Private Stock Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Randy Watts
Last update: March 9, 2010

Frankie Valli Private Stock Records was founded in New York in 1974 by Larry Uttal, who had previously run the Madison label and went on to make Bell Records a huge success. The label released a wide variety of music, but leaned toward middle-of-the-road pop. It was located at 40 West 57th Street, New York, NY 10019. The UK office was located at 32 Old Burlington Street, London W1, England.

The first star for the label was Frankie Valli, whose easy listening "My Eyes Adored You" [Private Stock 45, 003] released in October, 1974, stuck around on the charts forever (actually, it just seemed that way; it was six months), finally making #1 for one week before dropping like a rock. Valli followed that up with "Swearin' to God" [Private Stock 45,021] which reached #6 the next spring, and a remake of Ruby & the Romantics' "Our Day Will Come" [Private Stock 45,043] which reached #11 late in 1975. Continuing with the remake approach, Valli then recorded "Fallen Angel" [Private Stock 45,074] a British tune by a soft-rock trio calling themselves Rogue (Guy Fletcher — noted songwriter, later a member of Roxy music, and uncle of the Guy Fletcher who was a member of Dire Straits and the Notting Hillbillies — Al Hodge, and John Hodkinson, with Doug Flett co-writing the songs with Fletcher). Even though Epic released the Rogue version about the same time over here as Valli's version, the name recognition carried Frankie's disc to #36, easily outdistancing the original. Frankie Valli added two more minor chart hits by 1977, then signed with Warner-Curb.

Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids Frankie Valli was actually the closest thing to a consistent chartmaker that Private Stock had. In fact, Private Stock went through a bewildering number of known artists and artists with one hit, or one or two almost-hits, or exactly no hits. The artists who released singles on Private Stock without ever charting, even on the Bubbling Under charts, could fill up a sizeable "who's who" list: Gary Paxton, Paul Jones, Wayne Carson, Dee Dee Warwick, Herman's Hermits, Nancy Sinatra, Trini Lopez, Tony Wine, Phyllis Hyman, Robert Knight, Cilla Black, Susan Taylor (of the Pozo-Seco Singers), Bobby Russell, Jay Black (of Jay & the Americans), the Shepherd Sisters, Mel Carter, Tarney & Spencer, First Class, Blondie (yes, THAT Blondie), the Troggs, Lee Hazlewood, 5000 Volts, Tommy Hunt, Clint Holmes, Rod Stewart, Essra Mohawk, Casey Kelly, the Brotherhood of Man, Morton Downey, Jr. (!?), and Keith Barbour. The label also released a non-chart but memorable single ("Big Noise From Winnetka") by Spaghetti Head [Private Stock 014], a studio group made up of Les Hurdle and Clem Cattini. Cattini was drummer for the Tornados and had a fabulous career as a session drummer, appearing on no less than 44 #1 records.

Those whose Private Stock singles charted but never reached the top-40 include Innervision, Terry Jacks, Vicki Lawrence, Peter Skellern, the Purple Reign, U.S. 1, the Band of the Black Watch, Shad O'Shea (who later owned Fraternity Records), James Darren, David Parton, Brownsville Station, Robert Gordon with Link Wray, Billy Joe Royal, Rupert Holmes, Carolyne Bernier, and Cissy Houston.

Those that did make the top-40 were unlikely to be top-40 repeaters. These included Austin Roberts ("Rocky" [Private Stock 45,020] 7/75; #9), Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids ("Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)" [Private Stock 45,079] 8/76; #29), Starbuck ("Moonlight Feels Right" [Private Stock 45,039] 4/76; #3; "Everybody Be Dancin'" [Private Stock 45,144] 4/77; #38), Walter Murphy ("A Fifth of Beethoven" [Private Stock 45,073] 5/76; #1), Cyndi Grecco ("Making Our Dreams Come True" [Private Stock 45,086] 7/76; #25), David Soul ("Don't Give Up On Us" [Private Stock 45, 129] 1/77; #1), Samantha Sang ("Emotion" [Private Stock 45,178] 11/77; #3), and the Michael Zager Band ("Let's All Chant" [Private Stock 45,184] 2/78; #36).

