Fontana Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Randy Woods
Last update: June 1, 2009

Nana Mouskouri Fontana was started in the 1950s in Europe as a subsidiary of the Dutch record company Philips. Shortly after Philips reached a deal with Mercury Records in the US in November, 1961, Mercury established a US version of Fontana in early 1962 as their subsidiary for international recordings.

The label initially was almost exclusively an album label, with 23 albums released in 1962 and 1963 and only two singles. The pre-1965 albums were typical of the "international" albums selling in the US at the time, showcasing various countries' cultural music. Mostly, they were modest sellers at best, and forgettable. The exception was Greek singer Nana Mouskouri, who had a large following and a long career in Europe and charted a couple of albums here in the US.

First Fontana 45, deejay copy with Fontana sleeve Before 1965, there were so few singles released that Fontana used the Smash label's catalog sequence. The first release was Nana Mouskouri's version of "Wildwood Flower" (actually released as the "B" side of "What Now My Love"). It was issued on Fontana 1785 in November, 1962, and made #27 in Chicago, but failed to chart nationally. It was the only Fontana single release in 1962. In 1963, there was also only one 45 issued, Johnny Dankworth's "Hoe Down"/"Sing-Sing-Sing" on Fontana 1841. Dankworth was a British orchestra leader who had had a couple of US chart hits in the 1950s. He recorded several albums in Europe that were released on US Fontana starting in 1964.

Of the total album output for Fontana in 1962 and 1963, two of the albums were by Nana Mouskouri, two were soundtracks, and the others were the generic "international" music.

Eden Kane In 1964, however, things started heating up. The "British Invasion" was hitting the US, and Fontana had the rights to some of the popular British artists like the Merseybeats, Eden Kane, the Escorts, the Pretty Things, the Others, the Honey Bees, the Spencer Davis Group, and Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders. Fontana released 22 singles in 1964, many of them US issues of songs that were making the British hit charts. These included the Merseybeats' "I Think of You" [US Fontana 1882, made #5 in UK], Eden Kane's "Boys Cry" [Fontana 1891, #8 UK], the Merseybeats' "Don't Turn Around" [Fontana 1905, #13 UK], the Pretty Things' "Rosalyn" [Fontana 1916, #41 UK], Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders' "Stop Look Listen" [Fontana 1917, #37 UK], the Pretty Things' "Don't Bring Me Down" [Fontana 1941, #10 UK], the Merseybeats' "Last Night" [Fontana 1950, #40 UK], and the Spencer Davis Group's "I Can't Stand It" [Fontana 1960, #47 UK]. Surprisingly, especially in light of the raging British Invasion going on, not one of these British Fontana hits charted in the US.

Gloria Lynne But in 1964, the US Fontana label also widened their artist roster to include a few American artists, most notably New York pop/jazz singer Gloria Lynne. Lynne did make the charts, with "Be Anything (But Be Mine)" [Fontana 1890], a remake of an old Eddie Howard pop tune which made the US charts in April, 1964, reaching #88 pop and #40 on the R&B charts. It was Fontana's first US national chart record.

Other singles issued in 1964 included discs by Johnny Gregory, Al Brisco Clark, the Escorts, Vicki Anderson, Joyce Kennedy (another American singer, lead singer of the group Mother's Finest) the Dell-Mates, Larry Hale, the Honey Bees, Diana Dors, the Others, Paul Nero's Blues Sounds, and ex-Drifters vocalist Bill Pinkney. None of these were successful on the US charts.

The 15 albums issued in 1964 on Fontana took a decided turn away from solely ethnic international music and towards pop, R&B, and jazz, including two albums by Gloria Lynne, but by the end of 1964, Fontana had yet to reach the album charts.

Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders Fontana's first real hit came in early 1965, with Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders' "Game of Love" [Fontana 1509], which made #1 in the US and #2 in England. Since Wayne Fontana was born Glyn Ellis, he obviously took his stage name from his record label's name. The Mindbenders were Eric Stewart (lead guitar and vocals), Bob Lang (bass), and Ric Rothwell (drums). The followup record, "It's Just A Little Bit Too Late" [Fontana 1514], failed to make the top-40, stalling at #45. The next single, a top-20 UK hit called "She Needs Love" [Fontana 1526], missed the charts altogether here. At this point (October, 1965), Wayne Fontana left the group to go solo, eventually having several UK successes but no additional chart entries here.

The Mindbenders, without Wayne Fontana, continued making records. Their first single after the split was another huge hit, "A Groovy Kind of Love" [Fontana 1541], which reached #2 both in the US and UK in the spring of 1966. But a followup single, "Ashes to Ashes" [Fontana 1555] only reached #55 (although it hit #14 in England). Four additional singles over the next year all failed to reach the charts here. In 1968, Graham Gouldman joined the group on bass, but the group broke up shortly thereafter. Stewart joined Kevin Godley and Lol Creme as Hotlegs, a strange group that had an off-the-wall hit with "Neanderthal Man" [Capitol 2886] in 1970. Shortly after the hit, they too added Graham Gouldman, and changed their name to 10cc. 10cc, of course, was often on the pop charts in the 1970s with songs like "The Things We Do for Love" [Mercury 73875] and "I'm Not in Love" [Mercury 73678]. The latter song had one of the most bizarre instrumental lineups in rock history, with a guitar, drums, and three keyboards!

In the summer of 1965, Fontana scored another chart hit with Gloria Lynne and "Watermelon Man" [Fontana 1511], which made #62 pop, but #8 on the R&B charts. Unfortunately, it was to be her last single hit for Fontana. About the same time, Fontana offered "Cry to Me" by the Pretty Things [Fontana 1518], which was charting in England, but the US audiences showed only indifference.

The Silkie By the fall of 1965, Fontana had signed a folk group from Hull, England, called the Silkie. They recorded a Beatles song from the movie Help with the full approval and cooperation of the Beatles themselves, who provided production assistance and some musical assistance on the recording. The greatest gift, however, was the Beatles' not releasing the song on one of their own singles, which of course would have killed the Silkie version outright. As it was, the song, "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" [Fontana 1525], reached #10. Following up a Beatles song proved difficult (as it has for most groups who have had this type of success; e.g., Underground Sunshine). The next single, "The Keys to My Soul" [Fontana 1536] only made #124, and the next one, a remake of the old Chordettes hit "Born to Be With You" [Fontana 1551] only reached #133. That was all for the group. The Silkie included vocalist Silvie Tatler, guitarists Mike Ramsden and Ivor Aylesbury, and bassist Kevin Cunningham.

Fontana released only eight albums in 1965, with two of them making the US charts. These were the Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders' album Game of Love, which reached #58 over the summer, and the Gloria Lynne album Soul Serenade, which reached #82 in late summer. A Gloria Lynne followup late in the year, Love and a Woman, failed to chart, as did the Pretty Things album and a Nana Mouskouri offering, Nana.

The Troggs, clockwise from top:
Britton, Bond, Presley, Staples. The year 1966 brought several new artists to Fontana, two of which debuted with #1 hits in the US. The earlier of these was the Troggs, whose classic version of American songwriter Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing" [Fontana 1548] made #1 over the summer. The Troggs came from Andover in England. Lead singer Reg Presley (nee Reginald Maurice Ball) had been a bass player in the original band called the Troggs, but the band lost half of their personnel and combined with another band (Ten Feet Five) who had similar personnel problems. Ten Feet Five (five members had ten feet altogether) provided bassist Peter Staples and guitarist Chris Britton. The new amalgamation was left with two bassists and no drummer, so Presley stepped up to the microphone and they recruited Ronnie Bond (nee Bullis) to play drums. Presley's conversion to lead singer proved to be a good move, as his sneer came through both on stage and on record as "an arrogant attitude," which became a sort of trademark of the group.

They had first recorded a UK single for CBS ("Lost Girl"), which didn't chart. Manager Larry Page and Page One Productions then signed a distribution deal with Fontana just in time for "Wild Thing." Although a huge international hit, the song got off to a somewhat confusing start in the US when the song and subsequent album were released here simultaneously on two different labels, Fontana and Atco, due to a misunderstanding. The followup single, "With A Girl Like You" [Fontana 1552] made #1 in England but lost sales here (making #29) because those who bought the Atco single found that the followup was actually the B-side of "Wild Thing," pitting the followup against its own previous success. Their third single, "I Can't Control Myself" [Fontana 1557] was another UK blockbuster, reaching #2, but faltered in the US (making #43) when many of the program directors were reluctant to play it due to the "blatantly suggestive" nature of the song, which didn't quite have the actual sounds of lovemaking (Fontana would get to that later...), but Presley's vocal drooling was deemed a bit unseemly.

The next three Troggs singles all charted in the UK, but missed completely here, probably due at least in part to the group being type-cast as singing songs with sexual innuendo: "Give It to Me" [Fontana 1576, #12 UK], "Any Way that You Want Me" [Fontana 1585, #8 UK], and (of course, for the "drugs" part of "sex, drugs, and rock & roll," even though it had nothing to do with drugs...) "The Night of the Long Grass" [Fontana 1593, #17 UK]. It wasn't until early 1968, with "Love Is All Around" [Fontana 1607, #2 UK] and its pure-as-the-driven-snow innocence, that they returned to the US top-10, making #7. But the next two singles missed the Top-100 altogether, and they were least for awhile.

