Crown Album Discography, Part 4:
CLP-5301/CST-301 to CLP-5399/CST-399 (1963-1964)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: July 3, 2015

The Crown issues on this page originally were issued with a grey label with black print (far left). The stereo counterparts may have had a large "STEREO" on the bottom as shown in the last page, but generally indicated stereo by a small stereo designation to the right of the center hole (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Crown CLP-5300 (mono)/CST-300 (stereo) Main Series:


CLP-5301/CST-301 - Hawaiian Memories - Polynesians [1963] Coral Island/In The Evening By The Sea/Paradise Lost/Rose Lani/Pua Violet//Whispering Sea/Ka Inu Wai/E Hawaii/Kalua-Kaper/Land Of Flower

CLP-5302/CST-302 - Bossa Nova - Buddy Collette/Howard Roberts/Jim Helms/Mel Pollan/Lee Acosta/Darien [1963] Nao Pode Ser (It Can Never Be)/O Barulho Da Noite (Noise Of The Night)/Samba Da Tartaruga (Turtle Samba)/Amor Levado (Mischievous Love)//A Meia-Noite (At Midnight)/Samba Un Pouco Azul (Blue Samba)/A Pele Do Marfin (Skin Of Ivory)/Porque De Moras? (Why Do You Linger?)

CLP-5303/CST-303 - Ray Charles Meets Jimmy Witherspoon - Ray Charles and Jimmy Witherspoon [1963] Walkin' And Talkin'/I'm Wondering And Wondering/Done Found Out/Sweet Lovin' Baby/Evil Woman//I Found My Baby There/Good Money Blues/Having A Ball/Better Luck Next Time/That's Why I'm Feeling Blue

CLP-5304/CST-304 - Hawaiian Sunset - Richard Kauhi & the Polynesians [1963] Be Sure/For You & I/Beautiful Kaala/I Love Your Eyes/Aina Hau//Ua Like No A Like/Hawaii Land Of Enchantment/Hilo Bay/Honolulu I Love You/My Hawaiian Home

CLP-5305/CST-305 - Nat King Cole Meets Lester Young - Lester Young and Nat King Cole [1963] The stereo version of this LP is rechanneled. Indiana/I Can't Get Started/Jumpin' At Mesner's/S.M. Blues [Actually, this is "Sunday," an adjacent cut from The Complete Aladdin Recordings]/Jammin' With Lester

CLP-5306/CST-306 - Cool Water - Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage [1963] Issued with two different covers. First cover (at left) shows a small photo of Foy, while second cover (at right) shows a barn scene. Cool, Cool Water/Soft Winds/Red River Valley/Hang Your Head in Shame/Dreamy Black Hills//My Heart is Blind/Have I Told You That I Love You/Beautiful Moon Over Texas/The Wanderer/San Angelo

CLP-5307/CST-307 - Marvin Rainwater - Marvin Rainwater [1963] Don't Tell My Boy/Engineer's Song/Tear Drops/The Wanderer in Me/Let's Go on a Picnic//Freight Train Blues/Would Your Mother Be Proud of You/Moments of Love/So Long/You Can't Keep a Secret

CLP-5308/CST-308 - The Fabulous Jimmy Dean - Jimmy Dean/Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen [1963] Sugar Coated Sweetheart - Jimmy Dean (E)/I'm Feeling For You - Jimmy Dean (E)/Queen Of Hearts - Jimmy Dean (E)/I'll Always Love You - Jimmy Dean (E)/Why Don't You Shut Your Mouth - Jimmy Dean (E)//Blues Won't Let Me Sleep - Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen (S)/You Won't Make Me Cry Again - Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen (S)/Below My Window Pane - Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen (S)/Aw Shucks - Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen (S)/Rosewood Casket - Billy Cotton & Western Gentlemen (S)

CLP-5309/CST-309 - Blues In My Heart - B.B. King [1963] You're Gonna Miss Me/Got 'Em Bad/Troubles Don't Last/Your Letter/I Can't Explain//The Wrong Road/I Need You, Baby/So Many Days/Downhearted/Strange Things

Note: With the previous album, the short series with the small lettered "STEREO" and "HIGH FIDELITY" is discontinued. The album below starts another short design series, this one mimicing the general look of the World Pacific/Horizon label covers of the time. The albums using this style are mostly jazz or surf albums.