Peter Lemongello & Friend And then there was Peter Lemongello, an enterprising lounge singer who, starting in early January, 1976, bombarded New York City's TV stations with a 17-week barrage of 70-100 commercials a week for his self-produced double-LP set Love 76. By the end of May he had sold 43,000 copies via telemarketing (according to a Time Magazine story on May 31 - claims of his selling a million copies seem somewhat exaggerated.) For the 43,000 copies (at $6.98 each), it cost $187,000 for the TV campaign, grossing a little over $100,000 after paying for the ad campaign. It was about this time that Lemongello signed with Private Stock, who issued one album and a couple of singles. None of these charted. Lemongello went on singing in concerts and clubs, eventually landing in Branson, Missouri, where all the oldies seem to congregate, much to the delight of their fans. Today, in addition to his fan base, he is unfortunately remembered as the person who made the "infomercial" popular.

Larry Uttal shut the label down near the end of 1978, moved to London, and went into the film business. He later moved back to New York, where he went into the travel business. Larry Uttal died in Manhattan in November, 1993. His son Jai Uttal noted that although he has control of the label's catalogue after the death of his father, he has no tapes or even vinyl, and has no idea where the master tapes are today. Most CD reissues have been dubbed from vinyl. Reports that the label was sold to EMI in 1978 seem to be incorrect, since EMI hasn't reissued the catalogue to any extent. What did happen was Blondie's contract was bought by Chrysalis, at that time run by EMI in the UK. EMI Records was also the manufacturer and distributor for Private Stock Records in Europe.

The first Private Stock label (far left) was brown with black print, the center being a medium brown fading to light brown at the edges. Promotional copies (near left) were grey with black print, with "PROMOTIONAL COPY" under the title and artist. Both had the label logo at the left of the center hole, and "PRIVATE STOCK RECORDS, LTD., New York, N.Y." bending around the bottom edge of the label. This label was used for the 2000 series and the 5000 series, and for the first four albums in the 7000 series.
The single-LP 5000 series (far left) used the first label, but promotional copies neglected to include the artist's name. The first Peter Lemongello 45 (near left) was issued on yellow (lemon?) vinyl as a promo copy.
The Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids' single "Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)" was issued in stereo on separate commercial 45s either with Wolfman Jack's overdubbed voice, or without, with the label indicating which. A promotional 45 was issued (both sides mono) with one side "with Wolfman Jack" and the other "without Wolfman Jack" (near left). The brown color scheme for commercial records and grey for promo copies was used for both albums and 45s.
Starting in January, 1978, the label changed to a full color (predominantly blue) label showing the New York City skyline (including the twin towers) from the water. Commercial copies were like those shown at far left, while promotional copies had an overprint of "Promotional Copy - Not for Sale" across the buildings, as shown at near left.
Frankie Valli's "Special Limited Edition" eight-song EP had those words above the title (far left). Private Stock also issued 12" disco singles on the Splash label (near left).

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Private Stock PS 2000 Series:

PS 2000 - Closeup - Frankie Valli [1975] (3/75, #51) Lead singer of the Four Seasons. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1001. I Got Love For You, Ruby/Why/He Sure Blessed You/Waking Up To Love/I Can't Live A Dream//My Eyes Adored You/In Your Eyes/Swearin' To God

PS 2001 - Frankie Valli Gold - Frankie Valli [1975] (12-75, #132) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1006. Can't Take My Eyes Off You/My Eyes Adored You/The Proud One/The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine (Anymore)/(You're Gonna) Hurt Yourself//The Girl I'll Never Know (Angels Never Fly This Low)/The Morning After Loving You /To Give (The Reason I Live)/I Make A Fool Of Myself/Fox In A Bush/September Rain (Here Comes The Rain)

PS 2002 - Something in My Life - Tom Paxton [1975] Chicago-born folk singer/songwriter who previously recorded for Elektra and Reprise. Hello Again/My Daddy And Me/Gaining On Me/Something In My Life/Life/As She Rides By//Bet On The Blues/Out Of Luck/Morning Wonder/And Then You Smiled/Oh, Doctor, Doctor/Gentle My Love

PS 2003 - Sons of the Beaches - Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids [1975] Original issue, without "Did You Boogie." The six-man group included Flash Cadillac [Sam McFadin] (lead vocal, guitar), Linn "Spike" V. Phillips III (guitar), Warren "Butch" Knight (bass), Kris "Angelo" Moe (keyboard), Jeff "Wally" Stewart (drums), and Dwight "Spider Dumas" Bement (sax). Stewart was replaced by Paul Wheatbread in 1975, who played on their hit "Did You Boogie." Bement and Wheatbread were formerly part of Gary Puckett's Union Gap. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1002. Summer Means Fun/Time Will Tell/Hot Summer Girls/It's A Summer Night/Come On Let's Go//Good Times, Rock And Roll/You Sat Right There/I Wish You'd Dance/It's Hard (To Break The Ice)/Rock 'N Roll Menace

