London Album Discography, Part 7:
PS 600 Main Series (1971-1979)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 15, 2012

The final years of the PS 100 Main Series were stereo-only issues. The series lasted until 1978 in the US, with a few albums issued in Canada by 1979.

In 1971, London was still using the dark blue stereo label introduced in late 1965 (far left). By the mid- 1970s, the design remained essentially the same, but the label color changed to a lighter blue (near left)
Some late London labels, such as the ZZ Top labels shown here, had custom designs.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London PS-600 stereo series:

2PS 600/601 - Thru the Years - John Mayall [1971] Two record set. Knockers Step Forward/Mama, Talk To Your Daughter/Alabama March/Out Of Reach/Greeny//Curly/Missing You/Please Don't Tell/Your Funeral And My Trial/Suspicions Part 1/Hide And Seek//Key To Love/I'm A Stranger/Stand Back Baby/Have You Heard/No Reply//Sonny Boy Blow/The Bear/Don't Kick Me/The Super-Natural/Me And My Woman

XPS 602 - For the World - Hardin & York [1971] Deep In My Despair/Have Mercy Woman/For The World/Some Places Are Better To Be/Extension 345//Cowboy/I'll Be Back Again/Feeling-Seeing-Hearing/Natural Gas/Take Away Today

PS 603 - Tears Is for the Damned - Shawn Elliott [1971] Child Is Father To The Man/Dry Your Tears/Don't Ask Me To Live Without You/Gemini's Children/Just A Man And A Woman/Old Folks//Looking For Changes/Lo-Sing You Again/Blue Daisy/Juliett A/You'll Remember Me/Any Dream Will Do


XPS 605 - Crucifix in a Horseshoe - Paul Jones [1971] Life After Death/Motel Blues/And You Say I'm Too Dependent On My Mind/Construction Worker's Song//Song (For Stan Stunning And The Noodle Queen)/The Pod That Came Back/The Mighty Whip/Who Are The Masters/Strangely Human Sound

2PS 606/607 - Hot Rocks 1964-1971 - The Rolling Stones [1972] (1-72, #4) Two record set. Time Is On My Side (M)/Heart Of Stone (M)/Play With Fire (M)/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (M)/As Tears Go By (M)/Get Off Of My Cloud (M)//Mother's Little Helper (M)/19th Nervous Breakdown (M)/Paint It, Black (S)/Under My Thumb (S)/Ruby Tuesday (S)/Let's Spend The Night Together (S)//Jumping Jack Flash (S)/Street Fighting Man (S)/Sympathy For The Devil (S)/Honky Tonk Women (S)/Gimme Shelter (S)//Midnight Rambler (S, live)/You Can't Always Get What You Want (S)/Brown Sugar (S)/Wild Horses (S)

XPS 608 - Miracles - Yma Sumac [1972] Remember/Medicine Man/Let Me Hear You/Tree Of Life/Flame Tree//Zebra/Azure Hands/Look Around/Magenta Mountain/El Condor Pasa

PS 609 - Movin' On - Buckwheat [1971] (4-72, #179) Movin' On Part 1/Simple Song Of Freedom/Does Anybody Care/Good Book/I'm Goin' Home//A Song For Billy/The Gunfighter/Indian Song/Crazy Songs And Looney Tunes/Movin' On - Part 2.

XPS 610 - Annunzio Paolo Mantovani: 25th Anniversary - Mantovani & His Orchestra [1972] (5-72, #156) Till/Trees/Theme For A Western/Fiddler On The Roof Suite: Fiddler On The Roof-If I Were A Rich Man-Sunrise, Sunset//The "Onedin" Line Theme/Spanish Eyes/Snow Frolic/This Way Mary/Scottish Rhapsody

XPS 611 - Under and Over - The Bachelors [1971] MacAlpines Fusiliers/To The Memory Of Rosin The Bow/Willie Brennan/Whiskey You're The Divil/Bainne Na Mbo/Red Haired Mary/Gather Up The Pots/Johnny McIldoo//Brian O'Lynn/Home Boys Home/Bold Tenant Farmer/Thady Quill/Woman In The Wood/I'll Tell Me Ma/Railway Porter/Mick Maguire

