MGM Album Discography, Part 9
SE-4401 to SE-4600 (1966-1969)

By Mike Callahan, Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Peter Preuss
Last update: April 23, 2003

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

E/SE-4401 - And a Sled...And a Catcher's Mitt...And a Puppy...And a Popgun...And a Big Christmas Album from Merv Griffin & His TV Family - Merv Griffin [1966]

E/SE-4402 - The Christmas Touch - Johnny Tillotson [1966]

E/SE-4403 - Lee Hazlewoodism: It's Cause and Its Cure - Billy Strange [1967] Girls in Paris/Jose/Old Man/Nights/I Am a Part/Home/After 6/Suzi Jane/In Our Time/Dark in My Heart

E/SE-4404 - How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Boris Karloff [unissued]

E/SE-4405 - Down in Jungle Town - Yum Yum Kids & MGM Territorial Orchestra [1966] Down In Jungle Town/Hooray for Captain Spaulding/I Went to the Animal Fair/Mad Dogs/Song of the Nairobi Trio/Napoleon Sailed the Ocean/Tiger Rag/Aba Daba Honeymoon/How to Tell the Wild Animals/Under the Bamboo Tree/Abdul the Bulbul Ameer/Civilization

E/SE-4406 - Nostalgia No. 1 - Billy Mure's Happy Guitars [1966] 5 Foot 2/Have You Ever Been Lonely/Shine On/In a Shanty/Gang That Sang Heart of My Heart/Medley: You Tell Me-My Wild Irish Rose/Medley: On a Bicycle Built For Two-The Band Played On-In the Good Old Summertime/Medley: Careless Love-My Gal Sal-Yes Sir That's My Baby-Side By Side-My Blue Heaven/Medley: I Don't Know Why-In Apple Blossom Time-My Melancholy Baby/Medley: Ida-Hello My Baby/Medley: I Love You Truly-Sweet Rosie O'Grady/Medley: Down By the Riverside-Hand Me Down

E/SE-4407 - Li'l Red Riding Hood - Sam the Sham & Pharaohs [1966] (9-66, #82) Li'l Red Riding Hood/Hanky Panky/Deputy Dog/Green'ich Grendel/Mary Is My Little Lamb/Sweet Talk//El Toro De Goro (The Peace Loving Bull)/The Phantom/Little Miss Muffet/Pharaoh-A-Go-Go/Ring Them Bells/Grasshopper

E/SE-4408 - Organ and Chimes - Beegie Long [1966]

E/SE-4409 - Peanuts - Peanuts [unissued]

E/SE-4410 - The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. (TV Soundtrack) - Teddy Randazzo [1966] The Man From U.N.C.L.E./Shall We Gather At The Boat Dock/Out Of The Frying Pan/April/Mother Muffin/Movin' On/The Girl From U.N.C.L.E./Sneaky Search/Somewhere In Greece/The Countess/Bomb Scare/Follow The T.H.R.U.S.H.

E/SE-4411 - Connie Francis Live at the Sahara in Las Vegas - Connie Francis [1966] Once In A Lifetime/One of Those Songs/My Heart Reminds Me-Yesterday/Bamba/Sunrise, Sunset/Please Don't Sell My Daddy No More Wine/Gotta Travel On/I Can't Stop/Queen Of The House/In San Francisco/Mama/Will You Still Be Mine/Who's Sorry Now/Al Di La/Up Above My Head/Glory Glory/Light Of Love

E/SE-4412 - Connie Francis and the Kids next Door - Connie Francis [unissued] Issued as King Leo LE/LES-903.

E/SE-4413 - The Liquidator (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [1966] The Liquidator - Shirley Bassey/Boysie's Bossa/The Killer/Bikini Waltz/The Bird/Casino Rhapsody//Carry On/Iris/Riviera Chase/Boysie's Bossa/Tilt/The Liquidator - Shirley Bassey

E/SE-4414 - Animalism - Animals [1966] (12-66, #33) All Night Long/Shake/Other Side Of This Life/Rock Me Baby/Lucille/Smoke Stack Lightning//Hey Gyp/Hit The Road, Jack/Outcast/Louisiana Blues/That's All I Am To You/Going Down Slow

E/SE-4415 - Hugh Masekela's Next Album - Hugh Masekela [1966] California Dreamin'/Little Star/It's Not Unusual/Loving You/Norwegian Wood/If I Needed Someone/Along Comes Mary/She's Comin' My Way/Sounds of Silence/Actin' Like A Fool/From Me To You/Elusive Butterfly

E/SE-4416 - The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume II - Herman's Hermits [1966] (12- 66, #20) This Door Swings Both Ways (E)/Listen People (E)/Bus Stop (E)/Story Of My Life (E)/Little Boy Sad (E)/A Must To Avoid (E)//Dandy (E)/Hold On! (S)/Leaning On A Lamp Post (S, Soundtrack version)/For Your Love (E)/Take Love Give Love (E)

E/SE-4417 - Music from the Motion Pictures: The Bible/The Ten Commandments/The Greatest Story Ever Told/King Of Kings/Ben Hur - Metropolitan Pops Orchestra [1966] Theme From "The Bible"/Cain And Abel/Abraham/Noah's Ark/Eve//Main Theme From "The Ten Commandments"/Prelude To "Ben Hur"/Love Theme From "Ben Hur"/Pontius Pilate's Arrival Into Jerusalem From "King Of Kings"/Nativitiy From "King Of Kings"/Main Theme From "The Greatest Story Ever Told"

E/SE-4418 - Born a Woman - Sandy Posey [1966] (12-66, #129) Arms Full Of Sin/Blue Is My Best Color/Born A Woman/Caution To The Wind/If Tears Had Color In Them/It's All In The Game/Just Out Of Reach/Miss Lonely/Satin Pillows/Strangers In The Night/This Time/You Got To Have Love To Be Happy

E/SE-4419ST - Hotel Paradiso (Soundtrack) - Laurence Rosenthal [1966] Main Title/Friendly Neighbors/Visitors From the Country/Boniface Escapes/Trapeze Waltz/Arrivals at the Hotel/Nervous Tea-Party/Chaos In th eCorridors/Police arrive/Next Morning/Embarrassing Moments/Palais Royale/End Title

E/SE-4420 - A Young Boy's Prayers - Steve Sanders [1966]

E/SE-4421 - Big Ben Strikes Again - Ben Colder [1966] (12-66, #17 country) Almost Persuaded No. 2/Time After Time/I Love Your Pizza/Make the World Go Away No. 2/I Walk the Line No. 3/I'm Thinking Tonight/May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Snoot/Beautiful, Beautiful Banjo/Packets of Pencils/I Wish I'd Stayed In Bed/Undertaker's Love Lament

E/SE-4422- The Best of Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs [1967] (3-67, #98) Wooly Bully (S)/Red Hot (S)/Standing Ovation (S)/Mystery Train (S)/Ju Ju Hand (M)/Ready Or Not (S)/The Hair On My Chinny Chin Chin (S)/El Toro De Goro (S)/The Out Crowd (S)/I Wish It Were Me (S)/Ring Dang Do (S)/L'il Red Riding Hood (M)

E/SE-4423 - Swingin' Country - Molly Bee [1967] How's the World Treating You/World I Can't Live In/You Win/Mirrors Don't Lie/If Things Don't Start/Heartbreak U.S.A./Everything But Your Name/Don't Touch Me/I Hate To See Me Go/Almost Persuaded/You Ain't Woman Enough/Bayou Joe

