Modern Records Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts and Patrice Eyries.
Last update: October 18, 2010

Modern started as a label in 1945, and had many subsidiaries over the years. The story of the label is covered in the Modern Records Story.

Modern began its album series in 1950, with the then-popular 10-inch albums. The earliest albums were various artists compilations just called Modern Records, Volume 1, Modern Records, Volume 2, etc. Some or all of the early albums had a blank back cover. The labels gave the titles as A Collection of Popular Recordings with the volume number. There were 13 scheduled volumes in the 10-inch MOD.2000 series, with some of the volumes being single-artist compilations. It is doubtful that 2001, 2002, 2006, and 2011 were actually issued, since we have never seen any information on them and Billboard stated that the first issues were 2003-5 and 2007-10 in 1950. The Just Jazz albums were issued in 1951.

Courtesy of Billboard Magazine, 4/56 By 1955, 10-inch albums were falling out of favor with record buyers in favor of the longer 12-inch albums, and the Bihari Brothers discontinued the 10-inch series they had last used in 1951 and started the LMP-1200 series of 12-inch albums. The first four albums in the 1200 series were issued in late April, 1956, according to Billboard (see story at right). Most of the records in the 1200 series were jazz records or blues records, but by mid-1956, when the series reached #1210, Modern initially scheduled two rock and roll compilations for #1210 and #1211, A Rock n' Roll Dance Party and Hollywood Rock 'N Roll Record Hop, respectively. At the last minute, after the records were mastered, the Biharis decided to release A Rock n' Roll Dance Party as RPM 3001, and substituted a Hadda Brooks album as Modern LMP-1210.

After LMP-1211 was issued, releases at Modern became a bit unclear. Modern LMP-1212 to 1215 were mastered in 1956 and were set to be released, but it is unclear whether there were actual copies released on Modern with both the Modern jacket and Modern label. In March, 1957, the Bihari brothers announced that Modern and RPM Records would no longer issue albums, and that all the previously issued albums on those labels would be reissued on the Crown label. The Crown albums started with A Rock n' Roll Dance Party, (once scheduled for Modern 1210 but shifted to RPM 3001), then the rest of the Modern albums were reissued with corresponding numbers starting with Modern 1202, which became Crown 5002. Modern 1203 became Crown 5003, and so forth, up to and including 1212-1215, which may or may not have been actually issued on Modern. Modern 1216 and Crown 5016 was the phantom Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers album, which was probably scheduled but unreleased on both Modern and Crown (Modern certainly had enough sides for an album by McLollie). Crown 5017 was the reissue of RPM 3002, and the remaining RPM albums continued in order until RPM 3009/Crown 5024. Crown 5025 was the reissue of Modern 1201.

Singles on Modern and RPM continued until March, 1958, when the singles, too, were halted in favor of the newly formed Kent label. After the first 25 issues on Crown, the label became just another budget label peddling mostly generic pop, polkas, remakes, knockoffs, and elevator music.

By 1961, Crown seemed to be doing well, and the Biharis reconsidered, and started a new series of albums on the Modern label. Unlike the previous series, which were high quality recordings of original jazz, blues, and rock and roll, the "new" modern became a clone of Crown Records, shabby packaging and all. In fact, most of the material issued on the Modern MLP-7000/MST-800 series starting in 1961 were reissues of the generic music put out earlier on the Crown label, with the artists names changed to make it appear that the offerings were new recordings. Even the record labels were lookalikes to the Crown labels.

The MLP-7000/MST-800 series started with 24 initial releases in 1961, followed by an additional sixteen albums released over the next two years. With forty releases on the "new" Modern (=Crown Clone) label, Modern finally decided that one Crown Records was enough, and discontinued the series. Beginning in 1964, they released a short series of three albums by Otto Cesana in the Music By Cesana series featuring gold covers. By the time the third was issued, in 1966, Modern was nearing bankruptcy, although the other Bihari labels like Crown and Kent were doing fine. Modern started another new series in 1966, featuring Little Richard, the Ikettes, and the Mexicali Brass (a Tijuana Brass knockoff that had been selling well for Crown). This, unfortunately, did not put the label back on its feet, so the albums stopped about 1966 and the label ultimately folded. The masters, however, were now owned by Crown, so there was little left of the company by the time bankruptcy set in.