XPS 612 - Rio Grande Mud - ZZ Top [1972] (5-72, #104) Francene/Just Got Paid/Mushmouth Shoutin'/Ko Ko Blue/Chevrolet//Apologies To Pearly/Bar-B-Q/Sure Got Cold After The Rain Fell/Whiskey N' Mama/Down Brownie

XPS 613 - Hits from the Hollywood Bowl - Zubin Mehta [1972] Black label. Bolero (Ravel)/Marche Slave (Tchaikovsky)//Carmen-Prelude to Act 1 (Bizet)/Carmen-Prelude to Act 2 (Bizet)/La Forza Del Destino-Overture (Verdi)/Poet and Peasant-Overture (Suppe)

XPS 614 - Everyone Lives to Sing - Orphan [1972] (9-72, #212) Everyone Lives To Sing/Leave Now (Let Me Go)/Lonely Day/Sad Eyes/Down To The River/It's So Hard/Easy Now//Daylight Darkness/Look At Her/Someone Better Listen/Fisherman/Take A Look Around/I'm Alone/You Know The Way

XPS 615 - Waterloo Lily - Caravan [1972] Waterloo Lily/Nothing At All/It's Coming Soon/Nothing At All (Reprise)/Songs And Signs//Aristocracy/The Love In Your Eye/To Catch Me A Brother/Subsultus/Debouchement/Tilbury Kecks/The World Is Yours


XPS 617 - Gemini - Erroll Garner [1972] How High The Moon/It Could Happen To You/Gemini/When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry//Tea For Two/Something/Eldorado/These Foolish Things

BP 618/619 - Down the Line - John Mayall [1972] Two record set. Oh, Pretty Woman/Broken Wings/I Started Walking/Someday After A While (You'll Be Sorry)/Stormy Monday Blues/Hideaway//Man Of Stone/Fire/First Time Alone/Fly Tomorrow//Crawling Up A Hill/I Wanna Teach You Everything/When I'm Gone/I Need Your Love/Hoot Owl/R And B Time: Night Train/Lucille//Crocodile Walk/What's The Matter With You/Doreen/Runaway/Heartache/Chicago Line

XPS 620 - Natural High - Bloodstone [1973] (4-73, #30) You Know We've Learned/Who Has The Last Laugh Now/Peter's Jones/That's The Way We Make Our Music/Bo Diddley-Diddley Daddy//Natural High/I Need Your Love/Tell It To My Face/Rain It In The Ground/Never Let You Go

XPS 621 - Charade - Buckwheat [1972] Hey Little Girl/Children/I Got To Boogie/Old L.A./Take Me Away/Tell Me Babe//Funky Way (To Treat Somebody)/Katy's Corner/She Was Good To Me/I'd Better Get To Steppin'/I Just Can't Turn My Habit Into Love

2PS 622/623 - Live at the London Palladium - Dorothy Squires [1972] Two record set. Opening-Everything Is Beautiful/Do I Worry/River Medley: Way Down Upon The Swanee River-Ol' Man River-Lazy River/For Once In My Life/Why Did I Choose You//If You Love Me (I Won't Care)/The Man That Got Away/My Way/Till/Wonderful Medley: 'S Wonderful-They Say It's Wonderful-Wonderful One//Don't Take Your Love From Me/It's The Talk Of The Town/It Can't Be Done/The Gibralter Anthem/Safe In My Arms//Didn't We/Say It With Flowers/Story Medley: This Is My Mother's Day-The Gypsy-A Tree In The Meadow-I'm Walking Behind You/I Can Live Again/I've Gotta Be Me


XPS 625 - You're a Lady - Peter Skellern [1972] You're A Lady/A Sad Affair/Keep In Your Own Backyard/Ain't Life Something/Don't It Matter Anymore?/Manifesto/Now I've Seen The Light/Apollo II//Our Jackie's Getting Married/Every Home Should Have One/Rock On/Roll On Rhoda/All Last Night/My Lonely Room/Goodnight/Symphonion

2PS 626/627 - More Hot Rocks (Big Hits and Fazed Cookies) - The Rolling Stones [1971] (6-26, #9) Two record set. The cover is a photographic negative. The positive is at right. Tell Me (E)/Not Fade Away (E)/The Last Time (E)/It's All Over Now (E)/Good Times, Bad Times (E)/I'm Free (E)//Out Of Time (S)/Lady Jane (S)/Sittin' On A Fence (S)/Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow? (E)/Dandelion (E)/We Love You (E)//She's A Rainbow (S)/2000 Light Years From Home (S)/Child Of The Moon (S)/No Expectations (S)/Let It Bleed (S)//What To Do (M)/Money (M)/Come On (M)/Fortune Teller (E)/Poison Ivy (Version 1) (M)/Bye Bye Johnny (E)/I Can't Be Satisfied (E)/Long Long While (M)

