MGM Album Discography, Part 2
E-3000 to E-3200 (1953-1955)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Peter Preuss
Last update: March 1, 2000

The MGM E-3000 series of 12" albums started in 1953. MGM mixed their classical and pop albums into the same series, so we have only listed the non-classical albums in this discography. By far, the majority of albums in the first two hundred issued were classical music.

The early MGM album label was yellow with black printing.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with MGM Records or Universal Music Group, who currently own the masters. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

E-3000 - (Classical music)

E-3001 - (Classical music)

E-3002 - (Classical music)

E-3003 - (Classical music)

E-3004 - (Classical music)

E-3005 - (Classical music)

E-3006 - (Classical music)

E-3007 - (Classical music) [2/53]

E-3008 - (Classical music)

E-3009 - (Classical music)

E-3010 - (Classical music)

E-3011 - (Classical music)

E-3012 - (Classical music)

E-3013 - (Classical music)

E-3014 - (Classical music)

E-3015 - (Classical music)

E-3016 - (Classical music)

E-3017 - (Classical music)

E-3018 - (Classical music)

E-3019 - (Classical music)

E-3020 - (Classical music)

E-3021 - (Classical music)

E-3022 - (Classical music)

E-3023 - (Classical music)

E-3024 - (Classical music)

E-3025 - George Copeland Plays Spanish Piano Music - George Copeland [1953]

E-3026 - (Classical music)

E-3027 - (Classical music)

E-3028 - (Classical music)

E-3029 - (Classical music)

E-3030 - (Classical music)

E-3031 - Organ Encores - Richard Ellsasser [1953]

E-3032 - (Classical music)

E-3033 - Dramatic Highlights from William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" (Soundtrack) - Miklos Rosza [1953]

E-3034 - (Classical music)

E-3035 - (Classical music)

E-3036 - (Classical music)

E-3037 - (Classical music)

E-3038 - (Classical music)

E-3039 - [unissued]

E-3040 - [unissued]

E-3041 - (Classical music)

E-3042 - (Classical music)

E-3043 - Woody Herman & His Herd at Carnegie Hall 1947 - Woody Herman [1953]

E-3044 - (Classical music)

E-3045 - (Classical music)

E-3046 - (Classical music)

E-3047 - (Classical music)

E-3048 - (Classical music)

E-3049 - (Classical music)

E-3050 - (Classical music)

E-3051ST - The Bandwagon (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [1953] I Love Louisa/Shine On My Shoes/New Sun In The Sky/By Myself/That's Enterainment/Guess I'll Have To Change My Plans/Dancing In The Dark/Misty

E-3052 - (Classical music)

E-3053 - (Classical music)

E-3054 - (Classical music)

E-3055 - (Classical music)

E-3056 - (Classical music)

E-3057 - (Classical music)

E-3058 - (Classical music)

E-3059 - (Classical music)

E-3060 - (Classical music)

E-3061 - Beloved Christmas Hymns and Carols - Macklin Marrow & Canterbury Choir [1953]

E-3062 - (Classical music)

E-3063 - Me and Juliet/Can Can (Original Cast) - Sue Bennett/Ted Straeter Orchestra [1953]

E-3064 - (Classical music)

E-3065 - (Classical music)

E-3066 - (Classical music)

E-3067 - Beautiful Music to Love By - David Rose & His Orchestra [1953] Wonderful One/Lonesome On Main Street/Suddenly/Live It To Love/Beautiful Music To Love By/No Other Love/Falling In Love With Love/Swedish Rhapsody/Tenderly/All The Things You Are/Mask Waltz/Why Do You Pass Me By

E-3068 - (Classical music)

E-3069 - (Classical music)

E-3070 - (Classical music)

E-3071 - (Classical music)

E-3072 - (Classical music)

E-3073 - (Classical music)

E-3074 - (Classical music)

E-3075 - (Classical music)

E-3076 - (Classical music)

E-3077 - Kiss Me Kate (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [11/53] Too Darn Hot - Ann Miller/So In Love - Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel/We Open In Venice - Grayson, Keel, Miller & Tommy Rall/Why Can't You Behave - Ann Miller/Were Thine That Special Face - Howard Keel/Tom, Dick Or Harry - Ann Miller, Bobby Van/ Tommy Rall & Bob Fosse/Wunderbar - Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel//Always True To You In My Fasion - Ann Miller & Tommy Rall/I Hate Men - Kathryn Grayson/I've Come To Wive It Wealthily in Padua - Howard Keel/From This Moment On - Tommy Rall, Ann Miller, Bobby Van & Bob Fosse/Where Is the Life That Late I Led? - Howard Keel/Brush Up Your Shakespeare - Keenan Wynn & James Whitmore/Kiss Me Kate - Kathryn Grayson & Howard Keel

