London (UK) Album Discography, Part 1:
APB 1000 (10-inch) Series (1951-1958)

By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 4, 2012

This first album series for the London (UK) label began in 1951 issuing 10-inch albums, which were the most common format for LPs at the time. The series began with albums made up of material that had been released on the US London label, including US hitmakers Al Morgan and Teresa Brewer. The series soon included reissues of American albums from other labels.

By 1956, in order to keep track of the sources of the American albums, a label code was inserted into the catalog number, starting with 1043. The codes seen here are A=Cadence; B=Era; C=Regent; D=Dot; F=Essex, Ellector; G=Seeco; N=Bethlehem; U=Liberty, Tampa, Riverside, etc.; Z=RKO-Unique. U seemed to be a "catchall" letter for miscellaneous labels not otherwise listed.

The 1000 series ran from 1951 to 1958, somewhat later than the 10-inch format lasted in the United States, where it was generally abandoned by 1956.

The label on the 1000 series was purple with gold print, with the London label name at the top, and "AMERICAN SERIES" between two horizontal lines just above the center hole. "MADE IN ENGLAND" curved around the top edge of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

London (UK) American 1000 (10-inch) Series:

H-APB 1001 - Jealous Heart Medley - Al Morgan [1951] Jealous Heart/What Will I Tell My Heart/Foolish Tears/I Wish I Had a Sweetheart/Half a Heart is All Left Me/There's No Season on Love/I'd Trade All My Sorrows/A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet

H-APB 1002 - Memories Melody - Al Morgan [1951] Memories/Always/It's a Sin to Tell a Lie/Just a Girl That Men Forget/Lonesome and Sorry/All By Myself/Let a Smile Be your Umbrella/If I Had My Life to Live Over

H-APB 1003 - Little Red Book Medley - Al Morgan [1951] In My Little Red Book/My Sin/If I Had My Way/You Tell Me Your Dreams and I'll Tell You Mine/That Old Gang of Mine/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/Gee But It's Great to Meet a friend/Smile, Darn Ya, Smile

H-APB 1004 - Bewitched Medley - Bill Snyder and His Magic Piano [1952] Bewitched/Drifting Sands/Dream Concerto/Ridin' The Offbeat/My Silent Love/Choppin' Up Chopin/The Night Is Young, And You're So Beautiful/Me And My Shadow

H-APB 1005 - A Josh White Programme - Josh White [1954] I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town/Molly Malone/The Foggy, Foggy Dew/Take a Girl Like You//Wanderings/Like a Natural Man/Night Time Blues/Apples, Peaches and Cherries

H-APB 1006 - Teresa Brewer - Teresa Brewer [1954] Ol' Man Mose/I Beeped When I Shoulda Bopped!/The Jazz Me Blues/Copenhagen//The Grizzly Bear/When The Train Came In/A Man Wrote A Song/You've Got Me Crying Again

H-APB 1007 - Charlie Spivak Dance Date - Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra [1951] Vocals by the Stardremers, Tommy Lyne, Rusty Nichols, Peggy King. Mona Lisa/Loveless Love/April In Paris/(others)

H-APB 1008 - Square Dances (Without Calls) - Haystackers [7/51] Cacklin' Hen/Tennessee Breakdown/Climbin' Up The Golden Stairs/Skip To My Lou/Irish Washerwoman/Haste To The Wedding/Oh, Susannah/Sourwood Mountain

H-APB 1009 - Barber Shop Harmony - Mid-States 4 [1951] Carolina Sunshine/I Want A Girl/Fingerprints/Up And Down The Monon/Josephine/Give Me Those Old Days/When I Lost You/Rural Rhythm

H-APB 1010 - Pianotime - Eddie Heywood [1951] Trees/Bebe/Summertime/The Piccolino/Jealousy/The Carioca/Liebestraum/You Go To My Head

H-APB 1011 - Square Dance (Without Calls) - Jim Magill & His Northern Ramblers [1952]

H-APB 1012 - Tribute to Glenn Miller - Ralph Flanagan [1953] Same as Rainbow LP- 702. Always/Come On In/I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Basin Street Blues//Make Believe/Low Gear/St. Louis Blues/Goodbye

H-APB 1013 - Good Time Jazz - The Hook and Ladder 4 Plus 1-1/2 [1953] Honeysuckle Rose/When My Sugar Walks Down th eStreet/Alexander's Ragtime Band/South/Muskrat Ramble/Should I?