In early 1975, a single showed up at radio stations: "Good Vibrations" by the Troggs [Pye 71015]. "Good God, now what?" was a typical program director reaction, but the single proved to be what it promised - a Beach Boys classic given the Reg Presley "drool and sneer" treatment. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhyy," the song starts, "I like the clothes she almost wears" (arguably one of the best opening lines in a rock song ever). It got loads of laughs at radio stations, but not much airplay, stalling at #102. About the same time, a bootleg recording called The Troggs Tape appeared, which was taken from an actual tape from one of their recording sessions. It boiled down to almost 12 minutes of four-letter words, which further reduced the group's reputation to little more than a joke. It wasn't until the highly acclaimed 1992 album Athens Andover [Page One/Rhino R2 71064], recorded with uncredited involvement from R.E.M., that the group became "hip" again.

Another English rock band signed by Fontana didn't have quite the success of the Troggs, but unbeknownst to them, were involved in one of the more spectacular record cover blunders in rock history. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich started as a band in 1961 and by 1962 were playing in Hamburg clubs (like many other English bands, including the Beatles). They dressed in bright colored outfits almost like cartoon characters, and used a lot of humor in their stage act. By 1964, they were opening for the Honeycombs on their UK tour, and caught the attention of Ken Howard and Alan Blaikley, the songwriting/group manager duo sometimes credited as if it were one person, "Howard Blaikley." The songwriters would write most of the group's hits. DDDBMT were signed to Fontana in 1965, and after two unsuccessful singles, finally hit the UK charts in December, 1965, with "You Make It Move" [UK Fontana TF 630, #26 UK]. It was also released here as Fontana 1537, but didn't chart. The next single was a great rocker, "Hold Tight!" [Fontana 1545] which reached #4 in the UK, but couldn't get airplay in the US except on the weekly "British Invasion" shows heard on some radio stations like WLS. Next came "Hideaway" [Fontana 1553, #10 UK], which also went nowhere in the US.

DC5 LP showing Dave Dee, etc. In the late fall of 1966, the group released "Bend It" [Fontana 1559], a dance record with possible double entendre, but no one could really be sure. But the line "When the night is ending, we'll be bending...(pause)...heh, heh, heh" was enough for some program directors to just know it must be dirty. It made #2 in England and #110 here as 1966 ended. US Fontana tried two more non-charting singles in 1967, "Save Me" [Fontana 1569] and "Okay" [Fontana 1591] before the group and the label parted ways. Fontana issued a Greatest Hits collection and the band signed with Imperial, where they had a minor hit with "Zabadak" [Imperial 66270, #52] in early 1968, followed by the bullwhip-cracking "Legend of Xanadu" [Imperial 66287, #123].

Oh, yes. The record cover fiasco. In 1981, Polydor in Italy (Orbis) put out a huge series of albums called Historia De La Musica Rock ("The History of Rock Music") with one or two volumes for each of about a hundred different artists. The volume by the Dave Clark Five came out with the cover featuring a group photo of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich! Speculation about how this kind of quality control gaffe could occur was that the photos were all in an alphabetically arranged set of folders, and when reaching in to the "Dave Clark Five" folder, a hand accidentally reached into the folder behind it, which was "Dave Dee." Or the photo could have been accidentally misfiled in the adjacent folder. But the really funny part of the situation was that nobody noticed the error until the album was in the stores! By then, they just figured, "Ignore it. No one will notice."

For the record, "Dave Dee" was vocalist David Harman, "Dozy" was bassist Trevor Davies, "Beaky" was guitarist John Dymond, "Mick" was lead guitarist Michael Wilson, and "Tich" was drummer Ian Amey.

The New Vaudeville Band The other Fontana band that debuted with a #1 single in 1966 was the New Vaudeville Band, whose throwback to Rudy Valee and the megaphone days, "Winchester Cathedral" [Fontana 1562], caught the record buyers' fancy late in the year. The "group" was actually a collection of studio musicians hired by songwriter/producer Geoff Stevens to perform the song he wrote. Surprisingly, the record became an international hit, and he needed a group to go on the road to perform. Alas, a common tale, but a group was hired as "The New Vaudeville Band" and toured for a couple of years. The touring band included Alan Klein (vocals), Henri Harrison (drums), Stan Haywood (keyboards), Neil Korner then Chris Eddy (bass), Mick Wilsher (guitar), Hugh Watts (trombone), and Bob Kerr (trombone/saxophone). Three more singles in the same vein followed, including "Peek-A-Boo" [Fontana 1573, #72], "Finchley Central" [Fontana 1589, #122], "Green Street Green" [Fontana 1598], and "Bonnie and Clyde" [Fontana 1612, #122], after which the megaphone revival was put to rest.

The Gals and Pals In retrospect, 1966 was the best year for Fontana, with two #1 hits and a #2 hit in addition to several other chart records. By contrast 1967 to 1969 were pretty much all downhill. Releases by the new British band, The Herd, featuring the young guitarist Peter Frampton, were ignored, which was proving the rule for all Fontana's artists. (Frampton wasn't really ignorable. In the 1970s he had some of the best selling LPs of all time as well as numerous hits; in early 2008 he's constantly on TV and radio hawking Geico Insurance). A six-member vocal group called the Gals & Pals was good enough to merit two albums, but had no singles and no chart success. Other artists having singles during this period included The Mad Hatters, Bobby Skel (singer/songwriter who had the minor hit "Kiss and Run" on the Soft label), Tommy Ambrose, the Guess Who, Helen Reddy, and a host of artists who also had albums, including the Daughters of Albion, Chicago rockers the Little Boy Blues, Shades of Joy, jazz pianist Joe Henderson, Steel Image, Blond, and Tongue and Groove and their singer Lynn Hughes. All to no avail, chartwise.

Other than the early 1968 hit "Love Is All Around" by the Troggs, there were only two more records of note before Mercury finally pulled the plug on the label in early 1970. In October, 1969, another "stadium classic" (like "Wild Thing") was born: Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye)" [Fontana 1667], which reached #1 in late 1969. By the time the group was ready to put out a followup and an album in early 1970, Fontana was in the process of going under, and the album and followup single "I've Gotta Make You Love Me" [Mercury 73020] were released on the parent Mercury label.

Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin The last chart single (and the last chart album) for the US Fontana label was certainly a classic: "Je T'Aime...Mon, Non Plus" [Fontana 1665] by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg, who had made #1 in Europe with the record. The song featured a simulated sex session, with Birkin panting and whispering "I Love You" while deep-voiced Gainsbourg replied with phrases amounting to "Me, neither." The song was banned in many venues, reaching only #58 on the US charts. Birkin was an actress, having appeared in, among other films, the Yardbirds' cult classic Blow Up. She was at one time married to British band leader John Barry, but in 1968 she married French songwriter Lucien "Serge" Gainsbourg, who had been successfully writing French rock songs for a few years. Many of these, like "The Lollipops," had a double meaning, but when he recorded "Je T'Aime" with Bridget Bardot, the song was so hot and blatantly sexual that Bardot hesitated to agree to its release. He recorded a second version with his wife, and it was this version that became an international phenomenon, if not an international scandal. With a song like that, nothing could really follow it, so their US career, as well as the label itself, closed down.

Fontana 45 label Fontana Reissue 45 label Early singles used the Smash numbering sequence, as indicated by the "S-" prefix on the label at far left. About February, 1965, a new Fontana 1500 singles series was established, with an "F-" prefix. Deejay versions were white with black print. The same design was used for the label's entire life from 1962-1970. Reissue 45s used a different label design, as shown at near left.
Fontana mono LP label Fontana stereo LP label The album labels throughout Fontana's existence were light blue with black print. Mono labels, as shown on the far left, had "A Custom High Fidelity Recording" to the right of the center hole, while the stereo versions (shown near left) had "A Stereophonic High Fidelity Recording."
Fontana 45 label Fontana 45 label Most of the Fontana albums had a blank inner sleeve. There were, however, two known Fontana inner sleeves. The earlier one, shown at left, had illustrations of albums up to 27542/67542, and was used for albums released in late 1965 and most of 1966.
Fontana 45 label Fontana 45 label The second Fontana inner sleeve, shown at left, which illustrated albums up to 27556/67556, was used for albums starting in late 1966 and through 1967. By 1968, they had been used up and Fontana reverted to plain sleeves.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Fontana MGF 27500/SRF 67500 Main Series:

* MGF 27500/SRF 67500 - Holiday in Swizterland: A Festival of Traditional Folk Music - Native Artists [1962] Artists include: The Echo-Chorli von Maiengrum, the Landerkapelle (Karli Oswald, conductor), the Alphorn Trio, Christen von Hergiswil, and the Apenzeller Talerschwinger. Senne-Chi Bi (Alpine Carnival)/Zurissee Meiteli (Maid Of Lake Zurich)/Wolf-Jodeler (The Wolf Dance)/Am Waldfest Z'llanz (At The Forest Festival Of Llanz)/Ech Vo Die Berge (Echo From The Mountains)/Malch-Leidli (Song Of The Dairy Maid)/Schwyzer Borg-Chi Bi (Swiss Mountain Carnival)/Jodel-Express (Yodel Express)/Wildheuer-Polka (Mountain Pasture Polka)/'S Unterwaldner- Meiteli (Maids From Unterwalden)/Innerschwyzer Buebe (The Boys Of Middle Switzerland)/Stoos Hell (Cloudless Mt. Stoos)/Summervegeli (Butterflies)/Echo Vom Rigi (Echo From Mt. Rigi)

