MGM Album Discography, Part 16
Custom and Promotional Issues

By Mike Callahan, Peter Preuss, David Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: February 4, 2000

MGM issued a variety of promotional, custom, and deejay albums. The MGM Merchandising Corporation and the MGM Premium label were the counterparts of the "Special Products" or "Special Markets" divisions at other record labels. The MGM Merchandising Corporation issued "promotional custom releases," which were special albums made to be given away, and the MGM Premium label issued the regular custom albums for clients such as Kleenex or AC Spark Plugs, who used them in their own promotional ventures.

The MGM Promotional Series was a series designed for radio use. Not all of the albums in this series were released as regular albums, as some were "public service" material like anti-drug spots. In addition, MGM issued a series of sampler albums to encourage deejays to play cuts from then-current albums.

In addition to these special series, MGM issued a vast majority of its albums, at least in the 1960s and 1970s, as disc jockey promos. These usually had the same numbers as the regular albums, and the same covers, but had a large orange "DJ" sticker on the front, and a special label. Both the early 1960s black MGM label and the later blue and gold MGM label had white-label deejay counterparts. At least until the mid-1960s, deejay issues were most likely to be mono only, but with the rise of FM-stereo stations playing pop music, stereo deejay promos became common after 1965.

But these white-label counterparts were not always used for deejay issue. More often, MGM used a yellow label derived from the 1950s yellow label, which said, "Special Disc Jockey Record". These were quite common even in the late 1960s, much more common in fact than the white-label counterparts of the regular label. Some of the labels in the deejay promotional series used labels that had no logo, just black print on a blank white label stock.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents


PX-101 - The First Man on the Moon, July, 1969 - Documentary [1969]

PX-102 - Forever Judy - Judy Garland [1969] Over The Rainbow/Trolley Song/You Made Me Love You/Singin' In The Rain/Look For A Silver Lining//Put Your Arms Around Me/I Cried For You/Can't Get A Man With A Gun/Boy Next Door/I'm Nobody's Baby

PX-103 - Adventures on Pirate Island - Captain Kangaroo & His Pals [1969] 7-inch, 45rpm record.

PX-104 - The Wizard of Oz (Soundtrack) - Herbert Stothart/George Stoll [1969] Reissue of MGM E-3464 (and SE-3996ST), which was originally issued in mono only. The album is rechanneled. Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland/If I Only Had A Brain - Ray Bolger/If I Only Had A Heart - Jack Haley/If I Only Had The Nerve - Bert Lahr/Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus/We're Off To See The Wizard - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus//If I Were King Of The Forest - Bert Lahr/Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus/We're Off To See The Wizard - MGM Studio Orchestra & Chorus

PX-105 - Happy Anniversary - Various Artists Custom album for the International Silver Company.

PX-106 - Tell Me a Story - Various Artists (4-LP set) Repackaging of several of the children's albums previously issued on MGM's children's labels. Disc 1: How the Grinch Stole Christmas; Disc 2: A Christmas Carol - Lionel Barrymore//Mowgli's Brothers - Richard Kiley; Disc 3: Gulliver's Travels//Tubby The Tuba; Disc 4: Horton Hatches The Egg//Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves

PX-107 - For Charity Only - Various Artists


Mono releases have the PM- prefix, with PMS- being the stereo prefix. Stereo releases are indicated by the prefix, otherwise the album was issued as mono only.

Verve PM-1 - Babe Stovall - Babe Stovall

PM-2 -

PM-3 -

PM-4 - The Perfect Background Music for Your Home Movies

PM-5 - Soundway Sampler - Various Artists

PM-6 - Waltz Through Washday - Various Artists (3-LP set) Artists: Harry Horlick & His Orchestra/Grand Vienna Waltz Orchestra/Robert Stolz & His Orchestra

PM-7 - AC Spark Plug Division Presents the Osmonds - Osmonds

PM-8 - Kleenex Tissues Presents the Solid Gold Trumpet of Harry James - Harry James [1962] Reissue of MGM E-4058.

PM-9 - We Sing You a Merry Christmas - Osmond Brothers [1962]

PM-10 - Alemite CD-2 Presents MGM's Star Spectacular - Various Artists [1963]

PM-11-3 - The Kennedy Years 1956-1963 - Documentary [1964] (3-LP set)

Verve PM-12 - Verve's Smooth and Swinging Jazz - Various Artists

PM-13 - [number not assigned?]

PM-14 - Music for Your Taste - Various Artists

PM-15 - The Musical World of David Rose and His Orchestra - David Rose & His Orchestra

PM-16 - Benefit Performance - Various Artists

Verve PM-17 - The Best of Jonathan Winters - Jonathan Winters

Verve PM-18 - The Untoppables - Various Artists

PM/PMS-19-5 - 10th Anniversary Special of Music America Loves Best - Various Artists (5-LP set)

PM-20 - A Christmas Carol/Beloved Christmas Hymns and Carols - Lionel Barrymore/Canterbury Choir Reissue of Lion L70124.