The label on the Modern 10-inch 2000 series (far left) is black with silver print. "Modern" in script above the center hole. "LONG PLAY" on the left side of the label and "33 1/3" on the right. At the bottom of the label is "Microgroove UNBREAKABLE". The label on the 12-inch 1200 series is black with silver print. "MODERN RECORDS" on two lines above the center hole with a stylized "M" between the Modern and Records. At the bottom of the label is "TELESONIC SOUND/ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY/MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, U.S.A."
Even though the MLP-7000/MST-800 series was released in both monaural and stereo, clearly the emphasis was on the stereo releases. Today you will find far fewer monaural copies. This series was an early attempt by the Bihari Brothers to cash in on the demand for stereo with a low priced line of albums. The label on this series (far left) is black with white printing. "MODERN" with a stylized "M" in red, followed by a yellow "O", blue "D" red "E" green "R" and blue "N'. "HIGH FIDELITY" in yellow on the left side of the label and "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3" in yellow on the right. At the bottom of the label is "STEREO" again in multiple colors. This label design was similar to the Crown label (near left) of the same period, namely, 1961.
By 1962, the Bihari Brothers decided their labels were costing too much in full color, and went to a black- on-grey version that didn't cost as much to get printed. The Modern label (far left) and the Crown label (near left) of the first part of 1962 were similar.
By late 1962, the Modern label (far left) on the MLP-7000/MST-800 series and the later two series was gray with black printing. "MODERN" with a stylized "M" above the center hole with "HIGH FIDELITY" on the left side of the label and "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3" on the right. The "STEREO" designation was at the right of the center hole. This label was very like the Crown label of the same period, shown at near left.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Modern 10 Inch LP MOD-2000 Series:

MOD. 2001 - Modern Records, Volume 1 - Artist Unknown [probably unissued]

MOD. 2002 - Modern Records, Volume 2 - Artist Unknown [probably unissued]

MOD. 2003 - Modern Records, Volume 3: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Various Artists [1950] The album has no printing on the back of the cover. Trust in Me - Hadda Brooks/People Have Money Are Funny - Herb Fisher/Sweet Georgia Bop - Vido Musso & Wardell Gray/The Moon Is Risin' - Little Willie Littlefield//Texas Hop - Pee Wee Crayton/Empty Bedroom Blues - Saunders King/No Rollin' Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Big Legs - Gene Phillips

MOD. 2004 - Modern Records, Volume 4: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Various Artists [1950] You Won't Let Me Go - Hadda Brooks/Same Old Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon/Why Do Things Happen To Me - Roy Hawkins/Falling By Degrees - Jimmy Witherspoon//Jackson's Boogie - Willis Jackson/Variety Boogie - Hadda Brooks/It's Too Late To Change - Roy Hawkins/Little School Girl - Smokey Hogg

MOD. 2005 - Modern Records, Volume 5: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Various Artists [1950] Blues After Hours - Pee Wee Crayton/Don't Take Your Love From Me - Hadda Brooks/I Love You Just The Same - Jimmy Witherspoon/Drinkin' - Little Willie Littlefield//I Gotta Guy - Little Esther/New Orleans Women - Jimmy Witherspoon/Rock Bottom - Gene Phillips/Pretty Mama Boogie - Jerry Greene

MOD. 2006 - Modern Records, Volume 6 - Artist Unknown [probably unissued]

MOD. 2007 - Modern Records, Volume 7: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Hadda Brooks [1950] Polonaise Boogie/Humoresque Boogie/Hungarian Rhapsody #2 In Boogie/Melody In F Boogie//Hungara (Gypsy)/Grieg's Concerto Boogie/Roses Of Picardy Boogie/Minuet In G Boogie

MOD. 2008 - Modern Records, Volume 8: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Erroll Garner [1950] Tenderly/Just You And Me/Someone To Watch Over Me/Little Girl//Lover, Part I/Lover, Part II/Blue Lou, Part I/Blue Lou, Part II

