Argo (Spoken Word) Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 5, 2012

Argo Records was founded in the U.K. in 1951 by Harley Usill and Cyril Clarke. They specialized in spoken word and other odd material deemed non-commercial by other labels. By 1957, the company was nearing bankruptcy, and was sold to British Decca.

In 1965, when Decca wanted to start issuing Argo albums in the US under the London distributorship, there was a problem, since Argo was a label name being used since December, 1955, for jazz and blues music by Chess Records. Since the Argo label name had been used since 1951 in the UK, Chess agreed to change the name of its subsidiary label to "Cadet" to avoid confusion. The albums listed below are for the US, London-distributed, issues starting in 1965.

The label for the DA series (far left) was yellow with silver print, with the Argo logo near the top. Label for the RG series (near left) was blue with silver print.
The label for the stereo version of the RG series, or ZRG series (near left) was blue-grey with silver print. The label for the ZFB/ZPR series (near left) was blue with silver print.
The labels for the PLP series (far left) and the SW series (near left) were both blue with silver print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Argo DA Series:

DA 6 - West Highland Line - Sound Effects [1965] Lineside Recordings of Former North British Railway, at Craigendoran, Arrochar, Tyndrum and Bridge of Orchy, featuring V.3, C. 15, Stanier Black Five, B. 1 Glen and Standard 5 Class Locomotives

DA 7 - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Shap: Lineside recordings made near Tebay Station, between Teban and Scout Green, Near Scout Green Box and Near the summit, featuring Britannia, 2-6-4T, Stanier black Five, Royal Scot, Patriot, Princess Coronation and Jubilee class locomotives

DA 8 - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Somerset and Dorset: Recordings made on the Pines Express between Bath and Evercreech Junction, and lineside recordings made between Masbury and Evercreech Junction, featuring Standard 512. P, 3 F, Bulleid Pacific and S and D 2-8-0 class locomotives

DA 9 - West of Exeter - Sound Effects [1965] Lineside Recordings Made Near Dainton Tunnel at Newton Abbot End and In Signal Boxes at Tigley and Exeter, Featuring Hall, King, 2-6-2T, Castle, County, Bulleid West Country, Grange and 5700 Class Locomotives

DA 12 mono, ZDA 12 stereo - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Trains in the Night: Recordings made in Chilterns, at Bromsgrove, Lickey Incline and on Carlisle-Edinburgh line, featuring Castle, King, Hall, K. 3 and V.2 Engines

DA 13 mono, ZDA 13 stereo - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Newfoundland Heads the Waverley: Recordings made on board Newfoundland between Hellifield and at speed between Blea Moor and Appleby/Lineside recordings of Newfoundland made at Dent and Ribblehead Work in Eastern England, featuring J. 15, E. 4 Claud Hamilton D. 16, J. 20, J. 17, J. 69 and B. 12 Class Engines

DA 21 mono, ZDA 21 stereo - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Trumph of an A.4 Pacific Recordings of record breaking run by A.4 Sir Nigel Gresley between London and Doncaster on May 23, 1959

DA 22 mono, ZDA 22 stereo - Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Trains in the Hills: Recordings made on hills in north and on Lickey and Monmouthshire Hills

DA 26/27 - Poetry and Jazz in Concert - Mitchell, Abse, Robson, Lee, Garrick 3 [1965] Two record set. Harriot/Keane/Veteran With a Head Wound/Pals/Sunday Evening/S.O.S./others

DA 28 mono, ZDA 28 stereo - Rhythms of Steam Railroad Sounds - Sound Effects [1965] Lineside recordings at Tyndrum, Tyno Dock, Hitchin and Templecombe

DA 29 - Greece in Music and Song - Native Artists [1965]

DA 30 - Sicily in Music and Song - Native Artists [1965]

DA 31 - Working on the Footplate - Railroad Sounds [1965] On Footplate of 5M-T Class 4-6-0 at Work with Passenger Train/On Footplate of V.2 Class 2-6-2 at Work with Freight Train

DA 32 - Songs for Children - Blades, Roland, Shaw, Rimmer [1965]

DA 35 - Power of Steam - Railroad Sounds [1965] Northbound Goods Train at Steel Road Station/Jubilee on Lickey Incline at Blackwell/At Basingstoke Station on Summer Saturday/Two Glens Leaving Ardlui Station with Train for Fort William/N.C.B. Tank Engine with Coal Train at Minnavey Colliery/Crab 2-6-0 with Coal Train at Bargany/Stanier Pacific Jubilee on Rainy Day at Secut Green A.2 Pacific Leaves Steele Road Station with Passenger Train/Night Goods Train Climbs towards Whitrope, Through Woods Near Stobs Station

DA 36 - Promises - Michael Garrick [1966] Parting is Such/I've Got Rhythm/Thing of Beauty/Merlin the Wizard/Second Coming/Requiem/Leprechaun Leap/Portrait of a Young Lady/Song of the Sea

DA 37 - Sounds of the Sea and Ships - Ship Sounds [1966] Soft Sea of a Summer Afternoon/Angry Sea of Winter/Sea Mist/Foggy Night in a Busy port/On Board a Steamship/At Sea in Foul Weather/Evening in Harbour

DA 38 - Brain Trust - BBC Radio [1968]

DA 39 - Great Western - Railroad Sounds [1968] Great Western Railway Locomotives at Work, on the B.R. Western Region at Hattorn, Abergavenny Junction, Evershot, Princes Risborough, Chalford, Plymouth, Exeter and Newton Abbot

DA 46 - Merry Progress to London - London Critics' Group [1967] Anthology of Broadside and Street Ballads/Folk Songs devoted to City of London from earliest Times to Today

DA 47 - Sweet Thames Flow Softly - London Critics' Group [1969] Anthology of Broadside and Street Ballads/Folk Songs devoted to City of London from earliest Times to Today

DA 48 - Trains to Remember - Railroad Sounds [1967] Cambrian Coast Express at Talerddig sTation/Trains in Night at Grantham Station/Passenger Train and Goods Train at Llangunlio Station/Pines Express on Lickey Incline/Whitby Moors Special train at Ravenscar and Goathland/Northern Irishman passing Killochan

DA 49 - Paris Express - Railroad Sounds [1967] Steam Locomotives of SNCF at Work/On Lines of Western Region, at Rouen and Breaute-Beuzeville/On Nothern Region at Caffiers/On South-Eastern Region/At Randan and St. Germain-des-Fosses/On South-Western Region at La Bourboule and Lagueuille

DA 66 - The Long Harvest, Record 1 - Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger [1967] Minorie/The Swan Swims Sae Bonnie/There Was An Old Lord/Peter And I/The Cruel Mother (English)/The Cruel Mother (American)/Down By The Greenwood Sidey-O/The Lady From Lee/The Cruel Mother (American)/Lord Randal/Jimmy Randal/Henry My Son/Willie Doo/Croodin Doo/Billy Boy/The Shepherd Lad/Clear Away The Morning Dew/Katie Morey

DA 67 - The Long Harvest, Record 2 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968]

DA 68 - The Long Harvest, Record 3 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968]

DA 69 - The Long Harvest, Record 4 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968] Bawbee Allan/Barbry Ellen/Barbry Allan/Sir Eglamore/Wild Boar/Old Bangum/Ole Bangum/Lord Gregory/Lass Of Roch Royal/Georgie Jeems/Who Will Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet?/The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter (English)/The Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter (American)

DA 70 - The Long Harvest, Record 5 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968] The Crafty Farmer/Well Sold The Cow/The Highwayman/The Highwayman Outwitted/The Fair Damsel From London/The Wife Of Usher's Well/The Three Babes/Lord Lovell/Lord Lover/Abe Lincoln Stood At The White House Gate/The New Ballad Of Lord Lovell/Sir Hugh/The Fatal Flower Garden/Little Saloo/It Rained A Mist/The Burly Burly Banks Of Barbree/The Bonnie Banks Of Airdrie O

DA 71 - The Long Harvest, Record 6 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968] Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight: May Colvin, Lady Isabel And The Elf Knight, The Outlandish Knight, Billy Came Over The Main White Ocean, The Willow Tree/Old Woman Of Slapsadam And Johhny Sands: The Wife Of Kelso, Rich Old Lady, Johnny Sands/The Douglas Tragedy: The Brave Earl Brand And The King Of England's Daughter, The Douglas Tragedy, Earl Brand, The Lady And The Dragon/The Maid Freed From The Gallows: The Prickle Holly Bush, Hangman

DA 72 - The Long Harvest, Record 7 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968] George Collins/Young Collins/Clerk Colven/Giles Collins/The Dying Hobo/Lord Thomas Of Winesberrie/John Barbour/The Three Ravens (American)/The Three Ravens (English)/The Two Corbies/The Crow Song/The Three Crows/The Three Ravens/Poor Old Crow/Blow The Man Down/Sir Patrick Spens/Sir Patrick Spence

DA 73 - The Long Harvest, Record 8 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968] Young Beichan/Lord Bateman/The Turkish Rover/The Cherry-Tree Carol/Sweet Mary And Sweet Joseph/Joseph And Mary/Lucy Wan/Fair Lucy/What Brought The Blood Upon Your Right Shoulder Dear?/Edward/The Puddy In The Well/Froggie Went A-Courting/King Kong Kitchie/There Was An Old Frog

DA 74 - The Long Harvest, Record 9 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968]

DA 75 - The Long Harvest, Record 10 - Ewan MacColl, Pegger Seeger [1968]