PS 2004 - Jinx - Jinx [1975] Mississippi river boat pilot Larry "Jinx" Alexander. Musicians include Travis Wammack, Lenny LeBlanc, Jimmy "Be-Bop" Evans, Randy McCormick, Wayne Jerrolds, Steve Herbert, Joe Liles and Steve Gooch. Produced by David Johnson. Proud Mary/River Song/Goodby Momma/Shady Lady/Run Rabbit Run//Greenville Woman/Hey River Boat/Tadpole Simpson/Jenny/Two Days Out Of Memphis

PS 2005 - The Mob - Mob [1975] Chicago-based pop/soul show band, led by Jimmy Holvay and Gary Beisber, who wrote most of the Buckinghams' hits. All The Dudes Are Dancing/Get It Up For Love/S.Y.A./Hot Music/Rock And Roller//I Can't Stop This Love Song/When You Get Right Down To It/Magical Day/Just One Good Woman/Who's Foolin' Who?

PS 2006 - Our Day Will Come - Frankie Valli [1975] (12-75, #107) Our Day Will Come/How'd I Know That Love Would Slip Away/You Can Bet (I Ain't Goin' Nowhere)/Heart Be Still//Elise/Carrie (I Would Carry You)/Sweet Sensational Love/Closest Thing To Heaven/Walk Away Renée

PS 2007 - Scotch on the Rocks - Band of the Black Watch [1976] (3-76, #174) Canadian military band. Scotch On The Rocks/Birmingham Brass Band/Caribbean Honeymoon/Purple Heather/Sons Of The Thistle/Highland Safari//Y Viva España/Hoots Mon!/Lass Of Fyve/The Bump/The Pipers Waltz/Let's Go To Jersey

PS 2008 - The Trogg Tapes - Troggs [1976] Not to be confused with the 12-minute studio tape bootleg of almost the same name (The Troggs Tapes) on New Rose Records. This album has eleven typically-Troggs-treatment rockers. Get You Tonight/We Rode Through The Night/A Different Me/Down South To Georgia/Gonna Make You//Supergirl/I'll Buy You An Island/Rolling Stone/After The Rain/Rock And Roll Lady/Walkin' The Dog

PS 2009 - Bicentennial Gold: 200 Years of Hits - DCA Experience [1976] Disco versions of traditional American tunes. The Yankee Doodle Boy/You're A Grand Old Flag/Waiting For The Robert E. Lee/Happy Days Are Here Again/Strike Up The Band/Service Medley: The Caissons Go Rolling Along-The Marine's Hymn-The Wild Blue Yonder- Anchors Aweigh/American Medley: My Country Tis Of Thee-Dixie-America The Beautiful-Battle Hymn Of The Republic-Oh Susannah-Skip To My Lou/States Medley: Oklahoma-California Here I Come-Deep In The Heart Of Texas

PS 2010 - Angela - Jose Feliciano [1976] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1010. Angela/I've Got A Feeling/Sweet Street/Nirvana (Part 1)/Nirvana (Part 2)//Why/Michaelangelo/Salsa Negra/As Long As I Have You

PS 2011 - Natural Gas - Natural Gas [1976] Members included Joey Molland, ex- Badfinger guitarist. Produced by Felix Pappalardi. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1007. Little Darlin'/Once Again, A Love Song/You Can Do It/I've Been Waitin'/I Believe It's Love//The Right Time/The Christmas Song/Miracle Mile/Dark Cloud/St. Louis Blues

PS 2012 - Sons of the Beaches - Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids [1976] Reissue of Private Stock PS-2003 with the hit "Did You Boogie" replacing "You Sat Right There." Summer Means Fun/Time Will Tell/Hot Summer Girls/It's A Summer Night/Come On Let's Go//Did You Boogie (With Your Baby)/Good Times, Rock And Roll/I Wish You'd Dance/It's Hard (To Break The Ice)/Rock 'N Roll Menace

PS 2013 - Moonlight Feels Right - Starbuck [1976] (7-76, #78) Rock/pop band from Atlanta. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1008. I Got To Know/Drop A Little Rock/Lash LaRue/The Slower You Go (The Longer It Lasts)/Moonlight Feels Right//I'm Crazy/So The Night Goes/Working My Way To The Bone/Lucky Man/Bordello Bordeaux

PS 2014 - Making Our Dreams Come True - Cyndi Grecco [1976] Pop singer from New York. Find Somebody/Watching You/Sweet #1 (Set Me Free)/Love Him In December/Drowning In The Sea Of Love//I Think I Can Make It/Hello Again/Dancing, Dancing/Feeling Better/Making Our Dreams Come True