MGF 27501/SRF 67501 - Music of Bavaria: A Melodic Holiday in the German Alps - Various Artists [1962] Appenzeller Polka (The Appenzell Polka) - Orchester Alois Mosbacher (Alois Mosbacher Orchestra)/Die Bay Rischen Berg (The Bavarian Alps) - Kollmansberger Band/Im Zillertal Und Pinzgau (In Zillertal and Pinzgau) - Kollmansberger Band/Trachtenfest Am Tegernsee (Costume Festival on the Ternsee) - Orchester Alois Mosbacher (Alois Mosbacher Orchestra)/Wenn Der Abend Niedersinkt (When The Evening Falls) - Kollmansberger Band/Andreas-Hofer-Marsch (The Andreas- Hofer March) - Die Muncher Blasmusik (Munich Brass Band)/Auf'm Berg Steht A Haus (The House On The Mountain) - Kollmansberger Band//Jugendzeit-Marsch (The Spirit Of Youth March) - Die Muncher Blasmusik (Munich Brass Band)/'S Loisachtal (In The Loisach Valley) - Kollmansberger Band/Zum Spitzingsee (To Spitzing Lake) - Die Muncher Blasmusik (Munich Brass Band)/In Dux Im Scho'n Tal (In Dux, the Valley Beautiful) - Kollmansberger Band/Gamsrudel (A Herd Of Chamois) - Orchester Alois Mosbacher (Alois Mosbacher Orchestra)/Mei Herz Und Mei Sinn (My Heart And My Mind) - Kollmansberger Band/Was Mach'n Mir Auf d'Nacht (What Shall We Do Tonight?) - Kollmansberger Band

MGF 27502/SRF 67502 - Polkas and Waltzes of Bohemia - Die Egerlander Band [1962] Kuckucks-Waltzer (Cuckoo Waltz)/Hone Tennen (Tall Fir Trees)/Die Fischerin Vom Bodensee (The Fisher Girl From Lake Bodensee)/Waldelust (Forest Joy)/Kohler-Liesel (Sweet Elizabeth)/Hoch Droben Auf Dem Berg (High Up On The Mountain)//Sei Zufrieden (Be Content)/Tief Im Bohmerwald (Deep In The Bohemian Forest)/Drei Weisse Birken (Three White Birches)/Fliege Mit Mir In Die Heimat (Fly With Me To My Homeland)/Das Alte Fosterhaus (The Woodman's Old House)/Annaliese

MGF 27503/SRF 67503 - Favorite Jewish Folk Song Sung By Tova Ben Tsvi - Tova Ben Tsvi [1962] Der Rebbe Elimelech (The Rabbi Elimelech)/A Semer'l (A Song)/Lomir Sich Iberbeten (Let Us Quarrel No Longer)/Hot A Yid A Veibele (A Jew Has A Wife)/Rojinkes mit Mandlen (Raisins and Almonds)/Fohrt Der Chossid'l (The Chossid Goes On A Journey)//Reisele/Wos-Je Willstu Mein Tayer Kind (What Do You Want, My Darling Child)/In An Orim Shtibele (In A Poor Home)/Oif'n Pripetchik (At The Fireside)/Beim Teichele (At The Stream)/Der Rebbe Hot Geheissen Frelech Sein (The Rabbi Commands Us To Be Happy)

* MGF 27504/SRF 67504 - The Girl From Greece Sings - Nana Mouskouri [1962] No Moon At All/What's Good About Goodbye?/That's My Desire/These Things I Offer You/Till There Was You/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Love Me Or Leave Me/Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me/What Now My Love/The Touch Of Your Lips/You Forgot All The Words

MGF 27505/SRF 67505 - Echoes of Ireland - Peter Tomelty [1963] Iniskilling Dragoons/The Old Side Car/Memories Of Home/Little Town In The Ould County Down/Magee's Back Yard/I'll Take You Home Again//Teaching McFadden To Waltz/That's How I Spell I-R-E-L-A-N-D/Pride Of Donegal/The Irish Patrol/Maureen/The Ballad Of Jack Kennedy

MGF 27506/SRF 67506 - A Night with Nicole: A French Woman's Thoughts of Love - Nicole Bergere [1963] Our Time Together/The Kiss/Beloved Heart/Oh To Be Happy/Do You Remember/Drifting/Are There Words Enough//The Red Sash/As A Lost Balloon/Wait Quietly/My Gypsy/Beautiful Giver Of Life/Tell Me I'm Foolish To Love You/The Swim

MGF 27507/SRF 67507 - Paris Musette - Various Artists [1963] The accordions of DuPont, Max Marino, Louis Ferarri, Bob Artoos, and their ensembles. Java-Va/S.V.P./Soir De Bal/Le Temps Des Gros Sous/Le Tambourin Mexicain/Pouss' Ta Brouette//Au Printemps/Veche De Java/Pepita De Majorca/La Calesera/Mi Jaca/Je Pars (Alone)

MGF 27508/SRF 67508 - The Sound of a Dutch Barrel Organ - Draaiorgel De Arabier [1963] Daar Waar Die Molens Staan/Aan De Amsterdamse Grachten/Aan De Voet Van Die Oude Wester/Tulpen Uit Amsterdam/Daar Bij Die Molen/Waar De Blanke Top Der Duinen/K.L.M. Mars//Ik Hou Van Holland/Een Dansleidje Deint/Zuiderzee Ballade/Amsterdam/Rotterdamse Vlag/Als Van De Amsterdamse Gratchen Het Pie Rement Verdwijnt Gaat/De Boerinnekes Dans

MGF 27509/SRF 67509 - Nana Mouskouri Sings Greek Songs: "Never on Sunday" by Manos Hadjidakis - Nana Mouskouri [1963] Never On Sunday/Ilissos/The Cypress Tree/Walking On The Moon/My Love Is Somewhere/Mount Himmitos//Behind The Rose Bushes/Take My Sorrow Away/The Euridice/The Paper Moon/Together/The Punishment

MGF 27510/SRF 67510 - [Unissued]

MGF 27511/SRF 67511 - Musical Souvenirs of Argentina: Traditional Songs and Dances of the Gauchos - Various Artists [1963] Destino De Zamba - Los Fronterizos/El Pajarito - Arnoldo Pinto/Chacaera Del Santiagueno - Cantores De Quilla Huasi/Carita Morena - Carmen Guzman/Chacarera Del Cordobes - Chango Rodriguez/La Orgullosa - Migel Angel//Gueltajuera Y A La Empanada - Cantores De Quilla Huasi/El Mensu - Julio Molina Cabral/Bagualera - Los Fronterizos/La Pampita - Carmen Guzman/El Encuentro - Cantores De Quilla Huasi/Zamba De Mi Madre - Cango Rodriguez

MGF 27512/SRF 67512 - The Passionate Music of Gypsy Caravan - Tata Mirando & Orchestra [1963] Russian Folksongs/Csak Egy Kislany/Dobra Dobra/Armenian Folksongs/Black Eyes//Latzso Daijo/Le Rossignol/Cserebogare/Iboyan/Bessarabyanka

MGF 27513/SRF 67513 - Bravo Paraguay - Los Indios [1963] Group led by vocalist Juan Pablo Alfonso; also included Chinita Montiel, Julio Jara, and Abel Sanchez Gimenez. This is a different group from the RCA artists Los Indios Trabajaras, who were from Brazil. Bravo Paraguay/Acapulco/Esperanza Mia/Se Que Ti Perdi/Mi Montenera/Nde Ratypycera//Rogaciano/Amor De Mi Vida/Chococue Purajhei/Popurri De Ale/Para Que/Anorandote

MGF 27514/SRF 67514 - Ole! Flamenco - Los Serranos [1963] Los Serranos/Vivan Sus Lindas Mujeres/A La Feria De Grana/Aquellos Tiempos/Mí Blanco Velero/Como La Lima Al Acero//Desde Cuba A Puerto Rico/Mirando Al Alba/Que Cosas Tiene El Amor/Rejas De Celos/Son Gitanerias/El Gitano Manue

MGF 27515/SRF 67515 - Tamoure (The New Dance Rage from Tahiti) - Carlos Rubio & Orchestra [1964] C'Est La Chanson Du Brésil (Cançao Do Brasil)/Cafezinho/Poto Poto Tamoure/Youpi Yia Tamoure/Anae Atoa/Manava//La Tahitite Est Arrivée/A San Salvador/Bossa Nova Guitar/Plenty Rum/Bossa Nova De Paris/Desafinado