BP 628/629 - Images 1966-1967 - David Bowie [1973] (3-73, #144) Two record set. Rubber Band/Maid Of Bond Street/Sell Me A Coat/Love Me Till Tuesday/There Is A Happy Land (Where Only Children Go)//The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According To Tony Day/Did You Ever Have A Dream?/Uncle Arthur/We Are Hungry Men!/When I Live My Dream //Join The Gang/Little Bombardier/Come And Buy My Toys/Silly Boy Blue/She's Got Medals//Please Mr. Gravedigger/London Boys/Karma Man/Let Me Sleep Beside You/In The Heat Of The Morning

XPS 630 - Rock and Reflection - Orphan [1973] It's A Good Day/Wild Mountain Ride/When All Helpers Fail/Sing A Sad Song/Hide Away/Given All The Good Times//Places I've Been/Smilin' River/Lovin' You/Morning Rhyme/Waitin' On Tomorrow/Sit Down Rock And Roll Man

XPS 631 - Tres Hombres - ZZ Top [1973] (8-73, #8) Waiting For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago/Beer Drinker And Hell Raisers/Master Of Spares/Hot, Blue And Righteous//Move Me Down The Line/Precious And Grace/La Grange/Sheik/Have You Heard?

XPS 632 - Unlucky Boy - Chicken Shack [1973] You Know You Could Be Right/Revelation/Prudence Party/Too Late To Cry/Stan The Man//Unlucky Boy/As Time Goes Passing By/Jammin' With The Ash/He Knows The Rules

PS 633 - Nowhere Road - Chris Youlden [1973] (7-73, #210) Nowhere Road/One October Day/Chink Of Sanity/Cryin' In The Road/Mama Don't You Talk So Loud//Standing On The Corner/In The Wood/Wake Up Neighbour/The Street Sounds/Time Will Tell/Pick Up My Dogs And Gone

XPS 634 - Unreal - Bloodstone [1973] (1-74, #110) Outside Woman/What Did You Do To Me? Part 1/What Did You Do To Me? Part 2/Unreal/Everybody Needs Love//Something/Keep Your Own Thing Together/Let Me Ride/The Traffic Cop (Dance)/Moulded Oldies: Hound Dog/Searchin'/So Fine

XPS 635 - Hot Tracks - Buckwheat [1973] I Can Hear You/Take Extra Care/Will The Circle Be Unbroken/Sweet Marie//Put Out The Light/Doin' It My Own Way/Time To Leave (A Little Country Tune)/Take It Easy

XPS 636 - Vagabonds of the Western World - Thin Lizzy [1973] Mama Nature Said/The Hero And The Madman/Slow Blues/The Rocker//Vagabonds Of The Western World/Little Girl In Bloom/Gonna Creep Up On You/A Song For While I'm Away

XPS 637 - For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night - Caravan [1973] Memory Lain, Hugh/Headloss/Hoedown/Surprise, Surprise/C'thlu Thlu//The Dog, The Dog, He's At It Again/Be All Right/Chance Of A Lifetime/L'auberge Du Sanglier/A Hunting We Shall Go/Pengola/Backwards/A Hunting We Shall Go - Reprise.

APS 638 - Boogie Brothers - Savoy Brown [1974] (4-74, #101) Highway Blues/Me And The Preacher/My Love's Lying Down/You Don't Love (You Don't Care)/Always The Same/Everybody Loves A Drinking Man/Rock N' Roll Star/Boogie Brothers/Threegy Blues

PS 639 - Backtrackin' - Them Featuring Van Morrison [1974] (11-74, #202) Richard Cory (M)/I Put A Spell On You (M)/Just A Little Bit (E)/I Gave My Love A Diamond (E)/Half As Much (E)//Baby, Please Don't Go (M)/Hey Girl (E)/Don't Start Crying Now (M)/All For Myself (E)/Mighty Like A Rose (S)

