961 Looking back, perhaps one of the more interesting sidelights of the label was a short series of "Guitar Phonics" albums that taught flegling guitar (and bass) players how to play a few of the hit songs "by ear" or with tablature notation, rather than by reading music note for note. Thousands of 60s garage bands cut their teeth to the tune of "Wipe Out," "Pipeline," "Walk Don't Run," "Outer Limits," and others featured on the series.

In the 1990s, almost all the Ventures albums (including the "Guitar Phonics" albums) have been reissued on CD. The Fleetwoods and Vic Dana fared worse as CD material, but they will undoubtedly get their turn.

The earliest design was the first single, which was released as Dolphin No. 1 (left). The design was blue with blue print, and featured several silhouettes of fish above the center hole, with "DOLPHIN" in block letters written down the left side of the label, with a vertical line to the right of the lettering. From the start, the label was distributed by Liberty. When it was discovered that another label had already used the Dolphin name, the record was switched to Liberty (right) for further distribution.
"Dolphin" was quickly replaced by "Dolton" as the label name, the only difference being the spelling of the label name down the left side of the label. The address on the bottom of the early light blue Dolton labels (left, 1959) was 708 6th Avenue North, Seattle 9, Washington. By 1960 (right), the label had moved downtown to 622 Union Street, Seattle 1, Washington.
Dolton also issued some stereo singles during 1959. "Come Softly To Me" was issued in stereo on Liberty 77188. The next Fleetwoods single, Dolton 3, was issued on Dolton itself as a stereo 45. At left is the green label used for Dolton S-22-3, the stereo version. It is similar to the first design, except that the label name is above the center hole and the left of the label is a shaded area with a scalloped border with "STEREO" in it. This same design was used for the stereo versions of the early albums, as shown at right. During this time, mono albums used a light blue label, while stereo albums had a dark blue-green label.
A revised design (the third label design), with a large fish outline just above the spindle hole, was soon used for both mono and stereo album issues. The mono example of the third design, dark blue print on a light blue background, is shown at left, with the stereo version at right. These labels used the address of Liberty Records in Los Angeles around the bottom.
With the purchase of Dolton by Liberty, the third label design gave way to a medium blue or dark blue label with a multicolored logo to the left of the spindle hole. Around the bottom of this fourth label design, it notes, "A Division of Liberty Records, Inc." Both mono and stereo issues used this fourth design (shown at left) starting at about catalog number 8015. The fifth label, used in the mid-to-late 1960s starting about at catalog number 8036, was black with a blue area to the left of the spindle hole, a design similar to those used for the parent Liberty label of the time. This label had a new logo, a stylized "D" drawn as half of a record album coming out of a sleeve. Beneath the "D" was, "Dolton, A Product of Liberty Records."
Albums after BST-8050 used the regular Liberty label and the Liberty prefix, although the catalog number was a continuation of the Dolton sequence. Dolton singles during the years Liberty owned the label also had custom sleeves, as shown at right.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

BLP-2001/BST-8001 - Mr. Blue - Fleetwoods [1959] Confidential/The Three Caballeros/Raindrops Teardrops/You Mean Everything To Me/Oh Lord Let It Be/Come Softly To Me//Serenade Of The Bells/Unchained Melody/We Belong Together/Come Go With Me/I Care So Much/Mr. Blue

BLP-2002/BST-8002 - The Fleetwoods: Gretchen, Gary and Barbara - Fleetwoods [1960] Bye Bye Blackbird/Truly Do/Skylark/My Sister's Love/Runaround/Happy Happy Birthday Baby//I Believe/One For My Baby/Once In A While/Turtle Dove/Time Of Love/Outside My Window

BLP-2003/BST-8003 - Walk Don't Run - Ventures [1960] (12-60, #11) Morgen (S)/Raunchy (S)/Home (S)/My Own True Love (Tara's Theme) (S)/The Switch (S)/Walk Don't Run (E)//Night Train (S)/ No Trespassing (E)/Caravan (S)/Sleep Walk (S)/The McCoy (S)/Honky Tonk (S)

BLP-2004/BST-8004 - The Ventures - Ventures [1961] (9-61, #105) The Shuck (S)/Detour (S)/Ram-Bunk-Shush (S)/Hawaiian War Chant (S)/Perfidia (S)/Harlem Nocturne (S)//Blue Tango (S)/Ups N Downs (S)/Lonesome Road (S)/Torquay (S)/Wailin' (S)/Moon Of Manakoora (S)