MOD. 2009 - Modern Records, Volume 9: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Ben Pollack & His Pick-A-Rib Boys [1950] Third Man Theme/Royal Garden Blues/Echo In The Cavern/Song Of India//Sentimental Journey/At The Jazz Band Ball/Dixieland One Step/Dixieland Boogie

MOD. 2010 - Modern Records, Volume 10: A Collection of Popular Recordings - Nappy Lamare & Kid Ory [1950] Palasteena - Nappy Lamare/Black And White Rag - Nappy Lamare/Johnson Rag - Nappy Lamare/After You've Gone - Nappy Lamare//Tiger Rag - Kid Ory/Eh, La Bas - Kid Ory/Twelfth Street Rag - Kid Ory/Savoy Blues - Kid Ory

MOD. 2011 - Modern Records, Volume 11 - Artist Unknown [probably unissued]

MOD. 2012 - Modern Records, Volume 12: Gene Norman's Just Jazz - Gene Norman's Just Jazz Concerts [1951] Artists: Wardell Gray, Vido Musso, Ernie Royal, Barney Kessel, Arnold Ross, Don Lamond, and Harry Babison. Sweet Georgia Bop//Just You, Just Me

MOD. 2013 - Modern Records, Volume 13: Gene Norman's Just Jazz - Gene Norman's Just Jazz Concerts [1951] Artists: Stan Getz, Willie Smith, Charlie Shavers, Red Norvo, Oscar Moore, Johnny Miller, and "Nature Boy" [Louis Bellson]. How High The Moon//Body And Soul/I Got Rhythm

Modern LMP-1200 12-Inch LP Series:

LMP-1201 - Swingin' Suite - Red Callender & His Modern Octet [4/56] Reissued as Crown CLP-5025 with a title change. "LPMM-1201" is in the vinyl trailoff area. Skyline/Sleigh Ride/All For You/Outlines/Walking On Air/You're Part of Me//On Again/Greenery/Pastel/October Blue/Dancers/Bihari

LMP-1202 - Groovin' High - Stan Getz [5/56] Reissued as Crown 5002. Artists include Stan Getz, Wardell Gray, Sonny Criss, Charlie Shavers, Red Norvo, Willie Smith, Louis Bellson, Oscar Moore, Howard McGhee, Dodo Marmarosa, and Red Callender. Groovin' High/These Foolish Things//Hot House/How High The Moon

LMP-1203 - Singin' Kay Starr and Swingin' Erroll Garner - Kay Starr and Erroll Garner [4/56] Reissued as Crown 5003. "MMLP 1203" is in the vinyl trailoff area. Ain't Misbehavin' - Kay Starr/Good For Nothing Joe - Kay Starr/Lover - Kay Starr/Just You, Just Me - Kay Starr/Little Girl - Kay Starr//Them There Eyes - Erroll Garner/What Is This Thing Called Love - Erroll Garner/Tenderly - Erroll Garner/Someone To Watch Over Me - Erroll Garner/Blue Lou - Erroll Garner

LMP-1204 - Way Out Wardell - Wardell Gray [5/56] Reissued as Crown 5004. Blue Lou/Just You Just Me//One O'Clock Jump/Tenderly

LMP-1205 - Spring Fever - Don, Dick & Jimmy [4/56] Reissued as Crown 5005. "MM-1205" is in the vinyl trailoff area. Love in Bloom/Too Young/That's What I Like/This Is Heaven/June in January/Angela Mia//Desiree/The Touch of Your Lips/Symphony/Out in the Cold Again/The Last Time/It's Easy to Remember

LMP-1206 - Joe Houston Blows All Nite Long - Joe Houston [4/56] Reissued as Crown 5006. "LPM 1206" is in the vinyl trailoff area. All Nite Long/Celebrity Club Stomp/Candy Rock/Rockin' With Joe/Way Out/Crazy Sax//Blow Joe Blow/Sentimental Journey/Rock and Roll Boogie/Riverside Rock/Earth Quake/Joe's Gone

LMP-1207 - The Swingin'st - Vido Musso [5/56] Reissued as Crown 5007. "LPM-1207" is in vinyl trailoff area. Sing, Sing, Sing/Back Street/Jersey Bounce/Movin' In/Emaline/Rockin' Time//Vido's Boogie/Sherry Pink/On Stage/Rollin'/Rock House Blues/Russian Lullabye