MGF 27516/SRF 67516 - Sing Along in a German Beer Garden - Various Artists [1963] Ein Prosit Der Gemütlichkeit-Trink, Trink, Trink, Bruederlein, Trink-Heidewitza, Herr Kapitän/Dort Wo Die Grüne isar fliesst-In München steht Ein Hofbräuhaus-Immer An Der Wand Lang/Nur Einmal Blüht Im Jahr Der Mai Das Kannst Du Nicht Ahnen/Mainzer Marshalla Marsch/Einmal Am Rhein Wer Sall Das Bezahlen/Jetzt Trink Ma Noch A Flascherl Wein-Freut Euch Des Lebens-Nach Hause, Nach Hause, Gehen Wir Nicht//Bier Her, Bruher-Oder Ich Falle Um-Der Beste Platz Ist Immer An Der Theke Kornblumenhau/Es War Einmal Ein Treuser Husar/Du Kannt Nicht Treu Sein-Wir Verkaufen Unser-Und Sollt Ich Im Leben Ein Mädel Frein/Sport Palast Welzer, Gib Acht Auf Den Jahrgang Und Sollte Im Leben Ein Mädel Ich Frein/Oh Du Wunderschöner Rhein-Lustig Ist Das Zigeunerleben-Schön Ist Die Jugend Bei Frohen Zeiten/Klein Mädchen Mußen Schlafen Gehn (Little Girls Must Go To Sleep)

* MGF 27517/SRF 67517 - Brass and Beer - Fritz Schickel [1963] Hoffenzupfer Polka (Alpine Polka)/Auf Der Forstalm (Echoes From Bavaria)/Fruehschoppen Polka (Funny Flutes)/Muench "Ner Gruss" (Brass And Beer)/In Brausteubil (Alpine Shoes And Leather Pants)/Gute Freunde (Munich March)/G'Suffe Polka (Beer Stein Polka)/Ja, Dirnl, We Hast Du Denn Dein Fensterl (Green Valley Waltz)/Du Schoenes-Heimatland (High In The Alps)/Trompeten-Jodler (The Yodeling Trumpet)/Isartaler Polka (The Little Village Band)/Tiroler-Feuerschuetzen Marsch (Tyrolian Mountain March)

MGF 27518/SRF 67518 - Traditional Spanish Guitar - David Moreno [1963] Cositas Del Querer/Carino Verdad/Limosna De Amores/El Beso/Triana/La Luna Emorada//El Gitano Senorito/El Salvaora/Rocio/Yo Te Dire/La Niña Del Fuego/Dos Cruces

MGF 27519/SRF 67519 - African Highlife - Various Artists from Nigeria [1964] Wiembo Ablebi - Black Beats)/Akpeteshi - Comets/Onam Owo Ntsi - Chasmen Sunset Band/Minsumo Bo - Ambassador Springboks/Eka Wo Nko A - Happy Stars/Me Rose - Stargazers Of Kumasi//Ma Epeka Ara Nym - Black Beats/Kwateng Da Yie - Comets/Amma Anapoma - Modern King Stars/Yoo Mene - Ambassador Springboks/Wiasw Afefede - Happy Stars/Asamando - Stargazers Of Kumasi

MGF 27520/SRF 67520 - Black Orpheus (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1963] Reissue of Epic LN 3672. Vocals by Joao Gilberto. Generique/Felicidade/Frevo/O Nosso Amor/O Nosso Amor (accordion & tambourine)/Manha De Carnaval/Scene Du Lever Du Soleil/Manha De Carnaval/Scenes De La Macumba/O Nosso Amor/Manha De Carnaval/Samba De Orfeu/Batterie De Cappela

MGF 27521/SRF 67521 - Songs of Italy - Various Artists [1963] Reissued on Philips PHM 426 as Musical Treasures of Italy. Sona E Canta Pecuraru - Franco Mazzittelli/Chillo Ca Sposa A Te (The One That You Married) - Armandino & His Quintett/Rondini Fiorentine - Luciano Rondinella/Sirinata 'Mpiriali (Imperial Serenade) - Gianni Spagnolo & the Coretto Trinacria/Me Compare Giacometo - Coro Tre Peni [TheThree Pines]/Ritornero A Roma - Wilma De Angelis//Oili, Oila - Luciano Rondinella/Nanni...Una Gita A La Castelli (Nanni...A Tour Of The Castles) - Piero Orlando/La Villanella (The Tramp) - Coro Tre Peni [The Three Pines]/Canzona Appassiunata - Amedeo Pariante/Ciao Veneza - Silvia Guidi/Firenze Sogna (Florence, Tonight Under A Mantle Of Stars) - Minno Alberti

MGF 27522/SRF 67522 - Melodies of Japan - Johnny Gregory Orchestra [1963] Ame (Drizzling Rain)/Seikurabe (Growing Up)/Teru-Teru Bozo (Sunshine Doll)/Oboro Zukyio (Night Of The Misty Moon)/Makiba No Asa (Morning Meadows)/Hama-Chidori (The Lost Plovers)//Haru No Ogawa (Spring Coming)/Kanariya (The Canary)/A Katombo (Red Dragon Flies)/Toryanse (Please Let Us Pass)/Chatsumi (Picking Of Tea Leaves)/Shikararete (The Punishment)

MGF 27523/SRF 67523 - Aliki My Love (Soundtrack) - Manos Hadjidakis (Conductor), with vocals by Aliki Vonyouklaki & Jesse Conrad [1963] Songs composed by Manos Hadjidakis. Aliki/The Welcome March/The Villagers' Serenade (instrumental)/Meeting At The Windmill/Lullaby (instrumental)/Aliki's Cah Cha-The Drinking Chant/Oh Susannah-Spartan Dance/Lullaby (vocal)/The Villagers' Serenade (vocal)/Aphrodite/The Siren Song/The Magic Aisle (The Wedding March)/Montage

MGF 27524/SRF 67524 - Hallelujah the Hills (Soundtrack) - Meyer Kupferman [1964] Frolic Fanfare, Arrow Play And First Finale/Seven Winters/Russian Troika/Salute And Jack's Strip Run/Nibelugen Walk/Reflection And Frolic/Movie Caveman/Moody Cabin/Seven Summers/First Military Salute/Vera Memory/Bike Ride/Cows/Girl Tree Twist/Sync. Intro/Movie Valentino Zebra/Breathless jazz/Movie Frankenstein/Modern Jazz/Cabin Snow Maiden/Main Title Fanfare/Celesta Theme Fragment- Piccolo Bike Ride Fragment/Scherzo Nose And Duel Fanfare

MGF 27525/SRF 67525 - What the Dickens! - Johnny Dankworth & His Orchestra [1964] Prologue/Weller Never Did/Little Nell/The Infant Phenomenon/Demdest Little Fascinator/Dotheboys Hall/Ghosts/David And The Bloaters/Please Sir. I Want Some More/The Artful Dodger/Waiting For Something To Turn Up/Dodson And Fogg/The Pickwick Club/Sergeant Buzfuz/Finale

MGF 27526/SRF 67526 - The Cantor and His Sons - Cantor Zvi Finkelstein, with Aryeh Finkelstein & Mei Finkelstein [1964] Moydeem Anachnoh Loch (We Confess Unto Thee)/Agadat Kaheeneret (Legend Of Kinnert)/Kodosh, Kodosh (Holy Is The Lord Of Hosts)/The Barmitzvah Song- Benee (My Son)/Yahee Ratzon (May It Be Thy Will)/Shmah Israel (Hear Of Israel)/Hanerot-Halalu (These Candles, These Lights)

MGF 27527/SRF 67527 - The Fantastic Carmela Sings Latin America Folklore - Carmela with Paco Ibanez & His Orchestra [1964] El Macan/Der Terciopelo Negro (Black Velvet)/Que Nadia Sepa Mi Sufrir (Nobody Knows My Sadness)/La Chipola/Estrellita Del Sur (Little Southern Star)/Flor Silvestre (Wildflower)/Silverio/Madrugada Llanera (Dawning On The Plains)/Hojos Que Lleva El Viento (Windblown Leaves)/Partida (Departure)/Naranjita (Little Orange)/Brumas Del Mar (Stormy Sea)/Zambita Arrivena/Guerra De Los Vargas (War Of The Vargas)

MGF 27528/SRF 67528 - Intimate Moments - Gloria Lynne [1964] Intimate Moments/Be Anything (But Be Mine)/Let It Be Me/I Cover The Waterfront/I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life/I Can Dream Can't I//Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered/Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye/The Touch Of Your Lips/Blue Gardenia/Blame It On My Youth/My Ideal

* MGF 27529/SRF 67529 - The Voice of Greece - Nana Mouskouri [1964] The Lighthearted Youths (Kathe Trello Pedi)/Mother (Manoula Mou)/My Lost Star/You Were Sweet And Tender/I See Only You/Where Has My Child Gone/I Know A Narrow Street/For You My Love/Nannourisma/To Pouli

MGF 27530/SRF 67530 - Introducing Dario Moreno - Dario Moreno [1964] El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)/Perfidia/Siboney/Caminito/Adios Muchachos/Granada/Bahia/Malaguena Salerosa/Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps)/Amor/Plegaria/America (From "West Side Story")

MGF 27531/SRF 67531 - Shakespeare and All That Jazz - Cleo Laine with Johnny Dankworth [1964] If Music Be The Food Of Love/O' Mistress Mine/Duet Of Sonnets/Winter/My Love Is A Fever/It Was A Lover And His Lass/Dunsinane Blues/Take All My Loves/Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind/Shall I Compare Thee/Witches Fair And Foul/Fear No More/Sigh No More Ladies/The Compleat Works