E/SE-4424 - Roy Orbison Sings Don Gibson - Roy Orbison [1966] (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time/(Yes) I'm Hurting/The Same Street/Far Far Away/Big Hearted Me/Sweet Dreams//Oh Such A Stranger/Blue, Blue Day/What About Me/Give Myself a Party/Too Soon to Know/Lonesome Number One

E/SE-4425-OC - The Canterville Ghost (TV Soundtrack) - TV Cast [unissued]

E/SE-4426ST - Penelope (Soundtrack) - John Williams [1966] Penelope/Poolside/Penny's Arcade/Bostella/The Girl In The Yellow Dress/Girl Chase/The Sun Is Gray/Sadaba/At The Art Museum/Mad Professor

E/SE-4427ST - Grand Prix (Soundtrack) - Maurice Jarre [unissued] Issued as 1E/1SE-8. Overture/Scott & Pat - Sarti & Louise/Theme From "Grand Prix"/Sarti's Love Theme (Bossa Nova)/The Zandvoort Race (Scott's Comeback)//The Clermont Race/Scott's Theme (Bossa Nova)/Sarti's Love Theme/In The Garden/The Lonely Race Track

E/SE-4428 - My Own Way - Hank Williams, Jr. [1967] (7-67, #42 country) I'm In No Condition/Just Another Town/I'm Gonna Break Your Heart/Moods Of Mary/That's How I Wanted It To Be/What A Heck Of A Mess/I Can't Take It No Longer/Next Best Thing To Nothing/Nobody's Child/Waitin' For Money From Home/Kiowa Jones

E/SE-4429 - More Hank Williams & Strings - Hank Williams [1966] Dear John/Howlin' At the Moon/Your Cheatin' Heart/There'll Be No Teardrops/Long Gone Lonesome/Settin' the Woods on Fire/Lonesome Whistle/Half As Much/Jambalaya/Cold, Cold Heart/Ramblin' Man/Someday You'll Call

E/SE-4430 - Noel Coward Revisited (Original Cast) - Ben Bagley & Original Cast [1966] London At Night/Evening In Summer/Wife of an Acrobat/Nothing Can Last/Green Carnations/That Is the End/May I Have the Pleasure/Housemaids' Knees/You Were There/He Never Did That/Don't Let's Be beastly/Chase Me/Never Again/Finale

E/SE-4431 - Sebastian Cabot with Bob Dylan's Music: A Dramatic Reading - Sebastian Cabot [1966] Editor's Note: Some things ought to be illegal, and Sebastian Cabot destroying the songs of Bob Dylan is one of them. Who Killed Davy Moore/It Ain't Me Babe/Boots Of Spanish Leather/Don't Think Twice, It's All Right/Tomorrow's A Long Time/Blowin' In The Wind//Seven Curses/All I Really Want To Do/The Times They Are A-Changin'/Quit Your Lowdown Ways/Like A Rolling Stone/And Mostly They Sing

E/SE-4432 - Forever Young (The Music of Victor Young) - Cyril Ornadel & Starlight Symphony Orchestra [1967] Forever Young/Golden Earrings/My Foolish Heart/Alone At Last/Where On Earth/Love Letters/Around the World/Beautiful Love/100 Years From Today/When I Fall/Stella By Starlight

E/SE-4433 - Eric Is Here - Eric Burdon & Animals [1967] (3-67, #121) In The Night/Mama Told Me Not To Come (S)/I Think It's Gonna Rain Today/This Side Of Goodbye/That Ain't Where It's At (S)/True Love (Comes Only Once In A Lifetime)//Help Me Girl (S)/Wait Till Next Year/Losin' Control/It's Not Easy/The Biggest Bundle Of Them All/It's Been A Long Time Comin'

E/SE-4434 - Once in a While - Jean-Paul Vignon [unissued]

E/SE-4435-OC - Irving Berlin Revisited (Original Cast) - Ben Bagley & Original Cast [1967] Beautiful Faces/Lonely Heart/It'll Come/Mr. Monotony/Fools Fall/Dance & Grow Thin/Louisiana Purchase/How's Chances/Harlem On My Mind/Wild About You/Waiting At the End Of The Road/I'm Getting Tired/I'd Rather Lead A Band

E/SE-4436 - Lainie Kazan [unissued]

E/SE-4437 - Hey, Look Me Over - Julius LaRosa [1967] Hey, Look Me Over/As Time Goes By/What Did I Have/Here Amn I In Love/Music That Makes Me Dance/Cabaret/Say Hello/Somethin' Special/What'll I Do/Who Am I?/Who Are You?/Our Venetian Affair

E/SE-4438 - There's a Kind Of Hush All Over the World - Herman's Hermits [1967] (3- 67, #13) There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World (E)/Saturday's Child (E)/If You're Thinkin' What I'm Thinkin' (E)/You Won't Be Leaving (E)/Dandy (E)/Jezebel (E)//No Milk Today (E)/Little Miss Sorrow, Child Of Tomorrow (E)/Gaslight Street (E)/Rattler (E)/East-West (E)

E/SE-4439 - Far Away Places - Billy Ver Planck [unissued]

E/SE-4440 - My Coloring Book - Billy Ver Planck [1967]

E/SE-4441 - From the Bottom of My Heart - George Cardini & His Orchestra [unissued]

E/SE-4442 - Symphony of the Birds - Johan Dalgas Frisch [1967] Emperor Waltz/Sukiyaki/Branca/Morrer Semter Amado/Santa Lucia/Blue Danube/Tales Of The Vienna Woods/Waves Of The Danube/Tico Tico/Song From Moulin Rouge/I Uar Do Sertao/Loch Lomond/Vira Do Minho

E/SE-4443 - The Mediterranean Strings - Mediterranean Strings [1967]

E/SE-4444ST - Three Bites of the Apple (Soundtrack) - Robert Armbruster [1967] In The Garden - Under The Tree (David McCallum)/Carla Theme/The Funny Little Bus/The Girl From Rome/Search For A Drunk/The Swindle//Carla Theme/The Serpent/The Girl From Rome/Mr. Thrumm's Chase/Miss Sparrow's Theme/Chelsea Tourists Invade Rome

E/SE-4445ST - The Dirty Dozen (Soundtrack) - Frank DeVol [1967] Main Title From "The Dirty Dozen" (S)/Building The Barracks (S)/The Battle Begins (S)/Girls Of The Evening (S)/The Dirty Dozen (S)/Erinsam (S)/Mission Accomplished (S)//Bramble Bush - Trini Lopez (S)/Col. Breed's Folly (S)/The Sham Battle (S)/The Chateau (S)/Switch-Hitters (S)/Finale And End Title (S)

E/SE-4446ST - The Biggest Bundle of Them All (Soundtrack) - Riz Ortolani[1967] (Featuring Tracks by Johnny Mathis and Eric Burdon & The Animals) Most Of All/Celli's Theme/Preparation For The Robbery/Dance On The Terrace/Wedding Of Uncle Carno/Petrol Station Robbery/Meeting Of The Master Minds/Professor Arrives/Train Robbery/Julliana & Caesar/In The Night Club

E/SE-4447 - Blow-Up (Soundtrack) - Herbie Hancock [1967] Blow-Up (S)/Verushka (Part 1) (S)/Verushka (Part 2) (S)/The Naked Camera (S)/Bring Down The Birds (S)/Jane's Theme (S)//Stroll On - Yardbirds (E)/The Thief (S)/The Kiss (S)/Curiosity (S)/Thomas Studies Photos (S)/The Bed (S)/Blow Up (Finale) (S)

