Glory Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, Patrice Eyries, Randy Watts and Tim Neely
Last update: September 1, 2012

This Glory Records was founded in New York City in early 1955 by Phil Rose and Lou Sprung. It was initially located at 2 West 47th Street. By late 1957, the label's offices had moved to 157 West 57th Street. They recorded pop, R&B, folk, and spoken word.

Vince Martin, 1956 Glory's first success was the fourth single they released, the Four Fellows' "Soldier Boy" [Glory 234], which reached #4 on the R&B charts in the summer of 1955. The group was from Brooklyn and consisted of Jimmy McGowan, Larry Banks (later the husband of singer Bessie Banks), David Jones (who later joined the Rays), and Teddy Williams. Many of their recordings were reissued on the Relic CD in the discography below.

Glory's most successful artists were singer Vince Martin and a trio called the Tarriers. The Tarriers first hit in October, 1956, as a backing group to Vince Martin on "Cindy, Oh Cindy" [Glory 247], which reached #9 nationally. Two months later, the group — this time on their own — entered the charts with "The Banana Boat Song" [Glory 249], which made it to #4. The Tarriers were tenor Erik Darling (who later joined the Weavers then founded the successful Rooftop Singers), baritone Alan Arkin (who later became a well-known actor), and bass Bob Carey (who anchored the group through numerous personnel changes into the early 1960s). Vince Martin, meanwhile, continued as a folk singer in both New York and the Cocoanut Grove area near Miami, teaming with Fred Neil and others.

Linda Laurie, 1964 The only other chart hit for the label was Linda Laurie's "Ambrose (Part Five)" [Glory 290], an oddity that reached #52 in early 1959. The record was a spoken word novelty about a couple walking in a subway tunnel. The followup, "Forever Ambrose" [Glory 294] had more than spoken word, as part of it was sung, but the record did not chart despite a surprise ending. Laurie [nee Linda Gertz] recorded several more novelties in the next few years, most notably "Stay at Home Sue" backed by the Del-Satins (Dion's backing singers) [Rust 5042] in late 1961, and "Jose He Say" on Bert Berns' Keech label [Keech 6001] in May, 1964. The latter featured an incomprehensible love triangle story line and delightfully off-key whistling. Eventually, Linda Laurie settled on being a songwriter, penning Helen Reddy's 1973 #3 hit "Leave Me Alone (Ruby Red Dress)".

Other artists signed to the label included the Buddies, Bette McLaurin, the Leaders, Maurice Fountain, the Music Vanns, Denny Vaughn, the Three J's, Jimmy Dallas, Maynie and Robert, Toni Banks, Buddy Heart, Addie Lee, the Blake Brothers, the Neptunes, the Reveres, the Honeystrollers, Mac and Mike, Herb Cooper, Vanda King, Wes Chapman, Larry Wheeler, George Cromwell, the Catalinas, the Dusters, Jimmy Andrews, the Uniques, Barbara Mood, the Three Cheers, Denise Norwood, Todd Randall, Tommy Dishaw, Peter Allen, and Charles Stacy. The singles from many of the vocal groups are sought by collectors today.

This Glory label is not to be confused with the earlier Miami-based gospel label of the same name which was sold to King Records in 1953.

The Glory album label (far left) was a tourquoise blue with black print, with "Glory" in cursive script at the top. The singles label (near left) was a much lighter blue with the same design.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Glory GLP-1 Series:

GLP-1 - Poetry of the Negro - Sidney Poitier with Doris Bellack [6/56] At Candle-Lightin' Time - Paul Laurence Dunbar/When Melindy Sings - Paul Laurence Dunbar/At Ante-Bellum Sermon - Paul Laurence Dunbar/The Debt - Paul Laurence Dunbar/Ere Sleep Comes Down To Soothe The Weary Eyes - Paul Laurence Dunbar/We Wear The Mask - Paul Laurence Dunbar/The Creation - James Weldon Johnson/Lift Every Voice - James Weldon Johnson/To John Keats - Countee Cullen/Yet Do I Marvel - Countee Cullen/I, You - Langston Hughes/Blues At Dawn - Langston Hughes/Mother To Son - Langston Hughes/When You Have Forgotten Sunday - Gwendolyn Brooks/Debate Of The Dark Brothers - M. Carl Holman/Epigram - Armand Lanusse

Glory PG-1200 Series:

PG 1200 - The Tarriers - Tarriers [4/57] Pretty Boy/I Know Where I'm Going/Rock Island Line/East Virginia/Tom Dooley/Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill/Lonesome Traveler//Shadrack/Those Brown Eyes/Everybody Loves Saturday Night/Chaucoun (pronounced shackoon)/Acres Of Clams/Trouble In Mind/The Banana Boat Song

Related CD:

Relic CD 7096 - The Golden Era of Doo Wops: Glory Records - Various Artists [6/95] Cover photo: The Four Fellows. All tracks mono. In the Rain - Four Fellows/Stormy Weather - Leaders/Take Me Back, Baby - Four Fellows/You Don't Know Me - Four Fellows/Teenage Jamboree - Dusters/I Know Love - Four Fellows/Nobody Loves Me - Leaders/Loving You Darling - Four Fellows/Hold 'Em Joe - Four Fellows/I Waited - Buddies/I Wish I Didn't Love You So - Four Fellows/Darling You - Four Fellows/Lover of the Time - Leaders/You Sweet Girl - Four Fellows/Please Play My Song - Four Fellows/Lovers - Leaders/Please Don't Deprive Me of Love - Four Fellows/The Fool - Barbara Mood/Angels Say - Four Fellows/Can't Help Loving' That Girl of Mine - The Leaders/Give Me Back My Broken Heart - Four Fellows/I Stole Your Heart - Buddies/I Sit in My Window - Four Fellows/Darlin' Love - Dusters/Fallen Angel - Four Fellows/Dearest Beloved Darling - Leaders/Soldier Boy - Four Fellows

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