Crown Album Discography, Part 6:
CLP-5500/CST-500 to CST-644 (1966-1972)

By Mike Callahan, David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: November 5, 2010

Crown used the label shown at far left until about CST-600 in 1970, when they switched to a newer design (near left) with their current three-point crown logo. Reissues of several items in the 500s are known to have the new label, which indicates they were pressed after 1969. There was also a red Crown label that looked like the label at far left, but these may have been Canadian labels.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Crown CLP-5500 (mono)/CST-500 (stereo) Main Series:

CLP-5500/CST-500 - Music of the Wild Wild West - Billy Bond [1966] Streets Of Laredo/Mr. Staggerly/Buckin' Bronco/Sam Bass/John Hardy/Barney And Clyde//Gamblin' Man/Jack O' Diamonds/Old Chisholm Trial/Blood On The Saddle/Black Jack David/Patonia

CLP-5501/CST-501 - Room Full of Roses and Other Country Guitar Hits - Johnny Kilgore & the Texas Ramblers [1966] Room Full of Roses/Wabash Cannon Ball/Tennessee One Step/I'm A Happy Man/The Richest Child Is Poor//Walkin' The Floor Over You/Poor Pilgrim Of Sorrow/Wabash Blues/Pickin's Fun/Confectionery Woman

CLP-5502/CST-502 - Honky Tonkin' with Barrel Fingers Barry - Barrel Fingers Barry [1966] Wait Till The Sun Shines Nelly/Meet Me In St. Louis Louis/Ida/Billboard/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Kentucky Babe//Under The Bamboo Tree/School Days/In My Merry Old Oldsmobile/My Wild Irish Rose/Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Red Wing

CLP-5503/CST-503 - Michelle - Mexicali Brass [1966] Michelle/La Golondrina/My Desire/Tijuana Go Go/Senorita//My Heart's Crying/Estrellita/Come Back To Sorrento/Little Brown Jug/Tijuana Papa


CLP-5505/CST-505 - No Letter Today - Andy Jones & Plainsmen [1966] Wing Ding/Piano Country/Cotton Fields/My Old Kentucky Home/Swing Low Sweet Chariot//No Letter Today/Fireball Mail/Careless Love/On The Outside Looking In/Country Maggie

CLP-5506/CST-506 - Theme from Thunderball - Mexicali Brass [1966] Thunderball/Song Of The Volga Boatman/Shine On Harvest Moon/Tijuana Hot Sauce/East Side, West Side//Ida/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Glow Worm/Aloha Oe

CLP-5507/CST-507 - The Era of Hank Williams - Johnny Mac [1966] Half As Much/Midnight Special/Down In The Valley/Going Down The Road/Billy Boy//Worried Man Blues/Hey, Good Looking/Wreck Of The Ole 97/Wabash Cannon Ball/John Henry

CLP-5508/CST-508 - Dave Dudley Sings with the Cass County Boys - Dave Dudley/Cass County Boys [1966] Lonely Corner - Dave Dudley/Blue Jean Girl - Cass County Boys/Like My Baby And Me - Cass County Boys/Just Who - Cass County Boys/It's Not The First That Counts - Cass County Boys//I Feel A Cry Comin' On - Dave Dudley/How Long - Cass County Boys/Sad Boy - Cass County Boys/Everybody Loves Somebody - Cass County Boys/9 Pound Hammer - Cass County Boys

CLP-5509/CST-509 - Batman Theme! and Other Bat Songs - Maxwell Davis [1966] (Label gives album title as Theme from Batman.) Theme From Batman/Lotta Trouble/Creepy Crawlers/Super Chase/Harry Danger//Badd Check/Good Guy/Irving Evil/Mean And Nasty/Lawyer Fraud

CLP-5510/CST-510 - Ballad of the Green Beret - Johnny Mac [1966] Ballad Of The Green Beret/Let The Cannons Roar/The Little Soldier/Wishes/Spirit Of The Fighting Man//Chosen To Wear The Green Beret/Letters Have No Arms/The Army Life Ain't No Life/Downhearted Forsaken And Alone/The Lonely Soldier

CLP-5511/CST-511 - What Now My Love - Mexicali Brass [1966] What Now My Love/Swanee River/Calexico Cocktails/Tico Taco/Mexicali Jumping Bean//Pico Pico/Aztec Two Step/La Cumparsita/Love Me/Tijuana Heartache

CLP-5512/CST-512 - Orange Blossom Special and Other Hoe Down Fiddle Favorites - Harold Hensley & the Virginia Mountaineers [1966] Orange Blossom Special/Old Joe Clark/Dusty Miller/Bill Cheatham/Raggedy Ann//Arkansaw Traveler/Cumberland Gap/Tennesee Wagoner/Devils Dream/Bile Them Cabbage Down

CLP-5513/CST-513 - Ragtime Piano - Barrel Fingers Barry [1966]

CLP-5514/CST-514 - Last Date and Other Country Piano Favorites - Billy Hayden [1966]

CLP-5515/CST-515 - Organ Memories - William Daly [1966] "William Daly" is actually Ashley Miller.

