United/Superior and United Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 16, 2000

This label started as United/Superior, and the label was technically named this the entire time, but on the jackets and labels, the label name was shortened to "United" in the early 1970s. Although the front of the jackets and the later purple labels said "United Records," the early labels and the back slicks of the album covers always said "United/Superior Records."

The address of the company was given as 5810 S. Normandie Ave., Los Angeles, California. Obviously, this was the budget label of the Modern/RPM/Crown/Kent family, and had nothing to do with United Artists Records. It was used to reissue albums that had been issued before on the Modern/RPM/Crown/Kent/Custom labels. Often the same master mother disc was used, so the previous album's matrix number was still written in the trailoff groove area. The earliest issues on United/Superior were reissues of albums earlier put out on the Custom and Crown labels, but they soon moved on to Kent reissues.

The first United label was a yellowish-green color, with black printing. The United/Superior logo was at the top, and "LONG PLAYING 33 1/3 R.P.M." was around the edge of the label on both the left and right sides. This label was used for issues from 1969 to 1971, at least through US-7720, but these early albums were reissued later with the purple label described below. Original pressings, with the first label, have liner notes by Warren Lanier and song titles on the back slick. When they were reissued with the purple label, the original back slick was substituted with a generic back cover listing the first 91 albums issued on United and a few pictures of other album covers.

The second United label, used in the 1970s, was purple with black printing. The simplified logo, "united," was in purple on a white band above the center hole, and around the bottom edge in white lettering was "Mfd. By Cadet Records, Inc./Los Angeles, Ca."

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

US-7701 - The Exciting Jimmy Smith with the Don Gardner Trio - Jimmy Smith/Don Gardner Trio [1969]

US-7702 - Betty Everett and the Impressions - Betty Everett/Impressions [1969] Reissue of Custom 1031. The matrix number "CS-1031" is scratched out in the vinyl trailoff area. Please Love Me - Betty Everatt (E)/I've Got A Claim On You Baby - Betty Everatt (E)/I'll Be There - Betty Everatt (E)/Your Love Is Important To Me - Betty Everatt (E)//Lover's Lane - Impressions (E)/At The Country Fair - Impressions (E)/Say That You Love Me - Impressions (E)/Senorita I Love You - Impressions (E)

US-7703 - A Heart Full of Blues - B.B. King [1969] Reissue of Crown 5309. Your Letter/You're Gonna Miss Me/Let Me Love You/I Can't Explain/Troubles Don't Last/Got 'Em Bad/I Need You, Baby/So Many Days/Downhearted/Strange Things/The Wrong Road

US-7704 - 12 Original Artist Hits, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1969] Reissue of Custom 1041, which is similar to Crown CLP-5427/CST-427 with two additional songs and a different track sequence. The matrix number "CS-1041" is scratched out in the vinyl trailoff area, and the United/Superior matrix number added. Eddie My Love - Teen Queens (E)/Please Love Me - B.B. King (E)/Mary Lou - Young Jessie (E)/Stranded In The Jungle - Cadets (E)/Blow Joe Blow - Joe Houston (E)/No More Doggin' - Roscoe Gordon (E)//Tick Tock - Marvin and Johnny (E)/Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin (E)/Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks (E)/Dance With Me Henry - Etta James (E)/Oop Shoop - Queens (E)/Don't Feel Sorry For Me - Jimmy Beasley (E)

US-7705 - Easy Listening Blues - B.B. King [1969] Reissue of Crown 5286. Easy Listening (Blues)/Blues For Me/Night Long/Confessin'/Don't Touch/Slow Walk/Walkin'/Shoutin' The Blues/Rambler/Hully Gully (Twist)

US-7706 - 12 Original Artist Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1969] Rock Me Baby - B.B. King (S)/Daddy Daddy - Richard Berry (E)/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny (E)/My Desire - Jesse Belvin (E)/Lovey Dovey - Jacks (E)/S.K. Blues - Saunders King (E)//Crazy Feeling - Etta James (E)/Kansas City Blues - Joe Turner (E)/Billy Boy - Teen Queens (E)/Rollin' Stone - Cadets (E)/T-99 - Jimmy Nelson (E)/Ain't Nobody's Business - Jimmy Witherspoon (E)

US-7707 - The Hawk Swings - Coleman Hawkins [1969]

US-7708 - Blues for Me - B.B. King [1969]

US-7709 - Groovin' With Getz - Stan Getz [1969]

US-7710 - Driftin' Thru the Blues - John Lee Hooker [1969]

US-7711 - I Love You So - B.B. King [1969] Reissue of Crown 5115. Sweet Thing/I've Got Papers on You Baby/Tomorrow is Another Day/Come By Here/The Fool//I Love You So/The Woman I Love/We Can't Make It/Treat Me Right/Time to Say Goodbye