CLP-5310/CST-310 - Chico Hamilton with Paul Horn - Chico Hamilton/Paul Horn [1963] Porch Light/Autumn Landscape/Uyawda/Lolly Pop//Pluck It/Katz Up/Crazy Cats/Lord Randall

CLP-5311/CST-311 - Bud Shank - Bud Shank [1963] Valve In Head/Cool Fool/Blues In The Surf/Mobile/Have Blues Will Travel/Tertia/Theme

CLP-5312/CST-312 - Surfer's Beat - Mike Adams and the Red Jackets [1963] Red River Rock/Hot And Glassy/Surfer's Beat/Green Sleeves And Blue Baggies/When The Kooks Go Surfin' By//Foam And Fiberglass/Queen's Surf/Woodie/Rompin' At Rincon/Wipe Out At Sunset Beach

CLP-5313/CST-313 - Surf Rockin' - Joe Houston [1963] Wipe Out/Gremmie/Night Lamp/Dig/Ho Dads//Haleiwa/Surf Rockin'/Maile/Hooked/Pupukea

CLP-5314/CST-314 - Surf Stompin' - Don Dailey [1963] Hang 10/Close Out/Mornin' at Makaha/Surf Stompin'/Maile//Malibu/I'm Stoked/Way Out/Ala Moana/Waimea Wipe Out

CLP-5315/CST-315 - Surfer's Paradise - Alex Keack [1963] Why Me/Wait And See/Come Away With Me Now/Magic Are The Islands/Haunted Love//Latino/Polynesian Hay Ride/Sunset Over Kona/Lonely/And Now She's Mine

CLP-5316/CST-316 - Cleopatra - William Rodgers [1963] Caesar And Cleopatra/Return To Rome/Along The Nile/Beautiful Mediterranean/Meeting At Tarsus//Antony And Cleopatra/The First Kiss/Enchanting Alexandra/To You My Love/Heavenly

CLP-5317/CST-317 - Chet Baker Quintette - Chet Baker Quintette [1963] Extra Mild/Halema/Jumpin' Off A Cliff//The Route/Lucius Lou/Pawnee Junction

CLP-5318/CST-318 - Bob Brookmeyer - Bob Brookmeyer with John Williams & Red Mitchell [1963] Last Chance/Slow Freight/The Blues//Liberty Bell/Red Devil/Brook's Blues/Doe Eyes

CLP-5319/CST-319 - Limbo - Joe Houston [1963] Limbo World/Limbo Lou/Rockin' the Limbo/Out on a Limbo/La La Limbo//Everybody Limbo/Limbo Stick/Limbo Organ/Limbo and the Blues/Limbo Baby

CLP-5320/CST-320 - The Golden Cowboy - Eddie Dean [1963] Misprint on the label on side one lists the catalog number as 6320-1. Wait For Me/Downgrade/Look Homeward Angel/If Dreams Could Come True/Somewhere Along The Line//Green Grass/Your Wayward Heart/Smoke Signals/Rocket To Heaven/I Can't Go On Alone

Note: With the album below, Crown started a yearlong series of album covers credited to "Fazzio." They sometimes look like paintings, but they are actually touched up photographs, many of which started as promotional photos. Early examples (such as 5321 and 5323 below) still looked a lot like photos, but as time went on, they began looking more and more like oil paintings.

CLP-5321/CST-321 - Country Music Stars - Al Terry and Johnny Tyler [1963] Say A Prayer For Me/When You Broke The Rules Of Love/Without You/I Nearly Made A Fool Of My Heart [Buddy & Bob song]/What Can I Do//Devil's Slate/Bad Luck/Yak Yak/God's Gonna Turn Us To Dust/Country Fair

CLP-5322/CST-322 - The Folk Singer - Billy Sherman [1963] Bald Mountain/Golden Vanity/Cotton Fields/Swing Down Sweet Chariot/Lolly-Tu-Dum//Wayfaring Stranger/Hula Belloo Belay/Little Joe The Wrangler/Mollie Malone/The Fox

CLP-5323/CST-323 - Tommy Roe and Bobby Lee - Tommy Roe/Bobby Lee [1963] I Got A Girl/The Room/Pretty Girl/Foreman/Caveman//Nothing But Love/They Said/Run Don't Walk/Don't Take Me For Granted/All Dressed Up

CLP-5324/CST-324 - "Tex" Carman - Tex Carman [1963] Beverly Ann/Wreck Of The Old #9/Wild And Wooly West/Pal Of My Heart/Wondering/Wildwood Flower//Wolf Creek/Get Along Pony/My Baby I'll Be There/Border Town/My Hawaii Calls