LMP-1208 - Jazz Surprise - Modern Jazz Stars [6/56] Reissued as Crown 5008. "MMLP 1208" in the vinyl trailoff area. Fall Out/C-Jam Blues/Moonlight/Perdido//Wailin'/High Time/Cherokee/Scratch/Off Nite

LMP-1209 - Jazz Masquerade - Modern Jazz Stars [6/56] Reissued as Crown 5009. Big Boy, Part 1/Big Boy, Part 2/C-Jam Blues/Why Not/You Are Too Beautiful//Flying Home/Stompin'/Deep Purple/Steady Teddy/Ben's Mood

LMP-1210 - Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party - Various Artists [Unissued] Released as RPM 3001. RPM 3001 has "MMLP 1210" in the vinyl trailoff area, indicating that this release was originally to be Modern 1210. Also reissued as Crown CLP-5001. Dance With Me Henry - Etta James/Ko Ko Mo - Marvin and Johnny/Don't Be Angry - Cadets/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens/Don't Feel Sorry For Me - Jimmy Beasley/Cherry Pie - Marvin and Johnny//I Got a Gal - Joe Turner/Church Bells May Ring - Cadets/All Nite Long - Joe Houston/A Casual Look - Little Clydie/How Soon - Jacks/Heartbreak Hotel - Cadets

LMP-1210 - Femme Fatale - Hadda Brooks [6/56] Reissued as Crown 5010. "LPM 1210" is in the vinyl trailoff area. The Thrill is Gone/Take Me/Please Be Kind/How Do You Speak to An Angel/My Ideal/Don't You Think I Ought To Know//Dream/There is No Greater Love/My Romance/Stolen Love/Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

LMP-1211 - Hollywood Rock 'N Roll Record Hop - Various Artists [5/56] Reissued as Crown 5011. "MMLP 1211" is in the vinyl trailoff area. Stranded In the Jungle - Cadets/Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter/Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks/Rollin' Stone - Cadets/Blow Joe Blow - Joe Houston/Teen Age Prayer - Dolly Cooper//Good Rockin' Daddy - Etta James/Tick Tock - Marvin and Johnny/The Girl In My Dreams - Cliques/I Want You - Cadets/Mary Lou - Young Jessie/Kansas City Blues - Joe Turner

Note: Modern Records albums #1212 through #1216 may not have been issued as such, since we can not find any evidence of their release on the Modern label itself. #1212-#1215 were certainly mastered for the Modern Records release and planned for a fall, 1956 release date, since when they were released on the Crown label, the Modern Records matrix number is scratched into the trailoff area of the Crown records stampers. If Modern printed up any covers for these records, it's possible they were issued with Crown label records inside (this is known to have happened with RPM albums).

LMP-1212 - Red Callender Speaks Low - Red Callender [Unissued?] Reissued as Crown 5012 in 1957. Red Callender with Buddy Collette, Vince DeRose, Bob Bain, Red Mitchell, and Bill Douglas. Speak Low/Nice Day/In A Sentimental Mood//Foggy Day/Cris/Darn That Dream/Gone With The Wind

LMP-1213 - Stars of Rock and Roll - Various Artists [Unissued?] Reissued as Crown 5013 in 1957.

LMP-1214 - The Fabulous Jimmy Beasley - Jimmy Beasley [Unissued?] Reissued as Crown 5014 in 1957. "LPM-1214" is written in the vinyl trailoff area. My Happiness/I'm So Blue/She's Good to Me/Little Coquette/I'm Not Free/No Love For Me//Don't Feel Sorry For Me/Jambalaya/Don't Break This Heart of Mine/Good Lovin'/Once More/Ella Jane

LMP-1215 - Rockin' n' Reelin' - Cadets [Unissued?] Reissued as Crown 5015 in 1957. "LPM-1215" is in the vinyl trailoff area. Stranded in the Jungle/I Want You/So Will I/I'll Be Spinning/Fools Rush In/Annie Met Henry//Heartbreak Hotel/Dancin' Dan/Church Bells May Ring/I Got Loaded/Rollin' Stone/Smack Dab in the Middle

LMP-1216 - Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers - Oscar McLollie and His Honey Jumpers [Unissued] This was supposed to have been a Modern release scheduled for fall, 1956 release, but was unissued and shifted to a scheduled 1957 Crown Records release as CLP-5016, along with the other Modern albums. It was apparently not released on Crown, either.