BLP-2005/BST-8005 - Softly - Fleetwoods [1961] The Little White Cloud That Cried/Tragedy/Dormilona/I'm So Alone/Days Dwindle By/Nancy//Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring/Little Miss Sad One/I Love You So/Love Drop/The Last One To Know/Love Alone

BLP-2006/BST-8006 - Another Smash - Ventures [1961] (6-61, #39) Original cover shows an old-time vaudeville-like photo. Later reissued with a cover with a silhouette of a man jumping. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky (S)/Wheels (S)/Lonely Heart (S)/Bulldog (S)/Lullaby Of The Leaves (S)/Beyond The Reef (S)//Raw-Hide (S)/Meet Mr. Callahan (S)/Trambone (S)/Last Date (S)/Ginchy (S)/Josie (S)

BLP-2007/BST-8007 - Deep in a Dream - Fleetwoods [1961] Lavender Blue/Poor Little Girl/Daddy's Home/A Teenager In Love/Paradise Lost/Hey Little Tear//Little Girl Blue/Great Impostor/Lah-Dee-Dah/Blues Go Away/Lonely Cup Of Coffee/One Little Star

BLP-2008/BST-8008 - The Colorful Ventures - Ventures [1961] (10-61, #94) Blue Moon (S)/Yellow Jacket (S)/Bluer Than Blue (S)/Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White (S)/Green Leaves Of Summer (S)/Blue Skies (S)//Greenfields (S)/Red Top (S)/White Silver Sands (S)/Yellow Bird (S)/Orange Fire (S)/Silver City (S)

BLP-2009/BST-8009 - Most Exciting Guitar - Roy Lanham [1961] Lost Weekend/Where Or When/Body And Soul/Song Of India/A Smooth One/These Foolish Things//Steel Guitar Rag/Lover Come Back To Me/As Time Goes By/Wildwood Flower/Kerry Dance/Old Joe Clark

BLP-2010/BST-8010 - Twist with the Ventures [reissued as "Dance!"] - Ventures [1961] (1-62, #24) Original cover had "TWIST" in large letters with smaller dancers. Later, the album was renamed "Dance!" and the cover redesigned. Driving Guitars (Ventures' Twist) (S)/The Twist (S)/Road Runner (S)/Gringo (S)/Moon Dawg (S)/Guitar Twist (S)//Opus Twist (S)/Movin' And Groovin' (S)/Sunny River (S)/Let's Twist Again (S)/Shanghied (S)/Bumble Bee Twist (S)

BLP-2011/BST-8011 - The Fleetwoods Sing the Best Goodies of the Oldies - Fleetwoods [1962] Over The Mountain Across The Sea/A Thousand Miles Away/Poor Little Fool/Tears On My Pillow/In The Still Of The Nite/To Know Him Is To Love Him//Eddie My Love/Earth Angel/Venus/Happy Happy Birthday Baby/Donna/Bazoom (I Need Your Lovin')

BLP-2012/BST-8012 -

BLP-2013/BST-8013 - This Is Vic Dana - Vic Dana [1962] Red Grapes/Someone To Watch Over Me/Cry Me A River/Nature Boy/Someone New/Glad To Be Unhappy//Moon River/Young And Warm And Wonderful/Mamacita/Little Altar Boy/Cottage For Sale/Hawaii

BLP-2014/BST-8014 - The Ventures' Twist Party, Volume 2 [reissued as "Dance with the Ventures"] - Ventures [1962] (5-62, #40) Original cover had large letters "TWIST" with dancers in front. Reissue (see below) had a different cover and title. My Bonnie Lies (S)/Twisted (S)/The Twomp (S)/Besame Mucho (S)/Blue Tail Fly (S)/Swanee River Twist (S)//Instant Guitars (S)/Dark Eyes Twist (S)/Counterpoint (S)/Kicking Around (S)/Bluebird (S)/Red Wing Twist (S)

BLP-2014/BST-8014 - Dance with the Ventures - Ventures [1964] After the twist became passé, the album was renamed and the cover was redesigned to show a single dancer. Although the tracks were exactly the same, the titles now deleted the word "twist" from many of the songs. My Bonnie Lies (S)/Twisted (S)/The Twomp (S)/Besame Mucho (S)/Blue Tail Fly (S)/Swanee River (S)//Instant Guitars (S)/Dark Eyes (S)/Counterpoint (S)/Kicking Around (S)/Bluebird (S)/Red Wing (S)

BLP-2015/BST-8015 - Warm & Wild - Vic Dana [1962] Get Me To The Church On Time/Lollipops And Roses/I Believe In You/Blame It On My Youth/Close Your Eyes/Her Face//It's A Most Unusual Day/My Romance/Penny Candy/Happy Ending/Through A Long And Sleepless Night/Hey Look Me Over