E-3078 - (Classical music)

E-3079 - (Classical music)

E-3080 - Highlights from "The Firefly"/"Naughty Marietta" - Paul Britten & His Orchestra [1953]

E-3081 - (Classical music)

E-3082 - (Classical music)

E-3083 - (Classical music)

E-3084 - (Classical music)

E-3085 - (Classical music)

E-3086 - (Classical music)

E-3087 - (Classical music)

E-3088 - [unissued]

E-3089 - (Classical music)

E-3090 - (Classical music)

E-3091 - (Classical music)

E-3092 - Gypsy Music - World's Greatest Orchestras [1953]

E-3093 - Pianorama - Teddy Wilson/Eddie Heywood [1953]

E-3094 - Street of Dreams - Leroy Holmes & MGM Strings [1953]

E-3095 - (Classical music) [1/54]

E-3096 - (Classical music)

E-3097 - (Classical music)

E-3098 - (Classical music)

E-3099 - (Classical music)

E-3100 - (Classical music)

E-3101 - Let's Fall in Love (The Music of Harold Arlen) - David Rose & His Orchestra [1954] Come Rain Or Come Shine/Last Night When We Were Young/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/Stormy Weather/Over The Rainbow/Ill Wind/Let's Fall In Love/That Old Black Magic/It's Only A Paper Moon/What's Good About Goodbye/Blues In The Night/I've Got The World On A String

E-3102 - (Classical music)

E-3103 - (Classical music)

E-3104 - (Classical music)

E-3105 - (Classical music)

E-3106 - (Classical music)

E-3107 - (Classical music)

E-3108 - Fiddlin' for Fun - David Rose & His Orchestra [1954] Syncopated Clock/On A Little Country Road In Switzerland/Misirlou/Paris, Oui, Oui/Parade Of The Clowns/Waukegan CTO/Waltz Of The Bubbles/Fiddlin' For Fun/Flying Horse/Portrait Of A Flirt/Vanessa

E-3109 - (Classical music)

E-3110 - (Classical music)

E-3111 - Selections from "The Golden Coach" (Soundtrack) - Gino Marinuzzi, Jr. [1954]

E-3112 - (Classical music)

E-3113 - (Classical music)

E-3114 - (Classical music)

E-3115 - (Classical music)

E-3116 - (Classical music)

E-3117 - (Classical music)

E-3118 - MGM's 30th Anniversary Album - Various Artists [1954] Artists include: Betty Hutton & Howard Keel/June Allyson & Peter Lawford/George Gu&eaccent;tary/Esther Williams & Ricardo Mantalban/William Warfield/Debbie Reynolds & Carleton Carpenter/Judy Garland & Fred Astaire/Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire & Jane Powell/Leslie Caron & Mel Ferrer/Lennie Hayton

E-3119 - Serenade in the Night - Philip Green Orchestra [1954]

E-3120 - Organ Reveries - Richard Ellsasser [1954]

E-3121 - The Threepenny Opera (Original Cast) - Samuel Matlowski [1954] Cast of Theatre De Lys Production, complete score of the opera in English.

E-3122 - An Evening with George Shearing - George Shearing Quintet [1954] I'll Remember April/Body And Soul/Little White Lies/Camping With Symphony Sid/Mamie Ann/To A Wild Rose/The Breeze And I/The Continental/In A Chinese Garden/others

E-3123 - Love Walked In (The Music of George Gershwin) - David Rose & His Orchestra [1954] Love Walked In/Fascinating Rhythm/I've Got A Crush On You/The man I Love/Embraceable You/Someone To Watch Over Me/Love Is Here To Stay/Liza/Somebody Loves Me/An American In Paris/Summertime/Rhapsody In Blue

E-3124 - (Classical music)

E-3125 - (Classical music)

E-3126 - (Classical music)

E-3127 - (Classical music)

E-3128 - (Classical music)

E-3129 - (Classical music)

E-3130 - (Classical music)

E-3131 - A Symphonic Picture of Porgy & Bess/Kiss Me Kate/Oklahoma - MGM Studio Orchestra [1954]

E-3132 - (Classical music)

E-3133 - (Classical music)

E-3134 - Nostalgia - David Rose & His Orchestra [1954] Nostalgia/Our Waltz/Violin/Stardust/All I Desire/Under The stars/Vienna Sings Again/Harlem Nocturne/September Song/Return To Paradise/Bad And The Beautiful/Joey's Theme

E-3135ST - Brigadoon (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [1954] Down On Mac Connachy Square/Heather On The Hill/Waitin' For My Dearie/I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean/Come To Me, Bend To Me/Almost Like Being In Love/There But For You Go I

E-3136 - (Classical music)

E-3137 - (Classical music)