DA 80 - Peggy n Mike - Peggy Seeger and Mike Seeger [1967] Worried Man Blues/Arizona/Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies/Little Birdie/Old Shoes and Leggings/John Riley/A Miner's Prayer/Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender/Shady Grove//Fod/The Streets of Laredo/The Soldier's Farewell/When First to This Country and Stranger I Came/A Drunkard's Child/Clinch Mountain Backstep/The Romish Lady/Single Girl/The Ram of Derby

DA 86 - All at Sea - The Yetties [1973] All at Aea/Hornpipe Medley/Spanish Ladies/Ranter's Waharf/The Quarker/others

DA 162 - Hip Hooray for Neville Chamberlain - Ian Whitcomb [1974] At The Ragtime Ball/Trail Of The Lonesome Pine/At The Moving Picture Ball/A Nice Port And Lemon/Down In Bom-Bombay/Bohemia/Hello Sailori/Any Place That I Make Money (Is Home Sweet Home To Me)/I Want To Ask You A Personal Question, Aubrey Dear/Lindbergh, The Eagle Of The U.S.A./Who's Sorry Now/Dapper Dan

Argo RG/ZRG Series:

RG 10 - Waste Land/Hollow Men/Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock/Ash Wednesday (T.S Eliot) - Robert Speaight [1965]

RG 11 - 4 Quartets (T.S Eliot) - Robert Speaight [1965]

RG 12 - William Robert Rodgers - Rodgers [1964] Europa and the Bull/Lent/Swan/Spring Dance

RG 13 - Gerard Manley Hopkins/John Keats - Rawlings [1964] Starlight Night/God's Grandeur/Pied Beauty/Binsey Poplars/Spring and Fall/Hurrahing in Harvest/Inversnaid/Thou Art Indeed Jus/The Leaden/When I Have Fears/Fame is Like a Wayward Girl/To One Who Has Been Long in City Pent/Bright Star/The Mermaid Tavern/Bards of Passion and of Mirth/La Belle Dame Sans Merci/In a Drear Nighted December/To Autumn/Ode on a Grecian Urn/On Melancholy/To a Nightingale

RG 21/22 - Under Milk Wood (Thomas) - Burton, Griffith [1965] Two record set. Part 1//Part 2//Part 3//Part 4

RG 23 - Percy Bysshe Shelley - Scott [1964] Last Chorus from Hellas/The Question/The Boat on the Serchio/Lines Written in Dejection Near Naples/Tonight/Music when Soft Voices Dei/Ode to the West Wind/others

RG 24 - John Donne/Wordsworth - Hassall [1964] The Good Morrow/The Sun Rising/Twickenham Gardens/The Anniversary/The Ecstasy/The Canonization/The Funeral/At the Roung Earth's Imagined Corners/Upon Westminster Bridge/Surprised by Joy/There was a Boy/The Tables Turned/Daffodils/The Solitary Reaper/O Friend, I Know Not Which Way I Must Look/others

RG 26 - Curlew. Twelve Songs by Peter Warlock - Alexander Young, Lionel Solomon, Peter Graeme, Sebastian string Quartet [1964] The Curlew/Sigh No More Ladies/Mockery/Sweet And Twenty/Pretty Kingtime/And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus/Away To Twiver/Sleep/Jillian Of Berry/The Lover's Maze/The Fox/Yarmouth Fair/Rest Sweet Nymphs

RG 27 - Translation of Virgil's Georgics - C. Day Lewis [1965]

RG 29 - Dylan Thomas Homage - MacNeice, Griffith, Burton [1964] Requiem Canto, Thomas Return AJourney/Hunchback in the park/Poem on October/Visit to Grandpa's Fern Hill

RG 39 - Lessons and Carols (1954 version) - King's College Choir [1964?]

RG 43 - Ballad of the Long Legged Bait/I See the Boys of Summer/Fern Hill (Dylan Thomas) - Richard Burton [1965]

RG 79 - Hilaire Belloc - Robert Spealight [1964] Four Sussex Poems: The South Country, Duncton Hill, Ha'nacker Mill, My Own Country/Heroic Poem In Praise Of Wine/Tarantella/To Dives/Four Cautionary Tales: Jim, Matilda, Maria, Sarah Byng/Gluttony, On Food/Lines To A Don

RG 88 - Selected Poems - Stephen Spender [1965] Spender/Word/Who live Under the Shadow of a War/Four Short Poems about Children/Not to You I Sighed/others

RG 99 - Eversong II - King's College Chapel Cambridge [1964] Introit/O Praise the Lord/Sentences/Responses/Psalms for the 27th Evening Lessons/Evening Service in G/Creed/Responses/Collects/Anthem/My Beloved Spake/Prayers/Final Responses/Loccata in B

RG 100 - Natural Childbirth - Read [1964] Record of Birth of a Baby.

RG 116 - Old Possum's Boodk of Practical Cats (T.S Eliot) - Eliot [1965]

RG 119 - Famous Poems of Collins, Goldsmith, Gray - Robert Speaight [1965]

RG 120 - Easter Mattins - King's College Chapel [1964] Easter Carol-This Joyful Eastertide/sentences/Preces/Easter Anthems/Proper Psalm III/Lessons for Easter Day/Te Deum and Jubilate/Collegium Regale/Creed Responses Collects/Anthem Haec Dies/Prayers Hymn/Jesus Lives

RG 129/130/131 - Love's Labour's Lost (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1962] Three record set.

RG 145/146 mono, ZRG 5145/5146 stereo - Alice in Wonderland (Carroll-Cleverdon) - Scott, Asher, others [1963] Two record set.

RG 148 mono, ZRG 5148 stereo - Music for the Feast of Christmas - Howard, Ely Cathedral Choristers, Renaissance Singers [1959]

RG 153 - What I Believe: The Road from Colonus (E.M. Forster) - E.M Forster [1959]

RG 161/162/163 - Henry VI Part 1 (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1962] Three record set.

RG 168/169/170/171 - Henry VI Part 2 (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1962] Four record set.

RG 176/177/178/179 - Henry VIII (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1964] Four record set.

RG 178 - Story of Osaian (Masefield) - John Masefield [1965]

RG 180/181 mono, ZRG 5180/5181 stereo - Thru the Looking Glass (Carroll-Cleverdon) - Scott, Asher, others [1963] Two record set.

RG 184 - 14 Selected Poems-Auden - W.H. Auden [1965]

RG 190 mono, ZRG 5190 stereo - Festival of Lessons and Carols - King's College Chapel [1964]

RG 191 - Robert Ranke Graves - Graves [1964] The Bards/Full Moon/It Was All Very Tidy/Thief/Trudge, Body/Christmas Robin/The Devil's Advice to Storytellers/William Brazier/Welsh Incident/On Dwelling/To Walk on Hills/The Cuirassiers of the Frontier/The Halls of Bedlam/On Portents/Dawn Bombardment/Frightened Men/Language of the Seasons/The Beach/The Villagers and Death/others

RG 192 - Robert Donat Reads 13 Favorite Poems at Home - Robert Donat [1965] 13 at Christmas Time/At Home-Wordsworth/Keats/Kipling/Browning/Shakespeare/At Christmas Time-Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi/Journey of the Magi/Noel/Christmas Cockrow/others

RG 196 - Conversation - Louis MacNeice [1964] Conversation/Invocation/Carrickfergus/Dublin/The Left Behind/The Back again/The Gone Tomorrow/Apple Blossom/TheCyclist/The Muse/Truisms/Sunlight on the Garden/The British Museum Reading Room/others

RG 198 - Europe Since the War - Boothby [1964] 10 Years of European Co-Operation/Voices of Adenauer, Bevin, Churchill, De Valera, Lloyd, MacMillan, Marshall, Morrison, Schuman, Sforza, Spaak, others

RG 199 - People in Love - Moira Lister [1964] People in Love/d'Almeida: Her Son/Croker: Lady of Gollerus/Maupassant: Chairmender/Poe: Telltale Heart

RG 212/213/214 - Timon of Athens (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1962] Three record set.

RG 224 - Fox's Day: Special Adaptation of Reynard the Fox (Masefield) - John Masefield [1964]

RG 225 - John Betjeman Volume 1 - John Betjeman [1964] Middlesex/Harrow on the Hill/Upper Lambourne/Wantage bells/Trebetherick/The Heart of Thomas Hardy/The Arrest of Oscar Wilde/I.M. Walter Ramsden/Devonshire street W.I./In a Bath Teashop/The Attempt/other

RG 227/228/229 - Thomas Mallory Morte dArthur - Barton, White, Andrews [1962] The Healing of Sir Urre/The Plot Against Launcelot and Guenever/Sir Launcelot's Escape/The Rescue of Guenever/King Arthur and Sir Gawaine Take Arms Against Sir Launcelot/The Siege of Joyous Guard/The Parley at Carlisle/Sir Launcelot Surrenders the Queen and is Banished/The Treason of Sir Mordred/IKing arthur's Dream/The Meeting of Aruthur and Mordred/The Passing of King Arthur/The Banishment of Sir Launcelot/The Siege of Benwick/The last Meeting of Guenever and Launcelot/The Vision and Death of Launcelot/The Burial of Launcelot

RG 230 - The Fortune of the Sea: The Wanderer's Image (John Masefield) - John Masefield [1962] The Fortune Of The Sea: Two Stories, A Poem About Francis Drake, The Great Eastern, The Songs Of The Merchants/The Wanderer's Image: A Poem About Old Ships, Excerpts From The Dauber, The Wanderer's Image

RG 231/232 - Emlyn Williams as Charles Dickens - Emlyn Williams [1965] Two record set.

RG 236/237/238/239 - Troilus and Cressida (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Dramatic Society [1963] Four record set.