BLP-2016/BST-8016 - Mashed Potatoes and Gravy [reissued as "The Ventures' Beach Party"] - Ventures [1962] (8-62, #45) Original cover has a drawing of dancers and a sack of potatoes. Later, the album was retitled and the cover redesigned as a beach scene. Lucille (S)/Gravy (For My Mashed Potatoes) (S)/Hernando's Hideaway (S)/Mashed Potato Time (S)/Summertime (S)/Hot Summer (Asian Mashed) (S)//Poison Ivy (S)/The Wah-Watusi (S)/Instant Mashed (S)/Scratch (S)/Hully Gully (Baby) (S)/Spudnik (S)

BLP-2017/BST-8017 - Going to the Ventures' Dance Party - Ventures [1962] (11- 62, #93) Mr. Moto (S)/Theme From "Come September" (S)/Ya Ya Wobble (S)/Night Drive (S)/Venus (S)/The Intruder (S)//Gandy Dancer (S)/Sweet And Lovely (S)/Limbo Rock (S)/Lolita Ya-Ya (S)/Loco-Motion (S)/Gully-ver (S)

BLP-2018/BST-8018 - The Fleetwoods Greatest Hits - Fleetwoods [1962] (12-62, #71) Reissued in the 1970s with the Liberty label in a Dolton jacket. Mr. Blue (E)/You Mean Everything To Me (S)/Outside My Window (S)/Confidential (S)/Truly Do (S)/Tragedy (S)//Come Softly To Me (E, 45 version)/(He's) The Great Impostor (S)/The Last One To Know (S)/Poor Little Girl (S)/Graduation's Here (S)/Runaround (S)

BLP-2019/BST-8019 - The Ventures Play Telstar, The Lonely Bull and Others - Ventures [1962] (1-63, #8) Telstar (S)/The Lonely Bull (S)/Mexico (S)/Calcutta (S)/Apache (S)/Never On Sunday (S)//Tequila (S)/Green Onions (S)/Percolator (S)/Red River Rock (S)/Let There Be Drums (S)/Last Night (S)

BLP-2020/BST-8020 - The Fleetwoods Sing for Lovers By Night - Fleetwoods [1962] Loving You (S)/My Special Lover (S)/Bon Soir Dame (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/Lovers' Lullaby (S)/If You Were The Only Girl In The World (S)//Pledging My Love (S)/The Twelfth Of Never (S)/I Look At You (S)/Lovers By Night Strangers By Day (S)/Soft Eyes (S)/Let It Be Me (S)

BLP-2021/BST-8021 - We Sing Folk Songs - Wanderers Three [1962] Turn Around/Toro/The Everroad Bros./Well Well Well/Two In The Middle/The Riddle Song//My Glory Land/Skillet Good And Greasy/Girl By The Wayside/Black Hills Gold/Sing Hallelujah/The Peddler Song

BLP-2022/BST-8022 - Surfing with the Ventures - Ventures [1963] (5-63, #30) Pipeline (S)/Diamonds (S)/Windy And Warm (S)/Ten Over (S)/Surf Rider (S)/Changing Tides (S)//The Ninth Wave (S)/Party In Laguna (S)/Barefoot Venture (S)/The Heavies (S)/Cruncher (S)/The Lonely Sea (S)

BLP-2023/BST-8023 - The Ventures Play the Country Classics - Ventures [1963] (6-63, #101) Panhandle Rag (S)/Wabash Cannonball (S)/San Antonio Rose (S)/I Walk The Line (S)/Wildwood Flower (S)/I Can't Stop Loving You (S)//Lovesick Blues (S)/Steel Guitar Rag (S)/You Are My Sunshine (S)/Oh Lonesome Me (S)/Sugarfoot Rag (S)/Born To Lose (S)

BLP-2024/BST-8024 - Let's Go!! - Ventures [1963] (8-63, #30) Memphis (S)/Let's Go (S)/More (S)/El Watusi (S)/Walk Right In (S)/Sukiyaki (S)//New Orleans (S)/So Fine (S)/Wipe Out (S)/Hot Pastrami (S)/Runaway (S)/Over The Mountain Across The Sea (S)

BLP-2025/BST-8025 - Goodnight My Love - Fleetwoods [1963] Jimmy San/End of the World/Sure Is Lonesome Downtown/Magic Star/I Just Can't Live Without You/Every Little Beat/Sad Little Girl/So Much In Love/It's Your Birthday/Figurines/Jimmy Beware/Hurt Him