CLP-5516/CST-516 - Make the World Go Away - Billy Campbell [1966] If You See Her Tell Her I Called/That's The Way It Happens/Make The World Go Away/I Made My Big Mistake/Long Way 'Round/Whiskey And Me, Just Good Friends/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/Country Meets Go Go/I Lost Her And Cried/Cajun 12


CLP-5518/CST-518 - Crazy Arms and Other Country & Western Instrumental Favorites - Jerry Cole & the Country Boys [1966] Crazy Arms/Darla/Party Line/A Promise Brought A Tear/Straw Hat Polka//Take Off/Lonely Without You/Lonely Heart/Strangers Only Once/Walked Right Up To Love

CLP-5519/CST-519 - Hawaiian Love Songs - Polynesians [1966] My Hawaii Nei/Momi Lei/Mahina/Go Around The Island/Aloha Oe//Lani Kai/Lovely Tahiti/Mai Poina/One Two Three Four/Bora Bora

CLP-5520/CST-520 - Once A Day - Red Rhodes& the Road Runners [1966] (Label gives title as Once a Day and Other Steel Guitar Country and Western.) Once A Day/Red's Ride/Texas Big Boy/Makin' Friends With Blues/Lonely Man//San Angelo/Cryin'/Free And Easy/Border Line/Walkin' And Waitin'

CLP-5521/CST-521 - Buckaroo and Other Country and Western Favorites - Norm Kass [1966] My Walls Have Nothing To Say/Buckaroo/Just Who/Feelin' Scared/Blue Roses/Power Of A Smile/Your Girl Called Me/Love Love Love/Sweet Perfume/Up Hill All The Way

CLP-5522/CST-522 - Dominique from the "Singing Nun" - "Singing Nun" [1966] This is obviously not THE Singing Nun (Soeur Sourire, or Sister Sunshine) who had the hit "Dominique", but they don't bother to mention who she really is. Go Tell It On The Mountain/What Child Is This/Crucifixion/I Wonder As I Wonder/The Friendly Beasts//Dominique/Where Have All The Flowers Gone/Sweet Little Jesus Boy/Were You There When They Crucified My Lord/Mary Had A Baby

CLP-5523/CST-523 - The Work Song - Mexicali Brass [1966] The Work Song/Ciriribirin/Somebody Stole My Gal/In The Good Old Summertime/España//Wait Till The Sun Shines Nelly/On A Summer Afternoon/I Love You Truly/La Cucaracha

CLP-5524/CST-524 - The Mexicali Brass Go South of the Border - Mexicali Brass [1966] Tequila/La Bamba/Ceilito Lindo/Senorita/Tijuana Hot Sauce//Pico Pico/Estrellita/El Choclo/Tijuana Harlem/El Relicarto

CLP-5525/CST-525 - I'm Getting Sentimental Over You: A Tribute To Tommy Dorsey - Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra [1966] I'm Getting Sentimental Over You/Every Time I Feel The Spirit/Hawaiian War Chant/On The Sunny Side Of The Street/Boogie Woogie/(others)

CLP-5526/CST-526 - The Mighty Pipe Organ - George Montalba [1966] When You Were Sweet Sixteen/My Gal Sal/Give My Regards To Broadway/Sweet Adeline/East Side, West Side/Bill Bailey/Auld Lang Syne/Yellow Rose Of Texas/Shine On Harvest Moon/Dixie/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/In The Good Old Summertime/(others)

CLP-5527/CST-527 - Let's Dance: A Tribute to Benny Goodman - Members of Benny Goodman's Orchestra [1966] School Days/When The Saints Go Marching In/Careless Love/Bring Back My Reverie/East Side West Side//Loch Lomond/Sing Sing Sing/Down Hill Special/Let's Dance