E/SE-4448 - Love Italian Style - Connie Francis [1967] Souvenir D'Italie/Chella Ila/I' Te Vurria Vasa/Violetera/Passione/Tang Delle Rose/Statte Vicino a Me/Piscatore E Pusilecco/Tarantella/Na Voce, No Chitarra/Scalinatella/Terra Straniera

E/SE-4449 - Bugalu Party - Lively Ones [1967] Bugalu Movement/Working In The Coal Mine/Knock On Wood/She Moved Me/In The Midnight Hour/We Got A Thing That's In The Groove//You Are My Sunshine/634-5789/Take It While You Can/I Got You ( I Feel Good)/Hold On, I'm Coming

E/SE-4450 - Stand By Me - Spyder Turner [1967] (3-67, #158) Stand By Me/Hold On, I'm Coming/I Can't Make It Anymore/Moon River/I'm Alive With a Lovin' Feeling//I Can't Wait to See My Baby's Face/Dream Lover/Morning, Morning/Don't Hold Back/I Don't Want to Cry/Your Precious Love

E/SE-4451 - The Love Album - Lainie Kazan [1967] Until It's Time/I'm a Fool/I Have Dreamed/Sweet Talk/Nature Boy/If You Go/Take It Slow/I Got It Bad/Once/If You Were the Only Boy/Warm All Over/Everybody Loves Somebody

E/SE-4452 - Here I Am - Johnny Tillotson [1967] Make This Train/Don't Tell Me/Long Hair Committee/Stone Blues Man/Cling To Me/Round In Circles/Takin' It Easy/Deafening Roar/Too Many Times/Come Back When You Grow Up/Tommy Jones

E/SE-4453 - Stonemans Country - Stonemans [1967] Got Leavin' On Her Mind/Colorado Bound/Shady Grove/There Goes My Everything/Winchester Cathedral/5 Little Johnson Girls/Remember the Poor Tramp Has to Live/Back to Nashville/Bottle of Wine/Goin' Back to Bowling Green/Ride, Ride Ride

E/SE-4454 - The Best of Eric Burdon and the Animals, Vol. II - Eric Burdon & Animals [1967] (6-67, #71) Also released as Capital Record Club T-91156. When I Was Young (E)/A Girl Called Sandoz (E)/Don't Bring Me Down (S)/She'll Return It (E)/See See Rider (S)/The Other Side Of This Life (S)//Hey Gyp (S)/Help Me Girl (S)/That Ain't Where It's At (S)/You're On My Mind (E)/Inside Looking Out (E)/Cheating (S)

E/SE-4455 - Single Girl - Sandy Posey [1967] Hey Mister (S)/Patterns (S)/A Place In The Sun (S)/The Last Day Of Love (S)/I'm Your Puppet (S)/Here Comes My Baby Back Again (S)/ (S)/Single Girl (S)/Shattered (S)/Se Ya' Round On The Rebound (S)/Don't Touch Me (S)/I've Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (S)/The Twelfth Of Never (S)

E/SE-4456-2 - The Art of Modern Singing - Carlo Menotti [1967] (2-LP set) Reissue of Laurie LLP-1000. Breath Control/Yelp Exercise & General Instructions/Voice Production/Exercise Nos. 1/21

E/SE-4457 - The Exciting Racing Sound of "Grand-Prix" - Sound Effects [1967] An album of racing sounds. Interviews By Phil Hill, World Champion '61/Frankenheimer, G. Hill, World Champion '62/Sounds Recorded at Monza, Italian Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, Monaco Grand Prix/, Spa Francorchamps, Belgium Grand Prix, Brands Hatch, British Grand Prix/Waltzing Matilda

E/SE-4458 - The Heart of the Matter - Robie Porter [1967] I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do/Am I Blue/Teach Me to Forget/God Bless the Child/It's All right/Yesterday Years/So Much More/No One Lives In My World/Smile/Folks Who Live On the Hill/Ballad of the Sad Young Men

E/SE-4459 - Wayne Fontana - Wayne Fontana [1967] Pamela, Pamela/Please Stop the Wedding/My Friend and I/Star of Eastern Street/My Eyes Break Out In Tears/(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me//Something Keeps Calling Me Back/The Entertainer/Perfidia/It Was Easier to Hurt Her/You Made Me What I Am Today/Internal Circle

E/SE-4460 - Lee Evans Plays Themes from Great Motion Pictures - Lee Evans [1967] Born Free/Sand Pebbles Theme/Man & a Woman/Early In th eMorning/Warning shop/Tara's Theme/Georgy Girl/Dr/. Zhivago-Lara's Theme/Deadly Affair Theme/Quiller Memorandum Theme/Hurry Sundown Blues/This Is My Song

E/SE-4461 - San Remo '67 - Various Artists [1967]

E/SE-4462 - Afrika (TV Soundtrack) - Alex North [1967] Africa Suite-Man In Africa/Joyful Days/Kilimanjaro/Main Title Theme

E/SE-4463 - That's My Kick - Erroll Garner [1967] Shadow of Your Smile/Like It Is/It Ain't Necessarily So/Autumn Leaves/Blue Moon/More/Gaslight/Nervous Waltz/Passing Through/Afinidad

E/SE-4464ST - The 25th Hour (Soundtrack) - Georges Delerue [1967] Opening/In the Church/Johann & Suzanna/Deportation of the Jews/Suzanna At the Ministers House/Johann In the Wheat Field/Arrival of the Germans/Johann In Budapest/Train Stops/Gathering of the Flowers/Arrival of the Russians/Death of Traian/Johann on the Platform/Johann & Suzanna Reunited

E/SE-4465 - Tompall Glaser and the Glaser Brothers - Tompall & Glaser Brothers [1967] (7-67, #41 country) Gone/On the Other Hand/No End/El Paso/Gonna Miss Me/Gentle On My Mind/Last Thing/She Loved the Wrong Man/More or Less/Big Brother/Bob/Streets of Baltimore

E/SE-4466 - Town and Country Square Dances - Tobacco Jones & Slickers [1967] Town & Country/Arkansas Traveler/Pretty Little Widow/Little Liza Jane/Faded Love/Soldier's Joy/Chinese Breakdown/Golden Slippers/Old Joe Clark/Buffalo Gals/Maiden's Prayer/Turkey In the Straw/Liberty Bells

E/SE-4467ST - Vampire Killers (Soundtrack) - Soundtrack [unissued]

E/SE-4468 - The Lasting Impression of Hugh Masekela - Hugh Masekela [1967] Con Mucho Carino/Where Are You Going?/Morola/Bo Masekela/Unohilo/Child of the Earth

E/SE-4469ST - The 25th Hour (Soundtrack) - Georges Delerue [unissued] Issued as E/SE-4464ST.