CLP-5325/CST-325 - Country Style - Sonny James/Eddie Wills [1963] Jenny Lou - Sonny James/Gold In The Morning Sun - Sonny James/Wonderin' - Sonny James/I'll Be There - Sonny James/Passin' Through - Sonny James//That's Where My Money Goes - Eddie Wills/I May Never See You Again - Eddie Wills/How Long - Eddie Wills/First That Counts - Eddie Wills/I Want Her Back With Me - Eddie Wills

CLP-5326/CST-326 - Famous Folk Songs - Phil Campos & Paul Hansen [1963] Wade In The Water/Paul And Silas/Eddystone Light/Go Tell Aunt Rhody/The Hangman//Erie Canal/Lookie Yonder/Shenandoah/Moved Through The Fair/Waiting To Die

CLP-5327/CST-327 - The Era of Hank Williams - Johnny Williams & Playboys [1963] Lovesick Blues/Wedding Bells/My Bucket's Got A Hole In It/Rosewood Casket/Red River Valley//Crazy Heart/Window Shopping/Letter Edged In Black/Can I Sleep In Your Barn Tonight/I Won't Be Home Any More

CLP-5328/CST-328 - Hootenanny Folk Songs - Carlisle Minstrels [1963] Rock Island Line- Wabash Cannon Ball/Big Rock Candy Mountain/Buffalo Gals/Barbara Allen/Goodbye My Lover-Drunken Sailor//Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie-Streets Of Loredo/Tom Dooley/Yellow Rose Of Texas-Red River Valley/Shenandoah-Lonesome Road/The Zulu King

CLP-5329/CST-329 - Guest Star of the Grand Old Opry - Jimmy Newman/Billy Carson [1963] What Will I Do - Jimmy Newman/Let's Stay Together - Jimmy Newman/Don't Say Goodbye - Jimmy Newman/If You Lose You'll Understand - Jimmy Newman/I'll Have To Burn The Letters - Jimmy Newman//Big Wall - Billy Carson/I'll Always Love You - Billy Carson/Just In Her Way - Billy Carson/Window That I Look From - Billy Carson/Lost Vein Of Love - Billy Carson

CLP-5330/CST-330 - Country and Western Jamboree - Various Artists [1963] Three Walls - Tom Tall/This Island - Tom Tall/Tennessee Hound Dog - Tex Atchison/Mail Man - Tex Atchison/Goodnight Again - Charley Williams//Happy Go Lucky - Whitey Knight/Big Glass Of Wine - Whitey Knight/House On A Hill - Charley Williams/Sailor Man - Eddie Dean/Cotton Pickin' Ball - Charley Williams

CLP-5331/CST-331 - Guest Stars of the Grand Ole Opry - Rusty & Doug/Jerry & Glenn [1963] I Wanna/Do You Remember/Let's Do It Anyway/Mr. Love/Let's Not Put It Off Anymore//Louisiana Boy/Just Who/Crawdad Song/John Henry/Rovin' Gambler

CLP-5332 - Country Music Star - Whitey Pullen [1963] Walk My Way Back Home/Moonshine/What Are We Going to Do/Tight Slacks/Tuscalusa Lucy//So Much to Remember/I Won the Day I Lost You/Let Your Left Hand Down/Waltz of the Blues/I'm Beggin' Your Pardon

CLP-5333/CST-333 - Ray "Ahab the Arab" Stevens and Hal Winters - Ray Stevens/Hal Winters [1963] Truly Truly - Ray Stevens/Nothing But Gold - Ray Stevens/Who Do You Love - Ray Stevens/Always On My Mind - Ray Stevens/Cholly-Wolly Chang - Ray Stevens//Bill Bailey - Hal Winters/I Want A Girl - Hal Winters/Local Tavern - Hal Winters/Bossa Nova Bonnie - Hal Winters/Red River - Hal Winters

CLP-5334/CST-334 - In Memorial to Lonnie Baron - Casey Clark & Evelyn Harlene [1963] Lost John/Pot Of Gold/Could You Would You/Much Too Much/Oregon Home//Sentimental Me/You're Not The First Girl/Don't Doubt My Love/Please Blue Heart/Teenage Queen

CLP-5335/CST-335 - Ral Donner and Ray Smith and Bobby Dale - Ral Donner/Ray Smith/Bobby Dale [1963] That's All Right With Me/Tell Me Why/Blond Hair Blue Eyes/Rebound/Baby Just Because//Born To Be A Loser/Fly By Night/Six Feet Of Trouble/What Is The Secret/When The Time Comes