US-7712 - Etta James Sings - Etta James

US-7713 - Lightnin' Hopkins Sings the Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [?] Reissue of Crown CLP-5224. Just Sitting Down Thinkin/Jake Head Boogie/Lonesome Dog Blues/Tell Me Pretty Mamma/Last Affair//Don't Keep My Baby Long/Santa Fe Blues/Give Me Back That Wig/Someday/Ain't It Lonesome

US-7714 - The Soul of B.B. King - B.B. King [?] Reissue of Crown 5359. Going Home/You Never Know/Please Remember Me/Come Back, Baby/You Won't Listen/Sundown/You Shouldn't Have Left/House Rocker/Shake Yours/The Letter

US-7715 - A Spoonful of Blues - Jimmy Witherspoon [?] Reissue of Custom CS-1053. All tracks rechanneled. Ain't Nobody's Business/No Rollin' Blues/Big Fine Girl/Failing By Degrees/New Orleans Woman//I Done Found Out/Sweet Lovin' Baby/Fickle Woman/Have A Ball/Good Jumpin'

US-7716 - The Blues in My Heart, The Rhythm in My Soul - Elmore James

US-7717 - Big City Blues - Howlin' Wolf

US-7718 - The Best of the Biggest - Various Artists

US-7719 - My Rockin' Soul - Jimmy McCracklin

US-7720 - ...But Not Forgotten - Jesse Belvin [1971] Reissue of Crown 5145. Goodnight My Love/(I Love You For) Sentimental Reasons/I'll Mess You Up/Once Upon A Time/I'm In Love//Girl of My Dreams/My Desire/Don't Close The Door/Senorita/I Want To Know Why

US-7721 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot - B.B. King

US-7722 - Shades of Gray - Wardell Gray [197?] Reissue of Crown CLP-5004. Blue Lou/Just You Just Me//One O'clock Jump/Tenderly

US-7723 - B.B. King Sings Spirituals - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5119. Precious Lord/Save a Seat For Me/Ole Time Religion/Sweet Chariot/Servant's Prayer//Jesus Gave Me Water/I Never Heard a Man/Army of the Lord/I Am Willing to Run All the Way/I'm Working on the Building

US-7724 - My King of Blues - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5188. You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now/Walking Dr. Bill/Hold That Train/Understand/Someday Baby/Mr. Pawnbroker/Driving Wheel/My Own Fault Baby/Catfish Blues/Please Set a Date

US-7725 - The Blues - John Lee Hooker [197?] Reissue of Crown CLP-5157. Boogie Chillen'/I'm In the Mood/Crawling King Snake/Queen Bee/Hobo Blues/Weeping Willow//Cold Chills/Hoogie Boogie/Whistling and Moaning/Sally Mae/House Rent Boogie

US-7726 - My Kind of Blues - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5020. Please Love Me/You Upset Me Baby/Every Day I Have the Blues/Bad Luck/3 O'clock Blues/Blind Love//Woke Up This Morning/You Know I Love You/Sweet Little Angel/Ten Long Years/Did You Ever Love a Woman/Crying Won't Help You

US-7727 - The Best of Etta James - Etta James [197?] Be Mine/Hickory Dickory Dock/I'm a Fool/Don't You Remember/Tough Lover//Crazy Feelin'/You Know What I Mean/Nobody Loves You Like Me/If It Ain't One Thing/We're in Love

US-7728 - The Great B.B. King - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5143. Sneaking Around/What Can I Do (Just Sing the Blues)/Ten Long Years (I Had a Woman)/(I'm Gonna) Quit My Baby/Be careful With a Fool/Days of Old/Sweet Sixteen Part 1 and 2/I Was Blind/Whole Lot of Lovin'/Someday Baby/I Had a Woman

US-7729 - Folk Blues - John Lee Hooker [197?] Reissue of Crown CLP-5295.