Modern 7000/800 Series:

MLP-7000/MST-800 - Era of Tommy Dorsey - Members of the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra [1961] On the Sunny Side of the Street/I'll Never Smile Again/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Boogie Woogie/Hawaiian War Chant/Somebody's Knocking at My Door/plus 2 more

MLP-7001/MST-801 - Era of Benny Goodman - Members of the Benny Goodman Orchestra [1961] Sing Sing Sing/When The Saints Go Marching In/Down Hill Special/Loch Lomand/Jersey Bounce/Carry Me Back/Careless Love/plus 1 more

MLP-7002/MST-802 - Era of Charlie Barnet - Members of the Charlie Barnet Orchestra [1961] Reissue of Crown CLP-5094/CST-131. Cherokee/Pompton Turnpike/Charlestown Alley/Really/Charlie's Other Aunt/Redskin Rhumba//Skyliner/East Side West Side/Lonely Street/Claude Reigns

MLP-7003/MST-803 - Era of Glenn Miller - Members of the Glenn Miller Orchestra [1961] String Of Pearls/Anvil Chorus/Londonderry Air/Under The Double Eagle/Anitra's Dance/Sunrise Serenade/American Patrol/Song Of The Volga Boatman/Habenera/Swingin' Moon

MLP-7004/MST-804 - Era of Woody Herman - Members of the Woody Herman Orchestra [1961] Woodchopper's Ball/Northwest Passage/Apple Honey/Goosey Gander/Four Brothers/Bijou/Afterglow/Blowin' Up A Storm/Aruba

MLP-7005/MST-805 - Era of the Big Bands - Various Artists [1961] The artists are actually "Members of the Great Orchestras", not the named artists themselves. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You - Tommy Dorsey/Solitude - Duke Ellington/Skyliner - Charlie Barnet/Ciribirin - Harry James/Anvil Chorus - Glenn Miller/Come Back To Sorrento - Stan Kenton/Northwest Passage - Woody Herman/Blues - Artie Shaw

MLP-7006/MST-806 - Dixieland - K.C. Bearcats [1961] Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Oh Dem Golden Slippers/Washington Post March/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Semper Fidelis//Shine On Harvest Moon/My Wild Irish Rose/Ida/Bill Bailey/Lassa's Trombone

MLP-7007/MST-807 - Polka Party Time - Polka Dots [1961] Blue Bell Polka/Beer Parlor Polka/Montreal Stomp Polka/Country Polka/Saratoga Polka//Foot Stompin' Polka/Warsaw Polka/Bavarian Polka/Pin Point Polka/Fortune Teller Polka

MLP-7008/MST-808 - Honky Tonk Piano - Piano Pete [1961]

MLP-7009/MST-809 - The Beautiful Strauss Waltzes - Golden Strings [1961]

MLP-7010/MST-810 - Day Dreams - Golden Strings [1961]

MLP-7011/MST-811 - Organ Gems - George Wright [1961]

MLP-7012/MST-812 - Cha Cha Cha - Jose Martinez & His Orchestra [1961] Reissue of Crown CLP-5138/CST-171, credited on the Crown LP to Manuel Rivera & His Orchestra. Esperanza/Marcheta/Shine On Harvest Moon/Ida/Chop Sticks//You Know I Love You/The Girl In My Dreams/Woke Up This Morning/Cherry Pie/Eddie My Love

MLP-7013/MST-813 - Sing-A-Long with the Blenders - Blenders [1961] Careless Love/Cindy/I've Been Working On The Railroad/Clementine/You're A Grand Old Flag/She'll Be Comin' Around The Mountain/Yankee Doodle/On Springfield Mountain/Little Liza Jane/All Through The Night/Oh Susanna/Reneli/Camptown Races/Billy Boy/Oh No John/What Did Deleware/On Top Of Old Smoky/Down In The Valley