APS 640 - Magician - Erroll Garner [1973] (They Long To Be) Close To You/It Gets Better Every Time/Someone To Watch Over Me/Nightwind//One Good Turn/Watch What Happens/I Only Have Eyes For You/Mucho Gusto


PS 642 - Citychild - Chris Youlden [1974] Conjure Wife/Born And Raised In The City/The Morning Light/Keep Your Lamp Lit/Little Cog In A Big Wheel//Peace Of Mind/Walking The Streets Again/Spare Change/Love And Pain/It Ain't For Real

PS 643 - From Genesis to Revelation - Genesis [1974] (10-74, #170) When The Sour Turns To Sweet/In The Beginning/Fireside Song/The Serpent/Am I Very Wrong?/In The Wilderness//The Conqueror/In Hiding/One Day/Window/In Limbo/Silent Sun/A Place To Call My Own

XPS 644 - Wolf - Darryl Way's Wolf [1974] The Ache/Two Sisters/Saturation Point/Cadenza//Go Down/Toy Symphony/McDonald's Lament

XPS 645 - More Orphan Than Not - Orphan [1974] That's What You Said/Sometimes I Wonder About You/Be Yourself/Don't Go Foolin' Me/Overtime/What Goes On//You Give Me Such Good Lovin'/You Don't Know How I Cry/Train Of Glory/Have Yourself A Good Time For Me/I've Been Working


APS 647 - I Need Time - Bloodstone [1974] (8-74, #141) Closer Together/Funky Park/That's Not How It Goes/Out Of My Life/Loving You Is Just A Pastime//I Need Time/Little Linda/I Believe You Now/Get Up (Or Get Out)/We Did It



XPS 650 - Caravan & The New Symphonia - Caravan & The New Symphonia [1974] (10-74, #207) Introduction/Mirror For The Day/The Love In Your Eye//Virgin On The Ridiculous/For Richard

PS 651 - Barry Miles & Silverlight - Barry Miles & Silverlight [1974] Buck Rogers/The Cat/Loved You So Long/Gypsy Dance/The Top Belle//Big Mack/Time And Space/Los Viajeros (The Travellers)/Sweet Love And Devotion/Silver Lightning

PS 652 - The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob - Vladimir Cosma [1974] Theme From The Mad Adventures Of Rabbi Jacob/Love At First Sight/Crazy Soldiers/Slimane And The Maramouches/Celebration On The Rue Des Rosiers/Black And White Wedding/The Police And Us/Hannah The Redhead/The Crazy Cadillac//Dance Of The Young Hasidim/Motorcycle On Rue De Rivoli/A Coward In The Night/Tzipe, The Matchmaker/The Bubblegum Brawl/Rabbi Jacob And His Family/This Is France/Epilogue

PS 653 - Put the Music Where Your Mouth Is - The Olympic Runners [1974] Grab It/Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is/Sproutin' Out/Mac B. Coolie/Ev'ry One A Winner//Do It Over/Let Your Fingers Do The Talkin'/Just Once Is Enough/Taco Toes/Be My Main Squeeze

PS 654 - Riddle of the Sphinx - Bloodstone [1974] (2-75, #147) For The First Time - Introduction/For The First Time/I Just Learned To Walk/Sign For Me Dad/My Little Lady/Something's Missing/A Time For Reflection//This World Is Funky/Young Times Old Times/Wasted Time (Theme From Riddle Of The Sphinx)/Nobody But You/Save Me - Save Me/Epilog/The Still.

PS 655 - The Girls in My Life - Norman Candler and His Magic Strings [1974] I Love My Elisabeth (Based On Fur Elise)/Charmaine/Swinging Lara (Lara's Theme From Dr. Zhivago)/Eleanor Rigby/Honeysuckle Rose/The Most Beautiful Girl/Sweet Caroline/The Prettiest Girl I Ever Saw/Laura/Theme For A Lady (Them From Elvira Madigan)/Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair/Rosamunde/Lorelei/Sugar Baby Love

PS 656 - Fandango! - ZZ Top [1975] (5-75, #10) Thunderbird/Jailhouse Rock/Backdoor Medley: Backdoor Love Affair/Mellow Down Easy/Backdoor Love Affair No. 2/Long Distance Boogie//Nasty Dogs And Funky Kings/Blue Jean Blues/Balinese/Mexican Blackbird/Heard It On The X/Tush