CLP-5528/CST-528 - Blue, Blue Day and Other Steel Guitar Country & Western Favorites - Red Rhodes [1966] Blue Blue Day/Lonely Nights/Pack Up And Go/Write Me A Line A Day/Full Time Lover//Gimme Gimme Let Me Have/My Last Teardrop/My Git Up Has Got Up And Went/Little Wet Eyes/First But Not Last

CLP-5529/CST-529 - A String of Pearls: A Tribute to Glenn Miller - Members of Glenn Miller's Orchestra [1966] A String Of Pearls/Two Hearts Entwined/Amore Italia/A Love To Remember/The Kiss That Filled A Night/Little Brown Jug/Sentimental Love/The Night Of Love/Serenade D'Amore/Five Loves

CLP-5530/CST-530 - Favorite Hoe Down Fiddle Hits - Harold Hensley & the Virginia Mountaineers [1966] Ida Red/Sally Gooden/Mississippi Lawyer/5th Of January/Sourwood Mountain//Black Eyed Susan/Get Along Cindy/Cripple Creek/H&J Breakdown/Chicken Reel

CLP-5531/CST-531 - Cherokee: A Tribute To Charlie Barnet - Members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra [1966] East Side West Side/Charleston Alley/Lonely Street/Cherokee/Really//Charley's Other Aunt/Pompton Turnpike/Redskin Rhumba/Claude Reigns/Skyliner

CLP-5532/CST-532 - More Bar Room Singing - (Artist not indicated) [1967] Sweet Violets/Black Eyed Susie/Foggie Foggie Dew/Ta Ra Ra Boom De-A/Frankie And Johnny/It's The Same The World Over/No Hips At All/Gentle Johnny My Jingle-O/Poor Lil

CLP-5533/CST-533 - Woodchopper's Ball: A Tribute to Woody Herman - Members of the Woody Herman Orchestra [1967] Woodchoppers Ball/Northwest Passage/Apple Honey/Goosey Gander//Four Brothers/Blue Flame/Wild Root/Bijou/Blowin' Up A Storm

CLP-5534/CST-534 - Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes & Other Country & Western Favorites - Billy Hayden [1967] Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes/I Need Help With Love/Hand In Hand/She Said He Was Her Brother/Lost In The Middle Of A Crowd//They Said It Wouldn't Last/Neon Lights And A Juke Box/Bottle Built For Two/Congratulations, You Win/The Waltz You Named For Me

CLP-5535/CST-535 - Hawaiian Wedding Song - Polynesians [1967] Hawaiian Wedding Song/Island Moon/Lenua/Hawaiian War Chant/Rose Lani//Isle Of Golden Dreams/Orchid Lei/My Yellow Ginger Lei/At The Barefoot Bar/Land Of Flower

CLP-5536/CST-536 - None Other Than Me - Scotty Howard and the Country Caravan [1967] None Other Than Me/I Took One Step And Fell In Love With You/Sea Bee's/You Showed Me/We're Going To Be Married Tomorrow/Death Has Been Following Me/Ols Spanish Rock/Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart/Don't Want You Around Anymore/Why Do You Hate Me

CLP-5537/CST-537 - Pete Fountain and the Kings of Dixieland - Pete Fountain/Kings of Dixieland [1967] Bugle Call Rag/Somebody Stole My Gal/Careless Love/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie/Thunder & Blazes//Shine On Harvest Moon/Lassa's Trombone/Washington Post March/My Old Kentucky Home/Dixieland Blues


CLP-5539/CST-539 - A Go Go Guitars - Jerry Cole [1967] Hip Hugger/Boss Hair/Teen Age Fair/12 A Go Go/The Tower of London//Curfew/George Played/Sloppin'/Really Got It Bad/Ventures Venture

CLP-5540/CST-540 - Viva Mexicali Brass - Mexicali Brass [1967] My Granada/Two Guitars/Mexican Jumping Bean/Adios Muchachos/La Paloma/Habanera/Viva Viva/Toreador Song/Dengozo/Chiapanecas

CLP-5541/CST-541 - The Country and Western Sound of Dave Dudley - Dave Dudley/Glenn Cass [1967] Six Days On The Road - Dave Dudley/That's Pretty Good For Me - Dave Dudley/Run Don't Walk - Glenn Cass/Don't Say Nothin' - Glenn Cass/The Flatout - Glenn Cass/In Less Than An Hour - Glenn Cass/Hard Times - Glenn Cass/Sixteen Hundred Miles - Glenn Cass/I'll Always Love You - Glenn Cass/Love That I Need - Glenn Cass