MLP-7014/MST-814 - Rock and Roll Party - Don & Eddie [1961] Shuffle Boogie/Night Rock/When The Lights Are Low/Jivin' At The Savoy/Stompin' At The Crossroads/Diggin' The Blues//Mambo Boogie/South Hampton/Bolero Boogie/Duck Walk/Oop Shank/Drifting

MLP-7015/MST-815 - Heart of Spain - Golden Strings [1961] Granada/Estudiantina/Cordolia/Barcelona/Spanish Nights//España/Spanish Serenade/Capriccio Español/La Paloma/Spanish Tango

MLP-7016/MST-816 - More Sing Along with the Blenders - Blenders [1961] There'll Be A Hot Time Tonight/I Want A Girl/She Wore A Yellow Ribbon/East Side West Side/The Bowery/My Wild Irish Rose/Deep River/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Blue Tail Fly/Shine On Harvest Moon/I've Been Working On The Railroad/On Top Of Old Smokey/Little Annie Rooney/Bill Bailey/Daisy Bell/Oh Dem Golden Slippers/America The Beautiful/For He's A Jolly Good Fellow/Shortnin' Bread/There's Where My Money Goes/After The Ball/Goodnight Ladies/On The Banks Of The Wabash/In The Evening By The Moonlight/Sweet Rosie O'Grady/The Old Grey Mare

MLP-70017/MST-817 - Percussion - Percussion All Stars [1961] Similar to Crown CLP- 5193/CST-216. Tympany Percussion/La Cumparsita/Hawaiian War Chant/El Choclo/Little Annie Laurie/Prelude For Lovers/?/Song Of India/Glow Worm/(others)

MLP-7018/MST-818 - Hawaiian Holiday - Kane Kai [1961]

MLP-7019/MST-819 - The Era of Hank Williams - Luke Williams & the Rangers [1961]

MLP-7020/MST-820 - Tradewinds to Hawaii - Lani Lehua & the Surfers [1961] Song Of The Islands/Island Moon/Hawaiian War Chant/Maui And Maui Girl/Hawaiian Love Song//To You Sweetheart Aloha/Pulupe/Mauna Wili Hula/Hawaiian Tale/Luau Lei

MLP-7021/MST-821 - Dynamic Percussion - Percussion All Stars [1961]

MLP-7022/MST-822 - Mambo Cha Cha Cha - Luis Mendosa & His Orchestra [1961]

MLP-7023/MST-823 - The Fabulous Ink Spots - Ink Spots [1961] If I Didn't Care/I Love You Truly/To Me/Frankie And Johnnie/Shine On Harvest Mood//It's A Sin To Tell A Lie/Sorrento/When You Were Sweet Sixteen/When The Saints Go Marching In/Ida

Note:The 24 albums above were all issued at the same time, in 1961. At about this point in the series, with additional albums released in 1962 and later, the label changes to the grey label.

MLP-7024/MST-824 - Continental Cocktails - Rene Amont & the Internationals [1962] Love Song/Dreaming Of You/All My Love/Souvenir/Blue Night//Adios Muchachos/Longing For You/Moonlight/La Cumparsita/Beautiful One

MLP-7025/MST-825 - Crazy Bongo - Haji Baba [1962] Crazy Bongos/Baba/Bongo Madness/Bongo Condo/Katanga//Bongo Cubano/El Rio Bongo/Panamania/Tabatinga/Bongo Del Sul

MLP-7026/MST-826 - Gunfighter Ballads - Billy the Kid [1962] Reissue of Crown CLP- 5223/CST-241 with artist renamed. Streets Of Laredo/Sam Bass/Gamblin' Man/Blood On The Saddle/Mr. Staggerly/John Hardy//Jack O' Diamonds/Black Jack David/Buckin' Bronco/Barney And Clyde/Old Chisholm Trail/Patonia

MLP-7027/MST-827 - Jazz All Stars - Various Artists [1962] Artists include Dave Brubeck, Coleman Hawkins, Buddy Collette, Larry Bunker, Stan Levy, Conti Condoli, Emil Richards, and Cal Tjader. Glen's Orbit/Bongolo/Chocolo/Crazy Love/Cloud Burst//Katanga/Comparison/Journey's End

