Liberty Records Discography, Part 4: Related Albums
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan Last update: April 3, 1999

Liberty material has been reissued on a large number of labels, most notably United Artists after they bought Liberty and discontinued using the label name in 1971.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents


SASH-3708-2 - The Vintage Years - Del Shannon [1975] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Runaway (M)/Jody (M)/Hats Off To Larry (M)/So Long Baby (M)/Cry Myself To Sleep (M)/Kelly (M)/Hey Little Girl (M)//Little Town Flirt (M)/The Swiss Maid (M)/Two Kinds Of Teardrops (M)/Sue's Gotta Be Mine (M)/That's The Way Love Is (M)/Why Don't You Tell Him (M)/From Me To You (M); Disc 2: Handy Man (M)/Do You Wanna Dance (M)/Break Up (M)/Move It On Over (M)/She Still Remembers Tony (M)/Stranger In Town (M)/Keep Searchin' (M)//Show Me (M)/Under My Thumb (S)/Sister Isabelle (M)/I Go To Pieces (M)/Silently (S)/I've Been Thinking It Over (S)/Life Is But Nothing (S)

UAS-9959 - Eddie Cochran: Legendary Masters Series #4 - Eddie Cochran [1971] 2-LP set. All tracks mono. Disc 1: Skinny Jim/Let's Get Together/Eddie's Blues/Little Lou/Pink Pegged Slacks/Jeanie Jeanie Jeanie/Something Else//Pretty Little Devil/Who Can I Count On/Thinkin' About You/Opportunity/Latch On/I'm Ready/Three Stars/Cotton Picker; Disc 2: Summertime Blues/Cut Across Shorty/Milk Cow Blues/My Way/Blue Suede Shoes/Nervous Breakdown/Come On Everybody//Sittin' In The Balcony/Twenty Flight Rock/Teenage Cutie/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Fourth Man Theme/Weekend/Bo Weevil/Long Tall Sally

UAS-9961 - Jan & Dean Anthology Album: Legendary Masters Series #3 - Jan & Dean [1971] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Jenny Lee (M, Jan & Arnie)/Baby Talk (M)/Clementine (M)/Heart And Soul (M)/Tennessee (S)/Barbara Ann (S)/Linda (S)//Surfin' Safari (S)/Surf City (S)/Honolulu Lulu (S)/Drag City (S)/Little Deuce Coupe (S)/The New Girl In School (S)/Dead Man's Curve (S, 45 version, "six tail lights"); Disc 2: The Little Old Lady From Pasadena (S)/The Anaheim Azusa And Cucamonga Sewing Circle Book Review And Timing Association (S)/Ride The Wild Surf (S)/Sidewalk Surfin' (S)/One Piece Topless Bathing Suit (S)/Popsicle (S)/Vegetables (M)//Pigeon Joke (S)/Brass Section Intro (S)/Deadman's Curve (M, live)/Beatle Part Of Our Portion (S)/Rhythm Section Intro (S)/Michelle (M)/Whistling Dixie (S)/Thank You Dean (S)/Hide Your Love Away (M)/Let's Hang On-Might As Well (S)/Hang On Sloopy (M)

UAS-5656 - Nothin' Like a Sunny Day - Robert Thomas Velline (Bobby Vee) [1972] This was an attempt to get past the "light rock" image of Bobby Vee, whose records wouldn't get even a listen at most radio stations in 1972. Reverting to his real name, his photo on the cover featured him in full beard, all the better to look like the hip folkie-type rockers of the seventies. It didn't work. Every Opportunity (S)/Captain On The Line (S)/Halfway Down The Road (S)/Hayes (S)/My God And I (S)//Going Nowhere (S)/Home (S)/Take Good Care Of My Baby (S, new version)/Here She Comes Again (S)/It's All The Same (S)

UA-LA025-G2 - Bobby Vee: Legendary Masters Series #7 - Bobby Vee [1973] 2-LP set. Disc 1: Suzie Baby (E)/It's Too Late (M)/Love Must Have Passed Me By (M)/Everyday (S)/Someday When I'm Gone From You (S)/Buddy's Song (S)/Devil Or Angel (S)//Rubber Ball (S)/It Might As Well Rain Until September (S)/Stayin' In (S)/More Than I Can Say (S)/Walkin' With My Angel (S)/The Opposite (S)/Take Good Care Of My Baby (S); Disc 2: Run To Him (S)/Don't Take Her For Granted (S)/Sharing You (S)/Punish Her (S)/Please Don't Ask About Barbara (S)/Do I Really (S)/Charms (S)//The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (S)/A Letter From Betty (S)/I'll Make You Mine (S)/Come Back When You Grow Up (S)/Beautiful People (S)/Maybe Just Today (S)/Medley: My Girl-Hey Girl (S)