E/SE-4470 - Frank Fontaine's Ireland - Frank Fontaine [1967] Little Bit Of Heaven/Daughter Of Rosie O'Grady/I'll Take You Home Again/Believe Me If All/It's The Same Old Shillelagh/How Are Things In Glocca Morra/Molly Malone/MacNamara's Band/Mother Machree/Rose Of Tralee/Danny Boy

E/SE-4471 - Every Mother's Son - Every Mother's Son [1967] (6-67, #117) Come And Take A Ride In My Boat [issued on 45 as "Come On Down To My Boat"] (S)/I Won't (S)/For Brandy (S)/Didn't She Lie (S)/What Became Of Mary (S)//Ain't It A Drag (S)/Allison Dozer (S)/I Believe In You (S)/Ain't No Use (S)/Sittin' Here (Peter's Tune) (S)/Come On Queenie (S)

E/SE-4472 - Connie Francis on Broadway Today: Happiness - Connie Francis [1967] Together Forever/My Cup Runneth Over/Hallelujah Baby/Wilkommen/Cabaret/Fiddler On The Roof/To Life/Walking Happy/Illya Darling/If My Friends Could See Me Now/I'm A Brass Band/Sherry/I Wanna Be With You/My Best Beau/Impossible

E/SE-4473 - Candy Candy Polka - Happy Louie & His Polka Band [1967]

E/SE-4474 - Grandes Excitos del Cine de los Anos 60 - Connie Francis [1967] Exitos Del Cine De Los Anos/60 No Puedo Olvidar/Eres/Ya Te Hablaran de Mi/Segundo Amor/Sucno de Amor/Sombra de Tu Sonrisa/Fue Nuestro Amor/Buena Vida/Donde Hay Chicos/Olvidemos el Manana

E/SE-4475 - The Fastest Guitar Alive (Soundtrack) - Roy Orbison [1967] Whirlwind (S)/Medicine Man (S)/River (S)/The Fastest Guitar Alive (S)/Rollin' On (S)//Pistolero (S)/Good Time Party (S)/Heading South (S)/Best Friend (S)/There Won't Be Many Coming Home (S)

E/SE-4476 - Milt Grayson [unissued]

E/SE-4477 - For the First Time - Kim Weston [1967] Where Am I Going/Free Again/Everything In The World I Love/When The Sun Comes Out/Walking Happy//The Beat Goes On/In The Dark/If You Go Away/Come Rain Or Come Shine/That's Life

E/SE-4478 - Blaze - Herman's Hermits [1967] (10-67, #75) Museum (S)/Upstairs, Downstairs (S)/Busy Line (S)/Moonshine Man (E)/Green Street Green (S)//Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt) (S)/I Call Out Her Name (E)/One Little Packet Of Cigarettes (S)/Last Bus Home (S)/Ace, King, Queen, Jack (S)

E/SE-4479 - The Sam the Sham Revue (Nefertiti) - Sam the Sham & Pharaohs [1967] Black Sheep/Struttin/I'm Not A Lover Anymore/Leave My Kitten Alone/Wanted Dead Or Alive//You Can't Turn Me Off/My Days Gonna Come/The Cockfight/Let It Eat/Love Me Like Before/Groovin'

E/SE-4480 - Sandy Posey (Featuring "I Take it Back") - Sandy Posey [1967] I Take It Back (S)/Standing In The rain (S)/The Big Hurt (S)/Sunglasses (S)/Bread And Butter (S)/I Can Show You How To Live (E)//It's Wonderful To Be In Love (S)/Love Of The Common People (S)/Halfway To Paradise (S)/The Boy I Love (S)/Come Softly To Me (S)

E/SE-4481 - I Won't Be Home No More - Hank Williams & Strings [1967] I Won't Be Home No More/Lost Highway/Mind Your Own Business/My Heart would Know/Nobody's Lonesome For Me/May You Never Be Alone/Mansion On The Hill/Move It/Honky Tonk Blues/I Just Don't Like This/Baby, We're Really In Love

E/SE-4482 - Wine, Women and Song - Ben Colder [1967] (9-67, #44 country) The Green Green Grass Of Home #2/The Flight/Detroit City/Family Tree/Lovesick Booze/There Goes My Everything #2//Ain't It Funny How Wine Sips Away/The Purple People Eater #2/Busted #2/Silver, The Wonder Horse/Great Men Repeat Themselves

E/SE-4483 - Don't Make Waves, Make Love (Soundtrack) - Vic Mizzy [1967] (Title song is performed by the Byrds) Don't Make Waves/Daybreak At Malibu/Confidence Man/Stradella/Zip/Vox Box/Love Theme/Driverless/Madame Lavina/Girl On The Trampoline

E/SE-4484 - Winds Of Change - Eric Burdon & Animals [1967] (9-67, #42) Winds Of Change (S)/Poem By The Sea (S)/Paint It Black (S)/The Black Plague (S)/Yes I Am Experienced (S)//San Franciscan Nights (S, with intro)/Man-Woman (S)/Hotel Hell (S)/Good Times (S, cross-fades from previous track)/Anything (S)/It's All Meat (S)

E/SE-4485 - Johnny Nash [unissued]

E/SE-4486 - Lee Hazlewood [unissued]

E/SE-4487 - My Heart Cries For You - Connie Francis [1967] My Heart Cries For You/Lonely Again/Don't Touch/4 Walls/There'll be No Teardrops/Wayward Wind/How's the World Treating You/I'd Be a Legend/I Wish I Had a Wooden Heart/Room Full of Roses/Anytime

E/SE-4488 - Readings from "Hamlet" - Robert Vaughn [1967] Introduction/Soliloquies-Act 1-Scene 2/Act 2-Scene 2/Act 3-Scenes 1, 3, 4/Act 4-Scene 4/Act 3-Scenes 1, Nunnery, 4, Closet/Act 5 Scene 2, Death

E/SE-4489 - Far from the Madding Crowd (Soundtrack) - Marcus Dodds [unissued] Issued as 1E/1SE-11ST.

E/SE-4490 - David Hemmings Happens - David Hemmings (with the Byrds) [1967] Back Street Mirror/Reason To Believe/Good King James/Bell Birds/Talkin' L.A./Anathea/After the Rain/War's Mystery/Soldier Wind

E/SE-4491 - Cinema Legrand - Michel Legrand [1967] Watch What Happens/Vie de Chateau/Girl I've Never Met/Time For Love/When I Look/Hombre/Tara's Theme/2 For the Road/Norma Jean's Theme/Orfeu Negro Theme/Make Me Rainbows

E/SE-4492 - Happy Louie - Happy Louie & His Polka Band [unissued]

E/SE-4493ST - Ski on the Wild Side (Soundtrack) - Billy Allen [unissued]

E/SE-4494 - The Comedians (Soundtrack) - Laurence Rosenthal [1967] Main Title/Madame L'Ambassadrice/Port-Au-Prince/"I Am The Haitian Flag"/At The Columbus Statue/The Voodoo Temple//Arrest At Dawn/The Blue Guest-Room/The Tontons Macoute/Operation Jones/"In The Night Watches"/Departures

E/SE-4495ST - Our Mother's House (Soundtrack) - Georges Delerue [1967] Main Title/Garden/Mother Will always Be Here/Recess/Gertie Is Punished/Charlie/Children/Charlie Arrives Home/Boat Ride/Party/Charlie Burns Mothers' Picture/Children Leave

E/SE-4496 - Love Is Lainie - Lainie Kazan [1967] House Is Not a Home/Look of Love/When I Look/Sunny/Night Song/Angel Died/They Don't Give Medals/How Can I Be Sure/Flower Child/Windows of the World/Song Without Words

E/SE-4497 - Cinnamon and Clove - Lee Evans [1967] Cinnamon and Clove/Mary In the Morning/Free Me/Groovin'/Our Mother's House Theme/Goin' Out of My Head/Let Go/Eleanor Rigby/Crystal Heart/Without Rhyme or Reason/Laia Ladaia

E/SE-4498 - The Cowsills - The Cowsills [1967] (11-67, #31) The Rain, The Park And Other Things/Pennies/La Rue Du Soleil/Thinkin' About The Other Side/Dreams Of Linda/River Blue//Gettin' Into That Sunny, Sunny Feelin' Again/That's My Time Of The Day/Troubled Roses/(Stop, Look) Is Anyone There?/How Can I Make You See/(Come 'Round Here) I'm The One You Need