MGF 27532/SRF 67532 - Jazz on the Screen: Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (Elevator to the Scaffold) (Soundtrack)/The Women Disappear (Soundtrack) - Miles Davis/Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers [1964] Elevator to the Scaffold - Miles Davis: Recorded in Paris, December 4, 1957. Générique (Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysées)/Florence Sur Les Champs- Elysées/Visite Du Vigile (Vigile's Visit)/Julien Dans L'Ascenseur (Julien In The Elevator)/L'Assassinat De Carala (The Assassination Of Carala)/Sur L'Autoroute (On The Highway)/Ascenseur (Evasion De Julien) (Julien's Escape)/Au Bar Du Petit Bac (At The Bar Of The Little Ferry Boat)/Chez Le Photographe Du Motel (At The Motel's Photographer)/The Women Disappear - Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers: Recorded in Paris, December 18-19, 1958. Blues Pour Vava (Blues For Vava)/La Divorcée De Léo Fall (The Divorce Of Leo Fall)/Blues Pour Marcel (Blues For Marcel)

MGF 27533/SRF 67533 - Drums and Pipes of the 1st Battalion - Royal Irish Fusiliers [1964] Selection Of Marches/Quick And Slow Marches/Retreat Marches/March, Reel & Jig/Slow March And Jigs/March And Hornpipe/Retreat Marches/Two Marches/Slow And Quick March/Massed Marches/Brigade March "Killaloe"

* MGF 27534/SRF 67534 - Jazz Under the Midnight Sun - Lars Lystedt Sextet [Unreleased] The Hammock/The Runner/Bothnia/Woodoo/Cook It/Sarek

MGF 27535/SRF 67535 - An Evening On Buford Mountain - Jim Symington & Patti Douglas with Lee Mace & His Ozark Opry Group [1964] This World Can't Stand Too Long/My Horses Ain't Hungry/The Letter Edged In Black/That Old Time Religion/Cornbread, 'Lasses And Sassafrass Tea/The Ballad Of Jesse James/Who's Going To Shoe My Pretty Little Feet//Dust On The Bible/The Courtin' Song/I'll Fly Away/Liza Jane/Stay A Little Longer/Dese Bones Gwine Rise Again/Devil's Dream/Buford Mountain Song

MGF 27536/SRF 67536 - Introducing the McPeake Family - McPeake Family [1964] Brennan On The Moor/Alabama/Ballynure Ballad/The Winding Banks Of Erne/Belfast Street Songs/Out In The Ocean/The Next Market Day/Dumb, Dumb, Dumb/Banks Of The Roses/Maggie Pickens/Corrie Doon/Buncrana Train/On The Banks Of The O.B.D./Lament For Owen Roe/Jute Mill Sons/Docks Of Megherlin

MGF 27537/SRF 67537 - A Swingin', Singin' Affair - Mark Murphy [1964] Ballyhoo/She Loves You/My Foolish Heart/Ice Berg/Happy Days Are Here Again/(I Left My Heart) In San Francisco//Stablemates/I'll Be Around/From Time To Time/Come Rain Or Come Shine/The Best Is Yet To Come

MGF 27538/SRF 67538 - Europe's Newest "In" Group - Gals and Pals [1964] Alley Cat Song/Midnight Sun/Dat Dere/Autumn Leaves/500 Miles/Satin Doll/Bossa Nova U.S.A./In San Francisco/Lullaby Of Birdland/Soul Dance/Midnight Sun

MGF 27539/SRF 67539 - Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Soundtrack) - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers with Barney Willen [1965] No Problem (First Version)/No Hay Problema/Prelude In Blue (a L'Esquinade)/Valmontana (First Version)/Miguel's Party/Prelude In Blue (Chez Miguel)/No Problem (Second Version)/Weehawken Mad Pad/Valmontana (Second Version)

MGF 27540/SRF 67540 - Mr. Oscar Brown Jr. Goes To Washington - Oscar Brown Jr. [1965] One Life/Beautiful Girl/Maxine/Maggie/Living Double In A World Of Trouble/Glorious Tired Feeling//Tower Of Time/Muffled Drums/Bother, Where Are You/Forty Acres And A Mule/Call Of The City/Summer In The City

MGF 27541/SRF 67541 - Soul Serenade - Gloria Lynne [1965] (6-65, #82) Soul Serenade/That's My Desire/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/If I Loved You/Don't Go To Strangers/Watermelon Man//Teach Me Tonight/People Will Say We're In Love/All Alone/I'll Be Around/Joey, Joey, Joey/It Could Happen To You

MGF 27542/SRF 67542 - The Game of Love - Wayne Fontana & the Mindbenders [1965] (5-65, #58) The Game Of Love/Keep Your Hands Off My Baby/Too Many Tears/Cops And Robbers/Girl Can't Help It/I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday//She's Got The Power/You Don't Know Me/Git It!/Jaguar And Thunderbird/Certain Girl/One More Time

MGF 27543/SRF 67543 - The Zodiac Variations - John Dankworth & His Orchestra & Guests [1965] Theme: A Way With The Stars/Aquarius/Pisces/Aires/Taurus/Gemini/Cancer// Leo/Virgo/Libra/Scorpio/Saggitarius/Capricorn & Coda

MGF 27544/SRF 67544 - The Pretty Things - Pretty Things [1965] Roadrunner/Judgement Day/13 Chester Street/Big City/Unknown Blues/Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut//Honey I Need/Oh Baby Doll/She's Fine She's Mine/Don't You Lie To Me/The Moon Is Rising/Pretty Thing

MGF 27545/SRF 67545 - Nana - Nana Mouskouri [1965] Johnny/Half A Crown/Just A Ribbon/If You Love Me (Really Love Me)/The Love We Never Knew/I Love My Man/Ballinderrie/I Gave My Love A Cherry/He Don't Know Me/Tiny Sparrow/My Kind Of Man

MGF 27546/SRF 67546 - Love and a Woman - Gloria Lynne [1965] It's Just A Matter Of Time/Whisperers/It May Sound Silly/Till There Was You/Sunday Kind Of Love/More I See You/After All I've Been/I Understand/For Sentimental Reasons/I Love You, Yes I Do/All Of Nothing/It Seems To Me

MGF 27547/SRF 67547 - Giaconda's Smile - Manos Hadjidakis [1966] Les Nuages/Le Soldat/The Virgin In My Neighborhood/Contessa Esterhazy/Rain/The Athletes//Le Concert/Mr. Noll/Portrait Of My Mother/The Killers/Lonesome Return/Waltzing With My Shadow

MGF 27548/SRF 67548 - You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - Silkie [1965] You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (E)/The Times They Are A-Changin' (E)/Mr. Tambourine Man (E)/Close The Door Gently (E)/Dylan's Dream (E)/Girl Of The North Country (E)//Blowin' In The Wind (E)/Blood Red River (E)/Love Minus Zero-No Limit (E)/It Ain't Me Babe (E)/Tomorrow Is A Long Time (E)/City Winds (E)

MGF 27549/SRF 67549 - Finding A New Friend - Oscar Brown Jr. & Luiz Henrique [1966] Laia Ladaia/Nothin' But A Fool/Manha De Carnaval/Much As I Love You/I Had No Idea/Wham! Bam!/Dawn Comes Again/Listen To Me/Answer To My Prayer/Seeing Maria/Barra Limpa

MGF 27550/SRF 67550 - The Irish Rising: Music and Spirit of 1916 - Shann-Garry Ceili Band [1965] Heroes Of Ireland/Michael Collins/O'Connell Street/Songs Of Tipperary/The Patriot Boys/The Three Sea Captains/Terence's Farewell & The Bold Robert Emmet/The Sligo Maid/Kevin Barry The Croppy Boy-Skibbereen/The Countess/The Galway/Spirit Of Freedom/Irish Whiskey/Legion Of The Reargard/Joker/Peter Street

MGF 27551/SRF 67551 - The Athenians Sing Greek Golden Hits - Athenians [1965] The Athenians were Nana Mouskouri's backing vocalists. To Psomi Ine Sto Trapezi (The Bread Is On The table)/Doxa To Theo (Thanks To God)/Kathe Limani (Every Part)/Margarita Margaro/Kato Ston Kampo (In The Valley)/Vraho Vraho (Sea Of Rocks)//Stis Larissis To Potami (The River Of Larissa)/Strosse To Stroma (Make Your Bed For Two) (Theme From "Zorba The Greek)/Marinella/Sto Periyali (Down By The Shore)/Efta Tragoudia (Seven Songs)/Varka Sto Yalo (Rowboat At The Stream)

MGF 27552/SRF 67552 - Woman to Woman - Cleo Laine [1965] Please Don't Talk/I Cover The Waterfront/Second Time Around/Love In Summer/Little Boat/Woman Talk/Fascinating Rhythm/Peel Me A Grape/My Myself/Autumn Love/Servant-All Gone/Bidin' My Time

MGF 27553/SRF 67553 - Listen to Me - Luiz Henrique [1965] If You Want To Be My Heart/Sem Tostao/Song Of Santa Claus/In My Automobile/Like A Flower/Summer Song/Sambao/Alicinha