RG 240 mono, ZRG 5240 stereo - A Procession with Carols on Advent Sunday - Choir of King's College, Cambridge [1967] Es Ist Ein' Ros' Entsprungen/Matin Responsory/Aspiciens A Longe/Hymn: Veni, Redemptor Genium/1st Lesson: Isaiah VI/Carol: 'Twas In The Year That King Uzziah Died/Hymn: Vox Clara Ecce Intonat/2nd Lesson: Isaiah XL/Carol: A Spotless Rose/3rd Lesson: Zechariah II/Carol: I Sing Of A Maiden/Carol: Remember, O Thou Man/Hymn: Jordanis Oras Praevia/Gospel Of The Salutation/Carol: Gabriel's Message/Choral: Wachet Auf!/Gospel Of The Advent/Carol: King Jesus Hath A Garden/Carol: The Blessed Son Of God/Vesper Responsory: Judea Et Hierusalem/Collect For Christmas Eve/The Blessing/Hymn: Veni, Veni, Emmanuel

RG 245/246 - American Poetry-Historical Anthology - Various Artists [1965] Two record set. Beloof, Emerson, Poe, Thoreau, Whitman, Longfellow, Williams, Pound, MacLeish, others

RG 273 - John Betjeman Volume 1 - John Betjeman [1964] Summoned by Bells/Selections from the Autobiography

RG 279 - Talking About Theatre - Coward, Finney, McKenna, Thorndike, Ustinov [1967] Reissue of London A 5717.

RG 287/288 - Hollow Crown - Church, Adrian, Barton, R. Johnson, Tutin, Walker, Golding [1968] Two record set.

RG 289 mono, ZRG 5289 stereo - Scenes and Speeches from the Plays of Shakespeare - Royal Shakespeare Company [1962] The Two Gentlemen Of Verona/The Merchant Of Venice/Twelfth Night/Troilus And Cressida/The Taming Of The Shrew/The Winter's Tale/Much Ado About Nothing/Hamlet/Richard III/As You Like It/Romeo And Juliet/Othello

RG 319 - Readings from 3 Men in a Boat, 3 Men on the Bummel (Jerome K. Jerome) - Gregg [1966] 3 Men in a Boat-Victim to 107 Fatel Maladies, How the Elderly Family puts Up a Picture, Advantages of Cheese, As a Travelling Companion, Innocence of South Western Officals Concerning Such Worldly Things as Trains, High Price for Mustard and a Fearful Battle With a Tin of Pineapple, Tunny Thing That Happened to George's Father/3 Men on the Bummel: Tandem, Or How Harris Lost His Wife, Patent Bicycle Lamp, Ideal Saddle, Harris Meets the Overhauler

RG 333 mono, ZRG 5333 - On Christmas Night - King's College Chapel, Cambridge [1964]

RG 338 - Negro Poets: Beyond the Blues - Brock Peters, Gordon Heath, Vinette Carroll, Cleo Laine [1964] Soliloqui/I'll Walk The Tight Rope/A Moment Please/Mea Culpa/Full Moon/Madness One Monday Evening/Circles In The Sand/Calvary Way/Two Poems/Poem/The Chicago Defender Sends A Man To Little Rock/The Confession Stone (A Song Cycle)/October Journey/The Diver/After Winter/Incident/When In Rome/Stevedore/Tell Rachel/My Lord What A Morning/American Gothic/Saturday Night In Harlem/Hallelujah Corner/Now All You Children/Why Try/When Sue Wears Red/I Too Hear America/Blow Man Blow/The Blues/Charles Parker/Elegy To A Lady/Ma Rainey/Trumpet Player

RG 341 - John Keats - Rylands, Church, Godfrey, Johnson, Scott, Watson [1964] On First Looking into Chapman's Homer/I Stood Tiptoe/A Thing of Beauty/The Eve of St. Agnes/Ode to a Nightingale/Ode on a Grecian Urn/La Belle Dame/On the Sea/When I Have Fears/Hyperion/The Ode on Melancholy/This Living Hand/Bright Star

RG 342 - Lord Alfred Tennyson - Rylands, church, Duncan, McCarthy, Scott, Watson [1964] A Spirit Haunts/The Lotus-Eaters/Mariana/The Splendour Falls/Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal/Come Down/O Mad/Morte d'Arthur/Break, Break, Break/In Memoriam II, XIIX, SCIV, C, CSIV/Maud Part II/Ulysses/Crossing the Bar

RG 343 - Alexander Pope - Rylands, Adrian, Duncan, Michell [1964] An unfortunate Lady/Essay on Man/Essay on Criticism/Of The Use of Riches/a Farewell to lAondon/Epilogue to the Satires/Epistle to Dr. Arbuthnot/On a Certain lady at Court/Of the Characters of Men/The Dunclad/Imitations/Second Epistle/Second Book of Horace

RG 344 - George Gordon (Lord Byron) - Frank Duncan, Richard Johnson and Peter Orr [1963] She Walks In Beauty/Beppo/Childe Harold, Canto IV/Childe Harold, Canto III/The Isles Of Greece From Don Juan/The Vision Of Judgement/Don Juan, Canto I/So We'll Go No More A-Roving/Tis Time This Heart Should Be Unmoved

RG 345 - William Wordsworth Volume 1 - Hassall [1964] From the Preface to Lyrical Ballads/There Was a Boy/Expostulation and Reply/The Tables Turned/To H.C. Six Years Old/Yew Trees/I Wandered Lonely/To To the Cuckoo/Lines Written in Early Spring/Lines Composed Above Tintern Abbey/Ruth/The Simplon Pass/Lucy Poems/others

RG 346 - Robert Browning - Rylands, Adrian, Bates, Duncah [1964] McCarty: Love in a Life/Life in a Love/Two in the Campagna/The Lost Leader/Salute to Shelley/Johannes Agricola/The Bishop Orders His tomb/Memorabilia/De Gustibus/Home Thoughts from Abroad/Meeting at Night/Parting at Morning/others

RG 347 - William Wordsworth, Volume 2 - Hassall [1964] The Solitary Reaper/Seven Sonets/She Was a Phantom of Deloight/Personal talk/Resolution and Independence/Ode to Duty/Intimations of Immoratility/Surprised by Joy/The River Duddon/others

RG 360 - Barrow Poets: Poetry and Music - Various Artists [1964]

RG 365 mono, ZRG 5365 stereo - Evensong for Ash Wednesday - Choir of King's College [1964] Hide Not Thou Thy Face From Us, O Lord/Sentence/Preces/Psalms 143, 130/First Lesson: Isaiah 57, 13-21/Lent Prose: Hear Us, O Lord, Have Mercy Upon Us/Magnificat/Second Lesson: St. Luke 15, 10-32/Nunc Dimittis/The Apostles' Creed/The Lesser Litany/The Lord's Prayer/Versicles And Responses/Collects/Anthem: Hear My Prayer, O Lord/Prayer Read By The Dean/Miserere (Psalm 51)

RG 370 - Now, What is Love - Royal Shakespeare Company [1964] Raleigh/Fleming/Keats/Burton/Herrick/Wilde/Suckling/Doanne/D.H. Lawrence/G. And W. Grossmmith

RG 373 - Rape of the Lock - Alexander Pope - Ashcroft, Rylands [1964]

RG 374 - Don Juan (Cantos 1, 2) Byron - Various Artists [1964]

RG 380 - Percy Bysshe Shelley - Garland, Marquand [1964] Watson: From the Defence of Poetry/England in 1819/The Mask of Anarchy/Prometeus Unbound/On a Poet's Lips I Slept

RG 385 - What Passing Bell: A Commemoraton in Poetry and Prose of the Fifieth Anniversary of the first World War - Jill Balcon, Hugh Burden, Michael Horderm, C. Day Lewis, John Stride, Gary Watson and Patrick Wymark [1964] Song-Books Of The War/Men Who March Away/Letter To His Mother/Arms And The Boy/Letter To His Mother/God, How I Hate You/Christmas 1914/Parable Of The Old Man And The Young/Diary Excerpt/Letter To The Morning Post/Glory Of Women/Letter To His Wife/Anthem Of Doomed Youth/Excerpt From In Parenthesis/Diary Excerpt/The General/Letter To Sir Osbert Sitwell/Survivors/Letter To His Wife/The Old Battalion/Sonnet/Fashion Note In Queen Magazine/Sonnet/Dead Man's Jump/Letter To The Headmaster Of Wycliffe College/Dulce Et Decorum Est/On Passing The New Menin Gate

RG 401 - Canterbury Tales Prologue (Chaucer) - Various Artists [1964]

RG 403 - Love Poems (John Donne) - Richard Johnson, Peter Orr, and William Squire [1964] Go and Catch a Falling Star/Elegies/Woman's Constancy/Love's Alchymie/Aire and Angelis/others

RG 404 - Metaphysical Poets: Religious Poetry - Tony Church, Richard Marquand, Peter Orr, and William Squire [1965]

RG 414/415/416/417 mono, 5414/5415/5416/5417 stereo - Rhyme and Rhythm, Volumes 1-4 - Various Artists [1965] Four record set.

