V-Tone/Len/Palm/Salvador International Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, Dave Edwards, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 14, 2006

One-time upholsterer Venton "Buddy" Caldwell started his own V-Tone label in1958 in Philadelphia. The same year, he started Len Records as a subsidiary. V-Tone lasted until 1962 and Len until 1960. The company was located at 2034 Ridge Avenue in Philadelphia. When he discontinued V-Tone in late 1962, the last record was Fay Simmons' "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie"/"Where Is My Love" [V-Tone 237]. Caldwell then started the Palm label, and began with the exact same single, renumbered Palm 300, with the V-Tone master number scratched out and the Palm number written in on the dead wax. The Palm label only issued a handful of singles in 1963 before folding.

V-Tone had three chart records. "The Hunch" by the Bobby Peterson Quintet [V-Tone 205] made #71 in late 1959. A later single by Peterson, "Irresistable You" [V-Tone 214], made #96 about a year later on the pop charts but reached #15 on the R&B side. "Little" Bobby Parker, a blues guitarist who had been in the Charms and played in Bo Diddley's band, charted in the summer, 1961, with "Watch Your Step" [V- Tone 223]. Other artists having records on the labels included Big Al Downing, the Parliaments, Clyde Stacy, and others.

V-Tone/Len/Palm did not issue albums, at least on their own label. About 1963, a collection of songs taken from the V-Tone/Len catalog was issued under the Salvador International Records label, a one- shot label apparently started solely for the purpose of the reissue of V-Tone/Len masters. Salvador International was located at 1318 S. Howard Street in Philadelphia. It is hard to avoid speculating that Buddy Caldwell had something to do with this label.

One of the interesting sides included on the Salvador album is "There Is Something on Your Mind" by Jolly Jax, originally issued as a two-part single on V-Tone 233. The song is a familiar one, done earlier by Big Jay McNeely and Bobby Marchan, and later by King Curtis, all of whom charted with it. The Jolly Jax version never charted, although it wasn't a bad version, except for one glaring detail. The spoken passage in Part 2, obviously meant as a joke, was, even by the standards of 1960, clearly over the line, describing in graphic detail someone murdering his girlfriend. The spoken part begins: "Mayhap you discover, that you have a contemptible girl, who is egotistical, antidisestablished and ridiculous, and refuses to abide by the laws of your abode. Go down to the pawn shop, steal a gun, a switchblade knife, and the little baby brother, the razor blade. Come back and introduce her to United States steel company...." From there, we'll leave it to your imagination.

Later, Relic Records would reissue a couple of collections drawn from the V-Tone and Len masters, but the Jolly Jax side was not among those included. Although clearly at the time meant as a joke, it is even less funny in today's more violent world.

The Salvador label was light blue with black print.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

LP-101 - Bobby King Presents Stars in Revue, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1963] Issued in mono only. Irresistable You - Bobby Peterson/Watch Your Step - Bobby Parker/May I Kiss The Bride - Dreamlovers/The Boss Turn - Bobby Bennett/If I Knew - Cruisers//The Hunch - Bobby Peterson Quintet/Laugh! Laugh! Laugh! - Butlers/Steal Your Heart Away - Bobby Parker/There Is Something On Your Mind, Part 2 - Jolly Jax/Guilty - Herb Johnson


CD-7104 - The Golden Era of Doo-Wops: V-Tone Records - Various Artists [1997] I Am Dreaming Of You - Fashions/Dreaming - Clefts/? - Faris Hill/Did We Go Steady Too Soon? - Madison Brothers/Don't Tease Me - Cruisers/Home Is Where The Heart Is - Dreamlovers/Forever - Joe Van Loan Quartet/Wings Of An Angel - Boss Tones/Lonesome Angel - Fashions/Annabelle Lee - Dreamlovers/Crying Over You - Cruisers/Heavenly - Tremaines/Uncle Sam - Sherwoods/If I Knew - Cruisers/I Love You So - Fashions/Give Me Your Heart - Joe Van Loan Quartet/May I Kiss The Bride - Dreamlovers/Come On - Clefts/Wonderful, Marvelous - Tremaines/Time - Dreamlovers/Miss Fine - Cruisers/Three Love Letters Ago - Sherwoods/You'll Always Remain - Jimmy Dee & Universals/Mope-itty Mope - Boss Tones

CD-7106 - The Golden Era of Doo-Wops: Len/Palm Records - Various Artists [1997] Help - Herb Johnson & Premiers/For The First Time - Dreamlovers/Just Bid Me Farewell - Four Bars/Say Hey - Marquees/Guilty - Herb Johnson & Cruisers/Johnny Clean Up - Masters/Puppy Love - Little Jimmy & Tops/Lost - Nelson Dupree/Honey Take Me Home With You - Parliaments/Have You Heard - Herb Johnson & Cruisers/Till I Return - Masters/Red Ruby - Nelson Dupree/Crying Blues - Herb Johnson & Premiers/The Game Of Romance - Four Bars/ I'm In Misery - Marquees/Don't Need You Anymore - Parliaments/Say You Love Me - Little Jimmy & Tops/Take It From A Fool - Dreamlovers

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