Black Forum Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 4, 2012

The Black Forum label was a Motown spoken word label. It was active from 1970 to 1973. It sought to capture the voices of Black Americans, past and current, during the turbulent early 1970s.

The Black Forum album label (far left) was blue on the left side and green on the right side. The printing on the label is black. There are two white circles fanning out to the top and bottom of the label from the center hole. At the top of the label is "BLACK FORUM", below this is a "bf" in a box, "b" is blue and "f" is green with "BLACK FORUM" below it. Promotional labels (near left) were white with the same graphics as the regular label without the blue and green.
Black Forum put out one single. The label was similar to the album label, and promotional copies (near left) had a white label with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Black Forum BF 450 Series:

BF 451 - Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam - Dr. Martin Luther King [10/70] Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam, Part 1//Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam, Part 2

BF 452 - Free Huey - Stokley Carmichael [10/70] Free Huey (22:23)//Free Huey (23:41)

BF 453 - Writers of the Revolution - Langston Hughes & Margaret Danner [10/70] Writers Of The Revolution (22:26)//Writers Of The Revolution (22:46)

B 454L - Guess Who's Coming Home: Black Fighting Men Recorded Live in Vietnam - Narrated by Wallace Terry [2/72] Recorded Live In Vietnam, Part 1 (24:08)//Recorded Live In Vietnam, Part 2 (23:20)

B 455L - The Congressional Black Caucus - Ossie Davis & Bill Cosby [4/72] The Congressional Black Caucus - Ossie Davis (23:10)//The Congressional Black Caucus - Ossie Davis & Bill Cosby (21:00)

B 456L - Black Spirits - Imanu Amiri Baraka [4/72] Imanu Amiri Baraka is also known as LeRoi Jones. Recorded live at the Apollo Theater, New York City. Introduction - Imamu Amiri Baraka/Circles - Kali/Black Is - Kali/Nigger Do You - Kali/This Little Light Of Mine - Kali/Ladybird - Kali/What's Happening To The Heroes - Kali/A Folk Fable For My People - Johari Amini/Kitchen Chair Poem #5 - Clarence Major/Boppin' - David Henderson/The Poet The Dreamer - Norman Jordan/Popsicle Cold - Norman Jordan/One-Eyed Critics - Norman Jordan/Brothers - Norman Jordan/The Struggle Must Go On - Norman Jordan/Clairvoyance - Norman Jordan/One For All - Norman Jordan/Mind And Soul After Dark - Norman Jordan/Allah - Norman Jordan/Above Karma - Norman Jordan/Notes From A Guerrilla Diary - Aski Mohammed Toure//And See Her Image In The River - Original Last Poets/Song Of Ditla Part 2 - Original Last Poets/Pimp's Last Mack: A Death Request - Stanley Crouch/One Thousand Nine Hundred And Sixty Eight Winters - Jackie Earley/Hip Men - Amus Moore/Holy Days - Larry Neal/A History Poem - Imamu Amiri Baraka

B 457L - It's Nation Time - Imanu Amiri Baraka [4/72] Kutoa Sifa (Chant)/Answers In Progress/All In The Street/Come See About Me/Peace In Place/Bad News For Your Highness/Was Goin' Happen//Kutoa Umoja/Come Back Pharaoh/Who Will Survive America/How Africans Got To Be Negroes/Move/The Spirit Of Creation/It's Nation Time/Pull The Covers Off/Pamoja Tutashinda

BF 458L - Elaine Brown - Elaine Brown [4/73] No Time/Jonathan/Can't Go Back/All The Young And Fine Men/Until We're Free//I Know Who You Are/Child In The World/A Little Baby/And We Shall Meet Again

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