RG 418 mono, ZRG 5418 stereo - Twentieth Century English Songs - Peter Pears [1964] The Land Of Lost Content; The Trellis/'Tis But A Week; Goldenhair, When You Are Old; So Perverse; Journey's End/Tom O'Bedlams Song/Love And Friendship, Friendship In Misfortune, The One Hope/Cycle For Declamation

RG 427 - Secular Poets - Bonamy, Stride, Watson [1965] Lovelace, Stanley, King, Cowley, Montrose, Waller, Philips, Marvell

RG 428 - William Blake-From Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience Poetical Sketches - Bates, Bonnamy, Johnson, Orr [1965]

RG 429 - William Wordsworth-The Prelude - Orr, Squire [1965] Selections from Books, 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12

RG 431/432 - Paradise Lost (Milton) - Redgrave, Church, McCarthy [1965]

RG 433 - Shorter Poems - Devlin, Squire, Watson [1965] Il Penseroso/L[Allegro/Lycidas/When I Consider How My Light is Spent/Cromwell/Our Chief of Men/At a Solemn Music/others

RG 434 mono, ZRG 5434 stereo - Ireland, Mother Ireland - Our lady's Choral Society [1965] Ireland, Mother Ireland/The Last Rose Of The Summer/Avenging And Bright/Follow Me Down To Carlow/Has Sorrow Thy Young Days Shaded/O'Donnell Aboo/Clare's Dragoons/Londonderry Air/Down By The Salley Gardens/The Coulin/A Nation Once Again

RG 437 - Selected Poetry - Robert Donat [1965] Romantic Poetry by Keats/Wordsworth/Shelley/20th Century Poetry by Housman/Brooke/Owen/Sasoon/Betjeman/others/The Queen's Garland-A Tribute to Various Queens by Shakespeare/Johnson/Raleigh/others

RG 438 - Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Yvonne Bonnamy, Richard Burton, William Devlin And John Neville [1965] The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner/Kubla Khan/Dejection: An Ode, Lines 1-93/The Pains Of Sleep/Christabel, Lines 1-213/From Schiller's Wallenstein, Pt. II: (The Piccolomini) III. IV. 123-134/Frost At Midnight

RG 446 mono, 5446 stereo - Sir Cristamas - Various Artists [1965]

RG 449 - William Butler Yeats - Curran, Norton, O'Sulliva, Manahan [1966] From the Rose/The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner/From the Wind Among the Reeds/The Lover Pleads with His Frind, and Others/From in the Seven Woods/The Folly of Being Comforted/From the Green Helmet/No Second Troy, and Others/From Responsibilities: September 1913, and others/From th eWild Swans at Coole/The Wild Swans at Coole and others/From Michael Robertes and the Dancer/Easter 1916 and Others/From the Tower/Sailing to Byzantium, and Others/From the Winding Stair/A Dialogue of Self and Soul, and Others/Confession/From last Poems : An Acre of Grass

RG 450 mono, 5450 stereo - Festival of Lessons and Carols 1965 - King's College Chapel, Cambridge [1965]

RG 451 - The Poet Speaks Record 1 - James Reeves, David Jones, William Plomer, and C.Day Lewis [1965] Old And Young/This Is Your Elegy/Honeysuckle Smell/Music In The Wood/The Stone Gentleman/The Fatigue/The Last Train/At The Supermarket/Lime-Flower Tea/The Christmas Tree/Flight To Italy/The Fox

RG 452 - The Poet Speaks Record 3 - Reeves, Jones, Plomer, Lewis [1965] Old and Young/This is Your Elegy/Honeysuckle Smell/Music in the Wood/The Stone Gentlemen/The Fatigue/The Last Trian/At the Supermarket/Lime-Flower Tea/The Christman Tree/Flight to Italy/The Fox

RG 453 - The Poet Speaks Record 3 - John Heath-Stubbs, Thomas Blackburn, Laurence Whistler, John Press, and Julian Ennis [1965] In Every Sense Of The Word/May-Fly/To Edmund Blunden On His Sixtieth Birthday/The Tortoise/Epitaph For Thais/The Timeless Nightingale/Mozart And Salieri/Poetry Is A Formality/Song Of The Death-Watch Beetle/Trewarmett/The Judus Tree/Mark/The Guest/A Form Of Epitaph/Flowers For Her Grave/Now There Is Only Following/Farewell/The Seagull/Winter Landscape, Greece/Athenian Morning/The Long Days/After Le Nozze Di Figaro/Wire-Dancer/Blackboard Jungle/Cold Storage/Elegy On Two Pets/Road Casualty/House Proud

RG 454 - The Poet Speaks Record 4 - Connor, KIinsella, Jennings, Redgrove [1965] A Rather Public Statement/Elegy for Alfred Hubbard/Mrs. Root/The Look of Love/The Croft/Cover Her Face/An Old Atheist Pauses By the Sea/Seventeenth Century Landscape Near Ballyferriter/At the Heart/Mirror in February/A Country Walk/My Grandmother/Harvest and Consecretation/Two Deaths/Patients in a Public Ward/Hospital/In Case of Atomic Attack/The Archaelogist/The Play/For No Good Reason/The Stronghold/The Secretary at the Edge of the Wood

RG 455 - The Poet Speaks Record 5 - Hughes, Porter, Gunn, Plath [1965] Her Husband/Bowled Over/Still Life/Wodwo/Mountains/The Warriors of the North/Gog/Out Full Moon/Beast and the Beauty/Made in Heaven/Who Gets the pope's Nose/Happening at Sordid Creek/Epitaph for Anton Schmidt/Wolf Boy/The Unsettled Motorcylist's Vision of His Death/Thoughts on Unpacking/A Map of the City/Lady Lazarus/Daddy/Fever 103 Degrees

RG 456 - The Poet Speaks Record 6 - Arden, Baldwin, Baybars, Beer,Brown, Fuller, Harnett, Henderson, Holbrook, Liddy, Macbeth, Middleton, Mitchell, Pitter, Read, Thomas, Thwaite, Tonks, Wevill [1965] Here I Come/Death on a Live Wire/Going Home to Meet Myself/Ballad of the Red-Headed Man/The Seven Houses/An Exchange Between the Fingers and the Toes/They Drag Me Raw/A Flying of Life and Death/Cardoness Castle/Patrick Kavanagh's Dublin/The Drawer/Dangers of Waking/The Dust/A Dram/To a Conscript of 1940/Adlestrop/Mr. Cooper/Badly Chosen Lover/The Fox at Arles

RG 460 mono, ZRG 5460 stereo - Let Erin Remember - Our Lady's Choral Society [1965] Let Erin Remember/The Star Of County Down/The Dear Little Shamrock/The Sweet Vale Of Avoca/St. Patrick's Day/Oft In The Stilly Night/The Boys Of Wexford/Deep In Canadian Woods/The Lament Of An Irish Maiden/The Harp That Once Thro' Tara's Halls/The Blue Hills Of Antrim/The West's Awake/The Minstrel Boy/Erin! The Tear And The Smile In Thine Eyes/God Save Ireland

RG 463 - Paradise Lost, Books 3 and 4 (John Milton) - Tony Church, Michael Redgrave, Richard Johnson, and Prunella Scales [1966] Book 3: Lines 1-55 (The Invocation To Light)/Book 4: Lines 1-145, Lines 172-318, Lines 319-410, Lines 411-538, Lines 598-719, Lines 750-884 962-End

RG 464 - Paradise Lost Books 5-6 (Milton) - Church, Redgrave, Watson, Johnson, Scales, Hordern, Marquand, Croucher [1967]

RG 466 - Canterbury Tales: Nun's Priest's Tale (Chaucer) - Coghill, N. and L. Davis, Burrow [1967]

RG 468/469 mono, 5468/5469 stereo - Cat and the Moon/Resurrection (Yeats) - Various Artists [1966] Two record set.

RG 470/471/472 mono, ZRG 5490/5471/5472 stereo - Saint Joan (Shaw) - Jefford, McCowen, Adrian, Dignamy, Foster [1966] Three record set.

RG 484 - English Poetry-Elizabethan and Jacobean Lyric - Ashcroft, Holm, Johnson, Stride [1966] What Should I Say, And Wilt Thou Leave Me Thus/They Flee from Me/It is Possible/Forget Not Yet/Queen Elizabeth-When I Was Fair and Young/Sidney-My True Love Hath My Heart/Lodge-Love in My Bosom/Oxford- Were I a King/Marlowe-Come Live With Me/Munday-I Serve a Mistress/Dyer-The Lowest Trees/Nashe-Adieu Fairwell earth's Bliss/Raleigh-Go Soul, The Body's Guest, What Is Our Life, give Me My Scallop-Shell/Anon- Thule, The Period of Cosmography, Do Not O Do Not Prize Thy Beauty/I Saw My Lady Weep, Weep You No More, Sad Fountains, My Love in Her Attire, From Tome O'Bedlam's Song, Mortality Behold and Fear/Peele-His Golden Locks, What Thing is Love, Hot Sun, Cool Fire/Breton-Come little Babe/Chettle-Diaphenia Like the Daffadowndilly/Browne-Steer Hither, Steer Your Winged Pines/Drayton-From Nymphidia/Webster-Call for the Robin Red Breast, All the Flowers of the Spring

RG 485 - Elizabethan Sonneteers and Spenser - Ian Holm, Richard Johnson, George Rylands, John Stride [1966] Set Me Wheras The Sun/Alas! So All Things/Loving In Truth/With How Sad Steps/Come Sleep, O Sleep/Having This Day My Horse/Highway, Since You/No More, My Dear/Thou Blind Man's Mark/Leave Me, O Love/Fie, Foolish Earth/Time, Cruel Time/When Men Shall Find/If This Be Love/Care-Charmer Sleep/An Evil Spirit, Your Beauty/How Many Paltry, Foolish, Painted Things/Since There's No Help/To Live In Hell/A Blast Of Wind/If Music And Sweet Poetry/Let Others Of The World's Decaying Tell/It Is As True As Strange/If There Were Oh! An Hellespont

