London Album Discography, Part 8:
London Issues in PolyGram 800000 Series

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 15, 2012

After London was purchased by PolyGram, several London records, including reissues, were a part of the PolyGram 800000 series.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London Issues in PolyGram 800000 Series:

422-800086-1 - Blues Breakers - John Mayall With Eric Clapton [1983] Reissue Of London LL 3492/PS 492.

422-810102-1 - Deep Sea Skiving - Bananarama [1983] Shy Love/Doctor Love/What A Shambles/Really Saying Something (He Was Really Sayin' Somethin')/Cheers Then//Aie-A-Mwana/Young At Heart/Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye/Hey Young London/Boy Trouble/Wish You Were Here

422-820036-1 - Bananarama - Bananarama [1984] Cruel Summer/Rough Justice/King Of The Jungle/Dream Baby//Hot Line To Heaven/State I'm In/Robert De Niro's Waiting/Through A Child's Eyes

422-820085-1 - Mantovani's Golden Hits - Mantovani and His Orchestra [1983] Reissue Of London LL 3453/PS 483.

422-820161-1 - The Moody Blues Caught Live + 5 - The Moody Blues [1985] Reissue Of London 2PS 691.

*422-820165-1 - Bananarama - Bananarama [1984] Cruel Summer/Dream Baby/Hot Line To Heaven/King Of The Jungle/Robert De Niro's Waiting/Rough Justice/State I'm In/Through A Child's Eyes/Wild Life

422-820166-1 - Pressure Points-Live In Concert - Camel [1984] Pressure Points/Drafted/Captured/Lies/Sasquatch//West Berlin/Fingertips/Wait/Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town

422-820234-1 - This Is Tom Jones - Tom Jones [1985] Reissue Of Parrot PAS 71028. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)/Little Green Apples/Wichita Lineman/(Sitting On) The Dock Of The Bay/Dance Of Love/Hey Jude//Without You (Non C'e' Che Lei)/That's All Any Man Can Say/That Wonderful Sound/Only Once/I'm A Fool To Want You/Let It Be Me

*422-820319-1 - Tom Jones' Greatest Hits - Tom Jones [1985] Reissue Of Parrot XPAS 71062. Daughter Of Darkness/Delilah/Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings/Green, Green Grass Of Home/Help Yourself/I'll Never Fall In Love Again/It's Not Unusual/Love Me Tonight/She's A Lady/What's New Pussycat?

422-820320-1 - Primal Solos - John Mayall [1985] Reissue Of London LC 50003.

422-820321-1 - Cat's Cradle - Cat Stevens [1985] Reissue Of London LC 50010.

422-820322-1 - In The Beginning - Genesis [1985] Reissue Of London PS 643.

422-820326-1 - Them Featuring Van Morrison - Them Featuring Van Morrison [1985]

422-820329-1 - Octave - The Moody Blues [1986] Reissue Of London PS 708.

422-820331-1 - Looking Back - John Mayall [1985] Reissue Of London PS 562.

422-820333-1 - Mantovani/Tango - Mantovani and His Orchestra [1985] Reissue Of London PS 532.

422-820334-1 - The Incomparable Mantovani - Mantovani and His Orchestra [1985] Reissue Of London LL 3392/PS 392.

422-820342-1 - Raw Blues - John Mayall [1985] Reissue Of London PS 543.

422-828013-1 - True Confessions - Bananarama [1986] True Confessions/Ready Or Not/A Trick Of The Night/Dance With A Stranger/In A Perfect World//Venus/Do Not Distrub/A Cut Above The Rest/Promised Land/More Than Physical/Hooked On Love

422-828061-1 - Wow! - Bananarama [1987] I Can't Help It/I Heard A Rumour/Some Girls/Love In The First Degree/Once In A Lifetime//Strike It Rich/Bad For Me/Come Back/Nathan Jones/I Want You Back

422-828083-1 - Sophisticated Street - Junior [1987] Whodunnit/Right Back At The Start/Yes (If You Want Me)/It's True/That Love//Living In The Right Way/Say That You Care/High Life/I'll Get Over You/If Ever

422-828100-1 - Let It Bee - Voice Of The Beehive [1988] The Beat Of Love/Sorrow Floats/Don't Call Me Baby/Man In The Moon/What You Have Is Enough/Oh Love//I Walk The Earth/Trust Me/I Say Nothing/There's A Barbarian In The Back Of My Car/Just A City