CLP-5336/CST-336 - Ritchie Valens and Jerry Kole - Ritchie Valens/Jerry Kole [1963] That's My Little Suzzie - Ritchie Valens/Cry, Cry - Ritchie Valens/Hurry Up - Ritchie Valens/She's The One - Jerry Kole/My One Desire - Jerry Kole//Little Girl - Ritchie Valens/Patti Wack Song - Ritchie Valens/Keep Lovin' Me - Jerry Cole/Mary G - Jerry Kole/Lay Some Kisses On Me - Jerry Kole

CLP-5337/CST-337 - Bluegrass Gospel - Wear Family [1963] Reissue cover shown at left. When The Saints Go Marching In/Farther Along/When I Take My Vacation In Heaven/The Great Speckled Bird/When They Ring Those Golden Bells/Pass Me Not/I Need Thee Every Hour//Hold Fast To The Right/Life's Railway To Heaven/When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder/Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere/Bringing In The Sheaves/That Old Time Religion/Lord I'm Coming Home

CLP-5338/CST-338 - A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Cowboy Copas - Joe Reagan [1963] Signed Sealed And Delivered/Phillipino Boy/I've Got No Use For Women/Alabama Waltz/Singin' On Sunday//Rainbow At Midnight/Kentucky Waltz/Bad Man/A Letter Edged In Black/Red River Valley

CLP-5339/CST-339 - Pearl Bailey and Sylvia Lynn - Pearl Bailey/Sylvia Lynn/Martha Tilton/Ann Southern [1963] Solid Gold Cadillac/That Certain Feeling/Lonesome Road/The Wayfaring Stranger/London Blues//Hit The Road To Dreamland/Old Fall River Line/Paris Blues/Hong Kong Blues/Haiti Blues

CLP-5340/CST-340 - A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Hawkshaw Hawkins - Wade Holmes [1963] Lonesome 7-7203/Shotgun Boogie/Wreck Of The Old 97/Handcuffed To Love/Love Me//Pickin' Sweethearts/All Because Of My Jealous Heart/Immune To Me/Mistakes I Made Yesterday/Star On Earth

CLP-5341/CST-341 - The Great Chico Hamilton featuring Paul Horn - Chico Hamilton/Paul Horn [1963] Chico Hamilton (drums), Paul Horn (alto sax). Blues On The Rock/Street Of Drums/Skinned Strings/Nutty//Montuna/Suite For Horn: Allegro-Zen-Science Fiction

CLP-5342/CST-342 - A Tribute to Grand Ole Opry Star Patsy Cline - Holly Lane [1963] Walkin' After Midnight/Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray/What's New With You/Shawnee Moon/Oh Me Oh My Goodby/I Can See An Angel Walkin'/Just Out Of Reach/Runaway Heart/Winkin And Blinkin/Patsy

CLP-5343/CST-343 - The Vic Damone and Johnny Cole Album - Vic Damone/Johnny Cole [1963] I'll See You In My Dreams/Blue Skies/Viene Surmaji/Veni Sul Mar/Mama//Among My Souvenirs/The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise/Oh Marie/Mattinata/Torno A Sorrento

CLP-5344/CST-344 - Country Gospel - G.M. Farley & Foggy River Boys [1963] [Contributor's comment: "A VERY strange record, not only theologically and performance-wise, but also with the most outright bizarre stereo separation and EQ I have ever heard."] There Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down/After Awhile/Let Me Walk With Thee/He Came A Long Way/When I Call Him/The Works Of The Lord/The Wilderness Of Sin/We'll Understand It Better/Ezekiel's Bones/Happy Am I/A Hill Lonely And Grey/Only A Prayer/A Picture From Life's Other Side/Judas

CLP-5345/CST-345 - Johnny Desmond and Norman Brooks - Johnny Desmond/Norman Brooks [1963] Tenderly/That Old Devil Moon/Shine On Harvest Moon/Gee I Wish I Had A Girl/On The Banks Of The Wabash//It's The Talk Of The Town/The Last Time I Saw Paris/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Ida/Honeymoon

CLP-5346/CST-346 - Blue Grass Favorites - Scottsville Squirrel Barkers [1963] Same album as CLP-5444. This is one of the few Crown albums to reach a CD reissue. In 1998 it came out on Demon Records as DIAB 855, in it's original track listing and sleeve with added photos and sleeve notes by Barry Ballard, which is fitting as band members Chris Hillman, Larry Murray and Kenny Wertz were to make important contributions to the California Bluegrass, folk-rock, country-rock and, in the case of Murray especially, the studio scene. All the songs were traditional songs arranged for the album; Crown apparently preferred not to pay royalties but rather would pay a flat fee for the recording. Walking Cane/Three Finger Breakdown/Cripple Creek/Crown Junction Breakdown/Reuben//Shady Grove/Home Sweet Home/Katie Cline/Swamp Root/The Willow Tree