PS 2015 - A Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy Band [1976] (9-76, #15) Murphy was formerly a music arranger for Doc Severinsen. The #1 single "A Fifth of Beethoven" was originally credited as "Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band," even though there was no band and Murphy essentially played all the instruments. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1009. Flight '76/(You've Got To) Be Your Own Best Friend/California Strut/A Fifth Of Beethoven/Night Fall//Russian Dressing/Suite Love Symphony/Midnight Express/Get A Little Lovin'/Just A Love Song

PS 2016 - Volume II - Band of the Black Watch [1976] Strike Up The Band/The Slaves Chorus/Patricia/The Marines Hymn/Una Paloma Blanca/Do The Spanish Hustle/S.S.T.T./Pennsylvania 6-5000/Dance Of The Cuckoos/Windmills/A Scot In New York

PS 2017 - Valli - Frankie Valli [1976] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1014. Easily/We're All Alone/Can't Get You Off My Mind/So She Says/Lucia//Boomerang/You're The Song (That I Can't Stop Singing)/Look At The World It's Changing/Where Were You (When I Needed You)/What Good Am I Without You

PS 2018 - Do I Love You - Peter Lemongello [1976] The title song was a song from Lemongello's self-produced and self-marketed double album Love 76. The song was also featured on Lemongello's TV ads, leading some to confuse this album with Love 76. Private Stock did not reissue Love 76 (shown near the bottom of this page). That's A Melody/Miss You Nights/When I Think Of You/The Hungry Years/All You Get From Love//Do I Love You/If You Walked Away/Where Did We Go Wrong/From Red To Blue/You'll Never Know

PS 2019 - David Soul - David Soul [1976] (1-77, #40) Actor (nee David Solberg) who played Ken Hutchinson on the televison series Starsky & Hutch. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1012. The Wall/1927 Kansas City/Bird On A Wire/Hooray For Hollywood/Landlord/Seem To Miss So Much (Coalminer's Song)//Don't Give Up On Us/Ex Lover/Topanga/Black Bean Soup [backing vocals: Barclay James Harvest]/Kristofer David

PS 2020 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Dirty Angels [1976] Boston-based rock group featuring guitarist/singer/songwriter/producer Charlie Karp and David Hill. They had released a single on Sire a year earlier called "Rock and Roll Love Letter" which was promptly killed by a Bay City Rollers cover version. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1019. Tell Me/Who Does She Do/One Time Woman/Bad Love/Alley Cat//Radio/Long Gone Johnny/You Got Me Runnin'/Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

PS 2021 - A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues - Rod Stewart [1976] Shake/Keep Your Hands Off Her/Don't You Tell Nobody/Just Like I Treat You/The Day Will Come//I Just Got Some/Bright Lights Big City/Ain't That Lovin' You Baby?/Mopper's Blues/Why Does It Go On?

PS 2022 - Sweet Soul Music - Jose Feliciano [1977] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1015. I Love Making Love To You/Every Woman/The Hungry Years/Marguerita/Loving Her Was Easier//Sweet Soul Music/Love Comes From Unexpected Places/That Woman/The Air That I Breathe/Funny-Night Life

PS 2023 - Blondie - Blondie [1977] Debut album for the new wave/punk rock group featuring Debby (now Deborah) Harry. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1017. X Offender/Little Girl Lies/In The Flesh/Look Good In Blue/In The Sun/A Shark In Jets Clothing//Man Overboard/Rip Her To Shreads/Rifle Range/Kung Fu Girls/The Attack Of The Giant Ants

PS 2024 - Essra - Essra Mohawk [1977] Philadelphia-born singer/songwriter originally known as Sandra Hurvitz; changed her name after marrying her producer Frazier Mohawk (Essra ["S-ra"] is a contraction of "Sandra"). Her songs have been recorded by a wide variety of artists including the Shangri-Las, Cyndi Lauper, and Tina Turner. Onetime member of Frank Zappa's "Mothers of Invention." Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1016. People Will Talk/I Wanna Feel Ya/Summersong/Time To Start/Holy Trinity//God Help It/Appointment With A Dream/Hello Winter/Hallelujah I've Been Released/People Will Talk