PS 657 - Just Love Dem Ol' Greezy Wheels - Greezy Wheels [1975] Get My Mind Together/What Ever Happened To Romance/So Sad What A Dilemma/All Of My Time/I Never Cared For You//Smooth Operator/Cadillac/Standing In The Light/Chevrolet/Peace In The Valley

PS 658 - Out in Front - Olympic Runners [1975] 100 Yard Dash/Exit City/Drag It Over Here/Go No Further/Out To Lunch/(There's A) Freeze On Funk//Dump The Bump/Panic Button/Get This Thing Down/Coucou N' Flying Fish/ Till The Sun Comes Up

PS 659 - Wire Fire - Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds [1975] (11-75, #153) Put Your Hands Together/Stranger Blues/Here Comes The Music/Ooh What A Feeling//Hero To Zero/Deep Water/Can't Get On/Born Into Pain

PS 660 - Michael O'Gara - Michael O'Gara [1975] Crazy People/Mystic Rider/Slow And Easy/Gunfighter//Sometimes You Know This World Can Be That Cruel/Taking Me Away From The Sea/Keep Me From Going Under/Lead Me Away

PS 661 - Magic Theater - Barry Miles' Silverlight [1975] Rebate/The Battle/Star Gaze/Down To Mirth//Finger-Ring/I've Touched Your Soul/Magic Theater

PS 662 - Message - Message [1975] Before The Dawn/Thoughts/Is That The Way/I Can See The World//Waters/Horrorscope/Back Home/Train To Nowhere

PS 663 - A Little Love and Understanding - Gilbert Becaud [1975] A Little Love And Understanding/The Masquerade Waer/Something Missing Now/If Only I Could Live My Life Again/It's Wonderful To Be Alive/What Now My Love//The Importance Of Your Love/The Mexican Singing Bird/Sand And Sea/The Day The Rains Came/My Pretty Summer Princess/Living

PS 664 - Sweeney Todd - Sweeney Todd [1975] Roxy Roller/Broadway Boogie/Juicy Loose/Short Distance, Long Journey/The Kilt//Rock N' Roll Story//Sweeney Todd Folder/See What We're Doing Now/Daydreams/Rue De Chance/Let's All Do It Again

PS 665 - Train Ride to Hollywood - Bloodstone [1976] Astime Goes By/Yakety Yak/Train Ride/What Do I Have To Do?/Hooray For Romance (Be My Girl)/Play It Again, Sam (Dialogue)/Rock N' Roll Choo-Choo/I Love The Old Songs (Dialogue)//Go To Sleep/Back In Your Box (Dialogue)/Toot! Toot! Tootsie! (Goodbye)/Are You In Shape (Dialogue)/I'm In Shape/Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream)/Where Is Everybody (Dialogue)/Money (That's What I Want)

PS 666 - Adios Amigo - Infernal Blues Machine [1976] Adios Amigo/Needing You/When You Move You Lose/Ju Ju/Never Turn Your Back On A Friend//When Love Calls Your Name/Write Me A Letter/Ain't That Love/I Can Make It But It Would Be Easier With Love

PS 667 - Radio Radials - Greezy Wheels [1976] Sideman's Party/Country Music And Friends/Heartburn (I'm A Menace)/Clean But Unshaven/Dirty Old Man//Feel Like A Devil/Right Now Rag (Instrumental)/Can't Get Her Off My Chest/Ninety-Nine And A Half/Billy The Kid Next Door

PS 668 - Don't Let Up - Olympic Runners [1976] Party Time Is Here To Stay/In The Can/The Runners File/Out Of The Ground//Don't Let Up/Paca-Paco-Wa-Wa (Theme From Nos Hit)/Back On The Track/The Kool Gent

PS 669 - Rebel - John Miles [1976] (5-76, #171) Music/Everybody Wants Some More/Highfly/You Have It All//Rebel/When You Lose Someone So Young/Lady Of My Lie/Put The Damn Thing Down/Music - Reprise.