CLP-5347/CST-347 - Mel Torme with Robert Alda and Caesar Romero - Mel Torme/Robert Alda/Caesar Romero [1963] I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Don't Worry 'Bout Me/Vene Vu/Mattimata/Santa Lucia/I Surrender Dear/I Don't Have A Ghost Of A Chance/Sorrento/Cielito Lindo

CLP-5348/CST-348 - Lawrence of Arabia - John Foster [1963] Lawrence Of Arabia/Mirage/Suez/Harem Girls/Sand Dunes//Desert Enchantment/Desert Caravan/Midnight Madness/The Desert/The Caravan

CLP-5349/CST-349 - Trini Lopez & Johnny Tores - Trini Lopez/Johnny Tores [1963] Sinner Not A Saint/Where Can My Baby Be/Rosita/Only In My Dreams/If//When The Saints Go Marching In/Cielito Lindo/Down By The Riverside/La Bamba/The Hammer

CLP-5350/CST-350 - Brook Benton and Jessie Belvin - Brook Benton/Jessie Belvin [1963] Love's That Way/No One Like Her Love/Steppin' Out Tonight/Girl Of My Dreams/By My Side//Want Cha Gone/Only Your Love/My Desire/Dream House/Senorita

CLP-5351/CST-351 - More Hootenanny - Hootenairs [1963] The Hootenairs were Mason Williams, Marilyn Powell, Jack Powell, and Ed Douglas. Jesse James/Black Eyed Suzie/Five Times Five/Raise A Ruckus/Whoa Mule/I'm Gonna Tell God//Handsome Molly/Wagoner's Lad/John Hardy/Ol' Blue/Willow Tree

CLP-5352/CST-352 - Isley Bros. and Marvin and Johnny - Isley Bros./Marvin and Johnny [1963] The Drag/Don't Be Jealous/Honey Girl/Forever/Vip Vop//This Is the End/Rockin' McDonald/Butter Ball/Sweet Dreams/Oh Me, Oh My

CLP-5353/CST-353 - The Great John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker [1963] I Need Love So Bad/Sally Mae/Key to the Highway/How Can You Do It?/It Hurts Me So//She Left Me/I Got Eyes For You/Let's Talk It Over/I'm a Howling Wolf/Tease You Daddy

CLP-5354/CST-354 - Chuck Jackson & Young Jessie - Chuck Jackson/Young Jessie [1963] Hula Lula/Come On And Love Me/This Is It/Mary Lou/Don't Think I Will//My Pride/Ooh Baby/Do You Love Me/Well Baby/No Thing Seems Right

CLP-5355/CST-355 - The Don Gardner Trio featuring Jimmy Smith & Bill Davis - Don Gardner Trio/Bill Davis [1963] It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/Good Rockin/Sorrento/Hands Off/Hobo/Paradise Found/You Feel It/Oh Marie/Blue Blue Day/More Soul

CLP-5356/CST-356 - The Flairs featuring Cornel Gunter, Richard Berry and Young Jessie - Flairs [1963] Tell Me You're Mine/Hold Me/You Should Care For Me/She Wants to Rock/Lonesome Desert//My Heart's Crying For You/I Love You/Rock Bottom/I Want You To Be Mine/When I Was Young

CLP-5357/CST-357 - Dave "Baby" Cortez and Jerry's House Rockers - Dave "Baby" Cortez/Jerry's House Rockers [1963] Big Little Organ/The Groover/Big Swinger/Three Quarters Mash/The Happy Organ//Mac's Delight/Rollin' On/Cat Nip/Just Old Folks/Walkin' Organ

CLP-5358/CST-358 - Bobby "Blue" Bland, Jimmy Soul and Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Bobby Bland/Jimmy Soul/Johnny Watson [1963] Drifting From Town To Town/So Respectable/Too Tired/Love To Love You/Yes I Do//Dry Up Baby/Crying All Night Long/Hot Little Mama/I'm Gonna Hit The Highway/Oh Baby/Three Hours Past Midnight

CLP-5359/CST-359 - B.B. King - B.B. King [1963] Going Home/You Never Know/Please Remember Me/Come Back, Baby/You Won't Listen/Sundown/You Shouldn't Have Left/House Rocker/Shake Yours/The Letter