US-7730 - King of the Blues - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5167. I've Got a Right to Love My Baby/What Way to Go/Long Nights/Feel Like a Million/I'll Survive//Good Man Gone Bad/If I Lost You/You're on the Top/Partin' Time/I'm King

US-7731 - The Great Blues Sound of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker

US-7732 - The Blues - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Crown 5063. Boogie Woogie Woman/Don't You Want a Man Like Me/What Can I Do (Just Sing the Blues)/Ten Long Years (I Had a Woman)/Ruby Lee/Early in the Morning/I Want to Get Married/Why Do Everything Happen to Me/You Know I Go For You/Past Day/When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer/Troubles, Troubles, Troubles

US-7733 - Rock Me Baby - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 512. The Kent matrix number is crossed out in the trailoff area, and the United matrix number added.Rock Me Baby (E)/Every Day I Have The Blues (E)/Woke Up This Morning (E)/You Upset Me Baby (E)/When My Heart Beats Like A Hammer (E)/Sneakin' Around (E)/Sweet Little Angel (E)//Please Love Me (E)/Sweet Sixteen, Parts 1 & 2 (E)/3 O'Clock Blues (E)/You Know I Love You (E)/Bad Case Of Love (E)/Ten Long Years (E)

US-7734 - Let Me Love You - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 5013. Let Me Love You/Driving Wheel/Troubles Don't Last/Did You Ever Love a Woman/Whole Lot of Lovin'/Hold That Train//You're Gonna Miss Me/I'm Gonna Quit My Baby/Come By Here/I've Got a Right to Love My Baby/I Can't Explain/Walkin' Dr. Bill

US-7735 - Ike and Tina Turner Revue Live - Ike and Tina Turner [197?]

US-7736 - Live! B.B. King on Stage - B.B. King [1970?] Reissue of Kent 5015. Please Love Me/Everyday I Have the Blues/Sweet Sixteen/3 O'Clock Blues/Rock Me Baby//Sweet Little Angel/Baby Look at You/Woke Up This Morning/You Upset Me Baby/I've Got a Right to Love My Baby/Let Me Love You

US-7737 - Soul - Lowell Fulsom [197?]

US-7738 - Pure Soul - Various Artists [197?]

US-7739 - The Soul Stirring Z.Z. Hill - Z.Z. Hill [197?]

US-7740 - The Soul of Ike and Tina - Ike and Tina Turner [197?] Good Bye So Long/If I Can't Be The First/Don't Blame It On Me/I Don't Need/I Wish My Dream Would Come True/Hard Times/Crazy Baby/Gonna Have Fun/Am I A Fool In Love/Something Came Over Me/Hurt Is All You Gave Me/Chicken Shack

US-7741 - Tramp - Lowell Fulsom [197?] Reissue of Kent KST-520, with the Kent master number scratched out in the vinyl trailoff area and "U-7771" added.Tramp (S)/I'm Sinkin' (S)/Get Your Game Up Tight (S)/Back Door Key (S)/Two Way Wishing (S)/Lonely Day (S)//Black Nights (S)/Year of 29 (S)/No Hard Feelings (S)/Hustler's Game (S)/Goin' Home (S)/Pico [instrumental version of "Tramp"] (S)

US-7742 - The Jungle - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 521. The Jungle/Eyesight to the Blind/Ain't Nobody's Business/Five Long Years/Blue Shadows/Worst Thing in My Life/Blues Stay Away/Beautician Blues/I Stay in the Mood/I Can Hear My Name/Got 'Em Bad/It's a Mean World

US-7743 - Original Folk Blues: Resurrection of Elmore James - Elmore James [197?] Hawaiian Boogie, Part 1/Quarter Past Nine/Sho Nuff I Do/Early In The Morning/One More Drink/Strange Kinda Feelin'/Make My Dreams Come True/Late Hours At Midnight/Elmo's Shuffle/Can't Stop Lovin'/Make A Little Love/Hawaiian Boogie, Part 2

US-7744 - Original Folk Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins [197?]

US-7745 - Original Folk Blues - Smokey Hogg

US-7746 - Original Folk Blues - John Lee Hooker

US-7747 - Original Folk Blues - Howlin' Wolf

US-7748 - 20 Greatest Blues Hits - Various Artists

US-7749 - A Whole Lot of Soul - Z.Z. Hill

US-7750 - Boss of the Blues - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 5029.

US-7751 - 20 Super Rhythm and Blues Hits, Volume 2 - Various Artists

US-7752 - Lowell Fulsom Now - Lowell Fulsom

US-7753 - Cold Shot - Johnny Otis

US-7754 - Underground Blues - Various Artists

US-7755 - Ike and Tina Turner's Festival of Live Performances - Ike and Tina Turner

US-7756 - The Incredible Soul of B.B. King - B.B. King [197?] A New Way of Driving/The Other Night Blues/B.B.'s Boogie/Walkin' and Cryin'/She Don't Love Me No More/I Gotta Find My Baby/My Own Fault Darling/That Ain't the Way to Do It/B.B.'s Blues/She's Dynamite/Questionaire Blues