PS 670 - Skin N' Bone - Savoy Brown Featuring Kim Simmonds [1976] (5-76, #206) Get On Up And Do It/Part Time Lady/This Day Is Gonna Be Our Last/She's The One//Skin N' Bone/Walkin' And Talkin'

PS 671 - Do You Wanna Do A Thing? - Bloodstone [1976] Stand Up, Let's Party/If Yu Wanna Be My Baby/Just Like In The Movies/Do You Wanna Do A Thing?//Shake The Building/This Is It/When We're Doin' It/Give Me Your Heart

PS 672 - Manilla Thriller - Please [1976] There were probably more promo copies of this album than commercial copies. Please Yourself/Spend The Night/Side By Side/Good Stuff/You Got The Power//Ego Trippin'/Something New/Gonna Get You/I'm Gonna Take Care Of Business/Flaming Lady


PS 674 - Fonzie, Fonzie, He's Our Man - The Heyettes [1976] Fonzie For President/Fonzie, Fonzie Won't You Please Be Mine (The Do-Wahh Song)/Arnold's Theme/The Fonz Song/Really Rock N' Roll//Sit On It/Happy Days/Cruisin' On A Saturday Night/The Fonz Song (Instrumental)/Do The Fonz/Red Hot Honey

PS 675 - The Whole World's Goin' Crazy - April Wine [1976] Reissue Of Aquarius AQR 510. Gimme Love/Child's Garden/Rock N' Roll Woman/Wings Of Love/Marjorie//So Bad/Shotdown/Like A Lover, Like A Song/Kick Willy Rd./The Whole World's Goin' Crazy


PS 677 - Yesterday & Today - Yesterday & Today [1976] Band later shortened their name to Y&T. Animal Woman/25 Hours A Day/Games Playing Woman/Come On Over/My Heart Plays Too//Earthshaker/Fast Ladies (Very Slow Gin)/Alcohol/Beautiful Dreamer

PS 678 - Hot To Trot - The Olympic Runners [1977] Say What You Wanna But It Sure Is Funky/Just Enough (To Blow My Mind)/One Step At A Time/Just Funkin' Around/Straight St. Strut//Personal Thang/World Record/(C'mon) Just A Little Lick/Bahama Mama/Love On My Mind

PS 679 - Feels Good Feels Right - Bing Crosby [1977] Feels Good, Feels Right/Once In A While/As Time Goes By/Old Fashioned Love/Time On My Hands/The Way We Were//There's Nothing That I Haven't Sung About/The Night Is Young And You're So Beautiful/Nevertheless/The Rose In Her Hair/What's New?/When I Leave The World Behind

PS 680 - Tejas - ZZ Top [1976] (1-77, #17) It's Only Love/Arrested For Driving While Blind/El Diablo/Snappy Kakkie/Enjoy And Get It On//Ten Dollar Man/Pan Am Highway Blues/Avalon Hideaway/She's A Heartbreaker/Asleep In The Desert - Instrumental.


PS 682 - Stranger in the City - John Miles [1976] (3-77, #93) Stranger In The City/Slow Down/Stand Up (And Give Me A Reason)/Time//Manhattan Skyline Broadway Lights/Glamour Boy/Do It Anyway/Remember Yesterday/Music Man

PS 683 - Natural Avenue - John Lodge [1977] (4-77, #121) Bassist for the Moody Blues. Intro To Children Of Rock N' Roll/Natural Avenue/Summer Breeze/Carry Me/Who Could Change//Broken Dreams, Hard Road/Piece Of My Heart/Rainbow/Say You Love Me/Children Of Rock N' Roll

PS 684 - America - Julio Iglesias [1976] Released in Canada only. Caminito/Recuerdos De Ypacarai/Historia De Un Amor/Obsesion/Sombras/Mañana De Carnaval//Jurame/Guantanamera/Vaya Con Dios/Moliendo Cafe/Ay, Ay, Ay/Alma Llanera

PS 685 - What's On Your Mind? - Hodges, James & Smith [1977] Don't Take Away Your Love/Situation/One More Love Song/Love Baby/People Needing People//Feelings/What's On Your Mind/Since I Fell For You/Off

PS 686 - Paradise Ballroom - The Graham Edge Band Featuring Adrian Gurvitz [1977] (7-77, #164) Edge is drummer for the Moody Blues. Paradise Ballroom/Human/Everybody Needs Somebody//All Is Fair/Down, Down, Down/In The Night Of The Light/Caroline