E-3138 - (Classical music)

E-3139 - (Classical music)

E-3140 - [unissued]

E-3141 - (Classical music)

E-3142 - (Classical music)

E-3143 - (Classical music)

E-3144 - (Classical music)

E-3145 - Autumn Nocturne - Ray Charles Singers [1954] Things We Did Last Summer/Faded Summer Love/Autumn Leaves/Early Autumn/'Tis Autumn/Autumn In New York/Autumn In Rome/Autumn Nocturne/September Song/September In The Rain/Shine On Harvest Moon/Indian Summer/When The Leaves Bid The Trees Goodbye

E-3146 - Kay Thompson Sings - Kay Thompson [1954] I Must Have That Man/How Deep Is The Ocean?/Basin Street Blues/It's All Right With Me/Blue Moon/Katie's Blues/Moonglow/Poor Suzette/Quelle Jolie/Violins/Myrtle

E-3147 - Piano Music for Children by Modern American Composers - Marga Richter [1954]

E-3148 - Ballet Music From MGM Musicals - MGM Orchestra [1954] Pirate Ballet/Slaughter On 10th Avenue/Girl Hunt Ballet/Broadway Ballet/American In Paris Ballet/Lili And The Puppets

E-3149 - If You Feel Like Singing, Sing - Judy Garland & MGM Studio Orchestra [1954] Last Night When We Were Young/Play That Barber Shop Chord/Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey/Who/Look For The Silver Lining/Love Of My Life/Get Happy/Johnny One Note/Better Luck Next Time/If You Feel Like Singing, Sing/I Don't Care/Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

E-3150 - Our Favorite Encores - Ethel Bartlett & Rae Robinson [1954] Sheep May Safely Fraze (Bach)/Gigue In C Minor (Bach)/Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Bach)/Scherzo, Op. 16, No. 2 (Mendelssohn)/Gavotte From Iphigenia In Aulis (Gluck)/Hungarian Dance In A Minor (Brahms)/Tears From Suite No. 1, Op. 5 (Rachmaninoff)/The Maiden And The Nightingale (Granados)/Waltz From Suite No. 1, Op. 15 (Arensky)/Jamaican Rhumba (Benjamin)/Habanera (Ravel)/Brazilian Dance From Scaramouche (Milhaud)

E-3151 - George K. Arthur's Prize Package (Soundtrack) - Hugo Alfven/Temple Abady [1954] This album has scores from The Stranger Left No Card, Martin and Gaston, and A Prince For Cynthia.

E-5152 - Songs By Father Sydney MacEwan - Sydney MacEwan with the Phillip Green Orchestra [1954] Ireland, My Home/I'm a Sentimental One/Road to the Isles/Mother Machree/Youth of the Heart/Westering Home/Bring Flowers of the Rarest/Mother of Christ/Scotland the Brave/Bonnie Strathyre

E-3153 - Selections from "Deep In My Heart" (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [1954] (1-55, #4) Originally issued in 1954 as a boxed set; reissued in 1955 as a regular album with the same catalog number. Leg Of Mutton (Some Smoke)/Your Land And My Land/It/Auf Wiedersehn/Serenade/Will You Remember/I Love To Go Swimmin' With Wimmen/Lover Come Back To Me/When I Grow Too Old To Dream/You Will Remember Vienna/Softly As In A Morning Sunrise/Mr. And Mrs. Road To Paradise/Stout-Hearted Men

E-3154 - Piano Music by Eric Satie - William Masselos [1955]

E-3155 - Spanish and Latin American Music for Unusual Combinations - Izler Solomon & Chamber Ensemble [2/55]

E-3156 - Schlage Doch/Vergnügte Ruh/Salve Regina - Izler Solomon & Chamber Ensemble (Herta Glaz, Vocal) [1955]

E-3157 - Cool Europe - Jutta Hipp & Her German Jazzmen/Mike Nevard's British Jazzmen [1955] Jutta Hipp & Her German Jazzmen: Simone/Lover Man/Anything Goes/Brotherly//Mike Nevard's British Jazzmen (aka Ace Anonymous): Deep Purple/Rhumblues/I'll Remember April/Two Sleepy People/Amalgam

E-3158 - (Classical music)

E-3159 - (Classical music)

E-3160 - (Classical music)

E-3161 - (Classical music)

E-3162 - Spring Is Here - Ray Charles Singers [1955] Spring Is Here/June Night/It Might As Well Be Spring/Spring Will Be A Little Late/I'll Remember April/When It's Springtime In The Rockies/Spring, Spring, Spring/When The Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob Bob Bobbin' Along)/Easter Parade/Young Man's Fancy/Paris In The Spring/Lovelier Than Ever/Suddenly It's Spring

