MGM Album Discography, Part 20
Extended Play 45s (X4000 Series Cross Reference)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Peter Preuss
Last update: March 4, 2000

MGM issued a number of EP "albums" with two or three EPs in individual "pages" or sleeves within the fold-open "albums." Typically, the individual EPs had different individual numbers. This discography is a numerical cross reference to the individual EP numbers included within two or three EP sets. The EP set number is given after the title and artist. In the discography below, X4001/2, for example, means that X4001 is "The Bandwagon" Part 1, and X4002 is "The Bandwagon" Part 2, both included in the 2-EP "album" released as EP X207.

The X4000 series of individual EP numbers allows dates to be assigned to the EPs that were issued after X207, but which had catalog numbers before X207. Most of these were issued in 1953, but some were issued as late as 1955.

This information comes partly from our record collections, but in the main from the listing in The MGM Labels: A Discography by Michel Ruppli and Ed Novitsky (Greenwood Press, 1998), which has a wealth of additional information on MGM sessions, as well as information on the individual tracks on each EP.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with MGM Records or Universal Music Group, who currently own the masters. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.


Individual EP Number - Title - Artist [Multiple-disc EP album number and release date]

X4000 Series:

X4001/2 - The Bandwagon (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [issued as X207 in 1953]
X4003/4 - Pianorama - Maggie Fisher Piano Playhouse [issued as X209 in 1953]
X4005/6 - [numbers not used]
X4007/8 - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman [issued as X208 in 1953]
X4009/10 - Joy to the World - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X212 in 1953]
X4011/2 - Holy, Holy, Holy - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X213 in 1953]
X4013/4 - Walter Gross Plays Songs from MGM's "Torch Song" - Walter Gross & His Orchestra [issued as X214 in 1953]
X4015/6 - Showboat (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [issued as X84 in 1953]
X4017/8 - Holiday for Strings - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X3 in 1953]
X4019/20 - Annie Get Your Gun (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [issued as X50 in 1953]
X4021/2 - Singin' in the Rain (Soundtrack) - Lennie Hayton [issued as X113 in 1953]
X4023/4 - You're Hearing George Shearing - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X55 in 1953]
X4025/6 - Stars and Stripes Forever (Soundtrack) - Lionel Newman & 20th Century Fox Orchestra [issued as X176 in 1953]
X4027/8 - Three Little Words (Soundtrack) - Various Artists [issued as X53 in 1953]
X4029/30 - Till the Clouds Roll By (Soundtrack) - Lennie Hayton [issued as X1 in 1953]
X4031/2 - An American in Paris (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [issued as X93 in 1953]
X4033/4 - At the Jazz Band Ball - Preacher Rollo & His Five Saints [issued as X217 in 1953]
X4035/6 - The Most Beautiful Girl in the World - Ted Straeter & His Orchestra [issued as X218 in 1953]
X4037/8 - Square Dances - Carson Robison [issued as X5 in 1953]
X4039/40 - The Merry Widow (Soundtrack) - Jay Blackton [issued as X157 in 1953]
X4041/2 - Moanin' the Blues - Hank Williams [issued as X168 in 1953]
X4043/4 - Ivanhoe/Plymouth Adventure (Soundtracks) - Miklos Rozsa [issued as X179 in 1953]
X4045/6 - Music from "The Joe Louis Story" - George Bassman [issued as X221 in 1953]
X4047/8 - Let There Be Love - Joni James [issued as X222 in 1953]
X4049/50/51 - Kiss Me Kate (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [issued as X223 in 1953] (3-EP set)
X4052/3 - Christmas Hymns and Carols - Canterbury Choir [issued as X15 in 1953]
X4054/5 - Christmas Chimes - James Blades [issued as X142 in 1953]
X4056/7 - A Christmas Carol - Lionel Barrymore [issued as X16 in 1953]
