MGM Album Discography, Part 4
E-3401 to E-3600 (1956-1957)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, and Peter Preuss
Last update: April 23, 2003

The MGM E-3000 series of 12" albums started in 1953. MGM mixed their classical and pop albums into the same series, so we have only listed the non-classical albums in this discography.

The early MGM album label was yellow with black printing.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with MGM Records or Universal Music Group, who currently own the masters. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

E-3401 - Deep in a Dream (The Music of Jimmy Van Heusen) - Milano & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3402 - Cha Cha Chas and Mambos Designed for Dancing - Dave "Tico" Robbins [1956]

E-3403 - Swanee River Jazz - Preacher Rollo & The Five Saints [1956]

E-3404 - Polkas, Waltzes and Tangos Designed for Dancing - Maximillien Bergere/Ted Tyle Orchestra [1956]

E-3405 - Prom Favorites Designed for Dancing - George Russell [1956]

E-3406 - All Time Favorites Designed for Dancing - Jerry Jerome Orchestra/Teddy Powell Orchestra [1956]

E-3407 - Sweethearts on Parade - Frank Petty Trio [1956]

E-3408 - Last Night When We Were Young - Luther Henderson Sextet [1956]

E-3409 - (Classical music)

E-3410 - Music for Lovers Inspired By the World's Greatest Love Poems [1956]

E-3411 - Blue Skies - Art Lund & Leroy Holmes Orchestras [1956]

E-3412 - Honky Tonkin' - Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys [1956] Jambalaya/I Won't Be Home No More/Honky Tonk Blues/I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive/Honky Tonkin'/Howlin' At The Moon//My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Baby, We're Really In Love/Mind You Own Business/Rootie Tootie/I Ain't Got Nothin' But Time/You Better Keep It On Your Mind

E-3413 - Shoes with Wings On - Fred Astaire [1956]

E-3414 - (Classical music)

E-3415 - (Classical music)

E-3416 - (Classical music)

E-3417 - (Classical music)

E-3418 - Memories of London - Richard Ellsasser [1956]

E-3419 - (Classical music)

E-3420 - (Classical music)

E-3421 - (Classical music)

E-3422 - (Classical music)

E-3423 - (Classical music)

E-3424 - (Classical music)

E-3425 - Square Dances Designed for Dancing - Slim Bryant & His Wildcats [1956] Forward Six-Backward Six/Red River Valley/Cheat And Swing/Lady 'Round The Lady/Take A Peek/First Two Ladies Cross Over

E-3426 - The Louvin Brothers - Louvin Brothers [1956]

E-3427 - Tangos for Two - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3428 - A La Tzigane (Spanish Gypsy Melodies) - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [unissued]

[1956] E-3429 - America's Favorite Waltzes - Harry Horlick & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3430 - Warm and Tender - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3431 - The Happy Minstrels - Art Mooney & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3432 - (Classical music)

E-3433 - (Classical music)

E-3434 - (Classical music)

E-3435 - (Classical music)

E-3436 - (Classical music)

E-3437 - (Classical music)

E-3438 - (Classical music)

E-3439 - [unissued]

E-3440 - [unissued]

E-3441 - [unissued]

E-3442 - [unissued]

E-3443 - [unissued]

E-3444 - (Classical music)

E-3445 - (Classical music)

E-3446 - (Classical music)

E-3447 - Johnny Johnson (Studio Cast Recording) - Kurt Weill & Paul Green [1956]

E-3448 - Am I Blue? - Betty Madigan [1956]

E-3449 - Joni Sings Songs By Victor Young and Songs By Frank Loesser - Joni James [1956] My Foolish Heart/I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You/Stella By Starlight/A Hundred Years From Today/Song Of Surrender/Everything I Do//If I Were A Bell/My Darling, My Darling/On A Slow Boat To China/I'll Know/Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year/Anywhere I Wander

E-3450 - Tom and Jerry Storytime - Bret Morrison [1/57]

E-3451 - Something Wonderful - Jane Powell [1956]

E-3452 - The Magic of Christmas - Mary Mayo [1956]

E-3453 - (Classical music)

E-3454 - (Classical music)

E-3455 - (Classical music)

E-3456 - Pleasant Moments - Phil Moody Trio [1956]

E-3457 - Overheard in a Cocktail Lounge - Murray Arnold Quartet [1956]