PS 2025 - Expect to Hear from Me Again - Paul Bogush, Jr. [1977] Chicago-based bandleader. (Has anyone heard from him again?) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1020. Produced by Larry Carlton. Musicians and background vocalists include Larry Carlton, Joe Sample, Dave Curtis, Ron Crews, Joe Cuttone, Wilton Felder, Kitty Haywood, Bill Jordan, Marie Kurgan, Kitty Laub, Patrick Leonard, Paul Lidman, Michael Omartian, Dean Parks, Butch Pietrini, Tom Radtke, Glen Rupp, Sid Sims, Jack Skalon, and Mary Ann Stewart. Everybody In America Should Sing/You Can't Cry For Help/Mistreated/Ain't It Wonderful/Star Story//Expect To Hear From Me Again/Simon Says/Me/Little Bit Of Understanding/Times Like These

PS 2026 - Brownsville Station - Brownsville Station [1977] Rock band led by Cub Coda. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1021. Hot Spit/Sleazy Louise/Lady (Put The Light On Me)/Lover/Mr. Johnson Sez//(Throw Me A) Lifeline/Rockers N' Rollers/My Friend Jack/Ain't That A Shame/The Martian Boogie

PS 2027 - Rock N Roll Rocket - Starbuck [1977] (6-77, #182) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1023. Everybody Be Dancin'/Call Me/City Of The Future/Fat Boy/Little Bird//Sunset Eyes/A Fool In Line/Don't You Know How To Love A Lady/Benny Bought The Big One/Rock N Roll Rocket-Little Bird Reprise

PS 2028 - Rhapsody in Blue - Walter Murphy [1977] (7-77, #175) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1024. Love Eyes/Could It Be The Music/Sunflower/Rhapsody In Blue/It Ain't Necessarily So//Slaughter On Tenth Avenue/Uptown Serenade/Fish Legs (Getdown Town)/The Only Two People In The World/You Are On My Mind

PS 2029 - Emperor - Emperor [1977] Rock group from Southern California. Personnel (all shared vocals) were: Steve Watts (drums), Randy Budihas (drums), Joe Marques (bass), Joe Alexander Deleski (lead guitar), and Mike Lobbett (keyboard). Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1025. Dreamer/Do You Feel Alright/Won't You Be My Lover/Flicker/Time That It Takes/I'm Alive/Woman/You Oughta Be Ashamed/A Million Tears Ago

PS 2030 - Robert Gordon with Link Wray - Robert Gordon with Link Wray [1977] (10-77, #142) Robert Gordon is a rockabilly singer (and early rock and roll revivalist) from Washington, DC, formerly with Tuff-Darts. Link Wray is a legendary rock and roll guitarist. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1027. Boppin' The Blues/Flyin' Saucers Rock And Roll/Fool/I Sure Miss You/Is This The Way/It's In The Bottle/Red Hot/Summertime Blues/Sweet Surrender/Woman (You're My Woman)

PS 2031 - Cissy Houston - Cissy Houston [1977] Cissy is the mother of singing star Whitney Houston. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1030. Tomorrow/Morning Much Better/Your Song/Love Is Holding On//He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother/It Never Really Ended/Make It Easy On Yourself/Things To Do/Love Is Something That Leads You

Private Stock PS 5000 Series:

PS 5000 - Rocky - Austin Roberts [1975] Austin was a former member of the group Arkade. Released in the UK as Austin Roberts on Private Stock PVLP 1004 with two extra tracks (see below). Rocky/Why Can't She See Me/I Can See Love/Children Of The Rain/Is There Something Goin' On//Andrea/You're A Beautiful Place To Be/Walk Your Kisses/Just To Make You Mine/Fool

Private Stock PS 7000 Series:

PS 7000 - The Four Seasons' Story - Four Seasons [1975] (12-75, #51) (2-LP set; sides 1 & 3 are on one disc, sides 2 & 4 on the other.) Side 1: Sherry/Big Girls Don't Cry/Walk Like A Man/Stay/Marlena/Don't Think Twice (The Wonder Who)/Candy Girl; Side 2: Dawn/C'mon Marianne/Opus 17 (Don't Worry Bout Me)/Workin' My Way Back To You/Let's Hang On/Ronnie/Bye Bye Baby (Baby Goodbye); Side 3: Rag Doll/Beggin'/Silence Is Golden/I've Got You Under My Skin/Save It For Me/Big Man In Town/Will You Still Love Me (Tomorrow); Side 4: And That Reminds Me/Electric Stories/Watch The Flowers Grow/Tell It To The Rain/Ain't That A Shame/Toy Soldier/Alone

