Heritage Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: April 23, 2003

Heritage records was started in the early 1960s by Jerry Ross, a promoter and producer who had some success producing minor hits in the early 1960s. He set up a distribution deal with MGM in 1968. The office was located at 1855 Broadway, Suite 702, in New York City.

Ross started the renewed label with a minor hit, "And Suddenly" by the Cherry People, a Washington, DC-based group formerly known as the English Setters. He also achieved success with the Virginia Beach, Virginia group Bill Deal and the Rhondels, who by 1968 had been a local bar band for years. The group hit it big with "May I," "I've Been Hurt," and "What Kind of Fool (Do You Think I Am)," all staples of the Carolina Beach Sound.

The other success for Heritage was the Duprees, a New York vocal group dating back to the 1950s with several hits on Coed. The sound was just as smooth as ever, and Ross released an album of them updating their hits.

The Heritage records all bore the statement, "Produced by Jerry Ross Productions, Inc. in association with Colossus Promotions, Inc." By 1970, Ross opted out of the MGM deal and started the Colossus label, which hit big with several Dutch imports such as "Venus" by Shocking Blue and "Ma Belle Ami" by the Tee Set.

The first Heritage label was blue, gold, and white with black print, with the name "HERITAGE" in custom block letters around the top of the label. Promotional labels were the same, with "Disc Jockey Record NOT FOR SALE" to the right of the center hole. Later, the Heritage label was red and yellow with black print with the same graphics.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

HT/HTS-35,000 - The Cherry People - Cherry People [1968] And Suddenly/Girl On The Subway/On To Something New/Imagination/Mr. Hyde//Do Something To Me/Ask The Children/I'm The One Who Loves You/Don't Hang Me Up, Girl/Light Of Love

HT/HTS-3501 - (Untitled) - Cherry People [canceled]

HT/HTS-35,002 - Total Recall - Duprees [1968] The Sky's The Limit/My Special Angel/People/Carousel/My Love, My Love//Two Different Worlds/Ring Of Love/Hope/One In A Million/Goodnight My Love

HT/HTS-35,003 - Vintage Rock - Bill Deal & Rhondels [1969] I've Been Hurt (E)/Touch Me (S)/Hooked On A Feeling (S)/I've Got To Be Me (S)/Nothing Succeeds Like Success (S)/Soulful Strut (S)//Hey Bulldog (S)/Swinging Tight (S)/May I (E)/I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (S)/Are You Ready For This (S)/I've Got My Needs (S)/Change My Mind (S)

HT/HTS-35,004 - Love of Life - Gene Bua [1969] Love Me Tender/Suzanne/If I Were a Carpenter/Goodbye My Old Gal/When Love Slips Away/I've Gotta Be Me/Girl/Dona, Dona/How Small/I'm Gonna Make You

HT/HTS-35,005 - Euphoria - Euphoria [1969]

HT/HTS-35,006 - The Best of Bill Deal and the Rhondels - Bill Deal & Rhondels [1970] (4-70, #185) What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am (E)/Touch Me (S)/Harlem Shuffle (S)/May I (E)/I've Got My Needs (S)/Ain't Too Proud To Beg (S)//Nothing Succeeds Like Success (S)/Swingin' Tight (E)/Hey Bulldog (S)/Are You Ready For This (S)/Tuck's Theme (E)/I've Been Hurt (E)

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