E-3458 - A "Pop" Festival - Harold Walters & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3459 - Imagination - Jean Ash [1956]

E-3460 - Lovelight - Bruce Campbell & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3461 - Heart and Soul (The Music of Haogy Carmichael) - Alan Dean & Robert Maxwell [1956] Heart And Soul/I Get Along Without You Very Well/How Little We Know/Nearness Of You/My Resistance Is Low/Baltimore Oriole/If You Don't Love Me/Stardust/Skylark/One Morning In May/Blue Orchids/Judy

E-3462 - The Eddie Getz Quintet - Eddie Getz Quintet [1956]

E-3463 - [unissued]

E-3464ST - The Wizard of Oz (Soundtrack) - Herbert Stothart/George Stoll [1956] Music and dialogue from the motion picture. Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland/If I Only Had A Brain - Ray Bolger/If I Only Had A Heart - Jack Haley/If I Only Had The Nerve - Bert Lahr/Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus/We're Off To See The Wizard - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus//If I Were King Of The Forest - Bert Lahr/Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus/We're Off To See The Wizard - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus

E-3465 - If You'll Be a Baby to Me - Red Sovine [1956]

E-3466 - Rock 'N Roll Music Designed for Dancing - Claude Cloud & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3467 - Here We Come A-Caroling - Ray Charles Singers [1956]

E-3468 - Merry Christmas from Joni - Joni James [1956]

E-3469 - A Merry Christmas to You - David Rose & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3470 - (Classical music)

E-3471 - Love Letters - Vic Ash & Laurie Johnson Ensemble [1956]

E-3472 - British All Stars: Jazz Britannia - Various Artists [1956] Artists include: Joe Harriott/Derek Smith/Don Rendell/Kenny Graham/Jimmy Watson

E-3473 - Music with "The Big Beat" - Sam (The Man) Taylor [1956] Big Beat/Let's Ball/Fish Roll/Oo Wee/Look Out/Sam's Blues/Boss is Home/Ride, Sammy, Ride/Ral Gone/Do-a- Lu/Taylor Made/Road Runner

E-3474 - Inspirational Songs - Crossroads Quintet [1956]

E-3475 - An Old-Fashioned Christmas - Richard Ellsasser [1956]

E-3476 - (Classical music)

E-3477 - Music for a Magic Night - Milano & His Orchestra [1956]

E-3478 - Latin America After Dark - Ambrose & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3479 - Hold Me - Johnny Gregory & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3480 - More Lush Themes from Motion Pictures - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3481 - David Rose in Hi-FIddles - David Rose & His Orchestra [1957] Portuguese Washerwoman/Bordeaux/Pam Pam/Roman Holiday/Cool Tango/Banjo And Fiddle/Holiday For Trombones/Loveable Clown/Satan And The Polar Bear/Frenchman In New York/Dancing Cane/Dance Of Fury

E-3482 - Music for Melancholy Babies - Sam (The Man) Taylor [1957] My Melancholy Baby/It's The Talk Of The Town/Nearness Of You/Little White Lies/Sunday Kind Of Love/Say It Isn't So/In The Blue Of Evening/Nightfall/Early Autumn/Solitude/Lover Man/I Cried For You

E-3483 - Red Sails in the Sunset - Dick Hyman [1957]

E-3484 - Sing a Song of Paris - Ray Charles Singers [1957] Sing A Song Of Paris/Under Paris Skies/Vie En Rose/April In Paris/Mademoiselle De Paris/Where You Are/Mam'selle/River Seine/Speak To Me Of Love/Rendezvous Time In Paree/You Don't Know Paree/Au Clair De La Lune/Pour Endormir/Frere Jacques/Il Pleut Bergere/J'ai Du Bon Tabac/Sur Le Pont D'avignon

E-3485 - Music from Italian Films - Robert Ashley & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3486 - Zing Went the Strings of My Harp - Robert Maxwell [1957] Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart/Song That Haunts My Heart/Manhattan Skyline/What Is This Thing Called Love/One Over Easy/Estrellita/Little General/Louise/Shadows Of Old Vienna/Punchinello/Sometimes I'm Happy/Carioca

E-3487 - Memory Lane - Kate Smith [1957]