E/SE-4499 - Gloria Loring Today - Gloria Loring [1967] Hard Loving Loser/Catch the Wind/Just Say Goodbye/One Way Ticket/Today/Meantime/Going Out Of My Head/Good Day sunshine/Don't Tie Me Down/Until It's Time/Song is Love

E/SE-4500 - Jerry Lanning Sings - Jerry Lanning [1967] 59th Street Bridge Song/How to Handle a Woman/His Own Little Island/Real Live Girl/One Hand/Here's To My Lady/End of the World/Don't Think Twice/Meantime/Wonderful!/More I Cannot Wish

E/SE-4501 - Boozers and Losers - Claire Hogan [1967] I'm Always Drunk/Good Times/I'll Pay the Check/Whiffenpoof Song/Sometime When You're Lonely/Falling In Love With Love/After the Ball/Travelin' Light/I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out/Here I Go

E/SE-4502 - The Ages of Rock: Cy Coleman Plays the Classic Beat - Cy Coleman [1967] Sonata In Shocking Pink/Prelude In Blue/Fugue In White/Rondao In Lemon Yellow/Reverie In Topaz/Dance In Tangerine/Prelude In Black/Prelude In Ivory/Waltz in Lime/Pavanne In Purple/Rhapsody in Red

E/SE-4503 - Sil Austin [unissued]

E/SE-4504 - Every Mother's Son's Back - Every Mother's Son [1967] Rainflowers (S)/Another Day, Another Song (S)/Dolls In The Clock (S)/I May Be Right (S)/Only Child (S)/I'd Rather Be Right Than Wrong (S)//Sally (Life Story #3) (S)/Pony With The Golden Mane (S)/The Proper Four- Leaf Clover (S)/Put Your Mind At Ease (S)/Lary's Birthday Party (S)

E/SE-4505 - The Best of Herman's Hermits, Volume III - Herman's Hermits [1967] (1-68, #102) Big Man (E)/There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World (E)/Moonshine Man (E)/No Milk Today (E)/What Is Wrong What Is Right (E)/East-West (E)//Wings Of Love (E)/Museum (S)/Mum & Dad (S)/Last Bus Home (S)/Don't Go Out Into The Rain (You're Going To Melt) (S)

E/SE-4506 - What Am I Bid? (Soundtrack) - Ernie Freeman [1967] What Am I Bid? - Leroy VanDyke /Don't Look Back - Leroy VanDyke /I'll Make It Up - Leroy VanDyke /Auctioneer - Leroy VanDyke /Big Wide Wonderful World - Leroy VanDyke /Life Gets a Little More Mixed Up - Leroy VanDyke /We've Got the Best - Leroy VanDyke/Time Is the Only Thing - Faron Young/I Never Got to Kiss the Girl - Tex Ritter/When a Boy Becomes a Man - Johnny Sea

E/SE-4507 - Polka Party - Happy Louie & His Polka Band [1967]

E/SE-4508 - Hank Williams, Sr. & Hank Williams, Jr. [unissued]

E/SE-4509 - The Best of Sandy Posey - Sandy Posey [1967] Born a Woman/I Can Show You/Are You Never Coming/Take Me With You/You got to Have Love/Boy I Love/I Take It Back/Blue Is My best Color/Single Girl/Arms Full/What a Woman In Love Won't Do

E/SE-4510 - Through the Eyes of Love - Tompall & Glaser Brothers [1968] (3-68, #18 country) Through the Eyes of Love/You Only Pass This Way One Time/Moods of Mary/What Does It Take/I Chose You/Great El Tigre/Where Has All the love Gone/Woman/How Are You/That's How a Woman's S'pose to Be/I'm Sorry/Roseanna

E/SE-4511 - It's All in the Family - Stonemans [1967] World Is Waiting/In the Early Morning Rain/3 Cent Opera/Ole Slew-Foot/Tell It to My Heart/Dirty Old Egg Suckin' Dog/Cimarron/It's a New World/West Canterbury Subdivision/Katie Klein/Rita, Put Your Black Shoes On

E/SE-4512 - Bobby Braddock [unissued]

E/SE-4513 - The Best of Hank Williams, Jr. - Hank Williams, Jr. [1967] (12-67, #33 country) Standing In The Shadows/I'm In No Condition/Next Best Thing To Nothing/Long Gone Lonesome Blues/Endless Sleep/I Can't Take It No Longer//Nobody's Child/I'm Gonna Break Your Heart/It's Written All Over Your Face/Hanging My Teardrops Out To Dry/That's How I Wanted It To Be

E/SE-4514 - Cry Softly Lonely One - Roy Orbison [1967] She/Communication Breakdown/Cry Softly Lonely One/A Girl Like Mine/It Takes One (To Know One)/Just Let Me Make Believe//Here Comes The Rain, Baby/That's A No-No/Memories/Time To Cry/Only Alive

E/SE-4515ST - More Than a Miracle (Soundtrack) - Piero Piccioni [1967] "More Than A Miracle"/Prince Rodrigo/Brother Joseph/Isabella And Rodrigo/Rodrigo Leaves The Monastery/The Chef/Isabella In The Barrel//Isabella And Rodrigo In The Pantry/The Tournament/The Eggs Are Bewitched/The Contest/Brother Joseph Comforts Isabella/End Title "More Than A Miracle"

E/SE-4516ST - A Man Called Dagger (Soundtrack) - Ronald Stein [1967] The Swingin' Dagger Theme/Melissa/The Car Chase/The Meat Plant/The Fun And Games Chase/First Alley Flight//Ingrid's Blues/Fight With Otto/Nutty Koffman/The Death Of Koffman/A Man Called Dagger - Instrumental Version/A Man Called Dagger - Vocal Version (Maureen Arthur)

E/SE-4517 - The Eyes of Beacon Street Union. - Beacon Street Union [1968] My Love Is/Beautiful Delilah/Sportin' Life/Four Hundred And Five/Mystic Mourning//Sadie Said No/Speed Kills/Blue Avenue/South End Incident/Green Destroys The Gold/The Prophet

E/SE-4518 - Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach [1968] Ego Trip/Sacrifice Of The Moon (In Four Parts)/Plastic Raincoats/Hung-Up Minds/(Ballad Of The) Hip Death Goddess//Your Head Is Reeling/Dove In Hawk's Clothing/Baroque #1/Funny Freak Parade/Pamela

E/SE-4519-2 - The Joy of Wine - Alexis Lichine [1968] (2-LP set) Introduction & History of Wine/Windes of France-Bordeaux, Graves, Beaujolais, Sauternes, Cognac, Armagnac, Burgundy, Rhone Wines, Loire Wines, Champagne/Wines of Germany-Rhine Wines, Moselle Wines/Wines of Italy-Chianti, Soave, Valpolcella/Wines of Spain/Wines of California/Wine & Food/Service of Wine

E/SE-4520 - Up in Erroll's Room - Erroll Garner [1968] Brass Bed/Watermelon Man/It's the Talk/Lot of Livin'/All the Things You Are/Coffee Song/Cheek to Cheek/Girl From Ipanema/Groovin' High/I Got Rhythm

E/SE-4521 - Robie Porter [unissued]

E/SE-4522 - Hawaii: Connie - Connie Francis [1968] Tiny Bubbles/I'll Remember You/One Paddle Two Paddle/Red Sails In The Sunset/Waikiki/Happy Hours//Pearly Shells/Lahaina Luna/Blue Hawaii/Forevermore/Harbor Lights/To You Sweetheart, Aloha