UA-LA086-F - The Best of Willie Nelson - Willie Nelson [1973] Funny How Time Slips Away/Hello Walls/The Part Where I Cry/Undo The Right/Wake Me When It's Over/Crazy//Touch Me/One Step Beyond/Three Days/Half A Man/Where My House Lives/Darkness On The Face Of The Earth/Mr. Record Man

UA-LA089-F - Golden Songbook - Vikki Carr [1973]

UA-LA151-F - Del Shannon Live in England - Del Shannon [1973] A wonderful live set, recorded in England. All tracks live. Hats Off To Larry (S)/Handy Man (S)/Swiss Maid (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/Little Town Flirt (S)/Kelly (S)/Crying (S)/ (S)/Two Kinds Of Teardrops (S)/Coopersville Yodel (S)/The Answer To Everything (S)/Keep Searchin' (S)/What's A Matter Baby? (S)/So Long Baby (S)/Runaway (S)

UA-LA234-G - The Very Best of Martin Denny - Martin Denny [1974] Quiet Village (S)/Bali Hai (S)/Hawaiian Wedding Song (S)/Pearly Shells (S)/Ebb Tide (S)/Beyond The Reef (S)//The Enchanted Sea (S)/Martinique (S)/More (S)/Tiny Bubbles (S)/A Taste Of Honey (S)/Beyond The Sea (S)

UA-LA244-G - The Very Best of Vikki Carr - Vikki Carr [1974] It Must Be Him (S)/Sunshine (S)/Can't Take My Eyes Off You (S)/The Lesson (S)/For Once In My Life (S)/Your Heart Is Free Just Like The Wind (S)//With Pen In Hand (S)/Don't Break My Pretty Balloon (S)/She'll Be There (S)/A Dissatisfied Man (S)/Eternity (S)/The Ways To Love A Man (S)

UA-LA409-E - Very Best of Jerry Wallace - Jerry Wallace [1975] All I Want Is You/Primrose Lane/Funny How Time Slips Away/One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart/The Last Letter//With Pen In Hand/Ramblin' Rose/Kay/Night Life/Even The Bad Times Are Good

UA-LA432-E - The Very Best of Johnny Burnette - Johnny Burnette [1975] Dreamin' (S)/You're The Reason (S)/Just Out Of Reach (S)/Girl Of My Best Friend (S)/God Country And My Baby (S)//You're Sixteen (S)/Walk On By (S)/Big Big World (S)/Hello Walls (S)/Little Boy Sad (S)

UA-LA438-E - The Very Best of Walter Brennan - Walter Brennan [1975] Old Rivers (S)/Who Will Take Grandma (S)/Waiting For A Train (S)/The Old Kelly Place (S)/Keep A Movin' Old Man (S)//Angels In The Sky (S)/High Noon (S)/Mama Sang A Song (S)/The Epic Ride Of John H. Glenn (S)/Gun Fight At The OK Corral (S)

UA-LA447-E - The Very Best of Gene McDaniels - Gene McDaniels [1975] A Hundred Pounds Of Clay (S)/You Can Have Her (S)/Send For Me (S)/A Tear (S)/Chip Chip (S)//Tower Of Strength (S)/Take Good Care Of Her (S)/Walk With A Winner (M)/I Don't Want To Cry (S)/Point Of No Return (S)

ECSP-20 - Eddie Cochran 20th Anniversary Album - Eddie Cochran [1980] A four album boxed set containing some unreleased material and out-takes, includes an 8 page booklet. Disc 1: Twenty Flight Rock/Never/Pretty Girl/That's My Desire/Three Steps to Heaven/My Love to Remember/Guybo/I've Waited So Long/Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie/I Remember//My Way/Think of Me/Skinny Jim/Undying Love/Sweetie Pie/Eddie's Blues/Lonely/Pink Pegged Slacks/Yesterday's Heartbreak/Long Tall Sally; Disc 2: Summertime Blues/Half Loved/Am I Blue/Three Stars/Hallelujah I Love Her So/Little Lou/Fourth Man Theme/Completely Sweet/Rock 'N' Roll Blues//C'mon Everybody/Dark Lonely Street/Jam Sandwich/Boll Weevil Song/Three Steps to Heaven/Drive In Show/I'm Ready/Don't Ever Let Me Go/Cherished Memories/Cotton Picker; Disc 3: Somethin' Else/I Almost Lost My Mind/Latch On/Strollin' Guitar/Sittin' In the Balcony/Milk Cow Blues/Cut Across Shorty/Let's Get Together/Teresa/Blue Suede Shoes//Teenage Cutie/Love Again/Pretty Girl/Mean When I'm Mad/Hammy Blues/Don't Wake Up the Kids/Pocketful of Hearts/Weekend/Little Angel/Nervous Breakdown; Disc 4 (with Johnny Mann Singers): Twenty Flight Rock/Lovin' Time/I'm Alone Because I Love You/Completely Sweet/Tell Me Why/Proud of You/Cradle Baby/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Stockin's and Shoes/One Kiss//Live show "Boy Meets Girl" recorded January 16, 23, 30, 1960: Introduction by Marty Wilde/Hallelujah I Love Her So/C'mon Everybody/Somethin' Else/Interview with Marty Wilde/Twenty Flight Rock/Money Honey/Have I Told You Lately That I Love You/Hallelujah, I Love Her So/Summertime Blues/Milk Cow Blues/Interview With Marty Wilde/I Don't Like You No More/Sweet Little Sixteen/White Lightnin' (with Gene Vincent)

