Salvation Album Discography
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: August 4, 2012

The Salvation label was owned by Creed Taylor and after one album in 1972, distributed by Motown. It may have started out to be a jazz-gospel fusion label, but after Motown took over distribution, perhaps due to lack of gospel material, as with many of Creed Taylor's labels, it soon drifted to jazz.

The Salvation album label was light blue with black printing (far left), with drawings of clouds in the background, and "SALVATION" above the center hole in white. There was some color variation after Motown started printing the label, since the bright blue color of the sky shifts slightly toward grey (near left).
Singles has a similar label. Promotional copies are known with either a promotional overprint (far left) or on a white label with black print (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Salvation SAL 700 Series (Distributed by CTI):

SAL-700 - Hello Sunshine - B.C. & M. Choir [1972] Anytime And Anywhere/Hello Sunshine/I've Decided To Make Jesus My Choice/He Abides//Climbing Up The Mountain/I've Got A Testimony/Amazing Grace/I've Got A Long Way To Go

Salvation SAL 700S1 Series (Distributed by Motown):

SAL 701S1 - Virgin Land - Airto [1974] Stanley's Tune/Musikana/Virgin Land//Peasant Dance/Lydian Riff/Hot Sand/I Don't Have To Do What I Don't Want To Do

SAL 702S1 - Gambler's Life - Johnny Hammond [1974] Gambler's Life/Rhodesian Thoroughfare/This Year's Dream/Star Borne//Back To The Projects/Yesterday Was Cool/Virgo Lady/Call On Me

SAL 703S1 - In Concert In Japan - New York Jazz Quartet [1974] Little Waltz/Well You Needn't//Introspection/Mediterranean Seascape

SAL 704S1 - Macho - Gabor Szabo with Bob James [5/75] Hungarian Rhapsody #2/Time/Transylvania Boogie//Ziggidy Zag/Macho/Poetry Man

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