E/SE-4523 - Walking on New Grass - Wayne Newton [1968] Walking on New Grass/Tip of My Fingers/It's Such a Pretty World/My Shoes Keep Walking Back/Like Everything Else/Crazy Arms/Don't Touch Me/Release Me/Last Waltz/Fraulein/All the Time

E/SE-4524 - Orpheus - Orpheus [1968] (9-68, #119) Original pressing uses black label, second pressing uses blue and gold label. I've Never Seen Love Like This (S)/Lesley's World (S)/Congress Alley (S)/Music Machine (S)/Door Knob Song (S)//I'll Stay With You (S)/Can't Find The Time To Tell You (S)/Never In My Life (S)/The Dream (S)

E/SE-4525 - Looking at You - Sandy Posey [1968] Looking At You/Deep In Kentucky/Meadow of My Love/Just You/It's Not Easy/Silly Girl/Something I'll Remember/Handy/Shades of Gray/Out of Tune/Will You Love Me Tomorrow/One Man Woman

E/SE-4526 - The Ten of Pentacles - Sam the Sham & Pharaohs [1968] Old MacDonald/Stand By/Down Home/I Passed It/It's So Strange/Stagger Lee/Despair/If You Try/Yakety Yak/Poison Ivy/Little Bitty Thing

Approximately here, label changes to the blue/gold label.

E/SE-4527 - My Songs - Hank Williams, Jr. [1/68] No Meaning And No End/Three Miles To Right/I Can't Decide/I Wouldn't Change A Thing About You/I Ain't Sharin' Sharon/Prison Of Memories/Your Love's Like A Stranger/Funny Feelings/Wandering Astray/Young Man's Fancy/Hanging My Teardrops Out To Dry

E/SE-4528 - Roy Orbison [unissued]

E/SE-4529 - Hank Williams and Strings, Vol. 3 - Hank Williams [1968] Window Shopping/My Bucket's Got a Hole In Itr/Just Waitin'/I Heard You Crying/Why Should We Try Anymore/Be Carful of Stones/I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive/Moanin' the Blues/My sweet Love/Why Don't You Love Me/Crazy Heart

E/SE-4530 - The Best of Ben Colder - Ben Colder [1968] (6-68, #44 country) By the Time I get to Phoenix No. 2/Hello Wall No. 2/Doo Hickey Song/Am I That Easy to Forget/Green, Green Grass of Home No. 2/Ain't It Funny/Almost Persuaded No. 2/Detroit City/Great Men/Skip a Rope No. 2/I Walk the Line No. 3

E-4531D - (The Sound of History) The Day F.D.R. Died - Documentary [1968]

E/SE-4532 - The Best of Johnny Tillotson - Johnny Tillotson [1968] It Keeps Right On A- Hurtin' (S, MGM remake)/Send Me The Pillow You Dream On (S, MGM remake)/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (S, MGM remake)/You're The Reason (S)/Worry (S)/Talk Back Trembling Lips (S)//Poetry In Motion (S, MGM remake)/Why Do I Love You So (S, MGM remake)/Dreamy Eyes (S, MGM remake)/Without You (S, MGM remake)/She Understands Me (S)/Heartaches By The Number (S)

E-4533D - From V.E. to V.J. Day - Documentary [unissued]

E/SE-4534 - We Can Fly - The Cowsills [1968] (3-68, #89) We Can Fly/Gray Sunny Day/Heaven Held/A Time For Remebrance/Gotta Get Away From It All/What Is Happy, Baby//I Need A Friend/Yesterday's Girl/Beautiful Beige/Mister Flynn/One Man Show

E/SE-4535 - Every Mother's Son [unissued]

E/SE-4536 - Milva - Milva [1968] La Stagiono Dell 'Amore/Giovane Amore/Tamburino, Ciao/L'Immensita/Io Di Notte/Segui Il Vento//Vivere O Non Vivere/Ho Capito Che Ti Amo/Uno Dei Tanti/Voi Non Sapete/Il Mondo In Tasca/Le Tue Mani

E/SE-4537 - The Twain Shall Meet - Eric Burdon & Animals [1968] (4-68, #79) Monterey (S)/Just The Thought (S)/Closer To The Truth (S)/No Self Pity (S)/Orange And Red Beams (S)//Sky Pilot (S, 7:27 LP length and mix)/We Love You Lil (S)/All Is One (S)

E-4538D - 1967: The Tumultuous Time - Documentary [unissued]

E/SE-4539ST - Where Were You When the Lights Went Out? (Soundtrack) [unissued]

E/SE-4540ST - A Time to Sing (Soundtrack)- Hank Williams, Jr. [1968] (9-68, #12 country) Next Time/Old Before My Time/Rock In My Shoe/Money Can't Buy Happiness/Man Is On His Own/There's Gotta Be Much More/It's All Over/Bive Me the Hummingbird Line

E/SE-4541ST - Sol Madrid (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin/Robert Armbruster [1968] Sol Madrid (Main Theme)/Fiesta/Stacey's Bolero/The Burning Candle/Adagietto/Sol Madrid (Main Theme)//The Golden Trip/Charanga/El Patio/Villanova's Villa/Bolero #2/Villanova's Chase

E-4542D - The Golden Voices of Sports - Documentary [unissued]

E/SE-4543ST - Sol Madrid (Soundtrack) - Lalo Schifrin [unissued] Issued as MGM E/SE- 4541ST. Sol Madrid (Main Theme)/Fiesta/Stacey's Bolero/The Burning Candle/Adagietto/Sol Madrid (Main Theme)//The Golden Trip/Charanga/El Patio/Villanova's Villa/Bolero #2/Villanova's Chase

E/SE-4544ST - Dark of the Sun (Soundtrack)- Jacques Loussier [1968] Main Theme/Claire's First Appearance/Mercenaries/Curry's Drive/Doctor's Body Is Found/Curry & The Diamonds/Coach Rolls Back/Claire & Curry/Chase/Flight/Curry Kills Henlein/Friendly Natives

E/SE-4545 - Child of Plenty - Julie Budd [1968] Child of Plenty/All's Quiet/Black Is Black/People Are Strange/New Hope/Yesterday's Sunshine/Little Toy Store/Whistle a Tune/Georgie Porgy/Fly, Little Bird/Follow Your Dream

E/SE-4546 - Sounds of Freedom - Brigham Young University Singers [1968] New Tomorrow/Paul Revere/I Want To Be Strong/My Name/Born Free/How the West Was Won/Mr. Washington/This Land Is Your Land/Freedom Isn't Free/I'm a Child of God/Can't You Hear

E/SE-4547 - Definition - Chrysalis [1968] What Will Become Of The Morning/Lacewing/Cynthia Gerome/April Groove/Father's Getting Old/30 Poplar//Baby, Let Me Show You Where I Live/Fitzpatrick Swanson/Lake Hope/Piece Of Sun/Summer In Your Savage Eyes/Dr. Root's Garden

E/SE-4548ST Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter (Soundtrack) - Herman's Hermits [1968] (9-68, #182) It's Nice To Be Out In The Morning/Holiday Inn/Ooh, She's Done It Again/There's A Kind Of Hush All Over The World (E)/Lemon And Lime//The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life/Daisy Chain (Part I)/Daisy Chain (Part II)/The World Is For The Young/Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter (E)

E/SE-4549 - One More Time - Wayne Newton [1968] Hello Ma Baby/Rock-a-Bye Your Baby/For Once/All This World/That's Life/Wolverton Mountain/Lady/Your Cheatin' Heart/Somewhere/When I Lost You