BLP-2026/BST-8026 - More - Vic Dana [1963] (11-63, #111) More/Danke Schoen/The End Of The World/He Gives Me Love/I Was The One/I Will//My World/So Much In Love/That's Why I'm Sorry/What Good Would It Do/When A Boy Falls In Love/You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You

BLP-2027/BST-8027 - The Ventures in Space - Ventures [1963] (1-64, #27) Out Of Limits (S)/He Never Came Back (S)/Moon Child (S)/Fear (S)/Exploration In Terror (S)/War Of The Satellites (S)//The Bats (S)/Penetration (S)/Love Goddess Of Venus (S)/Solar Race (S)/The Fourth Dimension (S)/The Twilight Zone (S)

BLP-2028/BST-8028 - Shangri-La - Vic Dana [1964] (5-64, #116) Charade/Call Me Irresponsible/My Heart Belongs To Only You/Good News/Hello Dolly/The Shelter Of Your Arms/My Heart Cries For You/Diane/Softly As I Leave You/Stairway To The Stars/The More I See You/Shangri-La

BLP-2029/BST-8029 - The Fabulous Ventures - Ventures [1964] (7-64, #32) Needles And Pins (S)/Runnin' Wild (S)/Eleventh Hour (S)/The Cruel Sea (S)/Scratchin' (S)/Tall Cool One (S)//Only The Young (S)/Journey To The Stars (S)/Fugitive (S)/Ravin' Blue (S)/Walkin' With Pluto (S)/The Pink Panther Theme (S)

BLP-2030/BST-8030 - Before & After - Fleetwoods [1964] Softly As I Leave You/Mr. Sandman/Go Away/Little Things/Almost There/Since I Don't Have You/This Is My Prayer/Footsteps/Lonely Is As Lonely Does/What Am I Gonna Do/I'll Be There/Before And After

BLP-2031/BST-8031 - Walk Don't Run, Volume 2 - Ventures [1964] (10-64, #17) The House Of The Rising Sun (S)/Diamond Head (S)/Night Train '64 (S)/Peach Fuzz (S)/Rap City (S)/Blue Star (S)//Walk Don't Run '64 (S)/Night Walk (S)/One Mint Julep (S)/Pedal Pusher (S)/The Creeper (S)/Stranger On The Shore (S)

BLP-2032/BST-8032 - Vic Dana Now! - Vic Dana [1965] Frenchy/It Was A Night/The Name Of The Game Is Love/I'm Yours/On A Slow Boat To China/The Thunder Of You//Down By The Riverside/(It's No) Sin/Ramona/Love Is All We Need/Sea Winds/Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo

BLP-2033/BST-8033 - The Ventures Knock Me Out - Ventures [1965] (2-65, #31) I Feel Fine (S)/Love Potion Number Nine (S)/Tomorrow's Love (S)/Oh Pretty Woman (S)/Mariner No. 4 (S)/When You Walk In The Room (S)//Gone Gone Gone (S)/Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (S)/She's Not There (S)/Lonely Girl (S)/Bird Rockers (S)/Sha La La (S)

BLP-2034/BST-8034 - Red Roses for a Blue Lady - Vic Dana [1965] (4-65, #13) Red Roses For A Blue Lady/I'd Trade All Of My Tomorrows (For Just One Yesterday)/I'll Be Around/I'll Be Seeing You/I'll Get By/I'll See You In My Dreams//I'm In The Mood For Love/Once In A While/It Had To Be You/Love After Midnight/You Were Meant For Me/You're My Everything

BLP-2035/BST-8035 - The Ventures on Stage (Around the World) - Ventures [1965] (6-65, #27) Wipe-Out (S)/Journey To The Stars (S)/Slaughter On Tenth Ave. (S)/Caravan (S)/Pedal Pusher (S)/Apache '65 (S)/Bumble Bee (S)/Driving Guitars (S)/Medley: Walk Don't Run-Perfidia-Lullabye Of The Leaves (S)/Yellow Jacket (S)

BLP-2036/BST-8036 - Moonlight And Roses - Vic Dana [1965] Thinking Of You/Marie/Bring A Little Sunshine/In My Heart/When My Dreamboat Comes Home/I'm Confessin'//That Old Feeling/Don't Take Your Love From Me/This Is The Last Time I Cry Over You/Say You're Mine Again/What'll I Do/Once I Had A Heart/Moonlight And Roses

BLP-2037/BST-8037 - The Ventures a Go-Go - Ventures [1965] (9-65, #16) Satisfaction (S)/Go-Go Slow (S)/ Louie Louie (S)/Night Stick (S)/La Bamba (S)/The "In" Crowd (S)//Wooly Bully (S)/A Go-Go Guitar (S)/A Go-Go Dancer (S)/The Swingin' Creeper (S)/Whittier Blvd. (S)/I Like It Like That (S)