RG 486 - English Poetry (Campion, Johnson, Herrick) - Ashcroft, Holm, Johnson, Orr, Stride [1966] Campion : Give Beauty All Her Right, Now Winter Nights, Enlarge, Never Love Unless You Can, Turn All Thy Thoughts, Silly Boy, Tis Full Moon Yet, There is a Garden, So Sweet Is Thy Discourse, Sleep Angry Beauty, Follow Your Saint, Kind Are Her Answers, through You Are Young, When Thou Must Home, Thou Art Not Fair, Thinkst Thou to Seduce Me Then, My Sweetest Lesbia, Never Weather-Beaten Sail/Johnson : On My First Daughter, On My First son, Epitaph on Elizabeth L.H, Epitaph on Solomon Pavy, Tonight Grave Sir, Come Leave the Loathed Stage, Slow Slow Slow Fresh Fount, Have You But Seen a Bright Lily Grow, Queen and Huntress, It Was a Beauty, Still to Be Neat, Follow a Shadow, Drink to Me Only,Come My Celia/Wither : Shall I, Wasting in Despari/Drummond others

RG 488 - Faerie Queene (Edmund Spenser) - Tony Church, William Squire, Gary Watson, Prunella Scales and Margaretta Scott [1967] Book I/Book II/Book IV/Book VI/Mutability/Book VII

RG 493 - Michael Mac Liammoir-I Must Be Talking to My Friends - Michael Mac Liammoir [1966] Lyrical and Grotesque/Wayward and Pitiful/Blood-Stained and Laughing/From Ancient to Modern Civilization

RG 499 mono, ZRG 5499 stereo - Carols of Today - Elizabethan Singers [1966] Wassail Carol, Op. 26, No. 1 (William Mathis)/Jesu, As Thou Art Our Saviour (Benjamin Britten)/A Little Child There Is Yborn, Op. 38 (John Joubert)/The Sorrows Of Mary (Richard Rodney Bennett)/What Tidings? Op. 38 (Alun Hoddinott)/In Excelsis Gloria (P. Racine Fricher)/Balulalow (Nicholas Maw)/Alleluya, A New Work Is Come On Hand (Peter Wishart)/Coventry Carol (John Mccabe)/The Oxen (Alan Rawsthorne)/Laetabundus (Gordon Crosse)/Ave Plena Gracia (Peter Maxwell Davies)/The Virgin And Child (Phyllis Tate)/The Shout - An Easter Carol Op. 62 (John Gardner)

RG 502 - Singing the Fishing - MacColl, Parker [1967] Life of Fishermen and Their Tough Environment/Vital Bond Between Man and Fish Expressed Through Medium of Folk Song, Every Day Speech, Instruments and Chorus

RG 511 - Ascensiontide Service - Choir of St. John College [1967] Voluntary : Verse In Phrygian Mode (Henry Purcell)/Introit : Psallite Domino (William Byrd)/Sentence)/Exhortation)/Confession)/Absolution)/Lord's Prayer)/Responses (Richard Ayleward)/Psalm 24 (Chant By J. Robinson)/Psalm 47 (Chant By J. Davy)/Psalm 108 (Chants By J.A. Atevenson And R.P. Stewart)/First Lesson : Daniel 7: 9-10 And 13-14 (Rev. Standard Version))/Office Hymn: The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns (Tune, St. Magnus By J. Clarke)/Magnificat [From] Sumsion In G (Herbert Sumsion)/Secon Lesson : Hebrew I (Rev. Standard Version))/Nunc Dimittis (Sumsion In G))/The Creed And Lesser Litany)/The Lord's Prayer (John Farmer)/Preces (Richard Ayleward)/Collects)/Anthem : O Clap Your Hands (R. Vaughan Williams)/College Prayer And Grace)/Hymn : The Lord Ascendeth Up On High (Music By M. Praetorius)/Voluntary : Chorale Prelude "Heut' Trimphiret" (J.S. Bach)

RG 513/514 - Yoga-Common Sense Exercises - O'Reilly [1966] Two record set. Common Sense Diet/Body Adjustment and Correct Thinking

RG 517/518/519 - The Poet Speaks Record 7, 8, 9 - Hugh MacDiarmid, Sydney Goodsir Smith, Norman MacCaig, Iain Crichton Smith, Austin Clarke, Louis MacNeice and Seamus Heaney [1967] First Love/In The Children's Hospital/At The Cenotaph/Skald's Death/Wheesht, Wheesht/The Bonnie Lowe/O Wha's The Bride/Coronach For The End Of The World/Under The Greenwood Tree/The Grave Of All Mankind/The Thistle As A Spider's Web/The Winter O' The Hert/Simmer Nichtsang/Hamewith/The Grace Of God And The Meth- Drinker/Largo/The Reid Reid Rose/Exile/You Went Away/Assisi/Smuggler/Old Woman/Girl With Orange Sunshade/Summer Lightning/Tenebrae/Wandering Men/Mabel Kelly/Her Voice Could Not Be Softer/Marriage/Irish-American Visitor/Carrickfergus/Meeting Point/Selva Oscura/Prayer Before Birth/Follower/Poor Women In A City Church/Poem For Marie/St. Francis And The Birds/Death Of A Naturalist

RG 520 - Anathemata/In Parenthesis/Hunt (David Jones) - Jones [1968]

RG 521 - Arnold, Clough, Fitzgerald - Marius Goring, Ian Holm and Derek Jacobi [1967] Palladium/Dover Beach/To Marguerite/Chorus From Empedocles On Etna/Memorial Verses/Growing Old/The Scholar Gipsy/The Last Word/Sohrab And Rustum/It Fortifies My Soul To Know/Say Not The Struggle/The Latest Decalogue/Amours De Voyage: Canto I/The Shadow/The Rubaiyat Of Omar Khayyam

RG 526 - Now Make We Merthe - Purcell Consort, Boys of All Saints [1967] Lux Hodie: Orientis Partibus/Resonenmus Laudibus/Verbum Caro: In Hoc Anni Circulo/Fines Amouretes/Verbum Patris Hodie/Lullay, Lullow: I Saw A Sweete/Fulget Hodie De L'espine/Now Make We Merthe: Now God Almighty/Noe, Noe, Noe, Psallite/Nowell: The Borys Hede/Pray For Us: In This Valley/Verbum Patris Humanatur/Conditor Fut Le Non- Pareil/Nova, Nova: Gabriell Off Hye Degre/Nowell: Dieus Vous Garde/Riu, Riu, Chiu: El Lobo Rabioso/Verbur Caro: Dies Est Laetitiae/Joseph, Lieber Joseph Mein

RG 530 - Living Tradition- Music from the Himalayas - Native Artists [1969]

RG 531 - Living Tradition-Music from Rumania - Native Artists [1969]

RG 532 - Living Tradition-Music from the Middle East - Native Artists [1969]

RG 533 - Living Tradition-Music from the Far North (Scandinavia) - Native Artists [1969]

RG 534 - Pre-Raphaelites - Watson, Orr, Robson [1968]

RG 538 - Big Hewer - MacColl, Lloyd, Campbell [1969]

RG 539 - The Fight Game: A Radio Ballad - Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger and Ensemble [1967]

RG 541 - Living Tradition-Music of Turkey - Native Artists [1969]

RG 544/545 - John Milton - Comus [1969] Two record set. A Maske/Samson Agonistes

RG 546/527 - A Boy Growing Up (Dylan Thomas) - Williams [1969] Two record set.

RG 550 - Meditation on Christ's Nativity - St. John's College Choir [1969]

RG 559 - Living Tradition Hours of the Night Indian Ragas from Benares - Native Artists [1969]

RG 560 - Living Tradition-Portrait of Andalusia (Spain) - Native Artists [1969]

RG 561 - Living Tradition-Music of Turkey - Native Artists [1969]

RG 562 - Living Tradition Buligaria Songs and Dances - Native Artists [1969]

RG 576 - Voices and Brass - Purcell Chorus of Voices, Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1969] Canzon Cornetto/Psalm 24/Ich Beschwore, Freue Dich/Courant Dolorosa/Zion Spricht/Psalm 103

RG 580 - Early Victorian Poetry - Gary Watson, Jill Balcon, Freda Dowie And Ian Holm [1968] Summer Images/First Love, Love Lives Beyond The Tomb, An Invite To Eternity/Remembrance/The Prisoner, Death, Often Rebuked Yet Always Back Returning, No Coward Soul Is Mine

RG 588 - Late Victorian Poetry - Frank Duncan, Ian Holm and David King [1968] The Ballad Of Reading Gaol/The City Of Dreadful Night/Non Sum Qualis Eram Bonae Sub Regno Cynarae/Bagley Wood/The House Beautiful, The Celestial Surgeon, On His Pitiable Transformation, Requiem/Unwelcome, Egypt's Might Is Tumbled Down/A Passer-By/London Snow/The Kingdom Of God, The Hound Of Heaven/On Wenlock Edge, The Night Is Freezing Fast, The Chestnut Casts His Flambeaux, Into My Heart An Air That Kills/The Lads In Their Hundreds, Eight O'clock, On The Idle Hill Of Summer, Epitaph On An Army Of Mercenaries, Be Still My Soul, Others, I Am Not The First, Crossing Alone The Nighted Ferry, Could Man Be Drunk For Ever, Tarry Delight, Tell Me Not Here, I Hoed And Trenched, Fancy's Knell, Parta Quies

RG 590 - Glad Tidings-Baroque Christmas Music - Various Artists [196?]