H-APB 1014 - Stomping at the Savoy - Woody Herman [1953]

H-APB 1015 - Slim Whitman and His Singing Guitar - Slim Whitman [1954] Bandera Waltz/How Can I Tell?/My Heart is Broken in Three/My Love is Growing Stale//There's a Rainbow in Every Teardrop/Love Song of the Waterfall/Song of the Old Waterwheel/Restless Heart

H-APB 1016 - Harmonica Rhythms - Madcaps and the Harmonicats [1954]

H-APB 1017 - The Lion Steps Out - Willie "The Lion" Smith [1954] Background Music for a Cocktail Party/Carolina Shout/Stop It Joe/The Lion/When the Saints Go Marching In/Harry's Party/Willie's Blues/The Romp

H-APB 1018 - Men from Mars - Woody Herman [1954]

H-APB 1019 - Claude Thornhill Goes Modern - Claude Thornhill [1954]

H-APB 1020 - The Irving Berlin Gallery - Dave Pell Octet [1954]

H-APB 1021 - Dream Music - Claude Thornhill [1954]

H-APB 1022 - Faintly Reminiscent - Jerry Fielding [1954]

H-APB 1023 - Matt Dennis Plays and Sings Matt Dennis - Matt Dennis [1954]

H-APB 1024 - Fine, Sweet and Tasty - Paul Smith [1954]

H-APB 1025 - New Orleans Encore - Bob Hodes, Red Onion Jazz Band [1954] Salty Dog/I'm a Little Blackbird/Misery Blues/my Mama Rocks Me/Snake Rag/Auntie Skinner's Chicken Dinner/London Blues/Creole Blues

H-APB 1026 - Young Men with Horns - Bob Wilber's Wildcats and the Scarsdale Jazz Band [1954]

H-APB 1027 - Jerry Fielding Plays a Dance Concert - Jerry Fielding [1954] Reissue of Trend TL 1004. Peanut Vendor/Carefree/Cheerful Little Earful/The Kinkajou/When I Grow Too Old to dream/Song of the Bayou/Rain on the Roof/A Young Man's Fancy

H-APB 1028 - Lucy Ann Polk Sings - Lucy Ann Polk [1954]

H-APB 1029 - Oh Sweet Mama - The Lancers [1954] Sweet Mama, Tree Top Tall/Live and Let Live/Stop Chasin' Me Baby/Were You Ever Mine to Lose?//So High, So Low, So Wide/I Never Should Have Let You Go/It's You, It's You I Love/Peggy O'Neil

H-APB 1030 - Tony's Dixieland Party - Tony Almerico's Dixieland Jamboree All Stars [1954] I Want to Be Happy/Tailgate Ramble/Basin St. Blues/Hadacal Boogie/I'm a Ding Dong Daddy/The Sheik of Araby/I'll Be Glad When You're Dead you Rascal You/Big Boy Blue

H-APB 1031 - Pogo - Ken Hanna [1954] Same as Trend TL 1007. Pogo/Chicken Road/Gotta Go Now/Misty Mood//First Floor Front/You're Nobody's Baby/Nirvana/Sweet Riley O'Tolle

H-APB 1032 - A Josh White Programme Volume 2 - Josh White [195?] Barbara Allen/waltzing Matilda/Lonesome Road/He Never Said a Mumbling Word//Call Me Darling/I Want You and I Need You/The Lass With a Delicate Air/On Top of Old Smokey

H-APB 1033 - Drinking Songs - Rudy Vallee [1955]

H-APB 1034 - Rodgers and Hart Gallery - Dave Pell Octet [1955]

H-APB 1035 - Kenya - Oscar Moore [1955] Just George/Slow Mood/Slow/Moer Blues/Babette/Sonny Boy

H-APB 1036 - Moer Blues - George Redman Group [1955] Moer Blues/Babette/Sonny Boy/Just George/Slow Mood/Slow

H-APB 1037 - When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo - Gene Mayl's Dixieland Rhythm Kings [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 2504. When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo/Basin Street Blues/Shreveport/Down Among the Sheltering Palms//I'm Sitting On Top of the World/Mecca Flat Blues/I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You/Some of These Days

