Carlton Album Discography, Part 2:
LP/STLP 300, 5000, 20000 Series & CHH-10 Series

By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: August 13, 2007

This page includes the "Hear How To" Series, the 300 series, the 5000 series, and the 20,000 series.

The 300 series appears to be a short series of jazz records that was started and abandoned in 1959. We have not found catalog number 301, but STLP-302 was an album by Vincent Lopez. The STLP- 5000 series apparently was a Broadway related series, with an album of Broadway music and a comedy album. It too, like the 300 series, was started in 1959 but short lived.

The CHH-10 "Hear How" series, another 1959 debut, was obviously an experiment in budget LPs. It was an interesting idea, but by the time they had rung up 25 or so albums, they started running out of ideas. The last few show a decided change in the series into more controversial topics for the early 1960s. Evidently, the public didn't want to hear about these, as the series died about then. All albums were released in monaural only.

In 1962, with Danny Peppermint's fluke hit "Peppermint Twist," Carlton started yet another series, probably one which would have held their rock and roll albums, but there weren't any more rock and roll hits to add to the series.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Carlton STLP-300 Jazz Series:

STLP 12/301 -

STLP 12/302 - Nola and Other Piano Instrumentals - Vincent Lopez & His Orchestra [1959] The stereo on this album is not very widely separated, as if the album was recorded in binaural sound rather than the usual multi-tracking techniques. Nola (S)/Rosalia (S)/Body And Soul (S)/Yours Is My Heart Alone (S)/The Chauffeur And The Debutante (S)/Your Kiss (S)//Kitten On The Keys (S)/Afternoon Of A Faun (S)/Doll Dance (S)/Estrelita (S)/Hi Fi Hop (S)/Cheek To Cheek (S)

Carlton STLP-5000 Miscellaneous Series:

STLPX 5000 - Rashomon - Laurence Rosenthal [1959] Apparently not an Original Cast recording, but billed as "the original music" from the Broadway play. Prologue-The Rashomon Gate/The Bandit's Story: In The Grove-The Rape-The Duel/The Wife's Story: Her Mother's Lament -The Wife's Love-The Bandit's Laughter-The Husband's Contempt//Interlude-The Gate/The Husband's Story: The Medium-The Betrayal-The Suicide/The Woodcutter's Story: The Bandit's Plea-The Wife's Flirtation-The Husband's Cowardice-The Debacle/Epilogue: The Truth

STLP 5001 - Selma Diamond Talks...and Talks...and Talks... - Selma Diamond [1960] About "NOW"/About Being Single/About Men And Marriage/About "THEN"/About Four Minutes, 25 Seconds Long/About Her Aunt

Carlton STLP-20,000 Rock & Roll Series:

STLP 20001 - Twist - Danny Peppermint [1962] The Peppermint Twist [writer: Danny Lamego (Danny Peppermint); this was Danny Peppermint's chart hit] (S)/The Twist (S)/Night Train Twist (S)/Let's Twist Again (S)/Thunderbird Twist (S)//One More Time (E)/Peppermint Twist [writers: Dee-Glover; this is the song that Joey Dee made a hit] (S)/Twistin' Blues (S)/Runaround Sue (S)/Do That Twist (S)

Carlton CHH-10 "Hear How To" Series:

CHH-10 - Hear How to Play Winning Bridge - Oswald Jacoby [1961] Oswald Jacoby was America's foremost authority on the game of Bridge. Here he instructs on bidding.

CHH-11 - Hear How You Can Feel Fit All Day - Barton Horvath [1961] Barton Horvath was the publisher of Muscle Sculpture magazine. This is an exercise record designed for the whole family.

CHH-12 - Hear How to Touch Type - Dorothy Haydon [1961] Dorothy Haydon was the New York City High School Typing Department Chairman. Here she instructs on the fundamentals of touch typing. Included is a 4-page 12x12-inch booklet with typing copy. The printed booklet is dated December 16, 1960. Band 1/Band 2//Band 3/Band 4/Band 5

CHH-13 - Hear How to Be a Better Bowler - Billy Golembiewski [1961] Billy Golembiewski was American Bowling Congress' Masters Champion and member of Brunswick's Advisory Staff of Champions. Here he gives valuable pointers on your bowling game.

CHH-14 - Hear How to Plan the Perfect Dinner Party - Gaynor & Dorothy Maddox [1961] Dorothy and Gaynor Maddox were nationally syndicated food columnists and gormets. Here they give valuable pointers on planning for perfect parties.