MGF 27554/SRF 67554 - A Groovy Kind of Love - Mindbenders [1966] (7-66, #92) First Issue. A Groovy Kind Of Love (E)/One Fine Day (E)/The Way You Do The Things You Do (E)/Seventh Son (E)/Just A Little Bit (E)/Tricky Dickie (E)//Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You (E)/All Night Worker (E)/Love Is Good (E)/You Don't Know About Love (E)/Don't Cry No More (E)/Little Nightingale (E)

MGF 27554/SRF 67554 - A Groovy Kind of Love - Mindbenders [8-66] Second Issue, with "Ashes to Ashes" replacing "Don't Cry No More." A Groovy Kind Of Love (E)/One Fine Day (E)/The Way You Do The Things You Do (E)/Seventh Son (E)/Just A Little Bit (E)/Tricky Dickie (E)//Ashes To Ashes (E)/Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You (E)/All Night Worker (E)/Love Is Good (E)/You Don't Know About Love (E)/Little Nightingale (E)

MGF 27555/SRF 67555 - Where It's At - Gloria Lynne [1966] Strangers In The Night/Yesterday/Happy Shoes/Papa, Don't You Worry/Nothing Ever Changes/Lovin' Kind/Hey Candy Man/Music Maestro/Livin' The Life/Young Emotions/You Came A Long Way/Country Girl

MGF 27556/SRF 67556 - Wild Thing - Troggs [1966] (9-66, #52) Due to a misunderstanding, this album was issued simultaneously on both Fontana and Atco 33-193 (shown at right), with the exact same track lineup and stereo content. The Atco issue was the error, and subsequent Troggs releases were on Fontana. Wild Thing (E)/From Home (E)/I Just Sing (E)/Hi Hi Hazel (E)/Lost Girl (E)/Evil (E)//With A Girl Like You (E)/Our Love Will Still Be There (E)/Jingle Jangle (E)/When I'm With You (E)/Your Love (E)/I Want You (E)

MGF 27557/SRF 67557 - The Gals & Pals Sing Somethin' For Everyone - Gals & Pals [1966] My Little Red Book/Cross Town Bus/Close/Trains And Boats And Planes/Walk On/Wishin' And Hopin'/Something There/Anyone Who Had A Heart/Message To Michael/Here I Am

MGF 27558/SRF 67558 - Pageantry and Color of the Changing of the Guards - Scots Guards [1966] Ceremony Of Changing the Guard/Our Director/Garb Of Old Gaul/Scottish Waltz Medley/Let Erin Remember/Punchinello/Sibelius Karelia Suite-Intermezzo/Mozart Exsultate, Jubilate- Alleluja/Grand March/Crimond/Last Post/Day Thou Gavest

MGF 27559/SRF 67559 - The Idol (Soundtrack) - Johnny Dankworth [1966] Empty Arms/Seducer/Party/Title Music/Won't You Believe/There's A Fight/Houseboat Set/End Title

MGF 27560/SRF 67560 - Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band [11/66] (12-66, #5) First Issue, with matrix number on side A ending in "-1A". Winchester Cathedral (E)/Lilli Marlene (E)/I Can't Go Wrong (S)/Oh, Donna Clara (S)/ Tap Your Feet (And Go Bo-De-Do-De- Doo) (S)//A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (S)/Whispering (S)/There's A Kind of Hush (S)/Your Love Ain't What It Used To Be (E)/That's All For Now, Sugar Baby (E)

MGF 27560/SRF 67560 - Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band [3/67] Second issue, with matrix number on side A ending in "-5A". "Oh, Donna Clara" is replaced by "Whatever Happened to Phyllis Puke?" and "Diana Goodbye," and some rearranging of track sequence. The cover artwork remained the same. Winchester Cathedral (E)/Lilli Marlene (E)/I Can't Go Wrong (S)/Tap Your Feet (And Go Bo-De-Do-De-Doo) (S)/Whatever Happened To Phyllis Puke? (S)/Diana Goodbye (S)//A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square (S)/Whispering (S)/There's A Kind of Hush (S)/Your Love Ain't What It Used To Be (E)/That's All For Now, Sugar Baby (E)

MGF 27561/SRF 67561 - Gloria - Gloria Lynne [1966] Some Of These Days/Love Child/Tears Of Joy/What Now My Love/What Do I Know//Blue Afternoon/Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk/For You/Warm And Willing/Somewhere In The Night

MGF 27562/SRF 67562 - Blossom Time: Blossom Dearie Live at Ronnie Scott's Club, London - Blossom Dearie [1967] On Broadway/(Ah, The Apple Tree) When The World Was Young/When In Rome/The Shadow Of Your Smile/Everything I've Got Belongs To You//Once Upon A Summertime/I'm Hip/Mad About The Boy/The Ballad Of The Shape Of Things/Satin Doll

MGF 27563/SRF 67563 - Chants De Mon Pays (Songs of My Land) - Nana Mouskouri [1967] Vrexi Stin Ftoxo Gitonia (It's Raining In The Poor Neighborhood)/Itan Kamari Tis Avgis (He Was The Pride Of Dawn)/Lavrion/Me T 'Aspro Mou Mantili (With My White Handkerchief)/Ena to Chelidoni (One Is The Swallow)//To Parathiri (The Window)/Ypomoni (Patience)/I Ballada Tou Stratioti (The Ballad Of The Soldier)/Tora Pou Pas Stin Xenitia (Now That You're Goin' Away)/Fengari Mou (My Moon)

MGF 27564/SRF 67564 - Revolution: An Operatic First - Madame Cathy Berberian [1967] Ticket To Ride/I Want To Hold Your Hand/Michelle/Eleanor Rigby/Yellow Submarine/Here There And Everywhere//Help/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away/Yesterday/Can't Buy Me Love/Girl/A Hard Day's Night

MGF 27565/SRF 67565 - The Underworld - Reg Guest Syndicate [1967] The James Bond Theme (Double-O-Seven)/Goldfinger/Thunderball/Theme From "The Saint"/Theme From "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."/Theme From "The Avengers"/Burke's Law/The Ratcatchers/Guys, Guns, Dolls And Danger

MGF 27566/SRF 67566 - What Your Horoscope Never Told You - Johnny Melfi, James Evering & Dorothy Vann [1967] Aries/Taurus/Gemini/Cancer/Leo/Virgo/Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius/ Capricorn/Aquarius/Pisces

MGF 27567/SRF 67567 67567 - Greatest Hits - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich [1967] (8-67, #155) Bend It (E)/Touch Me, Touch Me (S)/Hold Tight! (E)/Hideaway (S)/I'm On The Up (S)//Save Me (E)/You Make It Move (S)/Here's A Heart (E)/You Know What I Want (E)/Hands Off (S)

MGF 27568/SRF 67568 - The New Vaudeville Band on Tour - New Vaudeville Band [1967] Finchley Central/Shine On Harvest Moon/I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now/So Tired/Reflections//Thoroughly Modern Millie/Peek-A-Boo/If I Had A Talking Picture Of You/Shirl/Sadie Moonshine/Amy

MGF 27569/SRF 67569 - To Sir, with Love (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [1967] (9-67, #16) To Sir, With Love - Lulu (S, 2:44 hit 45 version)/School Break Dancing (Stealing My Love From Me) - Lulu (S)/Thackeray Meets Faculty, Then Alone (Instrumental) (S)/Music From Lunch Break (Off and Running) - Mindbenders (S)/Thackeray Loses Temper, Gets An Idea (Instrumental) (S)/Museum Outings Montage (To Sir, With Love) - Lulu (S)//A Classical Lesson (Instrumental) (S)/Perhaps I Could Tidy Your Desk (Instrumental) (S)/Potter's Loss of Temper In Gym (Instrumental) (S)/Thackeray Reads Letter About Job (Instrumental) (S)/Thackeray and Denham Box In Gym (Instrumental) (S)/The Funeral (Instrumental) (S)/End of Term Dance (It's Getting Harder All the Time) - Mindbenders (S)/To Sir, With Love - Lulu (S, 1:21 end title version)

MGF 27570/SRF 67570 - England's Greatest Hits - Various Artists [1967] (9-67, #197) Wild Thing - Troggs (E)/Semi-Detached Suburban Mr. James - Manfred Mann (E)/Bend It - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich (E)/My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small (E)/Silver Threads And Golden Needles - Springfields (E)/Game Of Love - Wayne Fontana & Mindbenders (E)//Winchester Cathedral - New Vaudeville Band (E)/The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore) - Walker Brothers (E)/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me - Dusty Springfield (E)/A Groovy Kind Of Love - Mindbenders (E)/You've Got To Hide Your Love Away - Silkie (E)

MGF 27571/SRF 67571 - The Other Side of Gloria - Gloria Lynne [1967] I Can't Stand It/Unchained Melody/Open The Door/When Something Is Wrong With My Baby/Knock On Wood/Nothing Takes The Place Of You/Turn On Your Love Light/Don't Pay Them No Mind/Foolish Dreamer/Tell It Like It Is/I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)

MGF 27572/SRF 67572 - Jerusalem of Gold: Songs of the Six Days War - Various Artists [1967] Yerushala Im Shel Zah (Jerusalem Of Gold) - Shuly Nathan/We Shall Pass - Doodiam/The Letter - Yehoram Gaon/Tomorrow - Nama Hendel/Who Cares - Shimon Bar/Epistle To Nasser - Benny Berman//Sharm-A-Sheik - Ron Eliran/Nasser Waits For Rabin - Doodiam/I've Got Your Letter - Nama Hendel/Reunion With The Reserves - High Windows/No Other Songs - Benny Amdursky/Keep Your Fingers Crossed - Ron Eliran

MGF 27573/SRF 67573 - Two Suns Worth - Morning Glory [1967] Need Someone/I Cry/Hey Little Girl/Stone Good Day/Even When I'm Up I'm Down//Jelly Gas Flame/I See A Light/Live For Today/Point of No Return/So Glad Being Here

From this point, commercial albums were issued in stereo only, "playable on modern monaural equipment." Some promotional albums below may also have been issued in mono for deejay use.