X4058/9 - I Hear Music - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X155 in 1953]
X4060/1 - David Rose and His Orchestra Play the Music of George Gershwin - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X85 in 1953]
X4062/3 - Easter Parade (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [issued as X40 in 1953]
X4064/5 - Good News (Soundtrack) - Lennie Hayton [issued as X17 in 1953]
X4066/7 - Dancing at the Waldorf - Nat Brandwynne [issued as X224 in 1953]
X4068/9 - Neapolitan Nights - Leroy Holmes & MGM Strings [issued as X225 in 1953]
X4070/1 - Streets of Dreams - Leroy Holmes & MGM Strings [issued as X227 in 1953]
X4072/3 - When Lights are Low - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X226 in 1953]
X4074/5 - Organ Interlude - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X198 in 1953]
X4076/7 - Selections from "Firefly" and "Naughty Marietta" - Paul Britten [issued as X228 in 1954]
X4078/9 - Rose Marie (Soundtrack) - George Stoll [issued as X229 in 1954]
X4080/1 - Gypsy Music - Various Artists [issued as X230 in 1954]
X4082/3 - The Wonderful Waltzes of Richard Rodgers - Paul Britten [issued as X197 in 1954]
X4084/5 - Dixieland vs. Birdland - Bobby Byrne/Kai Winding [issued as X231 in 1954]
X4086/7 - The Music of Harold Arlen - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X232 in 1954]
X4088/9 - Keyboard Kings - Ken Clarke Trio [issued as X205 in 1954]
X4090/1 - Have You Heard - Joni James [issued as X234 in 1954]
X4092/3 - The Great Ones - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [issued as X235 in 1954]
X4094/5 - Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith & His Cracker Jacks - Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith & His Cracker Jacks [issued as X236 in 1954]
X4096/7 - Fiddlin' for Fun - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X237 in 1954]
X4098/9 - Manhattan Serenade - Joe Lipman & His Orchestra [issued as X238 in 1954]
X4100/1 - Under Paris Skies - Odette [issued as X239 in 1954]
X4102/3 - The Hank Williams Memorial Album - Hank Williams [issued as X202 in 1954]
X4104/5 - The MGM 30th Anniversary Album - Various MGM Stars [issued as X240 in 1954]
X4106/7 - I'll Be Seeing You - Sammy Fain [issued as X241 in 1954]
X4108/9 - Honky Tonkin' - Hank Williams [issued as X242 in 1954]
X4110/1 - I Saw the Light - Hank Williams [issued as X243 in 1954]
X4112/3 - Beautiful Music to Love By - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X233 in 1954]
X4114/5 - Jazz Battle: Hot vs. Cool - Jimmy McPartland/Dizzy Gillespie [issued as X194 in 1954]
X4116/7 - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [issued as X244 in 1954]
X4118/9 - Tchaikovsky Waltzes - Manhattan Piano Quartet [issued as X245 in 1954]
X4120/1 - Snuggled on Your Shoulder - Leroy Holmes & MGM Strings [issued as X246 in 1954]
X4122/3 - Suite from "The Threepenny Opera" - Izler Solomon & MGM Orchestra [issued as X247 in 1954]
X4124/5 - Serenata (The Music of Leroy Anderson) - Starnoters [issued as X248 in 1954]
X4126/7 - Accordion Magic - Tito & His Swingtet [issued as X249 in 1954]
X4128/9 - Serenade in the Night - Philip Green & His Orchestra [issued as X250 in 1954]
X4130/1 - Hands Across the Table - Johnny Desmond [issued as X186 in 1954]
X4132/3 - An Evening with George Shearing - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X252 in 1954]
X4134/5 - Themes from "Danger" - Tony Mottola [issued as X111 in 1954]
X4136/7 - Buddy DeFranco with Strings - Buddy DeFranco [issued as X253 in 1954]
X4138/9 - Serenades - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X28 in 1954]
X4140/1 - Organ Reveries - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X251 in 1954]
X4142/3 - The Wedding Album - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X200 in 1954]
X4144/5 - Encores in a Quiet Mood - Menahem Pressler {X254 in 1954]
X4146/7 - Cats vs. Chicks - Clark Terry/Terry Pollard [issued as X255 in 1954]
X4148/9 - I Let a Song Go Out of My Heart - Billy Eckstine [issued as X257 in 1954]