CLP-5360/CST-360 - Etta James - Etta James [1963] First cover (at left) had a pink background. This was later replaced by a cover with a different cover with a green background (shown at right). Dance With Me Henry/Do Something Crazy/Women/My One And Only/I Hope You're Satisfied//Good Rockin' Daddy/Hey Henry/Strange Things/That's All/I'm A Fool

CLP-5361/CST-361 - The Greats!!! - Dave Brubeck/Paul Desmond/Bobby Correll/Bob Kindle/Frank Blake [1963] Lyons Busy/Faded Blues/Just Wait Till You Meet Her/Que Tanto/Bitter Sweet/No One In The World/Cherry Pickin'

CLP-5362/CST-362 - Little Richard Sings Freedom Songs - Little Richard [1963] Just A Closer Walk With Thee/Milky White Way/Does Jesue Care/Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley/Coming Home//I've Just Come From The Fountain/I'm Trampin'/Need Him/God Is Real/Precious Lord

CLP-5363/CST-363 - The Great Jerry Mulligan - Jerry Mulligan with Bill Robinson, Dick Hurwitz, Bob Gibson & Mel Pollan [1963] Shoe Nuff/Big House/Dem Slippers/Meeces/Yknuf//Turnstile/Side Track/Willum/Bonnie Blue Ocean/Do Be De Do Do

CLP-5364/CST-364 - Ray Smith and Pat Cupp - Ray Smith/Pat Cupp [1963] Rockin' Little Angel/Makes Me Feel Good/I'll Be Coming Home/That's All Right With Me/Little Miss Blue//Long Gone Daddy/Do Me No Wrong/Baby Come Back/That Girl of Mine/I Guess It's Meant That Way


CLP-5366/CST-366 - Neil Sedaka and the Tokens and the Coins - Neil Sedaka/Tokens/Coins [1963] While I Dream/The Taste Of A Tear/Come Back Joe/Don't Take Me For Granted/Mary G//I Love My Baby/Never Till Now/Born To Be A Loser/Lay Some Kisses On Me/Run Don't Walk

CLP-5367/CST-367 - Ike Turner Rocks the Blues - Ike Turner [1963] Hey Miss Tina/Stringin' Along/I Miss You So/Nobody Wants Me/The Way You Treat Me//Bayou Rock/The Wild One/All The Blues All The Time

CLP-5368/CST-368 - Del Vikings and the Sonnets - Del Vikings/Sonnets [1963] Although this album states the non-Del Vikings cuts are by the "Sonnets," comparison of the songs with known versions reveals that the "Sonnets" is a made-up name hiding the identity of several known groups. The correct attribution is as follows. Come Go With Me (demo) - Del Vikings/True Love (demo) - Del Vikings/This Heart Of Mine - Curley Williams (& Group)/So Unnecessary - Sounds/Pass The Gin - Meadowlarks//Hey Senorita (demo) - Del Vikings/There I Go (demo) - Del Vikings/Be Mine - Curley Williams (& Group)/Cold Chills - Sounds/L-F-M-S-T Blues - Meadowlarks

CLP-5369/CST-369 - Lightning Hopkins - Lightnin' Hopkins [1963] Sitting Down Thinkin'/Jake Head/Lonesome Dog/Tell Me/Last Affair//Don't Keep My Baby Long/Santa Fe/Give Me Back That Wig/Someday/Ain't It Lonesome

CLP-5370/CST-370 - Cadets - Cadets [1963] Contains some tracks taken from Aaron Collins' Calypso U.S.A. LP (Crown CLP-5028). Stranded In The Jungle/Annie Met Henry/Marie My Love [Aaron Collins]/The Riddle [Aaron Collins]/John Henry [Aaron Collins]//Love Bandit/Rollin' Stone/Heaven Help Me/I Had But 50 Cents [Aaron Collins]/Rum Jamaica Rum [Aaron Collins]

CLP-5371/CST-371 - Richard Berry & the Dreamers - Richard Berry/Dreamers [1963] Daddy Daddy/Good Love/Next Time/I Am Bewitched/Pretty Brown Eyes//Together/Wait For Me/Baby Baby/The Big Break/Please Tell Me

CLP-5372/CST-372 - The Jacks - Jacks [1963] So Wrong/You Are The First One [Rockets]/My Love Has Gone/Be Lovey Dovey [Rockets]/Why Don't You Write Me//Hey Little Girl [Cadets]/Away/Let's Make Up/Fine Lookin' Woman [Cadets]/Dream A Little Longer