SRF 67574 - Funky Trumpet on Broadway - Ray Davies with Orchestra [1967] The Look Of Love/Younger Than Springtime/Show Me/Baby Talk/Mr. Snow/Why Did I Choose You/Do You Love Me/Something's Coming/Why Can't You Behave/They Say It's Wonderful/Hey There/You Only Live Twice

SRF 67575 - The $1,000,000 Collection - John Dankworth & His Orchestra [1967] Winter Scene/Sailor/Two Piece Flower/Litle Girl In Blue/Composition With Colour/Face In A Crowd/Clownesse/Garden Of Delights/madonna/Hogshead Of Hogarth

SRF 67576 - Love Is All Around - Troggs [1968] (5-68, #109) Love Is All Around (E)/Night Of The Long Grass (E)/Gonna Make You (E)/Any Way That You Want Me (E)/66-5-4-3-2-1 (E)/When Will The Rain Come (E)//Little Girl (E)/I Can't Control Myself (E)/Girl In Black (E)/Give It To Me (All Your Love) (E)/Cousin Jane (E)

SRF 67577 - Here, There and Everywhere - Gloria Lynne [1968] Here There And Everywhere/Hold Back The Dawn/By The Time I Get To Phoenix/So Warm/I've Never Ever Loved Before//Down Here On The Ground/Lonely Is The Name/The Guy Who Lived Up There/Think It Over/Love Child

SRF 67578 - In the Woodland of Weir - Little Boy Blues [1968] Chicago-based psychedelic band made up of Mark Coplon (vocals), Bill Mooney (drums), Peter Pollack (guitar), and Ray Levin (bass, keyboards, flute). Cathedral (S)/Is Love? (S)/I'm Hip To You (S)/Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen (S)/The Death Of Don Quixote (S, with long mono intro)//Jazz Is Love (S, but mostly E except for a drum lick part way through the piece on one channel)/It's Only You (S)/Echoes Of You (S)/The Dream Weaver (S)/Seed Of Love (S)/The Fox (S)

SRF 67579 - Lookin thru You - Herd [1968] I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/Come On- Believe Me/Our Fairy Tale/On My Way Home/Goodbye Groovy//From The Underworld/Paradise Lost/Sweet William/I Can Fly/Understand Me

SRF 67580 - The Button-Down Brass Featuring the Funky Trumpet of Ray Davies - Button- Down Brass Featuring Ray Davies [1968] Somethin' Stupid/Love Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)/Up, Up And Away/And I Love Her/It's Not Unusual/Fool On The Hill//You're Never Gonna Get My Lovin'/Bonnie And Clyde/With A Girl Like You/Let The Heartaches Begin/The Last Waltz

SRF 67581 - Get Ready! - O'Hara's Playboys [1968] Funky Broadway/Respect/It's A Wonder/Soul And Inspiration/Harry/Gotta Make A Comeback/You Don't Know Like I Know//Island in the Sun/Show Me/It's A Man's Word/I Was Made To Love Her/Get Ready/Sweet Soul Music/(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

SRF 67582 - The Baroque Brass - Baroque Brass [1968] Day Tripper/My Favourite Things/Aria From Bach's Suite In G/The Green Leaves Of Summer/I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face/The Trolley Song//A Taste Of Honey/Wives And Lovers/Here There And Everywhere/Walk On By/Hello Goodbye/Trains And Boats And Planes

SRF 67583 - Full House Saxes! - Johnnie Gray-Reg Tilsley Orchestra [1968] Volare/Misty/Autumn Leaves/Deep Purple/September Song/Stardust/Flamingo/I'm In The Mood/Petite Fleur/Stranger On The Shore/Danny Boy

SRF 67584 - Cascading Strings - Johnny Gregory [1968] Limelight Theme/Around The World/Harry Lime Theme/Lisbon Antigua/Ebb Tide/Greensleeves/Autumn Leaves/April In Portugal/Poor People/Blue Tango/Moulin Rouge Song

SRF 67585 - Big Band Kick! - Tommy Kinsman Orchestra [1968] Rockin' In Rhythm/Blues In The Night/And The Angels Sing/Chattanooga Choo Choo/Peanut Vendor/Woodchopper's Ball//Begin The Beguine/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/For Dancers Only/Big Noise/One O'Clock Jump/Tuxedo Junction

SRF 67586 - Daughters of Albion - Daughters of Albion [1968] I Love Her And She Loves Me/Still Care About You/Yes, Our Love Is Growing/Candle Song/Ladyfingers/Sweet Susan Constantine//Hat Off, Arms Out, Ronnie/Good To Have You/Well Wired/Hey, You, Wait, Stay/Story Of Sad/1968: John Flip Lockup (Medley)

SRF 67587

SRF 67588 - The Ballad of Evergreen Blueshoes - Evergreen Blueshoes [Unissued] Issued As Amos AAS 7002. Life's Mountain Railroad/Walking Down The Line/Line Out/Amsterdam In 1968/Everything's Fine Right Now/Johnny B. Goode//The Hedge Hog's Song/The Raven/Mrs. Cohen's Little Boy/Moon Over Mt. Olympus/Jewish Teahouse/The Everblue Express

SRF 67589 - The Best of Gloria Lynne - Gloria Lynne [1968] Watermelon Man/It's Just a Matter Of Time/Strangers In The Night/Down Here On The Ground/Love Child/Bewitched//By The Time I Get to Phoenix/Don't Go To Strangers/Yesterday/What Now My Love/Soul Serenade

SRF 67590 - Hits, Hits, Hits! - The Fantastic Joe Henderson [1969] Jazz pianist, not the Todd label R&B singer from the early 1960s. Man Without Love/Cinderella Rockefella/She Wears My Ring/Mame/Careless Hands/What A Wonderful World/Help Yourself/Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You/Cabaret/I Pretend/Old Devil Moon

SRF 67591 - House of Leather - Blackwood Apology [1969] Pop-psychedelic. Medley (Swanee River Overture-House Of Leather Theme)/Do You Recall The House Of Leather/Recess With Mrs. Grimm/Graduates Of Mrs. Grimm's Learning/There Is Love In The Country (On The Donny Brooks Farm)/Here I Am/She Lives With Me/There Is Love In The Country (On The Donny Brooks Farm)//Time Marches On/Dixie And The War/Death And Reality/Sarah's On Her Knees/Theme From House Of Leather (Epilogue In Suede)

SRF 67592 - Shades of Joy - Shades of Joy [1969] Icarus Revealed/Come And Throw The Rye Bread/Crying Bag/Fourth Stride/It's Time/Bye, Bye Love/Andy's Dream/Blues For Millie/Tada

SRF 67593 - Tongue & Groove Featuring Lynne Hughes - Tongue & Groove Featuring Lynne Hughes [1968] Devil/Come On In My Kitchen/Mailman's Sack/Cherry Ball (Shake Shake Mama)/The Shadow Knows//Sidetrack/Motorhead Baby/Duncan And Brady/Rocks For My Pillows (Livin' With The Blues)/Fallin' Apart

SRF 67594 - Nana Mouskouri Sings Over and Over - Nana Mouskouri [1968] Scarborough Fair-Canticle (S)/The Last Thing On My Mind (S)/The Lily Of The West (S)/Try To Remember (S)/Song For A Winters Night (S)/Erene (S)//The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) (S)/Love Tastes Like Strawberries (S)/The White Rose Of Athens (S)/Over And Over (S)/Cucurucucu Paloma (S)/My Friend The Sea (S)

SRF 67595 - Soul Hits Sax Style - Art Heatlie [1968] Chain Gang/Mustang Sally/Groovin'/Soul Sanction/Soul Man/Fa-Fa-Fa/Peter Gunn/Don't Fight It/Soul Finger/Keep On Running/Dock Of The Bay/Respect

SRF 67596 - The World Goes Round and Round - Julie Felix [1968] This World Goes Round And Round/Painting Box/From Both Sides Now/Widow On The Shore/Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead/Bracero/Dirty Old Town//This Wheel's On Fire/Hey Ho The Wind And The Rain/Alma Llanera/The Hedgehog's Song/Mad John's Escape/Fare Thee Well