BLP-2038/BST-8038 - The Ventures Christmas Album - Ventures [1965] Sleigh Ride (S)/Snow Flakes (S)/Santa Claus Is Comming To Town (S)/Jingle Bells (S)/Jingle Bell Rock (S)/Silver Bells (S)//Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (S)/Frosty The Snowman (S)/Scrooge (S)/Blue Christmas (S)/We Wish You A Merry Christmas (S)/White Christmas (S)

BLP-2039/BST-8039 - Folk Rock - Fleetwoods [1965] A Lover's Concerto/All I Really Want To Do/You Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry Tree/It Ain't Me Babe/Walk Don't Run/For Lovin' Me//You've Got Your Troubles/Not The Lovin' Kind/You Were On My Mind/We'll Sing In The Sunshine/Baby Don't Go/This Is Where I See Her

BLP-2040/BST-8040 - Where the Action Is! - Ventures [1966] (2-66, #33) Action (S)/Lies (S)/Fever (S)/Stop Action (S)/3's A Crowd (S)/A Taste Of Honey (S)//No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) (S)/Action Plus (S)/Hang On Sloopy (My Girl Sloopy) (S)/Nutty (S)/Little Bit Of Action (S)/She's Just My Style (S)

BLP-2041/BST-8041 - Crystal Chandelier - Vic Dana [1966] Crystal Chandelier/Make the World Go Away/I'll Remember You/Room Full/Yesterday/I Will/Someone New/Kiss Away/Voice In the Wind/Taste of Honey/(others)

BLP-2042/BST-8042 - The Ventures [aka "Batman Theme"] - Ventures [1966] (3- 66, #42) Batman Theme/Zocko/Joker's Wild/The Cape/00-711/The Man From U.N.C.L.E.//Secret Agent Man/Hot Line/Vampcamp/Up Up And Away/Get Smart Theme/Green Hornet "66"

BLP-2043/BST-8043 -

BLP-2044/BST-8044 - Viva - Vic Dana [1966] Lara's Theme/Amor/What Now/Perfidia/Phoenix Love Theme/Cuando Calienta el Sol//The Shadow of Your Smile/Spanish Eyes/Call Me/Quiet Nights/Angelito/Be Mine

BLP-2045/BST-8045 - Go with the Ventures - Ventures [1966] (6-66, #39) Green Grass/Ginza Lights/These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Frankie And Johnny/Ad- Venture/Monday Monday//Good Lovin'/Eight Miles High/Escape/Sloop John B/Go/California Dreamin'

BLP-2046/BST-8046 - Town & Country - Vic Dana [1966] I Love You Drops/Abilene/As Long As I'm Travelin'/The Wild Side Of Life/My Baby Wouldn't Leave Me/A Satisfied Mind//I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Crazy Arms/Western Union/Sea Of Heartbreak/Loneliness/He'll Have To Go

BLP-2047/BST-8047 - Wild Things - Ventures [1966] (9-66, #33) Wild Thing (S)/Fuzzy And Wild (S)/Sweet Pea (S)/Wild And Wooly (S)/Wild Child (S)/Summer In the City (S)//The Pied Piper (S)/Wild Trip (S)/Hanky Panky (S)/Wildcat (S)/How Now Wild Cow (S)/The Work Song (S)

BLP-2048/BST-8048 - Golden Greats - Vic Dana [1966] Red Roses For A Blue Lady (S)/Moonlight And Roses (Bring Mem'ries Of You) (S)/Garden In The Rain (S)/Love Is All We Need (S)/Bring A Little Sunshine (To My Heart) (S)/Shangri-La (S)//More (S)/I Will (S)/Crystal Chandelier (S)/Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) (S)/Softly As I Leave You (S)/Little Altar Boy (S)

BLP-2049/BST-8049 - Little Altar Boy - Vic Dana [1967] Silver Bells (S)/I'll Be Home For Christmas (S)/The Christmas Song (S)/The Twelve Days Of Christmas (S)/The Little Drummer Boy (S)/Little Altar Boy (S)//Silent Night (S)/The First Noel (S)/O Holy Night (S)/Ave Maria (S)/O Little Town Of Bethlehem (S)/O Come All Ye Faithful (S)

BLP-2050/BST-8050 - Guitar Freakout - Ventures [1967] (2-67, #57) Good Thing (S)/High And Dry (S)/Standing In The Shadows Of Love (S)/Off In the 93rds (S)/Cookout Freakout On Lookout Mountain (S)/Wack Wack (S)//Mod East (S)/I'm A Believer (S)/Guitar Freakout (S)/Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron (S)/Paper Airplane (S)/Theme From "The Wild Angels" (S)