E-3163 - Hit The Deck! (Soundtrack) - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus conducted by George Stoll [1955] Join The Navy And "Loo Loo" - Debbie Reynolds & Boys/Sometimes I'm Happy - Jane Powell & Vic Damone/Keepin' Myself For You - Ann Miller, Tony Martin & Girls/Why, Oh Why? - Tony Martin, Vic Damone, Russ Tamblyn, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds & Ann Miller/Lucky Bird - Jane Powell/Chiribiribee - Vic Damone, Kay Armen, Jane Powell, Tony Martin, Debbie Reynolds & Russ Tamblyn/I Know That You Know - Jane Powell & Vic Damone/A Kiss Or Two - Debbie Reynolds & Boys- More Than You Know - Tony Martin/Lady From The Bayou - Ann Miller/Sometimes I'm Happy - Jane Powell/Hallelujah! - Tony Martin, Vic Damone, Russ Tamblyn & the Jubilaires

E-3164 - (Classical music)

E-3165 - (Classical music)

E-3166 - (Classical music)

E-3167 - Lost Love - Coronet Orchestra [1955] Lost Love (Two Loves)/Caress/Stranger In Town/Spinnette/Desiree/Adrift/Dawn/Madonna/Heratbeat/Episode/Tango Of Love

E-3168 - [unissued]

E-3169 - [unissued]

E-3170 - [unissued]

E-3171 - Robert Maxwell's Magic Harp - Robert Maxwell Orchestra [1955] Harp Magic/Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered/Prelude To A Star/Magic Is The Moonlihgt/In A Sentimental Mood/Come Back To Sorrento/Clair De Lune/Solitude/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Love, You Magic Spell/Tango Of Tears/Ballet For Puppets

E-3172 - Lush Themes from Motion Pictures - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1955] The High And The Mighty/Spellbound/Land Of The Pharoahs/Tara's Theme/Lisa (Rear Window Theme)/Bridges At Toko-Ri/The World Is Mine/Unchained Melody/Samarra/Forbidden Love/Jamie/President's Lady

E-3173 - (Classical music)

E-3174 - Leroy Anderson Favorites - Richard Ellsasser [1955] Sleigh Ride/Blue Tango/Serenata/Syncopated Clock/Waltzing Cat/ Plink, Plank/Plunk/Belle Of The Ball/Fiddle Faddle/Bugler's Holiday/Promenade/Jazz Pizzicato/Phantom Regiment

E-3175 - A Shearing Caravan - George Shearing Quintet [1955] Easy To Love/Drum Trouble/I've Never Been In Love Before/Mood For Milt/The Lady Is A Tramp/Cool Mambo/Love Is Here To Stay/Undecided/Caravan/Tiempo De Cencerro

E-3176 - Mr. B With a Beat - Billy Eckstine [1955] Saint Louis Blues, Part 1/Saint Louis Blues, Part 2/How High The Moon, Part 1/How High The Moon, Part 2/Taking A Chance On Love/You're Driving Me Crazy

E-3177 - (Classical music)

E-3178 - (Classical music)

E-3179 - (Classical music)

E-3180 - (Classical music)

E-3181 - (Classical music)

E-3182 - (Classical music)

E-3183 - [unissued]

E-3184 - I'll Always Be in Love with You - Milano & His Orchestra [1955] Leave Me Just A Little Bit Of You/If It Were Up To Me/If You Should Leave Me/All My Life/I'll Always Be In Love With You/I Fall In Love With You Every Day/Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree/When They Ask About You/That's My Weakness Now/Please Don't talk About Me When I'm Gone

E-3185ST - Selections from "Interrupted Melody" (Soundtrack) - Eilene Farrell with MGM Studio Symphony Orchestra conducted by Walter Ducloux [1955] The songs of Eleanor Parker sung by Eilene Farrell, with Heinz Blankenburg, Charles Gonzales, William Olvis, Rudolph Petrak & Marcella Reale. Musetta's Waltz/Habanera/Finale Act I From Il Travatore/One Fine Day/Seguidilla/Immolation Scene From Die Gotterdammerung/My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice/Over The Rainbow/Voi Che Sapete/Anchors Aweigh-The marines' Hymn-Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree-Waltzing Matilda/Excerpts From Tristan & Isolde

E-3186 - [unissued]

E-3187 - [number not assigned]

E-3188 - [number not assigned]

E-3189 - [number not assigned]

E-3190 - [number not assigned]

E-3191 - [number not assigned]

E-3192 - (Classical music)

E-3193 - (Classical music)

E-3194 - [unissued]

E-3195 - (Classical music)

E-3196 - (Classical music)

E-3197 - (Classical music)

E-3198 - (Classical music)

E-3199 - [number not assigned]

E-3200 - [number not assigned]

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