X4150/1 - Concert Favorites for Four Pianos - Manhattan Piano Quartet [issued as X258 in 1954]
X4152/3 - Nostalgia - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X259 in 1954]
X4154/5 - South Sea Island Magic - Pua Almedia & His Polynesians [issued as X260 in 1955]
X4156/7 - All Star Dixieland - Max Kaminsky [issued as X261 in 1955]
X4158/9 - The Joes Melis Trio - Jose Melis Trio [issued as X262 in 1955]
X4160 - [number not assigned]
X4161/2 - Mambos and Cha Chas - Rene Touzet [issued as X264 in 1955]
X4163/4 - A Sentimental Journey with David Rose - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X63 in 1955]
X4165/6 - Magic Music Box - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X196 in 1955]
X4167/8 - Brigadoon (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [issued as X263 in 1955]
X4169/70 - Kay Thompson Sings - Kay Thompson [issued as X265 in 1955]
X4171/2 - Piano Music for Children By Modern American Composers - Marga Richter [unissued]
X4173/4 - Let Me Off Uptown - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [issued as X267 in 1955]
X4175/6 - If You Feel Like Singing, Sing - Judy Garland [issued as X268 in 1955]
X4177/8 - Love in Bloom - Jack Fina [issued as X269 in 1955]
X4179/80 - Winter Sequence - Leonard Feather & Ralph Burns [issued as X270 in 1955]
X4181/2 - Autumn Nocturne - Ray Charles Singers [issued as X271 in 1955]
X4183/4 - [unissued, was to have been X273 in 1955]
X4185/6 - (Classical music) [issued as X274 in 1955]
X4187/8 - Songs By Father Sydney MacEwen - Father Sydney MacEwen [issued as X275 in 1955]
X4189/90 - Kay Armen Sings "For Nobody But You" - Kay Armen [issued as X277 in 1955]
X4191/2 - Dorothy Donegan at the Piano - Dorothy Donegan [issued as X278 in 1955]
X4193/4 - Van Smith at the Piano - Van Smith [issued as X279 in 1955]
X4195/6 - 'S Wonderful - Jack Kelly [issued as X280 in 1955]
X4197/8/9 - Deep in My Heart (Soundtrack) - Adolph Deutsch [issued as X276 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4200/01 - Cool Europe - Jutta Hipp/Mike Nevard [issued as X282 in 1955]
X4202/3 - Melody of Love - Franklyn MacCormick [issued as X283 in 1955]
X4204/5 - Little Girl Blue - Joni James [issued as X272 in 1955]
X4206/7 - Square Your Sets - Carson Robison [issued as X185 in 1955]
X4208/9 - Our Favorite Encores - Ethel Bartlett & Rae Robertson [issued as X273 in 1955]
X4210/1 - Blue Flame - Woody Herman [issued as X284 in 1955]
X4212/3 - Oh, Rock - Lionel Hampton [issued as X285 in 1955]
X4214/5 - [unissued, was to be X286 in 1955]
X4216/7 - Lost Love - Coronet Orchestra [issued as X292 in 1955]
X4218/9 - Country Gems - Hank Williams [issued as X288 in 1955]
X4220/1 - The Unforgettable Sound of the Dick Hyman Trio - Dick Hyman Trio [issued as X289 in 1955]
X4222/3 - Ramblin' Man - Hank Williams [issued as X291 in 1955]
X4224/5/6 - Hit the Deck (Soundtrack) - Johnny Green [issued as X287 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4227/8 - Music with the Big Beat - Sam Taylor & Claude Cloud [issued as X293 in 1955]
X4229/30 - Robert Maxwell's Harp Magic - Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra [issued as X294 in 1955]
X4231/2 - The Crazy Otto Cafe - Various Artists [issued as X302 in 1955]
X4233/4 - Leroy Anderson Favorites, Volume II - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X296 in 1955]
X4235/6 - Pop Parade, Volume 4 - Various Artists [issued as X299 in 1955]
X4237/8 - Tony Mottola, His Guitar, and His Orchestra - Tony Mottola [issued as X300 in 1955]
X4239/40 - A Shearing Caravan - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X301 in 1955]
X4241/2/3 - Love Themes from Motion Pictures - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [issued as X295 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4244/5 - I'll Always Be in Love with You - Milano & His Orchestra [issued as X303 in 1955]
X4246/7 - More Leroy Anderson Favorites - Richard Ellsasser [unissued, was to have been X305 in 1955]