PS 7001 - Playing to an Audience of One - David Soul [1977] (9-77, #86) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1026. Silver Lady/Can't We Just Sit Down And Talk It Over/Tattler/I Wish I Was.../Rider/Going Up With My Eyes Open//Playing To An Audience Of One/Tomorrow Child/By The Devil I Was Tempted/Nobody But A Fool Or A Preacher/Mary's Fancy

PS 7002 - Lady Put the Light Out - Frankie Valli [1977] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1029. I Need You/Second Thoughts/I Could Have Loved You/With You/Native New Yorker//Lady Put The Light Out/Boats Against The Current/Rainstorm/I'm Gonna Love You/There's Always A Goodbye

PS 7003 - In a State of Bayou - Brian Hyland [1977] A collaboration with Allen Toussaint. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1035. The Bum Is Mine/Killin' Me/Can't Find A Way To Love You/Hale To The Man/What You Want The Girl To Do//Basic Lady/Just Knowing You Is A Pleasure/I Feel Good With You Baby/We Flew Away/Don't Wanna Discuss It

PS 7004 - Welcome! - Guido & Maurizio [DeAngelis] [1977] Recorded at RCA Studios, Rome, and Orthophonic Studios, Rome. Cansone Blue (Blue Song)/Mare (The Sea)/London Town/Goodbye My Friend/Dune Buggy//Delitto Di Regime (Crime Of Passion)/Verde/Flying Through The Air/Angels And Beans/Wind

Note: Label changes here from brown to blue.

PS 7005 - Franklin Micare - Franklin Micare [1978] Eclectic jazz vocalist from Albany, New York. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1033. Nobody/Delectable Love/If You Love Me, Love Me Right/Hot Jazz/I Can't Help Myself//Instant Electricity/Rhythm/So Nice (Whatever It Is)/The Feelin' Of Love/Mack The Knife

PS 7006 - Pursuit of Happiness - Rupert Holmes [1978] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1034. Less Is More/Show Me Where It Says/Speechless/Cradle Me/So Beautiful It Hurts/Let's Get Crazy Tonight/Bedside Companions/Guitars/The Long Way Home/Town Square/The Old School

PS 7007 - Thank God for Girls - Benny Mardones [1978] All For A Reason/Your Own Man/From Your Heart/Thank God For Girls//I Started A Joke/Susquehanna Lady/Hold Me Down/Timeless

PS 7008 - Fresh Fish Special - Robert Gordon with Link Wray [1978] (3-78, #124) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1038. The Way I Walk/Red Cadillac, And A Black Mustache/If This Is Wrong/Five Days, Five Days/Fire//I Want To Be Free/Twenty Flight Rock/Sea Cruise/Lonesome Train (On A Lonesome Track)/Blue Eyes (Don't Run Away)

PS 7009 - Emotion - Samantha Sang [1978] (3-78, #29) Her hit song "Emotion" was written and produced by the Bee Gees, with Barry Gibb singing backup on the song. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1039. You Keep Me Dancing/Charade/Emotion/Change Of Heart/Living Without Your Love//La-La-La I Love You/But If She Moves You/When Love Is Gone/I Don't Wanna Go/The Love Of A Woman

PS 7010 - Phantom of the Opera - Walter Murphy [1977] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1032. Introduction/The Phantom Of The Opera/Dance Your Face Off/I'm Your Man/A Night At The Opera/The Music Will Not End/Reviere For Christine//Toccata And Funk In D Minor/Keep Dancin' (Then It's Back To The Dungeon Again)/Gentle Explosion/You Can't Do That To Me/Rescue Me/The Chase ... Et Fin

PS 7011 - Rosetta Stone - Rosetta Stone [1977] Rock band from Scotland formerly known as the Young City Stars. Group included Ian Mitchell (briefly a member of the Bay City Rollers), Andy LeGear, Damian McKee, Terry McKee and Colin McKee. Released in the UK as Rock Pictures on Private Stock PVLP 1031. (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice/Penny/At The Disco/Sunshine Of Your Love/Rock And Roll (I'm Comin' Home)/Judy Judy Judy/Drive On/Angelina/Steel Willie/Free As A Bird/You Really Got Me

PS 7012 - Frankie Valli Hits - Frankie Valli [1978] "Special Limited Edition" containing only eight tracks. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1041. My Eyes Adored You/Our Day Will Come/We're All Alone/Boomerang//Swearin' To God/Fallen Angel/Easily/Rainstorm

PS 7013 - Let's All Chant - Michael Zager Band [1978] (4-78, #120 pop/#58 r&b) Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1042. Let's All Chant/Soul To Soul/Love Express//Music Fever/Freak/Dancin' Disney (Heigh Ho-Give A Little Whistle- Whistle While You Work-When You Wish Upon A Star)