CLP-5542/CST-542 - Mame & Hello Dolly - Mexicali Brass [1967] Forty Five Minutes From Broadway/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/Harrigan/You're A Grand Old Flag/Hello Dolly//Can Can/Mame/Yankee Doodle Dandy/Love Me & The World Is Mine/Give My Regards To Broadway

CLP-5543/CST-543 - The Mexicali Brass Go Country and Western - Mexicali Brass [1967] I Can't Stop Loving You/Columbus Stockade Blues/Red Wing/Crawdad Song/Wreck Of Ole 97//Shenandoah/Streets Of Laredo/The Yellow Rose Of Texas/Rovin' Gambler/Cotton Fields

CLP-5544/CST-544 - The Shadow of Your Smile - Mexicali Brass [1967] The Shadow Of Your Smile/Song Of The Volga Boatman/Shine On Harvest Moon/Tijuana Hot Sauce/East Side, West Side//Ida/Kisses Sweeter Than Wine/In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree/Glow Worm/Aloha Oe

CLP-5545/CST-545 - Winter Wonderland - Mexicali Brass [1967] Issued with either 9 or 10 selections; some copies omit the title song! Winter Wonderland/Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow/Skier's Holiday/Winter Carnival/Snow Flakes//Sleigh Ride/Singing Jingle Bells/Go Tell It on the Mountain/The Jolly Snow Man/The Skater's Waltz

CLP-5546/CST-546 - Theme from the Green Hornet and Other Selections - Mexicali Brass [1967] Flight Of The Bumble Bee (Green Hornet Theme)/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/Rovin' Gambler/On A Sunday Afternoon/Hot Rocks//Forty-Five Minutes From Broadway/The Yellow Rose Of Texas/Hide Out/Somebody Stole My Gal/My Desire


CLP-5548/CST-548 - Anytime - Lon Harmon [1967]

CLP-5549/CST-549 - Good Ole Mountain Music - Mountainairs [1967] Jesse James/Black Eyed Susie/Five Times Five/Raise A Ruckus/I'm Gonna Tell God//Whoa Mule/Handsome Molly/Waggoners Lad/John Handy/Ol' Blue/Willow Tree

CLP-5550/CST-550 - "Bouquet of Roses" and Other Country and Western Favorites - Lon Harmon [1967] Bouquet Of Roses/Even If I Win I Lose/Playing Hard To Get/Beautiful Brown Eyes/Looking For A Mountain//Here Comes The Night/Streets Of Loredo/I Don't Need You Anymore/Veil Of Narra/I Guess I'm Losing My Mind

CLP-5551/CST-551 - Magnificent Waltzes - Johnny Nielson & the Fascinating Strings [1968] Some copies have a red label. The Minute Waltz/Santa Lucia/After The Ball/(others)

CLP-5552/CST-552 - Always Late - Johnny Mac [1968] Always Late/Teach Me To Forget/Runaway/Five Notches On Each Forty Five/Was The Last Time The First Time//The Only Way To Fly/Louisiana Bound/Talking To The Blues/Book Of Broken Hearts/You're Still My Heartache Number One

CLP-5553/CST-553 - Guitars A Go Go, Volume 2 - Jerry Cole & the Stingers [1968] Yeah Yeah Yeah/Hold On/No More Hanky Panky/Hey Little Girl/Groovy Night//Along Came Mary/Milk And Honey/Sunset Strip/Barefoot Baby/Paperback Lover

CLP-5554/CST-554 - Hoedown Country - Harold Hensley & Virginia Mountaineers [1968] Skip To My Lou/Rubber Dolly/Bully Of The Town/Flop Eared Mule/Lost Colony/Fiddlin' Around/Fire On The Mountain/Sally Ann/Wild Indian/Old Dan Tucker

CLP-5555/CST-555 - Steel Guitar Rag - Red Rhodes [1968] Steel Guitar Rag/Plastic Wrapped Kisses/Queen Bee Of Honky Tonk Hive/I'll Try Again/Trouble Ain't No Stranger//Walk Right Up To Love/Palamino Rag/Bone Dry/Abilene Bomb Shell/Natural Born Lover

CLP-5556/CST 556 - Barrel House Piano - Barrel Fingers Barry [1968] Reissue of Crown 5160 with new cover and artist name. Barcarole/Fantasie Impromptu/Minuet In G/Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto/Melody In F/Brams' Hungarian Dance//Danube Waves/Tchaikovsky's Sixth Symphony Theme/Polonaise/Liebestraum/Rachmaninoff Concerto/La Cinquantina & Anitra's Dance