Label changes to Liberty, with same numbering sequence:

LRP-2051/LST-8051 - Foreign Affairs - Vic Dana [1967] I Will Wait For You/And We Were Lovers/Venice Blue/Sand And Sea/A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square/Mon Amour//Wiederseh'n/If You Go Away/Trains And Boats And Planes/How Insensitive/Sayonara

LRP-2052/LST-8052 - Super Psychedelics - Ventures [1967] (6-67, #69) Strawberry Fields Forever (S)/Psychedelic Venture (S)/Western Union (S)/Guitar Psychedelics (S)/Kandy Koncoction (S)/Reflections (S)//A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You (S)/Endless Dream (S)/Vibrations (S)/Psyched-Out (S)/1999 A.D. (S)/Happy Together (S)

LRP-2053/LST-8053 - Golden Greats By the Ventures - Ventures [1967] (9-67, #50) Telstar/The Lonely Bull/Rebel-Rouser/Honky Tonk/Let's Go/Pipeline//Walk Don't Run/Tequila/Apache/Wipe-Out/Memphis/Out Of Limits

LRP-2054/LST-8054 - $1,000,000.00 Weekend - Ventures [1967] (12-67, #55) What Now My Love (S)/Georgy Girl (S)/Ode To Billie Joe (S)/Sunny (S)/Respect (S)/To Sir With Love (S)//Music To Watch Girls By (S)/Groovin' (S)/Windy (S)/Sealed With A Kiss (S)/Uptight (Everything's Alright) (S)/Yesterday (S)

LRP-2055/LST-8055 - Flights of Fantasy - Ventures [1968] (5-68, #169) Mighty Quinn (Quinn The Eskimo)/Innermotion Faze/The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/Walking The Carpet/Flights Of Fantasy/Soul Coaxing//Green Light/Cry Like A Baby/Fly Away/Love Shower/Summertime Blues/Scarborough Fair-Canticle

LRP-2056/LST-8056 -

LRP-2057/LST-8057 - The Horse - Ventures [1968] (8-68, #128) Grazing In The Grass/Crazy Horse/The Gallop/Choo-Choo Train/The Horse/Horse Power//Jumpin' Jack Flash/Land Of 1000 Dances/Walk Don't Run/Tip-Toe Thru' The Tulips With Me/Soul Breeze/Licking Stick Licking Stick

LRP-2058/LST-8058 -

LRP-2059/LST-8059 - Underground Fire - Ventures [1968] (1-69, #157) Underground Fire/Embers In E Minor/Sea Of Grass/Higher Than Thou/Up Up And Down/Country Funk And The Canned Heat//Born To Be Wild/Sunshine Of Your Love/The Weight/Light My Fire/Down On Me/Fire

At approximately this point, mono releases are discontinued in favor of all stereo releases.

LST-8060 - More Golden Greats - Ventures [1969] (3-70, #154) Classical Gas/The Good Bad And The Ugly/Grazing In The Grass/Love Is Blue/Green Onions/House Of The Rising Sun/More/Raunchy/Mission: Impossible/Torquay/A Taste Of Honey

LST-8061 - Hawaii Five-O - Ventures [1969] (5-69, #11) Hawaii Five- O/Lovin' Things/Galveston/The Letter/Don't Give In To Him/Theme From "A Summer Place"/Medley: Spooky-Traces-Stormy/Medley: Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)/Games People Play/I Can Hear Music/Dizzy

LST-8062 - Swamp Rock - Ventures [1969] (12-69, #81) Carry Me Back/Honky Tonk Women/Muddy Mississippi Line/Jambalaya/Swamp Rock/Niki Hokey//Green River/Suspicious Minds/Catfish Mud Dance/Proud Mary/Gumbo/Plaquemines Parish

LST-8063 - If I Never Knew Your Name - Vic Dana [1969] The album originally did not include "Red Red Wine," the first song on side 2, so a pink sticker was placed on the front of the record jacket which said "Includes Red Red Wine" on later pressings (which still listed only eleven tracks on the back of the jacket). "Red Red Wine" was the followup single to "If I Never Knew Your Name," and was probably hastily recorded - another Neil Diamond song - when "If I Never Knew Your Name" started to sell. If I Never Knew Your Name (E)/Mama Come N' Get Your Baby Boy (S)/Good Woman (S)/Everything (S)/Another Dream Shot Down (S)/Who Would Think That I Would Marry Margaret (S)//Red Red Wine (S)/Angeline (S)/Sunshine On A Cold Morning (S)/Half And Half (S)/Sad Day Song (E)/Rebecca (S)