PS 7014 - Let's Move Together - George K Band [1978] Norwegian disco band led by George "George K" Keller. Other members were Freddy Dahl, Per Ivar Johansen, Svein Gundersen, and Thor Bendiksen. Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1040. Love Me/Lonely Queen/Get Down/You Make Me Crazy//Let's Move Together/Rock N Roll Mama/Little Lady/Get It On

PS 7015 - Think It Over - Cissy Houston [1978] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1044. Think It Over/Love Don't Hurt People/Somebody Should Have Told Me/After You//Warning-Danger/I Just Want To Be With You/An Umbrella Song/Sometimes/I Won't Be The One

PS 7016 - Carolyne Bernier - Carolyne Bernier [1978] "Dance With Me" made the Disco charts (#30) as a 12" single. Dance With Me, Danse Avec Moi/My Guy/Whatcha Gonna Do/Hold Me Touch Me/Secret Agent Man

PS 7017 - [Not issued; possibly scheduled to be PVLP-1043 below.]

PS 7018 - Life's A Party - Michael Zager Band [1978] Released in the UK as Private Stock PVLP 1045. Life's A Party/You Don't Know A Good Thing/I Wish I Could Make Up Your Mind//Love, Love, Love/Still Not Over/On And On/Using You

Related LP:

RR LR-88991 - Love 76 - Peter Lemongello [1/76] (2-LP set) Original album hawked by telemarketing campaign before Lemongello signed with Private Stock. Disc 1: Moment Of Truth/Can't Get Enough Of You Girl/Born To Be In Love With You/Can't Get You Off My Mind/Where Are You Baby//Loving You Won't Hurt/Do I Love You/Rain On A Tin Roof/Wildflower/That's What I Get; Disc 2: Overture/What A Difference A Day Makes/If You Love Me Let Me Know-The Way We Were (Medley)/My First My Last My Everything/I Know That Someday (You're Gonna Want Me To Want You)//Vehicle/Without You/Bad Bad Leroy Brown/Reach Out And Touch-You Are My Sunshine (Medley)/Never Can Say Goodbye-I Got The Music In Me (Medley)

Private Stock (UK):

PVLP 1001 - Closeup - Frankie Valli [see PS 2000 above]
PVLP 1002 - Sons of the Beaches - Flash Cadillac & Continental Kids [see PS 2003 above]

PVLP 1003 - Use Your Imagination - Mud [1975] R. U. Man Enough?/She's Got The Devil In Her Eyes/Don't Knock It/Maybe Tomorrow/43792 (I'm Bustin' You)/Hair Of The Dog/'L'Lucy/Show Me You're A Woman/Bird Dog/Use Your Imagination/Under The Moon Of Love

PVLP 1004 - Austin Roberts - Austin Roberts [1975] Similar to the US release on PS 5000, but with a different title and cover, and two extra tracks, "You Got The Power" and "This Time I'm In It For Love", which was later made a hit by Player. Rocky/Why Can't She See Me/I Can See Love/Children Of The Rain/Is There Something Goin' On/You Got The Power//Andrea/You're A Beautiful Place To Be/Walk Your Kisses/Just To Make You Mine/Fool/This Time I'm In It For Love

PVLP 1005 - Fallen Angel - Frankie Valli [1975] Similar to Private Stock PS 2006, above, with the added title track.

PVLP 1006 - Frankie Valli Gold - Frankie Valli [1975] [see PS 2001 above]
PVLP 1007 - Natural Gas - Natural Gas [1976] [see PS 2011above]
PVLP 1008 - Moonlight Feels Right - Starbuck [1976] [see PS 2013 above]
PVLP 1009 - A Fifth of Beethoven - Walter Murphy Band [1976] [see PS 2015 above]
PVLP 1010 - Angela - Jose Feliciano [1976] [see PS 2010 above]

PVLP 1011 - It's Better Than Working - Mud [1976] It Don't Mean A Thing/Beating Round The Bush/I've Got A Song/Sweet And Sour Lady/All I've Got To Give//Nite On The Tiles/How Many Times?/Don't Talk To Me/Blagging Boogie Blues/Vambo Rools/Moving On

PVLP 1012 - David Soul - David Soul [1976] [see PS 2019 above]
PVLP 1013 - Making Our Dreams Come True - Cyndi Grecco [1976] [see PS 2014 above]
PVLP 1014 - Valli - Frankie Valli [1976] [see PS 2017 above]
PVLP 1015 - Sweet Soul Music - Jose Feliciano [1977] [see PS 2022 above]
PVLP 1016 - Essra - Essra Mohawk [1977] [see PS 2024 above]
PVLP 1017 - Blondie - Blondie [1977] [see PS 2023 above]