X4248/9/50 - Interrupted Melody - Eileen Farrell [issued as X304 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4251/2 - [unissued, was to have been X306 in 1955]
X4253/4 - National Dances: Pop Concert Favorites, Vol. 7 [issued as X307 in 1955]
X4255/6 - Grieg Lyric Pieces - Menahem Pressler [issued as X308 in 1955]
X4257/8 - Thrilling - Roger Roger & His Orchestra [issued as X309 in 1955]
X4259/60 - That Old Feeling - Billy Eckstine [issued as X310 in 1955]
X4261/2 - El Toro (Music of the Bullfight) - Spanish Air Force Band of Madrid [issued as X311 in 1955]
X4263/4 - Bill Hayes - Bill Hayes [issued as X312 in 1955]
X4265/6 - Barbershop Ballads - King's Men [issued as X18 in 1955]
X4267/8 - A Touch of Genius! - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X90 in 1955]
X4269/70 - Pop Parade, Volume 5 - Various Artists [issued as X313 in 1955]
X4271/2 - Erin, O Erin - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X314 in 1955]
X4273/4 - Melodies of Faith and Hope - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X315 in 1955]
X4275/6 - Paris After Dark - Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra [issued as X316 in 1955]
X4277/8 - Invitation to the Dance (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn/John Hollingsworth [issued as X317 in 1955]
X4279/80 - Rendezvous - Billy Eckstine [issued as X318 in 1955]
X4281/2 - The Notre Dame Glee Club - Notre Dame Glee Club [issued as X319 in 1955; also issued as X3212]
X4283/4 - Dream World - Gary Alan & His Orchestra [issued as X320 in 1955]
X4285/6 - Fiesta Flamenca - Mario Escudero [issued as X321 in 1955]
X4287/8 - Hey, Mr. Banjo - Gene Sheldon [issued as X322 in 1955]
X4289/90 - Movie Pop Parade - Various Artists [issued as X323 in 1955]
X4291/2 - [unissued, was to have been X324 in 1955]
X4293/4 - Fritz Kreisler Favorites - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X325 in 1955]
X4295/6 - When I Fall in Love - Joni James [issued as X326 in 1955]
X4297/8 - Easy to Remember - Eddie Heywood [issued as X327 in 1955]
X4299/4300 - Soft Lights and Sweet Music - Lew White [issued as X328 in 1955]
X4301/2/3 - Outlaws of the Old West - Dickson Hall [issued as X329 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4304 - [number not assigned]
X4305/6/7 - It's Always Fair Weather (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [issued as X331 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4308/9 - The Dick Hyman Trio Swings - Dick Hyman Trio [issued as X332 in 1955]
X4310/1/2 - Kismet (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [issued as X3281] (3-EP set)
X4313/4/5 - Music from Out of Space - Stewart Phillips & His Orchestra [unissued, was to have been X3287] (3-EP set)
X4316/7 - Victor Herbert Favorites - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X335 in 1955]
X4318/9 - Wintertime Suite, Volume 1 - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X336 in 1955]
X4320/1 - Wintertime Suite, Volume 2 - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X337 in 1955]
X4322/3 - If You Believe - Kay Armen [issued as X330 in 1955]
X4324/5/6 - Candlelight and Wine - Leroy Holmes & His Orchestra [issued as X3288 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4327/8/9 - Lovers' Serenade - David Rose & His Orchestra [issued as X3289 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4330/1/2 - India's Love Lyrics/The Lost Love Lyrics - Jim Ameche/Dave Ballard [issued as X3290 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4333/4/5 - Poodles on Parade - Bill McGuffie [issued as X3291 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4336/7/8 - Blue Mist - Sam "The Man" Taylor [issued as X3292 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4339/40/41 - Spring Is Here - Ray Charles Singers [issued as X3162 in 1955] (3-EP set)
X4342/3/4 - Shearing in Hi-Fi - George Shearing Quintet [issued as X3293 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4345/6/7 - Movie Pop Parade, Volume II - Various Artists [issued as X3294 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4348/9 - Springtime Suite - Richard Ellsasser [issued as X345 in 1956]