PM-21 - Music for Candlelight and Wine - Various Artists

Verve-Folkways PM-22 - The Sweeter Generation - Various Artists

PM-23-10 - 100 of the World's Most Beautiful Love Songs - Various Artists (10-LP set)

PM-24-8 - Children's World...Over 170 Favorites - Various Artists (8-LP set)

PM-25-5 - The American Spirit - Various Artists (5-LP set)

PM-26-10 - Children's World...25 Most Beloved Children's Stories - Various Artists (10- LP set)

PM-27-50 - The Lion's Den - Various Artists (50 45-rpm singles)

PM-28-5 - The Connie Francis Story - Connie Francis (5-LP set)

PMS-29-9 - The Most Beautiful Strings in the World - Various Artists (9-LP set) Issued in stereo only.

PM/PMS-30 - A Visit from St. Nicholas/Christmas Songs - Richard Kiley/Ray Charles Singers

PM/PMS-31 - Live at Mr. Kelly's in Chicago - Lainie Kazan & William B. Williams

PMS-32 - A Christmas Carol/Beloved Christmas Hymns and Carols - Lionel Barrymore/Canterbury Choir Reissue of PM-20 in electronic stereo.


MG-DJ 7 - MGM Starpower Release 1960, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1960]

MG-DJ 8 - MGM Starpower Release 1960, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1960]

MG-DJ 9 - D.J. Sampler for January, 1961, Release, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1961]

MG-DJ 10 - D.J. Sampler for January, 1961, Release, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1961]

ST-DJ 1 - D.J. Sampler for November, 1961, Release - Various Artists [1961]

E-DJ 4 - D.J. Sampler for August, 1962, Release - Various Artists [1962]

MGM-1 - M.G.M. Sampler: July, 1965 Convention - Various Artists [1965]

Metro MS-1 - Metro Sampler - Various Artists [1965]

SAMP-4710 - The Black Man's Burdon - Eric Burdon & War [1970] Promotional single- disc edition of the 2-LP set SE-4710, with certain tracks edited.


PR Series:

PR-1 - Fred Astaire Sings and Swings Irving Berlin - Fred Astaire [1962?] Alcoa Aluminum custom album.

Verve PR-2-3 - The Greatest Names in Jazz - Various Artists [1963?] (3-LP set)

PR-3 - [unissued]

PR-4 - The Night of the Iguana (Highlights) - Benjamin Frankel [1964]

PRO-900 Series:

PRO-901 - M.I.A./P.O.W. - Pat Boone/Mike Curb Congregation [1971]

PRO-902 - 19 Anti-Drug Radio Spots - Various Artists [1971]

PRO-903 - 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Minute - Bruce Murdoch [1971]

PRO-904 - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Peter Bardens, Five Man Electrical Band, Beggar's Opera, Jasper Wrath, Lalo Schifrin, Randy Edelman, Curt Newbury, Larry Murray and Music For Meditation* ... *But Were Afraid to Ask - Various Artists [1971] Safe And Sound (With Jesus) - Five Man Electrical Band (E)/The Answer - Peter Bardens (S)/Memory - Beggar's Opera (S)/Is Not All One - Tony Scott (S)//Make A Time For Lovin' - Randy Edelman (S)/Look To The Sunrise - Jasper Wrath (S)/Half A Month Of Maydays - Curt Newbury (S)/Headed For The Country - Larry Murray (S)/Sanctus Benedictus - Lalo Schifrin (S)

PRO-905 - Songs By Steve & Eydie - Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme [1972]

Barnaby PRO-906 - Sand - Sand [1973]

PRO-907 - Jerry Naylor [1973] (7-inch record)

PRO-908/K-tel (Kolob) TU 232 - Donny Osmond Superstar - Donny Osmond [1973] (2- LP set) This was issued on the K-tel label as a television promotion, but manufactured by MGM; the MGM number PRO-908 is written in the trailoff vinyl area. As with all the Osmonds records of the time, it also has the Kolob Records logo, which is the Osmonds' own label. Disc 1: Sweet And Innocent (M)/I'm Your Puppet (S)/Hey Little Girl (S)/I Knew You When (S)/Go Away Little Girl (S)/Big Man (S)/We Can Make It Together (S)/Puppy Love (S)//Hey Girl (S)/Going Going Gone (To Somebody Else) (S)/I've Got Plans For You (S)/Promise Me (S)/All I Have To Do Is Dream (S)/Run To Him (E)/Hey There Lonely Girl (M); Disc 2: Too Young (M)//This Guy's In Love With You (S)/Donna (E)/Love Me (S)/Pretty Blue Eyes (S)/To Run Away (S)/A Teenager In Love (E)/Lonely Boy (S)//Why (S)/Take Good Care Of My Baby (E)/Last Of The Red Hot Lovers (S)/Do You Want Me (S)/Tears On My Pillow (S)/It's Hard To Say Goodbye (S)/Twelfth Of Never (S)

PRO-909 - An Album for Rodeway Inns - Jerry Naylor [1973]

PRO-910 - MGM Records Program '74 - Various Artists [1974]

PRO-911 - Collector's Edition - Osmonds [1974] Includes songs by the Osmonds, Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, Jimmy Osmond, and Donny & Marie Osmond.

PRO-912 - Reflections of Those Who Loved Him - Hank Williams & Various Artists [1975] (3-LP set)

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