CLP-5557/CST-557 - Music of the Golden West - Johnny Nielson & the Fascinating Strings [1968]

CLP-5558/CST-558 - I Love You So Much It Hurts and Other Country and Western Favorites - Terry Lee [1968] I Love You So Much It Hurts/I Can't Trust You Anymore/Now I Need You So/I'm Leavin'/There's Only Me//The Last Time/Your Conscience Bothers Me/I Had You Almost, I've Lost You Already/My Love Is Gone/Pages Of Time

CLP-5559/CST-559 - The Heart & Soul of Spain - George Nielson [1968]

CLP-5560/CST-560 - "I'm Movin' On" and Other Country and Western Favorites - Bobby Lowe [1968] I'm Movin' On/Anniversary Of Goodbye/Cry Like A Baby/Queen Of Broken Hearts/Seven C's Of Tears//The Best Part Of Me/Ol' Black Engine/My Hopes Are Getting Dim/Big Wheels Rollin' On/The Darkest Corner

CLP-5561/CST-561 - Hawaii and Other Songs of the Islands - George Nielsen conducting the Hollywood Strings [1968] Hawaii/Whispering Sea/Mahina/Lani Kai/Hawaiian Love Song//Aloha Oe/Maori's Farewell/Hawaiian War Chant/Trade Winds/Blue Hawaiian Waters

CLP-5562/CST-562 - Just a Little Loving Will Go A Long Way and Other Country and Western Favorites - Lon Harmon [1968] Just A Little Lovin' Will Go A Long Way/Meet Me At Sunrise/I'm Not The First One/In The Shadow Of A Broken Heart/I Can't Let Go//I Choose You/Only Her Name Is Familiar/Walking Away From You/Are You Ready/Waiting For An Answer

CLP-5563/CST-563 - Winchester Cathedral - Holiday Show Band [1968] Reissue of Crown CLP-5499/CST-499. Winchester Cathedral/When The Saints Go Marching In/Give My Regards To Broadway/Somebody Stole My Gal/Rings On Her Fingers/East Side West Side/The Bowery/Deep River/Bedelia/Dixie

CLP-5564/CST-564 - Born Free - George Mann & His Group & Orchestra [1968] Born Free/Love Affair/La Cucaracha/Dance De Mirlitons/Little Brown Jug//Grandfather Clock/Minute Waltz/Wayfaring Stranger/Romance/Dance Chinoise

CLP-5565/CST-565 - The Best of Johnny Lee Wills - Johnny Lee Wills [1968] Your Love For Me Is Losing Light/Blub Twist/Milk Cow Blues/I Wish Your Picture Was You/Travelin'//Slush/I Won't Cry Tomorrow/Why Do I Love You/Red Dress She Wore/Too Soon To Worry

CLP-5566/CST-566 - Happy Polka Time - Polka Dots [1968] Clarinet Polka/Happy Polka/Fireside Polka/Moonlight Polka/Buckeye Polka//Friendly Polka/Beer Drinking Polka/Twilight Time Polka/Party Polka/Four Leaf Clover Polka/Mexican Hat Dance Polka

CLP-5567/SCT-567 - Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) - Fascinating Strings [1968] Melody Of Love/My Broken Heart/Lovers Moonlight/Somewhere My Love/You Tell Me Your Dream/Lovers Only/My Only Love/Tango Serenata/Loving You This Way/Moonlight In Seville

CLP-5568/CST-568 - Latin A-Go-Go - Manuel Gomez [1968] Esperanza/Marcheta/Cubano/Koldoba/Mascarado//Gallegos/Llanura/Vamo A Bailar/Canto Misterio/Tuxedo Mambo

CLP-5569/CST-569 - Polka Time - Polka Dots [1968] Springtime Polka/Minka Polka/Ten Little Indians Polka/Barbara Polka/Julida Polka/Frieda's Landler//Too Fat/Diane Polka/Happy Whistler Polka/Paddle Boat Polka/Stashiw Pandowski/Sharpshooters Polka

CLP-5570/CST-570 - Brazil Today featuring Guantanamera - Xavier Alberto & His Orchestra [1968] Some copies have red label. Guantanamera/Azul/Selvatico/Guijaro Cha Cha Cha/Tobasco/Bongosville/Tenura/Penadilla/Goza/Nena/Rapture

Note: At about this point, mono records are discontinued in favor of stereo-only releases.