E/SE-4550 - Full Circle - Ian & Sylvia [1968] Here's To You/I Learned From Leah/Women's World/Mr. Spoons/Shinbone Alley/Please Think//Stories He'd Tell/Jinkson Johnson/Tears Of Rage/The Minstrel

E/SE-4551 - Big Hits for Little People - Richard Wolfe's Children Chorus [1968]

E/SE-4552 - Sleepy Joe - Herman's Hermits [unissued]

E/SE-4553 - Every One of Us - Eric Burdon & Animals [1968] (8-68, #152) White Houses/Uppers And Downers/Serenade To A Sweet Lady/The Immigrant Lad/Year Of The Guru//St. James Infirmary/New York 1963-America 1968

E/SE-4554 - Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools - The Cowsills [1968] (9-68, #105) Captain Sad And The Ship Of Fools/Make The Music Flow/Indian Lake/Ask The Children/Who Can Teach A Songbird How To Sing/The Bridge//The Path Of Love/Newspaper Blanket/Meet Me At The Wishing Well/The Fantasy World Of Harry Faversham/Painting The Day/Can't Measure The Cost Of A Woman Lost

E/SE-4555 - W.C. Fields Is Alive and Drunk at Your Father's Moustache - W.C. Fields (vocal) with Orchestra arranged and conducted by Al Ham [1968] Obviously, this is not THE W.C. Fields, who died in 1946 and wouldn't be singing "When I'm 64" or the "Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde" even if they used old tapes. Rather, this is probably a house band that played in one of the "Your Father's Moustache" restaurants. Nice of them to let us know - nowhere does the package give the artists' names. Here Comes The Train (I've Been Working On The Railroad)/Don't Tell Me Your Dreams/Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde/It's a Sin/College Medley: Buckle Down Winsocki-Rambling Wreck-Boola Boola-On Wisconsin-Washington & Lee Swing/When I'm 64/Gang That Sang Heart Of My Heart/In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town/Who's Gonna Hold Up the Lamppost/I'm Looking Over A 4-Leaf Clover

E/SE-4556 - Arthur Godfrey [unissued]

E/SE-4557 - Rainbow - Bobby Callender [1968]

E/SE-4558 - Eddie Simon [unissued]

E/SE-4559 - Luke the Drifter, Jr. - Hank Williams, Jr. as Luke the Drifter, Jr. [1968] (2-69, #20 country) I Was With Red Foley (The Night He Passed Away)/I Dreamed About Mama Last Night/The Glass/Fly Trouble/On Trial/At The First Fall Of Snow//Uncle John/Please Make Up Your Mind/Help Me Understand/Everything's Okay/My Home Town Circle "R"

E/SE-4560 - On Broadway - Johnny Tillotson [unissued]

E/SE-4561 - This Is America - Kim Weston [1968] This Is America/When Johnny Comes Marching Home/If I Ruled The World/The Impossible Dream (The Quest)/Born Free/Somewhere//The Exodus Song/People/Touch The Earth/Lift Ev'ry Voice And Sing/The House I Live In/This Is My Country

E/SE-4562 - Irving Berlin Songs - Merv Griffin [unissued]

E/SE-4563ST - Goodbye Mr. Chips (Soundtrack) - John Williams [unissued] Issued as 1E/1SE-19ST. Overture/Fill The World With Love - Boys/Where Did My Childhood Go? - Peter O'Toole/London Is London - Petula Clark & Chorus/And The Sky Smiled - Petula Clark/Apollo - Petula Clark/When I Am Older - Boys/Walk Through The World - Petula Clark//Entr'acte and What Shall I Do With Today? - Petula Clark/What A Lot Of Flowers and Reprise - Peter O'Toole/Schooldays - Petula Clark & Boys/When I Was Younger - Peter O'Toole/You And I - Petula Clark/Fill The World With Love Reprise - Peter O'Toole & Boys/You And I (Orchestral Reprise)

E/SE-4564 - Why Say Goodbye - Andre Popp & His Orchestra [1968] A Comme Amour (Why Say Goodbye) (S)/Le Lit De Lola (S)/Entre Le Ciel Et La Mer (S)/Mon Amour, Mon Ami (S)/Tililoy (S)/L'Amour Est Bleu (Love Is Blue) (S)//Manchester Et Liverpool (S)/Ne Sois Pas Triste (S)/Les Papillons (S)/On Oublie Jamais (S)/Bim Bom (S)/Le Coeur Trop Tendre (S)

E/SE-4565ST - Guns for San Sebastian (Soundtrack) - Ennio Morricone [1968] Overture/Chase/Long Trek/Love Theme/Music at the Governor's Dinner/White Stallion/Building the Dam/Attack/Burning Village/Villagers Prepare/Teclo's Death/End Title

E/SE-4566ST - Say It with Music (Soundtrack) [unissued]

E/SE-4567 - Look at Me - Talya Ferro [1968] Cuando Calienta el Sol/On Top of the World/If You Go/Until It's Time/We Could Learn/Something Wonderful/Your Kiss/After Your Love/Magic Door

E/SE-4568 - The Clown Died In Marvin Gardens - Beacon Street Union [1968] The Clown Died In Marvin gardens/The Clown's Overture/Angus Of Aberdeen/Blue Suede Shoes/Not A Very August Afternoon/Now I Taste The Tears//King Of The Jungle/May I Light Your Cigarette/Baby Please Don't Go

E/SE-4569 - Ascending - Orpheus [1968] (9-68, #159) I'll Fly/Just Got Back/Mine's Yours/Don't Be So Serious/So Far Away In Love/She's Not There//Love Over There/Borneo/Just A Little Bit/Walk Away Renee/Roses/Magic Air

E/SE-4570 - Behold and See - Ultimate Spinach [1968] Gildes Lamps Of The Cosmos/Visions Of Your Reality/Jazz Thing/Mind Flowers//Where You're At/Genesis Of Beauty/Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse/Fragmentary March Of Green

E-4571D - Madison Square Garden - Various Personalities [1968] Ring Announcer For Joe Humphries '36/Fritzie Zivic-Henry Armstrong Welterweight Championship '41F.D.R. Democratic Rally '36/Bill Stern Describes Glenn Cunningham Garden Mile Race '39/General John Reed Kilpatrick, Madame Chiang Kai Shek For China Relief World War II/Joe Louis Versus Jersey Joe Walcott 12-5-47/Circus Comes to the Garden/Ike & Adlai Campaign 1952/Bill Bradley Scores First Basket N.Y. Knicks 1967/Marilyn Monroe Sings Happy Birthday to J.F.K. 1962/Jim Beatty Former President of Garden, Describes His Greatest Moments/Bernie "Boom Boom" Geffrion, Coach of N.Y. Rangers, First Goal/American Legion 1st N.Y. Convention '37/Don Budge Defeats Fred Perry Pro-Tennis 1939/Wendell Wilkie Reception '40/Communist Party Nominee 1940/Max Baer Meets Lou Nova 1941/Tony Galento Tells Why He Lost to Joe Louis/Lester Pattrick, Manager N.Y. Rangers/Edgar Bergen-Charlie McCarthy Boy Scouts of America, 1937/Nazi Bund Rally, 1937/Tyrone Power & Joe Louis Speak at Navy Relief Bond Rally 1942/First Garden 4 Minute Mile, 1963