CHH-15 - Hear How to Improve Your Golf - Bob Rosburg [1961] Bob Rosburg was a former PGA Champion. Here he gives a complete course in golf fundamentals.

CHH-16 - Hear How to Play Better Baseball - Ralph Houk [1961] Ralph Houk was Manager of the New York Yankees. Here he teaches the fine points of our National Pastime.

CHH-17 - Hear How to Skin Dive - Lloyd Bridges [1961] Lloyd Bridges was the star of the television series Sea Hunt. Here he teaches about America's fastest growing water sport.

CHH-18 - Hear How to Take Better Photographs - Ralph Morse [1961] Ralph Morse was a prize-winning photographer for Life magazine. Here he instructs us on how to take better pictures.

CHH-19 - Hear How to Converse in French - Odile Garrett [1961] Odile Garrett was the Air France Official Travel-Information Translator. Edited by Professor Jean Sareil, French Department, Columbia University. Also includes a 32-page "Shopping in Paris" guide from Air France, an English- French pronouncing dictionary, and a promouncing glossary with frequently used phrases and idioms.

CHH-20 - Hear How to Converse in German - Angela Din [1961] Angela Din was the Lufthansa German Airlines official language tutor and former instructor in German, University of Hamburg. Edited by Reinhard Becker, Instructor in German, Columbia University. The album also includes an official German tourist booklet, an English-German pronouncing dictionary, and a pronouncing glossary of the most frequently used phrases and idioms. Greetings And Introductions/Directions/Descriptive Words And Nouns/Dining//Shopping/Travel/Sightseeing/Saying Good-Bye

CHH-21 - Hear How to Converse in Spanish - Lou Garcia [1961] Lou Garcia was Panagra Airways Official language Expert. Edited by Professor Susana Redondo de Feldman, Spanish Department, Columbia University. Includes Panagra English/Spanish dictionary and glossary booklet. Greetings And Introductions/Directions/Descriptive Words And Nouns/Dining//Shopping/Travel/Sightseeing/Sentiments

CHH-22 - Hear How to Converse in Italian - Guido Vittori [1961] Guido Vittori was Alitalia Airlines Official Language Tutor. Edited by Professor Olga Ragusa, Italian Department, Columbia University.

CHH-23 - Hear How to Improve Your Vocabulary and Speech - Prof. Richard Norman [1961] Prof. Richard Norman of Columbia University's Speech Department teaches the correct pronunciation and meaning of many difficult words used in everyday conversation.

CHH-24 - Hear How to Train Your Dog - Lee Duncan [1961] Mrs. Lee Duncan was the owner-trainer of Rin Tin Tin, television dog star. Here she offers authoritative instructions to every dog owner.

CHH-25 - Hear How to Improve Your Etiquette - Syndicated Columnist [1961] Here a nationally known syndicated columnist instructs on the fine points of etiquette.

CHH-26 - Hear How to Improve Your Fishing - John Dieckman [1961]

CHH-27 - Hear How to Handle Your Boat - William McKeown [1961] William McKeown was a boating authority and founding editor of Popular Boating magazine. Here he teaches the proper handling of popular water craft.

CHH-28 - Hear How to Achieve Sexual Harmony in Marriage - Rebecca Liswood [1961] Dr. Rebecca Liswood was the Executive Director of Marriage Counseling Service of Greater New York. Here she frankly discusses the many problems that can threaten a happy marriage. The Inter- Personal Relationships In Marriage/What Is "Love?"/Conception And Contraception/The Facts About Female Orgasm/Sexual Stimulation//Female Sex Anatomy/Male Sex Anatomy/Sexual Harmony In Marriage

CHH-29 - Hear How to Tell Your Children the Facts of Life - Rebecca Liswood [1961] Dr. Rebecca Liswood was the Executive Director of Marriage Counseling Service of Greater New York. Here she advises parents on the proper methods of discussing sex with teenage children. Introduction/Phases Of Emotional And Physical Development/Male Sex Anatomy/Development Of Personality Traits/The Male Reproductive System/Female Sex Anatomy/The Maturing Process/Preparation For Marriage/Summary And Conclusion

CHH-30 - Hear How to Look Your Loveliest - Victor Vito [1961] Victo Vito was a renowned hair dresser, author, and beauty authority. Here he gives valuable grooming hints.

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