CST-571 - Swan Lake Ballet - Karl Jergens & Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra [1968] Reissue of Crown 5185. Swan Lake Ballet/Waltz/Scene//Dance Of The Swans/Scene/Hungarian Czardas Dance


CST-573 - Music to Watch Girls By - George Mann Orchestra featuring the Golden Trumpet [1968] Some copies have a red label. Music To Watch Girls By/The Girl In My Dreams/Ida/Estrellita/Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie//Dark Eyes/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Somebody Stole My Gal/La Paloma/My Desire

CST-574 - That's Life - George Mann Orchestra featuring the Golden Trumpet [1968] That's Life/My Hearts Crying/Love Me And The World Is Mine/I Love You Truly/Adios Muchachos//Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Go Tell It On The Mountain/Glow Worm/Don't Feel Sorry For Me/Careless Love

CST-575 - Chopin Favorites - Lilie Wollin [1968] C# Minor Scherzo Op. 39/F Major Ballade Op. 38//B Major Mazurka Op. 7 No. 1/A Minor Mazurka Op. 68 No. 2/F# Major Nocturne Op. 58 No. 2/C# Minor Nocturne Op. 27 No. 1/Fantasie Impromptu

CST-576 - Those Were the Days - Randy Scott [1968]


CST-578 - Eddie Dean Sings Little Green Apples - Eddie Dean [1968] A Heart Will Not Be Silent Long/You Walked Out Of My Heart/Banks Of The Rio Grande/Little Green Apples/Wing Ding Tonight/Country Maggie/Crawdad Song/You Try A Lot/John Henry/The Cavern

CST-579 - Wichita Lineman - Garn Littledyke [1968] Wichita Lineman/Fair Thee Well Ladies/Walk Right out of this Town/Twenty More Miles/I'm Tied Down/Like it or Not/Shadows of My Mind/Same Ol Dream/Don't Let the Door Slap Your Backside Going Out/You Make Me Remember


CST-581 - Eddie Dean Sings "Release Me" - Eddie Dean [1968] Release Me/Love The Way You Say It/Banks Of The Old Rio Grande/Impatient Blues/Tangled Lies//Katmandu/Walk Beside Me/Make Believe/Seeds Of Doubt/I Called And I Called

CST-582 - Country and Western Favorites - Foy Willing [1968] Fire Ball Mail/What A Fool/Wanderers Dream/Just Because/Columbus Stockade//Red River Valley/Soft Winds/No One To Cry To/Someone Won Your Heart/Beautiful Moon Over Texas

CST-583 - Eddie Dean Sings Country and Western - Eddie Dean [1968] Reissue of Crown CLP5320. Wait For Me/Downgrade/Look Homeward Angel/If Dreams Could Come True/Somewhere Along The Line//Green Grass/Your Wayward Heart/Smoke Signals/Rocket To Heaven/I Can't Go On Alone

CST-584 - The World's Most Beautiful Waltzes - Fascinating Strings [1968] Reissue of Crown CLP-5035 with new cover, new title, and renamed artists. Blue Danube Waltz/Emperor Waltz//Tales From The Vienna Woods/Opera Waltz


CST-586 - Holiday Moods - Fascinating Strings [1968] Holiday For Strings/Emperor Waltz/Neopolitan Love Song/On The Shores Of The Riviera/Maids of Paris//Capriccio Español/Memories Of Rome/La Golondrina/Song Of Sorrento/Blue Danube

CST-587 - Love Is a Many Splendored Thing - Fascinating Strings [1968]

CST-588 - Hey Jude - Underground Electrics [1968] Hey Jude/Standing At The Crossroads/Boogie Chillen/The Syndicator/No Love In My Heart//Goodbye Baby/Queen Bee/Sunnyland/Dark And Dreary/Dust My Blues BR>
CST-589 - Light My Fire - Firebirds [1968] Warm Up/Delusions/Reflections/Bye Baby//Gypsy Fire/Free Bass/No Tomorrows/Light My Fire

CST-590 - Galveston and Other Pop Country & Western Favorites - Gordon Calcote Show [1969]


CST-592 - Hair - 31 Flavors [1969] Hair/Aquarius-Let The Sunshine In/Protest/Free Fuzz//One-Two-Three-Four/Real Far Out/Free Drum/Distortions Of Darkness

CST-593 - True Grit and Other Pop Country Favorites - Don Lee [1969] True Grit/Tupelo/I Don't Need Your Love/Baby/Lonely Tears/That Kind Of Love//Tomorrow's Tears/Hurry Up Sunshine/Gone Again/Don't Mess Around/That Satisfies Me/Point Of No Return