E-3488 - I Get That Lonesome Feeling - Ivory Joe Hunter [1957] I Almost Lost My Mind/I Can't Resist You/When I Lost You/Blue Moon/I Get That Lonesome Feeling/I Found My Baby//I Need You So/If You See My Baby/I'm Sorry For You, My Friend/I Thought I Had Loved (Until I Met You)/I Will Be True/Tell Her For Me

E-3489 - (Classical music)

E-3490 - Hi-Fi Holiday for the Organ (The Music of David Rose) - Richard Ellsasser [1957]

E-3491 - Music She Digs the Most - Richard Wess & His Orchestra [1957] Autumn Leaves/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Hey Now/I Got It Bad/Why Shouldn't I/Somewhere/Give Me The Simple Life/Cabin In The Sky/You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To/Lover Man/Honest Abe/Blues For Someone

E-3492 - [unissued]

E-3493 - Jazz in New Orleans - Freddie Kohlman & His Mardi Gras Loungers [1957]

E-3494 - Hi-Fi Suite - Leonard Feather/Dick Hyman Orchestra [1957]

E-3495 - Wrappin' It Up - Cass Harrison Trio [1957]

E-3496 - (Classical music)

E-3497 - (Classical music)

E-3498 - The Hawaiian Room (Melodies for Dancing) - Hawaiian Room Orchestra [1957]

E-3499 - (Classical music)

E-3500 - Maggie Fisher's Piano Playhouse - Ferrante & Teicher/Margaret & Forrest Perrin [1957]

E-3501ST - Cobweb/Edge Of The City (Soundtracks) - Leonard Rosenman [1957]

E-3502 - That Honky Tonk Piano - Floyd Cramer [1957]

E-3503 - Alec Guiness Reads Jonathan Swift - Alec Guinness [unissued] Issued as E- 3620.

E-3504 - (Classical music)

E-3505 - More Leroy Anderson Favorites - Richard Ellsasser [1957]

E-3506 - (Classical music)

E-3507ST - Ivanhoe/Madame Bovary/The Plymouth Adventure (Soundtracks) - Miklos Rosza [1957]

E-3508ST - Stars and Stripes Forever (Soundtrack) - 20th Century Fox Studio Orchestra [1957] Stars And Stripes Forever/Light Cavalry Overture/Turkey In The Straw/Washington Post March/Semper Fidelis/El Capital/Dixie/Hail To The Chief/Battle Hymn Of The Republic/On The Mall/American Patrol/Army Goes Rolling Along/Army Air Corps Song

E-3509 - (Classical music)

E-3510 - (Classical music)

E-3511 - Movie Themes By Bronislaw Kaper - Richard Ellsasser [1957]

E-3512 - [unissued]

E-3513 - (Classical music)

E-3514 - (Classical music)

E-3515 - (Classical music)

E-3516 - (Classical music)

E-3517 - (Classical music)

E-3518 - (Classical music)

E-3519 - (Classical music)

E-3520 - (Classical music)

E-3521 - (Classical music)

E-3522 - Faith of Our Fathers - Macklin Marrow & Canterbury Choir [1957] Onward Christian Soldiers/Lead, Kindly Light/Rock Of Ages/Abide With Me/Nearer, My God To Thee/Holy, Holy, Holy/Now The Day Is Over/Lord's Prayer/Jerusalem, O Turn The/God Is A Spirit/O Lord Most Holy

E-3523 - Easter Hymns and Choruses - Macklin Marrow & Canterbury Choir [1957] Welcome, Happy Morning/Ye Watchers And Ye Holy Ones/Jesus Christ Is Risen Today/Come Ye Faithful, Raise The Strain/Day Of Resurrection/Strife Is O'er/Hallelujah Chorus/Psalms/God So Loved The World/Ave Verum Corpus/Santus/Holy City

E-3524 - (Dramatic Highlights From) Quo Vadis (Soundtrack) -Miklos Rozsa [1957] Includes music by Miklos Rozsa and dialogue from the film.

