Ecology Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 4, 2012

The Ecology label was established in 1970 by Sammy Davis Jr. and Berry Gordy Jr. The only album scheduled to be released on the label was cancelled.

Sammy Davis, Jr. When Sammy Davis, Jr. was unable to continue getting hits on the Reprise label in the late 1960s, he felt it was time for a change. He and Berry Gordy, the owner of Motown Records, agreed in April, 1970, to a partnership that would include launching a new label, Ecology, for Sammy. In the meantime, while the new label was being set up, Motown took some masters Davis had recorded at Reprise about six months earlier and released them in May, 1970, on an album called Something for Everyone [Motown MS-710].

Several new tracks were recorded at Motown in anticipation of a Motown-produced album on the new Ecology label. He recorded some tracks produced by Marvin Gaye, and Motown engineers went to Carnegie Hall to record some live material, but these tracks were never released. Berry Gordy indicated in a later interview that Davis' style didn't fit well with "The Motown Sound."

Davis did record some tracks in late 1970, produced by Jimmy Bowen, his old producer at Reprise, and two of these sides were released as the only single on the Ecology label, "In My Own Lifetime"/"I'll Begin Again" [Ecology E-1000]. Some others from these Bowen sessions ended up on Davis' 1972 MGM album Now [MGM SE-4832].

When both parties realized the partnership was not going to work out, they agreed that Davis would leave Motown and take the Bowen masters with him. The Ecology album was quietly cancelled. Sammy Davis, Jr., of course, did have the #1 hit "The Candy Man" [MGM 14320] as soon as he went to MGM.

The Ecology label (far left) was blue with black print, with the ecology logo at the right of the center hole. Promotional copies (near left) were white with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Pre-Ecology Release on Motown:

MS-710 - Something for Everyone - Sammy Davis Jr. [5/70] Spinning Wheel/You'd Better Sit Down Kids/For Once In My Life/My Way/Wichita Lineman//And When I Die/In The Ghetto/You've Made Me So Very Happy/Hi-Heel Sneakers

Ecology ES-100 Series:

ES-100 - In My Own Lifetime - Sammy Davis Jr. [Cancelled] In My Own Lifetime/I'll Begin Again/I Want To Be Happy/Have A Little Talk With Myself/Willoughby Grove/Put Your Hand In The Hand/(others)


MGM (US): SE-4382 - Now - Sammy Davis Jr. [1972] (4-72, #11) Songs with an asterisk (*) were from the Jimmy Bowen-produced sessions for Motown. The Candy Man/This Is My Life/I Am Over 25 (But You Can Trust Me)/*Have A Little Talk With Me/*Willoughby Grove/Take My Hand//*I'll Begin Again/*I Want To Be Happy/MacArthur Park/Time To Ride/John Shaft

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