Lion Album Discography (1970s)
By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Peter Preuss
Last update: January 4, 2002

Lion was distributed by MGM Records. The name "Lion" had originally been used in the 1950s as a budget subsidiary of MGM, but had been long discontinued by 1972. In 1970, Dallas Smith and Jimmy Webb had started an MGM-distributed label called Lionel, and by 1972 closed Lionel and started Lion once again, transferring many of the Lionel artists to the new Lion. The '70s version of Lion lasted until 1973.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

LN-1001 - The Washington Junior School Band and Chorus - Washington Junior School Band & Chorus [unissued] Released as MGM SE-4823.

LN-1002 - Dusty Roads - Silver-Stevens

LN-1003 - Canadian Rock Theatre - Canadian Rock Theatre

LN-1004 - Earth Omen - Frijid Pink [1972] Miss Evil/Sailor/Earth Omen/Lazy Day//Train Woman/Eternal Dream/New Horizon/Rainbow Rider/Mr. Blood

LN-1005 - The Great White Cane - The Great White Cane

LN-1006 - Gary Bonner - Gary Bonner [unissued] Issued as MGM SE-4864.

LN-1007 - Shockwave - Blossoms

LN-1008 - All In The Boone Family - Pat Boone & Boone Family

LN-1009 - Sweet Paradise - Five Man Electrical Band [1973] I'm A Stranger Here/Back Home/(Now I'm) Out In The Cold Again/Doin' The Best We Can Rag/Baby Wanna Boogie/Bring Back The Sunshine//Sweet Paradise/We Play Rock 'N Roll/She Sure Could Sing The Blues/Money Back Guarantee

LN-1010 - Ain't it Funny - Anthony Newley [unissued] Issued as MGM SE-4845/Verve MV-5096.

LN-1011 - Iguana - Iguana

LN-1012 - Frijid Pink - Frijid Pink [unissued]

LN-1013 - The Laughter and the Tears - Randy Edelman [1973]

LN-1014 - Plants Are Like People - Jerry Baker [1973]

LN-1015 - Dreamland - Danny Bonaduce [1973] I'll Be Your Magician/Save A Little Piece For Me/Turn-Down Day/Blueberry You/You're Old Enough To Fall In Love/The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)/Dreamland/A New Kind Of Me/Colors Of Love/Fortune Lady/All The Time In The World

LN-1016 - Trying to Forget/Let's Move and Groove Together - Vee Allen [unissued]

Thanks to David Smith.

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