H-APB 1038 - Josh White Comes A-Visitin' - Josh White [1955] Come Along Charlie/Bury Me High/Evil-Hearted Man/Go Away From My Window//Bonbons, Chocolate and Chewing Gum/You Know, Baby/She's Too Much for Me/When the Dark Clouds Roll Away

H-APB 1039 - Riverside Roustabouts - Bob Helm [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 2510. Riverside Shake/Dawn Club Joys/Back Side O' Town/Doin' the Plymouth Rock//How I'm Gonna Do It/I Don't Want Anymore/Seagull Strut/Daybreak Blues

H-APB 1040 - Cole Porter in a Modern Mood - Randy Weston [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 2508. Get Out of Town/I Get a Kick Out of You/I Love Her/In the Still of the Night/Just One of Those Things/Night and Day/What is This Thing Called Love/I've Got You Under My Skin

H-APB 1041 - George Lewis Volume 1 - George Lewis [1955] Same as Riverside RLP 2512. Darktown Strutters' Ball/St. James Infirmary/Hindustan/Some of These Days//Dallas Blues/Red Wing/Lou-Easy-An-I-A/Careless Love

H-APB 1042 - Live It Up! - Bill Haley and his Comets [1955] Essex material. Live It Up!/Real Rock Drive/Ten Little Indians/Chattanooga Choo-Choo//Rock the Joint/Rocking Chair on the Moon/I'll Be True/Farewell, So Long, Goodbye

Note: At this point, the catalog prefix changes from H-APB to HB-x, where "x" is a letter designating the source label of the material.

HB-F 1043 - Far Away Places, Volume 2 - Billy Butterfield [1956] Same as Essex ESLP 111. Street Of Dreams/Cote D'azur/Moonlight On The Ganges/South Sea Island Magic//Last Time I Saw Paris/I Cover The Waterfront/Costa Del Oro/East Of The Sun

HB-U 1044 - The Knocky Parker Trio - Knocky Parker Trio [1956] Featuring Jelly Roll Morton on piano; from a private recording. Naked Dance/Wolverine Blues/Original Rags/Sidewalk Blues/Limehouse Blues/Barrelhouse Blues/Smokey Mokes/Memphis Blues

HB-U 1045 - George Lewis, Volume 2 - George Lewis [1956] Riverside material.

HB-U 1046 - The Randy Weston Trio - Randy Weston [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 2515. Again/Zulu/Pam's Waltz//Solemn Meditation/If You Could See Me Now/Sweet Sue

HB-N 1047 - The Most Intimate - Charlie Shavers [1956] Same as Bethlehem BCP 1021. Ill Wind/Stormy Weather/Let's Fall in Love//I Cover the Waterfront/You're Mine You/Out of Nowhere

HB-D 1048 - Melodies of Love - Billy Vaughn [1956] Same as Dot DLP 3001. Melody of Love/Joyride/Silver Moon/Baby O' Mine/Waltz You Saved For Me/Billy Vaughn's Boogie/Missouri Waltz/Lovely You/Tennessee Waltz/Drifting on a Cloud/Naughty Anneta/Morning Noon and Night

HB-U 1049 - Sarah Vaughan Sings - Sarah Vaughan [1956] It Might as Well Be Spring/Schubert's Serenade/I Can Make You Love Me/The Peanut Vendor//You Go to My Head/Ripples/I'm Scared/Sextet from Lucia

HB-G 1050 - Echoes of Spain, Volume 1 - Lola Flores [1956] Same as Seeco SLP 50.

HB-G 1051 - The Sonora Matancera - La Sonora Matancera [1956] Same as Seeco SLP 55.

HB-D 1052 - Songs from the Hills - Mac Wiseman [1956] Dot material. My Little Home in Tennessee/I Haven't Got the Right to Love You/Waiting for the Boys to Come Home/I'd Rather Live by the Side of the Road//I Wonder How the Old Folks are at Home/You're the Girl of My Dreams/Little White Church/I'm a Stranger

HB-N 1053 - Gershwin, Shavers and Strings - Charlie Shavers [1956] Same as Bethlehem BCP 27. I've Got A Crush On You/Someone To Watch Over Me/Somebody Loves Me/Man I Love/It Ain't Necessarily So/Liza/Embraceable You/I've Got Rhythm/Summertime/But Not For Me

HB-A 1054 - The Beryl Booker Trio - Beryl Booker [1956] Same as Cadence CLP 1000. Tenderly/Body And Soul/Night And Day/My Funny Valentine/My Ideal/I Don't Know Why

HB-G 1055 - Ecos de Columbia - Various Artists [1956] Seeco material.