PVLP 1018 - Nancy Sinatra's Greatest Hits - Nancy Sinatra [1977] A collection of tracks from the Reprise label in the US. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'/Some Velvet Morning [with Lee Hazlewood]/How Does That Grab You, Darlin'?/Friday's Child/Jackson [with Lee Hazlewood]//Sugar Town/Summer Wine [with Lee Hazlewood]/You Only Live Twice/Things [with Dean Martin]/Lightning's Girl/Did You Ever [with Lee Hazlewood]

PVLP 1019 - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Dirty Angels [1977] [see PS 2020 above]
PVLP 1020 - Expect to Hear from Me Again - Paul Bogush, Jr. [1977] [see PS 2025 above]
PVLP 1021 - Brownsville Station - Brownsville Station [1977] [see PS 2026 above]

PVLP 1022 - The Private Stock Mudpack: Special Great Hits Recipe - Mud [1977] 10- track greatest hits compilation. Shake It Down/It Don't Mean A Thing/Under The Moon Of Love/Sweet And Sour Lady/Show Me You're A Woman//Beating Round The Bush/'L' Lucy/Nite On The Tiles/Use Your Imagination/Lean On Me

PVLP 1023 - Rock 'N Roll Rocket - Starbuck [1977] [see PS 2027 above]
PVLP 1024 - Rhapsody in Blue - Walter Murphy [1977] [see PS 2028 above]
PVLP 1025 - Emperor - Emperor [1977] [see PS 2029 above]
PVLP 1026 - Playing to an Audience of One - David Soul [1977] [see PS 7001 above]
PVLP 1027 - Robert Gordon with Link Wray - Robert Gordon with Link Wray [1977] [see PS 2030 above]

PVLP 1028 - Goodbye - Dolphin [1977] Imagination Dancing/Street Angel/Take Care Of The Ocean/The Actress (Queen Of The Chautaugua)/Only Seventeen//Rocking In The Rain/Midnight/Linda Lovelace/People Of Stone

PVLP 1029 - Lady Put the Light Out - Frankie Valli [1977] [see PS 7002 above]
PVLP 1030 - Cissy Houston - Cissy Houston [1977] [see PS 2031 above]

PS 1031 - Rock Pictures - Rosetta Stone [1977] Issued in the US as Rosetta Stone [Private Stock PS 7011] with a different title and cover. (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice/Penny/At The Disco/Sunshine Of Your Love/Rock And Roll (I'm Comin' Home)/Judy Judy Judy/Drive On/Angelina/Steel Willie/Free As A Bird/You Really Got Me

PVLP 1032 - Phantom of the Opera - Walter Murphy [1978] [see PS 7010 above]
PVLP 1033 - Franklin Micare - Franklin Micare [1978] [see PS 7005 above]
PVLP 1034 - Pursuit of Happiness - Rupert Holmes [1978] [see PS 7006 above]
PVLP 1035 - In a State of Bayou - Brian Hyland [1978] [see PS 7003 above]

PVLP 1036 - Cheatin' in the Dark - Paul Kendrick [1978] Cheatin' In The Dark/God Bless You/After All This Time/Doin' The Best I Can/Keep On Doin' It/Love Has No Pride/Love Train/Bad Weather/E.S.P./Back In Your Arms Again

PVLP 1037 -
PVLP 1038 - Fresh Fish Special - Robert Gordon with Link Wray [1978] [see PS 7008 above]
PVLP 1039 - Emotion - Samantha Sang [1978] [see PS 7009 above]
PVLP 1040 - Let's Move Together - George K Band [1978] [see PS 7014 above]
PVLP 1041 - Frankie Valli Hits - Frankie Valli [1978] [see PS 7012 above]
PVLP 1042 - Let's All Chant - Michael Zager Band [1978] [see PS 7013 above]

PVLP 1043 - My First Tango - Tommi [1978] Disco Satisfaction (Medley)/Angie (Medley)/Two Lives/Oowee Baby I Love You//On My Way/Thanks/Are You Cuckoo/Chistoso

PVLP 1044 - Think It Over - Cissy Houston [1978] [see PS 7015 above]
PVLP 1045 - Life's a Party - Michael Zager Band [1978] [see PS 7018 above]

Thanks to Jai Uttal and Jeff Gold.

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