E-3525 - Fingers of Fire - Arthur Smith [1957]

E-3526 - (Classical music)

E-3527 - Moody Piano Fare - Jose Melis [1957] September Song/Terry's Theme/Dream Of Olwen/Intermezzo (Cavalleria Rusticana)/Moon Of Manakoora/Once In A Life Time/Granada/Serenata/Argentina Ballerina/Mandolina/Living In A Dream/Solitude

E-3528 - Give Us This Day - Songs of Inspiration - Joni James [1957] Give Us This Day/The Lord's Prayer/You'll Never Walk Alone/Bless This House/Look For The Silver Lining/Panis Angelicus//I Believe/The Rosary/Count Your Blessings/Ave Maria/Abide With Me/May The Good Lord Bless And Keep You

E-3529 - Summertime - Ray Charles Singers [1957] Summertime/Mountain Greenery/Summer Night/Breezin' Along With The Breeze/Lazy Afternoon/In The Good Old Summertime/Me And Marie/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Swingin' In A Hammock/Picnic/Lazy River

E-3530ST - This Could Be The Night (Soundtrack) - Ray Anthony [1957]

E-3531 - Got a Date with an Angel - Skinnay Ennis & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3532 - Cuddle Up a Little Closer - Satin Strings (Leroy Holmes) [unissued]

E-3533 - Joni James Sings Songs By Jerome Kern and Songs By Harry Warren - Joni James [1957] Long Ago (And Far Away)/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Why Was I Born?/Can't Help Lovin' That Man/Bill/All The Things You Are//I Only Have Eyes For You/I Wish I Knew/The More I See You/Friendly Star/You'll Never Know/I'll String Along With You

E-3534 - Songs By Marvin Rainwater - Marvin Rainwater [1957] Gonna Find Me A Bluebird/Where Do We Go From Here/Dem Low Down Blues/Cause I'm A Greamer/Tennessee Houn' Dog Yodel/What Am I Supposed To Do//Why Did You Have To Go And Leave Me (Lonesome Blues)/Mr. Blues/Get Off The Stool/(Sometimes) I Feel Like Leaving Town/Tea Bag Romeo/So You Think You've Got Troubles

E-3535 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 1 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] Just One Of Those Things/Mountain Greenery/Fine And Dandy/Three Little Words/Oh Lady Be Good/Love Is Sweeping The Country/What Is This Thing Called Love/Moanin' Low/It's Magic/plus 51 others

E-3536 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 2 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses/High Society/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby/Little Girl/Ooh Looka There, Ain't She Pretty/Lover Man/plus 52 others

E-3537 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 3 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] (11-57, #21) Ain't She Sweet Medley/Ain't We Got Fun medley/As Time Goes By Medley/The band Played On Medley/The Birth Of The Blues Medley/Cuddle Up A Little Closer Medley/I Got Rhythm Medley/Sing Something Simple Medley/South America Take It Away Medley

E-3538 - Greek Miniatures - Maro Ajemian [unissued]

E-3539 - Souvenir D'Italie - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1957] Neapolitan Nights/O Sole Mio/Amami Se Vulo/Mattinata/Vieni Su/Anema E Core/Santa Lucia/O Marie/Serenata Delle Rose/Torna A Surriento

E-3540 - (Classical music)

E-3541 - Calypso Melodies for Dancing - Larry Clinton & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3542 - Silk Stockings (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn/Johnny Green [1957]

E-3543 - Cha Cha Cha Anyone? - Larry Kelner & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3544 - Moondog and Suncat Suites - Kenny Graham & His Satellites [1957]

E-3545 - South Sea Island Magic - Pua Almeida & His Polynesians [1957]

E-3546 - (Classical music)

E-3547 - (Classical music)

E-3548 - (Classical music)

E-3549 - (Classical music)

E-3550 - One Touch of D'Artega - D'Artega & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3551 - Dream Dust - Peter Todd & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3552 - [unissued]

E-3553 - Rockin' Sax and Rollin' Organ - Dick Hyman & Sam Taylor [1957] (I'm Left With The) Blues In My Heart/Congo Mombo/Look Up/Drummer Boy Blues, Part 1/Drummer Boy Blues, Part 2/Around The Horn//The Peanut Vendor/Walk With Me/Chlo-e (Song Of The Swamp)/I'll Get By (As Long As I Have You)/Cuban Carnival/Wow!