UA-LA930-H - There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight - Willie Nelson [1978] River Boy/I'll Walk Alone/Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)/Tomorrow Night/Am I Blue//Take My Word/Home Motel/Blue Must Be The Color Of The Blues/There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight/Feed It A Memory


LIBERTY/UA (Germany)
LBS 83278I - Rock Lebt: Sixteen Golden Oldies - Various Artists [1971?] Surf City - Jan & Dean (S)/Take Good Care Of My Baby - Bobby Vee (S)/The Mountain's High - Dick & Dee Dee (E)/Perfidia - Ventures (S)/Needles And Pins - Jackie DeShannon (S)/Dreamin' - Johnny Burnette (S)/Long Tall Sally - Eddie Cochran (E)/Don't Ever Change - Crickets (S)//All I Really Want To Do - Cher (S)/Let There Be Drums - Sandy Nelson (M)/Western Movies - Olympics (E, original Demon version)/Whole Lotta Lovin' - Fats Domino (E)/Come Softly To Me - Fleetwoods (E)/Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson (E)/Gonna Get Along Without Ya Now - Patience & Prudence (E)/Hold Me - P.J. Proby (E)

UAS 29643 - Tenth Anniversary Album - Johnny Burnette [1974] Me And The Bear/Settin' The Woods On Fire/Dreamin'/Hello Walls/Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me/The Fool/My Honey/Clown Shoes//Cincinnati Fireball/Little Bitty Tear/Moody River/Big Big World/God Country And My Baby/You're The Reason/You're Sixteen/Little Boy Sad

UAS-29163 - The Legendary Eddie Cochran - Eddie Cochran Contains alternate takes and Cochran on records of other artists. Pretty Girl/Opportunity - Jewel Akens & Eddie Cochran/Skinny Jim - Hank Cochran (Eddie on guitar)/I'm Ready/Drum City/Yesterday's Heartbreak/Thinkin' About You - Bob Denton (Eddie on guitar)/Strollin' Guitar/Interview With Eddie Cochran//Little Angel/Annie Has A Party - Kelly Four (Eddie on guitar)/Who Can I Count On' - Jewel Akens & Eddie Cochran/Latch On/So Fine Be Mine - Kelly Four (Eddie on guitar)/The Scream/Pretty Little Devil - Bob Denton (Eddie on guitar)/Fourth Man Theme/My Love To Remember

82716 - C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran [1981] C'mon Everybody/Sweetie Pie/I Almost Lost My Mind/Proud Of You/Guybo/I Remember//Stockings And Shoes/Rock And Roll Blues/Undying Love/My Love To Remember/Never/Little Angel

RSR LP 1008 - Portrait of a Legend - Eddie Cochran [1984] High quality album with new stereo. Three Steps To Heaven (S)/Cut Across Shorty (S)/Cherished Memories (S)/Weekend (S)/Ah Pretty Girl (S)/Nervous Breakdown (M)/My Way (M)/Summertime Blues (M)//Pretty Girl (S)/Hallelujah I Love Her So (S)/Little Angel (S)/Jeannie Jeannie Jeannie (S)/I've Waited So Long (S)/Teenage Heaven (M)/C'Mon Everybody (M)/Blue Suede Shoes (M)

EG 26 0757 1 - Rock 'N' Roll Masters: The Best of Eddie Cochran - Eddie Cochran [1985]

EG 26 0761 1 - Rock 'N' Roll Masters: The Best of Bobby Vee - Bobby Vee [1985] More Than I Can Say (S)/The Night Has A Thousand Eyes (S)/Susie Baby (E)/Devil Or Angel (S)/Stayin' In (S)/How Many Tears (S)/Run To Him (S)/Walkin' With My Angel (S)//Take Good Care Of My Baby (S)/Rubber Ball (S)/Please Don't Ask About Barbara (S)/Punish Her (S)/Someday (S)/Come Back When You Grow Up (S)/Beautiful People (S)/Maybe Just Today (S)

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