Custom Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: March 26, 2002

Custom was a subsidiary of Modern/Crown. The label was grey with dark blue print. Mono releases were in the CM-2000 series, with stereo releases in the corresponding CS-1000 series.

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CM-2031/CS-1031 - Betty Everett and the Impressions - Betty Everett/Impressions [196?] Please Love Me - Betty Everett (E)/I've Got A Claim On You Baby - Betty Everett (E)/I'll Be There - Betty Everett (E)/Your Love Is Important To Me - Betty Everett (E)//Lover's Lane - Impressions (E)/At The Country Fair - Impressions (E)/Say That You Love Me - Impressions (E)/Senorita I Love You - Impressions (E)

CM-2041/CS-1041 - 12 Original Artist Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [196?] Similar to Crown CLP-5427/CST-427 with two additional songs and a different track sequence. Eddie My Love - Teen Queens (E)/Please Love Me - B.B. King (E)/Mary Lou - Young Jessie (E)/Stranded In The Jungle - Cadets (E)/Blow Joe Blow - Joe Houston (E)/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon (E)//Tick Tock - Marvin and Johnny (E)/Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin (E)/Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks (E)/Dance With Me Henry - Etta James (E)/Oop Shoop - Queens (E)/Don't Feel Sorry For Me - Jimmy Beasley (E)

CM-2046/CS-1046 - Blues for Me - B.B. King [196?] Reissued as United US-7708.

CM-2047/CS-1047 -

CM-2048/CS-1048 -

CM-2049/CS-1049 - I Love You So - B.B. King [196?] Reissued as United US-7711.

CM-2050/CS-1050 -

CM-2051/CS-1051 -

CM-2052/CS-1052 - The Soul of B.B. King - B.B. King [196?] Reissued as United US- 7714.

CM-2053/CS-1053 - A Spoonful of Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon [196?] Reissued as United US- 7715. Ain't Nobody's Business/No Rollin' Blues/Big Fine Girl/Failing By Degrees/New Orleans Woman//I Done Found Out/Sweet Lovin' Baby/Fickle Woman/Have A Ball/Good Jumpin'





CM-2058/CS-1058 - ...But Not Forgotten - Jesse Belvin [196?] Reissue of Crown 5145. Goodnight My Love/(I Love You For) Sentimental Reasons/I'll Mess You Up/Once Upon A Time/I'm In Love//Girl of My Dreams/My Desire/Don't Close The Door/Senorita/I Want To Know Why

CM-2069/CS-1069 - Thoroughly Modern Millie - Ronald Landis & His Society Orchestra [1967] Thoroughly Modern Millie/Rings On Her Fingers/Meet Me In St. Loius, Louis/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/Bill Bailey/Little Brown Jug/You Tell Me Your Dream/Somebody Stole My Gal/Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/While Strolling Through The Park One day

CM-2072/CS-1072 - Country & Western Jamboree - Various Artists [1967] Paper Love Affair/I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven/Take A Number/Hi Partner/Wreck Of The Ole No. 9/Like My Baby And Me/Betty Lou/Happy Go Lucky/Going Down The Road/Love The Way You Say It

CM-2075/CS-1075 - Music from Doctor Dolittle - Doctor Dolittle [1967] Talk To The Animals/Doctor Dolittle/others

CM-2086/CS-1086 - Music from the Motion Picture Camelot - Hollwood Sound Stage Orchestra & Chorus [1967]



CM-2089/CS-1089 - The Magic... - Hawaii [1967] At The Barefoot Bar/Swaying Palm Trees/The Hawaiian Tale/Hawaii China Doll/Whispering Sea/Blue Hawaii/Tomi Tomi/Aloha Oe/Hilo Bay/Lani Kai


CM-2091/CS-1091 - Music for the Jet Set - John Stellini conducting the Fascinating Strings [1967]

CM-2092/CS-1092 - Music from the Motion Picture Alfie - George Nielsen & Fascinating Strings [1967] Alfie/Way To The Stars/Love Theme/To You My Love/Till Dawn/Out Of My Dreams/My Lucky Star/Flirtation Waltz/Our Love Melody/Jealous Love


CM-2094/CS-1094 - Sounds of the Famous Big Bands - Sounds Of [1967] Come Back To Sorrento/Hawaiian War Chant/Northwest Passage/Blowin' Up A Storm/Redskin Rhumba/American Patrol/Lonely Street/Anvil Chorus/Deep River/Dark Eyes


CM-2096/CS-1096 - More Psychedelic Guitars - Psychedelic Guitars [1967] Another Trip/Really Got It Bad/Out Of Touch/The Letdown/Psychedelic A-Go-Go/Flower Power/Can You Dig It/Sit- In/Lost In Space/Psychedelic Venture

CS-1111 - Don and Jerry Sing Scarborough Fair and Sounds of Silence from The Graduate - Don & Jerry/Hollywood Studio Orchestra [1968] Sounds Of Silence - Don & Jerry/Love Song - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Latino Cha Cha Cha - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Love Me And The World Is Mine - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Elegy - Hollywood Studio Orchestra//Scarborough Fair - Don & Jerry/Where Do I Go From Here - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Starry Nights - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Take My Love - Hollywood Studio Orchestra/Life's Fun - Hollywood Studio Orchestra

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