E-3554 - A Hi-Fi Salute to the Great Ones, Vol. 2 - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3555 - The Song Is You (Melodies of Jerome Kern) - David Rose & His Orchestra [1957] Make Believe/Way You Look Tonight/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Why Was I Born/Ol' Man River/All Through The Day/Why Do I Love You/Bill/Fine Romance/Can't Kelp Lovin' Dat Man/Long Ago And Far Away/The Song Is You

E-3556 - (Classical music)

E-3557 - (Classical music)

E-3558 - Darktown Strutter's Ball - Gene Sheldon [1957]

E-3559 - (Classical music)

E-3560 - Sing Me a Blue Song - Hank Williams with His Drifting Cowboys [1957] Wedding Bells/May You Never Be Alone/Lost Highway/Why Should We Try Anymore/(Last Night) I Heard You Crying In Your Sleep/Blue Love (In My Heart)//Mansion On The Hill/They'll Never Take Her Love From Me/I've Just Told Mama Good-Bye/A House Without Love/Six More Miles (To The Graveyard)/Singing Waterfall

E-3561 - Hands Across the Table - Johnny Desmond [1957]

E-3562 - Piano Music By Roy Harris - Johana Harris [1957]

E-3563 - [unissued]

E-3564 - (Classical music)

E-3565 - (Classical music)

E-3566 - Hollywood Hits By Nacio Herb Brown - Richard Ellsasser [1957]

E-3567 - Music for Tired Golfers - Larry Clinton & His Orchestra [1957] I Can't Get Started/Tender Trap/Suddenly There's A Valley/Sometimes I'm Happy/Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall/Little White Lies/High On A Windy Hill/Beside A Babbling Brook/I Talk To The Trees/Just One More Chance/O (Oh)/Just Another Day Wasted Away

E-3568 - Here's to My Lady - Ray Charles Singers [1957] Here's To My Lady/The Very Thought Of You/You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby/The Touch Of Your Lips/You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me/If You Were The Only Girl/My Darling My Darling/Too Marvelous For Words/Stay As Sweet As You Are/We Will Always Be Sweethearts/You're My Girl/All Of You

E-3569 - Portrait of Bing - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3570 - Rendezvous for Two - Guy LaSalle & His Orchestra [1957]

E-3571 - Music to Make You Starry-Eyed - Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra [1957] In The Still Of The Night/Stairway To The Stars/Starlit Hour/Alone With A Million Stars/All This And Heaven Too/Evening Star/Stars In My Eyes/All Through The Night/Second Star To The Right/Starfire/Stella By Starlight/Starlight Symphony

E-3572 - The Heart of Paris - Montmartre Players [1957]

E-3573 - Prelude to Blues - Sam (The Man) Taylor & His Orchestra [1957] Blue Prelude/Fools Rush In/Blue And Sentimental/I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan/I Miss You So/Touch Of The Blues//Once In Awhile/Black Coffee/Blues In Advance/I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)/Just Friends/Goodbye

E-3574 - Berlin After Dark - Peter Todd & His Orchestra [1957] The Wind Has Brought Me A Song/Love Is A Secret/How Could I Live Without You?/On A Day In Springtime/Later When We Meet Again/Man Doesn't Like To Be Alone/Spanish Tango And You/Wanting/This Is Love/When I'm Taking You Home/Darling, My Heart Sends Greetings/Roadside Hotel

E-3575 - Music Under the Stars - Robert Ashley & His Orchestra [1957] Red Indian Snowman/Chipmunk Ballet/Bullfrog On A Bender/Brazilian Sleigh Bells/Snowflakes Concerto/Toy Carousel/Buckskin And Calico/Elephants' Tango/Skating Ring Waltz/Punkin Eaters' Little Fugue

E-3576 - (Classical music)

E-3577 - (Classical music)

E-3578 - (Classical music)

E-3579 - (Classical music)

E-3580 - (Classical music)

E-3581 - That Old Feeling - Bert Keyes [1957] That Old Feeling/All of Me/My Funny Valentine/Almost Like Being In Love/Loreiei/As Time Goes By/Where Or When/I've Got You Under My Skin/Only Strangers Say Goodbye/For All We Know/Passing Emotions/Exactly Like You

E-3582 - [unissued]

E-3583 - [unissued]

E-3584 - [unissued]

E-3585 - (Classical music)

E-3586 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 4 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] All God's Chillun Got Rhythm/Runnin' Wild/Darktown Strutters' Ball/Sing, Sing, Sing/Lullaby In Rhythm/Broadway Rhythm/I Got It Bad, Be My Love/plus 52 others

E-3587 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 5 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] He's My Guy/Jim/Never Leave Me/Trouble In Mind/Address Unknown/Dream, Dream, Dream/One Meat Ball/Pussy Cat Song/Oven The Door, Richard/Hot Canary/Woody Woodpecker/plus 49 others