LST-35000 - The Ventures 10th Anniversary Album - Ventures [1970] (10-70, #91) (2-LP set) Everybody's Talkin'/CCR Medley: Bad Moon Rising-Who'll Stop The Rain/Bob Dylan Medley: Blowing In The Wind-Don't Think Twice It's Alright/Bridge Over Troubled Water/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Eleanor Rigby/Hey Jude/Good Morning Starshine/Never My Love/Let It Be/Michelle/MacArthur Park/Sound Of Silence/Spinning Wheel/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Strangers In The Night/Sugar Sugar/Sweet Caroline/Those Were The Days/Up Up And Away

Play Guitar Series:

BST-17501 - Play Guitar with the Ventures - Ventures [1965] (8-65, #96) Guitar lessons by the Guitar Phonics System. Raunchy/Tequila//Memphis/Walk Don't Run

BST-17502 - Play Guitar with the Ventures, Volume 2 - Ventures [1966] Guitar lessons by the Guitar Phonics System. Pipeline/Wipe Out//Out Of Limits/Let's Go

BST-17503 - Play Guitar with the Ventures, Volume 3 - Ventures [1966] Guitar lessons by the Guitar Phonics System. A Taste Of Honey/Diamond Head//Secret Agent Man/No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In)

BST-17504 - Play Electric Bass with the Ventures: Play Guitar with the Ventures, Volume 4 - Ventures [1966] Bass lessons by the Guitar Phonics System. La Bamba/I Hear A Symphony/A Lover's Concerto//Red River Valley/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag/Shot Gun

BST-17505 - Play Country Guitar with Jimmy Bryant (Guitar Phonics, Volume 5) - Jimmy Bryant [1966] Guitar lessons by the Guitar Phonics System. Wildwood Flower/Columbus Stockade Blues//Boogie For Guitar/Steel Guitar Rag

BST-17506 - Play Guitar With Chet Atkins (Guitar Phonics, Volume 6) - Chet Atkins [1967] Nine Pound Hammer/Red Wing/Windy And Warm/Hello My Baby

BST-17507 - Play Guitar With the Ventures, Volume 7 - Ventures [1967?]

Related Albums:

UXS-80 - The Ventures - Ventures [1971] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Hawaii Five-O/Let's Go/Theme From "The Wild Angels"/Light My Fire/Respect//Telstar/Satisfaction/The Pink Panther Theme/Classical Gas/Games people Play; Disc 2: Apache/Tequila/Grazing In The Grass/The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde/Down On Me//No Matter What Shape/Oh, Pretty Woman/Happy Together/Proud Mary/Georgy Girl

UAS-5547 - Theme From "Shaft" - Ventures [1971] (1-72, #195) Theme From Shaft/Cherries Jubilee/Deep Deep In The Water/Gimme Some Lovin'/I'm A Man/Indian Sun/Gypsies Tramps And Thieves/Never My Love/Peace Train/Tight Fit/Thunder Cloud/Two Divided By Love

UAS-5575 - Joy: The Ventures Play the Classics - Ventures [1972] (3- 72, #146) Bach's Prelude/Melody Of Joy/Sonata In C# Minor/In A Persian Market/Mozart's Minuet/Mozart Forty/Ravel's Pavane/Peter And The Wolf/One Fine Day/Swan Lake

UAS-5649 - Rock & Roll Forever - Ventures [1972] Honky Tonk, Parts 1 & 2/Last Night/Smokie/Rumble/You Can't Sit Down//Ram-Bunk-Shush/20-75/Guitar Boogie Shuffle/Raunchy/Soul Twist/Sleep Walk

UAS-6796 - New Testament - Ventures [1971] Good Morning Captain/Testament/Free/Oye Como Va/Wild World/Katana/Whole Lotta Love/What Is Life/Novios Para Siempre/Spirit/She's A Lady/Pesado

UA-LA147-G2 - Only Hits - Ventures [1973] (2-LP set) Live And Let Die/I Can See Clearly Now/Frankenstein/Soul Makoosa/(others)

UA-LA217-G - The Jim Croce Songbook - Ventures [1974] I Got A Name/Bad Bad Leroy Brown/I Have To Say I Love You In A Song/Lover's Cross/It Doesn't Have To Be That Way/Age/Time In A Bottle/Don't Mess Around With Jim/One Less Set Of Footsteps/Operator/Five Short Minutes/Speedball Tucker