BP 688/689 - Engelbert Humperdinck Sings For You - Engelbert Humperdinck [1977] (6- 77, #201) Two record set. Everybody Knows/Two Different Worlds/From Here To Eternity/The Shadow Of Your Smile/A Time For Us//Misty Blue/Gentle On My Mind/Il Mondo/A Place In The Sun/This Is My Song//To The Ends Of The Earth/How Near Is Love/Cafe (Casa Hai Messo Nel Caffe)/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Wonderland By Night//Up, Up And Away/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/There's A Kind Of Hush/Take My Heart/What A Wonderful World

2PS 690/691 - The Moody Blues Caught Live+5 - Moody Blues [1977] (6-77, #26) Two record set. Gypsy (Of A Strange And Distant Time)/The Sunset/Dr. Livingstone, I Presume/Never Comes The Day//Peak Hour/Tuesday Afternoon/Are You Sitting Comfortably?/The Dream/Have You Heard Part 1/The Voyage/Have You Heard Part 2//Nights In White Satin/Legend Of A Mind/Ride My See-Saw//Gimme' A Little Somethin'/Please Think About It/Long Summer Days/King And Queen/What Am I Doing Here?

PS 692 - Pearl - Pearl [1977] Nobody Home/Love In Your Life/Two's A Party (Three Is A Crowd)/All I Really Want Is You/It's All Gonna Come Back//Spending The Night Alone/Everybody Needs Somebody/You're My Joy/Makin' Music/Benediction


PS 694 - If Wishes Were Horses - Sweeney Todd [1977] If Wishes Were Horses/Tantalize/Until I Find You/Pushin' And Shovin'/#5243605 Smith//Song For A Star/Shut Up/All Of A Sudden/Wastin' Time/Say Hello Say Goodbye


PS 696 - Straight From the Hip - Liar [1977] Released in Canada only. Soft Lights Sweet Music/Straight From The Hip Kid/Roll Me Down/Rich Man's Woman/Try Lovin'//Chicago Shakedown/Full Time Woman/Born To Rock & Roll/Lights Of The City/Blame It On The Kids

PS 697 - Freddie Cole Sings - Freddie Cole [1977] Released in Canada only. Theme From Mahogany/Sing/For Once In My Life/Tristeza/You're The Sunshine Of My Life/On A Clear Day//Michelle/People/Homefried Potatoes/You've Got Let Yourself Go/If I Had Your Love/Cabaret


PS 699 - April Wine Live at the El Mocambo - April Wine [1977] Teenage Love/Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love/Juvenile Delinquent/Don't Push Me Around//Oowatanite/Drop Your Guns/Slow Poke/You Won't Dance With Me/You Could Have Been A Lady

PS 700 - Erotic Soul - Larry Page Orchestra [1977] Erotic Soul/Chasing/Touch/Body Movement//I'm Hooked On You/Tokyo Melody/Do It Slow Motion/Rampage

PS 701 - That's the Way - Gilbert Becaud [1977] That's the Way/My Pretty Summer Princess/Fool/A Famous Story/Seasons/If I Had Never Loved You/Merry Go Round/Summertime's The Time for Love/L'Amour



BP 704/705 - Star Discs - Various Artists [1977] Two record set. Disc 1: Erotic Soul - Larry Page Orchestra/Wow - Andre Gagnon/Slow Down - John Miles//One More Love Song - Hodges, James & Smith/Surprise - Andre Gagnon/Final Thing - Steve Bender; Disc 2: Since I Fell For You (with I'm Falling In Love) - Hodges, James & Smith/Full Of Fire - Al Green//Put The Music Where Your Mouth Is - The Olympic Runners/Stand Up, Let's Party - Bloodstone/Porcupine - Nature Zone

PS 706 - The Best of ZZ Top - ZZ Top [1977] (12-77, #94) Tush/Waitin' For The Bus/Jesus Just Left Chicago/Francine/Just Got Paid//La Grange/Blue Jean Blues/Backdoor Love Affair/Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers/Heard It On The X

PS 707 - Never Know the Reason Why - René Simard [1977] Never Know the Reason Why/All I Have to Do is Dream/You Are Love/Tiny Sparrow/Form Quebec to California/Diana/Good Time Girl/And I Love Her/Just One Kiss Magdalena/Pur Your Head on My Shoulder

PS 708 - Octave - Moody Blues [1978] (7-78, #31) Steppin' In A Slide Zone/Under Moonshine/Had To Fall In Love/I'll Be Level With You/Driftwood//Top Rank Suite/I'm Your Man/Survival/One Step Into The Light/The Day We Meet Again