E-3588 - 60 Great All Time Songs, Vol. 6 - Dick Hyman at the Piano [1957] Good Mornin'/Sunshine Cake/Sunflower/Sweeping The Clouds Away/Says My Heart/In The Cool Cool Of The Evening/The Nearness Of You/You Leave Me Breathless/My Ideal/Moments Like This/plus 50 others

E-3589 - [unissued]

E-3590ST - Les Girls (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [1957] Les Girls/You're Just Too Too/Ca, C'est L'Amour/Ladies In Waiting/Why Am I So Gone (About That Gal) //Rosalie/Easy To Love/I Concentrate On You/True Love/Love Of My Life/In The Still Of The Night

E-3591 - Romance de la Seine (The Music of Gilbert Becaud) - Reg Owen & His Orchestra [unissued]

E/SE-3592 - Autumn Leaves - David Rose & His Orchestra [1957] Autumn Leaves/The Autumn Waltz/September In The Rain/Indian Summer/Blue Autumn/Shine On Harvest Moon//'Tis Autumn/Autumn Serenade/Autumn Nocturne/October Mist/Autumn In New York/Autumn Holiday

E-3593 - Meet Cleo: Cleo Laine Sings - Cleo Laine [1957] The Lady Sings The Blues/Mean To Me/Mood Indigo/I'll Get By/My One And Only Love/Stormy Weather/Love Is Here To Stay/St. Louis Blues/Early Autumn/Tain't What You Do/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/Hit The Road To Dreamland

E-3594 - Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It? - Carson Robison & His Pleasant Valley Boys [1957] Life Gets Tee-Jus Don't It/Denver Dragon/Settin' By The Fire/Devil Calls A Meeting/Life Is A Beautiful (?) Thing/More And More Tee-Jus Ain't It/Don't Make Sense Does It/Plumb Aggravatin' Ain't It/Spring! Spring! (Beautiful Spring)/Seein' Red

E-3595 - Y A D'La Joie (The Music of Charles Trenet) - Guy Luypaerts & His Orchestra [1957] L'Ame Des Poetes/Vous Qui Passes Sans Me Voir/Rien Quune Chanson/Moi, Je T'aime Le Music Hall/En Avril On Paris/Y Ad'la Jole/Coin De Rue/Polka Du Roi/Quand J'etais P'it/Java De Diable/Chansons De La Nuit/Boum

E-3596 - C'Est Magnifique - Lilo [1957] C'est Magnifique/Champs-Elysees/Continental Touch/Sans-Souci/If You Love Me/Paris-Canaille/La Vie en Rose/It's Delightful To Be Married/Romance de Paris/Scratch My Back/Chantez, Chantez/I Love Paris

E-3597 - My Love Is a Wanderer - Rosemary Squires [1957] My Love Is A Wanderer/Just Another Day Wasted Away/April Heart/Where Love Lies Waiting/Early Autumn/When You Kiss Back/Mean To Me/Summer Is A Comin'/Saturday Friends/Lazy Moon/My Wayward Heart/I'll Get By

E-3598 - Songs for Bashful Lovers - Carl Eugster [1957] Do Something/Feel It Deep/It Takes A While/Make It Happen Now/Let's Try It/Nightcap/Bashful Young Lady/Who Knows What Love Is?/Kiss Can Change The World/Love Doesn't Hurt A Bit/Don't Wear Your French Perfume/Call Of Love

E-3599 - Mediterranean Serenade - Domenico Savino & His Orchestra [1957] Mediterranean Serenade/Blue Chips And Pink Champagne/Time For Sleeping/Flamenco/Agglo Perduot O Suonno/Manuelo Tarantel/Isle Of Capri/Pompeli By Moonlight/Marakeesh/Rose Of Sorrento/Memories Of Sicily/Theme From Gold Of Naples

E-3600 - When Lovers Meet - Gary Alan & His Orchestra [1957] Love Letters In The Sand/This Is My Love/For All We Know/Tonight I'll Dream Of You/Precious Little Thing Called Love/When Lovers Meet/You Go To My Head/Dreams Were Made For Lovers/Beautiful Lady In Blue/Moonlight Madness/I Surrender, My Darling/I Still Get A Thrill

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