CST-594 - A Boy Named Sue and Other Country Favorites - Bobby Wayne [1969] A Boy Named Sue/Turn And Walk Slowly/Hate To Lose A Friend/Tywoppty Tigers/Mansion Above/Rain Rain Go Away// Just Can't Settle Down/Kissing Your Picture/Trip Down Memory Lane/What Happens To A Shadow/Love, Inc./East Of Happiness

CST-595 - Truck Driving Man & Other Truck Driving Favorites - Leon Copas [1969]

CST-596 - The Nashville Scene: Working Man Blues and Other Country and Western Favorites - Rue Barclay [1969] Just Walk Right In/Face In The Bottom Of The Glass/Whirlpool Of Love/Your Time Will Come/Honky Tonk Life/Women, Gamblin' And Alcohol//Working Man Blues/Lonely House/Past The Hour Of Two/I'll Never Love Again/Still She Waits/Rue Di Rue Di Rue

CST-597 - Theme from Romeo & Juliet - Gordon Spence [1969] Happiness And Souvenirs/Hearts And Flowers/Days Of Gladness/Sweethearts/Romantic Serenades//Theme From Romeo And Juliet/Goodnight Sweet Dreams/Love Them/Spring/Dreams Of Love/Poses In Bloom

CST-598 - Spinning Wheel - Spinners [1969] If I Can/Woman In Love/Spinning Wheel/A Stitch In Time/Let Some Other Fool/Street Of Blue Memories/I'd Rather Paint A Picture/Life Goes On Just The Same/My Day Was Ruined Any How/Ships That Pass In The Night/My Baby's Coming Back Again/You Can't Get Away From My Love

CST-599 - The Nashville Scene: Tall Dark Stranger - Troy Treece [1969] Blue Monday Coming On/Our Last Dance/If You Live Long Enough/Cry A Waterfall Over You/Tall Dark Stranger/Before I Lose My Mind//Between A Rock And A Hard Place/I'm Living Again/If I Can/Don't Turn Around/Queen Of Broken Hearts/The Darkest Corner

CST-600 - Midnight Cowboy - Norm Raleigh [1969] Midnight Cowboy/Meadows Of My Mind/Autumn Winds/Is It You/Captain Of A Ship/Don't Forget//Are You Really Meant For Me/Bar/Come Back My Love/Just Ask Me/One Thin Dime/Did You Know

CST-601 - The Nashville Scene: Try a Little Kindness - Bill Lendrum [1969]

Note: At about this point, the label changes to the grey label with the three-pointed crown logo.


CST-603 - Okie from Muskogee - Don Hughes [1970] Old Shade Tree/It's All An Act With Him/Things/Okie Motels/It's Always Been That Way/School Of Hard Knocks//Okie From Muskogee/My Mother's Monument/Drinks On The House/Believing You/Rather See A Sermon/Theatres And Drive-Ins

CST-CST-604 - Hawaiian Memories - Polynesians [1970] Blue Hawaii/Hilo Bay/The Hawaiian Tale/Whispering Sea/At The Barefoot Bar//Aloha Oe/Tomi Tomi/Hawaii China Doll/Lani Kai/Swaying Palm Trees

CST-605 - Latin Dance Party - Lalo Morales & His Latin Dance Orchestra [1970]

CST-606 - Dance to the Sounds of the Big Name Bands - Various Artists [1970]

CST-607 - The Nashville Scene: Big in Vegas - Bobby Wayne [1970] Go On And Cry/Heartbreak Valley/Here's The Tree/Lonely Girl Lonely World/Life Lets Me Live/Mr. Somebody//Big In Vegas/Take My Love/This Time Of Day/Little Bit More/Leave While I'm Sleeping/Walk Faster Fool

CST-608 - Heavy, Heavy, Heavy - Lee Akers & the Electric Generation [1970]

CST-609 - The Nashville Scene: See Ruby Fall - Don Hughes [1970] See Ruby Fall/Broken Promises/You've Got The Grounds/Daddy Can I Have A Puppy/Things Worse Than Dying/Might As Well Be Gone/Mr. Steel Man/Long Easy Terms/Three Songs For A Quarter/Shopping For Your Love/Home/Love, Inc.