E/SE-4572 - Easy Listening - Richard Wolfe Singers [1968] Live for Life/I Must Be Dreaming/Softly As I Leave You/More Than a Miracle/Happening/Kiss My Goodbye/Love Is Blue/Even Then/Valley of the Dolls Theme/One Kiss For Old Times/In the Sunshine Days

E/SE-4573 - Connie & Clyde (Hit Songs of the '30s) - Connie Francis [1968] You Oughta Be In Pictures/Ace In the Hole/Gold Diggers Medley: With Plenty of Money, We're In the Money/Just a Gigolo/Button Up Your Overcoat//Brother, Can You spare a Dime/Maybe/Am I Blue?/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone/Ain't Misbehavin'/Somebody Else

E/SE-4574 - Chamaeleon Church - Chamaeleon Church [1968] Before Saturday Night Live, Chevy Chase played drums and did vocals as a member of Chamaeleon Church. Come Into Your Life/Camillia Is Changing/Spring This Year/Blueberry Pie/Remembering's All I Can Do//Flowers In The Field/Here's A Song/In A Kindly Way/Tompkins Square Park/Picking Up The Pieces/Off With The Old

E/SE-4575 - The Cowsills [unissued]

E/SE-4576 - In the Beginning - Hank Williams [1968] (9-68, #37 country) 1979 reissue of this album with the same catalog number is different. Calling You/Honky Tonkin'/I Don't Care/Never Again/My Love For You/Pan American/Wealth/When God Comes/Move It on Over/I Heard You crying/On the Banks of the Old Pontchartrain

E/SE-4577 - The Wonderful World of the Glaser Brothers - Tompall & Glaser Brothers [1968] One of These Days/Home Country/Got Leavin' On Her Mind/Instinct For Survival/Recipe For a Me/Way That We Are Living/Home's Where the Hurt Is/Guess Things Happen That Way/Money Cannot Make the Man/Why Do You Do Me/Is My Love Coming On Too Strong

E/SE-4578 - The Great Stonemans - Stonemans [1968] Christopher Robin/You're Gonna Be Sorry/Rolling In My Sweet Baby's Arms/Don't Think Twice/Love I Left/Hello, Dolly/Wrinkled, Crinkled/Baby-O/9 Pound Hammer/Bluegrass Ramble/Baby is Gone

E/SE-4579 - Sam the Sham [unissued]

E/SE-4580 - Sandy Posey [unissued]

E/SE-4581 - Wayne Newton's Songs of Faith - Wayne Newton [1968] Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen/Church In the Wildwood/Sweet Hour of Prayer/We'll All Meet/Near the Cross/There Is Power/In the Garden/Life's Railwway/Would You Do/You'll Never Walk Alone/In the Sweet By & By

E/SE-4582 - Eric Burdon & Animals [unissued]

E/SE-4583 - Bill Medley 100% - Bill Medley [1968] (10-68, #188) Brown Eyed Woman (S)/Let The Good Times Roll (S)/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (S)/Run To My Loving Arms (S)/You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You (S)/The Impossible Dream (S)//I Can't Make It Alone (S)/That's Life (S)/One Day Girl (S)/Show Me (S)/Goin' Out Of My Head (S)/Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) (S)

E/SE-4584 - Nives - Nives [1968]

E/SE-4585 - Connie Francis Sings Burt Bacharach & Hal David - Connie Francis [1969] What the World Needs Now/Promises, Promises/Look of Love/Do You Know the Way to San Jose/Trains & Boats & Planes/Make It Easy on Yourself/Alfie/Medley: This Girl's In Love, I Say a Little Prayer/Wanting Things/Walk On/Medley: Magic Moments, Blue on Blue/Don't Make Me Over

E/SE-4586 - Kangaroo - Kangaroo [1968] Such A Long Long Time/You're Trying To Be A Woman/Daydream Stallion/Make Some Room In Your Life/Frog Giggin'/You Can't Do This To Me//If You Got Some Love In Mind/I Never Tell Me Twice/Tweed's Chicken Inn/Happy Man/The Only Thing I Had/Maybe Tomorrow

E/SE-4587 - Here Comes the Judge - Magistrates (featuring the voice of Jean Hillary) [unissued]

E/SE-4588 - Tribute to Pop Stoneman - Stonemans [1968] Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Katie Klein/I Love Corrina/Baby-O/Stoney's Waltz/Hallelujah Side/Message From Home/Where The Soul Never Dies/No Name/Birds Are Returning/Mountaineer's Courtship

E/SE-4589ST - Ice Station Zebra (Soundtrack) - Michel Legrand [unissued] Issued as MGM 1E/1SE-14ST. The Overture/The Satellite Falls/The Russian Trawler/Tigerfish/The Crevasse//Entr'acte/The Lab/Through The Ice/The Fight/Mission Accomplished

E/SE-4590 - Herman's Hermits [unissued]

E/SE-4591-2 - Love Is - Eric Burdon & Animals [1968] (1-69, #123) (2-LP set) Disc 1: River Deep Mountain High (S)/I'm An Animal (S)/I'm Dying, Or Am I (S)//Ring Of Fire (S)/Colored Rain (S); Disc 2:To Love Somebody (S)/As The Years Goes Passing By (S)//Gemini-The Madman (S)

E/SE-4592 - The Trout - Trout [1968] The Beginning/Fresh Water/Crazy Billy/Carnival Girl/November Song/Arizona Two Thoughts: Cuddlin' Warm - Here Beside You Now/Hushabye Wee Bobby//Yeah Yeah Yeah/Worse Day I've Ever Been To/You Can't Hang On/Understanding Who I Am/Sunrise Highway/The End

E/SE-4593 - Christmas Isn't Christmas Without You - Wayne Newton [1968]

E/SE-4594 - "Dreams of the Everyday Housewife" and "Town and Country" - Wayne Newton [1969] Dreams of The Everyday Housewife/Town & Country/Clouds/Remembering/Angelica/With Pen In Hand/All I Have to Do/Silence Says/Let Me Into Your Life/Where Are They Now?/Honey

E/SE-4595 - Paul McNeill [unissued]

E/SE-4596ST - The Shoes of the Fisherman (Soundtrack) - Alex North [unissued] Issued as MGM 1E/1SE-15ST. Overture/Arrival Of The Cardinals/The Election/Veni Creator Spiritus/Kiril Is Proclaimed Pope/Kiril's Loneliness/Celebration//Theme From "The Shoes Of The Fisherman"/Rome/The Pope Advises Dr. Faber/Reconciliation/The Gathering/Coronation

E/SE-4597 - The Best Of The Cowsills - The Cowsills [1968] (1-69, #127) The Rain The Part And Other Things (S)/Path Of Love (S)/In Need Of A Friend (S)/Mister Flynn (S)/Captain Sad And His Ship Of Fools (S)/We Can Fly (S)//Indian Lake (S)/Gray Sunny day (S)/A Time For Remembrance (S)/Gotta Get Away From It All (S)/Newspaper Blanket (S)/Poor Baby (M)

E/SE-4598 - The Beacon Street Union [unissued]

E/SE-4599 - Joyful - Orpheus [1968] (10-69, #198) By The Size Of My Shoes/Me About You/May I Look At You/To Touch Our Love Again/Lovin' You//Brown Arms In Houston/As They All Fall/I Can Make The Sun Rise/Joyful/Of Enlightment

E/SE-4600 - Ultimate Spinach - Ultimate Spinach [1969] (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet/Some Days You Just Can't Win/Daisy/Sincere/Eddie's Rush//Strange-Life Tragicomedy/Reasons/Happiness Child/Back Door Blues/The World Has Just Begun

Thanks to Scott Hickman.

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