Guaranteed Album Discography
By Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: July 10, 2003

Guaranteed was a subsidiary of Carlton Records of New York. It was established in 1959, and issued records until 1962. The owner was Joe Carlton, and it was located at 345 W. 58th St. in New York City.

Paul Evans Guaranteed issued singles numbered 200-221, although 206 is not known. The primary hitmaker for the label was Paul Evans, who when he signed with Guaranteed in 1959 at the age of 21 already had somewhat of a track record of success. He had recorded for RCA in 1957, after writing the big hit "When" for the Kalin Twins. His first single for Guaranteed, "Seven Little Girls Sitting in the Back Seat" [Guaranteed 200], hit the national top 10 in the fall of 1959, and he followed it with two more hits, "Midnight Special" [Guaranteed 205, #18], and "Happy-Go-Lucky Me" [Guaranteed 208, #10]. But his fourth single, "The Brigade of Broken Hearts" [Guaranteed 210], only reached #81, and his fifth single, "Hushabye Little Guitar" [Guaranteed 213], arguably one of his best, didn't chart at all. A switch to the parent Carlton label for several more singles didn't help, so Evans returned to songwriting. There he had several more successes, including Bobby Vinton's hit "Roses Are Red," Elvis Presley's "I Gotta Know," and musical scores for Broadway plays and movies.

There were a couple of other interesting artists on Guaranteed, along with a bunch of people no one ever heard of before or since. After Jack Scott left Carlton for Top Rank, his releases were switched to Guaranteed, but singles such as "What Am I Living For"/"Indiana Waltz" [Guaranteed 209] and ""No One Will Ever Know"/"Go Wild Little Sadie" [Guaranteed 211], as good as they were, failed to dent the charts in the face of much fresher material on Top Rank. A 1961 single by Chris Montez, "They Say"/"I Lost My Baby" [Guaranteed 217] anticipated his Monogram and A&M hits by at least four years. Other artists on the label included the Dynamics, Ralph DeMarco, the Nelson Trio, the Prancers (with a Christmas novelty), Al Byron, Penny Parker, Candy Anderson, Pat Leslie, the Galaxies, Laurie Davis, the Dreamers, and Danny Dell.

The Guaranteed album output was limited to a single issue, Paul Evans' Paul Evans Sings the Fabulous Teens [Guaranteed GU/GUS-1000], issued in 1960. By the time Carlton decided to issue another Paul Evans album (in fact, two more essentially simultaneously), he had been switched to Carlton, so the followup albums appeared on the parent label. The first Carlton album contained many of his Guaranteed hits, and all were in stunning stereo except "Seven Little Girls" and its flip. The second Carlton album was new material, with Evans reinventing himself as a folk singer.

Like parent Carlton, no one seems to know where the Guaranteed master tapes went. The Paul Evans material in stereo has great sound, but CD reissues or bootlegs have apparently not had access to or have not cared about stereo, so the stereo remains a unique aspect of the original vinyl.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

GU/GUS-1000 - Paul Evans Sings the Fabulous Teens - Paul Evans [1960] I'm In Love Again (S)/Hambone Rock (S)/Over The Mountain Across The Sea (S)/Tutti Frutti (S)/Butterfly (S)/Midnite Special (S)//Slippin' And Slidin' (S)/Honey Love (S)/I'm Walkin' (S)/Since I Met You Baby (S)/60 Minute Man (S)/The Fool (S)


Carlton STLP 12/129 - Hear Paul Evans in Your Home Tonight - Paul Evans [1961] Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat (E)/Happy Go Lucky Me (S)/Blind Boy (S)/Why (S)/Long Live Love (S)/Worshipping An Idol (E)//The Brigade Of Broken Hearts (S)/Twins (S)/Fire In My Soul (S)/Fish In The Ocean (S)/King Of Broken Hearts (S)/Hushabye Little Guitar (S)

Carlton STLP 12/130 - Paul Evans Sings Folk Songs of Many Lands - Paul Evans [1961] Passing Through (S)/Wee Cooper O'Fife (S)/Buckeye Jim (S)/Kevin Barry (S)/Tzena Tzena (S)/Los Cuatros Generales (S)/Mister Hangman (S)/British Grenadiers (S)//Wayfarin' Stranger (S)/Wearing Of The Green (S)/Colorado Trail (S)/Samuel Hall (S)/Golden Vanity (S)/Pig And The Inebriate (S)/The Bomb (S)/Crucified My Lord (S)/Poor Boy (S)


Globe (Holland) CD 1000/7 - Collectors Gold, Volume 5: Paul Evans Sings the Fabulous Teens - Paul Evans [1992] Even though the front of this CD clearly says "STEREO," there is only one stereo track on this CD. Almost all of these tracks have appeared in true stereo on Evans' Guaranteed and Carlton vinyl LPs, and the vinyl LPs sound much better than this! I'm In Love Again (M)/Hambone Rock (E)/Over The Mountain Across The Sea (E, hissy)/Tutti Frutti (E)/Butterfly (E)/Midnight Special (E, rough, dropouts)/Slippin' And Slidin' (E)/Honey Love (E)/I'm Walkin' (E)/Since I Met You Baby (E)/Sixty Minute Man (E)/The Fool (E)/Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat [with Curls] (M)/ Happy Go Lucky Me (E)/Hushabye Little Guitar (E, loud surface noise)/Why (E)/At My Party (E, bad record warp at start)/After The Hurricane (M)/Fish In The Ocean (S)

Ace (UK) CDCHD 551 - The Fabulous Teens...And Beyond - Paul Evans [1961] For the most part, clean mono. Midnight Special (M)/Hushabye Little Guitar (M)/I'm In Love Again (M)/Hambone Rock (M)/Over The Mountain (M)/Tutti Frutti (M)/Butterfly (M)/Slippin' And Slidin' (M)/Honey Love (M)/I'm Walkin' (M)/Since I Met You Baby (M)/60 Minute Man (M)/The Fool (M)/Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat [with Curls] (M)/Worshipping An Idol (M)/Happy-Go-Lucky Me (M)/Fish In The Ocean (M)/Brigade Of Broken Hearts (M)/Blind Boy (M)/Twins (M)/After The Hurricane (M)/Just Because I Love You (M)/Show Folk (M)/Why (M)/Roses Are Red (My Love) (M)/Disneyland Daddy (S)/Willie's Sung With Everyone (S)/Hello This Is Joanie (S)

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