SRF 67597 - The Londonderry Aires: These Are Our Favorites - Voices of the Champagne Circle with the Frank Barber Orchestra [1968] Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Girl Talk/Michelle/It's Not Unusual/A Man Without Love/Time For Love/Georgia On My Mind/A Man And A Woman/San Francisco/Dindi/What A Wonderful World/Walk Away Renee

SRF 67598 - Ballzy - Ambrose Slade [1969] UK issue, titled Beginnings, shown at right. Genesis/Everybody's Next One/Knocking Nails Into My House/Roach Daddy/Ain't Got No Heart/Pity The Mother//Mad Dog Cole/Fly Me High/If This SWorld Were Mine/Martha My Dear/Born To Be Wild/Journey To The Center Of Your Mind

SRF 67599 - Where the Blues Begin - Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee [1969] Reissue of Smash SRS 67067. Ride And Roll/Love, Truth And Confidence/Ida B./Baby, I Got My Mind Off You/I'll Be Anything (What I Would Like To Be)/Don't Pity Me//Whoee, Whoee/I Gotta Look Under Your Hood/C'mon If You're Comin'/Burnt Child Afraid Of Fire/Amen

SRF 67600 - Sousa Specials - Band of Scots Guards [1969] Cover shown is UK issue. George Washington Bicentennial March/Loval Legion/Royal Welch Fusiliers/Anchor And Star/Baorit De Corna/Crusader/Century Of Progress/National Fencibles/Salvation Army/Atlantic City Pageant/Wolverine Band/Pathfinder Of Panams/Guide Right

SRF 67601 - Neapolitan Nights - Living Presence Orchestra [1969] Poppa Piccolino/Mattinata/Hear My Song/Amapola/Come Back To Sorrento/Catari/Lazzarella/Donkey Serenade/O Sole Mio/Santa Lucia/Come Prima/Funiculi Funicula

SRF 67602 - Sweet Sax at the Cinema - Johnny Gray [1969] Old Devil Moon/Mayerling Theme/Rosemary's Baby/Shalako/Limbo Line/Funny Girl/If This Isn't Love/Irina/Romeo And Juliet Love Theme/Odd Couple/How Are Things/People

SRF 67603 - The Sophisticated Johnny Dankworth - Johnny Dankworth [1969] Ja- Da/Off Duty/Little Brown Jig/Sophisticated Lady/African Waltz/Bernie's Tune/Skyliner/Basin Street Blues/To Emma/Don't Get Around/Song Of India/Holloway House

SRF 67604 - El Bandido - Chaquito & the Quedo Brass [1969] O Cangaceiro (The Bandit)/What A Diff'rence A Day Made/Guantanamera/La Golondrina/Belles Of Acapulco/Mexican Marathon/Mexican hat dance/Adios/South Of The Border (Down Mexico Way)/Adios Mariquita/So Nice (Summer Samba)/Perfidia

SRF 67605 - Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Champagne Circle Voices with Barber Orchestra [1969] Reissue of SRF 67597 with new title. Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Girl Talk/Michelle/It's Not Unusual/A Man Without Love/Time For Love//Georgia On My Mind/A Man And A Woman/San Francisco/Dindi/What A Wonderful World/Walk Away Renee

SRF 67606 - American Folk Blues Festival, 1963 - Various Artists [1969] Recorded in Bremen, Germany on October 13, 1963. Reissue of Exodus EX-302. Cover shown is French issue. The artists performed in various combinations as indicated (v=vocals, p=piano, g=guitar, b=bass, d=drums, h=harmonica, u=ukelele). Wish Me Well - Memphis Slim (p+v), Willie Dixon (b), Matt "Guitar" Murphy (g), Bill Stepney (d)/I Have No Friends - Big Joe Williams (g+v)/Sittin' And Cryin' The Blues - Willie Dixon (b+v), Memphis Slim (p), Matt Murphy (g), Bill Stepney (d)/Crazy For My Baby - Willie Dixon (b+v), Memphis Slim (p), Matt Murphy (g), Bill Stepney (d)/Grant Spilty - Victoria Spivey (v+u), Willie Dixon (b), Bill Stepney (d)/Matt's Guitar Boogie - Matt Murphy (g), Memphis Slim (p), Willie Dixon (b), Bill Stepney (d)//I Don't Know - Sonny Boy Williamson (v+h), Otis Spann (p), Willie Dixon (b), Bill Stepney (d)/Sonny's Harmonica Boogie - Sonny Boy Williamson (h)/It's Too Late To Cry - Lonnie Johnson (g+v)/Had My Fun - Otis Spann (p+v), Willie Dixon (b), Matt Murphy (g), Bill Stepney (d), Sonny Boy Williamson (h)/Five Long Years - Muddy Waters (g+v), Otis Spann (p), Willie Dixon (b), Bill Stepney (d)/Bye, Bye Blues - Memphis Slim (p+v), jam session with Otis Spann, Sonny Boy Williamson, Big Joe Williams, Victoria Spivey, Lonnie Johnson, Willie Dixon, Matt Murphy, and Bill Stepney

SRF 67607 - Blond - Blond [1969] Deep Inside My Heart/Sailing Across The Ocean/Six White Horses/Time Is Mine/The Girl I Once Had/The Lilac Years (De S lde Sina Hemman)//Wake Up And Call/Sun In Her Hand/I Pick Up The Bus/There's A Man Standing In The Corner/I Will Bring You Flowers In The Morning/Caroline

SRF 67608 - The Exquisite Nana Mouskouri - Nana Mouskouri [1969] Hello Love/The Last Rose Of Summer/Dance Till Your Shoes Fall Off/Oh Had I A Golden Thread/Il N'est Jamais Trop Tard Pour Vivre/Christos Genate//Prelude/Love Minus Zero-No Limit/Les Parapluies De Cherbourg/Feelin Groovy (The 59th Street Bridge Song)/From Both Sides Now/Kathe Trello Pedi

SRF 67609 - Steel Image - Steel Image [1969] Sunshine Of Your Love/The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/As Tears Go By/Shango!/Hey Jude//Soul Limbo/Elyse/Those Were The Days/Time Is Tight/Sing Me A Simple Song

SRF 67610 - Je T'aime - Beautiful Love - Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg [1969] (3-70, #196) Je T'aime. . .Moi Non Plus (I Love You...Me, Not Anymore) (S)/L'Anamour (The Lover) (S)/Orang Outan (Orangutan) (S)/Sous Le Soleil Exactment (Precisely Under The Sun) (S)/18- 39 (S)/69 Anneé Érotique (69, The Erotic Year) (S)//Jane B (After A Chopin Prelude) (S)/Elisa (S)/Le Canari Est Sur Le Balcon (The Canary Is On The Balcony) (S)/Les Sucettes (The Lollipops) (S)/Manon (S)

* SRF 67611 - Freeway Gypsy - Lynne Hughes [1970] Bad Dream/Rose Of Woe/Night Life/Never Stop A Dream/Gypsy Good Time/Freeway Gypsy/Rags And Old Iron/My Man Is Gone/And When I Die/It Didn't Even Bring Me Down


680.231 ML - Nana Mouskouri - Nana Mouskouri [1962?] Issued in mono only. A Force De Prier/Dindi/Laissez-Moi Pleurer/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Ensemble/Salvame Dios (La Risposta Della Novia)//Un Homme Est Venu (A Taste Of Honey)/Encore Plus Pres De Toi/Les Yeux Pour Pleurer/Wildwood Flower/Portrait En Couleurs (My Coloring Book)/Crois-Moi Ca Durera

6438058 - Attention! - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich [197?] Okay! (S)/Hideaway (S)/Bend It (E)/Hold Tight! (E)/Help Me (S)/You Make It Move (S)//Touch Me, Touch Me (E)/Zabadak (E)/Save Me (S)/Don Juan (S)/The Wreck Of The "Antoinette" (S)/Last Night In Soho (S)

6438211 - If Music Be the Food Of Love - Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich [197?] Reissue of the 1967 album If Music Be the Food of Love...Prepare for Indigestion [Fontana STL 5388]. Bang (S)/I'm On The Up (S)/Hideaway (S)/Shame (S)/Hands Off (S)/Loos Of England (S)//Help Me (S)/Master Liewellyn (S)/You Make It Move (S)/All I Want (S)/Hair On My Chinny, Chin Chin (Huff'n Puff) (S)/Bend It (E)

SASH-3713-2 - The Vintage Years - Pretty Things [1976] (2-LP set) Disc 1: Don't Bring Me Down (M)/Road Runner (M)/Come See Me (M)/Rainin' In My Heart (E)/13 Chester Street (M)/I Can Never Say (M)/Honey I Need (M)//Rosalyn (M)/Can't Stand The Pain (E)/The Moon Is Rising (M)/Judgment Day (M)/Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut (M)/Gonna Find A Substitute (E)/Oh Baby Doll (M); Disc 2: Midnight To Six Man (M)/Buzz The Jerk (E)/We'll Play House (E)/Cry To Me (E)/Don't Lie To Me (M)/Unknown Blues (E)/Big City (E)//Tripping (S)/Photographer (S)/A House In The Country (M)/Progress (M)/She's Fine She's Mine (M)/L.S.D. (M)/Pretty Thing (M)

Thanks to Joe Rees and E.F. Bryan.

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