RG 638 - And Suddenly It's Evening/Music for Albion Moonlight - Herbert Handt, Jane Manning, John Carewe [1970]

RG 655 - Just Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1970] Arnold, M. Quintet [For Two Trumpets, Horn, Trombone, Tuba]/Dodgson, S. Suite For Brass Septet/Salzedo, L. Divertimento [For Brass Sextet]/Ewald, V. Symphony For Brass Quintet

RG 660 - String Trio, Quanta (Priaulx Rainier)/Quartet for Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello (Alan Rawsthorne) - London Oboe Quarter/Thea King [1970]

RG 691 - Roman Dream, Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (Alun Hoddinott)/Apparations, Gaelic Ballads (Phyllis Tate) - Margaret Price, Gerald English, James Lockhart, Cardiff Festival Players [1972] Roman Dream/Appariations: The Wife Of Usher's Well, The Suffolk Miracle, The Unquiet Grave, Unfortunate Miss Bailey/Three Gaelic Ballads: The Lake Of Coolfin, Hark! The Soft Bugle, Hush Song

RG 698 - Madrigals (Monteverdi) - Heinrich Schutz Choir [1972] Hor Ch'el Ciel E La Terra/Ballo: Movete Al Mio Bel Suon/Altri Cante Di Marte/O Ciechi, Ciechi/Questi Vaghi/Ardo Avvampo

RG 717 - Golden Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1974] Italian Renaissance Music: Canzon "La Seraphina"/Fantasia "In Echo"/Canzon For 8 Trombones/Canzon 13/Early German Baroque Music: Battle Suite/Music For His Majesty's Sackbuts And Cornetts/English 16th Century Dance Music: Galliard/Pavan/Coranto "Heigh-Ho Holiday"/Pavan/Hornpype

RG 718 - Liederkreis Op. 39/Liederkreis, Op. 24 - Robert Tear, Philip Ledger [1972]

RG 725 - Church Music (Walton) - Choir of Cathedral, Oxford [1972]

RG 731 - Classics for Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1972] Fanfare/Stadt Wien/Funeral March/Sonatine/Fanfare La Pen/Fanfare Narcisse/Sonata/Symphony for Brass and Percussion

RG 732 - Songs of Travel (Vaughan Williams) - Robert Tear, Philip Ledger, Neil Black [1973] Songs of Travel: The Vagabond, Let Beauty Awake, The Roadside Fire, Youth And Love, In Dreams, The Infinite Shining Heavens, Whither Must I Wander?, Bright Is The Ring Of Words, I Have Trod The Upward And The Downward Slope/Linden Lea/The Water Mill/Ten Blake Songs: Infant Joy, A Poison Tree, The Piper, London, The Lamb, The Shepherd, Ah! Sun Flower, Cruelty Has A Human Heart, The Divine Image, Eternity/Orpheus With His Lute

RG 748 - String Quartet, No. 2 Op 23/Piano Trio, Op. 20 (Goehr) - Allegri String Quartet, Orion Trio [1973]

RG 753 - Octet, Eight Variations on a Greek Folk Tune/String Quartet No. 3 - Melos Ensemble/Dartington String Quartet [1966]

RG 765 - The Warwickshire Lad - Martin Best Consort [1974] The Streams Of Lovely Nancy/Le Rossignol/The Cherry Tree Carol/Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day/The Turtle Dove/Song At Nightfall/Airs For German Flute/The Warwickshire Lad/A La Fontenele/Be M'an Perdut/Ductia And Danse Royale/Four Songs Of Love's Sorrow: Slow, Slow Fresh Fount, The Apparition, A Nocturnal Upon St. Lucie's Day, So We'll Go No More A-Roving/Laveche's Galliard/Angelus Ad Virginem/Alice

RG 782 - Christmas at St. John's - St. John's College Choir [1975]

RG 813 - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1975] Divertimento, Op. 9 For 2 Trumpets, Horn & Trombone/Sonata For Brass For 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone & Tuba/Theme And Variations, Op. 7, For 2 Trumpets, Horn & Trombone/Commedia IV For 2 Trumpets, Horn, Trombone & Tuba

RG 823 - Renaissance Brass (Music from 1400- 1600) - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1976] Trumpet Intrada/Il Est Bel Et Bon/Oublier Veul/Madrigal Dell'eterna/Salterello/Susato Suite: La Mourisque/Ronde. Basse Danse. Bergeret/Pavane, Bataille/Earle Of Oxford's March/Giles Farnaby Suite: The Old Spagnoletta/His Dreame/Tell Mee His Rest/The New Sa-Hoo/Royal Pavane/In Nomine

RG 851 - Divertimento - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1977] Four Pieces For Brass Quintet/Sleeping Beauty Waltz/Quartet In The Form Of A Sonatina/Etude Characteristique/Fanfare For Brass Quintet/Fantasy For Trombone/Four Outings For Brass Quintet

RG 864 - The Organ at Hexham Abbey - Gillian Wier [1977] Allegro From Symphony No. 6 (Widor)/Impromptu (Vierne)/Dr. Bull's My Selfe (Bull)/Dr. Bull's Jewell (Bull)/Tierce En Taille (De Grigny)/Toccata Tu Es Petrus (Mulet)/No‰l Suisse (Daquin)/La Fileuse (Dupr‚)/Dialogue Sur Les Mixtures (Langlais)/Worster Braules /Tomkins)/Mein Junges Leben Hat Ein End (Sweelinck)/Toccata (Dubois)

RG 870 - Fanfare - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1977] Processional Fanfare (Elgar Howarth)/Prelude From Fanfares Pour Brittannicus (Andr‚ Jolivet)/Fanfare For Brass (Michael Tippett)/Ceremonial Fanfare (Aaron Copland)/Fanfare From The Cenci (Havergal Brian)/Processional Fanfare (Elgar Howarth)/Spitfire Prelude And Fugue (William Walton)/Agincourt Song (Trad.)/Earl Of Salisbury's Pavane (Byrd)/Greensleeves (Trad.,)/Dances Of The French Renaissance (Claude Gervaise)/Trumpet Tune And Air (Purcell)

RG 874 - Symphonies Op 2 (Boyce) - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields [1978]

RG 885 - Pictures at an Exhibition (Mussorgsky) - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1978]

RG 895 - Easy Winners - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1978] Kraken (Chris Hazell)/Tuba Serenade (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) (Mozart-J. Fletcher)/Ragtime Dance (Scott Joplin-J. Iveson)/Black Sam (Chris Hazell)/Frere Jacques (Trad.-J. Iveson)/Borage (Chris Hazell)/The Easy Winners (Scott Joplin-J. Iveson)/Tico Tico (Abreu-Oliveira-Drake, Arr. J. Iveson)/Mr Jums (Chris Hazell)/Czardas (Vittorio Monti-I. James)/Le Petit Negre (Debussy-G. Emerson)/Of Knights And Castles, Le Bateau Sur Leman, Blues March (Raymond Premru)

RG 889 - Messe a Quatre Voix Op 4 - Worchester Cathedral Choir [1978]

RG 895 - Easy Winners - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1978] Kraken (Chris Hazell)/Tuba Serenade (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) (Mozart-J. Fletcher)/Ragtime Dance (Scott Joplin-J. Iveson)/Black Sam (Chris Hazell)/Frere Jacques (Trad.-J. Iveson)/Borage (Chris Hazell)/The Easy Winners (Scott Joplin-J. Iveson)/Tico Tico (Abreu-Oliveira-Drake, Arr. J. Iveson)/Mr Jums (Chris Hazell)/Czardas (Vittorio Monti-I. James)/Le Petit Negre (Debussy-G. Emerson)/Of Knights And Castles; Le Bateau Sur Leman; Blues March (Raymond Premru)

RG 898 - Baroque Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1979] Sonata a 7/Sonata from Die Bankelsangerlieder/Intrada/IntradaV/Sonata No. 1/Sonata No. II/Canzona a 10Nun Danket Alle Gott/Postillion's Aria and Fugue in Imitation of the Postillion's Horn/Sonata K 380/Sonata K 430/Sonata K 443/Menuetto and Courante for Solo Tuba/March

RG 902 - Clarinet Concerto No. 1 in C Minor Op 26/Clarinet Concerto No. 2 in E Flat Major, Op 57 - Anthony Pay, London Sinfonetta [1979]

RG 906 - Modern Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1979] Symphony for Brass Instruments, Op. 123 (Arnold)/Capriccio for Brass Quartet, Op. 90 (Salzedo)/Music from Harter Fell (Premru)

RG 914 - Christmas from Clare - Choir and Orchestra of Clare College, Cambridge [1979] King Jesus Hath A Garden/Up! Good Christian Folk, And Listen/Gabriel's Message/Donkey Carol/Wexford Carol/Cradle Song/Child In A Manger/Mary's Lullaby/Ding Dong! Merrily On High/Quelle Est Cette Odeur Agr‚able?/I Saw A Maiden/In Dulci Jubilo/In The Bleak Mid-Winter/I Saw Three Ships/The Noble Stem Of Jesse/The Crown Of Roses/Jesus Christ The Apple Tree/Omnis Mundus Jocundetur/Wassail Song/The Holly And The Ivy

RG 928 - Romanic Brass - Philip Jones Brass Ensemble [1980] Tarantella/Scherzo from Terzetto Op. 74/Quintet No. 3 Op. 7/Humoresque Op. 101 No. 7/Two Ukrainian Folk Tunes/In Modo Religioso Op. 38/Quartet No. 5

RG 996 - Ode for St. Cecilia's Day - Philip Langridge, London Symphony Orchestra [1979]

Argo ZFB/ZPR Series:

ZFB 12 - Solo Flight - Ewan MacColl [1972] The Bonnie Bunch Of Roses/The Tunnel Tigers/A Roving Heilan' Man/The Iron-Moulder's Wedding/The Bold Poachers/Ye Hae Lien Wrang, Lassie/The Fowler/The Maid Of Reigate/Sheath And Knife/Alan Tyne O'Harrow/Roseberry/The Molecatcher/James Herries/The Penny Wager/The Tattie-Lifting Song/Lament For The Death Of A Nobody