422-828101-1 - People - Hothouse Flowers [1988] I'm Sorry/Don't Go/Forgiven/It'll Be Easier In The Morning/Hallelujah Jordan/If You Go//The Older We Get/Yes I Was/Love Don't Work This Way/Ballad Of Katie/Feet On The Ground

* 422-828127-1 - Greatest Hits Collection - Bananarama [1988] Cruel Summer/I Can't Help It/I Heard A Rumour/I Want You Back/Love In The First Degree/Love, Truth And Honesty/Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him/Goodbye/Nathan Jones/Really Saying Something (He Was Really Sayin' Somethin')/Robert De Niro's Waiting/Shy Boy (Don't It Make You Feel Good)/Venus

422-828142-1 - In Search Of Sanity - Onslaught [1989] Asylum/In Search Of Sanity/Shellshock/Lightning War/Let There Be Rock//Blood Upon The Ice/Welcome To Dying/Powerplay

422-828166-1 - Read My Lips - Jimmy Somerville [1989] Comment Te Dire Adieu/You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)/Perfect Day/Heaven Here On Earth (With Your Love)/Don't Know What To Do (Without You)//Read My Lips (Enough Is Enough)/My Heart Is In Your Hands/Control/And You Never Thought That This Could Happen To You/Rain

422-828168-1 - Sacred Heart - Shakespear's Sister [1989] Heroine/Run Silent, Run Deep/Dirty Mind/Sacred Heart/Heaven Is In Your Arms//You're History/Break My Heart/Red Rocket/Electric Moon/Primitive Love/Could You Be Loved

422-828197-1 - Home - Hothouse Flowers [1990] Hardstone City/Give It Up/Christchurch Bells/Sweet Marie (I'm Alive)/Giving It All Away/Shut Up And Listen//I Can See Clearly Now/Movies/Eyes Wide Open/Water/Home/Seoladh Na Ngamhna

*422-828202-1 - The La's - The La's [1991] Doledrum/Failure/Feelin'/Freedom Song/I Can't Sleep/I.O.U./Liberty Ship/Looking Glass/Son Of A Gun/There She Goes/Timeless Melody/Way Out

422-828246-1 - Pop Life - Bananarama [1991] Preacher Man/Long Train Running/Only Your Love/What Colour R The Skies Were U Live?/Is Your Love Strong Enough?//Tripping On Your Love/Ain't No Cure/Outta Sight/Megalomaniac/I Can't Let You Go

*422-828266-1 - Hormonally Yours - Shakespear's Sister [1992] Are We In Love Yet/Black Sky/Catwoman/Emotional Thing/Goodbye Cruel World/Hello (Turn Your Radio On)/I Don't Care/Let Me Entertain You/Moonchild/My 16th Apology/Stay/Trouble With Andre

422-828350-1 - Songs From The Rain - Hothouse Flowers [1993] This Is It (Your Soul)/One Tongue/An Emotional Time/Be Good/Good For You/Isn't It Amazing//Thing Of Beauty/Your Nature/Spirit Of The Land/Gypsy Fair/Stand Beside Me

422-828374-2 - Utah Saints - Utah Saints [1993] CD New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)/What Can You Do For Me/Soulution/Believe In Me/Too Much To Swallow Part 1/Something Good/I Want You/States Of Mind/Trance Atlantic Glide/Kinetic Synthetic/What Can You Do For Me (1926 Melodic Mix)/My Mind Must Be Free

*422-828484-1 - Too High To Die - The Meat Puppets [1994] Backwater/Comin' Down/Evil Love/Flaming Heart/Never To Be Found/Roof With A Hole/Severed Goddess Hand/Shine/Station/Things/Violet Eyes/We Don't Exist/Why?

422-828665-1 - No Joke! - The Meat Puppets [1995] Scum/Nothing/Head/Taste Of The Sun/Vampires/Predator//Poison Arrow/Eyeball/For Free/Cobbler/Inflatable/Sweet Ammonia/Chemical Garden

422-828993-1 - Saturnzreturn - Goldie [1998] Four record set. I'll Be There For You//Chico-Death Of A Rockstar//Fury-The Origin//Crystal Clear//Demonz//Digital/Temper Temper//Letter Of Fate/Truth//Dragonfly

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