CST-611 - The Nashville Scene - Tennesseeans [1970]

CST-612 - Nashville Country Rock: Don't Cry Daddy - Billy Myers [19??] Don't Cry Daddy/Walk By My Side/Love Struck/You're The Only Thing That's Real/That's Right/Kupie Doll//Mirror Mirror On The Wall/I Don't Know/Don't Be Surprised/Four Seasons/Heart Full Of Memories/Lonesome But Happy


CST-614 - The Fightin' Side of Me - Reb Allen [1970] The Fightin Side Of Me/Why Should I Cry/Go Back To Your Honky Tonk/I Can't Go On This Way/You Made A Fool Of Me/Standing On The Outside//Memories Linger There/Another Foolish Man/One For The Road/Lonely Song/Just Follow Your Heart/Let Them Talk

CST-615 - Just a Matter of Time - Johnny Mac [1970]

CST-616 - The Exotic Sounds of Hawaii - Milt Raskin Group [1970] Reissue of Crown CST-142. Kapu/Koko Head/Leahi/Maika/Moon Festival/Mileka/Iolani/Lehua/Lani Kai/Telani

CST-617 - On Cloud Nine - Fascinating Strings [1970]

CST-618 - Dance Party Time - Electric Firebirds [1970] Woodstock Hour/Electric Fireworks/Let's Make It/Live Cream/Moon Right On/Troubled Earth/Out Of Town/Nice And Easy/Heavy/Doors Time

CST-619 - Happy Organ Time - Chris Christian [1970]

CST-620 - Dynamic Brass - The Blue Velvet [1970] Swingin' Velvet/La Golandrina/Dynamic Brass/Cielito Lindo/Sabre Dance/El Relicardo/Two Guitars/Dengozo/Valencia/The Sun

CST-621 - Latin for Lovers - Tito Gomez & His Orchestra [1970]



CST-624 - Fireball Mail - Jimmy Lloyd [1971] Fireball Mail/Watertank Blues/Sunshine Rock/Wreck Of The 77/Foggin' John/Shockin' The Shuffle//Dirty Dingus Clyde/Soy Bean Fields/Chicken Pod/Winceldown Bag/Four Miles Down The Road/Self Destruction

CST-625 - Waitin' for a Train - Billy Myers [1971] Muddy River Blues/Tacos And Beans/Big Ball Boogie/First Take/New Orleans Saints/Eight Street Rag//Waitin' For A Train/The Waltz/Red River Rock/Up Yonder/Banana Waltz/Ramshackle Blues


CST-627 - Rose Garden - 19th & Cherry Gang [1971]

CST-628 - Theme from Love Story - Fascinating Strings [1971]

CST-629 - Outa Space - Toby Rean & the Common People [1972]

CST-630 - Etta James - Etta James [1972]

CST-631 - Too Late to Turn Back Now - Beo Wulf [1972]

CST-632 - Play Me - Jon Travers & the Now Country [1972]









CST-641 - Neil Sedaka with the Tokens and Coins - Neil Sedaka/Tokens/Coins [1972] Reissue of Crown CLP-5366/CST-366. Issued with two different covers. Mary G/While I Dream/I Love My Baby/Come Back Joe/Never Till Now/Run Don't Walk/Born To Be A Loser/The Taste Of A Tear/Lay Some Kisses On Me/Don't Take Me For Granted

CST-642 - Ray Stevens & Hal Winters - Ray Stevens/Hal Winters [1972] Reissue of Crown CLP-5333/CST-333. Truly Truly - Ray Stevens/Nothing But Gold - Ray Stevens/Who Do You Love - Ray Stevens/Always On My Mind - Ray Stevens/Cholly-Wolly Chang - Ray Stevens//Bill Bailey - Hal Winters/I Want A Girl - Hal Winters/Local Tavern - Hal Winters/Bossa Nova Bonnie - Hal Winters/Red River - Hal Winters

CST-643 - The Isley Brothers & Marvin and Johnny - Isley Brothers/Marvin & Johnny [1972] Reissue of Crown CLP-5352/CST-352. The Drag/Don't Be Jealous/Honey Girl/Forever/Vip Vop//This Is the End/Rockin' McDonald/Butter Ball/Sweet Dreams/Oh Me, Oh My

CST-644 - Dave Clark Five - Dave Clark Five [1972] Reissue of Crown CST- 400 with a new cover. In Your Heart - Dave Clark Five/Sittin' By The Ocean - Playbacks/Little Lisa - Playbacks/John Law - Playbacks/Umbacharacha - Playbacks//Chaquita - Dave Clark Five/Big Blue Eyes - Playbacks/Don't Take Your Love - Playbacks/Chicken Fat - Playbacks/Pot Luck - Playbacks

Thanks to Bernd Kratochwil for providing many of the scans on this page. Other acknowledgements are listed on the Crown Records Story page.

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