CLP-5373/CST-373 - Teen Queens - Teen Queens [1963] Eddie My Love/So All Alone/Rock Everybody/Baby Mine/Let's Kiss//Billy Boy/Just Goofed/Teen Age Idol/Zig Zag/Riding

CLP-5374/CST-374 - Hadda Brooks Sings and Swings - Hadda Brooks [1963] Dream/I Got A Letter/Swingin' The Boogie/Teen Age Boogie/Honky Tonk Boogie//Don't You Think I Ought To Know/Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere/Varsity Boogie/Hip Shakin' Boogie/Boogie Celeste

CLP-5375/CST-375 - Gene Phillips and the Rockets - Gene Phillips/Rockets [1963] Rock Bottom/Big Legs/Crying Won't Help/It Was a Dream/Punkin Head//Cherry Red/Fatso/Lonely World/It's Raining/You Went Away

CLP-5376/CST-376 - Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs and the Sugar Shackers - Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs/Sugar Shackers [1963] True Love/Yacky Do/Panic Button/Runnin' On/Zip It Up//Vaquero/Tequila/Wild Life/Wrong Side/The Last Time

CLP-5377/CST-377 - 12 String Guitar - Jim Helms [1963] Another Man/Green Back Dollar/Movin Down The Line/Midnight Train/Two Ten Six Eighteen/Crawfish/Town And Country/Hard Drive/Hammer Go Down/Voodoo Blues/This Ole Hammer/Thunder and Lightnin'

CLP-5378/CST-378 - Big Hot Rod - Hot Rodders [1963] On The Track/Fine 39/27 TUB/Super Charged/The Screamer//Red Hot Rod/Spirit Of America/Drag Shoot/Wild Willys/The Creamer

CLP-5379/CST-379 - Ethnic Folk - Silver Gate Singers [1963] Members of the group were twin brothers Bill and Bob Hull, Christy Virtue and Katy Vandenbosch. Come Go With Me/My Name Is Destiny/Mighty Day/Come All Ye Fair And Tender Ladies/Damsel's Lament/Railroad Bill/Gone Are The Summers/Black Eyed Susan Brown/900 Miles/Every Night

CLP-5380/CST-380 - Billie Holiday and Vivian Fears - Billie Holiday/Vivian Fears [1963] Lover Man/My Man/Don't Explain/God Bless The Child/Them There Eyes//Come On In/I Could Care/Motherless Child/Billy Boy/More Beautiful Than Planned

CLP-5381/CST-381 - Marvin and Johnny - Marvin and Johnny [1963] Cherry Pie/Ain't That Right/Tell Me Darling/Sometimes I Wonder/Sweet Potato//Tick Tock/Mercy Miss Percy/Dear One/Will You Love Me?/I Wanna

CLP-5382/CST-382 - Steve Alaimo - Steve Alaimo [1963] I Want You To Love Me/You Can Fall In Love/Blue Skies/I Wanna Kiss You/Home By Eleven//She's My Baby/Girls! Girls! Girls!/Should I Care/Love Letters/The Week-End's Over

CLP-5383/CST-383 - Joe Turner and Jimmy Nelson - Joe Turner/Jimmy Nelson [1963] Kansas City Blues (live)/Raindrop Blues/Sweetest Little Girl/Unlock The Lock/I Sat And Cried//I Got A Gal/T 99/Meet Me With Your Black Dress On/Married Men Love To Sport/Second Hand Love

CLP-5384/CST-384 - Cycle Psychos - Scramblers [1963] "Our Leader: Gene Shacove." 650CC/Turn Her On/Big Race/250 Scrambler/Steel Shoe//The Pits/Chop 74/Around The Oval/Twin Scramblers/Bike Talk

CLP-5385/CST-385 - Hot Rod Alley - Jerry Kole & the Strokers [1963] My Little Hot Rod/409 Woodie/Chrome Machine/Peelin' Out/Green Monster//My Model "A"/Little Black Coupe/Stripped Gears/Stroker/Pursuit

CLP-5386/CST-386 - Let's Have A Hootenanny, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1963]

CLP-5387/CST-387 - Sensational Jimmy Gilmer and the Fireballs - Jimmy Gilmer & Fireballs [1963] Wishing/Foot Platter/The Spur/Don't Touch/Heaven Help Us//Kissing/Cielito Lindo/Love Me Too/Good Soul/Let It All Out

