Felsted Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: April 9, 1999

Felsted Records was started in New York City in 1957. It's Chief Executive was Walter McGuire. Felsted was a subsidiary of London Records. Bandleader Joe Leahy was the head of A & R.

Felsted had some success with Kathy Linden who had minor hits with "Billy' and "You'd Be Surprised" in 1958 and her most popular song "Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye" and "You Don't Know Girls" in 1959. In 1961, Felsted picked up Kokomo's "Asia Minor" which was a hit, from Future Records in Philadelphia and then recorded a Kokomo album which consisted of classical songs played in a pop manner. One wonders, as the album's liner notes suggest "the eccentric and very moody Kokomo, if his recordings bring him sufficient fame and fortune, is likely to desert it all for some far off island such as Majorca off the coast of Spain and spend his time in the simplicities of life.' Maybe Kokomo is living the simple life on some exotic island. On the other hand, the liner notes also state that he dislikes being photographed, probably because folks would soon figure out that Kokomo was Jimmy Wisner, a popular session pianist in the early 1960s.

The label lasted until early 1965 and then London pulled the plug and closed the operation down.

The Felsted label was orange with black printing. "Felsted" in black above the center hole. The "F" in Felsted was in a black musical note and there was a black record tone arm under the logo. The stereo label had a large black banner just above the spindle hole with "STEREOPHONIC" in orange block letters. The Felsted albums did not chart.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

7500 Popular Series:

Stereo has a prefix of FS instead of FL and a 1 in front of the 4 digit number, for example the stereo release of Kokomo's Asia Minor was FS-17513, while the monaural release was FL-7513.

FL-7501 - That Certain Boy - Kathy Linden with Joe Leahy & His Orchestra [6/59] That Certain Boy/Billy/That's What's Wrong With Jimmy/Georgie/I'm Just Wild About Harry/I Like Mike//Oh Johnny Oh Johnny Oh/Please Don't Tell Joe/Elmer's Tune/Just A Sandy Haired Boy Called Sandy/You'd Be Surprised/I Love You Dave

FL-7502 - It's Never Too Late for Dancing - Joe Leahy Orchestra [1958]

FL-7503 - A Night at the Boulevard - Various Artists [1960] Billy - Kathy Linden/Where The Blue Of The Night - Tommy Mara/Moonlight Bay - Joe Leahy & His Orchestra/All Alone - Terri Stevens/He Loves Me He Loves Me Not - Barbara Allen/Sunshine And Rain - Teddy Bart//You'd Be Surprised - Kathy Linden/Marie - Tommy Mara/Unsuspecting Heart - Terri Stevens/Does She Or Doesn't She - Joe Leahy & His Orchestra/Won't You Be My Baby - Barbara Allen/Somebody Stole My Gal - Billy Shepard/Just Enough - Teddy Bart

FL-7504 - Musette Catch - Robert Trabucco

FL-7505 - Agua-Agua - Antobal [1960]

FL-7506 - All the Way - Emil Stern [1960]

FL-7507 - Mr. B. in Paris - Billy Eckstine [1960]

FL-7508 -

FL-7509 - Blues for Harvey - Jimmy Wisner Trio [9/59]

FL-7510 - Dia De Reyes - Antobal

FL-7511 - Mango Mangue - Antoball

FL-7512 - Music from "The Connection" - Howard McGhee [1960]

FS-17513 - Asia Minor - Kokomo [1961] Issued in monaural as FL-7513. Asia Minor (S, LP version)/Theme From A Silent Movie (S)/For Lovers Only (S)/King Of Hearts (S)/Exotic Dance (S)/Evening Concerto (S)//Asia Major (S)/Sweet Memories (S)/Piano Rhapsody (S)/Twentieth Century Drawing Room (S)/Humorous (S)/Moonlight Madness (S)

7000 Jazz Series:

Stereo has a SJA prefix replacing the FAJ prefix for monaural and a 2 replacing the initial 7, for example, Buddy Tate's Swinging Like Tate that is FAJ-7004 in monaural becomes SJA-2004

FAJ-7001 - Rendezvous With Rex - Rex Stewart [1959] Tillie's Twist/Pretty Ditty/Tell Me More/Danzon d'Amor/My Kind Of Gal/Blue Echo

FAJ-7002 - Earl's Backroom and Cozy's Caravan - Earl "Fatha" Hines & Cozy Cole [1959] One side of this disc features Hines, the other Cole.

FAJ-7003 - All About Memphis - Buster Bailey [1959] Bear Wallow/Hatton Ave. and Gaysoso St./Sunny Parade/Beale St. Blues/Chickasaw Bluff/Hot Water Bayou

FAJ-7004 - Swinging Like Tate - Buddy Tate [1959]

FAJ-7005 - High and Mighty Hawk - Coleman Hawkins [1959] Bird Of Prey Blues/My One And Only Love/Vignette/Ooh-Wee Miss G.P./You've Changed/Get Set

FAJ-7006 - Bones for the King - Dicky Wells [1959] Sweet Daddy Spo-de-o/You Took My Heart/Hello Smack/Come And Get It/Stan's Dance

FAJ-7007 - Blues A La Mode - Budd Johnson [1/59] Foggy Nights/Leave Room In Your Heart For Me/Destination Blues/A La Mode/Used Blues/Blues By Five

FAJ-7008 - Billy Strayhorn Septet - Billy Strayhorn Septet [1958]

FAJ-7009 - Trombone Four in Hand - Dicky Wells [1958]

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