Ju-Par Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 4, 2012

The Ju-Par label was founded by John "Juney" Garrett and Richard Parker, and was active between 1976 and 1978. Garrett and Parker were working with Bill "Bunky" Sheppard and his group Flavor in 1976, manufacturing and distributing the resurrection of Sheppard's Bunky label, as well as a disco/funk assembly called the Ju- Par Universal Orchestra. The Ju-Par Universal Orchestra was: Phil Upchurch (guitar), Quinton Joseph (drums), Lou Satterfield (bass), Derf Walker (percussion), Art Hayle (trumpet), Murry Watson (trumpet), Ken Soderdlom (tenor and baritone sax), Rich Rudoll (flute), and vocalists Kitty Haywood, Bonnie Herman and Vivian Haywood.

At that time, Ju-Par was doing their own manufacturing and distribution from their location at 13801 West 8-Mile Road, Detroit. Both groups seemed to be generating interest, so Garrett and Parker signed a one-year deal with Motown for distribution of their label. Motown reissued the Ju-Par Universal Orchestra album as well as an album by Flavor. A third album, an eponymous offering by the group Sly, Slick and Wicked, was the last one distributed by Motown before Ju-Par resumed distribution.

The first Ju-Par label (far left) was black with silver print. It had "JU-PAR RECORDS LTD." above the center hole, with the address of the company as 13801 West 8 Mile Rd. Detroit, Michigan 48235. It was used in 1976. The second Ju-Par label (near left), which was used in 1977 for Motown distributed albums, was orange with black printing, with "JU-PAR" above the center hole in black with a white oval underneath with "RECORDS LTD." in it. At the bottom of the label was "JU-PAR RECORDS/DISTRIBUTED BY MOTOWN RECORD CORP."
The third Ju-Par album label (far left), used in 1978, was white on the bottom with blue edges representing a city skyline. Above the skyline was an orange sky fading to black, with searchlight beams crossing behind a white Ju-Par logo. Early singles from the pre-Motown period in 1976 (near left) were green with black print, with a similar label design to the black album label.
Motown-distributed singles (far left) were orange like the album counterparts. Promotional labels (near left) were white with black print with the same graphics.
After the Motown distribution agreement expired, Ju-Par first used a basic red label (far left), but soon changed to a multicolor design resembling the spotlight album label (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Ju-Par JP-1000 Series (Distributed by Ju-Par):

JP-1001 - Moods and Grooves - Ju-Par Universal Orchestra [1976] First cover, black label. Funky Music/Beauty And The Beast/Time/Chicago Calypso//Mocha Velvet/Is Anyone Listening?/Flute Salad/Gotta Get-A-Way

JP-1001 - Moods and Grooves - Ju-Par Universal Orchestra [1976] Second cover, black label. Cover was undoubtedly changed to a different waterfall photo to allow the print to be more easily read. Funky Music/Beauty And The Beast/Time/Chicago Calypso//Mocha Velvet/Is Anyone Listening?/Flute Salad/Gotta Get-A-Way

Ju-Par JP6-1000S1 Series (Distributed by Motown):

JP6-1001S1 - Moods and Grooves - Ju-Par Universal Orchestra [1/77] Third (Motown) cover, orange and brown label. Initially issued as Ju-Par 1001 with Motown distribution, then changed to JP6-1001S1. Funky Music/Beauty And The Beast/Time/Chicago Calypso//Mocha Velvet/Is Anyone Listening?/Flute Salad/Gotta Get-A-Way

JP6-1002S1 - In Good Taste - Flavor [5/77] Push The Past/Human Horns Intro-Got To Do/Lost Love/Magnifico//Can't Stand It No More/One Way Ticket/Don't Freeze Up/Body

JP6-1003S1 - Sly, Slick and Wicked - Sly, Slick & Wicked [8/77] When You're In Love/Nobody's Home/Love All Over The World/Money Back Guarantee //Can't Hold It Back No Longer/If This Ain't Really Love/Just Let Me Love You/We Won't Miss It

Note: At this point, distribution shifts back to Ju-Par and label changes to searchlight label.:

JP-1004 - Livin' Proof - Livin' Proof [1978] Disco Boogie/Show Me To Love/Let's Stay Together/Theme From Livin'Proof//Move Your Body/You And I, Parts 1 & 2/Remember The Love

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