CLP-5388/CST-388 - Jazz A la Carte - Bob Harrington Quartette [1963] Wally Ballew/Hulla Ballew/Little Boy Ballew/Ben Ballew//Baby Ballew/Emma Ballew/Bob Ballew/V.S. Ballew

CLP-5389/CST-389 - Let's Have a Hootenanny, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1963] Songs are not identified by artist, but artists on the record are listed as: Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, Phil Campos and Paul Hansen, The Hootenairs, Paul Sykes, and Billy Sherman. From their previous albums, an identification of cuts is given below. Goodnight Irene - Paul Sykes/Wayfaring Stranger - Billy Sherman/John Hardy - Hootenairs/Wade in the Water - Phil Campos & Paul Hansen/Three Finger Breakdown - Scottsville Squirrel Barkers//Paul and Silas - Phil Campos & Paul Hansen/The Prison Song - Paul Sykes/Golden Vanity - Billy Sherman/The Willow Tree - Hootenairs/Whoa Mule - Hootenairs


CLP-5391/CST-391 - Let's Have a Hootenanny, Vol. III - Various Artists [1963] Songs are not identified by artist, but artists on the record are listed as: Scottsville Squirrel Barkers, Phil & Paul [Phil Campos and Paul Hansen], The Hootenairs, Paul Sykes, The Silver Gate Singers, Jim Helms, and Billy Sherman. From their previous albums, an identification of cuts is given below. Greenback Dollar - Jim Helms/Foggy Foggy Dew - Paul Sykes/Waggoner's Lad - Hootenairs/Cotton Fields - Billy Sherman/Mighty Day - Silver Gate Singers//Railroad Bill - Silver Gate Singers/Hullabaloo Baby - Paul Sykes/Midnight Train - Jim Helms/Little Joe The Wrangler - Billy Sherman/Walkin' Cane - Scottsville Squirrel Barkers

CLP-5392/CST-392 - The Sounds of the Drags - The Blasters [1963] Hot Rod Center/Black Pick Up/Don't Count On Looks/Long Gone/Steering Wheel Stuck//Little Willys Dragster/Big Green Vet/Bad Rubber/Oil Burner/Chopped and Channeled

CLP-5393/CST-393 - The Deuce Coupes and the Shut Downs - Deuce Coupes/Shut Downs [1963] With My Baby/36 Three Window Coupe/Two Fastest Cars/Starter's Nightmare/Oil On The Track//Body By Fisher/Turn Her On, Buddy/Goin', Goin', Gone/Goggles Got A Hole In It/Deuce Coupes

CLP-5394/CST-394 - Checkered Flag - Winners [1963] Wind Her Up/Runnin' Second/Down Lok/Up Lok/Cops And Rodders//Drop That Flag/Uptown Model A/Big Boss Man/Checkered Flag/Stick Shiftin'

CLP-5395/CST-395 - Tonite with Eddie Fisher and the Golden Strings - Eddie Fisher/Golden Strings [1963] The Sound Of Music/Small World/Tonight/Fascination/Tell Me Your Dream//Happy Talk/I've Grown Accustomed To Your Face/I Love You Truly/Love's Old Sweet Song/Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland

CLP-5396/CST-396 - An Evening with Eddie Fisher and the Golden Strings - Eddie Fisher/Golden Strings [1963] Let Me Entertain You/Till Tomorrow/So Tempting/Sunday Afternoon/This Love Is True//Gigi/Just In Time/Another Autumn/You're My Love/Take My Heart

CLP-5397 - A Memorial to John Fitzgerald Kennedy - Documentary [12/13/63] Highlights of speeches made by JFK, narrated by Frank Evans. Crown was sued by Premier Records for using a photo that resembled the photo on the cover of a tribute album Premier released on 11/28/63. Crown claimed they were not aware the photo they purchased was similar to the cover of the other release. Inaugural Address/State Of The Union Address/The Steel Crisis/Speech At Yale University/Cuban Quarantine/Equal Job Opportunities/Removal Of Missles/Birmingham Alabama/Last Speech At Ft. Worth, Texas/Thanksgiving Day Proclamation


CLP-5399/CST-399 - Do the Beetle - B. Brock and the Sultans [1964] I Want To Hold Your Hand/The Saints/Beetle Walk/30 Lb. Beetle/My Bonnie/Feed The Beetle/Fast Beetle/Mexican Beetle/Little Brown Beetle/Do The Beetle

Thanks to Bernd Kratochwil for providing many of the scans on this page. Other acknowledgements are listed on the Crown Records Story page.

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