US-7757 - Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q - Shuggie Otis

US-7758 - The Soul of Tommy Youngblood - Tommy Youngblood

US-7759 - Big Joe Turner Turns on the Blues - Big Joe Turner

US-7760 - West Virginia Slim's Electric Blues Band - West Virginia Slim

US-7761 - Rock and Roll Festival Volume 1 - Various Artists Reissue of Kent KS-544. Lucille - Little Richard (E)/Dance With Me Henry - Etta James (E)/Rock Me Baby - B.B. King (E)/Goodbye So Long - Ike & Tina Turner (E)/Stranded In The Jungle - Cadets (E)/Peaches N' Cream - Ikettes (S)/Dust My Blues - Elmore James (E)/Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter & Queens (E)//Tutti Fruitti - Little Richard (E)/Eddie My Love - Teen Queens (E)/All Night Long - Joe Houston (E)/Convicted - Oscar McLollie (E)/Cherry Pie - Marvin & Johnny (E)/Goodnight My Love - Jesse Belvin (E)/I'm So Thankful - Ikettes (S)/Why Don't You Write Me - Jacks (E)

US-7762 - Get It On - Pacific Gas and Electric

US-7763 - Turn on With B.B. King - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 548. Looking the World Over/Worried Life/Bad Luck Soul/Goin' Down Slow/Please Set a Date//Shut You Mouth/Baby Look At You/You Done Lost Your Good Thing/Walkin' Dr. Bill/Recession Blues

US-7764 - Guitar Slim Green's Stone Down Blues - Guitar Slim Green and Shuggie Otis

US-7765 - Please, Please, Please - Ike and Tina Turner Revue

US-7766 - The Greatest Hits of B.B King Volume 1 - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 552. Please Love Me/Rock Me Baby/Everyday I Have The Blues/Woke Up This Morning/My Own Fault/5 Long Years//You Upset Me Baby/Blue Shadows/The Woman I Love/You Know I Love You/Sweet Little Angel/Treat Me Right

US-7767 - Roots of Rock Volume 1 - Roy Milton [197?] R.M. Blues/Best Wishes/Information Blues/I Got Married Last Night/Hush//Cold Blooded Woman/Early in the Morning/So Tired/Charleston Boogie/Whiskey Drinkin' Woman

US-7768 - Let's Go Get Stoned - Lowell Fulsom

US-7769 - The Greatest Hits of John Lee Hooker - John Lee Hooker

US-7770 - Dues Paid in Full - Z.Z. Hill

US-7771 - Better Than Ever - B.B. King

US-7772 - Live - B.B. King

US-7773 - The Original Sweet Sixteen - B.B. King [197?] Reissue of Kent 568.

US-7774 - All Night Long - Joe Houston

US-7775 - Little Richard Sings His Greatest Hits Live - Little Richard [197?] Reissue of Modern 1000.

US-7776 - The Ikettes Soul the Hits - Ikettes [197?] Reissue of Modern 1002.

US-7777 - The Wild and Frantic Little Richard - Little Richard [197?] Reissue of Modern 1003.

US-7778 - Original Folk Blues/The Legend of Elmore James - Elmore James

US-7779 - Original Folk Blues Memphis Blues - Various Artists

US-7780 - Original Folk Blues California Blues - Various Artists

US-7781 - Original Folk Blues Blues From the Deep South - Various Artists

US-7782 - Original Folk Blues Texas Blues - Various Artists

US-7783 - Original Folk Blues Detroit Blues - Various Artists

US-7784 - Original Folk Blues Arkansas Blues - Various Artists

US-7785 - A Legend in His Time Lightnin' Hopkins - Lightnin' Hopkins

US-7786 - Original Folk Blues Mississippi Blues - Various Artists

US-7787 - Original Folk Blues Elmore James - Elmore James

US-7788 - Original Folk Blues B.B. King 1949-50 - B.B. King

US-7789 - Original Folk Blues West Coast Blues - Various Artists

US-7790 - Still Boss of the Blues - Joe Turner

US-7791 - Little Richard, Right Now - Little Richard






US-7797 - Rock 'n' Roll Hits of the 50's: The Jacks - Jacks [197?]


US-7799 - Rock 'n' Roll Hits of the 50's: The Cadets - Cadets [197?] Reissue of Crown 370. Stranded in the Jungle/Annie Met Henry/Marie My Love/The Riddle/John Henry//Love Bandit/Rollin' Stone/Heaven Help Me/I Had But 50 Cents/Marie My Love/Rum Jamaica Rum

US-7800 - Rock 'n' Roll Hits of the 50's: The Flairs Featuring Cornel Gunter, Richard Berry and Young Jessie - Flairs [197?] Reissue of Crown 356. Tell Me You're Mine/Hold Me/You Should Care For Me/She Wants to Rock/Lonesome Desert//My Heart's Crying For You/I Love You/Rock Bottom/I Want You To Be Mine/When I Was Young

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