CoBurt Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Peter Preuss, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: January 31, 2000

CoBurt was a short-lived label distributed by MGM and used as a vehicle for MGM-President Mike Curb's productions and his group's recordings. After a short time, it was discontinued and absorbed into the parent MGM label.

The CoBurt label was orange, with the label name in a rounded box bending around the top of the label. Promotional copies had the same label in white with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

CO-1000 - Impressions - Angeline Butler [1970]

CO-1001 - The Wheel - Bernie Schwartz [1970]

CO-1002 - Come Together - Mike Curb Congregation [1970] (7-70, #105) Arizona/Come Together/Games People Play/Give Peace A Chance/Happy Together/Hey Jude/Let's Get Together/Long Haired Lover From Liverpool/Midnight Special/Put A Little Love In Your Heart/Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head/Suspicious Minds/Sweet caroline/Walk A Mile In My Shoes/We'll Sing In The Sunshine/You Don't Need A Reason For Love

CO-1003 - Sweet Gingerbread Man - Mike Curb Congregation [1970] (11-70, #185) Sweet Gingerbread Man/Let It Be/Bringing In The Sheaves/Spirit In The Sky/This land Is Your Land/My Home Town//Burning Bridges/Teach Your Children/The Long And Winding Road/Everything Is Beautiful/Lead Us On

CO-1004 - Burning Bridges and Other Great Motion Picture Themes - Mike Curb Congregation [unissued] Issued as MGM SE-4761.

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