ZFB 17 - This is Man's World - Attenborough, Dyer [1971]

ZFB 19 - Factory Girl - Marie Little [1972] Twa Corbies/White Cockade/Friendless Mary/Baron O'Brackley/Story of Cotton/Foggy Dew/Morning of My Life/Song for All Seasons/Galleries/Tom Thumb Blues/Last Train and Ride

ZFB 52 - Songs of Krishna - Native Artists [1972]

ZFB 53 - Music of Yugoslavia - Native Artists [1972]

ZFB 55 - Religions of India - Bhattachaya [1972]

ZFB 57 - The Syrian Maqama - Native Artists [1973]

ZFB 58 - Music from Afghanistan - Native Artists [1973]

ZFB 59 - Songs and Dances of Czechoslovakia - Native Artists [1973]

ZFB 61 - Sweet Thames Flow Softly - The Critics Group [1966] Street Cries/Tottie/Judges And Juries/The Parson Grocer/Betsy Baker/Plank-Bed Ballad/The Jail Song/William And Phyllis/Turpin, Sugar-Ray/The Supermarket Song/Ratcliffe Highway/Outward Bound/My Jolly Sailor Bold/The Streets Of London/The Colour-Bar Strike/The Landlord's Nine Questions/Sweet Thames Flow Softly

ZFB 62 - Peggy n' Mike - Peggy and Mike Seeger [1968] Reissue of ZDA 80. Worried Man Blues/Arizona/Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies/Little Birdie/Old Shoes And Leggings/John Riley/A Miner's Prayer/Shady Grove/Fod/Streets Of Laredo/The Soldier's Farewell/When First To This Country A Stranger I Came/A Drunkard's Child/Clinch Mountain Backstep/The Romish Lady/Single Girl/The Ram Of Derby

ZFB 63 - Peggy Alone - Peggy Seeger [1968] Handsome Molly/Poor Little Turtle Dove/I Been A Bad, Bad Girl/Henry Lee/Vandy, Vandy/The Swapping Song/Fair Margaret And Sweet William/The Courtinng Case/The Mermaid/The American Land/Burns And His Highland Mary/The Little Drummer/Mathie Grove/The Deaf Woman's Courtship/The Gambler/Nellie Coming Home From The Wake/Old Joe Clark

ZFB 64 - The Female Frolic - Peggy Seeger, Frankie Armstrong and Sandra Kerr [1968] The Doffin Mistress/Girl Of Constant Sorrow/The Blacksmith/My Husband's Got No Courage In Him/The Generous Lover/The Whore's Lament/Georgie/Come Me Little Son/The Female Frolic/Children's Sequences/An Old Man Came Courting Me/The Miner's Wife/The Factory Girl/Lowell Factory Girl/The Broomfield Hill/The Housewife's Lament

ZFB 71 - Sicily in Music and Song - Native Artists [1973]

ZFB 73 - Music of Bali - Native Artists [1973]

ZFB 95/96 - Give Me a Ticket to Heaven - Benjamin Luxon [1976] Two record set. Give Me A Ticket To Heaven (Harrison)/Parted (Tosti)/Invictus (Huhn)/Friend O' Mine (Sanderson)/Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal (Quilter)/The Floral Dance (Moss)/I'll Walk Beside You (Murray)/Over The Rolling Sea (Pepper)/Rocked In The Cradle Of The Deep (Knight)/When Jack And I Were Children (L”hr)/The Curfew (Gould)/The Carol Singers (Sterndale-Bennett)/Trees (Rasbach)/Anchored (Watson)/Mr. Shadowman (Anon.)/Mother O' Mine (Tours)/The Holy City (Adams)/A Perfect Day (Jacobs-Bond)/Rose Of Tralee (Clover)/The Volunteer Organist (Lamb/Ave Maria (Mascagni)/The Blind Ploughman (Clarke)/Bless This House (Brahe)/God Will Watch Over You (Davis)

ZPR 107/108 - Liberty-Equality-Fraternity - Apollo Society [1973] Two record set.

ZPR 109/110 - Great Exhibition 1851 - Apollo Society [1973] Two record set.

ZPR 111/112 - World Wars 1914 and 1939 - Apollo Society [1973] Two record set.

ZPR 113/114/115 - Edward II (Marlowe) - Prospect Th. Co. [1977] Three record set.

ZPR 204/205/206/207 - Othello (Shakespeare) - Johnson, Calder, Marshall, Holm [1972] Four record set.

ZPR 225/226/227/228 - Corioianus (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1973]

ZPR 236/237/238/239 - Troilus and Cressida (Shakespeare) - Marlowe Society and Professional Players [1973]

ZPR 254/255/256 - Shakespeare Sonnets - Rylands, Barton, Church, White [1973] Three record set.

Argo SW 500 Series:

SW 501/502 - Under Milk Wood (Dylan Thomas) - Richard Burton and all Welsh Cast [196?] Two record set.

SW 503 - Fifteen Poems by Dylan Thomas - Richard Burton [1955] In My Craft And Sullen Art/The Force That Through The Green Fuse Drives The Flower/A Winter's Tale/A Ballad Of The Long-Legged Bait/Fernhill/The Hunchback In The Park/Deaths And Entrences/Before I Knocked/I See The Boys Of Summer/Lament/Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed/Do Not Go Gentle Into The Good Night/Poem In October/And Death Shall Have No Dominion

SW 510 - Great Actors of the Past - Various Artists [196?] The Merchant Of Venice Act 4 Scene 1 (Shakespeare) - Ellen Terry/Richard III Act 1 Scene 1 (Shakespeare) -Henry Irving/PhŠdre (Jean Racine) -Sarah Bernhardt/Trilby (Du Maurier Adapted Potter) -Beerbohm Tree/Othello Act 1 Scene 3 (Shakespeare) -Edwin Booth/Snarleyow (Kipling) -Lewis Waller/Faust (Goethe) - Alexander Moissi/The Scarlet Pimpernel Act 1 Scene 2 (Baroness Orczy) -Julia Neilson And Fred Terry/Cyrano De Bergerac Act 1 Scene 4 (Edmond Rostand) -Constant Coquelin/Cyrano De Bergerac Act 2 Scene 8 (Edmond Rostand) -Constant Coquelin/Hamlet Act 4 Scene 5 (Shakespeare) -Ellen Terry/Rip Van Winkle (Washington Irving) -Joseph Jefferson/L'aiglon Act 5 Scene 5 (Edmond Rostand) -Sarsh Bernhardt/King Henry VIII Act 3 Scene 2 (Shakespeare) -Henry Irving/Saul Act 3 Scene 1 (Alfieri) -Tomasso Salvini/Speech On The Behalf Of The Actors Benevolent Fund - Cyril Maude

SW 512/513 - Just So Stories Volume One (Kipling) - Richard Johnson, Barbara Jefford and Michael Hordern [1973] Two record set. How The Whale Got His Throat/How The Camel Got His Hump/How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin/How The Leopard Got His Spots/The Elephant's Child/The Sing-Song Of Old Man Kangaroo/The Cat That Walked By Himself

SW 515 - Just So Stories Volume Two (Kipling) - Richard Johnson, Barbara Jefford And Michael Hordern [1973] How The First Letter Was Written/The Crab That Played/The Beginning Of The Armadillos/The Butterfly That Stamped

SW 520/521 - Saint-Exupery/Little Prince - Peter Ustinov [1973] Two record set.

SW 525/526/527 - Jungle Book/Mowgii's Brothers/Tiger! Tiger! Kaa's Hunting(Kipling) - Richardson [1973] Three record set.

SW 538/529/530 - Jungle Book/King's Ankus/Red Dog/Rikki-Tikki-Tavi (Kipling) - Richardson [1977] Three record set.

SW 550/551 - Pygmalion (Shaw) - Rigg, McCowen [1975] Two record set.

SW 552 - Everyman - English Dramatists [1976]

SW 553/554 - Murder in the Cathedral (Eliot) - Pasco, Royal Shakespeare Company [1976] Two record set.

SW 558 - The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast (Kipling) - Judi Dench, Michael Hordern [1975] The Gadfly, Dormouse, Mole, Hare, And Other Creatures Prepare For The Elegant, Glittering Butterfly Ball And Grasshopper Feast

SW 561 - Tom Sawyer (Mark Twain) - Bing Crosby [1977]

SW 568 - When We Were Very Young (Milne) - Norman Shelley [1976] Corner Of The Street/The Four Friends/Lines And Squares/Market Square/Daffodowndilly/Spring Morning/The Island/Rice Pudding/Missing/Hoppity/At Home/The Dormouse And The Doctor/Shoes And Stockings/Halfway Down/The Invaders/Teddy Bear/Bad Sir Brian Botany/In The Fashion/Vespers

SW 596/597/598 - Little Women (Alcott) - Glenda Jackson [1978] Three record set.

SW 574/575/576/577 - Watership Down (Richard Adams) - Roy Dotrice [1977] Three record set.

Argo PLP 1000 Series:

PLP 1005/06 - Visions from Piers the Plowman (William Langland) - Richard Pasco, David King, others [1971] From The Vision Of Field Of Folk/From The Vision Of The Holy Church/From The Vision Of Lady Meed/From The Vision Of The Seven Deadly Sins/From The Vision Of The Coming Of Piers Plowman/From The Vision Of The Pardon Sent By Truth/From Fragments Of The Poet's Autobiography/From Charity And Patience/From The Order Of Nature/From Palm Sunday And Easter Morning/From The Harrowing Of Hell

PLP 1008 - English Poets from Chauncer to Yeats - John Skelton and Early Lyric [1973]

PLP 1024/5 - Comus: Samson Agonistes/John Milton - Barbara Jefford, William Squire, Gary Watson, Patrick Garland, Ian Holm, Margaret Rawlings, Tony Church and Denis McCarty [1968] Two record set.