HB-D 1056 - Presenting Gale Storm - Gale Storm [1956] Dot material. I Hear You Knocking/My Happiness/Brazil/Tired/Goody Goody/That's My Desire//Memories are Made of this/You Can't Be True, Dear/Sweet Georgia Brown/A Teen-Age Paryer/Music! Music! Music!/The Three Bells

HB-U 1057 - Harlem Party Piano - James P. Johnson/Lucky Roberts [1956]

HB-A 1058 - A Woman in Love - Barbara Lea [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 2518. Come Rain or Come Shine/As Long as I live/Love is Here to Stay/Thinking of You//I Didn't Know About You/Love Me/The Best Thing for You/A Woman Alone With the Blues

HB-A 1059 - The Stride Piano of Dick Wellstood - Dick Wellstood [1956] Old Fashioned Love/Mule Walk/Closed Mouth Blues/The Shout/Toddlin' Home/Alligator Crawl/Oh Baby, Watcha Doing to Me/Liza

HB-D 1060 - Johnny Maddox Plays - Johnny Maddox [1956] Same as Dot DLP 3005. Johnny's Jump/Hawaiian Sunset/Sunrise Serenade/Six-Two-Seven Stomp/Chicago Breakdown/Bubbles in the Wine//Flaming Mamie/Seems Like Old Times/Hop Scotch Boogie/Waggashoe/Listen To That Dixie Band/South Of The Border

HB-U 1061 - Lu Watters 1947 - Lu Watter's Yerba Buena Jazz Band [1956] Same as Riverside RLP 2513. Cake Walking Babies From Home/Antigua Blues/Beale Street Blues/Chattanooga Stomp/Jazzin' Babies Blues/Snake Rag

HB-G 1062 - Latin American Favourites - Skitch Henderson [1956] Same As Seeco 401. Solamente Una Vez/Quizas Quizas Quizas/Green Eyes/Maria Elena/Come Closer To Me/La Ultima Noche/Frenesi/Yours/Adios/Tango Of Roses/Perfidia/Come To The Mardi Gras/La Comparasa/The Breeze And I/Mama Inez/Amor/La Cumparsita/Flores Negras/A Media Luz/Besame Mucho/Noche De Rhonda

HB-U 1063 - The Return of Wingy - Wingy Manone [1956] The Round Square Dance/Flamingo/North Hollywood Blues/Japanese Sandman//Dixie/Fare Thee Well, My Baby, Fare Thee Well/Animal Fair

HB-C 1064 - The Ferko String Band Volume 1 - Ferko String Band [1957] Regent material. Hello/Smiles/Roll Em Girl/Sweet Georgia Brown/Hair of Gold, Eyes of Blue//Take Me Out to the Ball Game/Alibi Baby/Powder Your Face With Sunshine/Dasiy Bell

HB-C 1065 - Joe Williams Sings - Joe Williams [1956] Same as Regent MG 6002. It's Raining Again/Detour Ahead/EveryDay I Have the Blues/They Didn't Believe Me/Blow Mr. Low//It's Time for Moving/In the Evening/Kansas City Blues/Always on the Blue Side/Safe, Sane and Single

HB-D 1066 - Rock n' Roll with Rusty Bryant - Rusty Bryant [1956] Dot material. Castle Rock/All Nite Long/Pink Champagne/Slow Drag/House Rocker//Back Street/The Honeydripper/Hot Fudge/Moonlight Garden Stomp/Ridin' with Rusty/Hanka Boo

HB-C 1067 - Rock n' Roll - Various Artists [1957] Same as Regent MG 6015. Rockin' Boy Chuz Alfred Combo/Hot Rod Hal Singer Band/Blues for Everybody Bobby Banks Orchestra/Playboy Hop Rockin' Brothers Orchestra/The Grinder/Rockin' Brothers Orchestra//You Gotta Rock and Roll Bob Oakes Orchestra/Backbiter T.J. Fowler Orchestra/Wine Cooler T.J. Fowler Orchestra/Rooster Boogie Paul Williams Orchestra/Frog Hop Hal Singer Orchestra