PS 709 - Love Letters - Engelbert Humperdinck [1978] Love Letters/Nature Boy/What Now My Love/Didn't We/I Wish You Love//A Man And A Woman/Those Were The Days/Yours Until Tomorrow/Funny, Familiar, Forgotten Feelings/Let Me Into Your Life

PS 710 - Love Ritual - Al Green [1978] Hi Material. Love Ritual/Smile a Little Bit More/I Gotta Be Me/Let It Shine/Glory, Glory//Keep Me Cryin'/Something/Oh Me, Oh My (Dreams in My Arms)/I'm Hooked on You/I Tried to Tell Myself

PS 711 - Struck Down - Yesterday & Today [1978] Band later shortened their name to Y&T. Struck Down/Pleasure In My Heart/Road/Nasty Sadie//Dreams Of Egypt/Tried To Show You/I'm Lost/Stargazer/Round And Round.

PS 712 - Backalley Bandits - Backalley Bandits [1978] Come On Over/Stayin' Ain't Crossed My Mind/Rainbow And A Pony/Movin' On//Takin' A Chance/Love Stuff/The Last Song (Looking Back)/Georgia Women/So Hard (Letting Go)

PS 713 - What Have You Done for Love? - Hodges, James & Smith [1978] What Have You Done For Love?/The San Francisco Rag (Everytime)/You Can't Hide Love/Falling In Love/Hide-A-Way//You Know Who You Are/That's The Way/Here Is Where Your Love Belongs/Seems So Long/Darling, I Promise


PS 715 - La Bionda - La Bionda [1978] Released in Canada only. There For Me/One For You, One For Me/Hey Woman//Sandstorm/Song For Smokey And The Bandit

PS 716 - Skin Heat - Larry Page Orchestra [1978] You Do It Good/Restless Senorita/Let's Keep On Dancin'/Night Starvation//Thunderstruck/Slinky Thighs/Ecstasy in You/Try Me

PS 717 - The Country Side of Tom Jones - Tom Jones [1978] Green Green Grass Of Home/He'll Have To Go/Cool Water/Detroit City/A Field Of Yellow Daisies//Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings/Little Green Apples/Wichita Lineman/Funny How Time Slips Away/Ring Of Fire

PS 718 - Savage Return - Savoy Brown [1978] (9-78, #208) The First Night/Don't Do It Baby, Do It/Spirit High/Play It Right/Walk Before You Run//My Own Man/I'm Alright Now/Rock N' Roll Man/Double Lover

PS 719 - Losing You to Sleep - Tommy Hoehn [1978] Hey Polarity!/Losing You to Sleep/The Heat/She Might Look My Way//Fresh Matches/Blow Yourself Up/I Know I Love You Now/Mean Nancy/Fight You (Anytime)

BP 720/721 - Mantovani's All Time Christmas Favorites - Mantovani & His Orchestra [1978] Two record set. Adeste Fideles/Hark! The Herald Angels Sing/God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen/White Christmas/Good King Wenceslas/O Holy Night/The First Noel//Joy to the World/Silent Night/O Tannenbaum/Midnight Waltz/Nazareth/O Little Town Of Bethlehem/Skater's Waltz//Deck the Halls/Once in Royal David's City/Jingle Bells/Toy Waltz/The Holly and the Ivy/O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings//It Came Upon a Midnight Clear/The Twelve Days of Christmas/While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks/Christmas Bells/Mary's Little Boy Child/I Saw Three Ships

PS 722 - Jim Rafferty - Jim Rafferty [1978] Tomorrow Is Another Day/Bad Bad Mover/Don't Talk Back/Peace Of Mind/Brown Eyed Lady//Don't Let Another Good Day Go By/Pills For My Confusion/Bitter Harvest/Weekend/Bishop's Mountain





PS 727 - Love Fever - Love Fever [1979] Released in Canada only. Love Fever//The House Of The Rising Sun/You Really Got Me






PS 733 - Wish Me Luck - Dutch Mason Blues Band [1979] Canadian release. It's Your Thing/Ain't Nobody's Business/Dust My Broom/Going Down//Goin' to Chicago/Polk Salad Annie/Barefootin'/Going Down Slow

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