X4350/1/2 - Sheb Wooley - Sheb Wooley [issued as X3299 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4353/4/5 - Teenage Dance Party - George Russell & His Orchestra [issued as X3300 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4356/7/8 - Arthur Smith Specials - Arthur Smith [issued as X3301 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4359/60/61 - Italy After Dark - Cyril Stapleton & His Orchestra [issued as X3302 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4362/3/4 - Music for My One and Only Love - Various Artists [issued as X3303 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4365/6/7 - Latin American Tempos Designed for Dancing - Rene Touzet & His Orchestra [issued as X3305 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4368/9/70 - Latin American Moods Designed for Dancing - Dave "Tico" Robbins [issued as X3306 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4371/2/3 - The Lamp Is Low - Robert Maxwell, His Harp & His Orchestra [issued as X3308 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4374/5/6 - Easy Come, Easy Go - Monica Lewis [issued as X3313 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4377/8/9 - Cole Porter Medleys - Jerry Jerome & His Orchestra [issued as X3324 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4380/1/2 - Strings with a Beat - Peter Todd & His Orchestra [issued as X3326 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4383/4/5 - The Merengue: Designed for Dancing - Frank Damiron [issued as X3327 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4386/7/8 - Joni James Sings "In the Still of the Night" - Joni James [issued as X3328 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4389/90/91 - Moanin' the Blues - Hank Williams [issued as X3330 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4392/3 - The Water Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [issued as X347 in 1956]
X4394/5 - The Nature Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [issued as X348 in 1956]
X4396/7 - The Evening Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [issued as X349 in 1956]
X4398/9 - The Personality Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [unissued, was to have been X350]
X4400/1 - The Exotic Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [issued as X351 in 1956]
X4402/3 - The Dance Music of Debussy - Johana Harris [issued as X352 in 1956]
X4404/5/6 - The Award Winning Album - Joni James [issued as X3346 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4407/8/9 - Little Girl Blue - Joni James [issued as X3347 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4410/1/2 - Let There Be Love - Joni James [issued as X3348 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4413/4/5 - The Wizard of Oz (Soundtrack) - Herbert Stothart/George Stoll [issued as X3464 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4416/7/8 - [numbers not assigned]
X4419/20/21 - The Threepenny Opera (Soundtrack) - Samuel Matlowsky [unissued, was to have been X3121] (3-EP set)
X4422/3/4 - Ranch House Favorites - Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys [issued as X3352 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4425-36 - [numbers not assigned]
X4437/8/9 - The Notre Dame Glee Club - Notre Dame Glee Club [issued as X3212 in 1956] (3-EP set)
X4440/1/2 - Joni James Sings Songs By Jerome Kern & Harry Warren - Joni James [issued as X3533 in 1957] (3-EP set)
X4443/4/5 - Gigi (Soundtrack) - Andre Previn [issued as X3641 in 1958] (3-EP set)
X4446/7/8 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 1 - Benny Goodman [issued as X3788 in 1959] (3-EP set)
X4449/50/51 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 2 - Benny Goodman [issued as X3789 in 1959] (3-EP set)
X4452/3/4 - Benny Goodman Treasure Chest, Volume 3 - Benny Goodman [issued as X3790 in 1959] (3-EP set)

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