PLP 1028 - English Poetry- Restoration and Augustan Verse - Bebb, Squire, Stride [1973]

PLP 1032 - English Poetry - Johnson, Goldsmith, Cowper [1973]

PLP 1033 - Poems of Holm, Rose, Woolf - George Crabbe [1973]

PLP 1034 - Poems of Robert Burns - Glover, McIntyre, Blair [1972]

PLP 1057 - Beowuff (Crossley) - Holland, Duncan, King, Rylands, Scales, Watson [1977]

PLP 1058 - Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems - Duncan, King, Rylands, Scales, Watson [1977]

PLP 1071 - Beyond the Blues: American Negro Poetry - Brock Peters, Gordon Heath, Vinette Carroll, Cleo Laine [1963] Soliloqui/I'll Walk The Tight Rope/A Moment Please/Mea Culpa/Full Moon/Madness One Monday Evening/Circles In The Sand/Calvary Way/Two Poems/Poem/The Chicago Defender Sends A Man To Little Rock/The Confession Stone (A Song Cycle)/October Journey/The Diver/After Winter/Incident/When In Rome/Stevedore/Tell Rachel/My Lord What A Morning/American Gothic/Saturday Night In Harlem/Hallelujah Corner/Now All You Children/Why Try/When Sue Wears Red/I Too Hear America/Blow Man Blow/The Blues/Charles Parker/Elegy To A Lady/Ma Rainey/Trumpet Player

PLP 1083 - Masks (Brathwaite) - Edward Brathwaite [1973]

PLP 1085 - The Poet Speaks Record 5 - Ted Hughes, Peter Porter, Thom Gunn, Sylvia Plath [1965]

PLP 1086 - The Poet Speaks Record 6 - Michael Baldwin, Taner Baybars, Patricia Beer, George Mackay Brown, John Fuller, Michael Harnett, Hamish Henderson [1965] Here I Come - John Arden/Death On A Live Wire - Michael Baldwin/Going Home To Meet Myself - Taner Baybars/Ballad Of The Red-Headed Man - Patricia Beer/The Seven Houses : In Memory Of John F. Kennedy - George Mackay Brown/An Exchange Between The Fingers And The Toes - John Fuller/They Drag Me Raw - Michael Harnett/A Flyting Of Life And Death - Hamish Henderson/Cardoness Castle - David Holbrook/Patrick Kavanagh's Dublin - James Liddy/The Drawer - George Macbeth/Dangers Of Waking - Christopher Middleton/The Dust - Adrian Mitchell/A Dream - Ruth Pitter/To A Conscript Of 1940 - Herbert Read/Adlestrop (Read By Helen Thomas) - Edward Thomas/Mr. Cooper - Anthony Thwaite/Badly Chosen Lover - Rosemary Tonks/The Fox At Arles - David Wevill

PLP 1087 - The Poet Speaks Record 7 - Various Artists [1967] A Shropshire Lad, Before The Anaesthetic, Late Flowering Lust, The Metropolitan Railway - John Betjeman/The Devil's Advice To Storytellers, Welsh Incident, Two Grotesques - Robert Graves/Earth Treading Stars, Seascape, To My Daughter - Stephen Spender/Statues, The Eternal Child - Kahtleen Raine/The Hard Question, Song, The More Loving One, Chorus - W.H. Auden/Mesh Cast For Mackerel, Let Them Remember Samangan - Basil Bunting/Legal Fiction, To An Old Lady - William Empson/Song, This Cold Universe, Lincoln Cathedral - Patric Dickinson/Pisces, The Last Of The Peasantry, No Through Road, The Welsh Hill Country - R.S. Thomas/The Early Drowned - Hilary Corke

PLP 1088 - The Poet Speaks Record 8 - Various Artists [1967] Wants, Coming, Nothing To Be Said, Days, Dockery And Son - Philip Laskin/Florestan To Leonara - Roy Fuller/Milkmaid, April Rise, Day Of These Days - Laurie Lee/I Am The Great Sun, At The Britsh War Cemetery, Bayeux, Innocent's Song, Ballad Of The Five Continents - Charles Causly/Fossil, Grass - Ken Smith/A Letter From Berlin - Jon Stallworthy/Craxton, Jason - Dom Moraes/Canticle For Good Friday, To The (Supposed) Patron, In Piam Memorium, Little Apocalypse, The Assisi Fragments - Geoffrey Hill/At Wells Polyphony, The Hand At Callow Hill Farm, At Delft - Charles Tomlinson/Asleep?, To My Freinds, Bowl, Death Of A Son, Snow Drop, The Strawberry Plant - Jon Silkin

PLP 1089 - The Poet Speaks Record 9 - Various Artists [1968]

PLP 1090 - The Poet Speaks Record 10 - Various Artists [1968] Forefathers, The Author's Last Words To His Students - Edmund Blunder/Last Snow, The Stars, The Secret Wood - Andrew Young/The Two Brothers, The Desolations - Edwin Muir/Hollowed Stone, About Owls, To The Heckar - Geoffrey Grigson/Reason For Not Writing Orthodox Nature Poetry, Anecdote Of 2 A.M., Extract From Wildtrack - John Wain/The Grand View, Not Adlestrop - Dannie Abse/I Stare Into, The Seraph Ascends, There Is No Sky, The Golden Epodes, The Clock Is Banging, The Lyre, When The Intellect, What Mind, When The Babe, The Staures - George Barker/The Constructed Space, The Beast In The Space - W.S. Graham/I Was Born On A Board - Christopher Logue/For Max Ernst, Gallipoli : Fifty Years After - Edward Lucie-Smith/The Making Of The Drum - Edward Brathwaite/Great Man, Restoration - B.S. Johnson

PLP 1109 - Four Quartets (T.S. Elliot) - Robert Speaight [196?] Burnt Norton/East Coker/The Dry Salvages/Little Gidding

PLP 1110/1111 - Rights of Passage (Edward Brathwaite) - Edward Brathwaite [1969] Two record set. Burnt Norton/East Coker/The Dry Salvages/Little Gidding

PLP 1157 - People Past and Present-Thorndike - Ellien Terry [1973]

PLP 1158 - People Past and Present-Duke of Wellington - Cidye, Harris, Kampson [1973]

PLP 1159 - People Past and Present-Victoria, 1819-1901 - Leigh-Hung, Pasco [1973]

PLP 1161 - Mary Queen of Scots (Lady Antonia Fraser) - Various Artists [1974]

PLP 1162 - Mrs. Pankhurst (Thorndike) - Various Artists [1974]

PLP 1164 - Thos. Hardy (Carroll) - Balcon, C. Day Lewis, Woolf [1973]

PLP 1165 - People Past and Present-Samuel Papys - Hobbs Spencer [1973]

PLP 1166 - People Past and Present-John Clare - Woodward [1974]

PLP 1167 - John Donne - William Squire, Carleton Hobbs Music by Robert Spencer [1972]

PLP 1168 - People Past and Present-Jane Austin - Reynolds, MacKay [1973]

PLP 1183 - Masks - Edward Brathwaite [1983]

PLP 1184 - Islands (Edward Brathwaite) - Edward Brathwaite [1969] A poem, which unravels the certainties and uncertainties of the Caribbean through the poet's theme of gains and losses.

PLP 1208/1209/1210 - The Knight's Tale (Geoffrey Chaucer) - Richard Bebb, Frank Duncan, Peter Orr, Prunella Scales [1976] Three record set.

PLP 1211 - Canterbury Tales/Pardoner's Tale (Chaucer) - Duncan [1976]

PLP 1212/13 - Wyves Tale of Bathe (Geoffrey Chaucer) - Prunella Scales and Richard Bebb [1978] Two record set.

Argo Miscellaneous Releases:

SJ 1 - Elizabeth II, the Woman the Queen - John Betjeman [1977]

NF 1 - Noye's Fludde - Owen Brannigan, Sheila Rex, Trevor Anthony, Children's Chorus [1961]

NF 2 mono, ZNF 2 stereo - 60 Years of Motoring - Sound Effects [1964] Sounds of Motor Cars Dating from 1985: Knight/1904 Sunbeam/1903 Mercedes/1906 Renault/1909 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost/1913 Fiat/1913 Vauxhall/1925 Bugatti/1928 Bentley/1921 Model T Ford/1925 Austin/1937 Oldsmobile/1933 Alfa-Romeo/1958 Jaguar/1926 MG/ 1957 Triumph/1955 Chrysler/ 1960 Austin/1960 Land Rover

NF 4 mono, ZNF 4 stereo - Homage to Shakespeare - Various Artists [1964] Scenes and Soliloquies from Othello, Henry VIII, Macbeth, King Lear, The Tempest - Gielgud, Thorndike, Oliver/Tributes and Dedications Spoken by Wilson, Wolfit, Mansfield/Songs and Street Cries/Bliss: Fanfares

SPA 199 - The World of Stanley Holloway - Michael Garrick [1971] The Lion And Albert/Picak Oop Tha' Musket/Uppards/Albert Comes Back/Beat The Retreat On Thy Drum/Brahn Boots/Good Old Yorkshire Pudden/Runcorn Ferry/With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm/Three Ha'pence A Foot/Albert's Birthday/Old Sam's Party

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