MLP-7028/MST-828 - Accordion Capers - Sophisticates [1962] Lovely/Adios Muchachos/Starry Eyes/Moonbeams/Jealous/Two Hearts/La Cumparsita/Night Of Love/Tonight

MLP-7029/MST-829 - The Beer Drinking Sing-A-Long - Blenders [1962]

MLP-7030/MST-830 - Polka Polka Polka - Polka Dots [1962] Friendly Polka/Beer Drinking Polka/Twilight-Time Polka/Party Polka/Italian Polka/Little Polka//Athena Polka/Happy Polka/Marinetta Polka/Fireside Polka/Moonlight Polka/Four Leaf Clover Polka

MLP-7031/MST-831 - Songs of Hawaii - Kahalas [1962] Hawaiian War Chant/Luau Lei/Hawaiian Lights/Swaying Palms/Hawaiian Twist/Hawaiian Love Song/Kula Ha/Drowsy Waters/South Sea Island/Waikiki Hulu

MLP-7032/MST-832 - Just for Dancing - Various Artists [1962] Come Back To Sorrento/Blue Tail Fly Twist/La Paloma/The Hully Gully/The Blue Danube Waltz//Anvil Chorus/Shine On Harvest Moon/Mashed Potatoes/Adios Muchachos/When The Saints Go Marching In

MLP-7033/MST-833 - Barrel House Piano in Ragtime - Piano Pete [1962]

MLP-7034/MST-834 - Romance - Golden Strings [1962]

MLP-7035/MST-835 - The Best of Dixieland - KC Bearcats [1962] I Want A Girl/Thunder And Blazes/Give My Regards To Broadway/Carry Me Back To Old Virginia/My Old Kentucky Home/Shine On Harvest Moon/After The Ball/Billboard/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Goodnight Ladies

MLP-7036/MST-836 - Mama Mia Italian Folk Songs - Tomasa Giovanni [1963] Similar to Crown CLP-5437/CST-437, with one different song. The Crown issue is credited to "Gino Costalani." Un Cuore Solo/Oh Maria/Mama/Viene Surmar/Chitara Romano/Torno A Sorrento/Santa Luci/La Mattinata/O Solo Mio

MLP-7037/MST-837 - Country Caravan - "Tex" Carmen [1963] Same as Crown CLP- 5324/CST-324, but his name is spelled "Carman" on the Crown release. Beverly Ann/The Wreck Of Old No.9/Wild And Wooley West/Pal Of My Heart/Wondering/Wildwood Flower/Wolf Creek/Get Along Pony/My Baby/I'll Be There/Border Town/My Hawaii Calls

MLP-7038/MST-838 - Country Music - Goldie Fields [1963]

MLP-7039/MST-839 - Organ Moods - Bob Hill [1963] La Paloma/Cuddle Up A Little Closer/O Sole Mio/Strauss Waltzes/Merry Widow Waltz/In The Good Old Summertime/There Is A Tavern In The Town/Shine On Harvest Moon/Meet Me In St. Louis, Louis/On Top Of Old Smoky

Modern MM-1000 "Music By Cesana" Series:

MM-1001 - Tender Emotions - Otto Cesana [1964] Rebound/Yesterday's Love/Now & Then/Closer/When Will It End?/Smooth Sailing/My Only Love/I Adore You/Dawning Desire/Haunting Regret/No More/Once Over Brightly

MM-1002 - Otto Cesana - Otto Cesana [1965] Notte d'Amore/I Remember the Night/Autumn Reverie/In Your Arms/Silent Wish/Chiquita! Chiquita!/Serenata/No Stars/Summer Breeze/Dark Night/Come To Me/Shootin' the Breeze

MM-1003 - Backgrounds for Romance - Otto Cesana [1966] If You Should Care/Lazy Day/Tender Surrender/C'est Paris!/Forever My Love/Nice Pickings!/Starlit Sky/Supplication/Love- tale/Forget-Me Not/Return To Me/Fancy & Free

Modern 100/1000 Series:

MM-1000/MMST-100 - Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits Recorded Live - Little Richard [1966] Introduction/Tutti Frutti/Keep A Knockin'/Saturday Night Rock/Jenny Jenny/Bamba Lama Bama Loo/Long Tall Sally/Ready Teddy/Slippin' And Slidin'/True Fine Mama//Bonnie Marone/Lucille/Bring It Back Home To Me/Do You Feel It/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

MM-1001/MST-101 - The Golden Hits with the Mexicali Brass - Mexicali Brass [1966] The Shadow Of Your Smile/A Taste Of Honey/The Work Song/Tijuana Taxi/Winter Wonderland/The Lonely Bull//Whipped Cream/Spanish Flea/Zorba The Greek/Mame/Hello Dolly/What Now My Love

MM-1002/MST-102 - The Ikettes Soul the Hits - Ikettes [1966] I'm So Thankful/Da Doo Ron Ron/Camel Walk/Can't Sit Down/Lonely For You/Sally Go Round The Roses//Not That I Recall/Peaches 'N Cream/He's Gonna Be Fine/Nobody Love Me/It's Been So Long/Don't Feel Sorry For Me

MM-1003/MST-103 - The Wild and Frantic Little Richard - Little Richard [1966] Baby What You Want Me To Do/Do The Jerk/Directly From My Heart/I'm Back/Holy Mackeral//Good Golly Miss Molly/Send Me Some Lovin'/Groovy Little Suzy/Baby Don't You Want A Man Like Me/Miss Ann


CH-22 - Ike Turner and His Kings of Rhythm - Ike Turner [1980] Troubles Heartaches/You're Driving Me Insane/Whole Heap Of Mama/If You Feel Froggish/Gypsy Blues/The Dream/Early Times//I Miss You So/You Got Me Way Down Here/I Ain't Drunk/The Road I Travel/Goodbye Baby (Going On Down The Line)/Suffocate/The World Is Yours

CH-59 - Get Out of the Car - Richard Berry [1982] Mad About You/Angel Of My Life/Yama Yama Pretty Mama/Next Time/Rockin' Man/Oh! Oh! Get Out Of The Car//Crazy Lover/I'm Still In Love With You/Jelly Roll/Big John/One Little Prayer/The Big Break

CLP-5021 - Jumpin' with the Jacks - Jacks [1959?] Issued in monaural only. Reissue of Crown 5021 by American International Industries Inc., Phila. Pa. Cover is identical to the Crown issue with a sticker on the cover over the Crown logo, which says "BEST BY A I I HIGH FIDELITY" The Best label is black with silver printing with "BEST" above the center hole. "CLP 5021" and "LRP 3006" are written in the vinyl trailoff area. Why Don't You Write Me/Oo Wee Baby/Let's Make Up/Dream A Little Longer/This Empty Heart/So Wrong//Wiggle Waggie Woo/You Belong To Me/Sugar Baby/Why Did I Fall In Love/Do You Wanna' Rock/My Clumsy Heart

Kent KLP-2025 - Marvin and Johnny - Marvin and Johnny [1984] Cherry Pie/Ain't That Right/Tell Me Darlin'/Sometimes I Wonder/Sweet Potato//Tick Tock/Mercy Miss Percy/Dear One/Will You Love Me/I Wanna

SO-2018 - 12 Original Artists Hits, Vol. 2 - Various Artists [197?] Budget reissue label located in Beverly Hills. This is notable for the true stereo original version of "Rock Me Baby." Rock Me Baby - B.B. King (S)/Daddy Daddy - Richard Berry (E)/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny (E)/My Desire - Jesse Belvin (E)/Lovey Dovey - Jacks (E)/S.K. Blues - Saunders King (E)//Crazy Feeling - Etta James (E)/Kansas City Blues - Joe Turner (E)/Billy Boy - Teen Queens (E)/Rollin' Stone - Cadets (E)/T-99 - Jimmy Nelson (E)/Ain't Nobody's Business - Jimmy Witherspoon (E)

Thanks to Joyce Hinote, Mike Cormany, Bob Mates, Jeff Mason, Bill Holtzapple, and Peter Grendysa.

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