UA-LA231-G - The Ventures Play the Carpenters - Ventures [1974] We've Only Just Begun (S)/Yesterday Once More (S)/It's Going To Take Some Time (S)/Bless The Beasts And The Children (S)/Top Of The World (S)/Sing (S)//Superstar (S)/(They Long To Be) Close To You (S)/Hurting Each Other (S)/Rainy Days And Mondays (S)/Jambalaya (S)/Goodbye To Love (S)

UA-LA331-E - The Very Best of the Ventures - Ventures [1975] Walk Don't Run/Out Of Limits/Tequila/Apache/Ram-Bunk-Shush//Hawaii Five-O/Perfidia/Telstar/Rebel Rouser/Wipe Out

UA-LA334-E - The Very Best of the Fleetwoods - Fleetwoods [1975] Come Softly To Me (S, 1959 stereo single version with bongos)/(He's) The Great Impostor (S)/Graduation's Here (S)/We Belong Together (E)/Mr. Blue (E)//Tragedy (S)/Run Around (S)/Goodnight My Love (S)/Confidential (S)/Outside My Window (S)

UA-LA586 - Rocky Road - New Ventures [1976] Moonlight Sernade/Daylight/Temptation Temptation/Superstar Revue/The Strike/Step Out/Gotta Be Stronger

UA-LA717-G - T.V. Themes - Ventures [1977] Charlie's Angels (S)/Medical Center (S)/Star Trek (S)/Streets Of San Francisco (S)/Starsky & Hutch (S)/Baretta's Theme (S)//Hawaii Five- O (S)/S.W.A.T. (S)/Police Story (S)/M*A*S*H (S)/Police Woman (S)/Nadia's Theme (S)

SUS-5116 - Running Strong - Ventures [1966] Wild Action (S)/Bird Swingers (S)/La Bamba (S)/Lonely Karen (S)/Blue Guitar (S)//Moon Journey (S)/Puncher (S)/Cathy's Theme (S)/Runnin' Strong (S)/Dancin' With Steve (S)

SUS-5130 - Warm & Wonderful - Vic Dana [1966] Moon River/Young And Warm And Wonderful/I Believe In You/Close Your Eyes/Softly As I Leave You//I'm Yours/You Were Meant For Me/Someone New/That's All/Once I Had A Heart

SUS-5131 - In a Mellow Mood - Fleetwoods [1966] The Last One To Know/Love Alone/Little Miss Sad One/Days Dwindle By/Hurt Him//Figurines/Jimmy Beware/Dormilona/I Just Can't Live Without You/Love Drop

SUS-5160 - The Guitar Genius of the Ventures - Ventures [1967] The Swingin' Creeper/The Chase/Rap City/Eleventh Hour/Love Goddess Of Venus//Pedal Pusher/Peach Fuzz/Nutty/The Ninth Wave/Changing Tides

SUS-5271 - Supergroup - Ventures [1969] Night Drive/Ya Ya Wobble/Red Wing/Orange Fire/Instant Guitars//Bluebird/Loco-motion/The Intruder/Needles And Pins/The Cruel Sea

SUS-5317 - A Decade with the Ventures - Ventures [1970] Up, Up And Away/Vampcamp/Walking The Carpet/Endless Dream/Innermotion Faze//Flights Of Fantasy/Vibrations/Guitar Freakout/Reflections/Fly Away

Liberty Reissues:

LN-10122 - The Very Best of the Ventures - Ventures [1981]

LN-10155 - The Ventures Play Telstar, The Lonely Bull and Others - Ventures [1982]

LN-10156 - The Ventures Play the Country Classics - Ventures [1982]

SPC-3604 - The Ventures In Space - Ventures [1978] Out Of Limits (S)/Moon Child (S)/Fear (Main Theme from "One Step Beyond") (S)/Exploration In Terror (S)/War Of The Satellites (S)//Theme From The Bat (S)/Penetration (S)/Solar Race (S)/The Twilight Zone (S)

SPC-3618 - Runnin' Strong - Ventures [1978] Wild Action (S)/Bird Swingers (S)/La Bamba (S)/Lonely Karen (S)/Blue Guitar (S)//Moon Journey (S)/Puncher (S)/Cathy's Theme (S)/Runnin' Strong (S)

SCR5 - The Versatile Ventures - Ventures [196?] This is a Columbia Record Club special issue. The 2000 Pound Bee/Skip To M'limbo/Rap City/Gemini/Snow Flakes//The Swingin' Creeper/Journey To The Stars/La Bamba/Ten Seconds To Heaven/The Chase

Thanks to Gretchen Christopher, Dennis Dioguardi, David Barlow, Gary Wertz, Dave Dzurick, and Susie.

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