HB-F 1068 - Great Songs of Love - Bob Ellis Orchestra [1957] Same as Ellector ER-104. Falling In Love/September Song/Try A Little Tenderness/All The Things You Are//Another Autumn/You Never Said Goodbye/Wait 'Til You See Her/Caribo

HB-U 1069 - The Best Things in Life are Free (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman and Leigh Harline [1957] Same as Liberty LRP 3017. The Best Things In Life Are Free/Broken Hearted/Varsity Drag/Lucky Day/You Try Somebody Else/Birth Of The Blues//Black Bottom/Button Up Your Overcoat/Sunny Side Up/It All Depends On You/One More Time/If I Had A Talking Picture Of You

HB-D 1070 - In a Dim Café - Kritchmar & His Violin [1957] Same as Dot DLP 3025. My Heart is a Violin/Tristesse/Forever and Ever/Romance/Katlitka/Yours/G?oodbye to Rome/La Mer/If I Loved You/Drigo's Serenade/La Vie En Rose/Auf Wiedersehn My Dear

HB-D 1071 - Are You Lonesome Tonight? - Danny Welton [1957] Same as Dot DLP 3031. St. Louis Blues/Music Maestro Please/Are You Lonesome Tonight/Pretending/Londonderry Air/Little Bit Independent Choclo/Tennessee Moon/Undecided/Little Gypsy Village/Jezebel/It's a Lonesome Old Town

HB-Z 1072 - Lovely Lady - Joe Leahy [1957] Same as RKO Unique LP 106. Lovely Lady/Champagne Waltz/I'm New at the Game of Romance/Give Me a Moment Please/Call Me Darling/Let Me Call You Sweetheart//Masquerade/Paradise/Ramona/You Have Taken My Heart/A Kiss in the Dark/and My Isle of Golden Dreams

HB-B 1073 - Doye - Doye O'Dell [1957] Same as ERA EL 20004. It Makes No Difference Now/According To The Evidence/My Mary/San Antonio Rose/You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven/Pretty Woman For The Boss/Bow Your Head And Pray/Oklahoma Hills/Old Shep/It Won't Be Texas To You/I Left My Gal In The Mountains/Red River Valley

HB-N 1074 - Chris - Chris Connor [1957] Same as Bethlehem BCP 56. Don't Wait Up For Me/Good Man Is A Seldom Thing/In Other Words (Fly Me To The Moon)/Everything I Love/Indian Summer/From This Moment On/All About Ronnie/Miser's Serenade/I Hear Music/Come Back To Sorrento/Out Of This World/Lush Life

HB-A 1075

HB-U 1076 - Alexander the Great - Tommy Alexander [1957] Same as Liberty LRP 3008. Mad About The Boy/Tomboy/We'll Be Together Again/I Hadn't Noticed 'Till You/Midnight Sun//Lullaby Of Birdland/Old Devil Moon/All The Things You Are/It Could Happen To You/Flamingo

HB-D 1077 - A Flash of Strings - Charles Dorian [1957] Same as Dot DLP 3021. Treble Talk/Pirouette/Beeswax/Sixty-Second Swing/For the Birds/El Cumbanchero/Hurry, Hurry, Little Bells/Clean Sweep/Elf on a Pogo Stick/Velo Violin/What's the Rush/Holiday for Strings

HB-U 1078 - Bop Me Daddy - Plas Johnson [1957] Same as Tampa TP 24. Makin' Whoopee/Last Call/Dungaree Hop/Drum Magic//Blue Jean Shuffle/Plasma/Jackpot/Red Cider

HB-U 1079 mono, SAHW 6062 stereo - Exotica - Martin Denny [1958] Same as Liberty LRP 3034. Stereo release is a 12 inch LP not 10. Tracks on 12-inch LP: Quiet Village/Return To Paradise/Jungle Flower/Stone God/Hong Kong Blues/Busy Port/China Nights/Ah Me Furi/Lotus Land/Similau/Waipio/Love Dance

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